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The Burnett Family

This home page was created for descendents of Everett and Erma (Sharp) Rector.   Some of the information was taken from a manuscript titled The History of the Ewell Sharp Family, compiled by W. Sharp Burnett, which was shared with family members.  Most of the other information was taken from public family trees. Obviously the oldest information is not documented and I put it up for informational purposes based on what I found on other trees - I don't know if it is true or not. Much of the more recent information below is documented, some is not. I'm putting up what I found so others can explore it. This is not really a direct family of mine, it is a family that has intermarried with many of my relatives along the way.

Jeremiah Burnett and Mary McDaniel (and Rebecca Brown)

Jeremiah Burnett, b. abt 1718 at Essex Co., VA to John Burnett and Amy Gatewood. On 16 Oct 1733 he married Mary McDaniel at Talbot County, Maryland.. When she died in 1746, he married Rebecca Browne. He died at Southfarnham Parish, Maryland on 22 Oct 1773.

Mary McDaniel was born about 1718 at Essex, Virginia and died abt 1746 at Virginia. Apparently, Jeremiah and Mary had at least the following children:

1. Isham Burnett, b. abt 1738 at Talbot, Maryland; d. abt 1779 at Kindred, Patrick Co., VA.

2. William Burnett, b. abt 1739

3. Isaac Burnett, b. abt 1739 at Talbot, Maryland; d. abt 1803 at Hanover, Virginia. About 1760 at Albemarle, VA, he married Sarah Jane Small (1742-1784 - she was a daughter of John Small (1710-1791) and Margaret Burnett (1704-1793))

4. Jeremiah Burnett, b. abt 1740, d. June 1816 at Turkey Creek, Wayne County, Kentucky, married Elizabeth Claybrook (1740-1780) - see more information about this family below. This is my line.

5. Benjamin Bond Burnett, b. betweenn 1741-1745 at Talbot, Maryland; d. 1801 at Hanover, Virginia. He married Isabel Horsley (1737-1789) on 15 Jul 1765. They had the following children: Rowland Burnett (1759-1790); Richmond Burnett (1762-1825) Zachariah Burnett (1764-1816); Bond Burnett (1765-1837); Martha Patsey Burnett (1767-1850); William Burnett (1768-1811).

6. Joseph Burnett, b. abt 1742 at Spotsylvania, VA; d. 4 Mar 1813 at Mill Shoal Creek, Knox, Tennessee. His wife is currently unknown, but they likely had the following children: Amelia "Millie" Burnett (1764-1857); Jesse Burnett (b. abt 1767); Jeremiah Bunett (1768 - 1821); Benjamin Burnett (1771-1830)

7. Charles Burnett, b. abt 1743 at Spotsylvania, VA; d. 1810 at Grainger, Tennessee; abt 1764 at Albemarle, VA, he married Catherine Brock (1745-1810). They had the following children: Joseph Burnett (1765-1845); Moses Burnett (b. abt 1771); John Burnett (1775-1860); Catherine Burnett (1780-1810); Claiborne Burnett (1783-1850)

8. Roland Burnett, b. abt 1745 at Virginia

Jeremiah's second marriage to Rebecca Browne (b. abt 1725 at New Jersey; d. about 1796 at Virginia) on 27 Jan 1746 produced at least one child:

9. John Harrison Burnett, b. abt 1750 at Albemarle, Virginia; d. 1778 at Valley Forge, Chester, Pennsylvania. He married Mary "Molly" Howard (1746-1830) and they had at least the following children: William Burnett (1774-1855); John D. Burnett (1776-1872); Frances Burnett (1778-1856)

Jeremiah Burnett and Elizabeth Claybrook (and Rosa Silvers)

Jeremiah Burnett was born abt 1740 at Talbot, Maryland to Jeremiah Burnett and Mary McDaniel. He died Jun 1816 at Turkey Creek, Wayne County, Kentuckhy. In 1760, he married Elizabeth Claybrook at Albemarle, Virginia. After Elizabeth died in 1780, he married Rosa Silvers.

Elizabeth Claybrook was born about 1740 at Hanover, Virginia. She died abt 1780. She had the following children with Jeremiah Burnett:

1. Jeremiah Burnett, 1761-1848; abt 1780 at Henry Co., VA, he married Effaniah Crowley (b. 1761, d. 1848, she was the daughter of Samuel Crowley (1741-1774) and Elizabeth Strong (1744-1815). They had at least the following children: John Burnett (1785-1828); Jeremiah Burnett (1792-1875); Samuel Burnett (1793-1860); Isham Burnett (1795-1848); Elizabeth Burnett (1798-1860); Rhoda Effaniah Burnett (1800-1878); Judah Burnett (1802-1870); possibly Wilson C. Burnett? (1805-1863)

2. William Burnett, 1762-1860, he likely married Elizabeth Henderson

3. Isham R. Burnett, b. 9 Sep 1766 at Amherst, VA; d. 1856 at Parmleysville, Wayne County, Kentucky; in March 1786 at Henry County VA, he married his first wife Sarah Mayo (1768-1819), and they had the following children: Anne Nancy Burnett (1789-1878); Frances Fannie Burnett (1790-1828); Roland Burnett (1792-1873); Isham Bunett (1794-1882); Sarah Bunett (1797-1885); Obadiah Burnett (1799-1863); Nancy Burnett (1800-1828); Joseph Mayo Burnett (1801-1874); James Burnett (1803-1874); Reuben Burnett (1805-1843); Elizabeth Burentt (1807-1892); Isaac Burnett (1809-1879); and Ruth Burnett (1811-1846). Second, on 26 Oct 1819, Isham married his second wife, Winifred Dodson (b. 1791; d. 1862; daughter of Thomas Dodson (1765-1836) and Jemima Randall (1769-1838)). Isham and Winifred (Dodson) Burnett had the following children: Thomas Dodson Burnett (1820-1904); Mary Jane Burnett (1823-1849); Winnifred Frances Burnett (1824-1880); Catherine Anne Burnett (1827-1853); Nancy Frances Burnett (1829-1890); Elias Dodson Burnett (1831-1890); Zerilda Burnett (b. abt 1835); and Jemima Randal Burnett (b. abt 1837)

4. Frances Burnett, 1772-1840, she married Matthew Morrow (1765-1840, son of Thomas Morrow (1740-1830) and Rebecca Small(1743-1830))

5. Roland Burnett, 1773-1858, he married Mary Hurt (daughter of Joseph Hurt (1742-1813) and Mary Eliza Wilson (1750-1835) - click on the Hurt link for more information)

6. Reuben Burnett, 1774-1850, he married Nancy Tuggle in 1802. Nancy was the daughter of John Tuggle (1755-1820) and Elizabeth Harrison ( 1758-1816). They had at least two children: David Burnett (1805-1871) and John Burnett (1814-1866).

7. Matilda Burnett, b. abt 1778 at Henry, Virginia; d. abt 1852 at Wayne Co., Kentucky; on 25 Aug 1796 at Patrick, VA she married William Sloan (1773-1852). They had at least the following children: Reuben Sloan (1797-1862); Margaret Elizabeth Sloan (1803-1869); John Sloan (b. abt 1804); Melinda Sloan (b. abt 1806); William Sloan (1812-1870)

8. Millie Burnett, 1779-1867, on 28 Jul 1797 she married Joseph Hurt (son of Joseph Hurt (1742-1813) and Mary Eliza Wilson (1750-1835) - click on the Hurt link for more information).

With his second wife (Rosa Silvers, b. 1745-1832), he had at least four children,

9. Isaac Burnett, b. 9 Mar 1782 at Henry, Virginia, died 21 March 1854 at Wayne County, Kentucky, abt 1811 at Spartanburg, SC, he married Nancy Hurt (daughter of William Thomas Hurt (1771-1845) and Jane Jennie Foster (1773-1835). They had at least the following children (perhaps more): Elizabeth Burnett (1812-1895); Jeremiah Burnett (1814-1901); William Burnett (1816-1891); Jane Burnett (1819-1819); Jonathan Burnett (1820-1891, married Mary Ann Redman (1825-1920); Reuben Burnett (1822-1893); James Burnett? (1827-1835)

10. Ursula Burnett, 1789 at Henry, VA; d. abt 1870 in Wayne County, Kentucky. She married James Hurt (1789-1870, he was a son of Joseph Hurt (1742-1813) and Mary Eliza Wilson (1750-1835))

11. Martha Patsy Burnett, b. abt 1790 (possibly 1787?)in Virginia; d. abt 1840 at White, Van Buren Co., Tennessee. On 28 Feb 1806 at Wayne County, Kentucky, she married William Denney (1780-1851 - he was the son of James Denney ((1755-1835) and Esther Small (1755-1835))

12. James Peter Burnett, 1795 at Patrick, VA; d. 11 Feb 1873 at Linn, Missorui; abt 1818 he married Malinda Maupin (1801-1872).

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