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This home page is part of a site created for descendents of Everett and Erma (Sharp) Rector . Many thanks for all who helped me with corrections, including Lorna Gheen.

William Smith and Susan Wats Lampkin

William Smith was born abt 1755 at Pickens, South Carolina. He married Susan Wats Lampkin abt 1783 at Knox Co., Kentucky, and he died between 1830 and 1840 in Campbell County, Tennessee.

Susannah (Susan) Wats Lampkin (Lamkin?) was born abt 1756 at Stephen's Parish, Northumberland Co., Virginia to Lewis Lamkin (b. 19 Mar 1719 at VA; d. 11 Dec 1769 at VA) and Mary Lewis (b. 28 Jan 1720 at VA; d. 30 Jan 1758 at VA). Susan Lampkin Smith died at Campbell County, Tennessee in 1830. They likely had at least the following children:

1. John Lampkin Smith, b. 23 Jul 1787 at Spartanburg, South Carolina, married Kissiah "Kizzy" Gibson on 26 Mar 1818 at Whitley Co., Kentucky; d. 16 Apr 1873 at Barren Co., KY. See below for more information about his family. This is in my line.

2. Drewry Isaac Smith, b. 28 Aug 1784 at South Carolina; on 14 Apr 1814 at Knox Co., Kentucky he married Polly Tye (b.abt 1795; d. 1874 - her father was William Tye, b. abt 1774); Drewry d. abt 1865 at Scott or Campbell Co., TN. I have seen a note on at least one public tree that this Drewry Smith served in the War of 1812 and fought at the Battle of New Orleans. There is a "U.S., War of 1812 Service Record" for a Drury Smith.  There is also a Drewry Smith family living in Campbell, Tennessee on the 1840 census.  They had at least the following children: Drewry "Red" Smith (21 Dec 1814- ?); Kissiah "Kit" Smith (11 Nov 1817- ?); and possibly a Ewell Smith (b. abt 1819?). On the 1850 census the following children are living with a Drewry and Mary Smith in Scott Co., Tennessee: Jane Smith (1833); Jackson Smith (1837); William Smith (1838); Henry Smith (1841); John Smith (1845). I'm not sure if they are children or grandchildren - Polly (often a nickname for Mary) would have been at least 51 years old when the youngest (John) was born.

3. George Washington Smith, b. 8 Feb 1797 at Smith Creek, Warren County, North Carolina; he married Kesiah "Kizzie" Whitman (1820-1895); d. 23 Feb 1863 at Campbell Co., TN. They had the following children: William Maier Smith (1850-1913); Drewry Smith (1852-1929); Sarah Smith (1854-1855); John Lampkin Smith (1856-1903); Elizabeth Smith (1858-1941); James Agee Smith (1861-1942)

John Lampkin Smith and Keziah "Kizzy" Gibson

John Lampkin Smith was born 23 July 1794 at Spartanburg, South Carolina to William Smith and Susan Wats Lampkin. He married Keziah "Kizzy" Gibson on 26 Mar 1818 at Whitley Co., Kentucky, and he died 16 April 1875 at Barren, Kentucky and is buried in the Poplar Springs Cemetery. Click here for a photo of John Lampkin Smith.

Keziah Gibson was born 24 Dec 1799 at Old Buckeye, Campbell County, Kentucky to James Thomas Gibson (abt 1779-1862) and Mary Finley (1780-1862). John Lampkin Smith and Kizzy Gibson had the following children:

1. Ewell Smith, b. 3 May 1819 at Campbell Co., TN, in 1848 he married Julia Ann Owens (b. 1 Nov 1828 at Georgia; d. 12 Oct 1882), and he died Sep 1892 at Nocona, Montague Co., TX. They had at least the following children: James "Jim" Smith (b. 1850); John L. Smith (b. abt 1852); Calvin "Cal" Smith (1853-1929); Poliet Smith (a son, 1855-1920); Sarah Smith (b. abt 1858); Ann Smith (b. abt 1860); Kiziah Smith (b. abt 1863, d. 1947); Mary Smith (b. abt 1866); Sterling C. Smith (b. abt 1869)

2. Mary Polly Gibson (Gibbons?) Smith, b orn on 9 August 1821; married James "Jimper" Sharp;  Mary "Polly" Smith Sharp died on 19 Jan 1916 in Scott, Tennessee.   Jimper and Mary (Smith) Sharp had ten children.
see below for information about this family, which is in my direct line

3. Elizabeth H. "Mammy" Smith, b. 22 Dec 1824 at McMinn, Tennessee; on 9 Apr 1843 at Campbell Co., TN she married Stephen Gibson (b. 1816 at Wayne Co., KY to Archibald and Priscilla (Cecil) Gibson); d. 1890 at Mt. Pisgah, Wayne Co., KY); and Elizabeth died 24 Aug 1915 at Wayne County, Kentucky.

4. Redin Smith, b. 25 Jul 1827 at Campbell Co., TN, he died after 1900 in Barren Co., Kentucky. On 20 Aug 1848 at Campbell Co., TN he married Mildred "Millie" Ann McCoy (1830-1902; she was the daughter of John McCoy (1801-1874) and Nancy Hatfield (1810-1891)). Redin and Millie had at least the following children: Joel L. Smith (1851 TN - 1913 OK); Franklin Pierce Smith (1852 TN - 1939 OK); Mary Smith? b. abt 1855; George Washington Smith (1857-1925); Martha Ann "Mattie" Smith (1859-1904); Nancy Jane Smith (1861-1887); James Longstreet Smith (1864-1940)

5. Lydia Smith, b. abt 1827

6. Sterling Cooke Smith, b. 24 Feb 1830 at Campbell Co., TN; he married Mildred "Milla" Hurt (1831-1920, daughter of John Crawford Hurt and Frances Fannie Bruton) on 11 Apr 1855, Sterling d. 20 Apr 1902 at New River, Anderson Co., TN. On the 1870 census they are living in Glasgow, Barren Co., Kentucky - just the two of them (Sterling 40 years old, Milly 38 years old) with no children listed.

7. J. Calvin Morgan Smith, b. 19 Mar 1833 at Huntsville, Scott Co., TN, married Ellen Lewallen (1840-1881) on 15 Nov 1860, d. 7 Feb 1927 at Fresno, California. They had the following children: John Lampkin Smith (b. abt 1861); Florence Smith (b. abt 1865); Kate H. Smith (b. abt 1868); Frances W. Smith (b. abt 1870); Jennie A. Smith (1872-1890); David B. Smith (b. Apr 1874); Deborah F. Smith (b. Jan 1876); Joseph Smith (b. Oct 1877)

8. Nancy Mays Smith, born 22 Oct 1835 at Huntsville, Scott Co., TN; married Isaac Carlock (b. abt 1828-d. 1863, son of Job Carlock (1777-1855) and Elizabeth Johnson (1794-1876)), d. 3 Oct 1895. They had at least the following children: Willia Cummings Carlock (1854-1888); John Lambkin Carlock (1857-1831)

9. Emily C. Smith, b. 25 Dec 1838 at Kentucky, married William H. "Jim" Redmond (d. 21 May 1862); Emily d. 3 Jan 1913.  They may have had a child named Mary Redmond born before 1862.

10. Jane Bruce Smith, b. 13 Jan 1842 or 1843 at Scott Co., TN, married Benjamin Franklin Atkins (1845-1909, son of Madison Atkins (1818-1873 and Mary O'Rear (1820-1848)); Jane d. 18 Nov 1888 at Riceville, McMinn Co., TN. They had at least the following children: Alice Lee Atkins (1868-1873); John Madison Atkins (1871-1944); William Carlock Atkins (1873-1959); Horace Eugene Atkins (1876-1901); Eula Maud Atkins (1879-1973); Elbert Franklin Atkins (1882-1963); Ethel Jane Atkins (1882-1918).

11. Aneliza C. "Annie" Smith, b. 19 Jan 1845 at Kentucky, married James M. Atkins (1840/2-1925, brother of Benjamin F. Atkins, above); d. 9 May 1903 and is buried at Maryville, Blount Co., TN. They had at least the following children: Joseph Carnaby Atkins (1864-1940); Callie Josephine Atkins (1869-1944); Flora J. Atkins (b. abt 1868); Lena B. Atkins (b. abt 1871); Minnie Ann Atkins (1874-1953); Effie Atkins (b. abt 1881); Willie May Atkins (b. abt 1884)

Mary Polly Gibbons Smith and James "Jimper" Sharp

Mary Polly Gibbons (Gibson?) Smith was born on 9 August 1821 at Kentucky to John Lampkin Smith (1794 - 1873) and Keziah "Kizzy" Gibson (1799 - 1864).    On 11 Jan 1846 at Campbell Co., TN she married James "Jimper" Sharp. Mary "Polly" Smith Sharp died on 24 Oct 1916 at Winfield, Scott Co., Tennessee.   Jimper and Mary (Smith) Sharp had ten children. Click here for a picture of Mary "Polly" Smith      

James "Jimper" Sharp was born 15 Nov 1816 at Old Buckeye, Scott County, Tennesse to James "Jim" Sharp and Flemon Means.   Jimper was married twice.   His first wife was Mollie Cox, by whom he had 3 sons.   His second wife was Mary Polly Gibbons Smith and they were married in Campbell, Tennessee on 11 January 1846.  Click here for a picture of Jimper Sharp. James "Jimper" Sharp died 10 May 1890 at Winfield, Scott Co., Tennessee.

Click here for more information about Mary and Jimper's children and their descendents.

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