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The Hurt Family

This home page was created for descendents of Everett and Erma (Sharp) Rector.   Some of the information was taken from a manuscript titled The History of the Ewell Sharp Family, compiled by W. Sharp Burnett, which was shared with family members.  

Joseph Hurt and Mary Eliza Wilson

Joseph Hurt was born abt 1742 at Stocks Creek, Amelia, Virginia possibly to John and Margaret Hurt. He died abt 1813 at Patrick, Virginia. Note: there is a Joseph Hurt of his age group living in Spartanburg, SC on the 1810 Federal Census. If this is him, his son, William Hurt (see below) is also heading up a family in Spartanburg, SC on the 1810 Federal Census. He married a Mary Eliza Wilson before 1768.

Mary Eliza Wilson was likely born abt 1750 at Henry, Virginia and she died abt 1835 at Wayne, Kentucky. They had at least the following children:

1. Moses Hurt, b. 1768 at Henry Co., VA; d. 9 Feb 1863 at Stuart, Patrick Co.; VA, married Mary Parmer (1772-1840) and had at least 1 child: Mary Hurt (1810-1872) and likely more.

2. possibly Patrick Hurt?, b. abt 1769

3. William Hurt (1771-1841), see below for more information about this family

4. Joseph Hurt, b. 1776 at Henry Co., VA; d. abt 1860 at Mt. Pisgah, Kentucky. He married Millie Burnett (1779-1867 - the daughter of Jeremiah Burnett (1740-1816) and Elizabeth Claybrook 1740-1780).

5. possibly John Hurt?, b. abt 1773

6. Mary "Polly" Hurt, b. 1781 at Henry Co., VA; d. 3 Nov 1851 at Macon Co., Missouri. She married Roland Burnett (son of Jeremiah Burnett and Elizabeth Claybrook). They had the following children: Isham Burnett (1804-1885); Nancy Burnett (1806-1882); Jeremiah Burnett (1807); James H. Burnett (1809-1847); Mary Elizabeth Burnett (1811-1883); Martha Burnett (1813-1854); Lucinda Burnett (1817-1847); Richard B. Burnett (1821-1913); John M. Burnett (1824); Moses Burnett (1829-1908)

7. possibly Joshua Hurt?, b. abt 1782

8. James Hurt, b. 1789 at Henry County, VA; d. abt 1870 in Wayne County, KY; and married Ursula Burnett (1789 - 1870). She may have been the child of Jeremiah Burnett and his second wife, Rosa Silvers? James and Ursula may have had at least the following children: John Calvin Hurt (b.f 8 Sep 1810; d. 1880 in Pike Co., IN); Nancy Hurt (b. 8 Sep 1810; d. 5 Aug 1876 at Parmleyvill, Wayne, KY); Mary Hurt (1814-1891); Elizabeth Mary Hurt (b. 1821); Jonathan Smith Hurt (1822-1895); James Henry Hurt (1825-1882); Wilson Nezebit Hurt (b. abt 1827); Susannah Jane Hurt (1830-1907)

9. Nancy Hurt, b. 15 Nov 1792 at Patrick Co., Virginia; d. 4 Nov 1861 at Georgetown, Scott Co., Kentucky; on 25 Dec 1815  she married the preacher "Racoon" John Smith (b. 15 Oct 1784 TN; d. 28 Feb 1868 in Missouri).  Nancy was Racoon's second wife.   Together they had the following children:  Eliza Blaze Smith (1817-1819); Jonathan Smith (1819-1868); William Pinkney Smith (1820-1824); Joshua Carroll Smith (1823-1825); Maria M. Smith (1825-1839); John Smith (1827-1850); Eliza Jane Smith (1829-1856); Emily Francis "Emma" Smith (1830-1904); Harvey James Smith (1831-1859); Mary Vance Smith (1834-1848); Richard Menifee Smith (1837-1843)

William Hurt  and Jane "Jennie" Foster

     William Hurt, Sr. was born on January 20, 1771 at Henry, Virginia to Joseph Hurt and Mary Eliza Wilson.   After 1790, he moved to South Carolina.   He married Jane "Jennie" Foster around 1792 at Spartanburg, South Carolina.  They moved to Wayne County, Kentucky in 1813.   According to W. Burnett, they "settled at Parmleysville on the Little South Fork River," where they farmed.  William was also a surveyor, and he died sometime after 1840. 

Jane "Jennie" Foster was born abt 1773 at Spartanburg, South Carolina, and she died on March 16, 1935 in Wayne County, Kentucky.  They had 10 children, all of whom were born in Spartanburg, South Carolina:

1.  Nancy Hurt, b. December 12, 1793, married Isaac Burnett about 1811, d. October 24, 1875; she may have have married a Hopkins later in life? Although on the 1860 census she was "Nancy Burnett" living alone in Wayne County.

2.  John Crawford Hurt, b. April 8, 1795, first married Rachel Barrier (b. 1793 at SC, daughter of Richard Barrier and Catherine Massey) on June 22, 1815, next (on 5 Mar 1818) he married Nancy Hurt (b. 1800, daughter of Joseph Hurt and Millie Burnett), John died on March 4, 1849. He had at least the following children: Rowena Hurt, (1819-1900, who married Ahial Bertram (son of William Bertram and Nancy Stinson); Mariah Mary Hurt (1821-1901); Malissa Hurt (1824-1880); Thurza A. Hurt (1827-1890); Henry T. Hurt (1829-1902); Martha Hurt (1832-1877); Richard Bennett Hurt (1835-1905); Jacob Bertram (1837-1906); Reuben J.R. Hurt (b. 1838); Isaac Burnett Hurt (1840-1907)

3.  William "Billy" Hurt, Jr., b. December 27, 1797, married Temperance Buttram/Bertram on August 6, 1818, d. September 4, 1870 (see below for their family information)

4.  Joseph Hurt, b. 1798, first married Mary "Polly" Eads on February 27, 1817, second married Esther Grubbs (b. abt 1832 at TN) on September 2, 1854. This couple shows up on the 1850 Federal Census living in Div. 1, Wayne Co., KY

5.  Thomas Hurt, b. September 13, 1799, likely married Martha "Patsy" Dearing on December 5, 1820. Thomas d. November 8, 1865 at Wayne County, KY with the following children: Isaac (b. abt 1833), Hial (b. abt 1835), Nancy (b. abt 1838), Mary "Polly" (b. abt 1839), Russell (b. abt 1841), Sarah "Sally" (b. abt 1843), Cynthia (b. abt 1845), Elizabeth (b. abt 1848). There's also a Moses Hurt (b. abt 1825) and Joshua Hurt (b. abt 1827) living with them who may be children of this couple. They may have also had a son named John who was born abt 1822. In the 1860 census, they have a daugher named Martha who was born abt 1853.

6.  Mary Polly Hurt, b. 25 Apr 1801 at Spartenburg, SC, d. Oct 1859 or 1860 at McMinn, Tennessee?. On 2 Apr 1818 at Wayne Co., KY she married Heil Bertram (1795-1867). They had at least the following children: Calvin Buttram (1819-1820); Lavinia C. Buttram (1820-1870); Degenira Buttram (1822-1908); James G. Buttram (1825-1876); Moses K. Buttram (1826-1892); John Grant Buttram (1828-1871); Jane Buttram (1830-1899); Julia Melissa Buttram (1832-1880); Rebecca E. Buttram (1834-1835); William A. Buttram (1836-1862); Jacob Bertram (1837-1906); Nancy Ann Buttram (1841-1897); Mary C. Buttram (1842-1916); Sarah E. Buttram (1844-1906).

7.  Elizabeth Hurt b. 20 Sep 1803 at SC; d. 7 Jun 1855 at McMinn, TN; married Larkin Bertram August 5, 1818 at Wayne County, KY. Larkin Bertram (Butram) was born 8 Sep 1799 at Iredell, NC, and he died in 1857 at McMinn Co., TN. They had at least the following children: Jane Buttram (1821-1855); Jospeh Buttram (1822-1842); James Buttram (1825); Nancy Buttram (1827-1875); William Buttram (1830-1903); Sarah Buttram (b. 1832 - married a Foster); Noah Buttram (1835-1852); Martha Buttram (1837-1853); Nancy Butram (1842); Elizabeth Bertram (1846) also.

8.  Susan "Susie" Hurt, b. 1806, married John Tuggle (son of Henry Tuggle (b. 1781) and Martha Polly Brammer (1797-1820)) on July 28, 1833? (not clear - she may have died in 1825?)

9.  Sarah "Sally" Hurt, b. April 14, 1810, in July 1833 she married William Tuggle, (b. 7 May 1814 at VA, d. 7 Jul 1872 at KY - William was the son of Henry Tuggle (b. 1781) and Martha Polly Brammer (1797-1820)). Sarah "Sally" Hurt died January 17, 1879. They had the following children: Polly Tuggle (1836); Elizabeth Tuggle (1837); Susan Tuggle (1839-1899); Nancy Tuggle (1840-1913); Jonathan Tuggle (1842); Martha Tuggle (1844); William Tuggle (1845-1921); James Tuggle (1846-1902); George Washington Tuggle (1848-1902); Virona Tuggle (1852-1890)

10.  James Hurt, b. February 16, 1811, married Sarah "Sallie" Bertram (daughter of William Bertram (1783-1865) and Nancy Stinson (1789-1855)) on June 9, 1833 at Wayne Co., KY. James Hurt died May 22, 1872. Sallie Bertram was born 9 Mar 1813 at Wayne Co., KY and died there on 8 Feb 1890. They likely had the following children: Mary Hurt (1834-1859); Eliza Hurt (1835-1908); Susannah Hurt (1836-1893); Nancy Hurt (1837-1904); William Hurt (1838-1877); Temperance Hurt (1840-1914); Elizabeth Hurt (1841-1905); Joseph Hurt (1842-1842); Ephraim Hurt (1843-1926); Rowena Hurt (1845-1922); John Hurt (1846-1887); Martha Hurt (1847-1889); Sarah Hurt (1849-1925); Berriman Hurt (1850-1935); James Hurt (1851-1925); Jacob Hurt (1852-1925); Ahial Hurt (1853)

William Hurt, Jr. and Temperance Bertram

     William "Billy" Hurt Jr. was born on December 27, 1797 or 1798 at Spartanburg, South Carolina.   According to Lorna Gheen, he moved with his family to Wayne County, KY about 1813 and settled in Parmleysville, on the Little South Fork. He died at New Liberty, Pike County, Indiana on 4 Sep 1870. He married Temperance Ann Bertram (Buttram?) on August 1818 at Wayne County, Kentucky.

Temperance Ann Bertram was born 3 Oct (Dec?) 1801 at Iredell Co., North Carolina to Jacob Bertram (1775-1855) and Julia Ann Keeton (1775-1855). She died on 22 Feb 1876 at Pike County, Indiana (or Wayne Co., KY?). They had at least the following children:

1.  Joel (or John?) Hurt, b abt 1819.   W. Sharp Burnett writes:  (He) "left home when young and was never heard from again".  One can only wonder what happened to him.  

2.  Lucinda Hurt, b. January 16, 1820 at Wayne County, Kentucky; d. 11 Oct 1847 at Macon, Missouri; married Henry Brammer on June 6, 1837. Henry Brammer was born abt 1814 to Shadrack Brammer (b. 1783, d. 1839) and Frances Tuggle (1787-1839), and he died about 1854. They had at least the following children: Martha Brammer (1839-1910); William L. Brammer (1840-1899); Nancy J. Brammer (1842); Mary Brammer (1843-1912); Joseph L. Brammer (1844); Anna Brammer (1846-1877)

3.  Julia Ann Hurt, b. March 16, 1821, married Henry Tuggle, Jr. on November 3, 1837. She died about 1870. Henry Tuggle (Jr.) was born abt 1818 at Patrick, Virginia to Henry Tuggle (1781-1860) and Martha Polly Brammer (b. 1781). . Julia Ann and Henry Jr. had at least the following children: Lucinda Tuggle (abt 1840); Nancy Tuggle (abt 1841); Temperance Tuggle (b. abt 1842); William Tuggle (abt 1843); Martha Tuggle (abt 1845); Larkin Tuggle (abt 1848); Elizabeth Tuggle (abt 1850); James S. Tuggle (abt 1852); Isaac and Henry? Tuggle (abt 1853); Thomas Tuggle (about 1855); Abigale Tuggle (abt 1858); Mary A. Tuggle (abt 1860), and Sarah Tuggle (abt 1862).

4.  Jane Hurt, b. October 1, 1822 at Wayne County, Kentucky, married George Washington Sandusky on October 23, 1859, died August 8, 1901 at Greeley, Kansas. George Sandusky was born about 1833 and d. before 1865. They had at least the following children: Martha Washington Sandusky (b. abt 1858); William Sandusky (abt 1860); Mary Sandusky (abt 1865, married Monroe Coleman). There may have been another daughter, Sarah.

5.  Joseph Hurt, b. February 22, 1824 at Wayne County, Kentucky, first married Abigail Sandusky (sister of George W. Sandusky, see above) on December 25, 1843 with whom he had the following children: Mary Hurt (b. abt 1846); Temperance Hurt (b. abt 1849); Vina J. Hurt (1851); Sarah Hurt (1852); William H. Hurt (1853); Zachariah T. Hurt (1856); and Julia Ann Hurt (1859); John Hurt (1861); and Nancy Hurt (1864). Next he married Sarah Barrett (b. March 1860 in Indiana) on January 27, 1882, and they had the following children: Lorenza D. Hurt (abt 1885); Freddie E. Hurt (abt 1889); Ada Hurt (abt 1892); Charley Hurt (abt 1894); and Joseph Hurt (abt 1900).   Joseph (Sr.) died October 7, 1901 at Liberty, Carroll County, Indiana.

6.  Larkin Hurt, b. October 16, 1825 at Wayne County, Kentucky, married Jane Sloan on January 26, 1843. Jane was born abt 1830 at Wayne County, KY to Reuben Sloan (1797-1862) and Mary Dodson (1801-1864). She likely died giving birth to their only child, Mary Jane Hurt, on 9 Dec 1843.

7.  Thomas Hurt, b. May 1, 1827 at Wayne County, Kentucky, first married Martha Barnett (Burnett?) on August 26, 1843. Martha was born abt 1830 in Kentucky and she probably died abt 1894 in Indiana. They had at least the following children: Elizabeth J. Hurt (1847); Josiah Hurt (1848); James Alfred Hurt (1852); William C. Hurt (Apr 1856); Almavine M. Hurt (abt 1860); Thomas Hurt (abt 1865); Albert Hurt (abt 1866); Isabell Viola Hurt (Sep 1869); Angeletta Hurt (abt 1870). He died 10 Nov 1908 at Pike County, Indiana. Apparently he married a second time, on 11 Oct 1894, to a widow named Nancy Williams Chambers.

8.  Jacob Hurt, b. July 12, 1829 at Wayne County, Kentucky, died 4 Jun1898 at Wayne County, Kentucky, married Jane Burnett (b. abt 1834).

9.  Sarah Hurt, b. May 18, 1830 at Wayne County, Kentucky, married George Barrier on January 3, 1856, died November 1856 at Wayne County, Kentucky. She died giving birth to their only child, William Barrier.

10. Lavina Hurt, b. March 24, 1833, married Granville Upchurch on January 20, 1856, died December 12, 1922. This is my line. Click on the Upchurch link for more information about this family.

11.  William Hurt, b. December 29, 1834 at Wayne County, Kentucky, married Perline Pheras, died November 30, 1902 at Erie, Neosho, Kansas. Perline Pheras was born on 27 Aug 1834 at Cumberland Co., KY to Samuel Pharis (1811-1885) and Sarrah "Sally" Norris (1812-1894). Perline died. 18 May 1860 at Hickman, KY

12.  James Hurt b. November 9, 1836 at Wayne County, Kentucky.

13.  Ahial Hurt, b. May 24, 1838 at South Fork, Wayne County, Kentucky; married Nancy Tuggle on July 22, 1855. Ahial died 7 Nov 1895 at Towner, Kiowa, Colorado.

14.  Nancy Hurt, b. August 14, 1840 at South Fork, Wayne County, Kentucky; d. 10 Sep 1919 at Tribune, Greely Co., Kansas; married James Hurt on September 29, 1855 at Wayne Co., KY. James Hurt was born 29 Jan 1837 and d. 4 Sep 1924. He was the son of John Calvin Hurt (1810-1976) and Sallie Tuggle (14 Apr 1809 VA - ?), and the grandson of James Hurt (1789-1870. James and Nancy Hurt likely had the following children: Sara Jane Hurt (1858-1878); Temperance Ann Hurt (1861-1933); Henry Linzie Hurt (1864-1904); Canzada Hurt (1867-1951); Alvis Lafayette Hurt (1869-1939); Mary Etta Hurt (1877-1878); and possible Vernie Hurt?

15.  Susannah Hurt, b. April 23, 1842, married Henry Alvin Upchurch on January 14, 1863 at Wayne County, KY. She died 6 Oct 1887. Henry Alvin Upchurch was born 28 Apr 1840 at NC and died on 28 Jun 1918 at Wayne County, KY. They had at least the following children: John William Upchurch (1863-1926); Mary Belle Upchurch (b. 1866); Samuel Greer Upchurch (1867-1939); Easter Wayne Upchurch (1869); Freeman Upchurch (1872); Theodora Ernestine Upchurch (1874); Ballinger Wright Upchurch (1876-1959); Ida Upchurch (1879); Dwight Upchurch (1880); Victoria Upchurch (1883-1891); General Harrison Upchurch (1889)

16.  Polly J. Hurt, b. November 3, 1843 at Wayne County, Kentucky. She died 9 Mar 1911.

17.  Jeremiah Hurt, b. June 6, 1844 at Wayne County, Kentucky, married Caroline Thomas on June 22, 1864, died March 19, 1911 at Greeley, Kansas. Caroline Thomas was born in Indiana on January 1943. They had at least the following children: Granville S. Hurt (1865-1921); William Harrison Hurt (1866-1933); Wesley E. Hurt (1868-1938); Ahile Washington Hurt (1870-1871); Henry E. Hurt (1872-1954); Selvay A. Hurt (1875-1941); Minnie L. Hurt (1877-1966); Bennie A. Hurt (1878-1879); and Huston Oscar Hurt (1880-1967)

18.  Noah Hurt, b. April 22, 1846 at Wayne County, Kentucky, married Elizabeth J. Davis on 4 Oct 1866 at Pike County, Indiana. Noah Hurt died 5 Jun 1898 at Pike County, Indiana. Elizabeth Davis was born about 1848. They had at least the following children: John Hurt (b. abt 1843); William Hurt (b. abt 1869)

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