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 The Ryan Family

Philip Ryan and Mary Whitehead

Philip Ryan was born abt 1662 at Limerick, Ireland, POSSIBLY to Michael Joseph Ryan and an as yet unknown wife? Philip married Mary Whitehead abt 1680 at Goochland, Virginia. He died in Virginia abt 1698.

Mary Whitehead was born abt 1660 at King William County, Virginia POSSIBLY to Richard Whitehead (b. 1639 ENG, d. abt 1701 VI) and Damazine (b. abt 1640 VA). I have seen reference to Damazine's last name as Harrison or Thomasine, but no proof. Some information about this family can be found at Mary died abt 1700 at Virginia. Philip and Mary had at least the following children:

1. Whitehead Ryan (b. abt 1683)

2. Sexton Ryan (b. abt 1690)

3. Peter Ryan (b. abt 1695)

4. Philip Ryan (b. aby 1697, d. 1764).

Phillip Ryan and Sarah Whitehead

Phillip Ryan was born abt 1697 at Lynchburg, Virginia to Phillip Ryan and Mary Whitehead. He died 3 June 1764 at either Amherst or Goochland County, Virgina. He married Sarah Whitehead (or Jones?) at Goochland, Virginia abt 1723 at Goochland, Virginia.

Sarah Whitehead (or Jones?) was born abt 1701 in Virginia, She died at Franklin, Virginia abt 1764.

According the "The Douglas Register" (a parish newspaper) that listed funerals held in the parish and county, Phillip and his wife were buried together at the same place and time. See page 344 of Douglas Register at

Sarah and Phillip had at least the following children:

1. Phillip Ryan, b. abt 1724; d. abt 1803 at Goochland, Virginia. He seems to have married twice, first to Jean Bullington (b. abt 1730), and second to Elizabeth Mills (b. 1735, d. 1775). He had at least the following children with Elizabeth Mills: Ann Morning Ryan (b. 1768); Elizabeth Ryan (b. abt 1773); Thomas Ryan (b. abt 1775)

2. Whitehead Ryan, b. abt 1732; about 1757 he m. Elizabeth Fulcher (b. abt 1735) and they may have had the following children: Elizabeth Ryan (b. 1757); Whitehead (b. abt 1758, m. Mary Bellenger Wade); Andrew Ryan (b. abt 1763)

3. John Harris Ryan, b. abt 1733; d. abt 1785 - see below for more information about him and his family.

4. Elizabeth Ryan, b. abt 1743; likely died at Goochland, VA in 1759. She married David Bailey and possibly had a son named James Bailey (b. 1759)

5. William Ryan, b. 25 Jun 1746 at Lunenburg, VA; d. 4 Jan 1802 at Franklin, VA; abt 1760 he married Sarah Swanson (1749-1813, daughter of William Swanson (1720-1809) and Mary McGuire (1725-1811)) with whom he likely had the following children: Frances "Frankie Ryan, Elizabeth Ryan, Williamryan , Mary Ryan (1761-1840), Nathan Ryan, Martha Ryan (1766-1845, Nancy Ann Ryan (1768-1859), Sarah Ryan (1780-1847)

6. Ann Ryan, b. abt 1746; d. ?; abt 1780 she m. Stephen Seay (1743-1812) and they had at least the one child, William (1780-1850) . She may have first been married to Edward Rice.

John Harris Ryan and Unity Toney

John Harris Ryan was born about 1733 at Goochland, Virginia to Philip Ryan and Sarah Whitehead. He married Unity Toney at Goochland Virginia abt 1751. John Ryan died at Amherst, Virginia abt 1785 (possibly 5 Dec 1785?). Apparently he served as a Private in the Revolutionary War (?). Although not conclusive proof - there is a John Ryan from Virginia (#131) listed in the Revolutionary War Pension Index.

Unity Toney was born abt 1731 at either Lunchburg or Goochland, Virginia to Charles Toney (1705-1776) and Elizabeth Harris (1707-1800). Unity died about 1767 at Amherst, Virginia. John and Unity had at least the following children:

1. Nancy Ryan, b. abt 1752 at Amherst, VA; d. 23 Jul 1818, possibly m. James R. Mondy (b. abt 1750)

2. Elizabeth Ryan, b. abt 1753, d. 23 Jul 1818 at Virginia.

3. John Ryan, b. abt 1754 at Amherst, VA; d. 7 Sep 1845 at Kanawha City, Kanawha, West Virginia.

4. William Evan Ryan, 1755-1836, married Mary Chancellor (1755-1870) - see more information below about their family.

5. Phillip Ryan, b. abt 175 in Virginia

6. Mildred (or Milstead?) Ryan, she was b. abt 1759

7. Joseph Ryan, b. abt 1761 at Amherst, VA; d. 21 May 1834 at Rutherford Co., TN; abt 1799 he married Martha "Patsy" Rose (1778-1855). They had at least one child: John Ryan (1804-1871)

8. Charles Ryan, b. abt 1764 at Amherst, VA; d. 1 Jul 1850 at Rhea, TN;

9. Harris Henry Ryan, b. 4 Nov 1764 at Amherst, VA; d. 11 Aug 1843 at McCracken, KY, married ?, had at least the following children: Abner Ryan (b. 1794 TN; d. 7 May 1865 at Johnson Co., Missouri; married Rebecca Brown); John Ryan (1800-1835); Harris Henry Ryan (1807-1888); Polly Ryan (b. abt 1810); Sara Ann Ryan (1818-1910, m. Jacob George (1815-1898)); Unity Ryan (b. abt 1819, m. George Burnett)

10. Unity "Patty" Ryan, b. abt 1765, she likely married John Parrott in 1792.

11. Philadelphia Ryan, b. abt 1767 at Amherst, VA; abt 1787 she seems to have married Thomas Knight.

William Evan Ryan and Mary Chancellor

William Evan Ryan was born 14 Apr 1755 at Amherst, Virginia to John Ryan and Unity Toney. He married Mary Chancellor on 2 Dec 1773 at St. James Northam Parish, Goochland, Virginia. He first moved his family to Kentucky, then to Alabama. He died in Feb 1836 at Morgan County, Alabama. He is buried at the Crawford-Ryan Cemetery in Morgan County, Alabama where there is a marker identifying him as a Revolutionary War soldier in the Virginia Militia.

Mary Chancellor was born abt 1755 at Goochland, Virginia to Richard Chancellor (b. 1692 at Somerset, Maryland; d. 9 Mar 1761 at Westmoreland, VA) and Margaret ? (b. abt 1694) Chancellor. She died on 6 Jan 1791 at Clinton County, Kentucky. Mary and William had at least the following children:

1. William Evan Ryan, 1781-1855, married Keziah Blevins - see below for more information about this family.

2. John Ryan, b. abt 1783; d. abt 1831 at Horse Head Creek, Johnson Co., Arkansas. He married Mary Holt (1785-1874) the daughter of Drury Holt and Elizabeth Rogers. Mary was the sister of Martha Holt (below) who married John's brother, Joseph. John and Mary had at least the following children: William (1812-1872); Irene (1821-1894); Mary (1824); John (b. 1825); David (1826-1860). They may have also had Drewry, James, Louisa, and Moses Ryan?

3. Phillip Ryan, b. 1785 at Amherst, VA; d. abt 1821 at Morgan County, Alabama. He is buried in the Crawford-Ryan Cemetery at Apple Gove, Morgan Co., Alabama. He married Elizabeth Badgett (1785 - 1882). They had at least two child: John Ryan (1806-1885); Elizabeth Ryan (1820-1886)

4. Joseph R. Ryan, b. 7 Sep 1787; d. 6 Feb 1873 at Ketchen, Scott Co., Tennessee. He married Martha Evelyn Holt (b. 7 Mar 1797; d. Aug 1852 at Scott Co., TN). She was the daughter of Drury Holt and Elizabeth "Betty" Rogers). Joseph and Martha had the following children: Elizabeth Ryan (abt 1811-1848 - married Dennis Trammel); David Ryan (1813-1850 - he married Amelia Trammell); Martha Ryan (b. 1815); Drewry Ryan (1816-1885 - married Sena Ann Walker); Sarah Ryan (1818-1859); William H. Ryan (1820-1900 - married Mary Trammell); Joel Ryan (1822-1896); Malinda Ryan (1825-1903); Dorcas Ryan (1828-1906); Jacob Ryan (1829-1863 - he married Keziah "Vaul" Creekmore); Martin B. Ryan (1830-1894 - married Amelia Ann Hatfield); Ally Ryan (1835-1861 - she married Thomas Hays); Joseph Ryan (b. 1836 - married Elizabeth ?); Moses Swan Ryan (1839-1901 - married Sarah Smith); Cornelius Ryan (b. 1842, d. 1876 - married Barbara Parmley). The family was living in District 18, Scott Co., TN on the 1850 U.S. Federal Census. Apparently on 23 Nov 1858 at Wayne County, Kentucky, Joseph R. Ryan married a second time to Elizabeth Pemberton (1815-1911).

6. Thomas Ryan, b. 6 Jan 1791; d. 17 Aug 1850 at Somerville, Morgan Co., Alabama; in 1813 he married Sarah Blevins (1793-1850 at Wayne County, KY. Sarah was a daughter of Jonathan Blevins and Charlotte "Lottie" Muse, and she was a sister to Keziah Blevins who married Thomas' older brother, William).

William Evan Ryan and Keziah Blevins

William Evan Ryan was born 24 Dec 1781 at Virginia to William Ryan and Mary Chancellor. He married Keziah Blevins at Wayne County, KY on 30 Mar 1807. William Evan Ryan died 12 Dec 1855 at New Albany, Clinton Co., Kentucky.

Keziah Blevins was born abt 1786 in Tennessee to Jonathan Blevins and Charlotte "Lottie" Muse. She died abt 1870 at Marsh Creek, Whitley County, Kentucky. Keziah and William had at least the following children:

1. Elizabeth Ryan, 1807-1887, she married Allen Burke. Go to the Burke link for more information about their family. This is in my direct line.

2. Thomas Ryan, b. 12 Apr 1808 at Wayne Co., KY; d. abt 1883 at McCracken, Rush Co., Kansas. He married Charlotte Rice (b. 1812; d. 1891). Thomas and "Lotta" Ryan are living in Division 2, Wayne Co., KY on the 1850 census. They had the following children: William Wayne Ryan (1832-1908); Jane Ryan (1833-1905); Joseph Ryan (1834-1905); Keziah Ryan (1835-1920); Nancy Ryan (1836-1932); John Baker Ryan (1838-1929); James Shelby Ryan (1840-1841); Laodicea Ann "Dicey" Ryan (abt 1843-1870); Francis Marion Ryan (1844-1917); Thomas Granville Ryan (1846-1915); Malinda Ryan (1848-1943); Sarah Emmaline Ryan (1850-1875)

3. John Blevins Ryan, b. 7 Oct 1810 at Wayne Co., KY; d. 25 Jan 1893 at Paris, Lamar, Texas. He married Mary "Polly" Parmley (1816 KY-1906 TX). Polly Parmley was the daughter of Robert Parmley (1789-1875) and Barbara Adair (1793-1834). John and Polly had the following children: Martha Jane Ryan (1836-1880); Alvis Parmley Ryan (1837-1907); Virginia Ryan (1840-1859); America Susan Ryan (1842-1925), Cansida Ryan (b. abt 1843); Vienna Ryan (1844-1927); Isabella Ryan (1847-1920); George Alfred Ryan (1850-1938); Lewis Cass Ryan (1851-1941); Mary Alice Ryan (1854-1859); Emily Barbara Keziah Ryan (1860-1948); William Robert Ryan (1860-1936); Lula Juliette Ryan (1862-1943)

4. William Harvey Ryan, b. 25 Dec 1812; d. 22 Jun 1884 both at Wayne Co., KY, he married Nancy Dobbs (1815-1906) - the daughter of John Dobbs and Susannah Davenport. They had at least the following children: Thomas Ryan (1836-1912); George E. Ryan (b. abt 1837); Joseph R. Ryan (b. abt 1840, d. abt 1909); Sarah Jane Ryan (1843-1922); Susannah Ryan (b. abt 1846); Mary E. Ryan (b. abt 1849); Vienna Ryan (1852-1919); Virginia Ryan (b. abt 1853); Cansada "Ada" Ryan (1857-1941); Nancy Florence Ryan (1859-1939); Percey Una Ryan (1862-1952)

5. Joseph Riley Ryan, b. 24 Apr 1816 at Wayne Co., KY; d. 30 Apr 1907 at Paris, Lamar Co., Texas. About 1840 at Kentucky, he married Jane Rose Williams (1825-1886 - the daughter of Pleasant Hart Williams (1796-1866) and Sarah Drumgould (1799-1856)). They had the following children: John Volney Ryan (b. abt 1842); Pleasant Ryan (1843-1900); William Ambrose Ryan (1845-1913); Helen M. Ryan (1847-1933); Sarah Ryan (b. abt 1850); Laura Belle Ryan (b. abt 1852); Joseph Ryan (1855-1891); Virginia "Jincie" Ryan (b. abt 1856); Emily Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ryan (b. abt 1859); Lemuel Beauregard Ryan (b. abt 1862); Lelia Katie Ryan (b. abt 1864); Eula Jane Ryan (b. abt 1865; d. abt 1905)

6. Sarah Ryan, b. 28 Apr 1817 at Wayne Co., KY; d. 5 Dec 1902 at Newton, Missouri. On 13 Oct 1834 she married John S. Walker (1814-1893), the son of William Jesse Walker (1782-1815) and Rachel Cherry (1780-1837). John and Sarah had the following children: Polly Adams Walker (1835-1908); Elisha James Walker (1839-1897); Henry Tuggle Walker (1841-1918); Joseph Walker (1842-1921); Sarah Walker (1844-1844); John Walker (1845-1920); Harvey Allen Walker (1848-1893); Moses Walker (1849-1929); Martha EllieWalker (1851-1928); Jesse Walker (1856-1932); Elizabeth Walker (b. abt 1858); Jane Walker (b. abt 1860); Abraham Siegel Walker (1861-1929)

7. Keziah Ryan, b. 1819

8. Harvey R. Ryan, b. 17 Sep 1822 at Wayne Co., KY; d. 3 May 1906 at Clinton Co., KY; in 1843 he married a woman named Emeline Dillon (b. 3 Dec 1828 at Overton, Tennessee to Jacob Dillon and Mary Marshbanks; d. 6 Aug 1920 at Clinton, KY). They were living in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY on the 1870 U.S. Census, and later in Albany Town, Clinton Co., KY on the 1900 U.S. Census. They had at least the following children: Oswald Ryan (1850-1851); Winfield Ryan (b. abt 1852) John Thomas Ryan (b. abt 1854); and Alvin P. "Alvie" Ryan (b. Jan 1856, d. 1921)

9. Mary Ann "Polly" Ryan, b. 24 Jul 1826 at Wayne Co., KY; d. 4 Aug 1866 at Albany, Clinton Co., KY; m. Jonathon Peery Pickens (1820-1909, son of Joseph Pickens and Margaret Peery). They had the following children; Sarah J. Pickens (1845-1925); Margaret K. Pickens (b. abt 1848); Sherrod K. Pickens (1848-1925); Leona Pickens (1851-1857); Joseph Pickens (1853-1854); Gertrude Pickens (1855-1938); Harvey R. Pickens (1858-1859); William T. Pickens (1861-1900)

10. Charles B. Ryan, b abt 1830. He's found on the 1870 Federal Census in Russell County, KY, but he may have died in 1871. His wife's name was Emily? (b. abt 1837 in Kentucky), and they had the following children: Martha "Mattie" Ryan (b. abt 1855); Florence Ryan (b. abt 1857, d. 1875); Pauline Ryan (1860-1915); Vantilly Ryan (b. abt 1862); Charles L. Ryan (1865-1952); and Panglin? Ryan(b. abt 1868)

11. Jacob Ryan, b. 1832 at Tennessee and he died after 1900. He married Sarah Jane Thornhill (1827-1880) on 4 Oct 1851 at Jefferson Co., TN. On the 1860 Jefferson Co. census, he and Sarah Jane had at least three children: C.A. Ryan (1852); T.A. Ryan (1856) and T.S. Ryan (1859). His mother-in-law, Sarah Westall Thornhill (aged 70) was also living with him and Sarah Jane on that 1860 census. Jacob and Sarah Jane had at least the following children: Darthula "Thula" Ryan (1852-1935); Theresa Ryan (b. abt 1856); Samuel Ryan (b. abt 1859); John Ryan (b. abt 1861); Elizabeth Sarah Ryan (b. abt 1865). In 1900, Jacob was living with his daughter, Darthula and her husband William McClanahan, in Union, Webster Co., Missouri.

12. Susannah Ryan, b. abt 1832 at Wayne Co., KY. She may have married Erastus Virgil Trammell (b. 1833) the son of Dennis Trammell (1808-1846) and Elizabeth Ryan (1811-1848 - the daughter of Joseph Ryan and Martha Evelyn Holt, above)

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