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Wren (or Uren?), Nicholas   b. California
Wren (or Uren?), Pariscova  b. Alaska
Wren (or Uren?), Joseph son age 7
Wren (or Uren?), George son age 6
Wren (or Uren?), Susie daughter age 4
Wren, (or Uren?), William son age 2
Veriskin, Lararia age 30 servant  Aleut

Foster, William age 69   came to AK 1873 from Chillicothe, Missouri  b. Illinois
Foster, Olga  wife age 40  b. Alaska
Foster, Annie daughter age 17 b. Alaska
Foster, Mary daughter age 15 b. Alaska
Foster, William son age 12 b. Alaska
Foster, John son age 10 b. Alaska
Foster, Thomas son age 6 b. Alaska
Foster, Nicholas son age 5 b. Alaska
Foster, Charley son age 11 months b. Alaska

Cushing, George age 47  came to AK 1889 from maine
Cushing, Christina wife  age 34 b. Alaska
Cushing, William son age 8 b. Alaska
Cushing, Albert son age 7 b. Alaska
Cushing, George son age 6 b. Alaska
Cushing, Ester A. daughter age 3 b. Alaska

Watanabe, M ??????? age 38  to AK 1880  born Japan
Watanabe, Periscovia wife age 30 b. Alaska
Watanabe, Mollye daughter age 8 b. Alaska
Watanabe, Nellie daughter age 6 b. Alaska
Watanabe, Peter son age 5 b. Alaska
Watanabe, Katie daughter age ? b. Alaska

Derick, Chas age 50 came to AK 1883 from New York
Derick, Feckla wife age 29 b. Alaska
Derick, William H. son age 13 b. Alaska
Derick, Nellie daughter age 9 b. Alaska
Derick, Agnes daughter age 8 b. Alaska
Derick, Enid daughter age 6 b. Alaska
Midwednekoff, Erena age 16 servant

Balmotoff, Oscar age 26
Hansen, Wass?? age 25 b. Alaska  housekeeper
Aleck age 6 son
George age 4 son
Iodekea age 1 daughter

Johansen, Julius age 35 b. Germany  to AK 1897       to USA 1879

Chaptnor, Vasila agae 49 b. Alaska
Chaptnor, Okalena age 32 b. Alaska
Chaptnor, Michael age 14 b. Alaska

Zheroff, Michael? age 29 b. Alaska
Zheroff, Tetyana age 18 Aleut
Zheroff, Phillip age 6
Zheroff, Mary age 4
Zheroff, Erina age 1
Logabill, Madrona age 16 Aleut         Servant
Polotoff, Stephan age 30 Aleut         Partner

Tarsoff, Simeon age 27 b. Alaska

Polotoff, Naketa age 30 Aleut
Polotoff, Vara age 30 Aleut
Polotoff, Natila 9 months Aleut
Kachukhatn, Ocklelna age 14 Aleut  adopted daugter

Gousoff, Mary age 22  divorced
Caton, John age 24 boarder
Gousoff, Andrew age 21 brother

Hubley, Isaac age 60  to AK 1868   born Halifax Nova Scotia  to USA 1863
Hubley, Dianna age 48
Hubley, John age 22
Hubley, Katie age 18
Hubley, Lizzie age 12
Hubley, William age 9
Iceberg, Susie age 5 boarder     father b. Denmark    mother b. Alaska

Gould, Elina age 29 widow
Gould, Nellie age 14
Gould, Isaac age 13
Gould, Lizzie age 11
Gould, Annie age 9
Gould, Robert age 7
Gould, Martha age 5

Levitt, George age 43 b. England  to AK 1882
Levitt, Afdotia age 34
Levitt, George age 6
Levitt, Mary age 2

Larson, Peter age 37 b. Denmark  to USA 1875  to AK 1885
Larson, Mary 23 b. Alaska        father b. Nova Scotia mother b. Alaska
Larson, Cenia age 6
Larson, Grace age 5
Larson, Alice age 6 months

Sorokovikoff, E??????  age 41 widower Aleut
Sorokovikoff, Stephan age 20
Sorokovikoff, Alexander age 19
Sorokovikoff, Annie age 12
Sorokovikoff, John age 8
Sorokovikoff, Andrew age 9
Sorokovikoff, Nicholi age 6
Sorokovikoff, Nastasha age 3

Gardiner, Prince?  age 40 widower
Gardiner, William age 24
Gardiner, John age 20
Gardiner, Nicholi age 13
Gardiner, Emma age 9

Long, George age 29  to AK 1897  b. Indiana         Blacksmith
Long, Mattie age 17 b. Alaska

Kreevden, Constantine age 41 b. Alaska
Kreevden, Tatiana age 39
Kreevden, Nicholi age 15
Kreevden, Maggie age 13
Kreevden, Nekita age 10
Kreevden, Mike age 6

Bolshanin, William age 22
Pulutoff, John age unknown  partner

Seposnekoff, ???????? age 35
Seposnekoff, Pariscovia age 35
Seposnekoff, Nagan age 6 step-son
Seposnekoff, Peter age 1 son

Reid, Laurence age 56 b. Nova Scotia   to AK 1879
Reid, Polegia age 34 b. Alaska

Neuman, George age 50 b. England  to USA 1866  to AK 1896

Berry, Thomas age 29 b. California  to AK 1896

Lukanoff, ?????????  age 26 b. Alaska
Karaken, Pariscova age 39 housekeeper Aleut
Golovin, Katie age 14 daughter
Golovin, Theodore age 9 son
Karaken, Robert age 5 son

Sorokikoff, Ivan age 26 Aleut

Ignati age 18 Aleut
Seposnekoff, Vasili age 12  Aleut     partner

Karacken, Peter age 28
Karacken, Maggie age 22

Medwednikoff, ?????????  age 50 b. Alaska           (Note: probably Mitvitnikoff?)
Medwednikoff, Annie age 49 b. Alaska
Galliakoff, Isiah age 12  Ward
Midwednikoff, Michael  age 21  partner                   (Note: probably Mitvitnikoff?)

Efteka, Mach??????  age 55 b. Alaska
Efteka, Annie age 50

Hansen, Andrew age 39 b. Sweden  to USA 1887   to AK 1890
Hansen, Sophia age 29 b. Alaska
Hansen, Nellie age 10
Hansen, Mary age 3
Hansen, Emma age 11 months

Anderson, Charles J. age 49 b. Sweden  to USA 1869  to AK 1884
Anderson, Ludmelia age 24 b. Alaska
Anderson, Olge age 2
Anderson, Marie C. age 1

Ommundsen, B?????????? age 35  b. Norway  to USA 1883  to AK 1883
Ommundsen, Nadesda age 30

Helgesen, William age 50 b. Norway  to USA 1880  to AK 1887

Bernard, George age 46 b. Maine  to AK 1899
Richardson, Charles  age ?   b. Norway to USA 1891  to AK 1897  Partner
Berg, Oscar 23 born Vespey, Sweden  to AK 1900   Partner

Morris, Mathew age 41  b. Finland  to AK 1898

Moore, Zen???? age 35  to AK 1890 from Freemont, Maine
Cashel, Edward age 59  to AK 1868 from Georgetown, D. C.
Bishoff, Peter age 42  b. Drellstorf, Germany  to USA 1875  to AK 1886
Bolshanin, William age 25  b. Alaska
Golovin, Andrea age 45 b. Alaska  Partner
Burns, James age 42  b. Ireland   to USA 1881  to AK 1885
Brown, Chas age 44 b. Norway  to USA 1872  to AK 1890