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The Aurora Cemetery is located on Wasilla Fishhook Road just outside of Wasilla.  The original cemetery
was constructed by citizens of Wasilla in 1947.  In 1948, a school contest chose the name of the new cemetery
and a student named Allayne Nelson (daughter of Peter & Dorothy Nelson) won $5.00 for her suggestion of "Aurora Cemetery".
Today, the cemetery is owned and cared for by the City of Wasilla. 

Information extracted by Coleen Mielke    

Aurora Cemetery Wasilla, Alaska
You have my permission to LINK BACK to this page, however, please respect the amount of
work it took to extract this information and give credit where credit is due, thank you.


1/A  Palmer, Julius  B.  “Joe”  1/26/1865-2/18/1948
1/B  Swanson, Gustav Albin 12/17/1885-9/9/1949  (lived near Knik by 1912)
1/C  Spalding, Charles S. 2/6/1875-12/4/1952  LIVED IN CHICKALOON 1919
1/D  Fabyan, Jack  1885-8/28/1969  ARRIVED IN WASILLA IN 1929
2/A  Wilson, Cecil A. 4/28/1896-12/21/1948
2/A  Wilson, Wilma  8/13/1908-10/8/1996  b. Dowd City Iowa +  husbands cremains/one grave
2/B Wilson and Carney Family reserved
2/C  Wilson and Carney Family reserved
2/D  Wilson and Carney Family reserved
3/A  Sonnaband Family reserved
3/B  Sawvell, Brian J. 11/29/1957-8/20/1984
3/C  Sonnaband Family reserved
3/D  Sonnaband Family reserved
4/A  Sonnaband Family reserved
4/B  Sonnaband Family reserved
4/C  Sonnaband Family reserved
4/D  Sonnaband Family reserved
5/A  Lamon Family   Reserved
5/B  Lamon, John D. Sr. 9/29/1914-6/17/1985
5/C  Lloyd Family  reserved
5/D  Lloyd, Kenneth Sr.  4 March 1937-10/16/1995  b. Tarkio, Missouri
6/A  Long Family  reserved
6/B  Long family reserved
6/C  Long, Carl William 1/7/1984-1/7/1984
6/D  Long, Weymeth Christopher 1/11/1985-1/11/1985
7/A  Gilbreath Family  reserved
7/B  Gilbreath Family reserved
7/C  Johnson, Timothy D. 1/20/1960-10/3/1995 b, Spokane, Washington + cremains of Richard Johnson
7/D  Olson, Carl A. 4 Jan 1899-6/26/1978  (no grave marker)
8/B  Rock, Norton P. 8/5/1984-3/26/1985     (no grave marker)
8/C  Nielsen, Austin J. 8/25/1994-1/16/1996
8/D  Huntington, Terek N.   12/18/1987-12/19/1987   (tree on plot)
9/A  Smith Family reserved
9/B  Smith Family  reserved
9/C  Hulke  Family  reserved
9/D  Hulke Family  reserved
10/A  Layman, Tevin  2/29/1992-6/24/1992   b. Palmer, Alaska   (no grave marker)
10/B  Charles, Alvin  Wayne 7/31/1950-10/1/1993 b. Everett, Washington
10/B  Charles, Charlotte 5/31/1953-6/20/1986      b. Fargo, North Dakota
10/C  Phipps, Roger Neal Banet 12/8/1951-2/3/1990  b.Burlington, Wisconsin
10/D  Phipps Family reserved
11/A  Hanna, Gerald B. 12/26/1959-3/29/1987
11/B  Hanna   Family  reserved
11/C  Hanna   Family  reserved
11/D  Hanna   Family  reserved
12/A  Yoder, Arthur M.  10/8/1928-11/5/1996 b. Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania
12/B  Yoder, Stella Victoria 1909-5/14/1986
12/C  Yoder Family reserved
12/D  Yoder, Duane 1957-12/28/1987
13/A  Klein, Joseph Edward 8/29/1910 - 1/6/1986  (Lot A & C   are one lot)
13/B  Klein Family reserved (Lot B & D are one lot)
13/C  Klein  (connected to 13/A)
13/D  Klein  (connected to 13/B)
14/A  Stout Family  reserved
14/B  Stout Family  reserved
14/C  Bragg, Shane William 9/17/1976 -9/17/1976
14/D  Michaelson, Kenneth  E. 11/2/1964-Jan. 4, 1965  (no grave marker)
15/A  Betts, Willard J. 2/2/1943-6/15/1964
15/B  Betts, Clarence William   2/2/1907-8/4/1974
15/C  Betts Family  reserved
15/D  Betts Family  reserved
16/A  Nelson, Fred 8/2/1887-6/2/1963  MINER, TRAPPER, FREIGHTER, IN ALASKA  BY 1911
16/B  Nelson,  Nills Peter 2/11/1892-3/26/1967    b. Sweden
16/C  Nelson Family  reserved
16/D  Carson, Dorothy M.  Nelson 10/24/1904 - 5/5/1997  b. Orting, Washington
17/A  Hizelberger, Elizabeth 8/12/1894-1/12/1981
17/B  Everett, Ruth 7/13/1921-10/29/1959 + cremains of Everett, Roger F. 11/6/1942-2/8/2003
17/C  Bozenoff, John Jr.   1/25/1957 Palmer, Alaska - 4/12/2003
17/D  Ore, Grazia B. 1895-10/9/1974 (no grave marker)
18/A  Gay, Raymond Ward 3/8/1968-5/16/1968
18/B  Reid, Emma Dell  4 Jan 1921-12/30/1964
18/C  Stephan Family reserved
18/D  Stephan Family reserved
19/A  Cole, Baby 1/25/1965-1/25/1965
19/B  Weinstein, Eunice   3/7/1917 South Dakota - 12/31/1996
19/C  Stephenson, James O.  1899-12/26/1969  (no grave marker)
19/D  Crook, William 4 March  3/4/1908-10/6/1976  (no grave marker)
20/A  Sitze Family  reserved
20/B  Sitze Family  reserved
20/C  Sitze, Monroe Hale  10/20/1883-11/18/1970
20/D  Sitze, Vestie 9/7/1889-3/7/1966
21/A  Aubert, Della 8/23/1924-3/14/1976   (no grave marker)
21/B  McClellan, Maxine W. 10/22/1922-9/6/1970 ***(
see note at end of this page)
21/C  Bradfield, Gary Williams 1959-3/20/1983
21/D  McClellan, Earl James 1/1/1917-2/12/1972  (no grave marker)
22/A  Johnson, Wanda C. 7/26/1939-1984   b. Clark Co., Wisconsin
22/B  Kline, Paul N.  1/1/1923-2/10/1992
22/C  Kline, Vivian  2/8/1923-7/27/1976
22/D  Kline, Cynthia Joy 4/22/1962-4/12/1981
23/A  Sather, Ole 3/31/1899-10/2/1968
23/B  Nichols, Ronald Dean  8/18/1949 Coatsville, Pennsylvania - 2/17/2001
23/C  Donovan Family reserved
23/D  Donovan, Timothy L. IV  9/4/1946-7/22/1990
24/A  Smith, Teddy  Ray 1/1/1962-1/12/1962   (no grave marker) Son of David Floyd Smith
24/B  Smith, Ellen  Catherine (Fleckenstein) 5/9/1902-5/1/1973
24/C  Smith Family  reserved
24/D  Smith Family  reserved
25/A  Reuby, Mildred 10/14/1903-9/16/1983
25/B  Reuby Family  reserved
25/C  Loescher Family reserved
25/D  Loescher Family reserved
26/A  Corinth, Charles L. 1/25/1921-3/5/1996 b. Chicago, Illinois  (no grave marker)
26/B  Corinth Family reserved
26/C  Corinth, Margaret D. 5/11/1918-11/13/1993 b. Glasgow, Scotland (no grave marker)
26/D  Corinth, Bruce    7/10/1950-8/14/1984
27/A  Browne Family reserved
27/B  Browne, Jane 5/9/1921-8/12/1987   (no grave marker)
27/C  Loveland, Shelly Shag  10/21/1898-2/21/1970
27/D  McIntosh, Donald 9/28/1944-10/6/1992
28/A  Klein Family reserved
28/B  Klein Family reserved
28/C  Klein Family reserved
28/C  Klein Family reserved
29/A  Langloe, Lucille 1/19/1922-3/1/1983
29/B  Langloe  reserved
29/C  Langloe  reserved
29/D  Langloe, reserved
30/A  Betts Family reserved
30/B  Betts Family reserved
30/C  Livingston, Garland  Linford 10/22/1910-10/31/1976  (no grave marker)
30/D  Livingston Family reserved
31/A  Tanner, Jonnie F.  10/2/1931-1/23/1987 b. Masquit, New Mexico
31/B  Tanner Family  reserved
31/C  Mullins, Alice Marie  10/8/1924-1/30/1991 b. West Virginia (no grave marker)
31/D  Dejohn, Henry 1/9/1875-9/17/1957
32/A  Dinkel, Lisa D. 9/8/1963-1/21/1965
32/B  Dinkel Family reserved
32/C  Dinkel Family reserved
32/D  Dinkel Family reserved
33/A  Blissard Family  reserved
33/B  Blissard Family reserved
33/C  Blissard, Charles 5/30/1952-12/21/1962
33/D  Blissard, John  Charles 3/19/1913-7/22/1966
34/A  Dinkel, Harold 11/11/1909-6/24/1989   b. Meadow Grove, Nebraska
34/B  Dinkel Family Reserved
34/C  Dinkel, Family Reserved
34/D  Dinkel, Family Reserved
35/A  Bergaus, John 10/28/1917-12/11/1972
35/B  Ammon, James B.  8/4/1913-12/18/1965
35/C  Bergaus, Ilah (Senske) 7/2/1901-7/17/1970
35/D  Senske, William  10/31/1880-12/3/1965
36/A  Burge, Earl 7/28/1903-8/25/1966
36/B  Burge, Marie H.  1902-9/6/1982   (no grave marker)
36/C  Dunnagan, Earl M. 10/15/1910-8/4/1978
36/D  Dunnagan Family reserved
37/A  Huckstep, Mathew 6/2/1992-12/20/1992
37/B  Malone Family   reserved
37/C  Fritzler, Vicky M.  8/12/1913-11/29/1996   b. Morton, Washington (maiden name Hedwig Edlund)
37/D  Fritzler Family reserved  FRITZLER FAMILY LIVING IN WASILLA BY 1936
38/A  Tilley, William E. 3/26/1931 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 1/30/2000
38/B  Makin, Barrie  G.  8/21/1934-7/19/1983  (no grave marker)
38/C  Shugak Family  reserved
38/D  Shugak, Senafont  2/8/1926-6/28/1987
39/A  Smith, Floyd 2/22/1898-6/16/1979  MARRIED ELLEN FLECKENSTEIN OF WASILLA 1926
39/B  Smith Family reserved
39/C  Smith Family reserved
39/D  Smith Family reserved
40/A  Antoni Family reserved
40/B  Antoni, Peter 2/2/1903-7/17/1973   (no grave marker)
40/C  Antoni Family reserved
40/D  Antoni Family reserved
41/A  Cloud, Timothy L. 12/28/1958-5/14/1989  (no grave marker)
41/B  Rooks, Clinton   b. 8/3/1935 Crestline, OH  d. 6/5/2005
41/C  Marker, Rosella  2/21/1912-6/1/1988   (no grave marker)
41/D  Johnson, Margaret 1930-4/10/1975
42/A  Dodson, Doris A. 9/19/1919-10/20/1984
42/B  Dodson Family   reserved
42/C  Unusable
42/D  Unusable
43/A  Zehrung Family reserved
43/B  Zehrung, Carl Edward 9/14/1915 died 6/27/2001 in Turner Oregon  (cremains buried in Wasilla)
43/C  Zehrung Family reserved
43/D  Zehrung, Dennis P.  2/5/1961-12/10/1977
44/A  Stallings, Frederick  1953-8/17/1983
44/B  Holden Family reserved
44/C  Holden Family reserved
44/D  Holden Family reserved
45/A  Stallings Family  reserved
45/B  Stallings Family  reserved
45/C  Caywood, Emmett W. 6/24/1904-12/21/1979
45/D  Caywood, Dorothy B. 4/9/1916-10/5/1997 b. Boulder, Colorado
46/A  McHenry, Earl 3/18/1877-4/27/1950
46/B  Wilson Family  reserved
46/C  Wilson Family  reserved
46/D  Wilson, Anne Mrs.  2/21/1892-1/29/1965
47/A  Wilson Family reserved
47/B  Wilson Family reserved
47/C  Knutson, Larry Harlan 9/23/1960-8/17/1964
47/D  Miner, Caroline  11/23/1929-11/14/1986
48/A  Morris Family reserved
48/B  Morris, Cameron  5/6/1985-5/16/1985
48/C  Barnes, Infant   1/13/1952  Stillborn
48/D  Johnson, Jason Robert 4/26/1987-4/26/1987
48/D  Johnson, Barbara Griffin  11/7/1959-5/22/1991   Cremains buried with son
49/A  Kuernplassen Family reserved
49/B  Miller Family reserved
49/C  Kuernplassen Family reserved
49/D  Miller Family reserved
50/A  Rasmussen, Rosemary 10/10/1931-5/7/1985
50/B  Rasmussen, Ralph 8/7/1930-7/19/1985
50/C  Heaven, Daisey 1897-7/22/1970
50/D  Heaven, Foster 2/23/1890-8/10/1970
51/A  Brodhead, Thomas 12/16/1926-11/12/1999 b. Minneapolis, Minnesota
51/B  Brodhead, Catherine L.  10/3/1923-5/20/2000
51/C  Redington, Raymond Wesley (DeWeese) 9/16/1970-4 March 1971
51/D  Brodhead Family  reserved
52/A  Redington, James W. 3/15/1885-12/24/1963 (father of Joe Redington??)
52/B  Redington, Keith E.  1956-9/30/1965
52/C  Redington, Joe Sr.  2/1/1917-6/24/1999  (Buried in his dog sled) FATHER OF IDITAROD RACE
52/D  Redington, Family reserved
53/A  Simmons, Peggy 3/8/1912-5/27/1973
53/B  Simmons, Harold   David  1/21/1914-3/1992   b.  Booneville, Missouri    Cremated
53/C  Dundas, Carl E.  1/10/1953  Metlakatla, Alaska  died 5/24/2001
53/D  Kvalhiem, Ray and Ingrid S. Johnson  (no dates listed)  cremains buried
54/A  Corn Family reserved
54/B  Corn Family reserved
54/C  Corn Family reserved
54/D  Corn Family reserved
55/A  Arneson, Jarnell 9/6/1976-2/4/1980
55/B  Arneson Family  reserved
55/C  Arneson Family reserved
55/D  Arneson Family reserved
56/A  Norton, Amanda  3/14/1983 - 3/14/1983
56/B  Burdette, Janice L. 9/11/1942-10/7/1997 b. Lamar, Colorado
56/C  Ives, Samuel W. 7/15/1932-12/17/1986
56/D  Ives, Samuel Harvey 11/4/1959-8/5/1985
57/A  Lettow, James  6/12/1958-8/7/1997  b. Glendale, California
57/B  Morris, Erma  2/21/1927-11/23/1975
57/C  McCallion, William  9/15/1926-1/12/1999   b. Tulsa, Oklahoma   listed as strangers burial
57/D  Miller Family  reserved
58/A  Rasegan, Emil Theodore  10/12/1928-11/25/1998 b. Detroit, Michigan
58/B  Miller Family   reserved
58/C  Wilbur, William W.  7/26/1916-4/27/1984
58/D  Wilbur, Elizabeth  11/30/1920-9/26/1976
59/A  Barron, Randall L.  reserved
59/B  Riley, Harry  T. 1/29/1908-10/24/1979   (father-in-law of Randall Barron)
59/C  Barron, Randall L.  reserved
59/D  Barron, Randall L.  reserved
60/A  Werre, Herbert 7/2/1922-8/24/1986
60/B  Werre Family  reserved
60/C  Betts, Thurman, G. 4/13/1915-5/6/1976
60/D  Turgeon, Ricky 9/30/1952-5/1/1991  b. Rolla, Missouri
61/A  Cremer, Laurence A. 9/29/1963-8/24/1983
61/B  Cremer Family  reserved
61/C  Betts, Frances 1/26/1919-6/29/1962
61/D  Brown, Jerry   10/30/1935-11/4/1989
62/A  Fleckenstein, Florence  1905-1/1/1985
62/B  Fleckenstein, Sharon 1/5/1899-4/24/1959
62/C  Fleckenstein Family reserved  FLECKENSTEIN FAMILY HOMESTEADED AT KNIK 1915
62/D  Leibhart, Lorraine 11/9/1924-3/28/19961
63/A  Edlund, John E. 8/23/1866-10/6/1960     HOMESTEADED IN THE VALLEY IN 1915
63/B  Edlund, Hulda 6/21/1907-5/28/1950
63/C  Edlund Family reserved
63/D  Edlund Family  reserved
64/A  Byers, Carolyn Sue  3/14/1947-8/27/1977 b. Richmond, Indiana
64/B  Byers Family  reserved
64/C  Byers Family  reserved
64/D  Byers Family reserved
65/A  Collins, Gary Jo 10/22/1959 Stillborn
65/B  McCombs, Merlie died 2/19/1998 buried casket McCombs, Robert died 7/28/2000 cremains buried.
65/C  McCombs Family Reserved
65/D  McMahon, Sarah Kay (Stout)  10/31/1985-1/17/1986
66/A  Johnson, Trenton 1912-3/1/1983
66/B  Johnsen, Marie 12/17/1915-10/17/1973
66/C  Johnson Family  reserved
66/D  Johnson Family reserved
67/A  Barber Family  reserved
67/B  Barber, Kelly J. 4/24/1966-5/20/1977
67/C  Barber, Benjamin G. 4/5/1909-9/10/1994  b. DesMoines, Iowa
67/D  Barber, Esther S. 2/22/1915-12/7/1989
68/A  Briggs Family  reserved
68/B  Briggs Family  reserved
68/C  Briggs Family  reserved
68/D  Briggs Family  reserved
69/A  Corn Family reserved
69/B  Corn Family reserved
69/C  Corn, Miekey A. 2/22/1935-12/17/1977
69/D  Corn Family reserved
70/A  Wilkins, Betty 8/8/1922-9/14/1975
70/B  Wilkins, Harry J. Sr. 7/22/1919-2/3/1991
70/C  Wilkins Family reserved
70/D  Wilkins Family reserved
71/A  DeHart, Calvin   10/14/1927-2/5/1996  b. Watertown, South Dakota
71/B  DeHart, Grace M.  died 1/3/1983
71/C  Miller Family reserved
71/D  Miller Family reserved
72/A  Miller Family reserved
72/B  Miller Family reserved
72/C  Miller Family reserved
72/D  Miller Family reserved
73/A  Miller Family reserved
73/B  Miller Family reserved
73/C  Meshew Family reserved
73/D  Dodge, David  R.  Baby  10/10/1977-10/13/1977
74/A  Barron, Steven V.  reserved
74/B  Barron, Steven V.  reserved
74/C  Barron, Steven V.  reserved
74/D  Breager, Justin A. 6/24/1979-9/26/1979
75/A  Barron, David T.  reserved
75/B  Barron, David T.  reserved
75/C  Barron, David T.  reserved
75/D  Barron, David T.  reserved
76/A  Cochran, George F. 11/5/1930-5/20/1963
76/B  Cochran, Donald F. 2/1/1937-4/21/1977
76/C  Cochran, Ruby  N. 9/1/1906-7/23/1961
76/D  Cochran Family reserved
77/A  Adcoch Family  reserved
77/B  Goldsmith, Charlie 11/30/1970-11/30/1970
77/C  Adcoch Family   reserved
77/D  Adcoch Family   reserved
78/A  Edlund, Agnes May 1909-12/4/1970  b. Dearborn, Michigan
78/B  Edlund, George E. 10/4/1906-7/5/1989
78/C  Byers, Harold 11/2/1904-12/3/1958 b. Vincennes, Indiana
78/D  Byers, Orlando 9/13/1902-3/20/1970
79/A  Lucus, Kenny Lyle  1/28/1960-1/30/1960
79/B  Estrella, Christian   3/1/1984-10/30/1995  b. Chula Vista, California
79/C  Howard Family reserved
79/D  Howard, Boyd 11/19/1920-10/25/1974
80/A  Gislason, Johannes 11/2/1911-8/11/1959
80/B  Gislason Family  reserved
80/C  Durand, Renee McRae   3/31/1957-5/31/1996
80/D  McRae, Philip 9/28/1930-2/27/1968
81/A  Lawrence, William 11/7/1878-6/6/1962
81/B  Carlson Family  reserved
81/C  Carlson Family  reserved
81/D  Carlson Family  reserved
82/A  Woodward, Pettis L. Jr.  1943-4/13/1974
82/B  Knowles, Brandon Lee 8/19/1986-8/19/1986
82/C  Woodwal Family  reserved
82/D  Woodwal Family  reserved
83/A  Briggs Family  reserved
83/B  Briggs Family reserved
83/C  Briggs, Susan Jane 1954-11/11/1970
83/D  Corn Family   reserved
84/A  Corn Family   reserved
84/B  Corn Family   reserved
84/C Corn Family   reserved
84/D  Corn Family   reserved
85/A  Carson, Arnold R.  9/5/1902-12/12/1983
85/B  Carson, Hortense 10/28/1906-10/6/1969  old book says October   black book says August
85/C  Newcomb, Alexander R.  3/25/1988-7/30/1988
85/D  Carson, Michael A. Jr.  6/8/1979-10/25/1996
86/A  Graham, Thomas   4/4/1927-12/10/1979
86/B  Graham, Bebe  1/21/1932 Juneau, AK  -  3/28/2004
86/C  Miller Family reserved
86/D  Miller Family reserved
87/A  Miller Family reserved
87/B  Miller Family reserved
87/C  Miller, Kenneth R. 5/21/1929 Watauge, Tennessee - 9/23/2000
87/D  Rasmussin, Kathy Ann 1954-5/15/1982
88/A  Abbott Family reserved
88/B  Abbott Family reserved
88/C  Abbott Family reserved
88/D  Abbott Family reserved
89/A  Barron, Roy Rolley reserved
89/B  Barron, Roy Rolley reserved
89/C  Barron, Clara 11/11/1929-2/28/1979 b. Pampa, Texas
89/D  Barron, Roy Rolley 4/12/1925-6/10/1992 b. Mineral Wells, Texas
90/A  Barron, Roy Rolley reserved
90/B  Barron, Roy Rolley reserved
90/C  Barron, Roy Rolley reserved
90/D  Barron, Roy Rolley reserved
91/A  Batchelor, George 1908-9/12/1966
91/B  Fowler, Allen C. 9/11/1950-12/7/1986
91/C  Marshall, Debra Lynne 10/2/1954-2/24/1991 b. Hemet, California
91/D  Grey, Dan 1/15/1880-3/2/1957
92/A  Hoeldt, John A. 12/19/1885-8/16/1953
92/B  Metcalf, Frederick Whipple  III   7/24/1946-7/5/1989  b. Hopedale, Washington
92/C  Dodson, Shirley Arlene 12/23/1921-4 Jan 1955
92/D  Cooper, Kari Anne 5/3/1987-5/3/1987
93/A  Wyse, Emerson T. 1/5/1898-2/19/1958
93/B  Wyse Family  reserved
93/C  Wright, Nancy   12/12/1930-8/2/1999  b. Beacon, New York
93/D  Wright, George   7/17/1928-11/11/1988
94/A  Rowsey, Ty Darnell  5/14/1960-9/23/1963
94/B  Rowsey, Herbert  M.  5/21/1928-6/3/1994 cremains buried  same plot
94/B  Rowsey, Ada Orlean 10/10/1927-8/1/1986 cremains buried  same plot
94/C  Hurd, Fred 4/29/1896-12/10/1978 Homesteaded near Wasilla Lake in 1934
94/D  Hurd, Edith   7/11/1896-7/23/1990 Wife of Fred Hurd
95/A  McRae Family reserved
95/B  McRae Family reserved
95/C  McRae Family reserved
95/D  Zimmerman, Alice 8/31/1878-1/18/1966 b. Pt. Pleasants, West Virginia
96/A  Scheele, Idellaire  8/1925-7/10/1965
96/B  Scheele, August  12/20/1914 -6/4/1996   (b. Thompson, Missouri)
96/C  Tracy, Hazle H. 11/22/1894-3/5/1979
96/D  Tracy, Chester 1896-9/4/1985
97/A  Osborne, Myrtle 5/10/1909-5/20/1963
97/B  Osborne Family  reserved
97/C  Stadem, Sofia 1902-9/24/1982
97/D  Stadem, Peder 12/3/1901-12/9/1988
98/A  McKee Family   reserved
98/B  McKee Family   reserved
98/C  McKee Family   reserved
98/D  McKee Family   reserved
99/A  Naftzinger, Lula 8/13/1885-8/9/1963
99/B  Kneff, Virginia A. 11/1982-12/23/1982
99/C  Natfzinger Family  reserved
99/D  Natfzinger Family reserved
100/A  Lewis, Richard  1941-2/13/1977
100/B  Lewis Family reserved
100/C  Lewis, Sylvia L. 2/12/1914-6/23/1980
100/D  Lewis Family  reserved
101/A  Anderson, Catherine L. 8/11/1924-8/5/1997
101/B  Anderson, Clifford 5/1/1910-7/4/1982
101/C  Brink, Minnie M. 10/12/1897-1/30/1996
101/D  Anderson Family reserved
102/A  Cottle Family  reserved
102/B  Cottle Family  reserved
102/C  Cottle Family  reserved
102/D  Cottle Family  reserved
103/A  Teeland, Vivian (nee Jones) 12/15/1911-12/6/1997  (Cremated)  born Washington (came to AK 1917)
103/B  Teeland, Walter  born 3/15/1907 Cleary Creek, Alaska  died 1/21/2001
103/C  Teeland Family    reserved
103/D  Teeland Family    reserved
104/A  Bailey Family reserved
104/B  Bailey Family reserved
104/C  Bailey Family reserved
104/D  Bailey Family reserved
105/A  Bailey Family reserved
105/B Bailey Family reserved
105/C  Bailey Family reserved
105/D  Bailey Family reserved
106/A  Smith, Florence  Lusilla 12/22/1889-1/22/1973
106/B  Andersen, Bruce C. 9/11/1954-1/14/1992 b. Seattle Washington
106/C  Thorpe, Alice Millicent 3/30/1871-2/23/1957 HOMESTEADED IN THE VALLEY IN 1915
106/D  Thorpe, Clyde 6/30/1885-9/30/1960       HOMESTEADED IN THE VALLEY IN 1915
107/A  Mack, Russell Roy Sr.  3/27/1919-2/22/1985
107/B  Mack, Jane  W. 7/18/1922-3/10/1991  b. Montreal, Quebec, Canada
107/C  Belak, Catherine 11/17/1937-3/24/1993 b. Eureka, California
107/D  Lincoln, Janet Elizabeth  6/17/1958-6/18/1958
108/A  Welch, Dewey 10/21/1928-6/30/1983
108/B  Welch Family reserved
108/C  Welch, John Arthur   8/17/1954-8/3/1957
108/D  Welch Family reserved
109/A  Smith, Fred J. 1/24/1905-4/23/1959
109/B  Hanson, Esther M. 2/7/1905-5/9/1990
109/C  Hanson Family reserved
109/D  Hanson Family   reserved
110/A  Minnick, Wilber “Jack”  9/4/1920-7/31/1992 b. Everett, Pennsylvania
110/B  Minnick Family reserved
110/C  Minnick, Daniel  8/2/1951-11/11/1960
110/D  Harman, Sandra L. 8/17/1945-4/1/1987
111/A  Baldwin, Ellen 1908-3/10/1979
111/B  Inabinette,  Angela  6/28/1993-6/28/1993
111/B  Inabinette, Amber L.6/28/1993-7/4/1993
111/C  Thomas, Rickey A.  2/10/1957-6/24/1977
111/D  Manion, Thomas  1/10/1904-3/17/1965
112/A  Frohlich, George J. II  1950-3/15/1971
112/B  Frohlick, George Sr. 4/27/1926-6/12/1987
112/B  Frohlick, Frank Arthur Joseph died 8/2/2000  (cremains buried)
112/B  McIntosh, Lisa Marie  died 12/7/2002          (cremains buried)
112/C  Robinette, Grady 9/12/1903-3/12/1964
112/D  Robinette Family  reserved
113/A  Bjorn, Kristian 6/10/1951-2/23/1974  (no stone)
113/B  Dandas, Mary  6/11/1977-6/17/1977
113/C  Nicoli, Infant   2/22/1989-2/22/1989
113/D  Nicoli, Robert Anthony 8/27/1988-8/27/1988
114/A  (Nicoli) Sweeny, Baby 11/22/1989-11/22/1989
114/B  Hedman, Bessie 1900-6/28/1976
114/C  Bowers, James Ernest 3/24/1962-4/26/1962
114/D  Hermans Family  reserved
115/A  McAlister, Nola 4/18/1894-7/16/1977
115/B  Sandlin, James 6/5/1898-12/8/1979
115/C  Hockezina, John Eric   11/19/1964-3/13/1965
115/D  Koruna, John  2/30/1930-12/23/1978
116/A  Sandlin Family reserved
116/B  Sandlin Family reserved
116/C  Sandlin Family   reserved
116/D  Basie, Kane William 10/30/1913-6/29/1983
117/A  Cottle Family  reserved
117/B  Cottle Family  reserved
117/C  Cottle Family  reserved
117/D  Cottle Family  reserved
118/A  Peck. Rose 2/24/1915 - 2/15/2004
118/B  Peck Family   reserved
118/C  Peck, Olga M. 1/15/1901-7/26/1993 b. Pilot Station, Alaska 
118/D  Peck, Ernest L. 1890-9/14/1982
119/A  Bailey Family  reserved
119/B  Bailey Family  reserved
119/C  Bailey Family  reserved
119/D  Bailey Family  reserved
120/A  Bailey Family  reserved
120/B  Bailey Family  reserved
120/C  Bailey Family  reserved
120/D  Bailey Family  reserved
121/A  Fleming, Virginia DeHart 11/8/1903-4/19/1972
121/B  DeHart Family  reserved
121/C  DeHart, Charlotte Harris 9/25/1883-1/3/1955
121/D  Webley, John Wesley 2/16/1914-1/6/1955   (no stone)
122/A  Beaty Family   reserved
122/B  Beaty Family   reserved
122/C  Beaty Family   reserved
122/D  Beaty, William  C.  Sr.  1925-9/25/1974
123/A  Soto, Jason 8/24/1982-8/7/1997
123/B  Soto Family reserved
123/C Soto Family  reserved
123/D  Soto, Sarah Ann 7/13/1965-8/28/1965
124/A  Bartlett, Ann Mele   9/12/1932-1/20/1980
124/B  Bartlett, Herbert 12/21/1929-1/12/1990 b. Cohutta, Georgia
124/C  Bartlett Family   reserved
124/D  Bartlett Family  reserved
125/A  Bjerke Family    reserved
125/B  Bjerke Family   reserved
125/C  Kennedy, Jessie H. 1/16/1879-6/16/1968
125/D  Kennedy, James  10/1878-12/1/1978
126/A  Gershmel, Harold  11/22/1900-6/1/1972 b.O'Del, Wisconsin
126/B  Gershmel Family reserved
126/C  Cottle, Gerold 4/18/1935-8/24/1983
126/D  Cottle Family   reserved
127/A  Reed, Karen 11/6/1950-2/6/1983   (no stone)
127/B  Reed, Connie  7/25/1973-2/6/1983  (no stone)
127/C  Reed Family   reserved
127/D  Reed Family reserved
128/A  Lepors, Betty  6/13/1923-10/31/1995  b. Yellow Creek, Pennsylvania
128/B  Lepors, Paul 4/5/1917-7/10/1992  b. Hopewell, Pennsylvania
128/C  Lufts, Martin 1953-1/9/1982
128/D  Sweeney, Maggie 12/22/1987-12/22/1987
129/A  Holmes, Edward 1921 -  1/ 19/1987
129/B  Holmes Family   reserved
129/C  Mounce, Robert Joseph 9/3/1983-9/3/1983
129/D  Lawson, Jeff 6/8/1912-1/21/1987
130/A  Breese, Charles T. 4/5/1938-9/4/1991 b. Lambertville, New Jersey
130/B  Breese Family reserved
130/C  Day, William 2/24/1894-6/27/1975
130/D  Day, Ruth K.  9/3/1911 Bridgeport, CT  -  3/9/2003
131/A  Foster, Nolan  1963 -  5/20/1983
131/B  Foster   Family reserved
131/C  Foster, Alice E.  9/15/1995-9/15/1995
131/D  Foster   Family reserved
132/A  Martin, Nicole Sue 9/13/1983-5/3/1986
132/B  Dismukes, Amber Ann  7/1984-3/27/1985     (no stone)
132/C  DeHart, Violet Pearl  2/4/1909-8/10/1991 b.Bradley, South Dakota
132/D  Inman, Jenifer Louise 12/7/1979-12/8/1979   (no stone)
133/A  Peck, Ernest 3/16/1923-8/9/1996 b. Lavelock, Alaska
133/B  Peck Family  reserved
133/C  Selk Family reserved
133/D  Selk, Lyle D.  1/24/1923-12/10/1985 b. Nebraska
134/A  Bailey Family reserved
134/B  Bailey Family reserved
134/C  Bailey Family reserved
134/D  Bailey Family reserved
135/A  Bailey Family reserved
135/B  Bailey Family reserved
135/C  Bailey Family reserved
135/D  Bailey Family reserved

Veterans Section
151/A  Anderson, Robert C.   "Andy" 7/19/1918-2/7/1990 b. Chattanooga, Tenn.
151/B  Hunt, Sandra Lee (Anderson)  11/24/1949-6/8/1991 b. Chicago, Illinois
151/C  Aleksey, Ivanov  1/10/1918-4/6/1997
151/D  Yefrosinva, Ivanova 9/17/1923-12/27/1995
152/A  Humphrey, William Leone 1935-10/16/1982
152/B  Simmons, Robert Fitzgerald 5/17/1930-5/17/1962
152/C  Gillow, Kenneth   died 8/29/2002  (cremains buried)   (no stone)
152/D Gillow, Francine   10/17/1928-5/31/1991
153/A  Willson, Robert Z.  3/10/1901-12/27/1990  b. Morningsun, Iowa
153/B  Willson, Barbara  10/30/1914-4/20/1995  b. Shefield Mills, Nova Scotia, Canada
153/C  Wellman Family reserved
153/D  Wellman Family reserved
154/B  Olney, Daniel E. 10/15/1920-11/3/1958
154/C  Buxton, Sharon  4/17/1937-4/23/1999  b. Waverly, Florida
154/D  Buxton Family reserved
155/A  Fielding, Lilly 11/18/1922 - 4/16/2000   (no stone)
155/B  Fielding, Merle 10/17/1919-8/13/1986
155/C  Fielding   Family reserved
155/D  Fielding  Family  reserved
156/A  Wiggers Family   reserved
156/C  Wiggers, Dan Sr. 10/12/1936-10/18/1998  b. Beresford, South Dakota
156/D  Wiggers Family reserved
157/B  Horton, Sarah Jolene 9/28/1987-12/19/1987   (no stone)
158/A  Jensen, Richard 4/14/1932 Minnesota - 5/9/2005
158/B  Jensen Family   reserved
158/C  Dundas, Mathew 9/27/1955-6/30/1998  b. Flint, Michigan
159/D  DeMond, Robert B. 5/3/1963-5/19/1991 b. Elmira, New York
160/A  Kangas, Niilo O. 12/14/1916-3/11/1996 b. Wainola, Michigan
160/B  Kangas, Grace 5/16/1909-6/18/1992  b. Scottsborough, AL
160/C  Godfrey Family reserved
160/D  Morris, Alger M. 8/5/1923 Oklahoma  died 3/30/2001
161/A  Abbott Family   reserved
161/B  Abbott Family   reserved
161/C  Abbott, Joseph Eli  6/1/1995-8/1/1995
161/D  Abbott Family   reserved
162/A  Borghi, Anna  7/26/2005 Palmer, Alaska - 7/29/2005
162/B  Pitk, Heino Edgar 11/8/1926-12/26/1997  b. District of Pihtla, Estonia  (strangers burial)
162/C  Bailey, Ronald R. 2/3/1930-1/6/1983
163/A  Woodward, Jack Edward  5/2/1924-1/14/1994 b. Melon, Texas
164/A   Thayse, Crystal N. 1/15/1989-12/3/1989
165/A  Ahern, Clyde J. Sr. 5/12/1912-9/14/1982
165/B  Mitchell Family reserved
165/C  Mitchell, Rulon   3/15/1926  b. Filmore, Utah  died 5/12/2000
166/A  Minium Family   reserved
166/B  Minium, Vera r. 11/13/1926-3/11/1994
166/C  Idema, Dorothy 12/8/1947 - 5/26/2003
166/D  Olson, Phillip 10/10/1926-9/26/1950
167/A  Serrell, Phillip 7/1/1922-5/10/1962
167/B  Johnson, Robert  11/21/1895-11/28/1960
167/C  Erickson, Thelma 10/4/1912-7/14/1996 b. Ward  Co., North Dakota
167/D  Erickson, Waldo 10/6/1917-4/9/1981
168/B  Sullivan, Ernest Vernon  9/4/1914-6/6/1967
168/C  Amo, John 6/29/1914-7/28/1972
168/D  Amo, Rebecca 4/6/1922-9/13/1995  b. Kentucky
169/A  Archer, Fred 4/29/1920-3/24/1961
169/B  Marsh, Donald Howard  11/3/1912-8/28/1962
169/C  Tidrick, Robert Earl  1912-12/16/1970
169/D  Tidrick, Mildred 8/15/1898-8/23/1983
170/A  Graham Family reserved
170/B  Graham Family reserved
170/C  Graham Family reserved
170/D  Clingman, Preston D. 11/6/1973-11/16/1996
171/A  Dahm Ray 4/25/1920-5/16/1995  b. Stockport, Iowa
171/B  Dahm, Beth C. 8/13/1920-7/21/1985
171/C  Johnson, Donald 12/10/1929-6/26/1992  b. Emmit, Idaho
171/D  Buchanan, Ray  2/5/1957 - 10/2/2004   (strangers burial)
172/A  Mahoney, William Patrick  3/6/1944 Shearton, Colorado  died 10/15/2002
172/B  Mahoney Family reserved
172/D  Eriksson, Sven  5/17/1925-12/13/1997 b. Stockholm, Sweden
173/A  Smith, Bentley C. 7/21/1961 Beaumont, Texas - 7/17/2004
173/C  Gore, George A.  5/22/1893-7/24/1981
173/D  Gore, Julia  2/2/1894-2/20/1967         (no stone)
174/A  Mack, Helen Dorothy  1912-10/15/1982
174/B  Mack, Andrew 1906-10/15/1982
174/C  Byers Family  reserved
174/D  Byers Family reserved
175/A  Lackie   Family  reserved
175/B  Lackie  Family   reserved
175/C  Lackie    Family reserved
175/D  Lackie, George Mike  1/11/1947-7/23/1985
176/A  Markley, Clayton Emroy "Bud" 8/2/1928 Oakland, Maryland  died 6/15/2003
176/B  Markley, Norma  9/2/1930 - 12/4/2011   Wife of  "Bud" Markley
176/C  Hocking Family   reserved
176/D  Hocking, Helen M. 7/2/1929-5/19/1997  b. Jackson, Minnesota
177/A  Lelani, J. Roy  10/10/1957 - 11/15/2003
177/B  Gaines, Elizabeth D. 6/30/1917-2/13/1998 cremains buried
177/C  Stinson, Edith Margaret  12/1/1912  - 4/12/2000             b. Nihill, Montana
177/D  Stinson, Glenn Walter 10/1/1915-6/15/1992  b. Sheridan, Montana
178/A  Downing Family   reserved
178/B  Downing Family   reserved
178/C  Downing Family   reserved
178/D  Downing Family   reserved
179/B  Wilbur, Herbert  5/26/1950 Eugene, Oregon  - 2/27/2005
179/C  Leuenberger, Lance David 10/18/1987-12/26/1987
180/A  Henson Family  reserved
180/B  Henson Family   reserved
180/C  Henson, Lora 9/18/1988-March 4, 1989
180/D  Southwood, Selma Elizabeth  6/12/1940-7/25/1993
181/A  Minium Family   reserved
181/B  Adrian, Jeff  died 10/29/2001  cremains buried
181/C  Rath, Dean  12/28/1916-7/4/1953
182/A  Johnson, Mary 5/5/1921-10/30/1998
182/B  Bergman, Raymond H. 11/28/1916-7/11/1958
183/A  Hein, Karl  7/7/1922-4/23/1970
183/B  Hein Family reserved
183/C  Quisenberry-Johnson, Patricia J.  3/3/1946 Kenai, Alaska - 2/28/2005
184/A  Drum,  John Erwin  8/2/1899-6/6/1963
184/B  Robaurn, William 12/16/1905-11/8/1964
184/C  Sims, John Robert 12/2/1895-1/17/1971    b.Rhaystown, Pennsylvania
194/D  Parker, Jack Charles  10/6/1914-7/14/1983
185/A  Graham, Jeffery D. 11/23/1986 - 10/1/1999
185/B  Graham Family reserved
185/C  Graham, Jack 1/16/1933 - 6/20/2000   cremains buried
185/D  Graham Family reserved
186/A  Nelson, Bessie  3/30/1916-12/26/1984
186/B  Nelson, Frank  reserved
186/C  Gage, Jay William 7/15/1947-7/13/1994  b. Kansas City, Missouri
186/D  Gage Family reserved
187/A  Wright, J.C.  Jr. 9/23/1965-7/25/1986
187/B  Wright Family  reserved
187/C  Wright, J.C. Sr. 2/13/1927-5/29/1991  b. Snider, Oklahoma
187/D  Wright,  Sareefa   9/15/1929--9/25/1998  b. Manter, Kansas
188/A  Hodsdon, Danielle Waters   8/16/1966 - 1/13/1988
188/B  Skarda-Bell, Amyee  died 1/26/2006
188/C  McCoy, Buddy 7/15/1954 - 6/6/2000  b. East St. Louis, Missouri
189/A  McGee, Michael Paul  1/27/1983-6/20/1996 b. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
189/B  Holmes, David 12/16/1961 Garden Grove, California  -  11/4/2005
189/C  Carr, Michael Howard 4/14/1966 - 7/1/2000
190/A  Smith, Sherri J.H.  8/24/1961-12/21/1995 b. San Jose, California
190/B  Webb Family reserve
190/C  Webb Family reserve
190/D  Hyder, Justice 8/13/1996 - 1/30/2001
191/A  Dreith, Peter 9/15/1926-8/23/1983
191/B  Dreith, Shirley   8/17/1932 - 1/26/2002   b. Anaheim, California   (cremains buried)
191/C  Hocking Family   reserved
191/D  Hocking Family   reserved
192/A  Corbin Family reserved
192/B  Corbin, Emetta  5/4/1938 - 1/25/2000  b. Saratoga, Wyoming
192/C  West Family  reserved
192/D  West, William W.E.   9/17/1921-5/2/1986
193/A  Downing Family   reserved
193/B  Downing, Andrew P. 3/23/1997-4/29/1997
193/C  Downing Family   reserved
193/D  Downing Family   reserved
194/A  Christensen Family   reserved
194/B  Christensen Family  reserved
194/C  Ternovsky, John William 2/1/1935-1/20/1991  b. Clifton, New Jersey
194/D  Christensen Family  reserved
195/A  Brewer (nee McCook), Mariam  3/9/1932 - 8/15/2004
195/B  Brewer, Nick Jr. died 1/22/2006
195/C  Schultz-Carter, Joshua M. 8/2/1994-9/24/1994
195/D  Carter, Denny Day 8/2/1942  Gilbert, W Va.  - 12/10/2004
196/A  Hulbert Family reserved
196/B  Hulbert Family reserved
196/C  Morrison, Mary Virginia  11/3/1919-9/3/1956
196/D  Mahoney Family reserved
197/A  Bailey, Maria Elana  10/21/1942-12/20/1963
197/B  Bailey, Bill  4/4/1930-8/3/1963
197/C  MacDavis, Billy 9/10/1943 Oklahoma - 6/28/2005
197/D  Fleckenstein, Dan S. 10/9/1940-11/29/1996  b. Palmer, Alaska
198/A  Jonrowe  Family  reserved
198/B  Jonrowe   Family reserved
198/C  Jonrowe, Roger David 2/8/1918-12/13/1997
198/D  Jonrowe, Dorothy  8/29/1918-9/5/1987
199/A  Jonrowe, Richard D.  1948-9/25/1969   SON OF ROGER AND DOROTHY JONROWE
199/B  Gilbreath, Hebron 7/22/1909-9/16/1979
199/C  Puhl, Raymond A. Jr.  1945-11/10/1970
199/D  Gilbreath, Royce   1950-7/25/1986
200/A  St. James, Janice  11/12/1947-6/25/1999  b. Pasco, Washington
200/B  Babick Family reserved
200/C  Graham Family reserved
200/D  Moore, Jimmy D. 8/12/1956-7/3/1986
201/A  Poston, Debora Renee  8/11/1961-5/21/1989
201/B  Poston Family reserved
201/C  Poston Family reserved
201/D  Poston Family reserved
202/A  Best, Edger  8/13/1923 Seattle, Washington - 4/18/2005
202/B  Best Family reserved
202/C  Pebsworth Family reserved
202/D  Pebsworth, Michael  1/14/1953- 2/6/2004  b. Burlingham, Alabama     (no stone)
203/A  Polis Family   reserved
203/C  Polis, John Sr. 12/23/1906-10/29/1988
203/D  Polis, Jean  6/13/1925-4/25/1985
204/A  Smallwood, Alva D. 2/10/1928-2/21/1987
204/C  Carr, Howard 8/2/1944 - 3/2 5/2001   b. Ludington, Michigan
204/D  Carr Family reserved
205/A  Tyler, Roger born 5/6/1939 died 8/16/2002  (cremains buried)
205/B  Agen, Dorothy 6/13/1918-10/28/2002 (casket) + Agen, Ray D. 2/8/1928-5/18/1989  (cremains buried)
205/C  Fagg, Barbara  5/2/1940 - 7/23/2003   b. Monticello, Indiana   (no stone)
205/D  Fagg Family reserved
206/A  Eckhart, Dorothy (Pat)  2/4/1921-4/19/1989   (no stone)
206/B  Eckhart, John   12/8/1924-12/3/1999   b.Everett, Washington
206/C  Jenkins Family reserved
206/D  Jenkins Family reserved
207/A  Jenkins, Aaron R. 7/3/1971 - 7/23/2000  b. Salt Lake, Utah
207/B  Jenkins Family reserved
207/C Hayward, Jim 7/7/1929 - 3/18/2003   b. Bend, Oregon
207/D  Hayward Family reserved
208/A  Downing Family reserved
208/B  Downing Family reserved
208/C  Downing Family reserved
208/D  Caswell, Vernon   1925-6/23/1988
209/A  Scarborough-Hupp, Joseph Zaine  10/21/1996 - 12/21/1998 b. Palmer, Alaska   (no stone)
209/B  Spencer, Christopher   5/11/2000 - 12/23/2000 b. Palmer, Alaska
209/C  Hupp Family reserved
209/D  Hupp Family reserved
210A,  210B,  210C,  210D,      reserved for VFW Flag Pole
211/A  Kelly Family  reserved
211/B  Kelly, Milton B. 2 Jan 1907-2/2/1978
211/C  Dunlap, John 1/13/1913-8/14/1960
211/D  Dunlap Family reserved
212/A  Bjorn, Melvin Kristian 11/2/1919-9/4/1964
212/C  Bontragen, Allen  1924-8/2/1964
212/D  Levchenko, Lidia N. 9/4/1925 - 7/24/2003  b. Ukraine
213/A  Brett, Stephan  1948-5/31/1970
213/B  Brett, James C. 10/8/1926-10/11/1987
213/C  Brett Family   reserved
213/D  Brett, Mercedes A. 12/29/1927-9/30/1992  b. Minneapolis, Minnesota
214/A  McVeigh, Daniel D.  4/13/1974-10/2/1996
214/B  Hennessey, Leslie L.  1919-12/13/1969
214/C  Wasey, Jennie  12/27/1930-11/17/1986
214/D  Wasey, Edward A.  11/9/1918-8/5/1977
215/A  Rodesky, Theodore F. 1920-1/8/1985
215/B  Rodesky, Corinne  4/28/1918-2/19/1997  b. Texas
215/C  Godwin, Cory 12/20/1980 - 5/25/2003  b. Richland, Washington
216/A  McCurdy, James Allen  6/2/1933-2/19/1990 b. Portland, Oregon
216/C  Watson, Arthur  6/11/1906-3/7/1990
216/D  Mott Family reserved
217/A  Loveless, Hannah Lavonne  9/9/1995-9/10/1995
217/B  Hill, Nicholas  11/30/1984  Fargo, North Dakota  - body found 8/14/2005
217/C  Bragg-Sprngel Family reserved
218/A  Burke, George W. 1909-9/19/1986
218/B  Betts Family reserved
218/C  Betts Family reserved
218/D  Sitze, Clara M. 5/2/1918 - 9/3/2000   b. Mandan, North Dakota
219/A  Waisanen Family reserved
219/B  Waisanen, Arvid E.  3/10/1914-10/2/1986
219/C  Laymen Family reserved
219/D  Laymen, Charles Willis 11/7/1982 - 8/12/2000    b. Dillingham, Alaska
220/A  Jokela, Joanne 2/24/1935-4/8/1996   b. Detroit, Michigan
220/B  Jokela Family reserved
220/C  Hyder Family reserved
220/D  Hyder Family reserved
221/A  Wolf Family reserved
221/B  Wolf Family reserved
221/C  Barve Family reserved
221/D  Barve, Jodie 1/25/1972-11/9/1998
222/A  VanDyke Family   reserved
222/B  VanDyke, Eric D. 2/5/1975-8/13/1994   b. Metaire, Louisianna
222/C  VanDyke Family   reserved
222/D  VanDyke Family   reserved
223/A  Wisdom, Jim Lee 8/14/1948-4/5/1998  b. Salinas, California
223/B  Roberts Family reserved
223/C  Byers Family reserved
223/D  Craig, Ray 6/20/1945 - 8/3/2001
224/A  Brown Family reserved
224/B  Brown, Leeanna  7/15/1934-2/7/1995   b. Checotah, Oklahoma
224/D  Peterson, Desiree  6/5/1974 - 2/19/2004
225/A  Jones, David L. 10/14/1932 - 4/20/2002  b. Fargo, North Dakota
225/C  Moore, Betty  7/17/1908-1/27/1987
225/D  Moore, Michael John  10/3/1948-12/27/1982
226/A  Buza, Walter 4/29/1919-4/14/1976
226/C  Phillips, Jack Ray 4/28/1924-6/27/1978
226/D  Poirer, Gerald Edwin 9/3/1932 - 11/27/2003  b. Springfield, Mass.
227/A  Long Family Reserved
227/B  Long Family Reserved
227/C  Long Family Reserved
227/D  Long Family Reserved
228/A  Crombie, Donna Mae  6/29/1944-4/15/1996  b. Anchorage, Alaska
228/B  Norman, Leonard  Sr. 9/13/1910-7/7/1977
228/C  Boardman, Nora 9/21/1946-10/9/1995  b. Santa Anna, California
228/D  Martin, Richard Edwin 4/18/1944-3/15/1993
229/A  Fuller, Florence Mae 5/26/1904-7/31/1979
229/B  Warsing, Richard L.  6/6/1938-1/22/1996  b. Defiance, Pennsylvania
229/C  Warsing, Floyd Jr. 3/13/1920 - 7/15/2001  b. Pennsylvania
229/D  Warsing, Margaret  5/23/1922-11/18/1996  b. Pennsylvania
230/A  Pressley, Sidney, Marie  7/20/1991-7/20/1991
230/B  Kunz, Benjamin H.  7/19/1913-9/30/1984
230/C  McLellan, Horton H.  8/1/1917-1/15/1996
230/D  McLellan Dorothy J. 10/21/1920 - 2/26/2001  b. Minden, Nebraska
231/A  Porter Family reserved
231/B  Porter Family reserved
231/C  Porter Family reserved
231/D  Larson, Shelby LeeAnn 1/22/1991-8/17/1996
232/A  Potter Family reserved
232/B  Potter Family reserved
232/C  Potter Family reserved
232/D  Potter Family reserved
233/A  Cutler, Orville James  4/16/1928-7/25/1993
233/B  Cutler Family reserved
233/C  Davis, Sammy Jr.  10/8/1961 - 6/11/2002  b. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
233/D  Parot, Peggy M. 5/ 22 /1933-2/14/1996
234/A  Hulke, Laura Marie 3/24/1929-12/2/1996 b.Kanakanak,Alaska Father Floyd Smith Mother Ellen Fleckenstein
234/B  Hulke, Eldor  8/30/1921 - 12/7/2005  born Courtland, Minnesota
234/C  Lincoln  Family  reserved
234/D  Lincoln, Robert A.  9/11/1918-11/26/1996  b. Cavada, Washington
235/A  Treshem Family reserved
235/B  Treshem Family reserved
235/C  Newell, Vanita 8/17/1843 - 5/11/2000   b. Grants Pass, Oregon
235/D  Sheffler, Gregory W.  7/19/1950-3/1/1986
236/A  Michaelson, Rebecca  4/25/1941-7/4/1987
236/C Gray Family reserved
236/D  Gray, Dvid 11/25/1942 - 3/16/2000  b. Waltham, Mass.
237/A  Bostwick, Brenda Lee died 3/29/1999   cremains buried  b. Hastings, Minnesota
238/A  Chamberlain, Florence E. 1/25/1942-11/30/1992
238/B  Cason, Forrest A. 5/25/1924-11/23/1993
238/C  Clarke, Robert E.  5/28/1922 - 12/24/1999  b. Montana
238/D  Clarke Family reserved
239/A  Page Family  reserved
239/B  Page, Dorothy G.  1/23/1921-11/16/1989  b. Bessemer, Michigan
239/C  McCormick, Edward 8/29/1922 - 4/2/2001  b. Rampart, Alaska
239/D  Varney Family reserved
240/A  Welsh Family reserved
240/B  Bumpus, Charles H. 2/21/1943-7/23/1986
240/C  Welsh Family reserved
240/D  Welsh, Darrel R. 6/20/1933-11/22/1988

Catholic Section
241/A  Blythe, Gina Marie 2/19/1958-11/30/1997  b. Torrence, California
241/B  Ogar, Marie 10/23/1909-1/1/1986   (no stone)
241/C  Meltvedt, Roger  1/8/1921-9/23/1995   b. Spokane, Washington
241/D  Morrison, David 1/29/1939 - 7/18/2001  b. Chelsea, Wisconsin    (no stone)
242/A  Jones, Phillip J. 12/22/1929-1/30/1997
242/B  Jones Family  reserved
242/C  Carter, Thomas L. 11/2/1914-12/24/1991  b. Bowbells, North Dakota
242/D  Carter Family  reserved
243/A  Hulbert, James 3/19/1913 - 4/8/2000
243/B  Hulbert, Francis 3/14/1915 - 12/6/2001  b. Moorland, Iowa
243/C  Kern Family  reserved
243/D  Clement, Florenique  2/11/1001  - 8/25/2001
244/A  Simpson, Lee Thomas 9/4/1986-10/30/1986  (no stone)
244/B  Wyatt, Michael Jr. 1/11/1980 - 11/14/2000
244/C  Clement, Sonny Boy Tommy 12/5/1984-12/27/1995
244/D  Clement, Angelique Marie 9/15/1981-12/29/1995
245/A  Lynch, Margaret C. 4/15/1914-12/10/1989
245/B  Lynch Family   reserved
245/C  Lynch Family reserved
245/D  Burchan, Ben 5/29/1937-8/23/1986
246/A  Nelson, James F. 3/13/1937-4/8/1997
246/B  Nelson Family   reserved
246/C  Betts, Bruce  10/4/1958-11/12/1961
246/D  Betts, Martin 1/14/1918-2/1/1982
247/A  Yadon Family reserved
247/B  Yadon, Edward Joseph  11/9/1952-9/30/1971
247/C  Yadon Family reserved
247/D  Yadon Family reserved
248/A  Smith Family reserved
248/B  Smith, Doretha E. 11/5/1915-3/14/1985
248/C  Mastej, Katarzyna  4/2/1925 - 12/23/2003   b. Poland  (no stone)
248/D  Wiessart, Richard  died 3/1/1999    b. Englewood, California
249/B  Ranem Family  reserved
249/C  Johnson, Leona M. 5/19/1908-2/16/1995  (cremains buried) Richland, Center, Wisconsin
249/D  Ranem Family  reserved
250/A  Clement, Charmon 11/9/1967-7/2/1986
250/B  Tinius, James Richard II  2/23/1964-5/13/1989
250/C  Goodrich, Harold E. 6/25/1953-6/21/1995  b. Anchorage, Alaska
250/D  Goodrich Family   reserved
251/A  Little Family reserved
251/B  Little, Jimmy 1/23/1951-5/1/1997  b. Fort Worth, Texas
251/C  Jensen, Kimberly Kay 6/4/1962-9/4/1962  b. Palmer, Alaska
251/D  Woods, Edna Ellen (Jensen)  3/28/1915-4/7/1994 b. Missouri
252/A  Fleming, Mary Imelda 5/11/1925 - 1/15/1986    (no stone)
252/B  Bjornstad, Gail 1/8/1914 Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 4/11/2005
253/A  Smith, Anna L. R.  6/9/1934-4/25/1995  b. Weston, West Virginia
253/B  Smith Family  reserved
253/C  Buker, Arthur 6/4/1938 - 6/1/2002   b. Longview, Washington
253/D  Buker Family reserved
254/A  Ranem, Rachel E. 7/9/1986-11/9/1986
254/B  Ranem Family  reserved
254/C  Ranem Family  reserved
254/D  Ranem Family  reserved
255/A  Foote, Marcy Lynn  3/9/1970 - 2/22/2001   b. Seattle, Washington
255/B  Moore, Theron Wayne 8/15/1968-4/7/1984 b. Anchorage, Alaska
255/C  Moore, Franklin Wayland  b. 12/14/1914 Stockton, Texas  d. 3/9/2002 (cremated)
255/D  Moore, Elsie Lora  2 Jan 1915-9/21/1990  b. Paysen, Arizona
256/A  Tellier, Rusty C. 8/2/1983-8/28/1983
256/B  Dunphy, Catherine Tellier 6/12/1958-5/29/1979    (no stone)
256/C  Tellier, Edward Samuel  9/21/1960-11/15/1995    (no stone)
256/D  Tellier Family reserved
257/A  Beech, Edward  5/6/1932-3/3/1979
257/B  Beech Family reserved
257/C  Beech Family reserved
257/D  Beech Family reserved
258/A  Ropella, Stanley A. 6/6/1916-2/2/1996   b. Amhurst, Wisconsin
258/B  Ropella Family  reserved
258/C  Ropella, Daniel A. 12/5/1951-9/11/1996   b. Juneau, Alaska
258/D  Wilson, Justin Jonathon Robert  7/1/1984-7/12/1984
259/A  Kowalczk, Adam J. 8/1/1986-8/1/1986
259/B  Rasmussen, Nora Alexandra 2/2/1997 (stillborn)  b. Fairbanks, Alaska
259/C  Williams Family reserved
259/D  Williams, Remy 2/11/1947 - 3/30/2002   b. Grangeville, Idaho
260/A  Mahoney Family reserved
260/B  Mahoney Family  reserved
260/C  Pohl, Dale 10/8/1947-10/15/1981
260/D  McIntire, Pierce 3/6/1997-3/28/1997
261/A  Buker, Kelsey  Edson 6/17/1912-9/26/1992   b. Castle Rock, Washington
261/B  Buker, Arlie 3/27/1914-10/4/1997    b. Skagit, Washington   (no stone)
261/C  Rawley, Brian R. 4/1969-11/22/1969
261/D  Rawley, Michael David 5/10/1968-7/15/1968    (no stone)
262/A  Wahren, James
262/B  Wahren, Nina  Marie 1957-7/12/1963    (tranferred from Glenallen, Alaska 1973)
262/C  Wahren Family reserved
262/D  Wahren Family   reserved
263/A  Wise, Eunice 3/19/1902 - 5/4/2000
263/B  Wise Family reserved
263/C  Kilhoffer, William Tyler 6/28/1998-9/4/1998     (no stone)
263/D  Diselrod, Seth R. 3/28/1987-3/28/1987
264/A  Nardini, Rage Michael Zane 10/26/1993-11/3/1993 Cremated
264/B  Davis, Jim    cremains buried 2/27/1997   (no stone)
264/C  Mahoney Family reserved
264/D  Soule, Kenneth  1936-12/18/1984
265/A  Thomas Family reserved
265/B  Thomas Family reserved
265/C  Ventgen Family reserved
265/D  Ventgen, George Herman 4/9/1919-3/21/1998  b. Merchantville, New Jersey  (cremains buried)
265/D  Ventgen, Enid Moneth 1916 - 2000  (cremains buried)
266/A  DePriest Family reserved
266/B  DePriest Family reserved
266/C  DePriest Family reserved
266/D  DePriest Family reserved
267/A  Carney, Charles E. 11/7/1902-5/22/1986
267/B  Carney, Margaret 10/12/1909-11/26/1997  b. Perry County, Ohio
267/C  Wise Family reserved
267/D  Tellier Family   reserved
268/A  Berletich, Norman 1938-10/9/1976
268/B  Berletich Family reserved
268/C  Berletich Family reserved
268/D  Berletich Family reserved
269/A  Fox Family reserved
269/B  Jones, Brian K. 4/1/1964-9/23/1983
269/C  Fox Family  reserved
269/D  Fox Family  reserved
270/A  Seltenreich, Rich A.  2/17/1907-5/31/1989      Check stone to see if Mary is also buried here
270/B  Seltenreich Family  reserved
270/C  Seltenreich Family reserved
270/D  Thomas, Kimberly A. 1958-5/22/1982
271/A  DePriest Family reserved
271/B  Vickaryous, Anthony  11/17/1902-3/21/1998  b. Alpena, Michigan
271/C  DePriest, Steven  8/10/1970-8/16/1970
271/D  DePriest, Edwin P. 1/19/1955-4/17/1988
271/D  Vickaryous, Alys H.  12/12/1909-6/11/1990 (cremains buried on above plot)
272/A  Tellier Family reserved
272/B  Tellier, Bacel J. 12/3/1931-3/26/1998
272/C  Backen Family reserved
272/D  Tellier Family reserved
273/A  Holton, Vincent   reserved
273/B  Holton, Lorraine 3/28/1963-12/2/1984
273/C  Holton, Katherine   reserved
273/D  Holton, Lorraine     reserved
274/A  Nankin, John 12/31/1932-3/23/1995    b. Ekus, Alaska ??
274/B  Ray, Florence 5/5/1921-12/17/1988
274/C  Fanslau, Paul Anthony Papola  10/15/1986-6/26/1991  b. Palmer, Alaska
274/D  Fanslau, Paul 2/13/1962-1/14/1997
275/A,B.C.D Do not exist
277/A  Erickson Family reserved
277/B  Erickson Family reserved
277/C  Erickson Family reserved
277/D  Erickson Family reserved

End of Catholic Section?

280/A  Williams, Samantha  3/20/2000 - 3/20/2000
280/B  Gast, Noel Ellis 12/11/1964-9/8/1990   b. Ft. Bragg, North Carolina
280/C  Gast Family reserved
280/D  Gast Family reserved
281/A  Hixon Family reserved
281/B  Hixson, Joan M. 12/12/1932-2/10/1991
281/C  Sime, Joseph K. 9/18/1968-3/14/1993  b. Juneau, Alaska
281/D  Prater, Haley 8/23/1993-8//23/1993
282/A  Troseth, John A. 6/22/1965-9/2/1992  b. Anchorage, Alaska
282/B  Troseth Family reserved
282/C  Richardson Family reserved
282/D  Richardson, Edwin 8/18/1920 - 11/22/2003  b. Heartland, Maine
283/A  Whitmore Family reserved
283/B  Whitmore, Trent Andrew  1/12/1987-10/22/1995
283/C  Whitmore Family   reserved
283/D  Whitmore Family   reserved
284/A  Surratt, Jay  4/28/1961-8/30/1990   b. Riverside, California
284/B  Boothby Family reserved
284/C  Olday, William 4/4/1991 - 12/3/2000   b. Verond, Wisconsin
285/A  Barthelemy, Glen 9/7/1970-12/3/1991   b. Anchorage, Alaska
285/B  Middleton, James 4/7/1991 - 12/3/2000
285/C  Bowersox, Edwin L. 1/18/1927 - 11/27/2003
285/D  Bowersox, Elizabeth F. 7/25/1931 - 7/10/1998  b. Garland, Kansas
286/A  Hartrick, Rosalia M. 4/11/1904-10/10/1991  b. Paxton, Illinois
286/C  Watson, Venita 12/20/1963-8/27/1995  b. Modesto, California
286/D  Gwynn, Joan 9/26/1927 - 8/11/1997   b. Martinsferry, Ohio
287/A  Martin, Charles L. III 8/8/1889-9/6/1992
287/C  Roth, Gary 11/30/1938 - 9/27/2001   b. New York, New York
287/D  Hussey Family reserved
288/A  McCartney, Margaret 11/7/1924 - 5/27/2001  b. Chicago, Illinois
288/B  Rowsey, Evaline Faye 1/9/1916-7/11/1994
288/B  Rowsey, Alfred 12/27/1924 - 8/22/2000 (cremains buried on plot above)
288/C  Edwards, Charles D. 10/29/1921-5/25/1991
288/D  Edwards, Carol A. 12/27/1942-2/11/1994
289/A  Losby, Mabel   7/2/1917 - 8/8/1999   b. Chicago, Illinois
289/B  Stonoff, Kymberly 10/4/1987-10/4/1987     (no stone)
290/A  Gallagher Family reserved
290/B  Gallagher, Judy C.  7/16/1938-7/26/1993   b. Seattle, Washington
290/C  Mercer, Mark F. 8/7/1955-12/19/1996   b. Phoenix, Arizona     (no stone)
290/D  Nonno, Joseph J. 3/7/1948-7/19/1990
291/A  Stuart Family reserved
291/B  Stuart, Ian McKenzie-Rayl 9/24/1991-8/20/1992
291/C  Friesen, Lena D. 6/7/1929-7/22/1997    b. Meade, Kansas     (no stone)
292/A  Logan, Jaxon  5/14/1986 Palmer, Alaska - 1/21/2005
292/B  Harwood, D. Louise  2/22/1908-2/19/1989   b. St. Ignacis, Michigan
292/C  Dobson, Robert died 1/18/2006
292/D  Dobson, Dorothy 10/21/1929-6/20/1998   b. Fremont, Ohio
293/A  Dines, Danielle 8/3/1956 - 7/30/1999    b. Portland, Oregon
293/B  Tassie, Eugene B. 3/3/1950-10/14/1993   b. Millington, Tennessee
293/C  Kroon, Marie  9/4/1919-2/29/1996    b. Grand Rapids, Michigan
293/D  Kroon Family reserved
294/A  Arduser, Laddie 12/27/1928-12/1/1988
294/B  Arduser Family reserved
294/D  Kolstoe, Beverly W. 4/18/1930-6/18/1996   b. Waukegan, Illinois
295/A  Schachle, James Tyler 12/9/1993-5/14/1994
295/B  Schachle, Charlotte  3/14/1943-10/15/1997   b. Opp, Alabama
295/C  Richey Family Double Internment  reserved
295/D  Richey Family Double Internment  reserved
296/A  Covington Family reserved
296/B  Covington Family reserved
296/C  Motley, Lillian Lucelle 11/7/1912-4/21/1990   b. Norman, Oklahoma
296/D  Covington Family   reserved
297/B  Moore, Elizabeth A. 11/20/1949-1/26/1996   b. Salem, Oregon
297/C  Hussey, James E.  4/8/1962-12/14/1990   b. Ft. Ord, California
298/A  Goff, Amanda  Lynn  11/30/1989-12/3/1989
298/B  Goff Family reserved
298/C  Christian, Lucy Marquez 4/16/1929-4/18/1993   b. Palm Beach, Florida
298/D  Stanbrough, Kymberly  6/11/1964 Plattsburg, New York - 3/28/2004   (no stone)
299/A  Griffen, Kevin Anthony 8/24/1988-9/29/1988
299/B  Guhl, Amanda Ivory 6/2/1997-7/27/1997
300/A  Schmidt, Jolene Cheri 9/8/1956-7/12/1988
300/B  Schmidt Family reserved
300/C  Leffler, Theresa Humble  2/4/1949-10/3/1998   b. Sunny Mead, California
300/D  Lowe, Cecelia Eugenia 2/11/1916-4/26/1993   b. Montier, Missouri
301/A  McSorley, George Phillip  6/3/1939-5/19/1992   b. Frostburg, Maryland
301/B  Nichols, Jeremy Dean  9/24/1990 - 9/20/2004
301/C  Quency, Ruth L. 9/2/1938-9/14/1996    b. Perryton, Texas
301/D  Quency Family   reserved
302/A  Kim, Baby Boy  4 January 1990-4 January 1990
302/B  Timothy Family reserved
302/C  Timothy, Shaiane Rae   9/7/1995-10/7/1996
302/D  Timothy Family reserved
303/A  Dewan, John T. Jr.  8/6/1956-4/5/1989
303/B  Dewan, Katherine Lynn 12/26/1990-10/16/1992
303/C  Dewan   Family reserved
303/D  Dewan   reserved
304/A  Pond, Michael  6/15/1957 - 2/3/2003   b. Lancaster, NH
304/B  Bailey, Ethel 3/13/1916-5/27/1989
304/C  Hoagland, Doris  3/28/1919-7/22/1992  b. Coosa Co., Alabama     (no stone)
304/D  Stone, Cody  7/30/1943 - 9/24/2003   b. New York, New York     (no stone)
305/A  Hoover, Richard Jr.  12/29/1963-10/1/1988
305/B  Sieler, Justin Troy   11/27/1990-11/27/1990
305/C  Urquhart   reserved
305/D  Urquhart, Robert M.  2/24/1918-12/13/1995  b. Moscow, Idaho
306/A  Selby Family reserved
306/B  Mears, Margaret C.  2/27/1938-6/21/1997  b. Place Lake Stevens, Washington
306/C  Mayer Family reserved
306/D  Mayer, James Edmond 7/18/1962-8/31/1990
307/A  Patrick, Amy Sue  7/20/1973 - 9/22/1991 b. Apple Valley, California (*date of death provided by father)
307/B  Harding, Mari 10/3/1971-5/22/1996    b. Semi, California
307/C  Hawkins, James Dale  Jr.  8/5/1961 - 4/4/2001   b. Oakland, California
307/D  Harding, Kimi  7/11/1943-6/17/1997    b. Japan
308/A  Goff, Annajean  9/1/1932-7/23/1994    b. Byron, Wyoming
308/B  Goff Family  reserved
308/D  Goff family reserved
309/A  Kimmons, Hollis B.  11/17/1941-5/11/1991   b. Paris, Tennessee
309/B  Kimmons Family reserved
310/A  Munroe, Alice  Rose  4/29/1943-8/18/1994   b. Laconia, NH
310/B  Holmgren, Kirk  8/14/1958-2/13/1999    b. Astoria, Oregon     (no stone)
310/C  Gheen, Jordan M.  6/5/2002 - 6/5/2002     (no stone)
310/D  Barber, Daniel S. 8/21/1976-3/9/1990
311/A   Daniel Richard Budzeak  (a.k.a.) Joseph John Boujenski  5/6/1951-12/9/1994  b. Grand Forks, N.D.
311/B  Rosendahl, John 2/11/1955-4/2/1991    b. Los Angeles, California
311/C  Evenden, Bruce  5/16/1970-9/7/1995    b. Nueremberg, Germany
311/D  Sagmo, Todd 5/18/1962 - 6/4/2003    b. Seattle, Washington     (no stone)
312/B  Jones, William D. 1/23/1957-7/12/1993   b. Anchorage, Alaska
312/C  Shell, Miles  4 March 1933-9/14/1998    b. Lutesville, Missouri
312/D  Nelson Family reserved
313/A  Ryan, Daniel Todd  7/31/1964-4/16/1991   b. Colorado Springs, Colorado
313/B  Ryan, Danah Day  5/21/1971-5/23/1971   b. Colorado Springs, Colorado
313/C  Ryan Family reserved
313/D  Ryan Family reserved
314/A  Pullock, Hanna Rose  5/11/1996-5/11/1996   b. Seattle, Washington
314/B  Sanderson Family reserved
314/C  Hahn Family reserved
314/D  Hahn, Stephen C.  8/27/1926-11/12/1997  b. Hoo-Chang-Kun, Korea
315/A  Raney Family reserved
315/B  Randy Family reserved
315/C  Turner, David  5/21/1993-5/21/1993   b.Tonasket, Washington
315/D  Anderson, Strieder 12/7/1980 - 8/4/1998  b. Helena, Montana
316/A  Fiedler Family   reserved
316/B  Fiedler Family   reserved
316/C  Fiedler Family   reserved
316/D  Fiedler, Justin Jamal 11/13/1976-7/26/1995  b. Putnam, CT
317/A  Wilson, Kenneth 4/26/1960-6/13/1993
317/B  Shell, Dolores   reserved
317/C  Wilson Family   reserved
317/D  Wilson Family   reserved
318/A  Nelson, Marlin E. 4/24/1964-7/20/1996
318/B  Walker, Donald   Austin  7/18/1967-4/12/1998   b. Tuscon, Arizona
318/C  Hobbs Family  reserved
318/D  Custer Family  reserved
319/A  Marvin,  Donald P. 10/10/1952-2/4/1990
319/B  Marvin Family   reserved
320/A  Duntley Family  reserved
320/B  Marion, Crystal Mae (Duntley)  2/10/1985-8/7/1988
320/C  Duntley Family  reserved
320/D  Duntely Family  reserved
321/A  Miller, Edna I. 4/24/1926-7/26/1991  b. Brewer, Maine
321/B  Miller, Kenneth R.  2/6/1924-12/3/1993 b. Bangor, Maine
321/C  Miller Family reserved
321/D  Holder Family  reserved
322/A  Bayless, Matthew 12/22/1989-12/22/1989     (no stone)
322/C  Morrison, William  7/3/1981-9/9/2001 b. Elmendorf AFB, Alaska     (no stone)
323/A  Holbrook, Casey J. 3/29/1985-3/23/1998 b. Salem, Oregon
323/C  Snow, Hyrum Benjamin 5/2/2002 - 4/29/2003
324/A  Reza, Mannuel Jr. 10/24/1980-5/5/1996 b. Lamirada, California
324/C  Ali, Mohmad 10/4/1998  Stillborn
325/A  Lucas, Keith Xavier  born and died 3/18/2002
325/C  Lowery, Scott  12/9/1970-11/27/1997  b. Palmer, Alaska
326/A  McFarland, Lillian A. 9/3/1915-12/31/1996  b. Vanita, Oklahoma
326/B  Walker, Edith 2/2/1897-3/11/1988
326/C  Morgan, Georgia 8/5/1932 Seattle, Washington - 10/30/2004
326/D  Morgan, James E. 7/13/1932-11/21/1992  b. Laurenceburg, TN
327/A  Lund Family   reserved
327/B  Lund Family   reserved
327/C  Lund, Douglas K.  6/21/1984-6/5/1995
327/D  Lund Family   reserved
328/A  Worrell, Donna 6/13/1939 - 10/5/2000  b. Cour D'Alene, Idaho
328/B  Bassney, William  9/12/1969-8/20/1988
328/C  Gonzales, Emil  5/13/1933  Butte County, South Dakota - 2/2/2006
328/D  Carlson, Edith Alma 5/1908-7/30/1994  b. Flint, Michigan
329/A  Orr, Shawn R.  8/9/1981-6/14/1990     (presumed drowned)
329/B  Lilly Family  reserved

New Cemetery Section  (on hill)
400/   Otten, Byron  11/28/1998 - 4/17/1999  b. Nome, Alaska
403/B  Stanford, Lucas B. 10/17/2004 Anchorage, Alaska - 10/17/2004
404/A  Craver, Matthew Michael 2/18/1988 Anchorage, Alaska - 11/24/2004
408/A  Torres, Thor Soto Martinez  7/20/2004 Anchorage, Alaska 7/20/2004
409/    Baker, L. C. 3/3/1930 - 7/17/2003   b. Harthsorn, Oklahoma
410/C  Bozenoff, John V. 2/17/1923 - 9/6/2005
410/D  Bozenoff, Family reserved
411/A  Harrel, Jene  born North Dakota  died 3/25/2005
413/C  Ruch, Bertha 11/27/1924 - 10/25/2000  b. Foxhome, MN
417/A  Oleynik, Yaraslov  2/2/1989  Ukraine, Russia  - 5/20/2005
420/A  LaShure, Amanda 9/16/1992 Soldotna, Alaska - 5/29/2004
421/A  Tibbets Family reserved
421/B  Tibbets Family reserved
421/C  Tibbets Family reserved
421/D  Tibbets Family reserved
422/A  Brado, Dennis  12/26/1960 Elmendorf, Alaska  - 1/29/2001
423/A  Fritz, Amanda 3/2/1980 Luke AFB, Arizona  - 11/13/2004
425/   Pankraton, Aleksey A.    3/1/1932 - 12/8/2002  b. Russia
427/   McCarthy, Lydia 4/9/1931 - 8/20/2002  b. Clayton, Kansas
432/A  Tibbets Family reserved
432/B  Tibbets Family reserved
432/C  Tibbets Family reserved
432/D  Brown, Anthony 10/9/1981 - 9/21/2000  b. Anchorage, Alaska
433/A  Minnick Family reserved
433/B  Minnick Family reserved
433/C  Minnick Family reserved
433/D  Minnick Family reserved
435/C  Seitz, Samuel died 7/20/1920   b. Burt, North Dakota
435/D  Seitz Family reserved
440/A  Friesen Family reserved
440/C  Sullivan, John 4/6/1982 - 8/24/2002   b. Fresno, California
441/A  Bush, Mattie Mae 9/25/1932 - 4/2/2003  b. Texas
441/B  Bush Family reserved
441/C  Bush Family reserved
441/D  Bush Family reserved
442/A  Lowe Family reserved
442/B  Lowe Family reserved
442/C  Lowe Family reserved
442/D  Lowe, Garfield Sr. 1/1/1950 - 8/28/1998  b. Freer, Texas
443/A  Tibbetts Family reserved
443/B  Tibbetts Family reserved
443/C  Tibbetts Family reserved
443/D  Tibbetts Family reserved
444/A  Minnick Family reserved
444/B  Minnick Family reserved
444/C  Minnick Family reserved
444/D  Minnick Family reserved
445/D  Heath, Mildred I. 2/20/1915 - 7/23/2003  b. North Dakota
447/A  Larson, Christopher 8/15/1952 - 5/26/1999  b. Norristown, Pennsylvania
452/A  Moore, Dorothy  9/6/1918  Oklahoma  - 8/8/2005
452/C  Moore Family reserved
454/C  Gablick, John F. Jr.  2/18/1944 Anchorage  - 2/9/2006
454/D  Hay, Karen  died 1/23/2001
455/A  Minnick Family reserved
455/B  Minnick Family reserved
455/C  Minnick Family reserved
455/D  Minnick Family reserved
456/A  Kirkwood Family reserved
456/B  Kirkwood Family reserved
457/A  Marple Family reserved
457/B  Marple Family reserved
459/B  Robb Family reserved
460/A  Pfile, Melody 2/19/1961  Jacksonville, Illinois - 3/20/2004
460/B  Danford, Olivia 1/30/2005 Palmer, Alaska  - 2/1/2005
461/B  Vargas, Estella Victoria  3/28/1921  New York, New York - 12/17/2005
462/A  Burns Family reserved
462/B  Burns Family reserved
462/C  Maulden Family reserved
462/D  Maulden Family reserved
465/C  Willis  Family reserved
465/D  Willis Family reserved
466/A  Minnick Family reserved
466/B  Taylor-Minnick, Ridge Landon  born and died 3/11/1998
466/C  Minnick Family reserved
466/D  Minnick Family reserved
467/A  Bapuji, Freny  8/24/1922 - 7/28/2003  b. India
467/B  Burnem Family reserved
467/C  Burnem Family reserved
467/D  Burnem Family reserved
468/A  McFarlen Family reserved
468/B  McFarlen Family reserved
468/C  McFarlen Family reserved
468/D  McFarlen Family reserved
469/A  McFarlen Family reserved
469/B  McFarlen Family reserved
469/C  McFarlen Family reserved
469/D  McFarlen Family reserved
470/A  Berestov, Vasiliy Inanovich  4/6/1920 Novakuzngets, Siberia  - 1/18/2006
470/D  Kadantseva, Anna 7/4/1921 Russia - 12/18/2004
471/A  McDonald, Geneva Cox  3/1/1913 - 5/19/1998   b. New Castle, Texas
471/B  McDonald, John W.
472/A  Enderson Family reserved
472/B  Enderson, Roger 11/6/1937 - 4/28/1999   b. Littleton, NH
473/A  Maulden Family reserved
473/B  Maulden Family reserved
473/C  Maulden Family reserved
473/D  Burns-Maulden Family reserved
474/A  Hoversten Family reserved
474/B  Hoversten, Allen  died 5/13/2000    b. Bethel, Alaska
474/C  Hoversten Family reserved
474/D  Hoversten Family reserved
475/A  Rakhmistryuk, Mariya  4/21/1926 Nikoleka, Ukraine  - 10/25/2005
475/B  Stupak, Daniel  2/1/1926 - 8/13/2003    b. Ukraine, Russia
475/C  Trout, Kaylah Eleise  4/1/2004 Palmer, Alaska - 4/1/2004
475/D  Scott, Nena  10/29/1958 - 5/2/2001    b. Tacoma, Washington
476/A  Springer, Josephine    died 3/22/2000
476/B  Springer, Homer         3/18/1902 - 10/8/1998   b. Goodrich, N.D.
477/A  Vanbuskirk, Bruce  9/21/1933-1/17/2003  (wifes cremains also on this plot)
477/B  Vanbuskirk  Family reserved
477/C  Vanbuskirk Family reserved
477/D  Vanbuskirk Family reserved
478/A  Vanbuskirk  Family reserved
478/B  Vanbuskirk Family reserved
478/C  Vanbuskirk Family reserved
478/D  Vanbuskirk Family reserved
479/A  Stetson, Ryan  1/9/1981  Spokane, Washington - 6/22/2005
480/A  Russell, Brandy 12/11/2000 - 11/1/2003
480/D  Estabrook, Tom  1/22/1931  San Pedro, California - 6/8/2004
484/D  Wyrick, John 1/29/1954  Thermopolis, Wyoming - 11/18/2004
486/A  Lewis, Wayne E.  8/25/1970 - 4/7/2002   b. Johnson City, TN
488/B  Van Buskirk, Lorrine C.  12/12/1919 Iowa  - 4/27/2004
488/C  Irsik, Donald 2/10/1942 - 7/7/2000    b. Garden City, Kansas
488/D  Irsik, Sandra 10/10/1949 Rockwood, Tennessee - 9/8/2005
489/A  Carr, Jacob  10/20/1998 - 10/15/1999
490/A  Meeks, David 1/28/1920 - 9/14/2000    b. California
490/B  Meeks, Betty  7/11/1925 - 10/5/2005
490/B  Meeks Family reserved
492/C  Kries, Erwin  5/28/1923-11/27/2000    b. Lodi, California
492/D  Frangavella, Dorothy 12/31/1918 - 4/26/2000   b. St. Paul, Minnesota
493/B  Edenfield, Sarah 11/20/1930  Florida  - 12/2/2005
493/C  Edenfield, Pearl  died 1982
494/A  Taylor, Kara Lee  4/12/2002  Anchorage, Alaska  - 4/12/2002
497/A  Schulz Family reserved
497/B  Schulz Family reserved
497/C  Schulz Family reserved
497/D  Schulz, Billie  1/26/1928 - 9/22/1999    b. Nicona, Texas
499/C  Andrushka, Peter  11/22/1945 Ukriane  - 2/6/2005
500/A  Alexander, Willis  6/26/1947 - 1/31/2001
502/B  LaBoucane, Trevor  6/28/2004 - 7/2/2004
505/A  Taylor, Vearl Max  5/19/1943  Selena, Utah - 12/29/2005
506/A  Bosch, Gerald 8/14/19931 - 11/16/2002   b. Galewood, Michigan
506/B  Bosch Family reserved
506/C  Bosch Family reserved
506/D  Bosch Family reserved
507/D Punches Family reserved
510/A  McBride Family reserved
510/B  McBride Family reserved
510/C  McBride Family reserved
510/D  McBride Family reserved
513/C  Olson, Lona   5/13/1957 - 2/24/1999    b. Lisbon, N.D.
515/C  Pulver, Dean 10/21/1925 - 6/9/2002    b. Golden, Colorado
515/D  Pulver, Ramona 7/31/1930 - 11/1/2001    b. Quincy, Illinois
516/A  Pulver  Family reserved
516/B  Ring Family reserved
516/C  Pulver Family reserved
516/D  Pulver Family reserved
518/A  Anderson Family reserved
518/B  Anderson Family reserved
518/C  Niesen, Eloise  2/8/1933 - 7/13/2000    b. Muskegon, Michigan
518/D  Niesen, John   12/30/1931 - 4/29/1999   b. Muskegon, Michigan
520  Schwulst, Kelli Jo   6/1/1962 - 9/19/1999   b. Long Beach, California
521/A  Gallagher Family reserved
521/B  Gallagher Family reserve d
521/C  Gardener Family reserved
521/D  Gardener,  Michael Jr. 11/18/1980 - 11/30/1998  b. Lewiston, Idaho
522/A  Gallagher Family reserved
522/B  Gallagher Family reserved
522/C  Gallagher Family reserved
522/D  Gallagher Family reserved
523/A  Sheldon Family reserved
523/B  Sheldon Family reserved
523/C  Sheldon, Tracy  4/22/1969 - 6/20/1903
523/D  Sheldon Family reserved
524/A  Kane Family reserved
524/B  Kane Family reserved
525/A  Price, Larry  5/4/1939  Burlington, Washington - 3/23/2005
527/D  Barnes, David  4/8/1955 - 6/5/2001    b. California
529/C  Niesen Family reserved
529/D  Niesen Family reserved
531/C  Giaconelli, James
532/A  Gallagher Family reserved
532/B  Gallagher Family reserved
532/C  Gallagher, Katie 10/21/1987 - 11/25/1998
532/D  Gallagher Family reserved
533/A  Janneck Family reserved
533/B  Janneck Family reserved
533/C  Janneck Family reserved
533/D  Janneck Family reserved
534/A  Sheldon Family reserved
534/B  Burch, Hazel 1/6/1918 - 2/9/2004    b. Spokane, Washington
535/A  Gordon Family reserved
535/B  Gordon Family reserved
535/C  Gordon Family reserved
535/D  Gordon, Harry  3/3/1930 - 10/21/2003    b. Texas
536/A  Gordon Family reserved
536/B  Gordon Family reserved
536/C  Gordon Family reserved
536/D  Gordon Family reserved
541/A  Potter Family reserved
541/C  Hood, Rollie 12/9/1914 - 10/15/2002    b. New Mexico
541/D  Potter Family reserved
543/A  Gallagher Family reserved
543/B  Gallagher Family reserved
543/C  Gallagher Family reserved
543/D  Gallagher Family reserved
544/B  Parks, William 3/2/1919 - 9/19/2003    b. Livingston, Kentucky
545/B  Bowersox, Billie  3/6/1930  Gladewater, Texas  - 8/18/2004
546/A  Gordon Family reserved
546/B  Gordon Family reserved
546/C  Gordon Family reserved
546/D  Gordon Family reserved
547/A  Gordon Family reserved
547/B  Gordon Family reserved
547/C  Gordon Family reserved
547/D  Gordon Family reserved
549/B  Waag, Ketura 10/14/1998 - 5/13/2005
550/A  Jacobson, Daniel 9/24/1953 - 11/29/2003
550/B  Jacobson Family reserved
551/A  Butcher, Destiny Taylor  1/23/2005  Palmer, Alaska  - 4/21/2005
552/A  Parnell, Shannon Rae 3/28/1959  Petersburg, Alaska  - 2/16/2006
554/A  Ruley, Hana 11/15/1931  Cheba, Japan  - 3/16/2006
554/B  Ruley, E. C.  4/22/1932  Barbersville, W. Va.  - 5/2/2004

21B  Helen Maxine "Moxie" McClellen (nee Wallace) b. 10/22/1922 Mulino, Oregon. Daughter of
      Charles Albert Wallace 1883-1961 and Susan Mabel Wallace (nee Irwin) 1889-1967.
      Information provided by Susan Wallace Masse.

NAMES ADDED 1/5/2012

Banbury, Tamara Lynn Rybacki 1962 -- 2007
Beckham, Tyler 1991 -- 2007
Branham, Devin Carl  1955 -- 2006
Brown, Barbara K. 1934-2009
Brown, Payton  9/9/2006 -- 9/9/2006
Brown, Tristan 9/9/2006 -- 9/9/2006
Clark, James L. 1927 -- 2008
Clement, R. E. 1929 -- 2009
Coltharp, Dorothy E. 1925 -- 2007
Covey, Jason Carl Fish  1981 - 2010
DeCamp, Richard Kenneth Sr. 1941 - 2007
Dennis, Norman "George" Jr. 1977 -- 2011
Derner, William David "Bill" 1953 -- 2006
Dykman, Mark Edward 1971 -- 2011
Edmondson, Dustin James 1984 -- 2006
Ekren, Shirley Jean 1925 -- 2006
Ezell, Robert Christopher 1974 -- 2006
Ford, Stella "Christine"  1915 - 2009
Hanna, Virginia Ellen DeWitt  1934 -- 2006
Hocking, Kenneth S. 1928 -- 2008
Hoff, Stephen Charles 1944 -- 2008
Hunter, Rexford L. 1933 -- 2009
Hunter, Steven 1990 -- 2006
Kauzlaric, Kata 1932 -- 2010
Kroon, Karl W. 1915 -- 2007
Lavine, Steven Eugene 1953 -- 2006
Loescher, Orville Kenneth 1925 -- 2011
Lowe, Gregory Nelson 1985 -- 2008
Markley, Clayton "Bud"
Markley, Norma Bietzel  1930 -- 2011
Marsch, Frederick William 1951 -- 2009
McBride, Wilbur D. 1927 -- 2010
McCarthy, Ray 1928 -- 2007
McLeod, Samuel R. Sgt.  1936 -- 2008
Mellin, Robert Harvey "Bob" 1914 -- 2009
Meshew, Ricky Allen  1958 -- 2007
Mew, am, Patricia 1940 -- 2007
Minsch, Michael Alan 1950 -- 2010
Nagozruk, Elmer Kighiktuk  1928 -- 2009
Neff, Dennis  1953 -- 2007
Newman, Patricia Mary 1940 -- 2007
Newton, Ford Leland 1928 -- 2009
Oleynik, Roman 1930 -- 2009
Olson, Daniel Paul 1945 -- 2011
Palko, Baby Boy 10/10/2007  -- 10/10/2007
Pevan, Robert Jacob 1987 -- 2008
Pitts, Mark Riley  1992 -- 2011
Plate, William 1920 -- 2010
Rushing, Cathy Elizabeth Ewing  1961 -- 2010
Shugak, Mark  1965 -- 2010
Tabor, Rowdy Jay Gaston  1995 -- 2010
Tellier, Sybile  1935 -- 2010
Thomas-Rocquemore, Ada Christine Duncan  1930 -- 2008
Tygart, Marcella Jean Presley 1924 -- 2008
Valley, Ellen Anne  1944 -- 2008
VanBuskirk, Frances Earl 1929 -- 2009
VanAusdal, Jennifer Lynn Wilcox 1975 -- 2008
Yuill, Heather Brianne  8/9/2007 -- 8/9/2007
Zajchowski, Stanley T. 1916 -- 2008
Zieger, Althea Mary Phay  1930 -- 2007

NAMES ADDED 2/17/2013

Bowen, Dick J. 12/25/1931-5/15/2012
Carter, Becky Ann  1/29/1968-1/2/2012
Cutler, Barbara Jean Ashley  12/6/1932-1/10/2012
Fagg, Joseph William  8/22/1937-1/16/2012
Goodwin, Mikeael Edd  4/20/1948-8/15/2012
Karmun, Winona Amiiyuq Elizabeth "Beep"  3/7/1957-2/10/2012
Kinsey, Joseph H. Jr. 10/1/1959-2/11/2012
Petersen, Betty Marie Tinker  3/21/1953-1/23/2012
Wycoff, Theresa Hofmann  10/26/1956-3/3/2012

NAMES ADDED 2/22/2014

Beaty, William C. Jr.  4/8/1951 -- 9/3/1912
Coltharp, Dwight Roosevelt Sr. 2/22/1920 -- 8/11/2013
DeMond, Bruce P. 10/10/1940 -- 10/17/2013
Ellis, harlan Edmond 7/23/1927 -- 6/27/2013
Good-Haase, Sara Jean Doisher  8/17/1975 -- 5/27/2013 (parents: Bobby and Karen (Fish) Doisher)
Hinkle, Eunice Evelyn (Bombardier) 8/17/1918 -- 10/23/2013
Kershner, Tyler Graham  9/21/2011 -- 1/24/2012
Klein, Goldie E. (Roquemore) 2/5/1916 -- 10/12/2013
Nelson, Thelma Franaces  5/15/1944 -- 8/18/2013
Newcomb, harold 10/20/1928 -- 5/7/2012
Redd, Billie M.  1920--2012
Ridley, Vivian Evette (Grey)  9/19/1971 -- 8/24/2012
Storud, Barbara Jean (Ronglien)  1/17/1938 -- 7/18/2012
White-McGowen-Gilbreath-Pricilla Darlyn (Klein)  6/7/1938 -- 3/18/2013
Willey, Katheryn Euphrasia  12/1/1932 -- 11/27/2012

NAMES ADDED 8/15/2014

Clark, Linda June Applegate  2/3/1928-5/5/2014
Coltharp, Dwight Roosevelt Sr. 2/22/1920-8/11/2013
Hanna, Martin James  1/19/1929-4/10/2014
Sandstrom, Frank E. 7/17/1920-3/28/2014

NAMES ADDED 9/8/2015

BUSH, PAUL  11/4/1964 - 5/1/2014
CUTLER, JAY LEONARD 7/14/1957 - 10/11/2014
DODSON, ERVIN T. 12/11/1942 - 10/16/2014
FITZGIBBON, EDWARD DILLON SR. 1/15/1930 - 5/18/2014
JENKS, BOBBY LEE SR. 8/28/1931 - 2/16/2015
JOHNSTONE, RHONDA JAY 11/10/1959 - 1/23/2014
LANDRY, LEO JOSEPH 9/3/1958 - 1/23/2014
LEWIS, DAVID DUANE 10/1/1954 - 1/31/2014
McBRIDE, DORIS ELIZABETH 7/19/1928 - 4/21/2015
PETERSON, ROBERT W. 2/17/1950 - 8/13/2015
POLEND, TED ROBERT 8/18/1962 - 10/5/2014
QUIDOL, AGUSTINO V. 5/27/1950 - 4/15/2014
ROBINETTE, JUNE A. 6/30/1917 - 3/7/2015
ROOKS, MARCELA  12/15/1941 - 8/25/2014
SANDSTROM, FRANK ELMER 7/7/1920 - 2/28/2014
SCHULZ, BILLIE JO  11/12/1926 - 8/7/2014
SCOTT, ELEANOR "Lena" THOMAS  11/24/1942 - 10/28/2014
SEITZ, PHYLLIS L. CLEMENCE 2/4/1921 - 3/29/2015
SHUGAK, VERA  DIED 5/18/2014
VOLOSHIN, AVA ROSE 4/24/2014 - 4/24/2014
WILSON, CECIL VAUGHAN 2/7/1979 - 10/3/2014   husband of Glory Jean Fritzler Wilson

NAMES ADDED 4/7/2016

Archibald, Barbara Ann (Swanick)  10/23/1939 -- 2/11/2016
Carson, Michael Arnold Sr.  10/7/1936 -- 1/31/2016
DeMond, Dorothy "Dottie" (Suarez)   6/11/1940 -- 4/19/2015
Dewan, Helen Erma  1931 -- 12/8/2015
Dodson, Ervin T.  12/11/1942 -- 10/16/2014
Fitzgibbon, Edward Dillon Sr.  1/15/1930 -- 5/18/2014
Gordon, Alice  1931 -- 11/30/2015
Hotchkiss, Adrian  5/19/1973 -- 2016
James, Martin Edward  1963 -- 2015
Jenks, Bobby Lee Sr.  8/28/1931 -- 2/16/2015
McBride, Doris Elizabeth 7/19/1928 -- 4/21/2015
Peterson, Robert W.  2/17/1950 -- 8/13/2015
Robinette, June A.  6/30/1917 -- 3/7/2015
Rooks, Marcela  12/15/1941 -- 8/25/2014
Sandstrom, Frank Elmer  7/7/1920 -- 2/28/2014
Schulz, Billie Jo  11/12/1926 -- 8/7/2014
Scott, Eleanor "Lena" (Thomas)  11/24/1942 -- 10/28/2014
Seitz, Phyllis L. (Clemence)  2/4/1921 -- 3/29/2015
Shugak, Vera   b. ?    d. 5/18/2014
Waisanen, Pauline "Nabingook" (Kee) 11/24/1915 - 9/1/2015
Wallace, Patrick Lee  5/28/1985 -- 7/6/2014
West, Esther B. (Dahl)  3/27/1923 -- 2/5/2016