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An Unfinished Community Project

By Coleen Mielke 2016

Our beloved Valley is growing and changing at an alarming pace. It won't be long before the
names of the sturdy, hard working, courageous  pioneers, that established this valley are forgotten. This directory is an attempt to preserve their memory for future generations of Matanuska Valley researchers.

Wasilla, Alaska  1917

The Matanuska Valley Pioneer Directory is a work in progress; I hope that you will help me collect a thumbnail sketch of the pre-1950 families of Knik, Wasilla, Matanuska Junction, Palmer, Eklutna, Bodenburg Butte, Susitna Station, Chickaloon and Talkeetna.

If you want to include your family, the kind of information I'm looking for is:

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ADAMS, John Quincy.: Born 7/13/1882 in Antrim, Kansas. Married to Alma Wentz Adams (born 1883 Missouri) Lived at Matanuska and Palmer, received patent to small piece of property in Matanuska in 1933. Was occasional business partner of M. D. Snodgrass. Was a census taker in 1940.I don't know if his wife ever came to Alaska.

Clinton Merle "Kink" and Ellen Emmaline (Needles): Lived on Edlund Road."Kink" was missing a hand, eye and ear as the result of a war injury  at Iow Jima during WW II. He was awarded a citation which read: The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Clinton M. Adcock (562230), Private First Class, U.S. Marine Corps, for extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty while serving as a Rifleman of Company I, Third Battalion, Twenty-Third Marines, FOURTH Marine Division, in action against enemy Japanese forces on Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, 21 February 1945. When an enemy hand grenade landed in the foxhole he shared with two companions, Private First Class Adcock courageously attempted to shield the others in a gallant effort to dispose of the grenade. Although he suffered the loss of his right hand, right eye and was seriously wounded in the side after absorbing the full blast of the explosion he seized an automatic rifle in his left hand and succeeded in killing two of the Japanese as they attacked his position. His resolute fortitude and gallant spirit of self-sacrifice were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. SPOT AWARD, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific: Serial 44965 (June 19, 1945) (Clinton 1926-2004)(Ellen 1926-1988)    Children: Dan, Dixie and Lynn Dee.

AHO, Toivo Alfred and Evelyn (Bowen): In 1940, lived at Lucky Shot Village in Hatcher Pass. Toivo was born 1918 in Anchorage; Evelyn was born about 1917 in Washington. In 1940, they had a 10 month old son  named John L. Aho born in Alaska. Toivo was a bush pilot and was well known for flying rescue missions. He died in an airplane accident in Canada. (Toivo 1918-1949) (Evelyn 1917-1973)

AKLESTAD, Paul Andrew and Lorraine Lillian(McKechnie): (1910-1958) Lorraine was the daughter of Colonists Loren and Edna McKechnie, came to Palmer in 1935. Paul worked for Colony Garage, and Lorraine worked for the Co-op and Matanuska Maid Dairy. Children: Gordon "Corky", Ronald P. and Karen. (see Harold Hermon) (see McKechnie)  (Paul 1910-1958) (Lorraine 1922-2011)

ALDEMAN, Clifford F. “Buz” and Charlotte L. (Nelson): "Buz" was a WW II Navy veteran. Charlotte was the daughter of  Otto and Verlie Nelson, and sister of "Wild Bill" Nelson. Children: Caleb, Charles and Charla. Homesteaded 156 acres, off of
Knik Road, in 1949. (Clifford 1925-2001) (see Otto Nelson)

ALEX, Eklutna and Matrona (Nicholi): Eklutna Alex was a nickname given to Alex Vasily (probably by early RR workers?); he was born in 1865 in the Bodenberg Butte area and was the last official shaman of the Athabascan village of
Eklutna; he was of the Red Ochre Clan and was the father of Mike Alex the last traditional Chief at Eklutna. Children listed on 1920 US Census: Maxim, Olga, Nicoli, Buekranda, Dovia; children listed on the 1940 US Census for Eklutna: Mike, Gronia, Roy and Billy. On the 1910 US Census for Old Knik their names were spelled Aleck and Matrona Vesilia. Alex Vasily died in 1953.(see Vasily) (see Ondola)

ALEX, Mike Maxim and Daria Nellie (Ephim):  Mike was the son of Athabascan, Alex Vasily (Eklutna Alex)and Matrona Nicholi of Susitna Station. He was the last traditional Chief of
Eklutna Village. Mike Alex and his wife had  13 children: Lois, Margaret, Julia, Max, Linda, Timothy, Herbert, Andrew, Daniel, Catherine, Bobby, Virginia and Mildred. (Mike 1907-1977) (Daria 1909-1963)(see Vasily)

ALLEN, Phil H.:  Life long bachelor, lived at Matanuska Junction where he owned a hotel, restaurant and liquor store. He was one of the unofficial "Mayors" of Matanuska Junction. (1865-1939)

ALLOWAN, Thomas S. "Tommy" and Olga (Chickalusion): Born 1916 at Susitna, son of Yagu (Jacko) Stephan and Alexandra _______; died 1996; lived at Tyonek. Married Olga Chickalusion. Children: Moses b.1936 (deaf) and Pauline b. 1939. Raised as Tommy Allowan after his mother married Robert Allowan. (see Chickalusion)

ALONGO, Reino J. "Curly" and Ruby Mildred (McHenry): Received patent to 80 acres in 1937. Eino and Ruby were living on Archangel Creek and working for Fern Gold Leasing Co., on the 1940 US Census. Ruby was the daughter of Earl and Esther McHenry. (Reino b.? died 1940) (Ruby 1912-1979) (see McHenry)

ANDERSON, Oscar Ernest
: Oscar immigrated from
Sweden in 1909. In Wasilla by 1920. He married Lillie Mead-Edlund (first wife of Fred Edlund) in 1930. Had two nephews: Gust'a Neilsson who married Hedvig “Vicky” Edlund; and Ernest Ohlin who married Lily Edlund. Oscar Anderson owned the Hans and “Malie” (Edlund) Hugh homestead after Malie died. Received patent to 160 acres in 1928 and 136 acres in 1949. (see Fred Edlund)

ANDERSON,Robert Calvin "Andy" and Irene (Brookman): "Andy" came to Alaska in 1940 with the Army. In 1945 he moved to Jonesville and worked in the coal mines. He and Irene owned the R.R. Avenue Barbershop in Wasilla for many years. Irene's children from first marriage to Glenn Hubble were Tammy, Glenn and Tina. Andy's children from his first marriage were Andrew Jr., Sandy and John.

ANNABEL, Russell Franklin "Rusty": Lived at Goose Creek mile 208 railroad with wife Louise on the 1940 US Census (he lists himself as author and she lists herself as typist). He wrote articles about Alaska and Alaska people for Saturday Evening Post, Readers Digest and Field and Stream. "Rusty's" 2nd wife was Devlina Lucille Marens (1913-2007). They were married in 1946 in Washington and had one son Michael Robert Annabel (1950-1991). Russell Annabel was the son of Ernest E. Annabel and Lou Russell. 

AUREEN, Thomas: Lived in Wasilla starting 1920, did odd jobs and worked as janitor at school. Born in Sweden, came to America in 1868 (divorced). (1851-1931)

AXTEL, Allen Barber (1921-1986): Son of Samuel Axtell. Allen's mother died in 1936; and he and his father Samuel came to Alaska in the 1940s. He worked construction and drove a truck for Betts Bros. Trucking and he was a longshoreman at Seward.  Married (divorced) Carol Wilson, daughter of Cecil and Wilma Wilson in 1947. Children Roxanna Jean b. 1948. His second wife was Ann Ruth Floyd. (see Carol Wilson) (see Jim Morris)(see Ed Carney)

AXTEL, Samuel Aaron: Born 1888 in Wisconsin. He and son came to Alaska in the 1940s after the death of his wife Ellen Vera (Allen) in 1936.Sam and his son Allen bought the Louis Loberg cabin from Otto Langel in 1945. Sam was a WWI veteran, worked construction and was a longshoreman at Seward. He played many stringed instruments and wrote a song called "Call of the North" in 1945, as well as many other songs and poety. Children: Allen Barber Axtell; granddaugher Roxanna Jean Axtell.  (see Carol Wilson)

BAILEY, Ferber and Ruth: Colonists from Lena,Wisconsin, came to Alaska in 1935. Children: Gene, Nona, Janice and Ardeth.

BAIRD, Charles E.: Arrived in Alaska 1926 (widower) with son Rupert.

BAIRD, Rupert David and Gronia (Alex): Arrived in Alaska, 1926 Ship Creek. Homesteaded on Baird Lake, received patent for 160 acres in 1932. Gronia was the daughter of Eklutna and Matrona Alex. Children: Alice Debbie, Robert and Margaret June. (Rupert 1899-1968) (Gronia 1921-1988) (see Alex)

BARNES, Glen Warren and Mary "Renee"?: Lived mile 3½ Fairview Loop Road. Received patent to 80 acres in 1951 and another 80 acres in 1960. Children: Judy, Fred and Teresa. Raised potatoes and worked as a conductor of the railroad, originally from Oklahoma

BARRY, Earl Octave and Elizabeth Lee (Cockrum): Earl was the son of Earl and Louise Barry. (Earl 1917-1970) (Elizabeth Lee 1921-1988)  Earl was a WWII veteran. Both buried in Palmer. Children________________.

BARRY, Earl William and Louise (Verboncoeur): Colonists from
Wisconsin; they left the colonist project after purchasing Bogard's homestead on Finger Lake in 1938. They farmed and later opened Barry's Resort, on the NW corner of their farm, bringing in the old Matanuska railroad depot to use as the resort building.  Children: Earl Octave, Helen, Melvin Nelson, Francis William "Swede", Marian, Donald, Paul, Janice and Robert (Robert's daughter Carolyn,married Traeger Machetanz, only child of  Fred and Sara Machetanz). (Earl 1889-1965) (Louise 1900-1975) (see Machetanz).

BARRY, Francis William "Swede" and Theresa (Watson): Theresa was born in Nighmute, Alaska. "Swede" was the son of Earl and Louise Barry. ("Swede" 1924-2004)(Theresa 1944-1994) Both are buried in Palmer. Received patent to 158 acres in 1949. Children: Gail, Daisey, Theresa, David, Archie and Charles.

BARRY, Melvin Nelson: Son of Earl and Louise Barry, born 1922 in Oconto,
Wisconsin. Came to Alaska with Colonist parents. Married Mary Jane Paulsteiner in 1951. After the Army, he fixed pinball machines and juke boxes in the roadhouses between Palmer and Fairbanks and the Copper River area. Received patent to 163 acres in 1949. Children: Ron and Richard.  Melvin died in 2011.

BARTELL, Johann "Red Jack": Born about 1864 in Germany, he was in the Cook Inlet area by 1904. He had several freight boats, including one called the "Sea Lion" which worked Cook Inlet for many years starting in 1913. Married at least twice: #1 Martha (of Tyonek) they had daughters Sophie and Anna; #2 Minnie (Hicks)b. 1899 (of Tyonek) their children were Johnny, Harry and Lee. Received patent to 80 acres in 1928. Minnie Hick's was the daughter of Harry Hicks (b. abouat 1866 Illinois) and his wife Annie (born about 1873 "Matanooski" according to census); Minnie had a brother named Harry Hicks.

BARTHOLF, Byron Sundlon: Head of the Bartolf gold mining family of the Willow Creek Mining District, came to Alaska 1906. First wife was Lidia Ella Church. Children: John Tylor, William Byron and Charles Andrew.  His second wife was Amelia Amanda Hohanshelt; they had one son: Ralph Sundlon Bartholf. All four sons went into gold mining as well. For more information on the Bartholf's try this link:

BARTHOLF, Charles Andrew: Son of Byron S. Bartholf. Married Eva Frost. Children: Clarence 1900-1964; Walter Lee 1907-1955; Richard D. 1914-1967; Carroll richard 1915-1919; Stanley 1916-1956. Discovered Mabel Mine in 1921 with his brother John Taylor Bartholf. (Charles 1877-1948) (Eva 1882-1944)(see Byron Bartholf)

BARTHOLF, John Tylor: Son of Byron S. Bartholf. Married: Leora Lola Smith; children: Edith May 1899-1954; Chester Earl 1901-1999; Pearl Adean 1905-1977; Mabel Ruth 1907-1993; Marjory Lola 1909-1923.
Discovered the Mabel Mine in 1921 along with his brother Charles Bartholf. (see Byron Bartholf)

BARTHOLF, Ralph Sundlon: Son of Byron S. Bartholf and Amelia Hohanshelt. Married Mary Kauzlarich. Children: Byron and Ralph. (see Byron S. Bartholf)

BARTHOLF, William Byron: Son of Byron S. Bartholf. Married Marie _______. Died in 1921 after his leg was cut off in an accident at Lucky Shot Mine.

BARTKO, Dr. Harold and Margaret Doreen (Mathews): Married in 1942, came to Alaska in 1961. The Bartko's lived at Lazy Mountain and Dr. Bartko made house calls and flew his plane to attend sick or injured. Mrs. Bartko taught school in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Nome and Palmer. Children: Douglas, Howard, Harold, Ted and Amy. (Harold 1923-1990) (Margaret 1917-1995)

BAYER, Henry Mathias Franklin Fitch “Frank”
: Born 1882 in
Denver, Colorado, son of Frank Bayer and Maria Schessler.. Came to Alaska in 1905. Married Mabel Linna Fern Hadfield. Moved to Knik in 1911, employed by Milo Kelly at Fern Mine as an assayer. Children: Lawrence D. Bayer was the first white child to be born at Knik , Ida May Carol, Benjamin Kenneth and Alice Dora. Moved to Anchorage in 1917. Died in Seward, Alaska 1964.

BENSON, Arlene: Daughter of Henning and Irene Josephine Benson, Mat-Su Colonists. Married James Lee Bragg in 1957; they had 1 son, James H. Bragg (Fox). Arlene married Charles Leroy Fox in 1963; they had one son, Charles Roger Fox. (see Fox)

BENSON, Richard Roy "Dick"  and Norma Jean: Dick and Norma owned the Dick Benson Amusement Co. and operated amusement machines throughout the valley. Norma Jean was the daughter of Mat-Su Colonists Joseph and Naomi Loyer. ("Dick" 1915-1990) (Norma Jean 1931-2010) (see Loyer)

BENSON, Henning A. and Irene Josephine (Johnson): Colonists from Minnesota 1935, lived on Scott Road Tract 95. They both worked at the Colony Co-op and Henning managed the warehouse.  They had one daughter, Arlene. On the 1940 US Census Irene's father, Louis Johnson of Sweden, was living with the family.  (Irene 1910-1997) (see Fox)

BENTTI, Toivo and Nora (Flamm): Came to Alaska in 1947, farmed in the valley. Children: Larry, Bill and Elaine. (Toivo 1911-1982) (Nora 1915-1996)

BERGMAN, Oscar and Jenny (Lind): Oscar was from
Sweden and Jenny was from New York. They moved from Manley to Wasilla in about 1937. Oscar worked as a railroad section foreman. Jenny died in February of 1938 and Oscar died 2 months later, in April of 1938. Both buried in Anchorage. Children: Fred, Raymond, Jane, Elizabeth and John.

BERGMAN, Raymond Harold and Mary (Cadwallader): Mary was the daughter (a twin) of Charles Cadwallader and Alexia L. Shaw Cadwallader. Ray worked for Teelands, worked at the mines & was a radio operator for the military during WWII. In 1943, Ray was in the Aleutian war zone. Children: Linda & Judith. Bought the Wasilla Bar from the Cadwallader's in 1946. Ray Bergman 1916-1958, Mary Cadwallader Bergman 1921-1998. (see Cadwallader) (see Johan Johnson)

BETTS,Clarence William "Bill" and Constance Marie “Micky” (Snider):
Bill Bett's was the son of Clarence and Myrtle Betts. "Micky" was the daughter of Gerrit and Alice Snider. Children: Billy, Wiley and Wetzel. Bill worked for Gold Cord Mine, had a taxi cab in Wasilla and had a trucking business with Thurman Betts. (Clarence Betts 1909-1974)(Marie 1921-2014 in Alaska)(see Gerrit Snider)

BETTS, Martin C. and Margaret “Peggy” (Cronk): Martin was the son of Ralph and Sarah Betts of Colorado. "Peggy" was school teacher from
New York. They lived on Wasilla Fishhook Road and built a log house on Knik Road not far from the railroad tracks. Martin worked for Teeland’s. He made a car out of an old car frame and put a seat on it. It had an old two cylinder engine, no lights, no windshield, no fenders, no hood, no license. He drove it back and forth to their place out on Fishhook. The old car still sits by their old cabin out on a little lake off Fishhook. Received patent to 149 acres in 1949. Children: Alison, Mike, Ellen and Monty. Martin was brother of Thurman Betts. (Martin 1918-1982)

BETTS, Thurman G. and Jacqueline Mary "Jackie" (Slumburger): Thurman (1915-1976)(Jackie 1923-2012)Received patent to 20 acres in 1951 (along with partner James M. Bryant). Children: Sally, Judy and Glenda.  Jackie divorced Thurman in 1956 and married David E. Grow in 1957. Thurman Bett’s second wife was Fanny _____ and his third wife was Betty Roth who owned the Green Acres Lounge on
Wasilla Lake. Thurman was brother of Martin Betts. (see Roy Morrison) (see David Grow)

BEYLUND, Oscar and Irene Mary: Oscar (1895-1970)(Irene 1908-1971) Colonists from Wisconsin, came to the valley in 1935; lived on
Scott Road (tract 94). Occupation: farmers. Adopted son: Adelard Huard Beyland. Foster daughters: Gloria and Violet Huard (half sisters of Adelard Huard).

BINGLE, Rev. Bert Jennings and Mabel Pearl (Morrison): Married 1923, Bert became minister in 1925 and they moved to Cordova in 1928. Ministered in Alaska for 38 years along the railroad, alcan highway, Matanuska Valley as well as the coal and gold mining areas. Children: Vella Irene and James Douglas. (Bert 1896-1970) (Mabel 1896-1986)

BJORN, Melvin K. and Lois L.: Lived in the house that Joe and Vi Redington eventually lived in. He had a mentally handicapped child. Received a patent to lot 19 and 20 (.2 acres) in the original townsite of Wasilla. His estate also received patent to 22 acres in 1970. Melvin was killed in a one car roll-over at the corner of Parks Highway and the Big Lake Cut-off about 1963

BLACK, Sydney Elkhorn and AraBelle (King): Sydney (born 1906 in Council, Alaska) was the son of William A.and Ella Black and came to Wasilla about 1916. His parents homesteaded at Black Lake. His wife, AraBelle, was the daughter of Clyde and Emma King; they were married in 1934. Children: Benton, Jim, Dale and Jeanne. (Dale became a monk and went by the name Brother Joseph). (Sydney 1905-1999)

BLACK, William Alfred and Ella (Higgins): William m
arried Ella Higgins(in Mexico) in 1903 and they were mining for gold in Nome by 1910. Homesteaded at Black Lake near Wasilla. They had 4 children: William, Sidney Elkhorn, Ella Roberta and Hugh (Hugh went by the name Herman). In 1919, William dismantled the Knik School building and moved the timbers to the original Edlund homestead. Fred Edlund, William Black, and Wes Vail used the timbers to build the Fairview school.Black died at a railroad work camp (heart attck) in 1920. His wife, Ella, died in 11 months later at an Anchorage hospital. William A. & Ella H. Black's estate received patent to 320 acres in 1922. Ella Roberta married Francis Henry (see Henry). (William 1865-1920) (Ella 1877-1921)

BLODGETT, Victor Voltaire and Martha "Mattie" Reid (Scott):
Married 1895 and living in Alaska by 1920, children: Deedie born about 1897.
Blodgett Lake named after this family
. Received homestead patent to 134 acres in 1936. (Victor 1860-1941)(Mattie 1865-1948)(Deedie 1896-1970)

BODENBURG, John Henry:  Born about 1873 in
Germany, immigrated to USA in 1895. Received patent to 120 acres in the S. E. corner of the Matanuska Valley (in 1921), known today as Bodenburg Butte. He died in 1934 and his homestead (north of Bodenburg Butte) was purchased by Victor Gerald Falk and Gladys (Grow) Falk. The lake on the homestead was named Falks Lake. (see Grow)

BODIN, Sven R.: Immigrated from
Sweden 1912 with his father John Albert Bodin (maternal cousin of Fred Edlund). Sven was raised by Fred and Lillie Edlund. Married: __________. (see Fredolph Edlund)

BOGARD, William Jefferson “Jeff” III: (1865-1931)"Jeff" was born in Missouri and was a widower by 1910. Homesteaded in the Valley before 1915 and received patent to 301 acres in 1919. He raised cows, sheep, pigs, vegetables and hay which he sold to locals and Hatcher Pass gold miners. After he died, his ranch was purchased by A. J. Swanson in 1936. In 1938, the ranch was purchased by colonists Earl Barry Sr. and wife Louise (it became Barry's Resort).  (see Barry)

BORDON, Clarence "Old Cannonball" and Anna: Elderly man who couldn’t see very well but owned a Kaiszer-Frazer car. His wife Anna was a school teacher who did not drive. He drove the car about 15 miles per hour and she would tell him where to turn, go slower and when to stop. They lived in a small house behind the school.

BOUCHER, Herb:  Lived at intersection of
Edlund Road and Fairview Loop. Came to the area probably before 1950.

BOUWENS, Wayne:  8/10/1929-10/14/2014 came to Alaska with his parents (Mat-Su Colonists) William and Lulubelle Bouwens. Wayne worked on the railroad and at the coal mine in Sutton before he purchased his own farm. He later worked for the Experimental Farm and retired in 1996. Wayne served as the President of the Pioneer Cemetery Association and was a member of the Palmer Historical Society. He and wife Margrye raised 7 children: Christopher, nanette, Thomas, Roger, Mary Beth, Katy and Kenneth.

BOUWENS, William  and  LuluBelle Mary (Sorenson):
 (William 1895-1970)(LuluBelle 1896-1964). Colonists from Rhinelander, Wisconsin. They had the largest colonist family. Children: Dorothy (m1. Martin Novak) (m2. Oliver Onkka), Evelyn, Eunice (m. Flint), Edward, James, William, Audrey, George, Wayne, Ronald and Delores "Skip". (see Onkka) (see Flint)

BOZINOFF, John Vangle and Emma: John 1923-2005, worked for the railroad. Children: John Jr., Kenneth, Jim, Richard, Carleen, Linda, Susan and Jo.

BRADLEY, Ralph and Pat: Lived at mile
3 Fairview Loop Road. Came to the area about 1946. Their farm was the old Reedy homestead. Ralph did much of the work on the old Wasilla Airport Mall.


BRASSEL, Joseph C.:  Born 1873.Mining on Willow Creek in 1918, later mined with
Clyde Thorpe. Received patent to original city of Wasilla lot in 1919; he died in 1947.

BRAZIL, Thomas Wooderd:  Received patent to 160 acres in 1935. Married Betre ____________. Children: Herbert, Rayleau and Gloria.

BRODHEAD, Thomas Arthur and Catherine Lucille (Sullivan): Thomas and Catherine both came to Alaska in 1948 (although they came seperately); Catherine came to Alaska in 1948 with her first husband Joe Redington and their three children (Sheila Jo, Joee and Raymie). Catherine went by the name of "Gerry" while she was married to Joe Redington. When they divorced, she married Frank Smith. After Catherine and Frank divorced, she married Thomas Brodhead who worked as a heavy equipment operator. Thomas 1926-1999 Catherine 1923-2000 (see Joe Redington)(see Frank Smith)

BROWNE, Esther: Daughter of Neil and
Pearl Browne. Esther married Arlo Kessinger and had 2 daughters: Laine and Arla. (see Kessinger)

BROWNE, Neil A. Sr. and Pearl A.: Came to Wasilla in about 1937, he was the railroad agent for Wasilla for 10 years.
Pearl died in 1947 and Neil moved to Anchorage shortly after that. They had several children (all of the names not known to me). Neil and Pearl had a son named Neil A. Jr. “Bud” Browne who married Jane Cadwallader and daughters named Mary Virginia ("MV") and Esther. Pearl was the 1st president of the Wasilla Library Association (1938). (see Cadwallader) (see Morrison)(see Kessinger).

BROWNE, Neil A. “Bud” and Jane (Cadwallader): Son of Neil and
Pearl Browne; came to Alaska in 1928; he was in the U.S. Army at Ft. Richardson 1943-1945 (aircraft welding shop); Alaska RR 1933-1934; drove truck for the Lucky Shot gold mine. He married Jane Cadwallader in 1941 (twin daughter of Charles and Alexa Cadwallader). Children: Janeil M., Neil A. III and Loren(see Cadwallader)    (Jane 1921-1987)

BROWNE, Neil A. III and Barbara Kelton: Neil was the son of "Bud" Browne and Jane Cadwallader Browne. (see Kelton)

BROWNE, Mary Virginia: Daughter of Neil and
Pearl Browne. "MV" as she was known, was voted the queen of the 1937 Ice Carnival in Anchorage. Her first husband was Jack Storm. They had one son named Floyd "Butch". Mary's second husband was Roy H. Morrison (maried 1946).  Mary and Roy owned the Wasilla Bar on Main Street in Wasilla and Mary was a hairdresser. Mary died in 1956 or 1957.(see Morrison) (see Storm)

BRUCKBAUER, FRANK and ESTHER (HILL): Came to the valley in 1936 as replacement Colonists in Palmer. The lived in a house across from Snodgrass Hill. Frank worked for the Matanuska Co-op and died in 1956. Children: Agnes (married name Porhola), Leona (married named Shanks), Leonard, Theodore, Lyle (died young) and Jeremy (died young). Esther's 2nd husband was Ed Hatton. (Frank 1893-1956) Esther (1900-1990)

BRUNDAGE, Arthur Lain and Helen (Harvey): (Arthur 1927-2011)(Helen 1930-2002) Helen worked at the Palmer Library from its early days, when it was called "the chicken coop". Children: Willia, Richard and Rodney and Caroline.

BUCHANAN, Millie:  Homesteaded on
Fairview Loop, about mile 6½, school teacher in Anchorage(came to the valley on the weekends). Briefly married to ____ Grow. She was from New York. Died in the 1950s.

BUGGE, John J.: Born 1870 Norway, came to
America 1880. He lived in Ketchikan in 1910 where he worked in a sawmill and lost most of the fingers on his left hand. First homesteader in Palmer area, 1914, received patent to 320 acres in 1920. Offered homestead to the Territory to be a new capital of Alaska. Died in Palmer 1956, bachelor.

BURCHIK, John "Russian John": 1893-1979 Born in the Ukraine, veteran of WWI, came to Alaska in 1930 and worked in the Willow Creek gold mining area until 1943 then he worked at Jonesville Coal Mine. No known relatives.

BURTCHER, Louis "Jonsey": Married (first?) to __________ in lower 48 and had at least one daughter. Second marriage (in
Alaska) was to Velma ______ (widow of Joe Dragseth). They had no children together. Third marriage (about 1954 or 1955) to Gertie ______ (widow of Grant Kenser). They had no children. He ran a taxi service in Palmer. (see Dragseth) (see Kenser).

BUSBEY, Harley Delbert: 1923-1973 Instrumental in constructing a softball field in Palmer. It is named after him: Harley Busbey Memorial Field.

BYERS, Harold David: Married Agnes May Roulo in 1929. After Harold died, May married George Edlund. (Harold 1904-1958) (May1901-1970) (see George Edlund)

BYERS, Orlando L. and Margaret:  
Orlando 1902-1970. Received patent to 158 acres in 1952. Children: Johnny.

CADWALLADER, Charles Lee and Alexa Jane (Shaw): Charles was born (1885) in Teft, Indiana and came to
Alaska in 1917 and walked from Knik to Iditarod in 16 days. He stayed in Iditarod for 2 years where he worked as an accountant; he then walked back to Knik. He married Alexa Jane Shaw who came to Alaska (from Wayzata, Minnesota) in 1919; the family moved to Wasilla in 1929. They had twin daughters (Mary S. and Jane S.). When the Wilmoth Store and the Frydenland Hotel (on Main Street in Wasilla) burned down in 1931, the Cadwallader's purchased the land and built the Wasilla Bar, which they later sold to Ray Bergman and Roy Morrison. In 1938, the family took over and remodeled the old Fishhook Inn (16 miles from Wasilla and at the base of Hatcher Pass). Alexa(1887-1951) and Charles (1885-1972).

CADWALLADER, Jane S.: 1921-1987 Daughter (twin) of Charles and Alexa Cadwallader(lifelong resident of Wasilla). Jane graduated from Wasilla High School in 1938 and married Neil Browne Jr. "Bud". Jane worked at the Matanuska Valley Co-op in Palmer and Matanuska Telephone; she was also past-president of the Republican Womens Club. Children: Janeil, Loren and Neil Browne III (see Browne)

CADWALLADER, Mary S.:Born in Anchorage,daughter (twin) of Charles and Alexa Cadwallader. Graduated from Wasilla High School in 1938 and went to the University of Alaska Fairbanks; she was an elementary school teacher in Wasilla, Palmer and Talkeetna. First husband was Ray Bergman. Children:Linda and Judith. After Ray died Mary married Johann Johnson, children: Johan, Don and Maurice.    (Mary 1921-1998) (see Bergman)(see Johann Johnson)

CANN, Ralph and Elizabeth "Betty" (Hermon) Onkka: "Betty" was the daughter of John Henry and Hilda R. Hermon. Her first husband was Matt Onkka (died 1969). Second husband was Ralph Cann.
(see Onkka) (see Hermon)

CANNON, Frank B: (1863-1923)He was living in Knik by 1911. Built the Pioneer Hotel in Knik. Received patent to 159 acres in 1922. Appointed U.S. Commissioner  and Postmaster of Wasilla in 1923. He died of natural causes later that same year (buried in Anchorage). His ranch was sold to George Zink. It had a small cemetery on the property.

CARLE, James S.: Manager of the Alaska Gold Quarz Mining Co. In 1909, his company donated $2,500 to get a wagon supply road built and the Bartholf brothers donated another $1,200; it was called the Carle Wagon Road and connected to a trail north of Knik called the "winter trail". The wagon road was 26 miles from Cottonwood to his companies property on Fishhook Creek. Other people chipped in as well: Gold Buillion Mining Co. built a horse bridge over the lower crossing of the Little Susitna River, Robert Hatcher built a bridge over the upper crossing of the Little Susitna. In 1912, the wagon road was improved and slightly re-routed by the ARC and renamed Fishhook Knik Road. By todays landmarks, it starts at Knik and turns into Wasila Fishhook Road.

CARNEY, Charlene: Daughter of Charles and Margaret Carney. Married Ron Pine. Children:Brian and Ron.

CARNEY, Charles Edward "Chuck" and Margaret Cecilia "Peg": Charles (1902-1986) Margaret Cecilia “Peg” _________ (1909-1997). Received patent  to 40 acres in 1961 and another 120 acres in 1965. Chuck was a carpenter and Peg was a custodian at local schools. Children: Pat, Domonic, Doug, Dave, Ed, Linda, Nancy, Cynthia, Charlene, Shirley and Dan. Chuck and Peg are both are buried in the
Aurora Cemetery in Wasilla.

CARNEY, Cynthia: Daughter of Charles and Margaret Carney. Maried Harry Buzby. Children: Anthony and Jesse.

CARNEY, Dan: Son of Charles and Margaret Carney. Married Lavina Ethyl "Lee" Smith, daughter of Floyd Smith and Ellen Fleckenstein (no children).

CARNEY, Dave: Son of Charles and Margaret Carney. Married __________________. Children:_______.

CARNEY, Domonic “Nick”:
Son of Charles and Margaret Carney. Married Helen Kay Carter  daughter of Thomas “Pat” and May Carter. Children: Katie, D.J., and Charles.

CARNEY, Doug:  Son of Charles and Margaret Carney. Married  Florene Neal. Children: Michelle, Lisa and Christopher.

CARNEY, Edward Eugene and Carol (Wilson): Edward was the son of Charles and Margaret Carney. Received patent to 160 acres in 1963. He married Carol Wilson, daughter of Cecil “Blackie”
Wilson who had three children from previous marriages: Rosanna Jean (Axtel) and Jamie Lynn and Michael Cecil (Morris). (see Alan Axtel)  (see Jim Morris)(see Carol Wilson) (see Cecil Wilson) (see Charles Carney)

CARNEY, Linda:    Daughter of Charles and Margaret Carney. Married Neil Thomas. Children: Patricia, Theresa, Clint, Matthew, Alicia and Neil.

Nancy: Daughter of Charles and Margaret Carney. Married Al Williams. Children: Tyrell and Logan.

CARNEY, Patrick  J. and Barbara Ann (Rae-Carter):
Patrick "Pat" was the son of Charles and Margaret Carney. Barbara was the daughter of
Sydney and May Martin-Rae, but was raised by her mother and May's second husband Thomas "Pat" Carter. Pat was a Korean War veteran and was elected to the Alaska State Legislature 1979-1982 and 1991-1994. Received patent to 160 acres in 1953. Children: Patrick, Jeff, Julia, Margaret, Daniel, Mark, Ralph, Ted and Molly.

CARNEY, Shirley: Daughter of Charles and Margaret Carney. Married Mike Washut. Children: Debbie and Bethann.

CARPENTER, Earl: Homesteaded about mile
6 Fairview Loop Road. World War I veteran, lived in Anchorage and Wasilla.

CARSON, Arnold Robert 1902-1983 and Hortense Branshaw(1906-1969): They were Colonists from Minnesota. Children: James (married Gloryjean Fritzler),Patricia Ann (married Harold Newcomb), Michael (married ____), Sally married Lee
Karabellnikoff. Arnold's 2nd wife: Dorothy Nelson, widow of Peter Nelson. (see Fritzler) (see Vaughan Wilson) (see Harold Newcomb) (see Peter Nelson).

CARSON, James H.: Son of  Arnold and Hortense Carson. Married Gloryjean Fritzler, daughter of Carl and “Vicky” Edlund Fritzler. Jim worked at the Co-op and B&C; they divorced in 1958. Children: Candace “Kay”, Samuel, Joseph and Vicky. Second wife was Bunny Frolich, they had one daughter:
Crystal.  (see Carl Fritzler) (see Cecil Vaughan Wilson)

CARTER, Fred:  Matanuska rancher by 1913, received patent to 320 acres in 1920. Worked on railroad. 1929 sold his ranch to ________Campbell. Married George W. Palmer’s sister, Elizabeth, she is listed on all official records, including her gravestone, as Mrs. Fred Carter (no first name), she died in 1928, Fred died in 1930.

CARTER, Thomas L. “Pat” and May  C. Martin: "Pat" came to Alaska with the military. He was stationed at Whittier for a while and worked at the Army Post at Valdez.After the war, Pat worked as a heavy equipment operator, he managed the Alcantra Boys Home, he worked for MEA, the railroad and the ARC. May came to Alaska in 1940 with her 1st husband Sydney Rae and 2 children (Barnara and Don). After a divorce, she married Thomas "Pat" Carter in 1943 and moved into Nels Larson house (owned by Gus Swanson) in Wasilla. May was the U.S. Commissioner from 1944-1959 and the
U.S. Postmaster of Wasilla from 1944-1973. May was District Recorder, Notary Public, Coroner, Justice of the Peace, Probate Judge, Agent for the Public Welfare Dept. and B.I.A. May Carter next bought the Merriwether house (next to the library) for use as a post office. "Pat" and May had children: Helen Kay and Colleen."Pat" died in 1991. The Carters donated the land where the VFW Hall sits today as well as Carter Park on the edge of Lake Lucille. (see Sydney Rae) (see Pat Carney) (see Domonic Carney)(see May Martin) For more information try this link:

CAVANAUGH, Thomas E. :  In Knik 1911. Built restaurant-pool room in Wasilla (next to Wilmoth store). 1928 built a house on
Lake Lucille. Received patent for 142 acres in 1935.  Died in Wasilla 1937 age 76.

CHASTAIN, _________:  Lived off of
Wasilla Fishhook Road. Had a son named Dewey.


CHATWOOD,               :  Owned Chatwoods Notion Store on the corner of
Main Street and First Avenue in Wasilla 1946. It was a two story log building owned by Marion Twin.

CHIEF WASILLA: See Wasilla, Chief

CHICKALUSION, Maxim Sr. and Nellie (Stephan): Lived at Tyonek; Maxim was a hunting guide and fisherman. He taught the Dena'ina language, culture and dances. Children: Theodore (Chad), Maxim Jr., Leonard Daniel, Kathrine, Norma, Jimmy, Maniel and Larry Chickalusion; Doris Baker, Virginia Hudson and Martha Chase and Step-children: Stan and William Mishakof. (Maxim Sr. 1921-2013) (Nellie 1920-___).

CHICKALUSION, Simeon Pete and Annie: Simeon's WWII draft registration says he was  born 4/10/1881 at Tyonek. He became Chief of Tyonek in 1931. He was the son of Peter Chickalusion of Kustatan. His siblings: Theodore and Agrafena. His wife Annie was from Polly Creek. Simeon had two boats and spoke Dena'ina, Russian and English. He mined for gold in Hope and Sunrise. Well respected by the people of Tyonek. When the Susitna Station villagers abandoned their village and moved to Tyonek, Simeon helped them build homes and buy a tractor and sawmill. Simeon was of the Tulchina Water Clan. Children: Katherine, Annie and Theodore. (Simeon 1881-1957)

CHILLIGAN: Native name was Tsilgi; he was the older brother of Yagu Stephan. Died about 1920 (see Shem Pete book page 164).

CHILDERS, James D.:  Received patent to 140 acres in 1961.

CHILLIGAN, Harry and Matilda:
 Lived near
Willow.Harry was born about 1898 and Matilda was born about 1888.

CHILLIGAN, Joe and Doris (Stephan?): Children: Doris, Florence, George, John and Helen. Laborer on AK railroad. 

CHURCH, John E. and Julia Erika (Nelson):(John 1906-1984)(Julia 1908-2006) Came to Alaska as Mat-Su Colonists in 1935; they lived on tract 26 while John worked for the railroad. Children: John ("Jack"), Donald, William, Edwin, Lorraine, Rose and Alice.

CHURCH, William "Bill" and Ruby (Holstein): Bill was the son of Colonists John and Erika Church. Ruby was daughter of Herb and Jewel Holstein. Children:William Marshal, Greg Rolland and Debra Diane.(see Holstein) (see McHenry)

CHURCHILL, Frank: Born in Nova Scotia in 1867,immigrated in 1890 and came to Alaska in 1898 as a gold prospector for the Klondike and Boston Gold Mining and Manufacturing Co. By 1900, he was working at the Ladd's Station trading post near Tyonek. In 1905, he was running a small river boat on the Susitna River.  In 1911, he built a warehouse and in 1913 a new store building (both for George W. Palmer at Knik). He had three children with Mary (Stump) Yakashoff: William, Jeanne and Andrew. He died  in 1937 and was buried at the McGuire Cemetery in Knik, many people attended his funeral. (see Stump) (see Yakashoff)

CLARK, Frank and Jennie Adriana (Kalkman):
(Frank 1899-1976) (Jennie 1899-1998)Homesteaded at the foot of Lazy Mt., above the
Matanuska River. Frank received patent to 166 acres in 1941 and built the first frame house in Palmer. Sheep farmer and sold wool. He worked for Matanuska Maid Co-op and served on the board. Clark-Wolverine Road is named after this family.  Daughters Mary Jane "Peggy" and Betty Jeanne.

CLARK, ORA DEE: Born about 1876 in Nebraska. She was the first school teacher in Wasilla (1917) and Fairview School 1918-1920. Clark Middle School in Anchorage is named after her.

CLARKE, ROBERT ELTON and GERTRUDE HARRIET (Garrett): Married 6/16/1943 in Bremerton, Washington; arrived in Alaska 6/1/1951; bought 160 acres at mile 5, Wasilla Fishhook Road in the spring of 1959 and built a home there. Home burned down 1/17/1964 and they rebuilt in 1969. Robert was employed by the Alaska Railroad from 1952-1975. Gertrude owned a small clothing store on Main Street in Wasilla from 1961-1964. Robert and Gertrude were active in the Morgan Horse Club and received local, state and national awards for creating the handicapped youth riding program.

Children: Dale Hugh Clarke born 11/17/1939, Barbara Lynne Clarke (Taylor) born 12/20/1946, and Cheryl Lee Clarke (ZumBrunnen) born 9/21/1948. Robert Elton Clarke died 12/22/1999 and Gertrude Harriet (Garrett) Clarke died 5/27/2009.

CLESTER, Hal Ray and Ethel M.: Received patent to 59 acres in 1952.

CLOSE, Carroll Charles and Verna Beatice (Baker): (Carroll 1906-1998) (Verna 1910-1987) Came to Alaska in 1928; owned the Talkeetna Roadhouse which is now a registered historical building in Talkeetna.

COBB, Arthur Allen “Tex”: Born about 1875 in Texas, he was living at Knik by 1911. He received patent to 202 acres in 1921. In 1941 he was a watchman at Goose bay dock. Had a fishing site on
Caligan Island. Worked for the Bob Hartley family and the Herman’s. His homestead was the north hill at the “Y” of Matanuska railroad junction. Famous because of Russell Annabell books. Tex died in 1962 and is buried in Palmer.

CODY, May: First school teacher at Knik 1912. Married name Woodhouse.

COLLINS, Stanley  Richard and Doris (Chilligan): Doris was born at Knik in 1929, daughter of Joe and Pauline Chilligan. Stanley came to Alaska in 1948. This family lived at Knik, Houston, Eklutna, Birchwood and Flathorn Lake. Doris' sisters were Irene and Laura Chilligan and brother Norman Chilligan. (Stanley 1927-2009) (Doris 1929-2011)  (see Chilligan)

COMBS, Aaron Earl and Mary:  Came to the valley in about 1947. Started Combs Insurance in Palmer. Children: ______, John, Mike, Ron and Valarie.

COOK, Seth P.:  Matanuska, received patent to 80 acres in 1936.

COOPER, Rev. Jack E. and Judith Ann (Epply): Jack (1933-1994) (Judith Ann 1934-2000) Established the Immanuel Baptist Church in Palmer and preached there for 36 years. Children: Timothy, Daniel, Steven, David, Linda and Deborah.

COOPER, Walt and Gladys Mae (Mattingley): Came to the Valley in the early 1940s, ran Palmer Cold Storage and a cattle ranch on Montague Island, for the butcher shop. Lived on Springer System (later lived in Seward, but Gladys moved back to the old farm in Palmer after Walt died in 1973). Children: Harvey, Barbara (married Ralph Pelchat) and Duane. (Gladys 1909-1998)

COPE, Charles:  Half brother of Worth W. Wade.

COPE, Glenn Dewey "
Tweed": Half brother of Worth W. Wade.

COPE, Jack and Thelma: Owned Copes Craft and Photo Shop. Jack ran the colony barber shop and Thelma (widow of Wade Worth) ran the colony beauty shop. Jack was the depot agent in Matanuska in the early years. Children: Leanne (Dodd) and Bill Cope. Jack Cope was half brother of Worth Wade.(see Worth Wade)

COREY, Jack and Olga (Nickolai): Jack born about 1900 in
Washington, his wife Olga Nickolai was born about 1907, the daughter of Frank Nickolai and Balasculya "Mary" Stickman of Chickaloon. Olga had 2 or 3 children when she married Jack and they had 7 children together. On the 1940 Census for Chickaloon, there were 3 children living with Jack and Olga: Herbert Belanger and Elsie Belanger (children of George Belanger) and Danny Corey. The family lived near Olga's father, Frank Nickolai in Chickaloon (see Nickolai)

CORNELIUS, Robert Francis: "Frank" was the son of Roy Austin Cornelius and Mary Olive Marsh Cornelius; thought to be the first cuacasian child born (1917) in the Matanuska Valley. Worked for the railroad and the Territorial Police in the late 1940’s to early 1950’s. Married 4 times:
1st wife: Lillian M. ______ (listed on 1940 Census in Fairbanks)

2nd wife: Marlys or Marlis __________ (children:Norris, Frank, Roy Jr., Dianne and Jeweldeen)
3rd wife: Ester Brager
4th wife: Lyla Jean “Jinx”
Rapley France, widow of Norman Edward France (see Grant and Iva France)
CORNELIUS, Roy Austin and Mary Olive (Marsh): Born 1891
Helena, Missouri. Married Mary Olive Marsh (1897-1989), daughter of Samuel A. Marsh and Mary (Emmirson). Came to Alaska on the same boat with (future father-in-law) Capt. Axel Olson, Curtiss Ross and another homesteader named Adam Werner. Homesteaded in the valley in 1914 on the Palmer Fishhook End of Trunk Road, received patent to 320 acres in 1922. Worked at the mines at Eska. Four children, Robert Frank (1917-2003), Edith Kathleen (Moore) (1919-1987), Ruth Mary (1921-1976), and Eugene Roy (1925-2012). After Roy Cornelius died, Mary married Arnold Anton Edlund.  (see Arnold Edlund) (see Samuel Marsh) (see Axel Olson) (see Moore)

COTTINI, James: Son of Victor and Edith Cottini. Married Pia____________.  Children: Mark and Pio. They also had a foster daughter named ____________.

COTTINI, Victor S. : Married Edith ___________. Owned the Little Susitna Lodge. Children: James. Edith’s 1st  husband was Harold Gershmel.  (see Gershmel)

COTTLE, Benjamin "Benny": Son of John and Della Ritchey (Cottle) (Smith). Married Marlene Jensen, daughter of Colonists Henry and Edna Jensen. Ben and younger brother Jerry built Texaco gas station in Wasilla. Children: Bert, Janet and Henry. (see Smith) (see Henry Jensen)

COTTLE, Betty Jane:  Daughter of John and Ella Ritchey Cottle. Married Paul LePors  (see LePors)(see Smith)

COTTLE, John and Della (Ritchey): Children: Gerald, Richard, Rodney, Benjamin, Mildred and Marjorie.(see Vincent Smith)
(see LePors) (see Minnick) (see Teeland) (see Jensen) (see Gershmel)

COTTLE, Gerald, “Jerry”: Son of John and Della Ritchey Cottle (Smith). Married June Gershmel, daughter of Harold and Edith Gershmel. Children: Dean and Duane.  (see Harold Gershmel) (see Smith) (see Gershmel)

COTTLE, Mildred: daughter of John Cottle and Della Ritchey Cottle-Smith. Married John Minnick.
Children: ______________________________ (see Smith) (see Minnick)

COTTLE, Richard: (see Smith)

COTTLE, Rodney:  Married Colleen Teeland, daughter of Walter and Vivian Teeland. Children:____
(see Smith)  (see Teeland)

COTTRELL, James: 1916-1997 Came to Alaska in 1952; worked on the Eklutna Power Project as a cement finisher and at Jonesville Coal Mine. Owned a Palmer dairy and was one of the first realtors in the valley. Ran for State Senate. First wife (37 years) Harriette; children: James, Harry, David and Karen. Second wife (21 years) Joanne; stepchildren: Doris, Bonnie, Colleen and Gary.

COUGHLAN, Eugene and Violet: Worked for railroad and lived for a while in the "post office house" in downtown Wasilla, then moved to mile 2 Knik road and lived in the Sager house. Children: "Skippy", Kathy and Bonnie.

COURTNAY, Ralph Wallace: Son of Robert Marion Courtnay. Born in
Fairbanks in 1908, died in Anchorage in 1940. Married Myfawny “Vanny” Jones, daughter of Evan and Bronwen Jones. Worked at Lucky Shot Mine and for the railroad. “Vanny”  taught 5th grade. Children:  Ralph W. Jr. and  Bronwen. Vanny then married Lawrence Davenport. (see Evan Jones)

CROCKER, Frederick M.:  In Wasilla by 1919. Lived mile
10 Knik Road, received patent to 301 acres in 1921. One daughter, Maxine who married Sharon David Fleckenstein. (see Sharon D. Fleckenstein)

CROTHERS, Ralph and Barbara: Came to Alaska in 1949 from Indiana; homesteaded on Knik Road. Ralph worked at Matanuska Maid in Palmer and was later a manager there. In the mid-1950's, they traded their homestead for Harold Newcomb's hardware store in Wasilla, and bought some property on the far east end of Wasilla Lake and built a home there. Ralph and Barbara operated the hardware store (which they re-named as Wasilla Building Center) until they retired in 1983. Ralph died in 2011 and Barbara died in 2007. They had an adopted daughter named Linda Crothers.

CUSTER, Ira:  Lived on the hill behind Frank Smith's garage (?). Had a sister and was reclusive.

CUNNINGHAM, Daniel: (1870-1947)Early homesteader, partner with Jim Felton on a fur farm on Fishhook Road, north of Trunk Road.They had a famous falling out and painted a line down the middle of their two story frame home. Felton later moved to Palmer and bought out the White brothers roadhouse and post office Felton and new partner Ward, reopened the post office under the name Warton. The name Warton was a combination of the names Ward and Felton. Ward and Felton moved the Palmer section house from the east side of the railroad tracks to the west side of the tracks in the late 1920s and opened the post office (with a store in it ). (see Felton)

Harvey:  Worked for the railroad. Lived in Willow in the late 1940s-early 1950s?

DAVID, Leopold and Annie (Karasek): German born Leopold David was working as a military trained medic in Knik by 1910. He married Annie Karasek, a school teacher in Seward, in 1908. Although he never attended medical school or law school, he worked as both doctor and U.S. Commissioner and finally was elected Mayor of Anchorage. His U.S. Commissioners office was at Susitna Station in 1909 and Knik 1910-1915 when he moved it to Ship Creek (Anchorage). Children: Caroline and Leopold Jr. (Leopold David Sr. 1878-1924) (Annie 1883-1971)

DAVIS, Floyd and             :
 Namesake for
Davis Road. Children: Gladys and Ethel.

DeLAND, Helen Francis: 1906-2006 Came to Alaska as a Colonist with husband Niles DeLand. Niles didn't like Alaska and left, Helen remained with her 3 children and built a homestead and raised her children: Don, Ted, Evon, Lee and Leola. Helen's other husbands were Lannah Zoell "L.Z." Scott and Isaac "Ike" Palmer (see Dow) (see Scott) (see Palmer)

DUFOUR, Horace "Frenchy":
 Homesteaded in the area that is (today)  Bushes Bunches on the
Old Glenn Highway.

DEHART, Charlotte Harris:

DEIGH, Vida: School teacher at Wasilla in the 1920’s.

Helen (Cain): Colonist, wife of Niles DeLand who didn't like Alaska and left the colony, but Helen stayed. Children: Donald, Theodore, Evonne, Leoloa, Genevieve.  Helen later married Lannah Zoell Scott (1902-1955) and Isaac "Ike" Palmer (1916-1999).  (see Scott)(see Palmer)

DePRIEST, Lionel "Skeeter"and Louise:  First wife was __________, one son named Ray. Second wife was Louise ___________.
He worked for ARRC or the Co-op.

DePRIEST, Ray and Rose Marie “Tiny” Vickaryous.  Children: ____________________________________ (see Anthony Vickaryous)

DeVRIES, JOHN and Jessie: John (1917-1988) came to Alaska in 1945. He was a shop teacher and owned DeVries Enterprises. Children: David, Andrew, John Jr. and Marie.

DICKERSON, ASHLEY MAHALIA: (1912-2007) First black attourney in Alaska; she homesteaded on Hollywood Road and had a law office in Anchorage. She had triplet sons born in 1939 (Chris, Alfred and John). Alfred drowned in Goose Lake in 1960. Mahalia and her son are both buried on the Dickerson homestead.

DINKEL, Gene and Allayne (Nelson): Son of Harold and Frances Dinkel. Married Allayne Nelson, daughter of Peter and Dorothy Nelson.  Children: __________________  (see Peter Nelson)

DINKEL, Harold Charles and Francis Marion Cowen: They were in the second group of Mat-Su Colonists who came to
Alaska in 1937. Farmed near Wasilla, in the Fairview Area. Harold drove a school bus. Children: Flo Alice, Don, Frances, Joyce, Gene and Audrey. An adopted? son Timothy Bell. (see William Oscar Tryck).

DODSON, William: Married: __________   Living in Aureen cabin in Wasilla 1930. Part owner in Hi-Grade Mine, Lucky Shot Mine and Alas-Pac Mine.  Using a snowmobile in Wasilla in 1940.

DOHERTY, Dick:  Herning diaries mention him coming to Knik from Chickaloon as early as 1917.

DOHERTY, Frank: Had a ranch near the Frank Cannon homestead in Wasilla in 1918, received patent to 40 acres in 1925. Worked at the Gold Cord Mine and working at the Bogard ranch in 1925.  He died at age 72 (1932) in Wasilla. His cabin was 1/2 mile out of Wasilla on KGB Road.


DONOVAN, Daniel: Born in
Casteltown Berehaven, Ireland in 1872; he came to America in 1891. He was married to Mary Hanley who was born in County Cork, Ireland in 1866 to John Hanley and Mary Sullivan. They had a strawberry ranch near Wasilla, as early as 1918. They had a son named Joseph Patrick Donovan born 1898. Daniel died in Anchorage in 1935 and Mary died in Anchorage in 1941. They were granted a homestead of 320 acres in 1920 (today it is a subdivision called Donovan Estates).

DOW, Russell W. "Russ": Came to Alaska in 1933 with the Harvard Mountaineering Club and worked with Bradford Washburn doing geological surveys. He married Benzie Ola "Rusty" (Scott) in 1939; they homesteaded near the Butte in 1947. "Russ" was a photographer and local historian. He volunteered with the Transportation Museum, the library, the Knik-Wasilla Historical Soceity, the Mat-Su Historical Preservation Society and the Palmer Historical Society. His 2nd wife was Marilyn "Em" DeVine. (Russell 1915-1992)  (see Benzie Ola "Rusty" Scott)

DOW, Benzie Ola "Rusty" (Scott): (1894-1989) Came to Alaska in 1934 to join her brother Lannah Zoell Scott who was living in the Matanuska Valley. "Rusty" owned a trucking and transfer service that ran from Anchorage to Independence Mine. She was also a driver for the Ft. Rich Quartermaster Corps during WWII. She was the first woman to drive the Alaska Military Highway (Alcan) from Fairbanks to Dawson Creek and back with a load of freight (1944). She was also the first woman to drive through the Whittier Tunnel (1942). She married Russell W. Dow in 1939.
(see Scott)

DRAGSETH, Joe and Velma Lou (Hayes): Colonists from
Wisconsin, arrived 1935. They lived on the Springer System. Children: Marvin, Joanne and Marilyn and Jack. After Joe died, Velma (1906-1991) married Louie "Jonsey" Burtcher. (see Burtcher)

DRYDEN, John: Pre-colony family. Married twice; first wife ____________, 2nd wife was Clarice (niece of Evan "Jack" Justin Tomlinson). One daughter Katie (with 1st wife). Brother of Vernon Dryden. John and Clarice were killed in an airplane accident in the Lake Clark area in 1959.

Vernon "PeeWee": Worked on the railroad, had a brother John.

DUFF, Harry E. and Karla Dora: The family came to Alaska in 1930 and lived in the Tri Lakes area on Duff's Pond. Harry opened the first Texaco gas station in Alaska and was a member of the Elks Club in Palmer. Children: Bertram and Marguerite June (Bouwens). Harry 1884-1973) (Karla 1895-1972)

DUNKLEE, Edward Albert: Homesteaded in the Matanuska Valley pre-1915, received patent to 319 acres in 1919. A 1916 issue of the
Anchorage Daily Times said that Edward Dunklee married Miss Daisy A. Smith (of Yakima, Washington) and that he was the most progressive rancher in the Matanuska Valley.  Dunklee's 2nd marriage was to Eliza Jane "Jenny" (nee Morrell) Eaton-Loken, (Fanny (Eaton) Werner’s mother). Dunklee sold his land to the US Government for the Matanuska Colonist project. (Edward Dunklee 1872-1943) (see Loken) (see Eaton)

DUNLOP,                           :

EATON, Eliza Jane "Jenny" (nee Morell): Born in England 1882, married John Eaton in 1901, had 6 children (4 lived). She left husband and children and came to alaska in 1918. Married John Marcus Loken in 1921 (he died in 1929), then married Edward Albert Duncklee (he died in 1943). Her daughter, Fanny Eaton joined her in the Matanuska Valley in 1929. Fanny married Adam Werner in 1930. Jenny went back to England in 1954 and married William Finlay that same year. She died in England in 1963.(see Loken) (see Duncklee) (see Werner)

EATON, Fanny: (1902-1992) Born in England, daughter of John and Eliza Jane Eaton, she came to Alaska in 1929, married Adam Werner in 1930. Three daughters, Hazel, Louise and Violet (Norbo).  (see Werner)

ECKERT, Virgil and Lillian: Original colonists from
Minnesota. Farmed at south corner of Scott Road and Glenn Highway. They were the first colonists (along with Joe and Blanche Puhl) to become independent (1936) and no longer charged goods on the ARRC account. Virgil ran meat production dept. for the ARRC's Matanuska Maid, in the early years. Farmed nearly 35 years. Virgil and Lillian were involved in civic affairs and organizations. Virgil opened a hardware store on his farm in the 1970s, then retired and opened HIllcrest Acres Nursery on SE corner of farm . Children: Gayle (married Bob Rowland), Wesley and Wayne.

EDGERTON, James and Janet (Moranz): Namesakes of Edgerton Park Road, the area they homesteaded from 1958-1967. Children Jessie and Judd.

EDLUND, AMALIE “Malie”:(daughter of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella Edlund). Married Hans Hugh. Came to
Alaska in 1914. Children: Hans “Danny” and Fredolph “Dolphy”. Amelia died before 1916 or 1917 and is buried on her parents homestead. (see Hans Hugh)

EDLUND, Arnold Anton: 1901-1974(son of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella Edlund). Married Canadian born Hulda Lothrup (daughter of Robert Bloomfield Lothrop and Hilda Isabelle Gustafson). Children: Elsie & Maxine. Arnolds second wife was Mary Olive Marsh-Cornelius, widow of Roy A. Cornelius. Received patent to 159 acres in 1931. (see Roy Cornelius) (see Ralph Moore)

EDLUND, Edith “Dee Dee” Myrtle: 1903-1983(daughter of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella Edlund). Married Merle David McCambridge. Children: Margery and Merle Corine. (see Merle McCambridge). Edith’s second husband was John D. Urban. Children: John D. Urban Jr.  (see John D. Urban).

Florence Eveliena: 1904-1985 (daughter of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella Edlund).  Married Russian born August “George” Strigga who was a soldier at Matanuska Junction. Children: Lorraine and Shirley. Florence’s second husband was Sharon David Fleckenstein. Children:  Sharon “Dan” and Joseph "Joe".  (see August Strigga) (see Sharon Fleckenstein).

EDLUND, George Eric:
1906-1989 (son of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella Edlund). Married Olga Finn who died in a car accident. Second wife, Edith Davenport; one daughter named
Alice.  Third wife Mae ___ Byers, widow of Harold Byers. Received patent to 150 acres in 1935. Step children: Ruth (Page), Marion (Antoni), James and Harold Beyers

EDLUND, Hedvig Mabel “Vicky”: 1913-1996 (daughter of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella Edlund). Married Gust’a Neilsson, a Swedish immigrant (nephew of Oscar Anderson) in 1930; they divorced after 3 years. Married Carl Fritzler in 1936. Children: Gloryjean and Carl Mark. (see Carl Fritzler)

EDLUND, Hilda Vern: 1915-2007(daughter of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella Edlund). Married Harry Sears. Children: Donald, Verne Mae and Rosella. (see Harry Sears)

EDLUND, John Fredolph “Fred” and Lillie Rosella Mead: Fred came to Alaska in 1914. Homesteaded in Fairview Loop
and Davis Road area, received patent to 240 acres in 1922 (patent record say his name was John Fridolf Edlund). They had 12 children: Freddie (1896-1896), Amelia Elizabeth (1897-1915), Rosalie Frances (1898-1970), Arnold Anton (1901-1974), Edith Myrtle (1903-1983),Florence Eveliena (1904-1985), George Eric (1906-1989), Pearl A. (1908-2012), John Fremont “Monte” (1911-1963), Hedvig “Vicky” 1913-1996), Hilda Vern (1915-2007) and Lily May (1917-1986. The Edlund's were a very  musical family, playing for many special occassions in and around Wasilla (guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin and accordian). Fred helped build the Fairview School on his homestead. He and Lillie were divorced in 1928. (see Oscar Anderson) For more information on the Edlund family try this link:

Fremont “Monte”: 1911-1963  (son of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella Edlund). Married Lillian “Virginia” Grantham, no children.  

EDLUND, Lily May: 1917-1986(daughter of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella Edlund). Married Ernest Ohlin, nephew of Oscar Anderson. Children: Ruby, Vonnie, Lois, Janet and Ernest Jr.  (see Ernest Ohlin)

Pearl A: 1908-2012  (daughter of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella Edlund). Married Gilbert “Gib” Oberg. Raised 3 children: Gilbert J. "Gary", Joannie and Gary Jr. Pearl’s second husband was William Farr.

EDLUND, Rosalie Francis: (daughter of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella Edlund). Married Herman Hugh. Children: Josephine “Lila” and George H. Hugh. Rosalie’s second husband was Asa “Jack” Wilkinson. Her third husband was Elmer Tucker.  (see Herman Hugh)

EDLUND, August William "Willie": Son of Swan and Karin Edlund (NOT related to the John Fredoph Edlunds). He owned land on Wasilla Lake that he sold to Ernest and Olga Peck (but the Peck's had to return the land after a few years). Willie then built a beer hall on the Wasilla Lake property in 1938 (it was later called Green Acres). He was a commercial fisherman at Bristol bay in 1941 and 1943. Sold his Wasilla Lake property to Charles(?) Johnson in 1944 for $12,000. (Willie Edlund 1898-1965) For more information go to:
EDMONS, Julius B.:   Matanuska homesteader.

EHRHART, Rex Emery and Violet Lea (McVicker): (Rex 1915-1991)(Lea 1921-2003) Rex came to Alaska in 1938 and Lea came to Alaska in 1940; they were married in 1941. Rex worked for MTA and the Matanuska Valley Co-op Association. Lea had a dress shop in Palmer. Children: Jim Ehrhart.

EKLUTNA ALEX: (see Alex Vasily)

EKLUTNA JIM: (see Jim Nikita)

EKLUTNA JOHN: Born about 1875, possibly the older brother of Eklutna Alex.

ELLEXSON, Leon Devere "Lee"  and Jessie Grace:  Lee was born 1875 in Kansas, Jessie was born about 1884 in Oregon, they moved to Knik in 1919; before that they had a roadhouse at Happy River on the Iditarod Trail. Worked as engineer on the boat “Traveler”. Had Iditarod mail contract. Received patent to 129 acres in 1938. Raised pigs, chickens and berries. Bought one acre of land for a house in Palmer 1945, but I don't think they ever did (they always lived at Knik).
Leon died in 1961 and is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Palmer.


ELLIOTT, William D. “Bill”: Born 1882 died 1916. In Knik by 1906. He worked at the mines, piloted boats, hauled freight and had a roadhouse near present day Eklutna in 1912.

ELY, Jerry:   Matanuska

ENGSTROM, Carl:  Born in
Sweden about 1873, homesteaded in valley pre-1915. Rancher in the Finger Lake area 1920.

ENNES, Max and Lila: Colonists from Tower,
Michigan. They came to Alaska on the boat called North Star. Three children: Frank, Merle and Etta. They lived on Werner Road. Lila Ennes (McClanahan) still living in 2011.

ERICKSON, Allen: Lived on
Fairview Loop had an older brother named Waldo and a younger brother named Kenny. Moved to the Valley in the 1940’s as a GI. Married: ________________________________Children:_______________________________

ERICKSON, Earl: Married Edie Ann Olson, daughter of Martin and Edith Olson.
Children: ______________________________________________________

ERICKSON, Kenny: Lived on
Fairview Loop had two older brothers named  Waldo and Allen. Married: Patricia Noonan, who taught at Wasilla High School in the 1960s. Children:____________

Married Thelma ________. Children: Earl, Richard “Buckshot”, Prudence and Pricilla. Lived on Edlund Loop. Had two younger brothers, Allen and Kenny. Worked at the Experimental Farm on Trunk Road.

ESTELLE, Howard Franklin and Ruth Elizabeth (DeArmond): Palmer dairy farmers, Ruth worked for the extension service and was the 1st secretary for the Alaska State Fair, she was a life long Alaskan and had 7 children, she was the daughter of R.W. and Elizabeth DeArmond. (Howard 1909-1974) (Ruth 1912-2013)

EZI, Benjamin: (1933-1989) Son of William and Lucy Ezi, buried at Eklutna.
EZI (also ESI oe ESIA), Simeon and wife Olga Nicholai: Commonly referred to as “Old Man Ezi” or "Chief Ezi" he was the last officially recognized Chief of Upper Cook Inlet(Chief Basdut). Olga was from the
Copper Center area and was commonly called "Grandma Ezi". They lived at Old Matanuska Village, which was on the delta between the Matanuska and Kink Rivers. The 1920 US Census listed their children as: Billy 21, Bedri 16, Nikeeta 10, Meesta 8, and Bolwella 6. Other records give the names: Bill, Pete, Jack, Annie and ?. They had a fishing camp at Pt. Woronzof and a hunting camp at Jim Creek. Simeon died in 1935 and was buried in Anchorage Memorial Cemetery with religious ceremony and a large group of his people. Buried in a new clothes, mukluks and brightly colored blankets, a large, traditional, top house was placed over his grave and topped with a large wooden cross.

EZI, William "Bill": Oldest son of Simeon and Olga Ezi.The 1930 US Census for Eklutna listed his wife as Ardina Ezi, with children James (age 2). Also in the household, listed as a step-son was Martin Ezi (age 18) and Pete Ezi (age 23) and Pete’s wife Ruth (age 21). On the 1940 US Census, his wife is listed as Lucy age 30 with the following children: James (step-son), Elizabeth, Benjamin, William Jr., Damon and Virginia. Private source states Bill Ezi and Lucy Peters had a son named Sam.(Bill Ezi 1898-1971)

EZI, Pete and Ruth (Stephan): The son of Chief Simeon (and Olga) Ezi, he was named Pedro Esi at birth, but his name later evolved to Pete Ezi. Ruth was named Christina Stephan at birth 6/10/1908, but the people at the Eklutna Vocational School changed her name to Ruth Ross. Pete was deaf as an adult. He and Ruth had the following children on the 1940 US Census: Alberta and Peter. Ruth died in a cabin fire at Eklutna in 1967; Pete died in a cabin fire at Eklutna in 1968; they are both buried at Eklutna.

FABYAN, John “Jack”: Born about 1886 in Illinois, living in Wasilla by 1929. Driving cat for road commission. Worked at Thorpe Mine. Was granted a patent for an original Wasilla City lot in 1931. He was herding sheep for colonists in 1936. Worked at Independence Mine. Fixing Hiland barn for a house. Working at Anchorage airport. Died in 1969.

FALK, Victor Gerald and Gladys E. (Grow):  Gladys was sister to David, Jim and Bill Grow.  
Falk Lake named after this family. They bought Bodenburg's homestead in 1934. Received 4 patents for land, totaling 381 acres between 1937 and 1952. Children: Victor Jr., Barbara and Eleanor.

FELTON, James W. "Jim": Early homesteader, partners with Dan Cunningham on a fur farm on
Fishhook Road, north of Trunk Road.  They had a famous falling out and painted a line down the middle of their two story frame home.  Felton later moved to Palmer and bought out the White brothers roadhouse and post office Felton and new partner Ward, reopened the post office under the name Warton (was later called Palmer). The name Warton was a combination of the names Ward and Felton. Ward and Felton moved the Palmer section house from the east side of the railroad tracks to the west side of the tracks in the late 1920s and opened the post office (with a store in it ). Uncle to Chuck Shaffer and Elsie (Mrs. Lloyd) Hill. (see Dan Cunningham)

FERRIN, Ray Cyrus and Helen Mae (Simpson) Leek: Ray and Helen came to Alaska in 1935; he ran a bus service up to the gold mines in the early years. He also worked in construction and for MEA. Children: Woody Ferrin and a step-son Lester J. "Jack" Leek. (Ray 1900-1958) (Helen 1901-1958)

FISHER, Grace:  Teacher at Matanuska Junction.

FISHER, Henry: Old time Knik resident, died of a stroke in 1929.

FLECKENSTEIN, Dan and Joni: Dan 1940-1996, son of Sharon and Florence (Edlund) Fleckenstein. Avid outdoorsman, huner and private pilot. Children: Dan, Jack, Amy and Camy.

FLECKENSTEIN, Danny:  Son of  “Dan” and Joan Fleckenstein. Fourth generation to live on the original Fleckenstein homestead. Married: __________  Children:_____________________________.

FLECKENSTEIN, Ellen Catherine: Born in Yreka, California, she was the daughter of Joseph and Marie Fleckenstein. Married Floyd Dewey Smith in 1926 at
Chena, Alaska. Children: Frank Marion, Laura Marie, Lavina Ethel "Lee" and David Floyd. Ellen died in 1973 and is buried in the Aurora Cemetery in Wasilla.  (see Smith)

FLECKENSTEIN, Eva Marie: Daughter of Joseph and Marie Fleckenstein. Married George Stanley Herning in 1926. Children: Marie Martha and George Stanley "Buddy". (see Herning)

FLECKENSTEIN, Frank Joseph: Born 1898 in California, son of Joseph and Marie Fleckenstein. Had a homestead on Cottonwood Creek. Elected to the school board of Wasilla’s 1st school in 1917. He did the concrete work under the original Herning (later Teeland) store in Wasilla as well as a lot of the carpentry work on the building. In 1918, he left to go to the Army. Frank Fleckenstein was killed by an escaped prisoner in Kanakanak, Alaska in 1925. His father was the U.S. Marshal and Frank was a guard. The man that killed him was an Eskimo man named Mike N. Eqwana.

FLECKENSTEIN, Joseph Bernard and Marie Antionette Doan: Filed homestead papers (Wasilla area) in 1914. Children: William Joseph, John Paul "Jack", Christopher, Frank Joseph, Sharon Daniel, Lawrence Edward, Ellen Catherine and Eva Marie. Mrs. Fleckenstein, born 1897, died in 1946. Joseph B. Fleckenstein born 1870 and died 1948. Census records say Joseph Bernard Fleckenstein was born in Iowa and his parents were from Germany. Marie Antionette (some records show her as "Nettie") was born in California and her father was born in Illinois and her mother was born in Georgia. For more information on the Fleckenstein family try this link:

FLECKENSTEIN, Sharon Daniel: 1899-1959. Son of Joseph Bernard and Marie Antionette "Nettie" Fleckenstein. First wife was Maxine Crocker (1906-1932), daughter of Wasilla rancher Fred Crocker. Theirs was the first wedding ever held in Wasilla. Maxine drowned in 1932 (age 26) after a car, she was riding in, crashed into Pinnacle Rock (coming out of Hatcher Pass) and rolled into the Little Susitna River. Maxine drowned and is buried in the
Anchorage Memorial Cemetery in the Pioneer Section.  Sharon's 2nd wife was Florence Evelina Edlund-Strigga (1905-1985), first wife of August J. "George" Strigga. Florence and George Strigga had 2 daughters: Lorraine and Shirley. Florence and Sharon David Fleckenstein had two sons: Sharon Daniel and Joseph.(see Fred Edlund) (see August Strigga)

FLECKENSTEIN, Sharon Daniel “Dan”: Married Joan Nunley
. Children: Dan, Amy and Jack. Lived on part of the original Fleckenstein homestead on
Cottonwood Creek; they are the 5th generation of Fleckenstein’s in Alaska.

FLINT, Eunice Kathryn (Bouwens):(1920-1989) Daughter of Colonists William and  LuluBelle Bouwens. Eunice worked as a cook in the gold mines and was a teletype operator for the FAA. Children: Jon, Mary Lou, Judy and Susan.

FONDAHN, Edmund A. Sr. and Maria Xenia Cleghorn: Edmund (1882-1960) Maria (1900-1977) Maria was born at Old Tyonek to James and Mary Cleghorn (Cleghorn's in Alaska since about 1892). Maria served as a translator in WWII for soviet vessels docked at Seward. Children: Edmund, Karen and Margaret.

FORD, Bobby: Lived on Fairvew Loop. Young man recently out of the military when he died. His pistol fell out of its holster (while he was chopping wood) and it discharged, killing him.

FOSKET, Adin: Worked at the Experimental Station starting in the 1920s or earlier. Neighbor to Richard Hyer, John Johnson and Alex Thorsen. Lived in Matanuska house.

FOX,Charles Leroy: Married and divorced in Germany. Married Arlene Benson Bragg (1963) in Palmer; they had 1 son together, Charles Roger Fox. Charles Sr. was a well known mechanic and owned Bailey Hill Auto. He loved to grow raspberries and rhubarb. Charles was part of the US Army liberating forces, in WWII, under General Patton and served as a courtroom guard during the Nuremberg trials in Germany. He was also a veteran of the Korean war. Step-father of James Bragg Fox. (see Jim Fox) (see Benson)

FOX, James H. "Jim": Son of Arlene Benson and James Lee Bragg. Step-son of Charles Leroy Fox. Jim is the leading authority on the history of the Matanuska Colonists (and south central Alaska in general). (see Benson)

FOX, Waldo and Mabel:  Colonists from Michigan.  Children: Norman, Bertram "Bill" (wife's name Darlene).  (see Kenser).

FRANCE, Grant Clarence and Iva Maude (Hendershot): Came to
Alaska, from Minnesota, as Colonists in 1935. (Grant1893-2007) (Iva 1898-1971) Children:
Vernon Henry France (1920-1986) married * Lucille O'Donnel Ring in 1940
                                        * Karen Bryant
Miles Grant France (1921-2008) married  * Donna Jean Durand
June Delores France (1924-1981)married  * Wilbur Lloyd Granger in 1944
                                        * Al Withey
Norman Edward France(1928-1985)married  * Lyla Jean Rapley
Laura Blanche France (1926-2012)        * married Arthur W.Stenberg Jr. in 1948 (see Stenberg)
                                        * married Lester "Murpy" Ellsworth in 2002

FRANK, Darrell M. and Anna Marie Holbrook: Darrell (1909-1996)Came to the valley in 1935 as a Colonist with first wife Lois V. He worked at farming and construction. Children: Darrell Jr., Randall, David, Joanne and Nancy. Darrell Frank Sr. married Anna Marie Holbrook in 1956 and they were the original owners of D and A Supermarket in Palmer. Children: Juanita and Leon. (see Hartley)

FREDERICK, Herbert "Tuffy" and Mae: Came to Wasilla in 1950 and bought the Hallea Lodge from Hal and Lea Halvorsen in 1951.  They also opened the Kachemak Lodge on Fox River (Kenai Bay). They had one daughter, stage name Laurie Anders who was an actress and married a professional dancer named Robert Zorris. 


FRITZ, Bud and Doris June Hermon:

FRITZ, Harold and Lorraine McKechnie:

FRITZLER, Carl:  Married Hedvig “Vicky” Edlund in 1936, daughter of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella (Mead) Edlund. Children: Gloryjean and Carl Mark. Carl was a carpenter and farmer; he helped build Fort Richardson in the early 40s and on many buildings around the Valley, including the Walter and Vivian Teeland house on
Lake Lucille and the Airport Mall. He also built a camper park at the corner of the Parks Hwy and Seward Meridian Roads. (see Edlund)(see Wilson)
For photos go to:

FRITZLER, Gloryjean: Daughter of Carl Fritzler and Hedvig "Vicky" Edlund. First husband was James H. Carson, children: Kay, Samuel, Joseph and Vicky. Gloryjean and James divorced in 1958. Her 2nd husband was Cecil Vaughan Wilson, children: David Vaughan and an adopted daughter Kellee. (see Carl Fritzler) (see James Carson) (see Cecil Vaughan Wilson)

GAGNON, Frank E.: Married Wanda Soper, daughter of Carmen Soper. Children: Frank, Dottie and Glenn.  (Frank 1902-1979) (see Soper)

GAIKEMA, Nicholas James: Born about 1879 in Michigan. Operated a mail (and freight) boat out of Knik as early as 1913. The 1940
US Census said he was from Michigan and his wifes name was Thelma and his son's name was James. Nick died in 1943, he's buried in the Pioneer section of the Anchorage Cemetery.

GERSHMEL, Allen Earl: Son of Harold Earl and Edith (Liedorff) Gershmel. Married Wythel Jourine Heaven, adopted daughter of Foster and Daisy Heaven. Children: Brian, Bruce, Charlene, Marietta and Patty. (see Foster Heaven) (see Harold Gershmel)

EL, Harold Earl and Edith (Liedorff)
: Replacement Colonists, arrived in 1936. Four children: Bob, June, Allen and Carol. They lived on Matanuska Road near the Arnold Carson family. Harold died in 1972. Edith’s 2nd husband was Vic Cottini. (see Vic Cottini). Children: Robert, June, Allan and Maralene. Also living in the home in 1940 was Harold’s mother Caroline.

GISLASON, Johannes and Myrtle Irene:
  Children:  Joyce,
Gary. Husband, Joe, died when he got his leg caught in a forage chopper while working on it. (Johannes 1911-1959)

GOODLATAW, JOHN and Mary Nickoli: Goodlataw was an Ahtna Indian born about 1870 in Chitina. He moved to Chickaloon about 1920 and married Mary in about 1925 (he was over 50 and Mary was only about 21). They had one son, Paul Joseph born in 1926 at Chickaloon. John died in 1935. Mary married again (1938) to John Shaginoff (children Bert, Donald, Eugene and Lloyd). (see Shaginoff) (see Nickolai)

GOODRICH, Duane L. and Elinor:
Duane came to Alaska in 1940 (son of Ralph and Vivian Goodrich) and graduated from Palmer High School in 1951. He was a Korean War veteran and owned the Palmer Machine Shop from 1948-1989. Children: Mark, Monte and Kathryn.

GOODRICH, Ralph A. and Vivian (Mellein): (Ralph 1903-1982) (Vivian 1904-1985)

GOOZMER, Pedro and Polly (Chuitt): Pedro's WWII military draft registration said he was born 6/17/1893 at Susitna Station. He was the son of Goozmer and Annie he had a sister named Lena. The 1935 US Census for Tyonek, show he is a widower with  13 year old son named Nick and a 16 year old daughter name Nola and a 3 month old granddaughter named Christine. In 1940, he had a 16 year old wife named Polly (in Tyonek).  Polly was the daughter of Paul and Allie Chuitt. Pedro and Polly had the following children: Alfred, Glen, Thomas, barbara, kathy, Annabell, Marie and Edna.

GORE, Robert and Lois: Children Patricia, Don,  ________

GRAHAM, Robert Bruce: Lived near the
Butte?  Was a mechanic for the ARRC from about 1939? The 1940 US Census lists his wife as Margaret and children as Robert and Virginia.

GRANGER, Lloyd and June Delores France Granger:  Married in Palmer 1944.  June was the daughter of Grant Clarence and Iva Maude France.


GRAU, Leonard John Sr.: Received patent to 120 acres in 1927, mined in the Talkeetna's and worked for the U.S.Engineers in Anchorage
after son Leonard Jr. was born. In Wasilla by 1923. Trucking, blacksmith, prospector. Married twice: Mary Jane Vail and Thelma Lorraine Cook. (Leonard 1891-1972) (Mary Jane 1901-1984) (Thelma Lorraine Cook 1905-1998) (see Vail)

GREENON, George:

GRAY, Dan:  In Valley by 1923. Worked at Fern Mine, Mabel Mine, worked at Thorpe’s Mine. Watchman at
Goose Bay docks; died in the late 1940s.


GRONWALD, Hermon J.: In 1940 he lived at Fish Lake. Born in Germany about 1874.

GROW, David Ernest: (1912-1987) son of James Alphas and Maud Grow. Jackie (Slumberger) Betts (1st wife of Thurman Betts)had 3 daughters when she married David Grow: Sally, Judy and Glenda. David and Jackie had three children together: David Jr., Gail "Murphy" and Michael. (see Thurman Betts)(see James Alphas Grow).

GROW, James Alphas and Maude Agnes(Hayes): James, a resident of the Palmer area since 1934, was a retired Union Pacific Railroad worker. Children: Lionel Edward, Gladys Emily (Falk), James Carlos, William Hayes and David Ernest. James Alphas (1871-1940)buried in Anchorage and Maude (1874-1947)buried in Palmer.

GROW, James Carlos: Son of James Alphas anad Maud Grow.

GUSTAFSON,  Gustav Emil “Shorty”: Born 1887 in Sweden
. Living in Wasilla by 1916, homesteaded 320 acres. Married in 1924, divorced by 1930. Working at mines in 1940; working for Herning in 1945. Granted land patent for original Wasilla City lot in 1923. "Shorty" owned the first airplane in the Valley and flew it back and forth from Wasilla to the mines. Died in 1970 at the Sitka Pioneer Home.  For more see:

HAGEN, Alfred: Former mayor of Palmer. Built Playland on
Wasilla Lake. Owned Center Theater in Palmer. Palmer businessman in the late 1940s and 1950s. Wife's name was Imogene or Emogene?

HALLER, Gustav A. and Marie: Immigrated from
Norway in 1902, he was in Knik by 1917 selling vegetables. Was deaf and dumb, could read lips and often communicated by writing notes. Was a cook at Gold Mint and Fern Mines. Marie was killed by the train in 1926. Sold his ranch to Ray Wolf in 1943. Gus Haller born 1874, died 1948.

HALVORSEN, Hal and Lea:  Built the Hallea Lodge about 1947; they sold the lodge to Herbert "Tuffy" and Mae Frederickson in 1951.

HANSON, Henry O. and Esther: Lived in a quonset hut on
Fairview Loop across from the Dinkle family. No biological children but they raised foster children Ed, Fred and Jody Wilkes. Taught school near Red Devil (Nome area).


HARBISON, George Sr. and Katherine "Katie":
 George Sr. came to Wasilla to teach english in 1954, replacing Louise Potter. He helped form the valleys first teacher association. They lived at Knik, near the Joe Redington homestead. Children: George Jr., Lee Anna, Richard, Becky and Peter. George Harbison Jr. wrote a book about growing up in Wasilla, called Homesteaders in the Headlights.

HARDISTY, Robert L. "Red": 1917-1994  Stationed at Fort Richardson then moved to Palmer in 1949. Married Rosie Tost, widow of Jack W. Tost. Owned Tost's Chevron Services in Palmer and worked for the City of Palmer. Rosie had a son from 1st marriage: John Gorc?  (see Tost)

HARRIS, Ernest Andrew "Duke" and Hazel Ethel (Wise): Worked at Jonesville Coal Mine 1965-1974 and on Ft. Richardson 1965-1974. Hazel worked for the Small Business Administration and the Alaska State Fair. Children: Robert and William, also had a brother John "Rip" Harris. (Duke 1911-1981) (Ethel 1913-1986)

HARRIS, Harold and Elaine: Lived and farmed on the corner of
Fairview Loop and Edlund Road. Sponsored the Kalawese.Family from Germany to come to Alaska about 1949. Children: 6

HARRISON, Charles RIn Wasilla by 1916. Rancher, prospector, grew strawberries. Built a house next to pool hall in Wasilla 1927.

Gary: Son of Louis Raymond Harrison and Reta (Hubbard), grandson of Lee and Annie (Stickman-Nickolai)Harrison. Gary is the Chief of Chickaloon Native Village. (see Nickolai) (see Lee Harrison)

HARRISON, Lee and  Annie (Stickman-Nickolai): Lee Harrison married Annie Nickolai, daughter of Frank Nickolai and Balasculya "Mary" Stickman, she was the widow of Jess Wickersham. Annie (born at Old Man Lake) had 3 children:(Katherine Mae, Helen and Jessica Belle "Jessie") when she married Lee Harrison (in about 1926). Lee was born in
Minnesota; his WWI draft registration listed his occupation as a miner for the Alaska Engineering Commission. Lee and Annie's children: Angeline, Louis Raymond, Shirley, Albert and Annabell. Lee and Annie Harrison's grandson, Gary Harrison, is the current Chief of Chickaloon Native Village. Lee and Annie are buried at Chickaloon. (Lee 1873-1958) (Annie 1905-1943) (see Nickolai) (see Wickersham)

HARRISON, Louis Raymond and Reta (Hubbard): Son of Lee Harrison and Annie Nicolai. Louis Raymond and Reta Harrison's children: Penny, Louis Raymond Jr., Tim, Gary, David and Bruce. Raymond also had a son named Donald with Peggy Overstreet Smith, former wife of Dave Smith. (Louis Raymond 1931-1969)(see Nickolai) (see Overstreet)(see Smith)

HARTER, Claud Harry "Unk" and Evelyn Elaine (Scheibl):
Married 1943 in Palmer. Claud was a WW II veteran. (brother of Louis E. Harter)(see Scheibl) (Claud 1921-1987) (Evelyn 1926-1987)

HARTER, Louis Edward and Willa Faye (Jones): Louis and Willa Faye came to Alaska in 1957 at the invitation of his brother, Claud Harter. Louis and Willa Faye received a patent to 149 acres in the Huston area in 1963. Children: Louis, Mary Ann, Charles, Carolyn and Belva.  (Louis 1922-1981) (Willa Faye 1927-2011) Children:

HARTLEY, James Neil: Son of Leon William Hartley and Ruth Marian English. Married: Eileen Venne daughter of Colonists George and Irene Venne. Children: James, Catherine, Joan and Karen. James married second wife: Joanne Lorene Frank in 1949, daughter of Colonists Darrel and Lois Frank. (see Frank)

HARTLEY, Lee William and Maralyn Jean (Vasanoja): Born 1918 in Anchorage, son of Leon William and Ruth Marion English. Married Maralyn Jean Vasanoja, daughter of Colonist Lawrence and Helen Vasanoja in 1940. With his brothers and father, he owned an auto dealership called Hartley Motors and a fuel and service station in Palmer called Hartley Bros. Lee and wife owned Hartley Honda in Wasilla. Children: Clare, Signe and Brenda. Lee died in 2010.

HARTLEY, Leon William: Born in Galesburg, Illinois, son of Kirk P. and Minnie Hartley. Came to
Alaska in 1916. Married Ruth Marian English (in 1917) in Anchorage. Children: Lee, James  and Robert. Prospected for coal at Moose Creek; owned a hardware store in Anchorage; owned a furniture store in Fairbanks; operated a salmon cannery at Point Possession; he hauled freight to the Willow Creek Mining District and ran a trading post at Kenai. In 1945, he bought a “beer hall” on Finger Lake from James St. Clair. Leon died in 1986 and Ruth died in 1981.

HARTLEY, Robert Dean and Inga Marcella (Vasanoja): Robert was born in Anchorage to Leon William Hartley and Ruth Marian English. Graduated from high school in Palmer; worked on the construction of Fort Richardson and Campbell Airstrip. Operated Hartley Brothers Garage (with his 3 brothers) in Palmer. Married Inga Marcella Vasanoja in 1947. Children: Kirk, Helen (married Ralph Hulbert), and Roberta (married Alvin Swick). (see Hulbert) (Robert 1923-2008)

HARTMAN, Earl E. and Nellie____________: Moved to their new hotel in Wasilla 1917 and built a 50’ x 50’ log barn.  1919 bought a Ford automobile to take passengers to the mines. 1923 ran the Fishhook Inn.  1928 leased their hotel to Chas Cadwallader.

HARVEY, Wenter D. and Mary E.:  Came to Wasilla in 1945. They started  the Wasilla Christian Church in the first old school house and where Wenter Harvey was a pastor. Mary worked for May Carter in the Post Office for a while and taught school. They held fund raisers for a new library, the Aurora Cemetery and for rebuilding the community hall. They had two children: Donna and Kenny. Had a church camp on a road that comes off of Hayfield Road (Fairview Loop area).

HATCHER, Robert L.: 1867-1950, considered the first to file a lode gold claim on Skyscraper Mountaian in the
Hatcher Pass in 1906. Hatcher married a prohibition activist named Cornelia Templeton Jewett. He made several other gold discoveries in the Hatcher Pass area. They lived in Knik originally, then in Wasilla. He was instrumental in discovering, developing (then selling) several gold mines into the 1930’s. He later moved his mining operations to the Seward area, where he died at the age of 83.

HAVEMEISTER, Annie Lorraine: (1937-2004) Daughter of Arnold Henry and Emmy Havemeister. Annie was born in Palmer and graduated from Palmer High School in 1954. She married Virgil Meehan in 1954 and Charles McCorkle in 1977. Children; James, Steven and Lenora.

HAVEMEISTER, Arnold Henry and Emmy Sophie (Hansen): (Arnold 1899-1942)(Emmy 1904-2002) Matanuska Colonists, arrived in 1935 from Michigan. Emmy worked as a farmer and did housekeeping for people. Children: Helen, Annie and Bob. 

HAYES, Vera C.: (1906-1995) Came to Alaska in 1949, was the 1st Avon lady to cover the Matanuska Valley. Worked at the Alaska State Fairgrounds as head cashier from 1957-1970. Husband Larel "Slim" Hayes died in 1981.

HEAVEN, Foster Charles and Daisy Marietta (Spiesike): 1890-1970. Foster came to
Alaska in 1924 and married Daisy Spiesike in 1931; they lived in Anchorage. Moved to Wasilla in 1952. Adopted Children: Foster LeRoi and Wythle Jourine.  Foster and Daisy both died in 1970.

HEAVEN, Foster LeRoi and Margaret Ann (Johnson): LeRoi was the adopted son of Foster and Daisy Heaven. He married Margaret Ann Johnson. Children:(adopted)
Troy Bradley. LeRoi was an avid historian of the Wasilla area and is credited with creating the Historic Park in Wasilla and for saving the Herning/Teeland store in Wasilla. LeRoi died in 2010; Margaret died in 2013.

HEAVEN, Wythle Jourine
: Adopted daughter of Foster and Daisy Heaven. Married Allen Gershmel. Children: Brian Earl, Charlene,
Marietta Jourine, Patty Jo and Bruce Charles.(see Allen Gershmel)

HECKER, William Earl and Kathreen Estelle Gibson: (William Earl 1889-1947) (Kathreen 1893-1983)William Earl and family came to the valley in 1938 (as replacement colonists) and farmed for several years. William Earl then became the town barber, but died in 1947. They had 6 children: June, William Jr., Ferne, Alice, Barbara and Joyce. Kathreen's 2nd husband was Charles O. Huntley; her 3rd husband was Ted Gladfelder.

HECKER, William Jr. and Bergie Belle Alexander: William, son of William and Kathreen Hecker. Married Bergie Belle Alexander who came to the valley as a school teacher for the Colonists. They married in 1946 and had 3 children: Angela, Patricia and Barbara. Bergie taught 26 years in the Palmer schools.

HEDBERG, John: In Knik by 1906. Married a “Talkeetna slave woman” named Anastasia Nutnal'tna in 1907. Ranching near Knik in 1917. Some people called him “Moosemeat John”. Lived in Knik, Anchorage, Kenai, Sunrise and Hope. Bought 200 acre farm on Wasilla-Willow Road for $20 per acre in 1946.  Born 1865 in Sweden, disappeared at age 85, while running his dory in Cook Inlet in 1951.

HEMMER, John Patrick and Cora: (John Patrick 1891-1959) (Cora 1890-1976) Colonists from
Minnesota. First farm was north west of Bodenburg Butte.  Later bought south half of Colonist's Grant and Gertie Kenser's tract off of the Palmer-Wasilla Highway, calling the road to their farm Hemmer Road. Children: Patricia, John, Cora "Tess" and Roberta "Bobby Jo".  Hemmer was one of the authors of the famous telegraph to President Roosevelt about poor condidtions in the Colony in 1935.

HENRY, Francis and Ella Roberta Black:
 Francis married Ella Roberta Black
daughter of William and Ella Higgins Black. Ella was born in Council, Alaska in 1906 and her parents homesteaded in the valley in 1915. When her parents died in 1920 and 1921, Ella was sent back to Wisconsin where she married Francis Marion Henry. Francis and Ella applied to be included in the Matanuska Colonist project and their tract adjoined part of Ella's parents old homestead which Ella inherited. Children: Elaine, Ruth, Paul and Opal.  (see Black)

HERMANN, WILLIAM P. Born 1906 in Germany, came to Alaska (Cordova) in 1934 and by 1940 was working at Independence Mine and later Jonesville Coal Mine. William was very civic minded and was on the Palmer City Council and Mat-Su Borough Assembly. He donated 120 shares of RCA stock that funded the tourist information center and museum as well as the tennis courts, all in Palmer. He also donated $10,000 to the Valley Hospital and other community ventures. William P. Herman died in 1993, he never married and had no children.

HERMON, Harold "Fritz": (1912-2006) Son of Colonists John and Hilda Hermon who came to Palmer in 1935. Owned Fritz Hermon Dozer Service. First wife was Ruth Moffit (daughter of Archie and Sarah);they had 3 daughters: Nancy, Connie and Sally. Fritz's  2nd wife was Lorraine (McKechnie) Aklestad, daughter of Loren and Edna "Peggy" McKechnie, they had no children. Lorraine had three children from a previous marriage: Ronald P., Karen, and Gordon "Corky" Aklestad. (see McKechnie) (see Aklestad)(see Moffit)

HERMON, John Henry and Hilda Rose(Wiehr): John H. Hermon's 1st wife was Opal (Turner). They had 4 children:1.John Thomas 1912-2006, 2.Harold "Fritz" 1912-2006 (wife 1 Ruth Moffitt  wife 2 Lorraine McKechnie Aklestad) 3.Elizabeth "Betty" 1915-1980 (husband 1 Matt Onkka  husband 2 Ralph Cann) and 4.Doris June 1919-1993(married Bud Fritz). Opal (Turner) died in 1922 in Georgia. John Hermon's 2nd wife was Hilda Rose (Wiehr). They came to Alaska in 1935 as Colonists. They had 4  children: 1. Benjamin (married Eve_____), 2. James Steven 1928-2003(married Mary Ann Bryant),3. George (wife 1 Evelyn Mellen/Mellin) (wife 2 Donna McKechnie) and 4.Neil Hermon.

The brothers of this family formed Hermon Brothers Construction.  Hermon Brothers Baseball field on the Alaska State Fairgrounds is named for the brothers. (John Henry 1889-1967)(Opal 1893-1922) (Hilda 1907-1999)(see Onkka) (see Cann)(see McKechnie)(see Fritz)(see Aklestad)

HERNING, George Stanley and Eva (Fleckenstein): Son of Orville and Mattie Herning. Married Eva Fleckenstein (daughter of Joseph B. Fleckenstein) in 1926. Children: Marie Martha and George Stanley "Buddy" Herning Jr.. Worked in the family store and on Ft. Richardson Army base. Owned an airplane. Won the Nenana Ice Pool lottery in 1946. (see Orville Herning)

HERNING, Orville George and Martha "Mattie" (Rogers): Herning was born 1868 in Minnesota, he married Martha Amelia "Mattie" Rogers in 1894. Herning came to Knik in 1898 as the head of the Boston and Klondike Gold Mining Company. He helped form the Willow Creek Mining District organization. Mattie and their first son Elmer (born 1895) came to Knik in 1901. A second son, George Stanley was born in 1904. Herning opened up a small trading post at Knik in 1906 called the Knik Trading Co. His oldest son, Elmer, died at Knik in 1906. In 1917, when the railroad tracks came through the valley, Herning bought the very first public lot sold in Wasilla (lot 1 block 1) and moved his store to the railroad construction camp called Wasilla. He and his family lived at Wasilla until Herning's death in 1947 when the store was sold to Walter and Vivian Teeland.  Orville died in Anchorage in 1947 and Mattie died there in 1958. Herning kept a daily diary from his arrival at Knik in 1898 until his death in 1947. For more information try this link:

HYLAND,Myles Sr. and Joanne Byrne: Joanne born 1898 in England, came to Alaska with husband Myles in 1928. They operated a sawmill at Girdwood until 1935 when they moved to Palmer and opened the Hiland Hotel which they operated until 1960. Myles died in 1949 and Joanne remarried in 1950 to Jim Smith (1897-1970). Joanne died in 2000 at the age of 103. Children: Myles Hiland Jr.  (see Jim Smith)

HJELLEN, Eghart Bernard "Al" and Elizabeth "Pat" (Snider): Pat Snider, the daughter of Gerrit and Alice Snider. She was born in the Ship Creek tent city (1916) before it became Anchorage. She was a part of the first Wasilla City Council and she was the first female Mayor of Wasilla. "Pat" had three children when she married Al Hjellen: Gilbert, Garret "Gary" and Susan. Al and Pat had three children together: Peter, Alice and Ida. (Al Hjellen 1915-1986) ("Pat" 1916-2009) (see Snider)

HODSDON, Charles and Pansy:
Children: Richard and Max.

HOELDT, Ida Ruth: (1898-1991) Came to Alaska in 1941. Children: Leslie, Shirley, Larry Wayne "Bud", Dorothy, Donna Lynn and Kenneth. Had a brother named Joe Petrie.

HOFFMAN, Frank A.: (1871-1937) Frank was a law officer between Valdez, Knik and Anchorage for 36 years. He was also the personal bodyguard for President Harding when he came to Alaska in 1923. He was in charge of the prison in Anchorage after 1915 and it was nicknamed the "Hoffman Hotel". 

HOFFMAN, Milton Albert and Cora Elizabeth (Frankenfield): Both buried in Palmer, (Milton 1896-1975) (Cora 1902-1991) Children: Violet "Vi" (Hoffman)Redington, Thomas Milton Hoffman and Myrtle Hazel Hoffman.  (see Violet Hoffman) (see Redington)

HOFFMAN, Violet Elizabeth "Vi":  1924-2006. "Vi" was the daughter of Milton and Cora Hoffman. She came to
Alaska with her 1st husband Ray Redington, Ray's brother Joe and father-in-law James Redington in 1948. She and Ray had 2 sons Tommy and Timmy; they got a divorce and in 1953 "Vi" married Ray's brother Joe Redington. They had one son, Keith, born in 1956 and died in a shooting accident at their Flat Horn Lake homestead in 1965. "Vi" was step-mother to Joe Redington's children: Joee, Rayme and Sheila.  Joe Redington is known as the Father of the Iditarod dog sled race, and "Vi" was justly known as the matriarch of the Iditarod.  (see Redington)

HOLDEN, H.:  Homesteader near Wasilla 1924. Sold strawberries. Killed himself because he had cancer; he is buried on his ranch.

HOLMBERG, Arthur Eugene "Gene": Lived on "Swamp Road" (Schrock Rd.). He was a lifelong bachelor, sometimes school teacher and farmer.

HOLSTEIN, Herbert and Jewel Beth(McHenry): Gold miner, lived at mile 3 Fairview Loop. Children: Ruby (married Bill Church).  (see Church) (see McHenry)

HOLT, George:He was the Alaska Commercial Co. agent at Knik and was shot to death (in front of his store) by a Copper River Indian in 1885. It's quite a story, if you'd like to read more, try this link: web.html

HORNING, William S. “Bill”:  Married: _________________. In Knik by 1915 on his way to
Broad Pass. Opened the Fern Mine in 1923 for the Guggenheim’s. 1925 opened Mabel Mine with the Bartholf’s. Wife died 1945. In the 1930 US Census for the Mabel Mine, he is listed as living with Pearl B. Horning age 49 (listed as lodger), Allen E. Horning age 22 listed as son and Jean M. Horning, age 15, listed as lodger.

HORNUNG, John J. and Verlie Inez Crouch: Vegetable and dairy farmers, married in 1948, Verlie was the widow of Otto Nelson (replacement colonists). The family lived on what is now the
Parks Highway between the Henry Jensen and John Church families. Children: Twin sons (Peter and James who died shortly after birth in 1950) and Richard Hornung. Verlie's children from previous marriage to Otto Nelson: John (died 1941),Lavon, Charlotte, William and Carolyn.(see Otto Nelson)

HOSKINS, Bill and Mary:  Lived near the experimental station. Lived in old Matanuska?

HUGH, Hans and Amalie (Edlund): Born in Switzerland 1891. Married Amalie “Malie” Elizabeth Edlund, daughter of John Fredolph Edlund.  Homesteaded in the Valley before 1915. Children: Hans Raymond (called Danny") and Fredolph Oswald (called “Dolphy”). “Malie” died about 1915 and is buried on her parents homestead. Hans Hugh had a brother named Herman Hugh. (Hans 1891-1969) (Amalie 1897-1915) ("Dolphy" 1915-2003)("Danny" 1913-2004)(see Edlund)

HUGH, Herman: Born 1894 in Switzerland, married Rosalie “Rose” Francis Edlund, daughter of John Fredolph Edlund. Children: Josephine Mary(“Lila”) and George H. Hugh. Homesteaded in the Valley before 1915.  Rosalie’s 2nd husband was Asa A. “Jack” Wilkinson and her 3rd husband was Elmer I. Tucker. (see Edlund) (Herman 1894-1951) (Rosalie 1898-1970)

HUGHES, Kenneth R. and Vivian Voss (Brockhoff): Came to Alaska in 1934, working with Salvation Army.They moved to Palmer in 1935 and worked as missionaries in the Matanuska Colonist tent city in Palmer. 1938-1947 they worked at El Nathan Childrens Home in Valdez. In 1947, they came back to Palmer and built the Lazy Mountain Childrens Home which they operated from 1947-1958. In 1958 they homesteaded at Big Lake and were flying missisonaries for remote Alaska. Vivian worked as a cook for the Victory Bible Camp. Children: Kenneth and Vosella. (Kenneth 1910-1980) (Vivian 1917-2001) Both are buried out at the Butte.

HUGHES, William: In Alaska as early as 1906. Bought an Indian wife from a Dena’ina Indian named Affinassa. Had a team of 13 horses, freighted for U.S. Land Survey Party. Hauled coal from Moose Creek. Homesteaded in the Valley before 1915. Died in 1923.

HULBERT, James Hacket and Francis R. Byrne:  James mined in various parts of Alaska, mostly in Chicken and the Forty Mile area. Moved to Palmer in the 1945. Francis taught home economics for decades. James graduated from UAF in 1938 in mining engineering and worked for Matanuska Electric. Children: Ralph (married Helen Hartley), Kathy, Paul and Janet.

HULKE, Eldor T. and Laura Marie Smith:
Eldor 1921-2005, came to Wasilla in 1953. Laura Marie  was the daughter of Floyd Smith and Ellen Fleckenstein,(1929-1996) was born in Kanakanak, Alaska and spent many years in Dillingham. She worked at Teelands for over 20 years and was the Wasilla City election judge from 1974-1994. Children: Frieda, Floyd Ernest "Butch", Virginia, Faith and Jody and Hope.  (see Floyd Smith)

Wayne: Married 3 times (one wife was named Agnes); ran a delivery service to Anchorage in the early 1950s; lived on Edlund Road; sold eggs. Author of unpublished political history of the valley.

HURD, Frederick M. and Edith: Fred 1896-1978. Married Edith Hazel Custer (1896-1990).Homesteaded on upper
Wasilla Lake in 1934; Fred worked for the Alaska Road commission. Children: Shirley Juanita and Kenneth. (see McKechnie)

HURLEY,Jim and Katherine "Katie" (Torkelson): "Katie" Hurley (born 1921 in Juneau). Her first husband was Joseph Alexander a Juneau photographer. Her 2nd husband was James Hurley an agricultural chemist, sawmill owner and banker. Katie participated in the Alaska State Constitional Convention in 1955 and was on the Alaska Judicial Council; she was an Alaska State Representative and a long time aide to Governor Ernest Gruening. James and Katie bought the Martin and Edith Olson homestead on Wasilla Lake. Children: David, Susan and Mary.
HYER, Richard:
Disabled WWI veteran, received patent to his homestead on the
Finger Lake side of the Palmer Wasilla road in 1928. The road to his homestead became Hyer Road, he received patent to 160 acres in 1928. He left Alaska by 1932 and moved to New Hampshire.

INDIAN JIM: (see Jim Nikita)

IRWIN, Donald and Amy Pearl (Gould):  First manager of the Rural Rehabilitation Corp. in Palmer. Worked at Matanuska Experimental Station in 1933/1934, then headed the organization of the Matanuska Valley Colony in 1935. Was also general manager of the Alaska Rural Rehabilitation Corp. which ran the Colonist project. Wrote history of the Matanuska Valley. Children: Estella (Odsather), Inabelle (Kennedy) and Donald Jr.

ISAACS, Charles and Florine "Flo": Worked for Bartholf brothers in 1906. Worked at Gold Cord, Old Martin Mine, Fern Mine. Had a brother Ira. He was a watchman at the
Goose Bay Wharf in 1939. Built a cabin between Lucille Street and Wasilla Fishhook, near Nelson Avenue in Wasilla. "Flo" was in a club that started the first Wasilla Library.

JENSEN, Dick: Son of Henry and Edna Jensen. Married Linda LePors, daughter of Paul and Betty (Cottle) LePors.     (see LePors) (see Cottle)

JENSEN, Fred and             : Fred was a carpenter in Wasilla. He was married to  ______ a Native woman and they had several children. Fred died in 1947.

JENSEN, Henry P. and Edna E.: Colonists from
Minnesota. Children: Richard H., Marlene M., Raymond O. and Ronald P.   

JENSEN, Marlene: Daughter of Henry and Edna Jensen. Married Benny Cottle. Children: Bert, Janet and Henry.  (see Benny Cottle)

JENSEN, Ray: Son of Henry and Edna Jensen. Married Claudia Jean Ann Wilson, daughter of Jim and Claudia Wilson.  Children: __________________________  

JENSEN, Ronald:  Son of Henry and Edna Jensen. Married: ________ Children: ___________________.



JOHNSON, Charles D.:  In Knik by 1911. Later a rancher at
Wasilla Lake. He died about 1939 and his ranch was taken over in 1941 ranch purchased by Martin and Edith Olson. (see Olson)

JOHNSON, George W. "Ma": (1907-1995)Came to Alaska with the Army in 1943. Worked at the Jonesville Coal Mine in Sutton for 25 years. No known survivors.

JOHNSON, Johan and Irene: Colonists from
Minnesota. Children: Johan, Donald and Morris. After Irene died, Johan married Mary Cadwallader, widow of Ray Bergman, children: Johan, Don and Maurice. (see Ray Bergman) (see Cadwallader)

JOHNSON, Oscar and Rose __ :  Lived on
Main Street, no children. Oscar’s brother Bob lived with them. Rose was a nurse at one time and was famous for her flowers and gardening skills. She often decorated the funeral coffins when young children/babies passed away in Wasilla.


JOHNSTON, Mrs.: English woman. Taught school a
Fairview 1927-1927 school year. Had a 20 year old brother living with her at the school.

JONES,R. J. and Dorothy Ann (Swanda): Fire Station in Talkeetna named after R. J. Jones. Dorothy was the daughter of Matanuska Colonists, came to the Valley in 1935. She was a Territorial U.S. Commissioner and help establish the first high school in Talkeetna. She was a two term Mat-Su Mayor and owned several businesses in Talkeetna. Children: Gar Jordan, Dorothy "Dee", Cynthia and Dawn. (J.R. 1929-1983) (Dorothy 1929-1993)   (see Swanda)

JONES, Evan William: Born in Aberdare,
Wales. Married Bronwen Morgan in 1906. They were in Alaska by 1917; managed the Daugherty, Eska and Chickaloon coal mines before forming his own coal mining company in 1920.  Evan Jones 1880-1950  Bronwen Jones 1887-1980. Children: Vanny b.1908 (married Davenport), Vivian Irene b. 1911 (married Teeland), Martha Bernice b. 1921 (married Visger), Margaret b. 1925 (married) Bennet.  (See Teeland).

JONES, Vivian Irene: (1911-1997) Daughter of Evan and Bronwen Jones; came to Alaska in 1917. Graduated from Anchorage high school in 1930, married Walt Teeland in 1933, moved to Wasilla in 1947. She was a very small woman (4'6") with a huge heart and an even bigger smile. Vivian and Walt owned a general store at the corner of Knik Road and Main Street in Wasilla from 1947 until 1972. Children: Colleen (who married Rod Cottle), Walter and Lawrence. (see Teeland) (see Evan Jones)

KALWIES, Martin and Anna Marta: (Martin 1906-1980) (Anna 1910-1989) Both born in Germany, came to America in 1952. Purchased a dairy in Palmer and operated it for 28 years. Children: Hildegard, Anni, Gerda, Erika, Helmut and Horst.

KATKUS, Henry and Joan:
Came to the area right after WWII. Received patent to 160 acres by
Rainbow Lake in 1956.Henry was from Lithuania and came to America just before WWII, joined the Army and became a citizen, stationed in England where he met his future war bride Joan. Moved to the valley in the late 1940s? Children Susanna, Jane, Marmgaret, Tom and John.

KELLOGG, Venie "Louise": Came to
Alaska in 1948. Owned Spring Creek Farm north of Palmer (1,000 acres and 120 milk cows). A member of the Mat-Su Borough Assembly, Mat-Su Valley Health Council, Mat-Su axpayers Association, Valley Hospital Association, Valley Hospital Foundation Board, Palmer Historical Society, Pioneers of Alaska Auxillary and Arctic Institute of North America. She helped Joe Redington start the Iditarod Sled Dog Races and she help start the Palmer Library. He had an honorary doctor of humane letters degree from Alaska Pacific University and was given the Alaska of the Year Denali Award in 1997. She was on the Alaska Pacific Board of Trustee's for over 20 years and gave the university 700 acres of land. Alaska Pacific University opened up "Kellogg Campus" on her dairy farm and offered courses and seminars there. Louise Kellog died in 2001 at the age of 97.  She was inducted into the Alaska Womens Hall of Fame in 2012.

KELLY, Frank: In Knik by 1908. In 1940 he and wife Mary were living at Lucky Shot Village (mining town on Cragie Creek Hatcher Pass). Frank was born about 1883 in Pennsylvania and Mary was born about 1910 in Wisconsin.

KELLY, Milo: Born about 1866 in Wisconsin. In Knik as early as 1911; owned the Milo Kelly Mine on Willow Creek in 1940. Wife Katherine H. Kelly born about 1893 in England.

KELLY, Samuel T. "Sam": In Knik and Wasilla area from 1917-1933; worked for ARC, worked in the mines, clerked for O.G. Herning and was a tinsmith. No family. (Sam 1860-1933)

KELTON, Claud and Lois: One daughter, Barbara who married Neil Browne III. (see Browne)

KENDRICK, Harry and Drusilla (Barnhardt): Farmed near the Butte in the 1950s, Also lived off of Scott Road near Palmer. Harry was an airplane mechanic in WWII and was a coal miner at Jonesville; he was in the Sutton Coal Miners Hall of Fame. Children: Susan, Kathy, Diane, Christine and Lois. (Harry 1920-2013)

KENNEDY, Jim and Jesse: Jim trapped and mined. No children. 1944 bought the Liebling house near Town Hall for $500. 1946 bought Christopher Fleckenstein homestead at Cottonwood Creek 1946. Jim died in 1978 and Jessie died in 1968.

KENSER, Grant and Gertie:  Colonists.  Grant  (and the Koppenberg's) helped the Machetanz family build their cabin on High ridge. After Grant died, Gertie married  ____ Burtcher.  (see Burtcher)

KEPLER, David Chatfield: Son of Jesse and Harriet Kepler, came to Alaska in 1927. Married Lois Luan Gallagher in 1953. Children: Chris, Mark and Patti. Served on the aircraft carrier U.S.S.Antietam and worked for ARC during construction of the Glenn Highway. David was a church elder at the Farm Loop Christian Center for 20 years and was involved with the family owned Kepler Park that his father started in 1952. (David 1925-2002) (Lois 1930-2005)

KEPLER, Enid Kathleen: Daughter of Jesse and Harriet Kepler. Kathleen (or "Kitty") married John Jacon Van Zanten who's family came to Alaska in 1917. Children: David, Tom, Terry Joe, Jackie, Marlyn and Celia Beth. "Beth" was murdered by serial killer Robert Hansen in 1971.

KEPLER, Jesse Townsend: 1896-1960 First wife was Mary Lenora Andrews (1894-1921). Second wife was Harriet Elizabeth Foster (1896-1993). Jesse, Harriet and children came to Alaska in 1927. Children: Eloise (married Norbert Swoboda), David Chatfield (married Lois Luan Gallaher), Rosemary (married Bill Carlow) and Enid Kathleen (married John Jacob "Jack" Van Zanten).
Jesse and family lived in the town of Matanuska for a number of years. Later they moved to the Farm Loop area (their land became the Lossing farm). Jesse drove a school bus starting in 1931. Kepler Lake and Harriett Lake named after this family. Family opened the Kepler Lake Campground in 1952. Harriet was a historian of Matanuska and the early days of the valley. (see Swoboda)

KERTTULA, Elizabeth "Beth": Elected to the Alaska House of Representatives for 15 years, then was appointed (by the White House) as Director of Ocean Policy.
She is the daughter of Jalmar and Joyce Kerttula.

KERTTULA, Jalmar Martin "Jay":  Married Joyce Campbell, former high ranking secretary on the
Manhattan Project. Jay served in the Alaska House of Representatives 1961-1972 and was Alaska Senate President 1982-1984, he was also a part time Matanuska Valley farmer. Son of Oscar and Elvi Kerttula. Children: Elizabeth "Beth" and Anna.

KERTTULA, Oscar Alexander and Elvi:  Oscar -1902-1965 Matanuska Colonists. Oscar was an early member of the Wobblies and came to
Alaska during WW I. Worked at the power house in Palmer and farmed. Children: Jalmar, Esther "Dolly" or "Kim" (Sutton). After Oscar died, Elvi married Ray Rebarchek.  (see Rebarcheck)

KESSINGER, Arlo:  Married to Esther Browne, daughter of Neil and
Pearl Browne. Arlo and Esther had 2 daughters: Laine and Arla. (see Browne)

KIBBE, Rexford C. and Georgia Elliott:  Bought the Harry and Hilda Sears homestead on
Fairview Loop (previously part of the Edlund homestead), near Davis Road. No children.

KING, Alvin O. and Ethel: (Alvin 1902-1975) (Ethel 1900-1957)

KING, AraBelle: (1916-1989) Daughter of Clyde and Emma King. Married Sydney Eklhorn Black. (see Black)

KING, Clyde Vane and Emma Cathrine (nee Carron): Came to Alaska in 1932.Emma came to Alaska in 1918 or 1919, and her parents owned a fishing boat (and later a store) in Craig. They moved out of state, but returned in 1932 and homesteaded at King's Lake. Received land patents to the land his father originally homesteaded around the lake: 168 acres in 1938; 40 acres in 1946; 40 acres in 1948; 40 acres in 1949. Family grew vegetables, flowers, and sold eggs and took labor jobs around the state. In the late 1940s or early 1950s the family donated a couple of acres and set up a non-profit childrens camp (still operating as Kings Lake Camp by Salvation Army). Took a job with the Territorial Road Commission in Palmer in 1948 and headed construction of the Alcan road from the Valley to Eureka. Moved to California in the 1950s. Children: June (married Aaron "Bud" Liebing), Clyde Vernon Jr., and AraBelle (married Sydney Black).  (see Aaron Liebing) (see Sydney Black).

KING, Clyde Vernon and Mary (nee Amsbury): Son of Clyde and Emma King, came to Kings Lake in 1931. Spent time at Independence Mine while young. Clyde and wife Mary lived at the Kings Lake homestead for a few years before moving to property on the airport in Palmer. Clyde and cousin John King built a block plant in Wasilla in the 1940s and operated it for about 10 years. Later worked for USGS. Children:  Patrick King.

KING, John Provolt and Lucille Mary (Vinecore): (John 1918-2000) (Lucille 1926-2009)Son of Kent King and Clara Provolt King. Married Lucille Vinecore in 1945. John and couisn Clyde operated Palmer Concrete Products. Lived in the Butte area for 49 years and owned "Mamma's Wood Yard". Children: Sandi, Susan, Evelyn, Ellen, Kathy, Kent and Laura.

KING, June Marie: Born in Ketchikan in 1921, she moved with her family to Kings Lake, Wasilla in April of 1932. Attended Moore Lake School and Wasilla High School and played basketball. Attended UAF and Seattle College earning a BS in nursing and an RN degree. Nursed at palmer Presbyterian Hospital, Palmer School System and as a Home Health Aide. Volunteered for Camp Fire Girls leader, hospoital board and helped build the United Protestant Church, Kings Lake Camp Board member, volunteer ambulance attendant, taught first aid and EMT courses for the Red Cross. Received the Dorothy Jones Volunteer of the Year award for the Valley United Way in 1998.

KING, Kent McCoy and Clara Louise(Provolt): Came to Alaska in 1931 (with 2 children) and homesteaded on Anderson Lake. Kent died in 1939. Clara owned and operated Clara's Variety Store in Palmer. She lived until the age of 103. Children: Clyde, John Provolt and  Louise (married Lyle Saxton). 

KING, Samuel: Old time trapper, committed suicide in 1933.

KIRCHER, Emil "Shorty":  Brother of Joe Kircher; he ran a blacksmith shop for the Matanuska Maid Co-op.

KIRCHER, Joe and Elsie: Immigrated from
Germany. They bought the Neklason homestead on the corner of Trunk Road and Bogard Road, on Wasilla Creek in the early 1930s. Recruited to come to Alaska by M. D. Snodgrass. Successful farmers. Children: Henry and Ralph.

KIRSCH, Andrew A. and Dawn F.(Kirschner): Andrew was the oldest son of John Vernon and Rose Mae (Ryerson) Kirsch. Andrew and Dawn had 2 children: Andrew B. Kirsch and Cindy Kirsch. (Andrew 1929-2002) (Dawn 1937-1999)

KIRSCH, David:  Youngest son of Colonists John Vernon and Rose Mae (Ryerson) Kirsch.  David's first wife was Beverly LaPour. They had 2 children:  Judy and Billy. David's second wife was Betty ____________. They had 1 daughter, Roberta.

KIRSCH, Ernest Vernon: Son of Colonist John Vernon and Rose Mae (Ryerson)Kirsch. Married Rose ______, they had 5 children: John, Kenneth, Kurt, Karn and Mitchell.

KIRSCH, James and Elizabeth (Grub): James was the son of John Vernon and Rose Mae (Ryerson) Kirsch. James and Elizabeth had two daughters: Bonnie and Barbara.

KIRSCH, John Vernon and Rose Mae (Ryerson):Colonists from
Minnesota, came to Alaska on the Army Transport ship, the St. Mihiel with their three sons: Andrew A. Kirsch (born 1929), James A. Kirsch (born 1930), Ernest V. Kirsch (born 1932). A fourth son was born in Palmer: David Kirsch born 1937. John and Rose Kirsch had a farm near Thomas Lake out in the Butte area and John worked on Fort Richardson as a carpenter and supply clerk.  John is buried at Sunshine, Alaska.

KLEM,Robert V. and Hazel E. (Webb): Lived on
Scott Road and farmed.Hazel was famous for making spudnut donuts at the State Fair. Children: Robert H., Theodore C., James V., Molly M., August V., and Victor P.

KLOCKENTEGER, Bill: Principal of
Wasilla School 1939.

KNUTSON, Jack: Son of Ted Knutson. Married __________________ Children: ____________________

KNUTSON, Ted and Mildred: Lived about mile 4
Fairview Loop (took over the land from Bob Ford who accidentally shot himself to death). Children: Teddy and Jack. Second wife was _______________, they divorced and his 2nd wife married John Minnick Jr.

KNUTSON, Ted Jr.: Son of Ted Knutson Sr. Married ________. Children.__________________.Ted Sr. and Ted Jr. married a mother and daughter.

KOPPENBERG, Arthur Siverin and Lola Elizabeth (Sowers): Married 1925, came to Alaska in 1950; lived at Lazy Mt.until 1994, then Lola moved to Wasilla. In 1995, she moved to Big Lake. Children: Thelma, Jerome, Samuel and Laurie. (Arthur 1902-1966) (Lola 1906-2001)

KOPPERUD, Herbert Nels and Claire (Lewis): Came to Alaska in 1938 and married Claire in 1940. She was the head nurse at the Colony Hospital in Palmer. Herbert bought his first truck in 1941 established a trucking business (later with his sons)called Kopperud Transportation. Herbert also had financial interests in gold mines, coal mines, logging and Alaska's first ice cream factory.
Children: Leif, Noel, Ross and Karl. (Herbert 1912-1992)

KOSLOSKY, Janis M. "Jan" and Isabelle (Graf):  "Jan" was the son of Isaac and
Lena Koslosky, merchants in Anchorage as early as 1915; he graduated from high school in Anchorage and started Koslosky's Store (in a tent) in Palmer in 1935, with two of his brothers. He served 4 terms as an Alaska Senator and was in the Civil Air Patrol. He was co-founder of the Palmer Pioneer Home and was a WWII veteran. Jan and friend Robert Baker formed the Matanuska Valley Bank. Isabelle  was the daughter of Joe and Kay Graf of Canada. She joined the WRENS at age 18. She worked in the Koslosky store in Palmer for over 20 years. Jan's children (and Isabelle's step-children): Jan Jr., Susan and Linda. ("Jan" 1909-1991) (Isabelle 1927-2014)

KORTILLA, Bill “Salmon Belly”: Married Deliah_____________________. Children: Billy.  Bill Sr. worked at the coal mine.

KROGH, Oliver O. and   Georgia  A.:  Oliver was born about 1861 in Norway, Georgia was born about 1879 in
Illinois.  Owned Krogh's store at Matanuska Junction. Homesteaded on Trunk Road before that.  One son: Hugh Krogh (from Georgia's first marriage).

KUOPPALA, Eino Leonard and Margaret  Rissi: Eino came to Alaska in 1943 to work in the Eska underground coal mine. He left after WWII and came back in 1946 with one of his brothers, they worked at the Jonesville Coal Mine and lived in Sutton. Eino and Margaret were well known in Sutton for their friendly home. Children: Judy and Step-daughter Linda. (Eino 1917-2008)

LAKE, Charlie: Had a team of horses, lived in Wasilla area.

LAMP, E. C.:   Early settlers in the valley (about 1920). Children: Gerald, Donald, Leonard and a daughter.

LANDERS, J. Harry “Jess”: In Knik by 1911. Freighting to Gold Bullion Mine by 1914. Had a “mountain home” above Wasilla in 1919, sold it to Frydeland in 1929. He died in 1930 in

LANDERS, Richard "Dick":  (son of J. Harry Landers). Came to Wasilla 1919 after overseas Army duty, worked for the railroad. Married ___________Nieminen (she was hired as a
Wasilla School teacher in 1924 after Miss Springston was fired. Children: Dicky. Landers barn from Fishhook Inn moved to Cadwallader lot in Wasilla.

LANGDON, Roger F. and Leota F. (Buckler): Roger was born in
Iowa 1894. His wife, Leota F. Buckler was born in Iowa in 1905. (as of 2/17/2012 she is 107 years old and still living!!). Roger and Leota were married in 1925. They had two sons: Roger Jr. born 1927 and J. Phillip born 1928. Their oldest son Roger Jr. joined the Army in 1945. After the Army (3 Italian campaigns) he came back to Wasilla and died in a tragic accident while he was duck hunting in a small home made canvas boat, on Soper Lake near his parents home.His boat overturned and his hip boots filled with water and he drowned. Roger and Leota's 2nd son, J. Phillip, is an author.

LANGEL, Otto:  In Knik by 1906. Worked at the mines for Bartholf and Herning. Built a cabin at the mouth of the Little
Susitna River. Worked at Gold Bullion Mine. Built a house in Wasilla in 1926. Died in 1927.

LaROSE, DONALD LARRIAN and Florence: Son of Colonists Henry and Clystia LaRose. Homesteaded in Clark-Wolverine area. Was in the U.S. Navy 1947-1949 and a railroad section foreman 1951-1979. One daughter, Norma Jean. (Donald 1928-2003) buried at Ft. Richardson.

LaROSE, Garold "Gary" B. and Rosemary: Son of Colonists Henry and Clystia LaRose; after the military, Gary married Rosemary in 1946 after knowing her for only 2 weeks. They came back to Alaska and bought a 160 acre farm on Farm Loop where they had dairy cows. Later they sold the cows and opened a hunting guide service and Rosemary was a nurse. Children (all born in Alaska): Linda (1947), Gary R. (1948), Patty (1950), Judy (1955), Susan (1958) and Carol (1961). Garold "Gary" B. LaRose died 4/22/2016.

LaROSE, Henry Clixby "Hank" Jr. and Clystia Ella "Clysti" (Hill):  Colonists from
Wisconsin, came to Alaska in 1935. Homesteaded 160 acres on Lazy Mountain. Children: Gary,Donald, Floyd and Virginia. Henry (190-1985)Clystia (1907-1995).

LARSON, Eric W.: Immigrated from Sweden in 1887. His son Jacko died in Knik in 1913. Had a family with a Native wife named Mary, his children were attending
Wasilla School in 1922. Moved his family back to Montana Creek area. One of his sons, Jack Eric Larson married Helen Wickersham.

LARSON, Fred and Laura: Colonists from Minnesota, farmed west of the Experimental Station. Children. Children: Leonard G., Esther (Haakenson), Gladys (
Dixon) and Laurence E.

LARSON, Jack Eric and Helen (Wickersham):  Lived and worked at the
Buffalo Coal Mine. Jack was born in Talkeetna 1915 (son of Eric Larson and Mary ____) he died at Copper Center 1975. Helen was born 1924 at Chickaloon (daughter of Jess Wickersham and Annie Nickolai) she died in 1999 in Anchorage.

LARSON, Nels: In Wasilla by 1924, freighted in the early days and later worked for the ARC. Built a 12' x 14' cabin on
Main Street and had a hunting camp 3 miles from Wasilla on Knik Rd. Died in 1942. His cabin was purchased by the Wasilla Library Assoc. (for $205.00) and became Wasilla's 1st library.
LaVALLEY, Edward and
Florence "Flora":  Colonists from Michigan. Children: Ethel, Beatrice, Marion, Verla, Mavis and Tom. Relatives of Emil and Gertrude "Gertie" Larsh.

LAWRENCE, Charles S.: Rancher mile
28 Carle Wagon Road. Worked for road commission and Fern Mine. Left the state in 1936.

LAWTON, Lloyd Joseph and Leva "Pat" (Graham): Came to Alaska in 1947, worked at the Evan Jones Coal Mine until 1968. Worked at Matanuska Maid Co-op. Children: Joe, Jeff and Ginger. (Lloyd Joseph 1914-1991)

LECKWOLD, Martin and Mattie (Gilbertson):
Martin born 1872 in
Norway, came to Alaska in 1909, and homesteaded at Matanuska in 1913. Mattie was the Postmaster at Matanuska until 1920. Martin died in 1935 and Mattie raised their children: Marcella b. 1920, Harry born 1924 and Weldon born 1928. The Leckwolds later lived in a house on 3rd Avenue in Anchorage (today that house is the Marx Brothers Cafe).

LEMON, John and                   :  Lived near the hayflats off of
Fairview Loop. He ran a concrete block plant in Wasilla. Came to the area as part of a WWII veterans group in about 1947. Children: Clark, Marie and Jerryann.

LENTZ, Joseph "Joe" and Zuleika (Morrell): Came to the valley in 1935 as Colonists. Joseph was brother of William "Bill" Lentz and Uncle of Dewey and Arthur Welch. Joe and Zuleika's children: Jane D., Donavan A., Edwin A., JoeAnn Z., Ramona M. and Joseph A. Jr. (see Welch)

LENTZ,William "Bill" J. and Viola E. (Splettstoezer)
: William (1905-1987) Viola (1913-1997) Matanuska Colonists, were married in 1932 and came to Alaska in 1935; owned a dairy farm (today it is the Musk Ox Farm)until 1970 then moved to Reed Lake. Children: William Jr., Robert, Dolores, Barbara, Caroline and Dorothy. William "Bill" and Joseph "Joe" Lentz (brothers) were the uncles of Dewey and Arthur Welch. (see Welch)

LePORS, Paul Y. and Betty Jane (Cottle):. Paul 1917-1992 and Betty 1923-1995. Paul came to Alaska in 1948 and worked at Jonesville Coal Mine as well as for the State of Alaska. Betty was the daughter of John and Della Cottle (and Step-father Vincent Smith) Children: Linda and Beverly. (see Cottle) (see Dick Jensen)

LEVAN, Jay Leroy and Deloris:
Homestead on Knik Road, received patent to 156 acres in 1949.

LIDDELL, Chauncey: In Knik by 1906 from Susitna Station. Hauled freight for Gold Bullion Mine 1916 and for Robert Hatcher in 1920. Worked at Lucky Shot Mine in 1929.

LIEBING, Aaron Grover "Bud" and June Marie King:
Aaron came to
Alaska at age 16 with his parents and joined his oldest brother Chester "Chet" at Independence Mine in 1942.Joined the Army Air Corp and served as military police at Elmendorf during WWII.After the war, he bought a farm in Palmer and lived there until he died in 1989. Married June King in 1948. June King Liebing, came to Alaska with her parents, Clyde and Lydia King, as homesteaders, in 1931 and lived at King's Lake.. Children: Ruth Marie (married John Marchetti), Patricia Ann (married Richard Ricard, and Michael Vernon. (see King)

LIEBING, Charles Frederick "Charley Fred" and Lydia Katherine (Senske): Moved to Independence Mine in 1940 where Charley was a cook at the mine and Lydia did various jobs. They lived there until WWII closed the mines. Their son Aaron used his mustering out money from the Army air Corp to purchase a farm on Outer Springer Loop where they lived until Charley died in 1964. Lydia moved to Washington. Children: Chester "Chet", Ruth (married Robrt Peterson), Lilas (married Robrt Alexander, Henry and Aaron"Bud", Margie, Vesta, Dorothy and Mike.

Chester Clifton "Chet" and Mary (Vail): Chet came to Alaska in the late 1920s. He lived in Wasilla and delivered mail in the Fishhook Area 1936-1937. He coached girls and boys basketball in Wasilla High School in the late 1930s. He also ran heavy equipment at Independence Mine until it closed and then he moved to Outer Springer System Loop in Palmer. Married Mary Jane Vail, daughter of Silas Wesley and Mattie Vail. Chet and Mary had no children. (Chet 1905-1956) (Mary Jane 1901-1984) (see Vail)

LINCOLN, Robert Allen and Elverda: Sergeant in U.S. Marine Corp; participated in the Battle of Midway 1942. Homesteaded on Fairview Loop Road 1950 (where Snowshoe Elementary is today). Robert farmed for many years and was a civil service (butcher) on Elmendorf. Children: Roger b. 1947, Barbara b. 1950, Linda b. 1954, one child, Janet, died in infancy.

LINN, Frank B, and Vera Lucille:
Recruited by M.D. Snodgrass, Frank Linn came to
Alaska in 1927 to work at the Experimental Station; his wife came to Alaska in 1928 and they were married in Seward. Frank worked for three years at the Experimental Station and bought a homestead that was directly south of the Station. Frank then transferred to Fairbanks for three years. They later
sold their land to the ARRC for the Colony. Lived on the Thuma farm, south of Palmer, for several years and then bought part of his homestead back from ARRC. Children: Allan and Mary Ann. (Frank 1900-1954) (Vera 1906-1997) are buried in the Palmer Pioneer Cemetery.

LINE, Ernest “Ernie”: Married Mavis ________________________ .  Teacher in Wasilla by 1946, replaced Mrs. Fisher. Later principal in Wasilla and Fairbanks. Several children.

LOBERG, Johan Anton Loberg and Torborg Torkelson Loberg: He came (alone) to
Alaska from Norway in 1907. When his son Louie got married in Wasilla (1929), Johan gave his cabin to Louie and his new bride. “Grandpa Loberg” died in 1932.

LOBERG, Loritz Konrad Moeller “Louie”:
Louie was born(1903) in
Stavanger, Norway. He came to America in 1923 to find his father. In 1926, he came to Alaska and married Pearl Soper (in 1929). Pearl was the daughter of Carmen and Laura Soper.  Note: 1940 Census shows Loritz's mother Thorborg (age 62 b. Norway) living with the family.
Louie and
Pearl Loberg’s children:
Lauritz John “Sonny” Loberg m
arried Donna Peffers
Lillian Thordis Loberg m
arried #1 Lloyd Hale #2 Lloyd Plumley
Louise Swanhild Loberg m
arried Joseph Bidondo
Lief Leroy Loberg married Judy Laubenstein
The Loberg family lived on
Loberg Lake. (see Carmen Soper)

LOKEN, John Marcus: (1878-1929) He staked a homestead NE of Palmer in 1914 and was a very successful vegetable farmer. Married Eliza Jane "Jenny" (nee Morrell) Eaton in 1921. In January of 1929, while cutting wood with his wife, his clothes got caught in the long belt of a gasoline powered wood saw. He remained entangled for two full revolutions before he was slammed violently against the ground; he died the next day. (see Eaton)(see Duncklee)

LONG, Merritt Carl and Phyllis M. Erickson:  Merritt came to Palmer from Minnesota early in 1950. He met & married Phyllis M. Erickson, a young nurse at the Valley Hospital. Merritt worked as a surveyor on the Glenn Highway and at Jonesville in Sutton. In 1961 Merrit opened Matanuska Valley Credit Bureau and Collection Service. They had 5 children: Diana, Laurie, Meredith, Grace and Kirke. Merritt died in 1989 while in Minnesota (he is buried at the Pioneer Cemetery in Palmer). Phyllis left Alaska in 1992 and married Ed Keyport in Minnesota.

LOSSING, B. J.:  Owned Louise Kellogg's farm.
LOTHROP, Hulda:   Canadian born daughter of Robert Bloomfield Lothrop and Hilda Isabelle Gustafson. Married
Arnold Edlund. Children: Elsie & Maxine. (see Arnold Edlund)

LOTHROP, Robert Bloomfield: Married Hilda Isabelle Gustafson. Children: Hulda and Ivy. Lived south of Edlunds’ on the ridge above the hay flats in 1935. (see Hulda Lothrop)


LONG SHORTY: See McConahay

LOWE, Fritz: Married Jeannie Thomas, first wife of Clinton Thomas (see Thomas)

LOYER, Joseph A. and Naomi C,: Colonists from Michigan. Children: James, Norma Jean, Victor, Kenneth, Gary, Fredrick, Rick, Dennis ("Butch"), Dorothy, Jan and Rita.  Joseph (1907-1985) Naomi (1912-1976)

LUCAS, Leo and Margaret:
 Partners in Shamrock Bakery in Palmer. Children: Moyene, Leona, Larry, Elaine and Dan.

LUTHER, Howard:  Lived on a Falk Lake near the
Butte. Worked as a policeman; gave driving tests.

MACHETANZ, Fred and Sara:
 Fred was a famous Alaskan artis and Sara was an author. They had one son, Traeger Machetanz.

MACHETANZ, Traeger: Only son of Fred and Sara Machetanz.  He married Carolyn Barry, daughter of Robert Barry. (see Barry)

MARINO, Benjamin:   1874-1951 Homestead at
Finger Lake 1915, received patent 1920.. Worked for the road commission, Mabel Mine and Lucky Shot Mine. Brother of Charles.

MARINO, Charles:
Rancher at
Finger Lake 1918. Worked at the Experimental Farm. Brother of Ben.

MARION, Patrick Albert “Paddy”: Born about 1875; his parents were from Ireland. He served in the Spanish American War as a watertender. He was in Knik by 1906. Cook at Wasilla Hotel in 1922. Mined in the Willow Creek Mining District for 50 years. Worked at Consolidated Mine, Lucky Shot Mine and Gold Mint Mine.(Owned Marion Twin Mine along with his twin sister Ida)and a variety of odd jobs. Built a house on
Main Street and 1st Avenue in 1927.  Working for Gold Cord Mine in 1941.

MARSH, Clarence: Son of Samuel and Mary Marsh, born in
Washington 1903. Helped M. D. Snodgrass choose the site for the Experimental Station. Worked for the Experimental Station but lived in Anchorage. Married Gertrude __________, they had at least one son, Clarence Edward Marsh Jr. born 1929 (buried at Ft. Richardson Memorial Cemtery). (see Samuel Marsh) (see Capt. Axel Olson)

MARSH, Mary Olive: 1897-1989, daughter of Samuel A. and Mary (Emmirson); came to Alaska in 1914. Married Roy Cornelius.  Children: Frank Robert, Kathleen Edith (
Moore), Ruthie M., and Eugene Roy Cornelius Jr.   After Roy’s death (1948), she married Arnold Edlund. (see Roy Cornelius) (see Arnold Edlund) (see Samuel Marsh) (see Capt. Axel Olson) (see Moore)

MARSH, Samuel A. and Mary (Emmirson):
Born 1874
Ohio. Homesteaded in the Matanuska Valley pre-1915. Children: Samuel Jr. born 1895 Washington (died in Anchorage 1923 ), Mary Olive born 1897 Washington (married Roy Cornelius and Arnold Edlund), Edward born 1900 Washington, Clarence, and Sam. (see Cornelius)(see Axel Olson) (see Arnold Edlund)

MARTIN, Carl E. and Lucille (Black):  Carl came to Knik to look for gold in 1909. He carried the first mail from Seward to Iditarod by dog team in 1910. Lucille came to
Alaska in 1911. They were married in 1917 and homesteaded at Matanuska. They moved to Anchorage in 1917. Children: Carl Jr. b. 1919, Dorothy b. 1920 and Bonnie b. 1921.

MARTIN, John:  Owner of Johnny's Surplus in Palmer? Owned land on Trunk road near the college. Had a sister named
Pearl Martin (Harder) (Moyer).  John was married to _____________________.
MARTIN, May: Came to
Alaska in 1940 with her husband Sydney Rae and two children, Barbara and Don. Divorced. May married Thomas L. “Pat” Carter in 1943. In 1944, she became the U.S. Commissioner and Postmaster for Wasilla. She remained the U.S. Commissioner until statehood and the Postmaster until 1973. May and Pat had two more children: Helen Kay and Colleen Michael. (see Sydney Rae) (see Thomas Carter) (see Pat Carney) (see Domonic Carney)

First Wife was Winnifred Granger. Children:Phoebe 1943, David 1945 (family came to Alaska in 1946)and a son Peter born in 1954 in Alaska.Paul and Winnifred bought the Kindgren colonist farm house and land which was part of a farm on the SE Springer System near John Springer's. After 1948, Paul started working for the Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station as a Soil Scientist, first at the Farm Location near the old town of Matanuska, then mved with the job to Palmer when the Laboratory and Research Section was built in the mid 1950s. He worked there until he retired in 1970. Paul and Winnifred divorced in 1964 and he married Fanny Wirtanen,an original colonist and widow of Eino Wallace Wirtanen in 1967.Paul and Fanny lived in Fanny's Palmer home and their winter home in
Yuma, Arizona in their later years. Fanny worked for Matanuska Maid for many years. Paul passed away on 1/1/1996. (see Wirtanen)

MAYFIELD, Benjamin H. and Jennie L.:Benjamin was the U.S. Commissioner in Talkeetna. He was born about 1892 in Washington and Jennie was born about 1898 in North Dakota. They had a daughter named Jean born about 1931 in Alaska. 

McCAMBRIDGE, Merle David: Son of David McCambridge and Louise E. Mills-Dumas. Married Edith Myrtle Edlund, daughter of John Fredolph Edlund. Children: MargeryLouise and Merle Mercedes. Merle worked as a baggage handler for the Alaska railroad and died of the flu in 1925. Edith married John D. Urban. (see John Urban)

McCLARITY, Bert: In Knik by 1911. Bought candy store at Knik from ___
Davis. Worked at the Martin and Fern Mines. In Wasilla in the 1940’s. He was from Iowa.

McCARTNEY, Ray "Mac" and Margaret "Maggie" (Snodgrass): Married in "Maggie" Snodgrass in 1936; she was the youngest child of M.D. and Margaret Snodgrass. Ray and "Maggie'owned Mac's Plumbing and Heating store from 1948-1985. Children: Robert "Bugs", Sharon, Karen, Jackie and Michael. Ray (1909-1985) Maggie (1915-1993) (see Snodgrass)

McCOMBS, Robert Leon and Merlie Ingaborg (Eliason): Came to the Valley in 1950. Owned Fairview Dairies with friend Myrtle Gislason. After retiring, opened the Health Food Shoppe in Wasilla. Children: Linda and LuAnn. (Robert 1925-1998) (Merlie 1923-2000)

McCONAHAY, Arthur R.: Also known as "Long Shorty", came to Alaska in 1886. He was born in Iowa about 1858. Married a Knik woman named Martha. On the 1900 US Census for Susitna Station, they had 4 children: Mary born about 1893, James born about 1895, Martha born about 1897 and Katie born about 1899. Arthur was listed as a widower on the 1910 US Census for Tyonek. His children were sent to the Wood Island orphanage at Kodiak.

McCORD, Nick T. and Matrona     : Worked at a Native owned co-op store at Tyonek. WWII draft registration gave date of birth as 4/13/1896 Tyonek. Children: Kathryn, Lloyd, Everett, Willard, Ray, Lawrence, Emil, William and Nancy; all born at Tyonek.

McDONALD, John W. and Geneva Cox: John (1903-2003) Geneva (1913-1998) John, Geneva and their 6 kids were the 35th vehicle to drive the Alcan Highway in Sept. 1946 (they drove a 1½ ton Studebaker truck. They bought the old Wordon farm, 120 acres on Hyer Road in Palmer. Geneva worked to start the Wasilla Library, Wasilla Cemetery and Pioneer Home; they also raised many foster children. Their own children were: Roger,Raymond, Lewis, Elmer, Wayne and adopted daughter Sara.

McDONALD, P. J. “Black McDonald” or “Paddy”: In Knik by 1911.
Had a movie house in Knik in 1914. Married Miss ______________Longmire, a teacher. Rented the Zink house in Wasilla in 1921. Had a fox ranch near

McDOUGAL, Thomas S. and Margaret E.: Working at
Goose Bay saw mill by 1919. Manager at Fern Gold Mine. Had a sawmill at Caswell. Sold a lease to Fern Mine in 1938. Thomas was born about 1868 in Mississippi and Margareet was born about 1898 in Colorado. (Connected to the town of McDougal?)

McHENRY, Earl Clifton and Esther (Lanegan): This family came to Alaska in 1931 from Idaho. Homesteaded in Fairview Loop area. Missing his right eye. Esther did not stay in Alaska. Ester (1884-1977). Children: James (Darley), Jewel Beth and Ruby Mildred  (see Holstein) (see Church)

McHENRY, Jewel Beth: Daughter of Earl and Esther McHenry. Married Herbert Holstein(see Holstein) (see Church)

McHENRY,Ruby Mildred: (1912-1979) Daughter of Earl and Esther McHenry. Married Eino "Curly" Alongo. (see Alongo)

McKECHNIE, Donald Loren and Juanita Kathleen (Hurd): Son of Loren and Peggy McKechnie. Mayor of Palmer in the early 1950s. Worked on the construction of Elmendorf. Children: Donna and Bill. (Donald Loren 1915-2001) (Juanita 1918-2000)  (see Hurd)

McKECHNIE, Lorraine Lillian: (1922-2011) Daughter of Loren and Edna "Peggy" McKechnie. She worked at the Valley Co-op Store, Matanuska Maid Dairy, she was also a postal clerk and telephone operator. Her 1st husband was Paul A. Aklestad, 2nd husband was Harold "Fritz" Hermon. (see Aklestad) (see Hermon)

McKECHNIE, Loren and Edna Gertrude "Peggy":  Loren 1888-1970  Edna 1888-1977  The McKechnie's were part of a group of 8 Colonist families from Carlton County, Minnesota (Henning Benson's, Leonard Bergan's, Pat Hemmer's, Otto Peterson's, I. M. Sandvik's, Lauren Smith's and Lawrence Vasanoja's). The McKechnie's farmed south of Bodenburg Butte. Received patent to 80 acres in 1944. Children:
Donald, Lorraine Lillian, Angus N., Darrell R. and Ronald P. (see Hermon)

McKECHNIE, Raymond Everton and Diana Salama(Santii): Son of Colonists Loren and Edna McKechnie. Diana was a charter member of the Palmer Historical Society. Children: Gerald, Jack, Russell and Dennis. (Ray 1913-1993) (Diana 1913-1998)

McMAHAN, Charles "Slim" and Gladys (nee
Rogers): Moved to the valley about 1943 from Chitna. Previously worked in McCarthy/Kennicot area. Gladys owned the Valley Cleaners in Palmer and the family mined at Alfred or Albert Creek in the Nelchina area while they lived in Palmer. Adoapted children: Jeannie and Tim.

McNEESE, George and                      : Lived on the corner of
Fairview Loop and Davis Road; did truck gardening for many years.

McNEIL, Alec (Alex) Slivers: Known as "Capt. Sliver's" he was a raised by his step-father, Malcolm J. McNeil and his Dena'ina mother Anne. His WWII draft registration gave his birth date as 12/10/1886 at Matanuska. He was a VERY small man, but quite rugged and capable. He froze to death in 1942 while walking back to a moose kill from Wasilla. Buried on a small hill behind Blind Nick's (his brothers) cabin at mile 1 Wasilla Fishhook Road. (see Malcolm McNeil)
For more information go to: nick.html

McNEIL, Malcolm James:
He married an Indian woman named Annie (pre-1900). Worked at mines, cut wood and was a rancher. Children: Tommy. Wife Annie McNeil had other children previous to her marriage to Malcolm McNeil. Their names were Nick, Alec, Matrona, Nicholai, Stephan and Mary. Annie also had two children with Frank Crabb: Myrtle and Victor. Malcolm McNeil died in 1945 and Anne died in 1938. Son Tommy committed suicide in 1944 and son William died before 1945. Son Victor had a ranch one mile up Willow road, but was in the hospital with tuberculosis in 1943.

McNEIL, Myrtle: Daughter of Anne McNeil and Frank Crabb;(adopted) daughter of  Malcolm James McNeil. Married John Wells in 1927 and Cliford L. Strickler in 1940.

McNEIL, Nick “Blind Nick”: Dena’ina. In the 1940s, he lived on Upper Rabbit
Slough near Old Matanuska in a cabin he built out of  railroad ties. He also lived at Knik for a number of years and finally in a cabin about mile 1 of Wasilla Fishhook Road. Nick lost his sight in about 1928 but he walked everywhere, using sticks to feel the edge of the road. May Carter told me that Blind Nick was once a teacher at the Eklutna Vocational School in the 1920’s. Brother of Alex "Slivers" McNeil.
For more information go to: nick.html

MEARS, Lester "Les" and Betty: Came to the valley in the early 1950s? Lived on Bailey Hill in Palmer. He worked at
Fort Richardson and Betty ran Betty's Clothing Store in Palmer. Prominent Republican's. Noted horticulturalist, breeding roses. Betty's mother, _______________________
lived just across the
Matanuska River Bridge, east of Palmer. Her foster brother, Roy Lancaster, was a Boy Scout leader and he lived in SE Palmer.  Children: John Maryann and Charles "Chuck".

MEEHAN, O. J.: Built the Wilmoth store in Wasilla in 1917. Baby died in 1917, first death in the new town of
Wasilla. Moved to Anchorage in 1918.

MEIER, Alvin L. and

MEIER, Carl and Edith:  Colonists from Duluth,
Minnesota.Carl was the first mayor of Palmer. Farmed on McLeod/Rock Lake at the corner of the Glenn Highway and third Springer Road, south of Palmer. Carl operated a trucking service. Children: Elizabeth(married ____Morley), Carl, Kenneth, Robert, Vivian "Babe" (married Chuck Shaffer, nephew of Jim Felton). One of the Meier sons married Bonnie Larsh. (Carl 1894-1977) (Edith 1899-1981)

MEIER, Edwin L. and Bertha L.:

MEIER, Robert W.:

MERRIWETHER          : Their house on Main Street in Wasilla was purchased for a Post Office.

METZ, Jacob "Jake": Born in Zweibrucken, Bavaria Germany 8/4/1869, died 1/3/1944 in Palmer. Came to America aboard the "Rotterdam", landing in America 1/1/1883. According to his passport application, dated in 1905, his permanent residence from 1883 until 1905 was Edison, Washington, although Metz appears on the 1900 US Census for Garnet Gulch in the Tanana District. In 1910, Metz is listed as a prospector at Flat Creek in the Iditarod District. Received patent to 316 acres in 1922. he was granted to a patent for 316 acres in 1922. Metz worked for the road commission and had a ranch and farmed sheep. He built a house on Boundary Street in Wasilla. Administrator for Frank Cannon estate and George Zink estate. He was a watchman at the Goose Bay docks. Fell on the ice in December of 1943 and died from his injuries on January 3, 1944 at the hospital in Palmer. He is buried at the Anchorage Memorial Cemetery.

MICHALEK, Leo and Lillie:  Partners in Shamrock Bakery in Palmer. Children: Mary Ann (married Barney Anderson)

MILLER, Ira V.:  Received patent to 157 acres in 1920.

MILLER, Neil and Margaret: Colonists. Lived on
Fishhook Road (Muth’s Farm area). Was a teacher and principal of Wasilla School 1936; went to work for the VA in 1946. Margaret worked in the school lunchroom program until 1951. Children: Margaret “Mardi" (married James Teal), Priscilla (married Dexter Bacon), Janell (married Jiggs Mickel) and Timothy (married Jean Robertson). Moved to Anchorage in 1952.

MILLER, Oliver Cromwell “Forty Mile Miller”:
  In Knik by 1906, received patent to 320 acres in 1918. Prospector, carpenter, saw mill, built metal stoves, mining. Had a cabin and sawmill at mile
8 Wasilla Fishhook Road. Bachelor. Built a cabin at Gold Bullion Mine. Died in 1939.

MINNICK, John: Married Mildred Cottle. Children:____ (see Cottle)

MOFFAT, William G. "Bill":  Received patent to 320 acres in 1920. Commercially sold hay and strawberries in 1920. Killed himself in 1923. First person to be buried at
Wasilla Cemetery (on Frank Cannon's Hill) 4/12/1923.

MOFFITT, Archie Rufus and Sarah Elizabeth Hecker: (Archie 1891-1970) (Sarah 1891-1967)Children: Owen, Leonard, Wallace, Betty, Ann, Clema, alice, Tom and Ruth. (see Hermon)

MOFFITT, Leonard Earl and Betty S.: Came to Alaska in 1937, graduated from Palmer High School in 1939. In the Army during WWII and was with the military police on Ft. Richardson and on the Aleutian Chain. He and wife were dairy farmers from 1946-1986. Children: Lisa, Linda, Dianne, Wendy, Steven and Tracy.

MOMMSEN, Ted and Laura:  Lived in Wasilla townsite.  Railroad agent and former employee of
Copper River and NW Railroad.


MONTANA RED:  See Charlie Younger

MOORE, Harold Wright and Dorothy Mae (Likewise):
 Children: Bonnie (Bettine), Doris Mae, Roger and Karola.

MOORE, Ralph and Edith Kathleen (Cornelius): Ralph came to Alaska in 1935 to help clear land for the arrival of the Matanuska Colonists. He married Edith Kathleen Cornelius,daughter of Roy Cornelius and Mary Olive Marsh in 1937. Ralph went to work for M.E.A. in 1941. Children: Mary, Ruth, Frank and Gene. (see Cornelius)

MOOREHOUSE, Harry:  Lived on Lazy Mt.

Married (divorced) Carol Wilson-Axtell (later Carney), daughter of Cecil “Blackie”
Wilson. Children: Jamie Lynn and Michael Cecil.  (see Allen Axtel) (see Ed Carney)

MORRISON, Roy and Mary Virginia ("MV") Browne: Married in 1946, to "MV", the daughter of Neil Browne Sr. Roy and "MV" lived in George Zink house in Wasilla. Mary Virginia's 1st husband (1939) was Jack Storm and they had one son named Floyd "Butch" Storm. Mary Virginia died in 1956 or 1957.The Morrison's owned the Wasilla Bar on Main Street, which was later sold to John & Jean Polis. Mary's son Floyd "Butch" (who later took the last name of Morrison) married Judy Betts, daughter of Thurman and Jackie Betts. (see Browne)(see Storm)

MOSIER, George S.: Received patent to 260 acres in 1922, south of the Experimental Station? 

MRACK, William "Willy" and Eleanor (Sagar): The family came to Alaska in 1948 and owned Mrack Coal Co. in Sutton. Willy also was the manager of Red Devil Cinnebar Mine in the 1970s and operated a gold claim in Hatcher Pass. Eleanor owned a shop called "Ellie's Gold Nugget Jewelry". Children: Judy, Karen, Kim and Bill.  (Willy 1920-2005) (Eleanor 1922-2002)

MURRAY, PETER: Born about 1863 in Ireland, came to USA 1880. In Knik by 1912. Homesteaded next to August Swanson on what is today Gersmel Loop. Farmer/rancher.

MUTH, Albert Peter and Mildred Marguerite (Miller): Albert came to Alaska in 1934 and Mildred came in 1947. They had dairy farms in several parts of Alaska and one on Palmer Fishhook Road. Mildred was a nurse and x-ray technician. Children: Joseph, George Henry, John, Jim, David, Catherine, Dorothy and foster son James Cadden. (Albert 1914-1982) (Mildred 1912-2001) are both buried in Palmer.

NAGLEY, Horace Willard and Jessamine (Millikan): Had a store at Susitna Station  by 1908, also had a store at Lake Creek by 1917 and a store at Talkeetna by 1918, appointed postmaster of Talkeetna in 1927, retired 1946. Moved to Wasilla, 1928, so their son, Horace Willard Nagley Jr.could attend school. The family moved to Talkeetna in 1929. Horace Nagley Jr. became Postmaster of Talkeetna when his father retired in 1946. (Horace Willard Sr. 1875-1966) (Jessamine 1877-1955) (Horace Willard Jr. 1918-2007) All three are buried in Anchorage.
For more information go to:

NEKLASON BROTHERS: Necolaus Hjalmer Neklason and John Richard Neklason were in the Matanuska Valley pre-1915. "N. Neklason" is listed among early homesteaders in a Knik News article dated 1915. The brothers are also listed as farming in Matanuska during the WWI draft (they asked for a military exemption because there would be no one to care for their stock if they had to serve). John Neklason (born 1889) was granted a patent to 295 acres in 1920. Necolaus Neklason (born 1886) was granted a patent to 320 acres in 1922. I assume their homesteads patents included Neklason Lake. The Neklason brothers were born in Kalmar, Småland, Sweden.

NELSON, Erling Peter: Son of Peter and Dorothy (Hill) Nelson; he was a lifelong Wasilla resident, a UAF graduate and an Army Veteran. He worked as a Wasilla City Finance Director for 24 years and was a member of the Wasilla-Knik Historical Society. Children: Michelle, Robert, Steven, Judy, Pamela and Naomi. (Erling Nelson 1942-2012)

NELSON, Fred: 1887-1963. Living in Knik as early as 1911. Worked for the Road Commission & Ft. Richardson. Bought Wagner’s farm. Fred died in 1963. Had a brother named Peter. Fred was a miner, trapper & freighter. Fred sold land to the Wasilla Cemetery Assoc. for the Aurora Cemetery.

NELSON, Otto and Verlie Inez Crouch:(Otto 1892-1947) (Verlie 1911-1991) Came to Alaska in 1931 and lived in Seldovia for a while before becoming replacement colonists in Palmer. Children: John (died 1941),Lavon (Reeder), Charlotte (Voek? and Aldeman), William (aka "Wild Bill) and Carolyn (Barager). when Otto died, Verlie married John Hornung. (see Hornung) (see Reeder) (see Aldeman).

NELSON, Peter and Dorothy (Hill): 1892-1967 WW I veteran, came to Alaska married Dorothy Hill in 1937. Dorothy came to Alaska as a school teacher for the Jesse Lee Childrens Home in Seward in 1927; in 1937; she had a small sewing supply shop in the front entry to their house and taught school; she was also the 1st secretary-treasurer of the Wasilla Library Association (1938). Peter worked for the Road Commission. Two children: Allayne and Erling Nelson. Peter was brother of Fred Nelson. Allayne Nelson won a contest to name the Wasilla Cemetery, her winning name was the "Aurora Cemetery".(Peter 1892-1967) (Dorothy 1904-1997)After Peter died in 1967, Dorothy married Arnold Carson in 1972. (see Carson) (see Dinkle)

NELSON, William: Born in Palmer in 1937 to Otto Nelson and Verlie Inez Crouch. Well known in the Valley as "Wild Bill". He was quite vocal about his distaste for lawyers and the courts and he painted huge plywood signs (to that effect) that he attached to his many vehicles.  Bill was a pilot, inventor, contractor and jack of all trades. His obituary said that he was married twice; his first wife died and he and his second wife divorced. Children: Verlie Michell, John Travis, Valerie, Jason, Samuel Moses and Michael.  Bill died 12/25/2004.

NEVADA, Charles: Owned a home on Lake Lucille.

NEWCOMB, Harold Sherwood and Patricia Carson: Harold came to Alaska with the Army in 1948; he came to the Valley in 1952; he was Mayor of Wasilla for two terms and served in the first Mat-Su Borough Assembly in 1964.Pat was the daughter of Arnold and Hortense Carson. Pat came to Alaska in 1935 at the age of 7 days. The Newcombs were foster parents, and Pat worked for the ACCA Treasure Loft in Wasilla. Their first home was a Quonset hut (owned by Bill Betts) which was next to the Bordon family. Harold and Pat had a hardware store for a while and a real estate company. They donated the land at the corner of Parks Highway and Crusey Street that became Newcomb Park and helped establish Wasilla Wonderpark. Their Children: Kurt, Michael, Randall, Nicola and Robin.(see
Arnold Carson)

NICKALASKEY: Four children, that I know of (from the blended family of Little Nikita and his wife Delia, and Delia's 2nd husband Nick Stephan) had the last name of Nickalaskey: David (born about 1921), Phillip (born about 1923), Thelma (born about 1929) and Matrona (born about 1931). (see Nikita) (see Stephan)

NICKITA, Little Chedetka: Dena’ina, born about 1876.His wife's name was Delia ______.They had about 9 (?) children: Olga (married (1)Bright (2)Jarshaw), Barbara (married name Barker), Katherine (married name Theodore), Sophie, Hedy, Virginia (married Bobby Call), Eva, Richard and Robert. Delia's 2nd husband was Nicoli "Nick" Stephan Sr. (see Stephan) (see Theodore)

Born about 1905, died 1943; daughter of Frank Nickolai and Balasculya "Mary" Stickman. First husband was Jess Wickersham; second husband was Lee Harrison. (see Frank Nickolai) (see Wickersham) (see Harrison)

NICKOLAI, Frank and Balasculya "Mary" Stickman: Frank was born in Chitna about 1870, and moved to the Chickaloon area in 1918. Three daughters: Mary Nickolai born about 1902 (married #1:John Goodlataw #2: John Shaginoff); Olga Nickolai born about 1903 (married Jack Corey) died in Palmer 1954; Annie Nickolai born 1905-1943 (married #1:Jess Wickersham #2:Lee Harrison). Annie is the grandmother of Chickaloon Chief Gary Harrison. (see Harrison)(see Corey) (see Shaginoff)(see Goodlataw) NOTE:I found a variety of spellings Nickolai, Nicoli, Nicholai, Nicolai. I've used the spelling NICKOLAI from the Shem Pete book.

NICKOLAI, Mary: 1902-1983 Daughter of Frank Nickolai and Balasculya "Mary" Stickman. Some records say she was born at Old Man Lake. Married John Goodlataw of Chitna in 1925; they had 1 son Paul Joseph Goodlataw. John died in 1936. Mary then married Johnny Shaginoff in 1938. She lived at Moose Creek in the summers and Eska and Chickaloon in the winters. She was an expert in  the Ahtna language and history. (see Frank Nickolai) (see Shaginoff)

NICKOLAI, Olga: 1903-1954 Daughter of Frank Nickolai and Balasculya "Mary" Stickman. Married Jack Corey. (Frank Nickolai)(see Corey)

NICOLI, Talkeetna and Christiana (Stephan): Talkeetna Nicoli was born about 1860 near Copper River (his mother's name was Ch'anqet)and he died in 1918 at Susitna. His wife, Christina Stephan was born about 1876 in the Matanuska Hills and died in 1951 at Montana Creek. Children: Alexan, Joseph, Tooch, Mytiome, Alexander and Katherine. Alexander married Nina Stephan and had children: Billy, Steve, and Nick. Katherine Nicoli (1915-1990) married Mike Nicoli (1912-1956) who was born at Point Possession.

NIEMI, Rica L.:  Born in Finland, came to Alaska at the age of 3 (1908) and lived in Juneau. She was a school teacher at Fairview School (Wasilla area) in 1927. Married Frank Yngve Swanson. (Frank 1910-2001) (Rica (1905-2005)

NIKITA, Jim: Also known as Eklutna Jim, also known as Indian Jim. Born at Knik in 1870, he worked as a guide for an Army exploration expedition at the turn of the century. He killed Tom Stephan in 1914 and spent 3 years at McNeil Island prison for it. He died in 1938 and was buried at Eklutna. 

NORBO, Jon  and Violet Werner:

NUNLEY, Leo M. and June ____     :
Came to the area, from Arizona, in about 1947. Homesteaded on
Fairview Loop. Children: Fred, Joan, Jane, John Mark and Megan. Leo Nunley was active in the VFW.

NYLEN, George:  Owned a homestead near Matanuska, just NW toward the Experimental Station. He had a large glass greenhouse in 1918/1919 which was very unusual.

Clyde Frank and June:Owned and operated Fishhook Dairy Farm on Palmer Fishhook Road from 1954 to 1973. Children: David, Linda, Carol, Bonnie, Clyda and Lila.

OBERG, Gilbert “Gib” and Pearl (Edlund): 
Gas engineer on boats. Worked for the
Alaska Railroad Commission, then the Jonesville Coal Mines 1932-1936. He also worked at F. & E. Co. in Fairbanks and worked on the construction of Ft. Richardson. Married Pearl Edlund, daughter of John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella Edlund. Raised 3 children: Gilbert Jr., Joannie and Gary Jr. ("Gib" 1898-1969) (Pearl 1908-2012)

OBERG, Helmer and Elizabeth Ann "Liza" Hubley: Moved to Wasilla in 1927 (from Unga). Worked in the Lucky Shot Mine. His wife worked as a cook for several of the mines in the Willow Creek Mining District. Children:
Tatiana, Catherine, Helmer Jr., Arvid, Howard, Elizabeth and Florence.
Mrs.Elizabeth Oberg and Father Paul Shadura's wife Katherine were sisters.

O'BRIEN, John J. : Early homesteader, NE of the Black  and Edlund family, granted patent  to 330 acres in 1922.

OHLIN, Ernest and Lily Edlund: Lily was the daughter of John Fredolph Edlund. Cooked at Lucky Shot Mine and other places and was the nephew of Oscar Anderson. Children:  Ruby Ann, Vonnie, Lois,
Selma, Janet and Ernest. He helped in the construction of Ft. Richardson Army base.  Last name pronounced O-LEAN.

OHNSTAD, Henry and Anna (Staxrud): The family came to Alaska in 1931 and lived (according to 1940 Census) on the Palmer Wasilla Road. Henry worked for Army Engineers on Ft. Richardson. Children:Thorvald "Smokey" Ohnstad 1911-1977 and Elizabeth Ohnstad(married Richard Lynch) 1912-2009.  Henry died in the Sitka Pioneer Home (1884-1965) Anna died in Palmer 1887-1953. World War II draft registration (in Anchorage) gave Henry's full name as Henrik Nitter Ohnstad born 9/6/1884.

OLSON, Axel Capt. and Mary(Emmirson):  Axel married Mary (Emmirson)Marsh, 1st wife of Samuel A. Marsh.  Received patent to 320 acres south of 4-Corners in 1919.  NOTE: According to information provided by Jim Fox, Mary Olive(Marsh)Cornelius-Edlund said the family loaded all their supplies from Capt. Olson's boat at Knik onto a smaller one which they could take up Rabbit Slough; pigs were in the bottom of the boat!! Then they walked up the trail to their homestead (trail became Trunk Road). (see Marsh)

OLSON, Martin and Edith: Lived on the south side of
Wasilla Lake (bought the Charles Johnson ranch in 1940). A daughter named Edie Ann married Earl Erickson. Edith helped start the Wasilla Library (and 1st librarian) and played the piano at the Church of Christ. She also helped raise funds to purchase the Wasilla Cemetery site. Children Tom, Gudren (married Alfred Brattain), Phillip (died 1950) and Ediane (married Earl Erickson). Martin worked for Matanuska Electric Assoc. and was a fisherman at Bristol Bay. Their son Tom was one of two people who graduated from Wasilla High School in 1942. Their son Phillip was the only person to graduate from Wasilla High School in 1945 and he was the 6th person to be buried in Aurora Cemetery (1950). Edith wrote a book called "The Library and I" (1988) about her years in Wasilla. The Olson homestead was purchased by Katie Hurley.

O'MALLEY, John R. "Jack": 1910-2000 Came to Alaska in 1934, surveyed all over the Matanuska Valley. No known family.

ONDOLA, John and Olga (Alex): John (1896-1944) (Olga 1911-1965).John was born in the Ahtna village of Tyone in the Copper River Basin. Olga (Athabascan) was the daughter of Eklutna Alex(Alex Vasily)and his wife Matrona. John Ondola's military draft registration listed his birth information as: born 4/28/1896 at Copper River. Children: George, Elsie, Marie (married name Rosenberg), Ellen, Carl, Sophie (married name Gutierrez), Dorothy (married name Cook), Roy and Gina. After John Ondola died, Ogla had two more children: Sally and Jerry. (see Alex)

ONKKA, David and Saina :
 Colonists from
Michigan. Children: Oliver (married Elizabeth Bouwens-Novak), Matt (married Elizabeth "Betty" Hermon), Dorothy, Carl, Earl and Jack.

ONKKA, Karl Melvin: 1922-1997 He came to Alaska in 1935,son of Colonists Carl and Saima Onkka. He was in the Navy Seabee's in WWI (wounded). Children: Nancy, Karla, Jacque, Toni, Jack and step-son John Drasher.

ONKKA, Matt and Elizabeth "Betty"(Hermon):
First Matanuska Colonists to marry in Palmer, children: Anna. Matt died in 1969 and Betty married Ralph Cann. Children: Matt Arvid Onkka (1941-1942)  (see Hermon) (see Cann)

ONKKA, Oliver Reino and  Dorothy (Bouwens) :  Oliver was born on
6/14/1913 in Bruce Crossing, Michigan. He died on 12/10/2006 in Anchorage. He came to Alaska with his Colonist parents, David and Saina Onkka, in 1935. In 1937, he married another "Colony kid" named Dorothy Bouwens Novak (widow of Martin "Marty" Novak who died in an accident one or two years after marriage). Dorothy (2/9/1917 - 2/6/1995) was the daughter of  William and LuluBelle Bouwens. Oliver worked for the Alaska Road Commission as a heavy equipment operator. He also worked for the National Park Service. He retired in 1969.  Oliver was an active member of the Palmer and Eagle River Masonic Lodges. Children: Jean (husband Normal Farmer) and Russell Onkka.  (see Bouwens)

OSBORNE, Ronald and Thelma Wade:  Had a farm on the edge of Matanuska Town. Children:
Adah (more children?). Thelma was the daughter of Worth W. Wade and his 2nd wife Julia. (see Wade).

OSBORNE, Wilbur and Myrtle:  Lived on
Hayflats Road off of Fairview Loop. Children William and Patsy. Myrtle was seriously injuredwhen a mowing machine rolled into her feet.

OSKOLKOFF, Alice: Graduated from Wasilla High School in 1942 (only 2 graduated).

OTCHECK, Bill and May:  Lived near Fairview Loop, south of Edlund Road, came to the area about 1947. Children: Shirley, John,
Vernon, Dale, more?

OVERSTREET, Peggy: Married David Smith, had children: Mike, Steve and Teddy Ray. Also had a son named Donald with Louis Raymond Harrison.  (see Smith)  (see Harrison)

PAGE, Vondolee Sheppard and Dorothy: Vondolee was the Superintendent of the Matanuska Borough Schools and taught for many years. He helped create the Wasilla-Knik Historical Society and Mushers Hall of Fame. He and his 2nd wife Dorothy helped establish the Iditarod Dog race and Dorothy was known as the "Mother of the Iditarod". She served 4 terms in the Wasilla City Council and 2 terms as Wasilla Mayor. The Wasilla Museum is named after Dorothy Page. (Vondolee 1910-2001) (Dorothy 1921-1989)

PALMER, George W.:  Came to
Alaska in 1893. Had a store on the Matanuska River in 1898. Started his own store at Knik in 1901. Appointed Postmaster of Knik in 1904. Had 2 biological children with Dena'ina widow named Pelageia Chanilkhiga: Annie born 1897 and John “Bud” born 1900 (although he raise many other non-biological children). His store burned in 1918; he moved to Snug Harbor in the Kenai area and started a cannery. Owned a store in Kenai. Took his own life in 1930 because of illness. Namesake of the town of Palmer, Alaska. (George 1855-1930) (Pelageia 1860-1902) For more information try this link:

PALMER, Isaac "Ike" and Helen (Cain): (Isaac 1916-1999) (Helen 1906-2006)Helen was first wife of Niles DeLand (see Scott) (see DeLand)

PALMER, Julius B. “Joe”: Came to
Alaska in 1896. Sold furs in Knik in 1908. His Native wife Bella (born in Knik) joined him in 1912; they had a daughter named Nellie (born 1898). Worked for Gold Bullion Mine. Received patent to 144 acres in 1928. Built a cabin on Peck ranch on Lake Wasilla in 1937. Had a fur farm (martin) which he sold in 1940. Died in 1948; he was the first person buried at the Aurora Cemetery in Wasilla.

PATCHELL, James and Annie:
James came to Alaska in the spring of 1896; he was living at Cottonwood in 1900 and was in Knik by 1901; he was a trapper, prospector and rancher. He married Native woman named Annie or Anna; they had two daughters by 1910 (Bessie and Grace). James was a widower by 1920, his children were sent to an orphanage on Wood Island. James received patent to 159 acres in 1927 and left for
California in 1936. 

PATTEN, Vernon Clair and Joyce Margaret (Berry): Came to Alaska in 1935 as Colonists. Homesteaded at mile 40 Glenn Hiway; had a dairy farm. One daughter Kathleen "Kit" Lorain who married James Stewart in 1952.

PATZACK, A.:  In Knik by 1917. Built a house at
Houston and worked at the Lucky Shot Mine. Built a house at the Willow Bridge in 1936. Worked at the BD (Kelly) Mine in 1942.

PAULSON, Carl: From Sweden, lived on Knik Road near Edlund Road. Batchelor and cabinet maker.

PAYNE, Earl Edward and Jane Evelyn: Earl came to Alaska in 1952 to work on the Eklutna Power Project, Jane came to Alaska as a nurse in 1953. Children: Donald, Ronald, David, Daniel and Richard. (Earl 1922-2000) (Jane 1920-2006)

PECK, Ernest Leroy and Olga Marie (Tallekpalek): Ernest 1890-1982, Olga Marie (1901-1993)she was born at Pilot Station and lived in Wasilla for 63 years. On the 1920 US Census for Fort St. Michael, Ernest & Olga were married and living at a military radio station; Ernest was a Prvt. 1st Class with the Signal Corp. They met at
Holy Cross Mission School. Ernest came to the Valley as a railroad depot watchman in 1930. He was a janitor at Wasilla School for many years. Received patent to 141 acres (Wasilla Lake) in 1935. Children: Rosie Josephine and Ernest Leroy Jr. Olga Peck had a sister named Rose who also lived in Wasilla and a brother named John Tallekpalek who lived in the Interior. Ernest  Peck worked as a longshoreman in Anchorage in 1946. (see Selk)

PECK, Rose: 1915-2004 Rose was born at Pilot Station and lived in Wasilla with Ernest and Olga Peck her whole life. She graduated from Wasilla High School and was a member of the Cathrolic Church.  Rose was part of the homemakers group that started the Wasilla Library. She had a brother named John Tellekpalak and a sister named Olga Marie (Peck).

PEDERSON, Everett John "Pete" and Wilhelmina "Willie" (Luebke): Partners in Shamrock bakery in 1949.Willy came to Alaska from Wisconsin, to teach in Hoonah, then to palmer in 1948. Pete worked one job at Independence Mine with family living at Independence Village. Moved to Palmer and owned and operated the Palmer Arms Apartments 1968-1986. Willie taught at the Palmer Independent School 1948-1972. Pete was active on Palmer City Council for many years. Children: William and Kris (married Frank Knapp)  (Everett 1918-1998) (Wilhelmina 1921-2015)

PENDELTON, ______________: Principal of
Wasilla School 1942. Bought the Arnold Edlund house.

Ada: Came to Wasilla in 1925. Worked as a cook at the Fishhook Inn. Had a son named James St. Clair.

PERKINS, Mathew R. "Matt": Came to the Palmer area in 1944 as a member of the Army Reserves to mine coal at the Evan Jones Mine. First wife was Genevieve "Jenny", who he married in Palmer in 1947; one daughter (born outside of
Alaska in 1952) named Tonsina Perkins. Matt and Partner Harry Rice owned the Shamrock Bakery in Palmer. Later, Matt and wife moved to Ohio and  (with his brother Ivan) opened Perkins Pancake House which later became Perkins Diner franchise. When they retired and sold the franchise, the company later acquired Marie Callendar's food company.

PERSSON, C. E.:  In Wasilla 1921 working for road commission. Had a ranch and sold potatoes. Fired from Marion Mine, called “crazy”. In the hospital with scurvy in 1937. His mine workings are visible in the hills just south of the
Independence Road A-Frames.

PETE, Shem: Athabascan, born about 1900 at Susitna Station, was of the Nulchina or Sky Clan.He was well known as an Dena'ina historian, story teller, traditional dancer, geographer and a preserver of all things Athabascan. He married Inga (her Dena'ina name was Tulaten) in a double wedding ceremony (1919) in Talkeetna (other couple was Anderson Stephan and ____); Shem and Inga had two children: Billy Pete in about 1920 and Mary Pete in about 1922. Inga died of tuberculosis in 1925 at an Anchorage hospital, Shem died in 1989 at the age of 95.

PETERSON, Fred  C. J.: Foreman at Fern Mine. Sold his mink ranch in 1942 for $20,000.

PHELPS, A. F.:  Married Mary Vail, daughter of Silas Westley Vail.
Children: _________________________________  In the valley by 1916, working at the Yago Mine. 

PIPPEL, Robert W. and Kathlyn Ruth (Smith): Robert was son of Matanuska Colonists Walter and Melva Pipple. After the Army, he homesteaded 80 acres next to his parents in Eagle River. In 1949, he married Kathlyn Ruth (Smith) Hamby, widow of Lamont Hamby. Kathlyn "Kay" opened the first insurance agency in Palmer and was assistant to the director of the ARRC for the Colonists. Robert eventually took over the insurance business (Pipple Insurance). Children: William, Anthony and Robert Michael. (Robert "Bob" 1924-2003) (Kathlyn "Kay" 1917-2001)

PIPPEL, Walter George and Melva Ann (Snider):  Colonists from
Minnesota. Successful farmers on south east corner of Glenn Highway and Fishhook Road.  Left the Colony project because he didn't agree with its rules in 1939. Sued by the Dept. of Interior and won. Went back to Minnesota, but returned to Alaska in 1941 and farmed for a while in Sand Lake and Spenard (potatoes and pigs) then bought the Byberg homestead in Eagle River and farmed there. Children: James, Robert, Walter David, Jack, Karyle and Gayle. (Walter died in 1969) (Melva 1899-1989)

PLACK,        and Francis: Francis was a nurse. Children: Patricia and Phillip. (see Joe Smith)

PLUMLEY, George H. and Eva Edith: Family came to Alaska in 1941 and homesteaded out in the Bodenburg Butte area (today road called Plumley Road). Children: Ralph, Lloyd, Robert, Leo, Mary Ann, Irene, Dorothy, Orfa and Patricia. (George 1898-1992) (Eva 1902-1986)

Clyde Vincent and Lottie C.: Clyde & Lottie were (both) born in 1913. They moved to the Wasilla area in 1951 and moved into a small cabin abandoned cabin (built by soldiers during WWII) on Wasilla Fishhook Road. The Poisal's received patent to 80 acres in 1952. Lottie had one son from a previous marriage in Missouri: Vadney Bledsoe  and they adopted two little girls, Susan and Verdene.; Lottie still lives in the cabin as of 2011.

POLIS, John and Gladys Jean (nee Sanderson): John, born in
Lavrion, Greece 1906, came to Alaska in 1930. Married  Gladys Jean Sanderson (born 1925 Park Rapids, Michigan). John worked at Summit, for the Alaska Railroad and at the Kennicott Copper Mine for a while. He enlisted in the military in 1942 and was a Seargant for 22 months in the Aleutian Islands during WWII (his brother and sister served with him). He became a US Citizen in 1943.  John and Gladys Jean moved back to Wasilla in 1951 and bought the Wasilla Bar in 1953. They also built the Polis Lakeside Hotel on the Parks Highway (today it is called the Mug Shot). Children: Pete, John Jr., Cathie, Athena and Hellene. Gladys Jean Polis died in 1985 and her husband John Polis Sr. died in 1988. The name John Polis was an Americanized version of his Greek name: Ioanis Demenagos Yiatropolis. (Info courtesy of Cathi Polis Hanson)

POPPERT         :  Came to the valley in 1960, owned Poppert's Mill (his grandson and great grandson run the mill today).

POTTER, Louise:  Originally from Vermont, Louise came to
Alaska in the 1950s? She was the Dean of Women at University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1952. She traveled around Europe extensively (walking). She was a high school teacher in Wasilla (1950s & 1960s?) and she never married. She wrote several books about Alaska wild flowers and she transcribed the Herning diaries in the 1960s. After retiring, she went back to Vermont, but came back to Alaska many times to visit.

POULSON, Carl:  Swedish bachelor, good carpenter, liked to dance.

PRINCE, Bobby:
Alaska Native, born about 1917, worked for the railroad and lived near Matanuska. The 1940 US Census says his fathers name was Prince Knik.

PUHL, Joseph and Blanche: Original colonists from
Wisconsin. Farmed at north corner of Scott Road and Glenn Highway. They (and colonists Virgil and Lillian Eckert) were the first colonists to become independent (1936), no longer charging goods on the ARRC account. Children: Lloyd and Raymond.

PURCHES, George and "Rampart Nell": In Knik by  1906. Owned the Knik Roadhouse. Nell (who's real name was Eileen) used to be a dance hall girl during the gold rush days in Nome. George was shot to death in his roadhouse by a man named Johnny.  Johnny claimed self defense and was acquitted of all charges; he later married "Rampart Nell".

PYLE, J.A. “
Quincy Adams Pyle”: In Wasilla by 1928. Opened Gold Mint Mine in 1929. Working for Marion Twin in 1936. Died in California in 1941.

RAE, Don S.: In Knik by 1912, built a house there in 1913. Working at the Rae -Wallace Mine near head of Sydney Creek in 1916. Family joined him in 1918. Worked at Jonesville Coal Mine 1922. Had tuberculosis in 1923. Children: Sydney Rae  (see Sydney Rae)

Sydney: Son of Don Rae. Worked on his fathers Rae-Wallace Gold Mine in 1920. Went to the States with his  mother in the fall of 1920.Came back to Alaska in 1940 with wife May Martin and 2 small children, Barbara and Don. Sydney left Alaska, leaving his wife and two children in Wasilla. (see May Martin)(see Carter)

REBARCHEK, Raymond: 1907-1994 Colonist. Had a farm on the Springer System.Chairman of the Board for Matanuska Maid for many years. First wife was Edna _____. Second wife was Elvi Kerttula (widow of Oscar Kerttula). Children: Ronald, Marilyn and Donna Rae. (see Kerttula)

REDINGTON, James Wesley: 1885-1963 Father of Joe Redington Sr. Came to Alaska with his two sons (Joe and Ray) in 1948; he homesteaded 30 acres. Divorced from wife Mary Elizabeth (Smith)1886-1969. Buried in Wasilla.

REDINGTON, Joseph Edward "Joe": 1917-1999 Joe, a WWII veteran, came to Alaska in 1948 with his wife Catherine Lucille (Sullivan)and children, as well as his father James, brother Ray and Ray's wife Violet Elizabeth (Hoffman). Joe and Catherine homesteaded at Knik in 1948 with their children: Joseph Edward ("Joee"), Sheila Jo and Raymond Ray ("Raymie"). After Joe and "Cathy" divorced, Joe married his brother's ex-wife Violet ("Vi")in Wasilla (1953)and they homesteaded at Flathorn Lake for a number of years where Joe worked as a guide. Joe and "Vi" had one son together (Keith Eldon 1956-1965) who was killed in a shooting accident at Flathorn Lake at age 9. Joe and "Vi" moved back to Knik after the accident. Joe is known as the Father of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race and "Vi" was his biggest supporter. At Joe's own request, he was buried with his favorite dog sled in the Aurora Cemetery at Wasilla. (see Violet Hoffman) (see Brodhead) (see Frank Smith)

REDINGTON, Violet Elizabeth "Vi" (Hoffman)
: First husband was Ray Redington, brother of Joe Redington. Violet and Ray had two children, Tommy and Timmy. Violet and Ray divorced and "Vi" married Joe Redington; they had one son named Keith Eldon in 1956. The family was living at Flat Horn lake when Keith died in a shooting accident in 1965. Violet was known as the matriarch of the Iditarod and was active in the Wasilla-Knik Historical Society. (Violet 1924-2006)

REED, Waldo "Ray" and Doris (Spruill): Came to Alaska in 1959, homesteaded near Hatcher Pass (Reed Lake). Children: Naomi, James, Rhoda and Mark.

REEDER, Albert "Bill" and Lavon (nee Nelson):  Lived on
Hyer Road. Ran a farmers market on the Palmer Wasilla Highway. Albert worked for the highway department. Children: John, Eddie, Danny and Sharon. Albert was adopted by Manley and Polly Sweazey. Lavon was the daughter of Otto and Verlie Nelson.  (see Nelson).

REEDY, David: Received patent to his homestead
11/10/1922, sold cabbage and potatoes in Wasilla. Died on his trapline, near Wasilla, in 1926. 

REMPEL, Aron A. and Susanna (Krause): Both born in South Russia (they were Germans). They had 12 children (4 died in Russia). They came to America in 1923 aboard the SS Washington; in 1944, they moved to Alaska and purchased a farm in the Springer System area. Children: Maria, Aron, Agatha, Susanna, William, Herman, Ann and Dietrich (known as "Dick"). After Aron died in 1953 (buried in Palmer),the family  left Alaska. Grandson, Mark Rempel, returned to Alaska  and has had a thriving organic vegetable farm (Rempel Family Farm)out in the Butte area since 1962. (Aron 1882-1953) (Susanna 1891-1996).

ROSS, Curtis: Homesteaded in the valley pre-1915, off of today’s Farm
Loop. Drowned in the Chickaloon River in 1916. Property later owned by Louise Kellogg (Spring Creek Farm). Well known trapper and prospector. Came to Alaska on the same boat as Axel Olson, Adam Werner and Roy Cornelius.

RICE, Harry  ___________:  Partners in Shamrock Bakery in Palmer.

ROCK, Duane M.:  Rocky
Lake named for him off of Springer System Road

ROWSEY, Alfred L. and Evaline Fay (McCleary): Alfred and Evaline came to Alaska in 1948 and homesteaded at Knik in 1958. She painted the portraits that hang on the wall in the Dog  Mushers Hall of Fame at the Knik Museum. (Alfred 1924-2000) Evaline (1916-1994)

SAGER,Pal and Lu: Homesteaded on Knik Road near Carl Paulson. Had a son named Corky.

SAINDON, Edward and Margaret: Came to Alaska just after 1910 with sons Edward, George, Harry and William. They built a two story, poured concrete house near Palmer on a road that is now called
Blunck Street (near Fair grounds). Edward and Margaret left Alaska after 1930, but their sons remained.

SAINDON, GEORGE Henry and Mildred: Born in 1890, George was the son of Edward and Margaret Saindon. He was granted a patent on 160 acres in 1921. His wife's name was Mildred, she was born in 1903 and died at the age of 21 (in 1924), leaving Geoerge to raise their children (all born in
Alaska): John William born 1920, Donald born 1921 and Harry and Mildred (twins born 1924). George and Mildred are both buried in Anchorage (George died in 1967, Mildred died in 1924).

SANDVIK, Chester Arthur and Lula Alvina (Thorstenson): Came to Alaska in 1944 (brother of Ingolf Sandvik). Musical family. Children: Neola and Elden.   (Chester 1902-1987) (Lula 1903-1998)

SANDVIK, Ingolf and Agnes (Johnson): Colonists from Minnesota, arrived in 1935. Children: Jean Mae, Kent, Mark, Lynn and Peter.
(Ingolf Sandvik is brother of Chester Sandvik)

SCHEELE, August F. "Gus": (1914-1996) Gus worked on the construction of the Alcan Highway in the 1940s and moved to Alaska in 1945. In 1960, he built the first laundromat in Wasilla and owned an excavation business. He and friend Bert Johnson built the Airport Mall in Wasilla and he owned a business called The Electronics Cache. The family lived at Blodgett Lake. Gus' 1st wife was Idellar _____ (died). His 2nd wife was June _____; children: Cherry, David and Kathy; his step-children were Nola and Jervis.

SCHEIBL, Allan Gustave and Rosella: Son of Colonists Gustave and Aletha Scheibl. Children: Daniel, Carl, Steven, Gary and David.

SCHEIBL, Gustave and Alethea M.:
 Colonists from
Wisconsin; they farmed south of Palmer. Children: Evelyn Elaine (Harter), Allen, George, Anabelle, Frank, Patty, Lollie. (Gustave 1895-1962)(Aletha 1902-1971) (see Claud Harter)

SCHROCK, Cecil C. and   : Seventh Day Adventist family, homesteaded off of Wasilla Fishhook road.
When the family lived in the valley, the road they lived on was known Swamp Lake Road. In the 1960s(?) it was renamed Schrock Road (and Swamp Lake was renamed Memory Lake). The family purchased 50# bags of shelled peanuts and substituted them for meat. Children: Daniel, _____.

SCHROCK, James Harvey: Homesteaded  160 acres in 1952.

SCOTT, Lannah Zoell "L.Z.": (1902-1955)
Homesteaded at the end of Scott Road (tract 95), in Palmer which was named after him. Married (colonist) Helen DeLand,  first wife of Niles DeLand(who left the colony).When "L.Z." Scott died, Helen married Isaac "Ike" Palmer. Lannah Zoell Scott had a sister named Benzie Ola "Rusty" Scott Dow. (see Dow) (see Deland) (see Palmer)

SEARS, HARRY and Hilda Vern Edlund: Hilda was the daughter of John Fredolph Edlund. Children:  Donald, Verna Mae and Rosella. When Harry and Hilda were married, Hilda’s father Fred Edlund gave them a section of the original Edlund homestead. Farmer in Fairview area. Drove freight to mines. Bought the O’Flannigan fur farm in 1939.  Had a (fur) trap line at Big Lake the 1940s.

SELK, Lyle D. and Rosie Josephine(Peck): Lyle came to Alaska in 1945 and Rosie was born in Kwiguk, Alaska; the daughter of Ernest and Olga Peck of Wasilla. Lyle was a mechanic at Ft. Richardson. Children: Kenneth, Carol Marie, and Kathleen.  (Lyle 1923-1985) (Rosie 1921-2013)   (see Peck)

SENSKE, William Michael "Bill":  Bill's first wife, before coming to Alaska was Hulda Munter. They had one son, William Munter Senske, born about 1910.  Bill's 2nd wife was Ilah J. (Bergaus); she was a member of the first Wasilla Library Association. They lived on corner of Edlund Road and Knik Road. Received patent to 160 acres in 1942. He had the 1936 mail contract to carry mail to Fern and Gold Cord mines. Also worked at Lucky Shot. Raised strawberries commercially. Ilah was a cook for the Wasilla School. (William 1880-1965)(Ilah 1901-1970)  Their grandson Michael Senske told me that Ilah once got a ticket for driving a dog sled while intoxicated in downtown Wasilla.

SEXTON, Allan and Minnie:   Children: Elmer, Alvin, Frank, Clifford, Agnes, Joyce. Colonist family from
Wisconsin. Owned a tract of land south of Palmer, then lived in Jenkins ranch at Lake Lucille.  1944 Mrs. Sexton had a stroke, age 33. Bought Ogren house on Boundary Street in Wasilla in 1945.  Mrs. Sexton died in 1945. Sold their house (corner of 1st Avenue and Boundary in Wasilla) to Mrs. Mazula.

SEXTON, Alvin J. and Roxanne: Alvin (1928-1978)son of Colonists Allan and Minnie Sexton. Worked as a farmer most his life. Children: Danny, Bruce, Sharon, Rebecca and Cathy.

SEXTON, Clifford J. "Skip" and Salley: (Skip 1931-1985) Son of Colonists Allan and Minnie Sexton. Heavy equipment operator in Palmer. 

SEXTON, Frank William: 1930-1987 Son of Colonists Allan and Minnie Sexton. Heavy equipment operator. Children: Anne, Andy, Theresa and Frank Jr.

SHAGINOFF, James Louis and Ingrid: Born 1942 in Chickaloon, son of John and Mary (Nickolai) Shaginoff. Grew up in the Lazy Mountain Children's Home (1948-1960) and graduated from Palmer High School in 1960. He was an Elder of Chickaloon Village and served on the tribal council. Children: Timothy, Sondra, Kari, Cindy and John Corey. (James 1942-2012)

SHAGINOFF, John and  Mary (Nickolai) Goodlataw: John born in 1909 at Hughes Creek and died in Palmer in 2001. Mary born 1900, daughter of Frank Nickolai and Balasculya "Mary" Stickman. They married in 1938 at Palmer (Mary's 2nd marriage). Children: Bert born 1937, Donald born 1942, Eugene born 1942 and Lloyd born 1944. Mary had a son named Paul Joseph Goodlataw (b. 1926) from her first marraige to John Goodlataw.   (see Goodlataw) (see Nickolai)
Lived near Chickaloon.

SHAW, Russell:  Wife Florence _________.  In Wasilla in the 1930’s. Children:____________

SHELDON, Donald Edward "Don" and Roberta (Reeve): Don came to Alaska in 1938 at the age of 17. He married Roberta Reeve and they lived in Talkeetna. On the 1940 US Census for Talkeetna, it listed Don's employer as the Civil Aeronautics Authority.During WWII he flew 26 air missions and was given the Distinguished Flying Cross. He was also a legendary bush pilot, famous for making rescue landings on the glaciers of Mt. McKinley and opened the Talkeetna Air Service in 1948 with parter Stub Morrison. Don Sheldon died of cancer in 1975. Children:

SHERROD, Janet Joyce: Born 1932, she was the daughter of Max and Dorothy Sherrod.  Married Wendell Lewis.  Children: Bradley Lewis (Bradley Lake named after him). Janet's second husband was George ____. Children:

SHERROD, Max Hiram, and Dorothy Alice Brant: Both registered nurses from
Michigan. Hired by the ARRC to help eight sick colonist families left in Seattle in May of 1935 (Sherrod's were on their way to Alaska to farm at the time). They became part of the first medical staff in the colony during the epidemic that first summer before the arrival of a doctor.  Later they purchased land and became very successful farmers. Sherrod School is named after this family and is located near the original farm. One child: Janet Sherrod. Max Sherrod was a member of the National Society of the Sons of the Revolution.

SHORT, Lloyd and Ann Snider:
Ann was the daughter of Gerrit and Alice Snider, she had 2 children when she married Lloyd  Short (Jo Ann and James). They had a chicken farm next to the Henry Jensen family. Lloyd and Ann had two children together (Lyle and Laurie). (see Snider)

SHOUGH, Harry C.:  Lived in Knik by 1911. Homesteaded at mile 26 of government road to mines in 1913. Ran roadhouse at mile 32 same road in 1916. In 1923 the Shough cabin was used as the U.S. Commissioners office and post office. Received patent to 5 acres in Wasilla in 1919. Operated Shough Mine and did a lot of freighting between Knik and Wasilla when Wasilla started. Had a business called Shough Auto Express (taxi service?) and sold the business to Fred Nelson in 1919.

SIMPSON, Jim and Gloria:  High school teacher. Had the 1st Henry J. automobile in Wasilla  (made by Ford).

SHAGINOFF, Johnny: 1909-2001 Born in Knik to John Shaginoff and Mary Tyone. Married Mary Nickolai (1938) daughter of Frank and Balasculya "Mary" Nickolai of Chickaloon. Children: Burt, Don, Jim and Lloyd.  (see Nickolai)

SITZE, Clara Margaret: (1918-2000) Clara moved to Wasilla in 1956; she owned Top of the World Realty, the Snack Shack, Green Acres Resort, Clara's Cafe and the Donut Shop. Children: Kenneth, Cindy Betts, Michael Fitzgibbon, Edward Fitzgibbon, Shirley Beldon, Janet Hunter, Clarence Michaelson and Carol Bragg.

SLIVERS, Capt. Alex: (see Alex McNeil)

SLUMBERGER, Jackie: Jackie and Cicil Bryant owned Hilltop Cafe on Main Street in Wasilla. Her first husband was Thurman Betts, her second husband was David Grow.  (see Betts) (see Grow)

SLUMBERGER, Leroy and Clara P: Parents of Jacqueline Mary Slumberger who married Thurman Betts and David E. Grow. Clara was a teacher in Wasilla in the 1950s. (see Betts) (see Grow)

SMALL, Frank A.:
(1924-1987) Born in Anchorage to Georg and Ora Small. Graduted from Palmer High School in 1942. Highway road maintenance worker for 38 years.

SMALL, George: Ran a roadhouse at mile 19 Wasilla Fishhook in 1916 and a roadhouse at mile 15 in 1917. Married Ora C. _____ in 1921. Children: Frank and Georgia.

SMITH, David Floyd: Born in Kanakanek, Alaska to Floyd Smith and Ellen Fleckenstein. First wife was Peggy Overstreet (children Mike,Steve and Teddy Ray), second wife was Maryann Larson (Maryann's children from previous marriage: Darrell, Lori, Tim). David and wife Maryann started Wasilla Aggregate in 1969. David fished commercially.  (David 1933-2013).  (see Overstreet)

SMITH, Floyd Dewey and Ellen Catherine Fleckenstein: Married 1926 in Chena. Ellen was the daughter of Joseph B. Fleckenstein. Floyd to
Alaska pre-1926. Moved into the Oberg house in 1942. Bought the Claude and Helen Hesse Colonist house and moved it to the Smith ranch in 1942. Sold his store in Dillingham in 1944. Divorced pre-1957. Children: Frank Marion, Joe, Laura Marie, Lavina Ethel and David Floyd. Floyd died in 1979.  (see Fleckenstein) For more information on this Smith family, try this link:

SMITH, Floyd: Son of Joe Smith and Patty Plack. Changed his name to Peter Wilson. (see Peter Wilson)

SMITH, Frank Marion: Frank is the son of Floyd Smith and Ellen Fleckenstein. His first wife was Catherine Lucille "Cathy"(Sullivan) Redington. She was the first wife of (dog musher)Joe Redington. Frank and "Cathy" had no children. Frank built a house on the east side of
Knik Road and another house at the "Y" intersection of Fishhook Road and Bogard Road. Frank's second wife was Dorothy ______.  Children: 3 boys: Brett (twin), Grant(twin)born about 1965-1966 and Todd born about 1968-1969. Grant died when he was about 18 as the result of a drunk driver hitting his motorcycle.(see Floyd Smith) (see Joe Redington) (see Brodhead)

SMITH, Jim: (1898-1970) Married Joanne Byrne Hiland in 1950, then helped her operate the Hiland Hotel until 1966.

SMITH, Joe: Son of Floyd Smith and Ellen Fleckenstein. Married  (divorced) Patricia “Patty” Plack, daughter of Francis Plack; they had one son named Floyd. After their divorce, Patty married Dick Wilson and adopted Floyd. Floyd's name was changed to Peter Wilson. (see Dick Wilson)(see Peter Wilson)

SMITH, Laura Marie:  Daughter of Floyd Smith and Ellen Fleckenstein. Married Eldor Hulke.  Children: Frieda
,Floyd Ernest "Butch" Virginia, Faith, Jody and Hope.(see Eldor Hulke) (see Floyd Smith)

SMITH, Lauren Foy and Hollis M.: Colonists from Minnesota. Lauren known for carving diamond willow. (Lauren 1905-1991)(Hollis 1908-1985) Children: Gloria M., Charlene C., Kenneth, Keith M., Duane L. and Douglas.

SMITH, Lavina Ethel "Lee":  Daughter of Floyd Smith and Ellen Fleckenstein. Married Dan Carney, son of Charles and Margaret Carney, they had no children. Lavina's 2nd husband was Gerald Skinner, their children were Laura and Patti. Lavina's 3rd husband was Dale Cooper, their children were Renee Lee and Bernard "Bernie" Kieth (twins). Dale Cooper had 2 children from a previous marriage (Angela Marie and Dale Ray).

SMITH, Theron A. and Martha:  Received patent to 160 acres in 1925, farm became north Palmer. Theron came from
Cameron, Missouri and met Margaret in Cordova. Margaret described herselv as "Aleut, Chinese, German and Scotch". Theron drove a school bus in the pre-colony days. He was known as "Hard Workin' Smitty".  Theron registered for the WW I draft, giving a date of birth as 10/13/1884 Denver, Colorado. He listed his occupation (1918) as a plumber for AEC at Eska. He also registered for the draft in WW II, listing his wife as Martha. The family was living at Eska Creek on the 1920 US Census. On the 1930 US Census the family was living at Matansuka Village. Children: Alice E., Theron, Nathan, Grace, James, Pearl, Robert, Nancy, Sara, Shirley and Patsy.

SMITH, Vincent and Della (Ritchey) Cottle: Step children: (all Cottle's) Gerald, Richard, Rodney, Benjamin Mildred and Marjorie Cottle. Lived at Goose Bay? (see Cottle)

SNIDER, Anna "Ann" T: (1919-2011) Daughter of Gerrit and Alice Snider. Married Claude
Rogers. Children Jo Ann and James. Married Lloyd Vernon Short. Children: Lyle and Laurie. Lloyd and Ann owned a farm in the valley in 1949. Anna wrote two books: A Year at the Independence Gold Mine: A Family Adventure" and "Heather and Hoonah". (see Snider)

Elizabeth “Pat”: (1916-2009)Daughter of Gerrit and Alice Snider; "Pat" was born at the Ship Creek tent city (later called Anchorage); she attended the first grade in Wasilla. She was on the 1st Wasilla City Council and was the first (female) Mayor of Wasilla. Her 1st husband was  Edward William Lawson (1916-1945)Divorced in 1942. Children: Gerrit “Gary”, Gilbert and Susan. Second husband Eghart "Al" Hjellen (1915-1986). Children: Alice, Peter and Ida.  (see Hjellen)

SNIDER, Gerrit “Heine” and Alice (Aldenberg):  Gerrit was born in
Monnikendan, Holland, with the name Gerritt Jan Willem Snieder. Changed his name to Gerrit Snider. He arrived at New York 11/12/1910 on the SS Rotterdam. His wife Alice Aldenberg also arrived on the SS Rotterdam in 1915. Their first child, Elizabeth, was born in the tent city of Anchorage. By 1920, they lived at the railroad section line at Pittman and they raised goats there for several years. They bought the Carlson ranch for a mink farm in 1925 and moved there in 1927.  Cleared land for aviation field in Wasilla in 1927, later gave it to the town (today it is Wonderland Park). In 1929 he had ¼ interest in Hi-Grade Mine. 1930 published a book on mink farming. He was in the Territorial House of Representatives 1947-1949 and the Senate from 1951-1955. He gave five acres of his homestead (for a park and picnic area) to the Pioneers of Alaska. Alice worked on Ft. Richardson. Children: Lincoln Peter died while in the U.S. Navy in 1940 (asphyxiated in a training drill), Elizabeth “Pat” (marriage # 1: Lawson)(marriage # 2: Eghart "Al" Hjellen), Constance Marie “Micky” (married Clarence William "Bill" Betts) and Ann (marriage # 1: Claud Rogers) (marriage # 2: Lloyd Vernon Short).

Lincoln Peter:  Son of Gerrit and Alice Snider. Did assessment work on Martin Mine claims in 1936 and worked for the road commission. Enlisted in the Navy in 1939, died during training drill aboard the U.S.S. California in 1940.

SNIDER, Constance Marie “Micky”:  Daughter of Gerrit Snider. Married  Bill Betts. Three sons, Billy, Wiley and Wetzel Betts.  (see Gerrit Snider) (see Bill Betts)

SNODGRASS, Milton David and Margaret Jane:Came to Alaska 1907, Milton was in Wasilla by 1917 mapping ranches for the government.Founded the Matanuska Experimental Station on Trunk Road and was instrumental in organizing the ARR's Farming Colony effort in 1929 and the U. S. Government's 1935 Matanuska Colony. Children: John Roland "Rollie" born 1909 in Oregon, William B., Agnes, Margaret and Mary.  Milton (1876-1967) Margaret (1874-1972) (see McCartney)
For more information go to:

SNODGRASS, John Roland "Rollie" and Alice Sachiko (Mikami): (Rollie 1909-1983) (Alice 1913-2008) Rollie was the son of Milton and Margaret Snodgrass. He was a dairy farmer and the State Director of Agriculture. Alice came to Alaska in 1915, graduated from Anchorage High School in 1931. Worked for the ARRC and USDA Experimental Station, was on the board of directors for MTA, Territorial Department of Agriculture and committee's for the Matanuska Federal Credit Union, Mat-Su Community College and Palmer Senior Citizens. Children: Jack Snodgrass.

SOPER, Carmen A.: Married Laura Corbin. Came to
Alaska in 1926. Received patent to 160 acres in 1933.Their children were:
Pearl Soper born 1912; married Louie Loberg    
Velma Soper born 1914; married #1 Slim Whinery #2 Mel Gehemen
Glen Soper born 1917 died 1919
Kenneth Soper born 1918; married #1 Virginia Lillian Grantham #2 Hazel Shell
Wanda Soper born 1921; married #1 Frank Gagnon  #2 Dwane Rock  
Richard Eugene Soper born 1923 or 1924; never married
Ione Soper born 1930; married Lewis Shell
James Dale Soper born 1933; died in 1937 or 1938
Carmen trapped and worked for the road commission.  (see Louie Loberg) (see Gagnon)

Pearl Lillian: Daughter of Carmen A. and Laura L. (Corbin) Soper. Married  Loritz Konrad Mollar “Louie” Loberg 1929.  Children: Lauritz John “Sonny”, Lillian Thordis (2nd husband Lloyd Plumley), Louise Swanhild (married ____ Bidondo), Lief Leroy. Lived on Loberg Lake.   (see Carmen Soper)Louie Loper and his father “Grandpa Loberg” lived in Wasilla pre-1929. Louie died in 1952. (see Loritz Loberg)

SORENSON, Frank “Swede”:
  One son named Jerry. Swede badly injured in WWII, periodically had to wear a neck collar to support his head. Built home at
Paradise Lake, mile 4 Wasilla Fishhook Road in 1946.

SPARLING, E. B. “Buck”:
  Homesteaded in Valley before 1915. Worked at Lucky Shot. Died in 1945.

SPAULDING, CHARLES S.  Living at Chickaloon by 1919.

SPAULDING, Edward and Eva:  Doctor in Wasilla before 1920.

SPRINGER, John August:  Homesteaded  on the southeast corner of the Springer system pre-1915, received patent in 1920. The Springer System is named after him, his cabin is still there.  Had one of the first cars in the valley, which sat up on blocks because the roads were no good. Noted for shooting when unexpected guests arrived, so people had to yell out their name as they approached his homestead, so they wouldn't get shot (info from Jim Fox)

Fired from her teaching job at
Wasilla School in 1924. She went north and married George Zink. Children: Zella. (see George Zink)

STADEM, Peter and Nikoline: Peter came to Alaska in 1928 and settled in Palmer in 1952. He was a commercial fisherman. Children: Norman, Louis and Sonja. (Peter 1901-1989)

ST.CLAIR, James and Nellie: Homesteaded in the Valley before 1915. Born 1888 to Ada Pennington. Rancher, had a camp on Little Susitna in 1907. Worked at Gold Bullion Mine. Had a mink farm at Finger Lake. Ran a beer hall resort on Finger Lake;  sold it to Lee Hartley in 1945. Children: __________________. James died in 1965. Nellie St. Clair died in 1973. NOTE: Pearl Edlund Farr told Jim Fox, in an interview, that James St. Clair's wife died giving birth to twins, but that must be a different St. Clair (there was more than one) because Nellie died at the age of 82. Both James and Nellie are buried in Anchorage.

STENBERG, Arthur Waldemar:  Died in 1954 (age 68) buried in Palmer

STENBERG, Arthur W. Jr. and Laura Blanche (France): "Art" came to Alaska in 1946 (son of Arthur W. Stenberg Sr. 1891-1954) and married Laura Blanche France in Palmer in 1948. "Art" was a carpenter by trade. Laura worked at Koslosky's and for the Alaska State Troopers. Children: Sam, Arthur and Peter Ann. Art died in 1992 and Laura married Lester "Murphy" Ellsworth in 2002. (Arthur 1923-1992) (Laura 1926-2012) (see France)