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Bertram Family

Some of this has been documented, some has not. This is a work in progress, and I welcome corrections.  The last name could be spelled Butram, Bertram, Buttram, Buttrum).  Not all of the older information has been documented, rather it has been taken from public trees for informational purposes only.  I cannot verify that the older information (before the 1850 federal census) is true.

William Butram was born 15 Jul 1759 at Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina, probably to William Buttram (1735-1801) and Margaret Willis (1740-1795). According to Find-A-Grave memorial #40500051 he died 10 Nov 1853 at Sparta, White County, Tennessee. On 29 Jan 1780 at Rowan County, NC he married Sarah Patterson. I have read that he was a private in the North Carolina Militia in the Revolutionary War. One of his descendents through his son, John Elijah, was able to join the Sons of the American Revolution based on William's service, so I imagine it is true.  He is buried in the Richard Bradley Cemetery in White County, Tennessee.

Sarah Patterson was born about 170, probably in Rowan County, North Carolina to James and Rosamond Patterson. She died abt 1820 at Sparta, White County, Tennessee. The children I have found no documentation for begin with a ?

1. Nicholas Bertram, b. abt 1781 at NC, d. before 1870 in Wayne County, KY, His spouse is currently unknown to me, but they had at least one child, Sarah J. Bertram (b. between 1805 and 1810 in North Carolina; d. abt 1853) who married John Upchurch (1799-1873). Sarah and John Upchurch were the parents of Daniel Granville Upchurch (1835-1918) who married Lavina Hurt. They, in turn, were the parents of Tempey Elizabeth Upchurch (1860-1922) who married William Henderson Barrier and became the parents of my great grandmother, Polly Ethel Barrier - who married Thomas Sharp. So...this is my direct line to this particular family.

2. William Bertram, b. 17 Jun 1783 in Rowan County, NC, d. 28 Oct 1865 at Wayne County, KY, married Nancy Stinson. See below for more information about this family.

3. ?Jacob Bertram, b. 1785 at Rowan County, NC, d. October 1865 at Sunnybrook, Wayne Co., Kentucky

4. Cornelius Butram, b. abt 1787 at Iredell Co., NC, d. abt 1815 in Wayne County, KY. He married Catherine "Caty" Kidwell on 25 Oct 1811 at Wayne Co., KY.  Catherine was born about 1786 and died abt 1860).

5. Elijah Buttram (possibly John Elijah, although he went by Elijah), b. 1 Jun 1789 or 1790 at Iredell Co., North Carolina; d. 16 Sep 1873 at Springville, St. Clair County, Alabama. About 1817 he married Nancy Ann Harmon, who was born 21 Jun 1798 in Viriginia and died abt 1868 in Rhea Co., TN. They are buried at Red Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Springville, Alabama. They likely had the following children: Harmon Buttram (1818-1901); Josiah Buttram (1821-1892); Elijah "Elzy" Buttram (1822-1905); Solomon Buttram (1825-1840); James Calloway Buttram (1829-1900); Catherine Buttram (b. 1831); Nancy Buttram (1834-1867); William F. Buttram (b. 1837); John Buttram (1839-1906).

6. James Buttram (Rev)., was b. abt 1791 at Iredell Co., NC, and likely d. before 1850 in Carroll County, Georgia. He married Elizabeth Kates on 10 Feb 1811 at Jasper County, GA. They had the following children: William F. Buttram; Sarah Lucinda Buttram (b. 1812); Joseph Buttram (b. abt 1814, died as an infant in Jasper Co., GA); Andrew Jackson Buttram (b. abt 1816; d. abt 1865); Nancy Elizabeth Buttram (b. abt 1820); James Morgan Buttram (b. abt 1822; d. abt 1904); Charles Jeffereson Buttram (b. about 1826; d. abt 1900); and Elizabeth Ann Buttram (b. about 1831).  James and Elizabeth are living with their son A.J. (Andrew Jackson Buttram) and his family in Carroll County, Georgia on the 1850 federal census.

7. Emsley A. Butram (b. about 1795 NC; d. abt abt 1871 at Dry Hollow, Wayne Co., KY); about 1822 he m. Elizabeth Chrisman (b. abt 1805; d. 1870), as of the 1850 Federal Census they had the following children: Catherine Butram (b. abt 1836); Francis M. Butram (b. about 1838); Newton J. Butram (b. about 1840); Wilson Butram (b. about 1844); and Nancy Jane Butram (b. about 1847; d. abt 1852). They likely also had the following children: Polly Ann Butram (1824-1855); Wesley P. Butram (1852-1854); Elvira Butram (b. abt 1832).  On the 1850 federal census (the first census where names are listed) the following children are still at home:  Francis (12), Newton (10), Wilson (6); and Nancy (2). 

8. Willis Butram, b. before 1800 at North Carolina; probably died before 1850 possibly in White County, Tennessee?  A Willis Butram is living (with his family) in Wayne County, KY on the 1930 federal census.  In 1940 he is living in White County, TN.

possibly also a daughter named Lavina?

William Butram was born 17 Jun 1783 at Rowan County, North Carolina to William Butram and Sarah Patterson. He died 28 Oct 1865 at Sunnybrook, Wayne County, Kentucky. In Feb 1807 at Lee County, Virginia he married Nancy Stinson. They moved to Wayne County, Kentucky in 1809.

Nancy Stinson was born 8 Apr 1789 at Caroline, Virginia likely to George Stinson and Mary "Polly" Graham (?), b. abt 1765). Nancy died 22 Sep 1855 at Sunnybrook, Wayne County, Kentucky. They had at least the following children:

1. Joel Bertram, b. 3 Jan 1808 at Lee Co., VA; d. 17 Apr 1885 at Slick Ford, Wayne Co., KY. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Hull (abt 1805-1868) about 1826 at Wayne County, KY. Joel was living at Slick Ford, Wayne Co., KY on the 1880 census with a grandson, James T. Bertram (born abt 1858). Joel and Elizabeth likely had the following children: Dorothy Bertram (b. abt 1827); Jesse A. Bertram (1828-1903); Teresa Bertram (b. abt 1830); William Henry Bertram (b. abt 1832, poss d. 1912); Joel Bertram (b. abt 1836); Isaac M. Bertram (1833-1903); Elizabeth Bertram (b. abt 1837); Nancy Bertram (1839-1853); M. (Maryanne? Mezane? Mezana?) Bertram (b. abt 1842), Albert Luther Bertram (b. 1847-1912)

2. Mary Polly Bertram, b. 21 May 1810 at Sunnybrook, Wayne County, KY, d. 10 Jun 1893 Wayne County, KY. About 1827 she married William Luster (1800-1884). They had at least the following children: Melinda Luster (1828-1919); Andrew Jackson Lester (abt 1830-1879); Louisa Lester (1831-1915); Lucinda Lester (1831-1924); William Emerson Lester (1833-1865); Edward Lester (1834-1926); George Washington Lester (1838-1901); Francis Marion Lester (1837-1923); Jacob Lester (b. abt 1838); Nancy Jane Lester (1840-1914); James Riley Lester (1841-1862); Barbara Leann Lester (1844 or 1849-1906); Catherine Lester (b. abt 1846); Henry Harmon Lester (1848-1923); Sarah Lester (1849-1914); Mary E. Lester (1850-1881); Martha Lester (1853-1853)

3. Elijah Butram, b. 17 Jan 1812 Wayne County, KY , d. 17 Aug 1859 at either Wayne Co., KY or Overton, TN. In September 1833 he married Camellia Miller (1817-1859), the daughter of George Miller (1787-1873) and Mary Ann Denney (1787-1874). They had at least the following children: Manerva Jane Bertram (1834-1869); Matilda Bertram (b. and d. 1837); William Bertram (1838-1864); George Bertram (1841-1864 - d. in Civil War in TX); Mary Ann Bertram (1843-1910); James H. Bertram (b. 1845); Tamzy Bertram (1848-1898); Matilda Bertram (b. 1850); Nancy Genira Bertram (1851-1912); Louisa M. Bertram (1855-1915)

4. Sarah "Sallie" Bertram, b. 8 May 1813 at Sunnybrook, Wayne County, KY; d. 8 Feb 1890 Wayne County, KY; married James Hurt (1811-1872, the son of William Hurt and Jane Jennie Foster. Go to the Hurt page for more information about this family.

5. Rev. Ephriam Bertram, b. 13 Nov 1814 Wayne County, KY, d. 23 Oct 1886 at Barren, Kentucky. He married Laurahana Emmazetta Blevins on 11 July 1836 in Wayne County, KY. Laurahana (1819-1887) was the daughter of Henry Blevins (1797-1852) and Ursula Denney (1790-1844). On the 1860 Federal Census the family is living in Barren, Kentucky with possibly a son, Jasper Buttram (b. abt 1841), as well as W. W. and Mary Hulsey, and two small Hulsey children. They likely had the following children: Ozias Denton Bertram (1837-1927); Martha Bertram (1838-1921); Jasper Newton Bertram (1840-1928); Dennis Bertram (b. 1841); Shelby Bertam (1844-1941); Lucetta Bertram (b. 1846); Perry Bertram (b. 1847); Elvira Bertram (1849-1924); Noah L. Bertram (1851-1919); Araminta Bertram (b. abt 1853); Thursa Bertram (1855-1922); Broadus Bertram (b. 1857); Eliza Jane Bertram (b. abt 1863));  Mary "Molly" Bertram (b. 1859).

6. Jacob Bertram, b. 13 Jan 1817 and d. 13 Nov 1909 at Sunnybrook, Wayne County, KY. He married Louranna Miller on 13 Jan 1841. Lourana was b. 5 May 1824 and died 1 Oct 1881.  They had at least the following children: Joseph Bertram (b. 1843); Reuben Smith Bertram (1844-1929); Polly Ann Bertram (b. 1847); Elizabeth Bertram (1848-1929); Nancy Butram (b. 1851); and Louisa M. Butram (b. abt 1855). On the 1900 Federal Census, Jacob is living in Slickford, Wayne County, KY with his son Reuben, and Reuben's family.

7. Ahial Bertram, b. 13 Feb 1819 Wayne County, KY, d. 10 Jun 1901 Wayne County, KY, he married Rowena Hurt. See below for more information about their family.

8. William Bertram, b. Jan 1821 at Wayne County, KY, d. 10 Jan 1902 at Wayne County, KY. He died 10 Jan 1902. He married Martha Hurt (1832-1877) on 22 July 1847 in Wayne County. They had the following children:  Matilda Bertram (1848-1890); Alfred Caldwell Bertram (1850-1859); John C. Bertram (1852-1926); Ruben Bertram (1854-1891); Nancy Bertram (1856-1948); Tennessee Bertram? (1868-1964); Rowena M. Bertram (1860-1864); Charity T. Bertram (1862-1944); William Cooper Bertram (1864-1902); Ahial Bertram (1867-1949); Thursey Bertram (1869-1933); Isabelle Bertram (1871-1944); Joseph S. Bertram (1877-1949)

9. Jonathan Bertram, b. 13 Dec 1823 at Sunnybrook, Wayne County, KY, d. 14 Oct 1894 at Slick Ford, Wayne County, KY. He was a Baptist minister. He married Pharaba Adkins on 17 Apr 1840 at Wayne County, KY.  Pharaba was born 1824 and d. 1909.  They had at least the following children:  Rebecca Bertram (1843-1896); Alvin A. Bertram (1846-1926); Jane Bertram (1848-1888); Elza S. Bertram (1850-1934); Catherine Bertram (b. abt 1852); Nancy Bertram (1854-1908); Mary Bertram (1857-1858); Esther Bertram (1859-1929); Rosa Emarine Bertram (1863-1885)

10. John Calvin Bertram, b. 5 Mar 1825 at Sunnybrook, Wayne County, KY, d. 25 May 1880 at Wayne County, KY. He married Sarah "Sallie" Young (1827-1908) on 16 Dec 1847 at Wayne Co., KY and they had the following children: Joel Fox "Jack" Bertram (1848-1926); Andrew Bertram (1850-1923); Elana Bertram (1852-1932); William Stinson Bertram (1854-1923); Nancy Bertram (1856-1894); Rowena Bertram (b. abt 1859); Ahial Bertram (1861-1935)

11. Martin Luther Bertram, b. 4 Feb 1827 at Wayne County, KY; d. about 1861 at Rock Creek, Kentucky. He married Malissa Young (later Daffron) (1832-1928).  They had at least the following children:  Edith Bertram (1850-1879); Nancy Bertram (1852-1918); Frances (1854-1905); Ahial Bertram (1856-1856); Texas Bertram (1858-1937); Bertha Rosa Bertram (1861-1946)

12. Nancy Bertram, b. 12 Jun 1829 at Wayne County, KY, d. 5 Jul 1881 at Wayne County, KY; she married Martin Coyle (1825-1913).  Their children:  James Madison Coyle (1845-1864); John C. Coyle (1846-1853); Esther Ann Coyle (1848-1908); Martha Jane Coyle (1849-1919); Daniel E. Coyle (1879-1898)

Ahial Bertram was born 13 Feb 1819 at Sunnybrook, Wayne County, KY to William Butram and Nancy Stinson. He died on 10 Jun 1901 at Wayne County, KY. On 17 Jun 1838 at Wayne County, KY, he married Rowena Hurt.

Rowena Hurt was born 23 Aug 1819 at Wayne County, KY to John Hurt (1795-1849, son of William Thomas Hurt and Jane Jennie Foster) and Nancy Hurt (1800-1892, daughter of Joseph Hurt and Millie Burnett) . She died 25 Jun 1900 at Wayne County, Kentucky. They had at least the following children:

1. James Varner Bertram, b. 17 May 1839 at Wayne County, Kentucky and d. there on 30 Aug 1914. On 4 Feb 1864 he married Elizabeth Hicks (1830-1875). They had at least the following children: John C. Bertram (1865-1936); Sarah R. Bertram (1866-1944); Samantha Ellen Bertram (1871-1947); James Ahial Bertram (1874-1924); . On 24 Apr 1877, James Varner Bertram married Louisa Brown (1859-1930). They had at least the following children: Samuel T. Bertram (1878-1919); Lilly R. Bertram (1879-1965); Frances Bertram (1882-1958); Otis C. Bertram (1884); Ora E. Bertram (1892-1903); Onie Bertram (1894-1926)

2. William Bertram, b. 19 Jul 1840 at Wayne County, Kentucky, d. abt 1861.

3. John Bertram, b. 14 Jun 1843 at Wayne County, Kentucky and d. there on 29 Aug 1921. He married Caroline Hicks. See below for more information about their family. This is NOT in my direct line.

4. Nancy Bertram, b. 11 Jun 1846 and d. 11 Jun 1923 at Wayne County, Kentucky. She married George Burris (1849-1870).

5. Joseph Bertram, b. 16 Dec 1847 at Wayne County, Kentucky, d. 29 Jul 1919 at Wayne County, Kentucky. on 14 Jun 1878, he married Cyrene F. Frost (b. abt 1853 at Wayne County, Kentucky to Cordon Frost and Almira J. Owens ). They had at least the following children: Lucien L. Bertram (b. 1879); Josephine Bertram (b. 1882); Maggie J. Bertram (b. 1884); Millie J. Bertram (b. abt 1886); Gordon Bertram (b. 1888); Bennett Bertram (b. 1890, d. 1952); Charles W. Bertram (b. 1894)

6. Mary Polly Bertram, b. 30 Jun 1850 at Wayne County, Kentucky, d. 30 Jul 1893.

7. Ezekial W. Bertram, b. 30 Oct 1852 and d. 2 Aug 1853 at Wayne County, Kentucky

8. Lewis (Louis?) Butram, b. 1861 and d. 1870 at Wayne County, Kentucky

John Bertram was born 14 Jun 1843 at Hidalgo,Wayne County, Kentucky to Ahial Bertram and Rowena Hurt. He died 29 Aug 1921 at Wayne County, Kentucky. About 1868 he married Sarah Caroline Hicks.

Sarah Caroline Hicks was born 25 Aug 1850 at Hidalgo, Wayne County, KY to Champion Terry Hicks (1821-1891 - a son of Jacob Hicks) and Rebecca Shearer (b. abt 1827 - she was a daughter of Daniel Shearer (abt 1791-1865) and Margaret Vickery (abt 1791-1865)). Caroline Hicks Bertram died 29 Jan 1923. John and Caroline (Hicks) Bertram had the following children:

1. William Bertram, b. 20 Feb 1870 at Wayne County, Kentucky, d. 1 Jul 1950 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. He married a woman named Abbie Burris about 1898.

2. Florence Flonnie Bertram, b. 1871 at Wayne County, Kentucky, d. 9 Oct 1933. She married John Wesley Lester on 1 Mar 1911.

3. Lulu Bertram, b. 25 Dec 1872 at Wayne County, Kentucky, d. 14 Feb 1953 at Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. On 22 Dec 1895, she married Isaac Denton "Dent" Hicks (1866-1945, the son of William W. Hicks and Abigail Littrell). Go to the Hicks link for more information about their children: Fred, Vida, John, Everett, Ellis, Etta, Ora Belle, Jinks, Mary, Hubert, and Rosa Mae.

4. Jink S. Bertram, b. 20 Feb 1874 at Wayne County, Kentucky, d. 19 Dec 1935

5. Reuben Hutch Bertram, b. 18 Nov 1876 and d. 16 Nov 1936 at Wayne County, Kentucky. He married Lizzie Hicks.

6. Shelby Bertram, b. 1 Mar 1880 at Wayne County, Kentucky and d. 21 Apr 1953. He married Elizabeth Jane Hicks on 25 Oct 1900.

7. Floyd Fred Bertram, b. 1 Oct 1882 at Wayne County, Kentucky, d. 10 Dec 1967 at Wayne County, Kentucky. In 1903 he married Mattie E. Burris. They had at least two children: Earl E. Bertram (1912-1936); and Jesse L. Bertram (d. 1912)

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