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 Ramsey Genealogy

     Some of this information for this page was taken from The Rectors of Wayne County, Kentucky, written by Clara Rector Barnes Smart, 1975, The Wayside Press, Charlottesville, Virginia. Other information was given by generous "cousins", like Jerry Griffith, or taken from public family trees and federal census information. Please note that some, but not all, is documented.

     According to Mrs. Smart, the Ramsey's came to Virginia from Scotland.  

John Ramsey and Sarah "Sally" Dorton

Mrs. Smart thought that John Ramsey was probably a son of Thomas R. Ramsey, although I've found no proof.   In fact, he is most certainly NOT the son of Thomas Ramsey and Frances Young, as some public trees indicate. That John Ramsey married an Elizabeth Martin. My John Ramsey did not. Apparently, the John Ramsey in my line was born abt 1777 in Virginia,.  John married Sarah "Sally" Dorton abt 1800 in Virginia. After she died, it seems that he married Mary Polly Horsey.  I do not have his death date, but he was still alive and living in Wayne County, Kentucky on the 1850  Federal Census.

Sarah "Sally" Dorton was the child of William F. Dorton, Jr. (b. 1750 in Powhatan, VA, d. 10 Dec 1826 in Russell County, Virginia) and Mary (last name Fugate?, abt 1760-abt 1842). Her paternal grandparents were likely William Dorton (1730-1782) and Elizabeth Watts (1732-1790). Sally was born about 1781 in Russell County, Virginia and died abt. 1830 in Wayne County, Kentucky. John and Sarah Ramsey are buried in the Stop Cemetery in Wayne County, KY.

John Ramsey and Sarah Dorton had the following children (and likely more):

1. William Ramsey, b. abt 1804; died 10 Sep 1842 at Macon County , Missouri; on 22 May 1825 at Wayne Co., KY, he married Elizabeth Summers (1807-1877, daughter of Jeremiah Summers and Elizabeth Baker). They had at least the following children: Elizabeth Ramsey (b. abt 1826; d. 1839); John P. Ramsey (1827-1905); Julia Ann Ramsey (b. abt 1830)

2. John Ramsey, b. abt 1807 at Russell County, Kentucky; d. abt 1885 at Wayne Co. or Clinton County, Kentucky? (I have also seen an early death date for him in Missouri.) He married Sarah Simpson (b. 1807, died abt 1875; daughter of Joshua White Simpson and an unknown Portman). They had at least the following children: Rachel Jane Ramsey (b. abt 1831); John Simpson Ramsey (1832 -1911) who moved to Missouri, married Nancy D. Mikel (1839-1905); Elizabeth Ann Ramsey (b. 1833); Evaline Telitha Matilda Ramsey (b. abt 1838); Joshua William Ramsey (1840-1909); Richard Armstrong Ramsey (b. 27 Feb 1842, d. 17 May 1898, he married Lavinna Eugena Graham. Note: Richard and Lavinna had a son named William Cicero Ramsey (b. 1882, died 1957) who married Bernetta Chloe Rector. Bernetta was the daughter of D.W. C. Rector and Laura Huffaker.); George Washington Ramsey (1847 - 1902); Mary Margaret Ramsey (1848-1918); Angeletta J. Ramsey (b. abt 1851).

3. Elizabeth Ramsey. b. 22 Nov 1810 at Russell, Kentucky; d. 7 July 1837 at Blount, Alabama. She married James Marshall Poe on 28 Apr 1830. James Marshall Poe was born 22 Mar 1803 at Wayne Co., KY to Alexander Poe and Sarah Linu. He died 16 Jan 1881. They had the following children: William Harvey Poe (b. 1831); John Aaron Poe (b. 1832)' Sarah Jane Poe (b. 1834); Joshua Marion Poe (1836-1880).

4. Richard Ramsey (see more information below), b. 13 July 1813, m. Sarah Rector. Richard died 19 Feb 1879. This is in my direct line. See below for more information about this family.

5. Nancy Jane Ramsey, b. 21 Feb 1821 at Wayne Co., KY, d. 5 Apr 1898 at Macon, Missouri. On 13 Jan 1848 at Wayne Co., KY, she married William Perry Baker (b. 28 Nov 1824 at Wayne Co., KY; d. 23 May 1867 at Macon, Missouri), the son of Thomas Baker (1801 KY - 1870 KY) and Elizabeth Nichols (1801 KY - 1874 KY). William and Nancy (Ramsey) Baker had at least the following children: Ruell Baker (1849-1849); Sarah Elizabeth Baker (1850 MO - 1928 MO); George W. Baker (1851 MO - 1918 MO); William Shelby Baker (1853 MO - 1933 MO); Huldah J. Baker (1856-1866); Mary Angeline Baker (1858); Missouri Belle Baker (1860 MO - 1951); Ruell Baker (?) NOTE: This family appears on the 1860 census as living in Chariton, Macon, Missouri.

6. George Washington Ramsey, b. 20 May 1823 at Wayne Co., KY, d. 18 Nov 1882 at Miller County, Missouri. He married Mary EllenAlbertson (1827-1886) on 4 Aug 1844 at Wayne Co., KY. She was the daughter of Early Albertson and Elizabeth Sutliff. Children: Sarah E. Ramsey (b. 1846); Richard Logan Ramsey (1849-1935); William H. Ramsey (1851-1871); Mary H. Ramsey (1853-1871); Virginia A. Ramsey (1855-1883); James Earle Ramsey (1857-1940); Matilda C. Ramsey (1859-1882); Nancy E. Ramsey (1861-1863); George M. Ramsey (b. abt 1864); Francis "Frank" W. Ramsey (b. abt 1869)

7. Louisa M. Ramsey, b. abt 1826, died 4 Apr 1870 at Macon, Missouri; on 15 Aug 1851 at Wayne Co., KY, she married Thomas E Tabor (b. 22 Oct 1831 KY; d. 12 Jan 1872 MO), the son of John S. Tabor (b. 1806 NC; d. Mar 1875) and Abigail Alice Thomas (b. abt 1807 VA; d. ? in Wayne Co., KY). They had at least the following children: Mary E. Tabor (1852 KY -1889 MO); John Ramsey Tabor (b. abt 1854 at Wayne Co., KY); Tranquility Jane Tabor (1860 MO -1918 MO).

8. Angeletta Jane Ramsey, b. 10 Feb 1828 at Wayne County,KY, d. 4 Mar 1870 at Chariton, Macon, Missouri; she married Edward Tyre Baker (b. 12 Oct 1830 KY; d. abt 1910 at Chariton, Missouri) on 9 Dec 1851 at Wayne County, Kentucky. Edward was the son of Thomas Baker (1801 KY - 1870 KY) and Elizabeth Nichols (1801 KY - 1874 KY). On the 1860 census they are listed as living in Chariton, Macon, Missouri with the following children: Sarah E Baker (b. abt 1852); Nancy A. Baker (b. abt 1854); William H. Baker (b. abt 1857); and Jno (John?) L. Baker (b. abt 1859). they also had Bernetta Baker (b. 1862); Mary Francis Baker (b. 1866); and Minnie B. Baker (b. 1869).

After Sarah Dorton died, John Ramsey, Sr. married Mary Polly Horsey, daughter of Nathaniel Horsey and Martha ?. Mary was born 1808 in NC. She died abt 1875 in Henry Co., Iowa. This family is listed on the1850 federal census as living in Wayne County, Kentucky. John is listed as 73 years old, and his wife is 43. Quite an age difference! John and Mary had 6 more children. I have been able to document all of the following children through the 1850 census.

9. Martha Ramsey, b. abt 1834, Wayne County, Kentucky; married Jeremiah Davis (1825-1905) on 28 Sep 1846. They had at least the following children: John R. Davis (1848 KY - 1918 KY); Mary A. Davis (b. 1850 at KY); James E. Davis (b. 1852 KY); Emily J. Davis (b. 1854); Catherine E. Davis (b. 1858); Crittenden M. Davis (b. 1861); Frank W. Davis (1863-1936); George W. Davis (1865); Thomas M. Davis (1867); Martha E. Davis (1871); Jeremiah Sheridan Davis (1875 - 1951); Lucy M. Davis (1878)

10. James Ramsey, b. abt 1835, Wayne County, Kentucky

11. Sherod W. Ramsey, b. abt 1838, Wayne County, Kentucky, married Mary Lucinda Loomis on 22 Apr 1859 (she was b. abt 1838 at Pennsylvania), they lived in Iowa and eventually moved to Kansas. On the 1880 census this couple is living at Ross, Cherokee, Kansas with the following children: Harriett R. Ramsey (b. abt 1860); William E. Ramsey (b. abt 1862); Mary E. Ramsey (b. abt 1864); George W. Ramsey (b. 1866; d. 1955); Chloe B. Ramsey (b. abt 1869); James E. Ramsey (b. abt 1870); and Minnie M. Ramsey (b. abt 1877).

12. Thomas B. Ramsey, b. abt 1839, Wayne County, Kentucky; d. 1910 at South Haven, Sumner, Kansas. On 4 Oct 1871 at Henry Carol Co., Iowa he married Hattie K. Byers (1850-1914). They had the following children, all of whom were born in Iowa: Cornelia F. Ramsey (b. 1873); Sidney L. Ramsey (b. 1874); John A. Ramsey (b. 1876); Granville Ramsey (b. 1878); Eideth M. Ramsey (b. 1879).

13. Susan Ramsey, abt 1840 at Wayne Co., Kentucky; d. 20 Jul 1853 at Wayne County, Kentucky.

14. Hannah Ramsey, b. abt 1843, Wayne County, Kentucky

Richard Ramsey and Sarah (Sally) Rector

     Richard Ramsey was born on 13 July 1813 at either Russell pr Wayne County, Kentucky to John Ramsey and Sarah "Sally" Dorton (see information above).  Richard married Sarah (Sally) Rector on 19 December 1833.   He died on 19 February 1879 at Wayne County, Kentucky, and is buried in the Beck-Rector Cemetery in Wayne County, KY.

     Sarah (Sally) Rector, born February 18, 1814 in Wayne Co., KY to Samuel Rector and Rutha Simpson.  She married Richard Ramsey  and they had 10 children.  Sarah (Sally) Rector died on July 28, 1905 and is buried in the Beck-Rector Cemetery in Wayne County, KY. Wayne County cemetery information can be found at

Click here for a picture of Sarah (Sally) Rector.

The children of Richard Ramsey and Sarah (Sally) Rector

1.    Ruth Evelyn (Emerine?) Ramsey, born 20 July 1836, married Jacob Madison Cooper (1824-1910) on 16 May 1853.   Ruth died on 12 February 1908. They had at least the following: Richard Henry Cooper (1855-1950); Sarah Patience Cooper (5 Apr 1854-1922 - Sarah Patience Cooper married William Cicero Rector (1851-1922) who was the son of Reuben Simpson Rector and Tranquilla J. Huffaker); Ruth Rosena Cooper (1857-1948); Rachel Cooper (b. 1861); Elias Fredrick Cooper (b. 1863); William A. Cooper (1868-1940)

2.    Samuel Logan Ramsey, born 24 May 1838 at Wayne Co., KY; d. 8 Aug 1909; married Martha Helen Philpot (1846-1892) on 15 Nov 1863 at Russell County, KY.   They had at least the following children: Olivia Ramsey; Barton Logan Ramsey (1888-1956)

3.    John Preston Ramsey, born 23 February 1840, married Pauline Jane Philpot (1842-1877) and Sarah Hinkle (1854-1941) .   Married Pauline Philpot on Nov. 15, 1857 at Beaver Creek, Wayne County, KY, John Preston Ramsey and Pauline J. Philpot had the following children: Richard Barton Ramsey (1859 KY - 1942 TX) Cassandra Elizabeth Ramsey (b. 1860 KY, d. 1937 TX); William Harrison Ramsey (1861 KY-1932 KY); Benjamin P. Ramsey (1876 AR-1914 OK). John married Sarah Elizabeth Hinkle abt 1878 at Arkansas. Sarah Elizabeth Hinkle was born 20 Nov 1865 at Stone County, Arkansas to Andrew J. Hinkle (1818-1870) and Mary Majors (1820-1909). John Preston Ramsey and Sarah Hinkle had the following children: Bernettie Agnes Ramsesy (1878 AR-1971 OK); Martha Evelyn Ramsey (1881 AR; 1972 Ark); Elmer C. Ramsey (1882 Ark d. 1975 TX); James Thompson Ramsey (1885 Ark - 1945 TX); Abner Logan Ramsey (1887 Ark - 1981 OK); Heber Clyde Ramsey (1889 Ark - 1970 Ark); Andy Cicero Ramsey (1891 Ark); Earl Chester Ramsey (1893 Ark); Walton Otto Ramsey Ramsey (1896 Ark 1968 Ark). John Preston Ramsey died Jan 14, 1922 in Stone Co. Mountain View, Ar.

4.    William Granville Ramsey was born 17 June 1842 at Wayne Co., KY.   He died in a Civil War prison camp in Richmond, Virginia on 11 Dec 1863.

5.    Reuben Simpson "Simp" Ramsey was born 22 June 1844. In 1865 at Wayne Co., KY he married Sarah Jane Sutherland (b. 15 Mar 1839 KY, died 21 June 1915 Wayne Co.,KY), the daughter of Beason Southerland (1813-1900) and Margaret Jane Buster (1817-1865).   Reuben died on 11 May 1946. Reuben and Sarah Jane (Sutherland) Ramsey had at least the following children: Ida Ramsey (?); William T. Ramsey (b. 1869); Richard Alonzo Ramsey (1871-1956); Ethel Ramsey (1784-1956). In 1915 (after Sarah Jane's death), he married a second time, to Mollie Baker.

6.    James Elias Ramsey was born 31 August 1846 at Murl, Wayne Co., Kentucky, first married Ruth Beck (who was b. 1850 and died Nov 1868), second married Mary Long McFarland (1842-1931).  James died on 17 February 1923. He had one child with Ruth Beck: James Ramsey (1868-1889). He had 5 children with Mary Long McFarland: Sarah Olive Ramsey (1870-1968); William Richard Ramsey (1872-1952); Joseph T. Ramsey (1875-1905); Mary Dora Ramsey (b. abt 1880); Logan Oscar Ramsey (1883-1914)

7.    Tellitha E. Ramsey was born 16 March 1849 at Wayne Co., KY, married John Henry Shearer (1850-1922) the son of Francis David Shearer (1822-1893) and Lucy Brammer (1821-1857).   Tellitha died on 16 February 1881. They had at least the following children: Ethel Shearer (1873-1924); Sarah Evelyn Shearer (1874-1957); Richard Shearer (b. 1876); Mary Ryan Shearer (1879-1908); Lytha Shearer (1883-1942); Lula Ermine Shearer (1885-1939); William Carey Shearer (1902-1972)

8.    George Thompson Ramsey was born on 2 September 1851.    On 28 October 1880 he married Sallie R. Hardin (b. 1860). They had at least the following children: Charles Ramsey; Mark Ramsey; Richard Ramsey; Sarah Emily Ramsey (1883-1970); Russell Martin Ramsey (b. abt 1894); Wendelle E. Ramsey (b. abt 1898)

9.    Isaac Cicero Ramsey was born on 1 May 1854 at Wayne County, Kentucky.  First he married Dora Ellen Huffaker (1854-1881). They had at least 3 children: Arizona Ethel Ramsey (1876-1965); Amy Lula Ramsey (1879-1969); and Chloe Edna Ramsey (1880-1936). Then he married Ida Sophrena Coffey(1858-1884) with whom he had at least 2 children: Rosalia Ramsey (1883-1883); Granville V. Ramsey (1884-1885), last he married Mary Elizabeth Cook (1850-1930) with whom he had at least 3 children: Mary Elsie Ramsey (1889-1977); Ed Kyle Ramsey (1891-1891); and Isaac Cecil Ramsey (1892-1946). Isaac Cicero Ramsey died 23 Jun 1926 at Monticello, KY

10.  Burnetta "Ellen" Ramsey was born on 28 April 1857 at Murl, 28 28Wayne County, KY.   First she married Joseph A. Frost (with whom she had 4 children, including my great grandmother, Virginia Emmerine "Emma" Frost) on 31 December 1874 in Wayne County, KY.  According to family lore, Joseph A. Frost was the first person buried in the Gap Creek Cemetery in Wayne County. After he died, Burnetta married Lewis Shearer with whom she had 6 more children. Interestingly, Joseph Lewis Shearer was a greatgrandchild of Samuel Rector and Ruth Simpson (Burnetta Ellen's grandparents), through their 4th child, Elizabeth Rector Beck.  Burnetta Ellen went by the name of "Ellen".   Her daughter, Emma, also married a greatgrandchild of Samuel Rector (Christopher Wayne Rector, son of D.W.C. Rector, grandson of Jesse Rector, great grand child of Samuel Rector). Click here for a picture of Burnetta "Ellen" Ramsey Frost Shearer. She died 21 January 1938 at Murl, Wayne County, KY and is buried in the Beck-Rector Cemetery at Wayne County.

Burnetta Ellen Ramsey and Joseph A. Frost

Burnetta "Ellen" Ramsey was born 28 April 1857 to Richard Ramsey and Sarah "Sally" Rector. Ellen's maternal grandparents were Samuel and Rutha Simpson. She married Joseph A. Frost on 31 Dec 1874 at Wayne County, Kentucky. She died 21 January 1938 and is buried at the Beck-Rector Cemetery in Wayne County. After Joseph died, she married Lewis Shearer, and she was referred to by my grandfather as Grandma Shearer. Click here for a picture of her.

Joseph A. Frost was born 1 December 1849, to Corydon "Cord" Frost and Almira J. Owens.   I have been told by family members in Wayne County, KY that Joseph Frost was the first person buried at the Gap Creek Cemetery (on Windy Hidalgo Road in Wayne County, KY).   He died about 1890. 

The Children of Burnetta Ellen Ramsey and Joseph A. Frost

1.  Isaac "Newell" Frost, born 21 November 1875.   He died as a young man from a rabid dog bite, abt. 1896 at Wayne County, KY.

2.  William Thompson Frost, born 4 February 1878.  He died at birth.

3.  Virginia Emmerine "Emma" Frost, born 13 May 1882, married Christopher Wayne Rector at her mother's house on 22 February, 1901.   The officiating minister was Christopher Bell.   Emma Frost Rector's greatgrandparents on her mother's side were Samuel and Rutha Rector through their daughter Sarah (Sally) Rector.   She died 1 Sep 1963 at Wayne County. Her husband, Christopher Wayne Rector's greatgrandparents on his father's side were also Samuel and Rutha Rector through their son, Jesse.    Emma and Christopher had 11 children.   Go to their web page for more information about their family.

4.  Maggie "Nora" Frost was born 31 January 1885.   On 17 November 1900 at Byrdstown, Picket County, Tennessee, she married John A. Ramsey (b. 25 Jul 1876-d. 11 Apr 1963, both at Wayne Co., KY; he was the son on of George W. Ramsey (b. 1847, see above - George was the son of John Ramsey and Sarah Simpson, grandson of John Ramsey and Sarah Dorton) and Julia Minverva ? (b. 1851)). Nora died on 6 August 1970 at Wayne County, Kentucky. They had at least the following children: Myra Ellen Ramsey (b. 1902 KY); S. Mollie Ramsey (b. 1907 KY); Bonnie M. Ramsey ( b. 1909 KY) Newell Shy Ramsey (1910-1974 KY); Grace V. Ramsey (1912-1991); James C. Ramsey (1914-1937); Joseph A. Ramsey (1916-1916); John Riley Ramsey (b. 1917); Sibyl Ramsey (1921); Reba Ramsey (1922); Raymond Ramsey (1924-1943 - d. in WWII).

5. Charlie A. Frost was born 20 January 1887. He died 20 January 1888. He's buried in the Gap Creek Cemetery in Wayne County, KY.

The Children of Burnetta Ellen Ramsey and Joseph Lewis Shearer*

6.    Ida Belle Shearer, born 24 July 1892 at Wayne Co., KY, married Thomas Riley Guffey (1887-1981) on 14 May 1916. She died 20 Oct 1930 at Wayne County, KY. They had at least 4 children: Charles Rufus Guffey (1918-1994); Clarence Edwin Guffey (1920-2007); Henrietta Ellen and Bernetta Ellen (b. and d. 1923)

7.    Joseph H. Shearer, born 2 July 1894 , married Mae Graham, Joseph died 1921. They had at least 2 children: George Gordon Shearer (1918-1991); Samuel Paul Shearer (1920-2001).

8.    George McKinley Shearer, born 26 May 1896 at Wayne Co., KY, married Maud Sterns; and he died 5 Jan 1990 at Monticello, Wayne County, KY.

9.    Nannie Shearer, b. abt 1898 at Wayne Co., KY

10.   Harrison Shearer, b. abt 1899 at Wayne Co., KY

11.  Ethel Shearer, b. abt 1900 at Wayne Co., KY

Click here for a picture of Burnetta, Joseph and some of their children, along with Burnetta's grandson, Everett Rector (son of her daughter Emma Frost and son-in-law Christopher "Wayne" Rector.

* NOTE:   Joseph Lewis Shearer was the son of William Francis Shearer and Louisa Beck.   Louisa Beck (born 16 September 1843, died 10 June 1878) was the daughter of Elizabeth Rector and Joseph Beck.    Elizabeth Rector Beck's parents were Samuel and Rutha (Simpson) Rector.

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