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This home page was created for descendents of  Laura Huffaker and Daniel Webster Clay Rector.   Much of this information was taken from The Rector's of Wayne County, Kentucky, by Clara Rector Barnes Smart, published in 1975 by Wayside Press, Virginia. The rest came from publicly available family trees. Obviously the oldest information is hard to prove - so take it with a grain of salt. I have not documented anything prior to about 1800

?Andrew Shearer and Elspeth Wilson

Andrew Shearer was likely born abt 1662. ?

?Christian Shearer and ?

Christian Shearer was likely born abt 1704.

(William?) Christian Shearer and Sarah Bargett or Burkett?

Christian Shearer was born in 1735 at Wilkes, North Carolina. He married Sarah Bargett about 1758 at North Carolina, and he died in Bethesda, Wilkes, North Carolina abt 1797.

Sarah Bargett (Burkett?) was probably born about 1737 in North Carolina. She died in Wilkes, North Carolina. She married William Christian Shearer about 1758 at Rowen County, North Carolina. They had at least the following child (and likely more):

1. William Christian Shearer, b. abt 1759 at either South Carolina or North Carolina, d. abt 1840. Married Hannah Hoover - see below

William Christian Shearer, Jr. and Hannah Hoover

William Christian Shearer, Jr. was born about 1759 (possibly at Bullock Creek, York County, South Carolina, although I've also seen reference to North Carolina).   He first married Hannah Hoover.   They had 6 children (Mary, Dave, Henry, Jacob, Daniel (our ancestor), and Sallie) before she died.  He next married Sallie Walters (1787-1830) about 1804 in North Carolina and had more children.  Christian Shearer, Jr. moved his family from Ashe County, North Carolina to Wayne County, Kentucky in 1810 or 1811.    He and his second wife are buried in the Bethesda churchyard cemetery, about 6 miles outside of Monticello.   He died about 1840 at Wayne County, KY, and is buried in the Bethesda Methodist Church Cemetery in Shearer Valley, Wayne County, Kentucky.

William's first wife, Hannah Hoover, was born in North Carolina or Pennsylvania between 1764-1770, and died in Ashe County, North Carolina. Her parents were probably Andreas Huber (23 Jan 1723 Ellerstadt, Palatinate, Germany- 1794 Randolph, NC) and Anna Margaretha Pfautz (1725 Neckar Valley, Wurtzubrg, Bayern, Germany - 1798 Randolph, NC)

Children with Hannah Hoover:

1. David Shearer, b. abt 1787 at Wilkes, North Carolina. He died abt 1865 at St. Joseph, Berrien Co., Michigan. He first married Mary R. LaRose and had the following children: Elizabeth Shearer (?); Eli Shearer (1804-1889); Jacob Shearer (1808-1861); Sarah Shearer (1814-1899); Mary Shearer (1814); Andrew Shearer (1819-1895); David Shearer (1820). Next, on 19 Jun 1828 at Darke County, Ohio, he married Margaret Ann Miltenberger (b. abt 1790 NC; d. abt 1855 MI) and had at least one child, Catherine Shearer (1836-1884)

2. Jacob Shearer, b. 20 Dec 1789 at Wilkes Co., North Carolina; d. 11 Sep 1859 at Wayne Co., Kentucky. In 1810 he married Violet Vickery (1792-1845), a daughter of Francis Marion Vickery (1766-1843) and Mary Broyles (1770-1845). They had the following children: Abner Shearer (1814); Mary Polly Shearer (1817--1900); Francis David Shearer (1822-1893. NOTE: he married Lucy Brammer, the daughter of William Henry Brammer and Martha Lucy Tuggle. Click here for information about some of the descendents of Francis David Shearer, since a number of them later intermarry in the Rector family); Cassandra Shearer (1824); Morgan Shearer (1825); Simeon Shearer (1826); Margaret Shearer (1829); Louisa Emaline Shearer (1832-1874); Denisa Janette Shearer (1833-1894); Sarah A. Shearer (1840); Elizabeth Shearer (1839-1935).

3. Henry J. Shearer, b. 1789 at Wilkes Co., North Carolina, d. 26 Oct 1872 at Prairie City, Jaspar Co., Iowa; First (18 Jul 1811 at Wayne Co., KY) he married Polly Summers (b. 1792). They had at least 2 children: Margaret Shearer (b. 1811); and Sarah M. Shearer (1814-1848). Second, he married Sarah Johnson.

4. Daniel Shearer,b. 12 May 1791 at Wilkes, NC; died 21 Apr 1865 at Wayne Co., KY; married Margaret Vickery. See below for more information about this family, which is in my direct line.

5. Mary Shearer, b. abt 1794 at Wilkes Co., NC; d. abt between 1860 and 1870 at Ellis Co., Texas; in 1810 she married William Powers (he was born about 1780 and died abt 1833 at Ashe, NC). They had at least the following children: David Crockett Powers (1812-1886); Jordan Powers (1819-1896); Shadrack Shade Powers (1821-1888); Margarette Violet Powers (b. abt 1822 at NC, m. Elijah Brooks); Susan Powers (1826); Mary Polly Powers (1827-1901); Mahala Jane Powers (1833-1867) .

6. Sarah Sallie Shearer , b. abt 1800 at Wilkes, NC; d. 24 Dec 1880 at Wayne County, KY; married George Vickery (1789-1880 - the son of Francis Marion Vickery and Mary Broyles)). They had at least the following children: Jefferson Ervin Vickery (1826-1903); Daniel B. Vickery (1828-1863, ; Jenkins Vickery (1830-1864); Granville C. Vickery (1833-1912); Lula E. Vickery (1837 - is not on the 1850 census with the rest of her family so she probably died young).

William's second wife, Sallie Walters, was born about 1787 at Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois. She married William Christian Shearer abt 1804 in North Carolina, and she died abt 1830 at Wayne County, Kentucky.

Children with Sallie Walters

7. Eliza Jane Shearer, b. abt 1808 at Ashe, NC; d. 3 Dec 1857 at Cass County, IL

8. Hannah Caroline Shearer, b. abt 1809

9. William Shearer, b. abt 1810 KY; d. abt 1877 MO, married Polly Ann Davis (1814-1873) on 26 Sep 1833 in Wayne County. They had at least one child, Zachary Taylor Shearer (1849-1915)

10. Solomon Shearer, b. abt 1811 KY; d. abt 1881 at Denton, TX; married Mary Price abt 1840 at Kentucky

11. Walter Shearer, b. 12 Sep 1813 at Wayne Co., Kentucky; d. 17 Dec 1878 at Lawrence, Kentucky.

12. Margaret Shearer, b. 1815 at Wayne Co., Kentucky; d. abt 1867

13. Katherine Shearer, b. abt 1816; married Philip Huff (1819-1878) on 14 Dec 1840.

14. ? Jester Shearer, b. abt 1818

15. Nancy Elizabeth Shearer, b. about 1820 (note, she's living with her sister Sally Shearer Vickery's family on the 1850 Federal Census in Wayne County, Kentucky).

Daniel Shearer and Margaret Vickery

Daniel Shearer was born at Wilkes, North Carolina 12 May 1791.    He died 21 April 1865 at Wayne County, Kentucky. He married Margaret Vickery 1 Dec 1814 at Wayne County, Kentucky.   He is buried at the Shearer Valley Cemetery in Wayne County, Kentucky.

Margaret Vickery was born 12 May 1791 at Randolph, North Carolina to Francis Marion Vickery and Mary Broyles. Margaret Vickery Shearer died 21 April 1865 at Wayne County, Kentucky. NOTE: Her mother, Mary Broyles, descends from the Broyles who came to Germanna Colony in Virginia in the "second colony". She is buried at the Shearer Valley Cemetery in Wayne County, Kentucky.

Daniel and Margaret (Vickery) Shearer had 12 children

1.    Violet Shearer, born abt 1815 at Wayne County, Kentucky, on 7 Nov 1833 at Wayne County she married Solomon Roten (b. 1812). Violet d. abt 1870. Violet and Solomon had at least the following children: Granville (1839); Daniel (1842); Eliza (1843); Safrona (1844); George (1849)

2.    Mary Ann (Polly) Manerva Shearer, born 13 Jun 1817, married Thomas Huffaker on 29 Sep1839, died in 1917. On the 1860 census they had the following children living with them in Wayne County, Kentucky: Francis M. Huffaker (b. abt 1841); Christopher C. Huffaker (abt 1843); Henry C. Huffaker (abt 1844); Daniel Huffaker (b. abt 1848); Marshall N. Huffaker (abt 1851); Issac Briles Huffaker (abt 1853); and Barton S. Huffaker (abt 1857).

3.    Adam N. "Addy" Shearer, b. 7 Mar 1819 at Wayne County, Kentucky, died 3 Jan 1898 at Wayne County, Kentucky, married Sarah Ann Mercer (1818-1903) on January 25, 1841 at Wayne Co, KY. They had at least the following children: Anna Shearer (1843 KY); James D. Shearer (1843 KY); John c. Shearer (1844 KY); Thomas J. Shearer (1846 KY); Francis Marion Shearer (1847-1915); Mary I. Shearer (abt 1850); Nicholas Shearer (abt 1852 KY); Margaret A. Shearer (abt 1866 KY); Ala Elizabeth Shearer (abt 1864)

4.    Sallie Shearer, born 29 Jan 1821, died 27 Jun 1907, married James Nix Hicks on October 24, 1838. They had at least the following children: Emaline Jane Hicks (1841); Caroline L. Hicks (1843); James D. Hicks (1845).

5.    Cassandra Shearer, born abt 1824 at Wayne County, Kentucky, married Wm. Barton Stone Huffaker (a son of Christopher Huffaker and Mary Polly Lowe) on March 18, 1845.

6.    Rebecca Shearer, b. abt 1827, married Champey S. Hicks (b. abt 1821 KY) on December 20, 1841. They had at least one child: Margaret Hicks (b. 1844 Wayne Co., KY)

7.  Jacob Jenkins Shearer, born 26 Jun 1829 in Wayne County, Kentucky; d. 25 Sep 1915 at Lucas, Ohio. On 21 Dec 1850 at Wayne County, KY he married Zerelda Ingram (b. 14 Nov 1831 KY, d. 5 Jan 1916 KY). They had at least the following children: Lusetta Shearer (1852-1949); Emily Catherine Shearer (1855); James William Shearer (1864-1883); Samuel Jenkins Shearer (1867-1959); Menifee S. Shearer (1871)

8.   Hannah "Caroline" Shearer, b. 24 Feb 1832 at Wayne County, Kentucky, died 13 May 1918, on 10 Jul 1851 at Wayne County, KY, she married Thomas J. Rankin (b. 28 Mar 1830 at Paisley, Scotland - d. 19 May 1905 at Wayne County, KY). They had at least the following children: William James Rankin (1855); Francis Marshall Rankin (1857-1934); David Hutchison Rankin (1859-1934); Barbara Ann Rankin (1861); Lucy Mary Rankin (1863); Lillie Caroline Rankin (1866-1961); S. Lee Rankin (1868); Adam Isaac Rankin (1872-1948); Flora Emily Rankin (1875). Note: Thomas and Caroline (Shearer) Rankin are buried at the Elk Spring Cemetery in Wayne County.

9.  Francis C. "Frank" Shearer, born about 1834 at Wayne County, Kentucky. He married Nancy Lucretia Trabue (1833-1892). They had at least the following children: William T. Shearer (1859 KY); Carrie J. Shearer (1864 KY); Bessie V. Shearer (1868) Elizabeth Victory Shearer ?; Harry Junius Shearer?; Nannie Alice Shearer ?; Thomas Marshall Shearer ? Francis C. Shearer may have married a second time and had more children.

10.  Isaac Broyles Shearer, born about 1836 at Wayne County, Kentucky. On the 1870 census, he is listed as living in Mill Springs, Wayne Co., KY with his wife, Barbara (b. abt 1841) and the following children: Jennette A. Shearer (b. abt 1859); William Shearer (abt 1861); Martha Shearer (abt 1863); Margaret Shearer (abt 1866); and Robert Shearer (abt 1869) On the 1900 census they have more children living with them: Susan Shearer (abt 1875); Lucy Shearer (abt 1878); Maud Shearer (abt 1881)

11.    Margaret Ann Shearer, b. 12 Aug 1838, d. 15 Nov 1924 (both at Wayne County, Kentucky), married Henry Clay Huffaker on October 21, 1855. Click on Henry Clay Huffaker's link for more information about Henry and Margaret's family. This is my direct line.

12.    Louise Shearer, b. 1 Jul 1841 at Wayne County,KY; d. Nov 1928; on 26 Nov 1860 at Wayne County, KY she married William Simpson (b. 1841 at Wayne Co., KY, d. 1902, son of Thomas Simpson and Sarah Ray). They had at least one son, Elias T. Simpson (b. 1871). Note: their son, Elias T. Simpson, was the father of Harriette L. Simpson Arnow - the author of a number of books written circa 1940/50/60. These books take place or derive from Wayne County, Kentucky. So...Louise Shearer and William Simpson were her paternal grandparents.

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