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The Upchurch Family

This home page was created for descendents of Everett and Erma (Sharp) Rector, in part from materials presented in The History of the Ewell Sharp Family, compiled by W. Sharp Burnett, and from other sources. I have not documented any of the older information, so take it with a grain of salt. I am putting up all I have found for informational purposes only. I've marked the entries I do not have documentation for with a ?

?Michael Upchurch and ?

?Michael Upchurch was possibly born abt 1620 at Essex, England possibly to ?Richard Upchurch (1580-1654) and ?Frances Inkersol (1585--1652). He died 5 Jul 1681 at Lawnes Creek, Surry, Virginia, USA. Abt 1651 at Surry, Virginia he may have married ?Frances Delke. A Michael Upchurch is listed in Book II of Surry County Records 1671-1684, pg. 40 as being a participant in an illegal tax withholding action iwth a variety of other participants in 1673/4.

1. ?Richard Upchurch, b. abt 1658 and d. abt 1700 at Surry, Virginia

?Richard Upchurch and (unknown wife)

?Richard Upchurch was born abt 1658 at Surry, Virginia to ?Michael Upchurch and ?. He died about 1700 at Virginia. He may have had the following child with (unknown wife):

1. James Upchurch, b. abt 1685 at Surry, Virginia, d. 27 May 1765 at Brunswick, VA, married Elizabeth James (b. abt 1690)

?James Upchurch and Elizabeth James

?James Upchurch was born about 1685 at Surry, Virginia to ?Richard and ? Upchurch. He died 27 May 1765 at Brunswick, Virginia. He may have married ?Elizabeth James (possibly Elizabeth James Upchurch? - b. abt 1690). they may have had the following child, and likely more:

1. Michael Upchurch (1727 VA -1795 VA), he married Frances (last name unknown)

Michael Upchurch and Frances (last name unknown)

Michael Upchurch was born about 1727 at Surry, Virginia possibly to ?James Upchurch and ?Elizabeth James. He died about 1795 at Brunswick, Virginia and is buried in the Surry Cemetery. His name appears as requesting a pension for having served in the militia in Brunswick County (dated September 1758) in the Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776, originally published by William Armstrong Crozier in 1905). He married a woman named Frances (possibly Frances Decke, b. 1731?). They had at least the following children:

1. William Upchurch, b. about 1752 in Brunswick, Virginia; d. July 1787 in Wilkes, North Carolina. There is a will for a William Upchurch listed as processed in 1787 in An Abstract of North Carolina Wills, for Wilkes County that gives his wife as named Sarah, and his children as William, Edey, David, Afal, Patty, John, and Susanna (married a Pennill).

2. ?Elizabeth Upchurch (1753-1753)

3. Moses Upchurch, b. 13 Feb 1753, Brunswick, Virginia and d. 23 Feb 1853 at Chatham County, North Carolina. He seems to have married a Mary Simms (1757-1847) and they likely had the following children: Leatha (b. 1773); Gillium (1782-1854); Mary (1785-1837); Ruffin (1787-1866); Pathenia (b. abt 1788); Whitney (1793-1863); Courtney (1794-1839); Calorgy (1795-1870); Murray (1797-1872); Classie (1800-1870); Clegg (1800-1910); Rachael (b. abt 1802); Sims (1808-1880). He was a Revolutionary War solder and filed for a new certificate of his pension on 5 Jul 1849, stating he had lost the original.

4. George Upchurch, b. 1757 at Brunswick, VA and d. abt 1830 at Wayne County, Kentucky, married Rachel Bathshares. This is my direct line - see more information below.

5. ?Sherwood Upchurch?

George Upchurch and Rachel Bathshares

George Upchurch was born abt 1757 at Brunswick, Virginia to Michael Upchurch and Frances (last name unknown). In 1780, he married Rachel Bathshares. The family moved to Irdell, North Carolina and show up on the 1790, 1800, and 1810 census there. He d. at Wayne County, Kentucky abt 1830. There is a George Upchurch on both the 1820 and 1830 U.S. Federal Census living in Wayne County, KY at that time. They moved to Wayne County after 1810. He received a Kentucky Land Grant at Wayne Co., KY on 12 Oct 1814.

Rachel Bathshares (Bethshares?) was born abt 1760 at Brunswick, Virginia to Thomas Bathshares (1733-1798) and Ruth (last name unknown - 1734-1785). Rachel d. abt 1830 at Wayne County, Kentucky. George and Rachel (Bathshares) Upchurch had at least the following children:

1. Lydia Upchurch, b. 1782 at Brunswick, VA; d. 1848 at Wayne Co., KY

2. Shadrack Upchurch, b. 1784 at Brunswick, VA; d. 1 Mar 1863 at Wayne Co., KY, in 1805 he maried Ruth Maiden (1784-1860). They likely had the following children: Silas Upchurch (1806-1874); George Upchurch (b. abt 1810); Moses Upchurch (1815-1881); Preston Upchurch (b. abt 1817); possibly Thomas (b. 1817); Louisa Upchurch (b. abt 1818); Rebecca Upchurch (b. abt 1820); John Jonathon Upchurch (1823-1863); Hiram Upchurch (1824-1906); Rachel Upchurch (1826-1855); Joseph Upchurch (1829-1893)

3. Thomas Upchurch, b. 1788 at Brunswick, VA; d. 24 Oct 1855

4. Moses Upchurch, b. 1790 at Irdell, NC; d. 1859 at Wayne Co., KY, in 1815 he married Catherine Barker (1795-1872) and they likely had the following children: Levina Upchurch (1815-1880); Nancy Mason Upchurch (1816-1863); Lucinda Upchurch (1827-1888); Shadrack T. Upchurch (1831-1900); John Upchurch (1834-1899)

5. Rachel Upchurch, b. 1792 at North Carolina; d. 1844 at Wayne Co., KY

6. John Upchurch, b. 1799 at Irdell, North Carolina; d. 23 Jun 1873 at Wayne County, KY; he married Sarah J. Bertram. This is my direct line - see below for more information about this family.

7. Joseph Upchurch, b. 10 Aug 1800 at Irdell, North Carolina; d. 23 Jun 1873 at Fentress Co., TN, he seems to have married Jane Crouch (b. 1806, d. 1880, daughter of James B. Crouch (1762-1855) and Agnes Denton (1770-1836). I don't currently have information about their children.

John Upchurch and Sarah Bertram

John Upchurch was born abt 1799 at Irdell, North Carolina to George Upchurch and Rachel Bathshares; d. 23 June 1873 at Wayne Co., KY, and married Sarah Bertram

Sarah J. Bertram was born abt 1810 at Tennessee and she d. abt 1853 at Wayne Co., KY. Her father was Nicholas Bertram (b. 1780 at Chatham, Pitt, North Carolina, d. abt 1860). Her mother is unknown. John and Sarah (Bertram) Upchurch had at least the following children:

1. Nancy Upchurch, b. 9 Apr 1825 at Kentucky, d. 11 Nov 1884 at Wayne County,KY. On 22 Nov 1843 she married Burrell Tremont Dishman (1820-1901) at Pine Knot, McCreary County, Kentucky. They had at least the following children: Reubin Burrell Dishman (b. abt 1843); Lucinda Dishman (1848-1914); G. L. Dishman (1854-1878); Elizabeth Dishman (b. abt 1863)

2. Eleanor "Nelly" Upchurch, b. 19 Jul 1829 and d. 12 Feb 1870, both at Wayne County, Kentucky. In Jan 1848 at Wayne County, KY, she married James Henry Carter (1826-1900). They had at least the following children: Adelia B. Carter (b 1843); Shrewsbury Carter (1849-1933); John W. Carter (1852-1922); Alvin Carter (1855); America Carter (1856-1922); Sarah C. Carter (1859-1936); Edmund Grant Carter (1864-1921); James Montgomery Carter (1867-1944); Ellen V. Carter (b. and d. 12 Feb 1870);

3. Lucinda Upchurch, b. 24 Jul 1831 at Little South Fork, Wayne Co., KY. She died 11 Jul 1905 at Wayne County, KY.

4. Roena Upchurch, b. abt 1834 at Kentucky

5. Granville Upchurch  (married Lavina Hurt, see below), b. 25 Apr 1835 at Little South Fork, Wayne County, Kentucky. He died 28 Jun 1918 at Paris, Lamar Co., Texas. This is my direct line - see more information below for this family.

6. Henry Alvin Upchurch, b. 28 Apr 1840 at Wayne Co.,KY; d. 28 Jun 1918 at Wayne Co., KY; married Susannah Hurt, sister of Lavina Hurt, on January 14, 1863. They had at least the following children:

7. Elizabeth Upchurch, b. 13 Aug 1844 at Wayne Co., KY

8. America Upchurch, b. abt 1851, d. abt 1868

Granville Upchurch and Lavina Hurt

     Granville Upchurch was born 25 Apr 1835 at the Little South Fork, Wayne County, KY to John Upchurch and Sarah J. Bertram. I have seen references on public family trees saying he died 28 Jun 1918 at Paris, Lamar County, Texas.   He was living there with Lavina on the 1900 federal census. Please note the following marriage document which Ms. Burnett includes in her book:  

"Upchurch, Granville and Lavina Hurt.  Surety, James Carter.  Bond Date 16, January, married 20, January 1856 by William P. Gooding.   Note "16 January 1856 this is to sartify that I agree to give my daughter Lavina Hurt to Mr. Granville Upchurch to be wed in the holy state of matrimony please issue the license etc. yours respectfully William Hurt-witnessed by James Carter."  Groom resides in Wayne County age 19 years, born on the Little South Fork in Wayne County.  Bride resides in Wayne County.  Age 22 years, born on the Little South Fork.

     Lavina Hurt was the daughter of William "Billy" Hurt, Jr.  She was born on March 24, 1833 at the Little South Fork, Wayne County, Kentucky and she died on December 12, 1922 at Paris, Lamar County, Texas.   It occurred to me as I wrote this that she was alive when my grandmother, Erma Sharp, was a young girl.   I regret that I didn't make this connection sooner so I could have asked my Grandmother if she remembered Lavina Hurt Upchurch, her maternal great-grandmother.   I'm sure she did.   

     Lavina and Granville had seven children:

1.  Lucinda "Sis" Upchurch, born November 8, 1856 at Wayne Co., KY. She died 24 Nov 1912. She married a Hancock and had the following children: Dica Handock (1880-1904); Samuel Hancock (1882-1909); Polly Louise Hancock (1884-1909); Lilly Dale Hancock (1886-1923); Sarah Hancock (1888-1920); Reuben J. Hancock (1890-1947); and Mary Lee Hancock (1892-1892).

2.  William Alvin Upchurch, born April 22, 1858 at Wayne Co., KY; he died 24 Nov 1908 at Paris, Lamar, Texas. His wife was named Clarinda Stewick. They show up on the 1880 census living at Slick Ford, Wayne County, Kentucky. At that time they had a one year old son named Noah Upchurch. On the 1920 census they have the following children still living at home: Elmer, Oscar, Robert, Amanda, and Hulda.

3.  Temperance "Tempy" Elizabeth Upchurch, born February 23, 1860, married William Henderson Barrier on July 5, 1875, died December 12, 1922 and is buried at Coopersville, Kentucky. Click here for a picture of Tempy and William. Their family are listed on the Barrier pages. This is my direct line.

4.  Joseph W. Upchurch, born 1865.

5.  Vienna H. Upchurch, born 7 Apr 1867 at Wayne Co., KY; d. 28 Nov 1932 at Lamar Co., Texas. In 1887 at Kentucky, she married John Sheby Burnett (1866 KY-1956 TX) They had at least the following children: Effie Burnett (1887-1907); Noah R. Burnett (1892-1983); Minnie Lee Burnett (1896-1995); Myrtie Wayne Burnett (1899-1981); Novie Marie Burnett (1903-1980)

6.  Nancy Upchurch, born 1869

7. ? Ahial Freeman Upchurch, born 21 Oct 1873 at Wayne Co., KY; d. 21 Nov 1936 at Grant, Choctaw, Oklahoma. Ink Dec 1890 at Arkansas he married Eliza Caroline Brooks (1871-1936). They had at least the following children: Jerry Elmer Upchurch (1893-1962); George Granville Upchurch (1899-1981); Gertrude "Gertie" Upchurch (1900-1902); Eddy Lee Upchurch (1901-1980); Hattie Upchurch (1904-1904); Viola Eugenia Upchurch (1908-1975); Mary O. Upchurch (1910-1990)

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