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 The Beck Family

     Some of the information for this page was taken from The Rectors of Wayne County, Kentucky, written by Clara Rector Barnes Smart, 1975, The Wayside Press, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Paul Beck and Martha Lewis

Paul Beck was born abt 1736 at Bucks, Pennsylvania (possibly to Edward Beck (1711-1774) and Ann Preston (b. 1713 - d. 1780 ??). He married Martha Lewis abt 1770 at Henry, Franklin, Virginia. Paul died 1 Dec 1791 at Franklin, Virginia.

Martha Lewis was born abt 1746 at Bucks, Pennsylvania to Abraham Lewis (1715-1802) and Rebekah Davis (1718-1802). She died 27 Dec 1820 at Cumberland County, Kentucky. Paul and Martha had at least the following children:

1. Joseph Lewis Beck (1772-1842) see below for more information about his family

2. Paul Beck (1774-1850); he may have married Naomi Ogle

3. Moses Beck (1774-1830); he may have married Ann Richards

4. Martha Beck (1776-1857); she may have married a Bristow?

5. Preston Beck, b. 25 Dec 1781 at Franklin, VA; d. 19 June 1861 at Polk Co., Missouri. He married Elizabeth Simpson (1785-1841, daughter of Reuben Simpson and Sarah Sherrill) on 8 Mar 1805 at Wayne County, Kentucky. They had at least one child, Martha Patsy Beck (1811-1836).

Joseph Lewis Beck and Isabella E. Buckhannan

Joseph Lewis Beck was born about 1772 at Warren County, Virginia to Paul Beck (1736-1791) and Martha Lewis (1746-1820). He married Isabella Elizabeth Buckhannan on 31 Jan 1791 at Franklin County, Virginia. Joseph Lewis Beck died 2 September 1841 at Wayne County, Kentucky.

Isabella Elizabeth Buckhannan was born abt 1770 at Franklin, Virginia . She died abt 1834 at Wayne County, KY. Joseph Lewis and Isabella had at least the following children:

1. Aaron Beck (1793-1868); see below for more information about his family

2. ?possibly a son named Lewis Beck, b. abt 1799

3. Anna Beck (1808-1863); she married Thomas Franklin Dowell (1800-1884)

The following children of Joseph's seem to be the children of Minerva May Muskrat (1780-1870), an Indian woman.

4. Martha May "Patsy" Beck (1798-1870); she married a James Samuel Stockton and they moved to Missouri where they were living as of the 1840 and 1860 censuses (in Polk County). One of their daughters was named Manerva Cherokee Stockton, supporting the notion that her mother was Minerva May Muskrat.

5. ?possibly a son named James Preston Beck (b. 1810; d. 1852)

On the 1850 Federal Census in Division 1, Wayne County, Kentucky, Joseph Beck (aged 78) is living with a woman named Radah (aged 68).

Aaron Beck and Sarah M. McFarland

Aaron Beck was born abt 1793 at Franklin, Virginia to Joseph Beck (1772-1841) and Isabella E. Buckhannan (1770-1834). Aaron married Sarah Matilda McFarland on 1 Feb 1815 at Adair, Kentucky. He died. abt 1868 at Clinton Co., Kentucky.

Sarah Matilda McFarland was born 12 Aug 1794 at Jefferson Co., TN to Benjamin McFarland (1767-1859) and Ruth Jack (1766-1853). Sarah died 17 Dec 1879 at Clinton Co., KY. She and Aaron had at least the following children:

1. Joseph Beck (1817-1862) - see below for more information about his family

2. Benjamin Beck, b. 12 Nov 1818 at Wayne Co., KY, d. 5 Jun 1899 at Wayne County. On 5 Aug 1841, he married Rachel Ballew (1822-1877). They had the following children: Margaret Jane Beck (1842-1922); Elizabeth A. Beck (1844-1883); Sarah L. Beck (1846-1917); Albert Beck (1846-1846); William Aaron Beck (1848-1922); Matilda F. Beck (1852-1927); Gilbert Beck (1854-1938); Solomon Wesley Beck (1856-1927); Elijah A. Beck (1858-1920); Sidney Payton Beck (1861-1939); Martha Frances Beck (1864-1950)

3. Preston Beck, b. 11 Apr 1820 at Wayne Co., KY; d. 27 Apr 1908 at Clinton Co., KY. He married Catherine Davis (1826-1900) and they had at least three children: Sarah Beck (1844-1912); Ruth Beck (1850-1868); Angeline Beck (1857-1946)

4. Lewis Beck, b. May 1828 at Wayne Co., KY; d. 19 Oct 1912 at Clinton Co., KY.

Joseph Beck and Elizabeth "Betsy" Rector

Joseph Beck was born 1 May 1817 at Wayne County, Kentucky to Aaron Beck (1793-1868) and Sarah Matilda McFarland (1794-1879).  Joseph was a Union Soldier in the Civil War, and was killed on 27 August 1862 by Champ Ferguson's men on Poplar Mountain in Clinton County, KY.   He was the second person to be buried in the Beck-Rector Cemetery at Rector's Flat, Kentucky.  

Elizabeth "Betsy" Rector was the daughter of Samuel Rector and Ruth "Rutha" Simpson.   She was born on 7 December 1817 in Wayne County, KY.   She married Joseph Beck on 10 May 1838.     Elizabeth Rector Beck died on 28 October 1895. Click here for a picture of Elizabeth Betsy Rector.

Joseph Beck and Elizabeth Rector had 8 children:

The Descendents of Joseph Beck and Elizabeth "Betsy" Rector

1.  Sarah Isabel Beck, b. 10 October 1839; d. 1 Sep 1906 at Franklin, Iszard, Arkansas. On 12 Jan 1854 at Wayne County, Kentucky she married Charles Louis Spann (b. 20 Dec 1834 TN; d. 5 Dec 1878 Arkansas).  Moved to Franklin, Arkansas. They had the following children: Jeptha Logan Spann (1854-1934); Joseph Willis Spann (b. 1856); Sara Elizabeth Spann (1857-1887); Rhoda J. Spann (1860); James Armstrong Spann (1862); Lottie Jane Spann? (1864); Louisa E. Spann (1864-1942); Roxanna Spann (1869); Charles Louis Spann (1871-1946); Tennessee Span (1872-1959); Mary Etta Spann (1875-176); Virginia Spann (1877).

2.  Leann Beck, b. 7 June 1841 at Wayne County, KY. In 1861 she married William Tabor (b. 5 Nov 1841; d. 18 Aug 1907). She died 19 July 1865. They had at least the following childen: William A. Tabor (b. 1871); Minnie Edna Tabor (b. 1873); Ula Myrtle Tabor (b. 1875); Lena Gertrude Tabor (b. 1877); George Tabor (b. Nov 1879); Clyde Martin Tabor (b. 4 May 1884).

3.  Louisa Beck, b. 16 September 1843 at Wayne County, Kentucky; in 1865 at Wayne County, KY she married Wm. Francis Shearer (b. 2 Jan 1847 at Wayne County, KY; d. 20 Jan 1908 at Gap Creek, Wayne Co., KY). Louisa Beck Shearer died 10 June, 1878.  

A.  Sarah Elizabeth Shearer, b. 6 June 1872, married Wm. Long Wright on 8 June 1893, died 22 January 1938. William Long Wright was born 2 Jan 1871 to Ballinger C. Wright (1821-1901) and Susannah Pierce (1827-1912). William died 8 Jan 1947 at Howard,Texas.
  1. Elmer Roy Wright, b. 22 March 1894 in Waco, TX, m. Ruby McCoy Nov 1923, d. 20 May 1953, they had four children (2 boys and 2 girls)
  2. James Francis Wright, b. 23 March, 1896; m. Hattie Petty Dec 1923, d. 12 Sept 1937 in Lubbock, TX
  3. Myrtle Pearl Wright, b. 25 Oct 1897, married Oscar Boiles 1914, next married Oliver Turner 1936.  Myrtle had 2 children (a son and a daughter) by Oscar Boiles, and 1 daughter by Oliver Turner.
  4. Susan Louise (Lulu) Wright, b. 13 Oct 1899, m. Wilbur Farmer 1916, d. 1927.  Had a son and a daughter.
  5. Ballinger Wright, b. 8 Oct 1901 in Wayne Co., KY; in 1928 he m. Celia Minerva Kirkpatrick (b. 16 Nov 1902 in Valdasta, TX, d. 24 Dec 1992 in Sulphur Springs, TX) with whom he adopted one daughter in April 1935, Marrieta Grace Wright. Ballinger and Celia Wright divorced in 1937. Ballinger next married Ruby ? in 1948 (one son and one daughter). Ballinger died April 1962 in Ypsilanti, MI.
  6. Wm. Garland Wright, b. 18 Dec 1903; m. Berenice ? (no children); . 1960 in Paducah, KY
  7. Nannie Bell Wright, b. 26 April 1907; d. 1909
  8. Logan Judson Wright, b. 16 March 1909, d. 26 Oct 1912
  9. Walter Hunley Wright, b. 22 Apr 1911, m. Pauline Wykes 12 Dec 1944 (one son).  next married Evelyn Chadwick 19 Feb. 1975
  10. Crandel Wilson Wright, b. 18 Apr 1913, m. Juanita Scott July 1936 (2 boys and 1 girl)
B.  Lucy Ann Shearer, b. 4 February 1869, m. Fountain Woodford "Colonel" Hicks; died 8 February 1943.
  1. Lou Hicks, b. 28 Oct 1897; married Ezra Kennedy; had 11 children:  Joe, James, Frank, Lucy, Robert, Bonnie and Flonnie (twins); Christine, Cecil, Arvil, and Kenneth.
    INTERESTING NOTE: Ezra and Lou (Hicks) Kennedy's 6th child, Bonnie Eunice Kennedy (b. 18 March 1928) married James Thompson Rector, a son of Christopher Wayne Rector and Emma Frost.  Bonnie Eunice Kennedy's great-great-great grandparents were Samuel and Rutha Rector.  Bonnie's husband's (James Thompson Rector) great-great-grandparents were Samuel and Rutha Rector. Consequently, the children of James Rector and Bonnie Kennedy are descended from Samuel and Rutha Rector both through their  male line (father to son) and through the distaff or female (mother to daughter) line.
  2. Florence Hicks (married a Marcum)
  3. Iva Hicks (married Claim Kennedy and had 3 children)
  4. Russell Hicks (married 1. a Gross, and 2. a Polson)
  5. Edd Hicks (married Mattie Blackburn)
  6. Joe Hicks (married Nannie Marcum)
  7. Newell Hicks (married Bonnie Morgan - no children)
  8. Earl Hicks (married Ruth Burks)
  9. Ellis Hicks, b. 23 June 1902, m. Elizabeth Patton, had 5 children
        C. Henry Lewis Shearer, b. 26 Jan 1867, d. 3 Dec 1927 at Wayne County,Kentucky, married Burnetta "Ellen" Ramsey Frost abt 1891.  Burnetta "Ellen" Ramsey (b. 28 Apr 1857 and d. 21 Jan 1938 both at Murl, Wayne, Kentucky) was the daughter of Sarah "Sally" Rector  (3rd child of Samuel and Rutha Rector), who married Richard Ramsey .   Burnetta "Ellen" Ramsey's first husband was Joseph A. Frost, by whom she had 4 children, including Emma Frost who later married Christopher Wayne Rector.  Lewis Shearer and Burnetta "Ellen Shearer had 6 children:  
  1. Ida Belle Shearer, b. 24 July 1892, m. Thomas Riley Guffey 14 May 1916, d. 20 Oct 1930.  Thomas and Ida  Guffey had at least the following children: Charles Rufus Guffey (1918-1994); Clarence Edwin Guffey (1920-2007). Apparently they also had twin girls (Bernetta and Henrietta) who were born and died in 1923.
  2. Joseph H. Shearer, b. 2 July 1894, m. Mae Graham, d. 21 August 1921.  Joseph and Mae Shearer had at least the following children (probably more): George Gordon Shearer (1918-1991); Samuel Paul Shearer (1920-2001)
  3. George McKinley Shearer, b. 26 May 1896, m. Maud Sterns (b. 16 Oct 1887)
  4. Nannie Shearer, b abt 1898
  5. Harrison Shearer, b. abt. 1899
  6. Ethel Shearer, b. abt 1900

4.  Joseph Lewis Beck, b. 10 May 1846, Union Soldier in Civil War; married twice (first to Trannie Span; next to Ida Brumley.  According to Mrs. Barnes account in The Rectors of Wayne County, KY, Joseph Lewis Beck was only 16 when his father, Joseph Beck, was killed in the Civil War (1862), and his maternal grandfather Samuel Rector died.  She said "this left Joe Lewis (Beck) to be the man of the household.  When he was 16 he shouldered his gun and went out and fought to the end of the (Civil) war.  Then he returned home to take over his responsibilities.  He did not marry till he was middle-aged."

Joseph Lewis Beck's 1st marriage to Tranquilla "Trannie" Spann (she was born 22 Feb 1870, d. 15 Mar 1892):
A.  Mary Effie Beck, b. 23 Oct, 1889, m. Logan Hicks 14 Oct 1905, Mary died 10 June 1969.  They had 10 children.

Joseph Lewis Beck's 2nd marriage to Ida Brumley (born 21 Feb 1876, died 25 Feb 1945):
    A. Hobart Elias Beck, b. 19 April 1897; m. Rosa Lee Harmon 29 Nov 1917; d. 20 Nov 1970. They had 6 children:  
B.  Robie Roe Beck, b. 11 March 1899; m. Ina Lovelace 1 Sep 1926; d. 16 Sep 1961.  They had 3 children:  
C.  Cora Elizabeth Beck; b. 23 March, 1901, m. Ernest W.. Brown 5 Jan 1924; Cora died 7 Apr 1960.  They had 7 children.
D.  Floyd Corbin Beck, b. 11 October 1902, m. Lexie Russell 24 Dec 1931, Floyd Died 15 Sept 1974.  They had 3 children
E.  James Roy Beck, b. 11 October 1905, never married, died 13 January 1974.
F.  Nora Ellen Beck, b. 18 January 1908; married Dock Gray 20 April 1927.  They had 1 child.

5.  Rutha Jane Beck, b. 24 September 1848; married W. J. Owens (1847-1935) on 8 Nov 1867 at Wayne County, Kentucky; died 25 March, 1881. They had the following children: Thoedocia Owens (1869-1880); Joseph William Owens (1871-1940); Martin Luther Owens (1873-1956); Preston Phelix Owens (1876-1946); Mary Elizabeth Owens (b. 1879); Sarah Jane Owens (b. 20 Mar 1881).

6.  Martha Evaline Beck, b. 26 January 1851; married Jacob Lewis Higginbotham (b. 24 Oct 1845, d. before 1930);  Martha died 28 March 1927.  They had 8 children:
      A.  Virginia Evaline Higginbotham, b. 26 September 1867?; m. William Armstrong Cooper (b. 20 March 1868); d. 4 January 1940.  They had 7 children.
B.  Abraham Jacob Higginbotham, b. 7 October 1869, m. Julia Koger.
C.  William Wesley Higginbotham, b. 2 February 1873; m. Plina Shearer; d. 4 February 1956.
D.  Joseph Preston Higginbotham, b. 26 March 1875; m. Susa Eads, d. 11 September 1964.   They had 10 children.
E.  Leonadus Higginbotham, b. 7 February 1877; m. ?;  d. 8 Nov 1953, had 3 children.
F.  Julia Higginbotham, b. 27 September 1879 (twin to Augustus)
G.  Augustus Higginbotham, b. 27 September 1879 (twin to Julia); 1st m. Emma Simpson and had 2 children, 2nd m. Ida Mae Aard and had 8 more children.
H.  James Elmer Higginbotham, b. 14 July 1881, 1st m. Eva Celetta Dowell ( b. 30 October 1883, d. 26 March 1926) and had 5 chidlren.  2nd m. Maudie Kate Walter ( b. 26 Nov 1902) and had 2 more children. James Elmer died 21 Dec, 1969

7.  Catherine Elizabeth Beck, b. 20 March 1854; married Samuel A. Hopkins (b. 12 Dec 1862; d. 11 Jul 1898) on 29 November 1882; died 13 April, 1917.  Catherine and Samuel had 6 children:
      A.  Effie Amner Hopkins, b. 25 November 1883, died August 1961.  
B.  Edna May Hopkins, b. 26 May 1885, died 16 March 1962.  First married James Clouse (b. 30 April 1881 and died 1916) and had 3 children.   Next married Jess Spradlin.
D.  Margaret Elizabeth Hopkins, b. 9 May 1887, died 7 July, 1963, married Rev. James Monroe Dickerson (b. 6 Nov 1855, d. 29 Nov 1932)  on 19 September 1909.   They had 9 children.
E.  William Talmadge Hopkins, b. 9 July 1889, died June 1898
F.  Virginia Louise (Lulu) Hopkins, b. 30 April 1892, m. Bird Denney, they had 11 children.  
G.  Martha (Mattie) Hopkins, b. 6 October 1894, 1st married a Sexton and had one child, next married an Eads and had one more child.

8.  Virginia Beck, b. 20 February 1857; married John Lewis Brown (b. 3 Jan 1849; died 10 Mar 1946); Virginia died 26 Aug 1935 at Wayne County, Kentucky.
     A..  Infant daughter born and died on 10 September 1876

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