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This home page was created for descendents of Ruth Ann "Rutha" Simpson, who married Samuel Rector.  Most of this information (from William b. 1666 on) was taken from The Rector's of Wayne County, Kentucky, by Clara Rector Barnes Smart, 1795, Wayside Press, and from information on Rutha Simpson Rector's tombstone in the Beck Cemetery, Wayne County, KY. Other information has been taken from public trees. Some is documented, much is not. Most of the early information is not documented. I have put it up for informational purposes. Please take the early information as conjecture, not fact.

William Sherwill and Margarey Upright

William Sherwill (Sherrill) was possibly born abt 1635 at Devon, England to Adam Sherewill (1613-1667) and Marye (last name unknown). He married Margarey Upright in 1658 at Devon. He died in or before 1719 either at Devon, England or at East Hampton, Suffolk, New York (I've seen reference to both, but have no documentation).

Margarey Upright was possibly born about 1640 at Devon, England to Richard Upright (1599-1642) and Elizabeth Pulliblank (1603-1679). She died 9 Nov 1693 at Devon, England. They may have had the following children:

1. Elizabeth Sherrill, b. abt 1659

2. Anna Sherrill, b. abt 1661

3. William Sherrill, b. abt 1666, d. abt 1747 (see below)

4. Adam Sherrill, b. abt 1672, d. abt 1774

5. Dewence Sherrill, b. abt 1676

Wiliam Sherrill and Margaret Rudisill?

William Sherrill, possibly born 16 Nov 1666 at Ermington Parish, Devon, England.   I have seen reference to the fact that he arrived in Maryland about 1690, although I have no documentation. He was said to have lived in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  A pioneer and woodsman, William was known as "The Indian Trader" or "The Conestoga Fur Trader"; he opened up the Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania to white settlers.  He died in Tennessee.  He married before 1693, probably at Cecil, Maryland.   Many trees reference his wife as Margaret Rudisill, some say Margaret Parsons...

William Sherrill and his wife had at least the following children:

1. Mary Sherrill, b. 25 Nov 1693 at Chester, Pennsylvania; d. 2 Apr 1772 at Lincoln Co., NC; married Richard Perkins (1689-1772, son of Richard Perkins (1663-1706) and Mary Ute (1667-1736)). They had at least the following children: Richard Perkins (1713-1789); Williams Perkins (1715-1805); Isaac Perkins (1718-1780); Adam Perkins (1720); Reuben Perkins (1722); John Perkins (1723-1788); Avarilla Perkins (1726-1742 or 1790); NOTE: Avarilla Perkins and her husband, William Simpson (1721-1825) where the parents of Reuben Simpson)- the father of Rutha Simpson who married Samuel Rector; Moses Perkins (1726-1778); William Joshua "Jock" Perkins (1730-1801); Benjamin Perkins (1732-1799); Mary Perkins (1739); Aventin Abington Perkins (1742-1786)

2. ? possibly a Samuel Sherrill, abt 1699, Maryland

3. Adam N Sherrill., abt 1700 at Cecil Co., Maryland; d. May 1773 at Sherrils Ford, North Carolina, married Elizabeth (Corzine or Perkins) abt 1722. He was the first permanent white settler west of the Catawba River (North Carolina), and is referred to as "The Pioneer." See information below

4. ? possibly Margaret Sherrill, abt 1704 at Maryland, married Elisha Perkins, Sr. (b. 1697 at Baltimore Co., Maryland, d. 10 Sep 1742 at Orange Co., VA) on 1 Dec 1718 at Baltimore County, Maryland in St. George's Parish. Margaret died after March 1745 at Orange Co., Virginia. They had at least the following children: Phillip; Elizabeth; Elisha; Uriah; Joshua (he married Mary Sherrill, daughter of William Sherrill and Agnes White - see below),and John. Elisha, Sr. seems to have been a horse thief and spent up to ten years in jail. During that time, Margaret may have had an illegitimate child with Christopher Hoomes (Holmes), who they named William Sherrill.

5. William Sherrill, abt 1707 at Maryland; married Margaret Wilson; died 14 Jan 1774 at Sherrill's Fort, Wilkes Co., Georgia

Adam Sherrill and Elizabeth (Corzine or Perkins)

Adam Sherrill (son of William), born between 1697 and 1700 at Cecil, Maryland.   He married Elizabeth Corzine abt 1722. Adam died 4 May 1774 t the Yadkin River, Rowan County, North Carolina.  Adam, Elizabeth, their sons and families were the first white people to cross the Catawba River and settle in North Carolina. He is often referred to as "Adam Sherrill, The Pioneer."

Elizabeth Corzine was born abt 1701 (probably in Maryland) and died abt 1769 at Sherril's Ford, Rowan County, North Carolina. Adam and Elizabeth likely had the following children:

1. William A. Sherrill, born 1 May 1723 at Cecil, Maryland, died 31 Dec 1786 at North Carolina. Married Agenes White in 1743. See below for more information about this family.

2. Samuel Sherrill, born 1 Oct 1725 in Cecil, Maryland, died 22 June 1800 at Washington Co., Tennessee. He married Mary Preston (1729-1794) abt 1747 at Virginia. They likely had the following children: Samuel Sherrill; Catherine Sherrill; Adam Sherrill; Uriah Sherrill (b. 1762, d. 1836 - m. Frances Dobson); Mary Jane Sherrill (b. abt 1766 - m. Isaac Taylor); George Davidson Sherrill; Aquilla "Quillar" Sherrill; John Sherill; William Sherrill; Susan Sherrill

3. Uriah "Ute" Sherrill, born 1 Mar 1728 at Cecil, Maryland, died ? at North Carolina. He married Judith Lewis (1735-1815) in 1753 at North Carolina. They had at least the following children: Rachel Sherrill (1754-1787); Joseph Sherrill (1756-1831); Sarah Sherrill (1758); Lewis Sherrill (1761-1840); Isaac Sherrill (1763); David Sherrill (1764-1827); Enos Sherrill (1767-1841); Benjamin Sherrill (1769-1832); Esther Sherrill (1773-1830); Ruanna Sherrill (1775); Eleanor Sherrill (1779)

4. Adam Sherrill, born 1 Nov 1731 at Cecil, Maryland, died abt 1787 at Sherrill's Ford, Catawba, North Carolina. He married Elizaeth Lourance. They likely had at least one child, Nicholas Osborne Sherrill.

5. Acquilla Sherrill, born 30 Nov 1733 at Cecil, Maryland, died 19 Jan 1805 in Tennessee. He married Lucretia Wilson (1733-1833) on 25 Dec 1753 at North Carolina. They had at least the following children: Elisha Sherrill (1758-1817); Rachel Sherrill (1760-1801); Margaret Sherrill (1776-1845)

6. Isaac Sherrill, born 20 Jun 1736 at Cecil, Maryland, died abt 1778 in North Carolina. He married Mary Ann Robinson.

7. Jacob Sherrill, born 21 Aug 1739, died 11 Jan 1813 in Tennessee. He married Hulda Wilson (1742-1834) in 1757. They had at least the following children: Uriah Sherrill (1757-1838); Samuel Wilson Sherrill (1758-1823); Reuben Sherrill (1760-1813); Ruanna Sherrill (1762); Thomas Sherrill (1763); Abel Sherrill (1765-1850); Patience Sherrill (1767); Rebecca Sherrill (abt 1769); Ephraim Sherrill (1773-1867); Ambrose Sherrill (1780-1844); Lucretia Sherrill (1781); Mary Polly Sherrill (1783)

8. Moses Sherrill, born 8 Aug 1742 in Virginia, died 15 Jan 1813 in North Carolina. He married Sarah Simpson in 1768 at Rowan Co., North Carolina. Sarah Simpson (b. 16 Jan 1750 NC; d. 5 Sep 1831 NC) was the daughter of William Simpson (1721-1825) and Avarilla Perkins (b. 1726). They had at least the following children: Aquilla Sherrill (1771); Aaron Sherrill (1774-1829); William Sherrill (1776-1828); Michael Sherrill (1779); Jeptha Sherrill (1779-1850); Casandera Sherrill (1783-1838); Moses Sherrill (1786); Absalom Sherrill (1789-1865); Sarah Sherrill (1791-1850), possibly Deborah Sherrill (1795-1840)

9. ? possibly a Catherine Sherrill, b. 1744 at Augusta Co., Virginia

William A. Sherrill and Agnes White

Captain William A. Sherrill (son of Adam and Elizabeth (Corzine) Sherrill), born May 1, 1723 in Cecil Co., Maryland, married Agnes White on April 12, 1743 in Augusta Co., Virginia or North Carolina.    I have read that William was commissioned as a captain in the Revolutionary War, and was a noted patriot.   I don't have any information about his military career. He seems to have died 31 Dec 1786 at Lincoln or Catawba County, North Carolina.

Agnes White was born 26 Feb 1726 at Augusta, Virginia. She died 29 Nov 1795 at Lincoln, North Carolina. Her father's name was Moses White (b. 1696 at Drumboden, Donegal, Ireland, died 5 Oct 1757 at Rapho, Lancaster, Pennsylvania), but I don't know her mother's name. However, her paternal grandparents were likely Hugh and Jane White.

William and Agnes (White) Sherrill had 11 children:

1. Mary Sherrill, b. 25 Mar 1744 in Augusta Co. VA, died about 1803 in Rutherford Co., Tennessee; in 1756 she married Joshua Perkins (1728-1814 - he was the son of Elisha Perkins and Margaret Sherrill). They had at least the following children: Marjorie Perkins (1758-1825); Sarah Perkins (1759-1857); Joshua Perkins (1765-1839)

2. Sarah Sherrill, b. 24 Oct 1746, d. 11 July 1826, married Reuben Simpson Click on their page for information about their family. This is in my direct line.

3.  Jacob Sherrill, b. 20 Mar 1748 in Anson Co., NC, d. 8 Mar 1831 at Sherrills Ford, NC. He married Margaret Lowrance (1748-1771 - daughter of Alexander Lowrance (1710-1759) and Mary Evelan (1730-1760)) in 1767. They had at least the following children: Jacob Sherrill (1768); Mary Sherrill (1769-1818); Agnes Sherrill (1781-1830)

4.  William L. Sherrill, born 25 September 1750 in Anson Co., NC, d. 19 may 1829 in Lincoln Co., NC.  Married Susannah Isabelle Lowrance (1752-1826 - daughter of Alexander Lowrance (1710-1759) and Mary Evelan (1730-1760)) in 1772 in NC.  Children:   Margaret Sherrill (1774-1856), Isaac Sherill (1776-1861), Alexander Sherrill (1778-1862), Sarah Sherrill (1781-1868), William Sherrill (1783-1867), Mary Sherrill (1785-1813), David Sherrill (1787-1869), Lydia Sherrill (1790-1869), and Aaron Sherrill (1793-1860).

5.  Joshua White Sherrill, b. 4 June 1752 in Anson Co., NC, d. Oct 1817 in NC. Married Susannah Osborne

6.  Agnes Sherrill, b. 10 Dec 1754 at Rowan Co., North Carolina; d. Sept 1817 at Smith, Tennesssee. Married David Lowrance (1738-1830 - son of Alexander Lowrance (1710-1759) and Mary Evelan (1730-1760)) on 16 Jan 1768 at Rowan County, North Carolina. They had at least the following children: John Lowrance (1769); William Lowrance (1774-1840); Thomas Lowrance (1779-1840); Jesse Lowrance (1780-1837); Agnes Lowrance (1782) ; David Lowrance (1785-1880); William Lawrance (1795-1855); John Lowrance (1796); Hiram Lawrence (1797-1868); David Wesley Lawrence (1800-1846); John D. Lowrance (1810)

7. Elisha Sherrill, b. 28 Feb 1758 at Rowan, North Carolina; d. 1831 at Lincoln, Forsyth, North Carolina. Married Leah Litton (1757-1816). They had at least the following children: Catherine Sherrill (1778); Wesley Sherrill (1779-1885); Rebecca Sherrill (1783-1843); Silas Sherrill (1783-1854); Sarah Sherrilll (1784-1787); Agnes Sherrill (1787-1787); Ruth Sherrill (1788-1831); Aram or Aaron Sherrill (1790-1861); Mary Sherrill (1791-1859); Leland Sherrill (1793-1872); Lewis Sherrill (1795-1872); Tabitha (1798-1862); Martha (1800-1883); John Henry Sherrill (1804-1858)

8.  Moses Sherrill, b. 15 Oct 1759 at Sherrills Ford, Catawba Co., NC., d. 1 Mar 1829 in Sherrils Ford, Catawba Co., NC . In 1778 he married Martha Osborne (1759 NC; 4 Apr 1833 NC). They (possibly....) had at least the following children: Jeptha Sherrill (1779-1850); Thomas Sherrill (abt 1779); Isaac S. Sherrill (1781-1856); Michael Sherrill (1783); Margaret Sherrill (1783-1845); Absolom Sherrill (1785); Elijah Sherrill (1785-1863); William Sherrill (1787-1811); Martin Van Buren Sherrill (1787); Reuben Sherrill (1789-1833); Elizabeth Sherrill (1791-1833); Obediah Sherrill (1793-1869); Nancy Sherrill (1795-1819); Deborah Sherrill (1795-1840); Agnes Sherrill (1796-1859); Bennett Sherrill (1798-1869); Susannah Sherril (1799-1887)

9.  Elizabeth Sherrill, b. and d. 15 Apr 1763 at Rowan County, North Carolina. Married William Simpson (son of William Simpson and Avarilla Perkins)

10.  Ruth Sherrill, b. 9 Jan 1765 in Rowan Co., NC, d. 1853 at Catawba, NC; in 1786 at NC, married James Holtzclaw (1753-1841, son of Harmon and Elizabeth Holtzclaw. They had at least the following children: Agnes Holtzclaw (1794); John Holtzclaw (1796); Lewis Holtzclaw (1799-1884); Isaac Holtzclaw (1801); Leanna Holtzclaw (1807)

11.  Luther Sherrill (no info)

Sarah Sherrill and Reuben Simpson

Sarah Sherrill was born October 24, 1746 in August Co., VA, died 11 July 1826 in Wayne Co., KY.  Married Reuben Simpson in 1762, when she was 16.  They moved to Wayne County, Kentucky approximately 1799, and they were among the first white settlers to that region. 

Reuben Simpson was a school teacher in Wayne County.   They had 13 children.  Go to the Reuben Simpson site for information about this family.

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