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Roggenbuck and related families
Flötenstein, Germany
(Today, Flötenstein is known as Koszalin, Poland)

Unfortunately, our Roggenbucks came from an area that has very few documented
birth, marriage or death records.  I'm told by the Priest in Flötenstein that few records survived the wars that swept through that area....although I also know of people that
have visited Flötenstein in recent years and they tell me that more records exist than previously thought.  For many political reasons, those records are not available to us (yet). Hopefully, sometime in the future, more records will become available to those of us who are at dead-ends with our Flötenstein  research.  Keep your fingers crossed!

The following information was extracted from Floetenstein, Germany b/m/d records:

Bertha Roggenbuck b. 11/7/1856 in Darsen (daughter of Joseph Roggenbuck &
Regina Senrau)  and Friedrich Martin Buchholz b. 11/30/1853 Laskowo (son of
Johann Bucholz (deceased) and Luisa Hüppel (nee Sperber) were married 12/10/1877 in the town of Hammer.

Anna Agnes Roggenbuck (daughter of Franz Roggenbuck (deceased) and Caroline Doering)  and Adam Schulz b. 12/7/1851 Floetenstein were married 10/15/1877 in the town of Hammer

Franz August Mix b. 1/16/1853 at Lanken (won of Michael Mix & Susanne
         (nee Kanthak)  Franz married bertha Maria Roggenbuck b. 6/12/1858
         daughter of Peter R oggenbuck and wife Anna (nee Mansolf). Franz and
         Bertha were married 11/23/1880
Johann Quandt b. 4/25/1859 at Steinforth son of Martin Quandt and wife
         Caroline (nee Neubauer) Johann married Maria Mathilde Knop b.
         4/8/1859 Floetenstein. Daughter of unmarried Wilhelmine Knop who
         is now the widow of Michael Roggenbuck of rural Floetenstein
         Johann and Maria married7/5/1880
Joseph Trojahn b. 1/6/1855 son of Franz Trojahn and wife Marie Leo
         married Regine Rosalie Roggenbuck b. 9/11/1861 Floetenstein
         daughter of Martin Roggenbuck and his wife Catharina (nee Proch)
         Joseph and Regine married 2/3/1880
Herman Meyer b. 4/21/1852 in Schutzenwalde (son of Peter Meyer and wife
         who still lives in Schutzenwalde, Eva (nee Roggenbuck) married:
         Rosalie Fritz b. 4/27/1857 daughter of Peter Fritz deceased and wife
         Maria (nee Schülke)
Albert Zuter b. 11/28/1857 son of Johann Zuter and wife Susanne (nee Lietz)
         married Caroline Roggenbuck b. 9/11/1859 daughter of Franz Roggenbuck
         and wife Maria (nee Bottke)
Michael Zuter b. 5/10/1855 son of Peter Zuter and wife Caroline (nee Gollnick)
         married Therese Bertha Roggenbuck b. 2/25/1855 daughter of Franz
         Roggenbuck and wife Marie (nee Bottke)

Albert Roggenbuck b. 2/2/1880 Floetenstein
Maria Magdalene Roggenbuck b. 3/22/1878
        Children born to Albert Roggenbuck (son of Martin  & Maria Roggenbuck)
                         and Caroline Mischnick

Johann Roggenbuck b. 5/1/1878 Floetenstein son of Johann Roggenbuck  and
         wife Adelheide (nee Klemp)

Antonie Spors b. 5/1/1878 Floetenstein daughter of Johann Spors & Anna Lück
                       *Note: Birth witness was Anna Roggenbuck Spors
Anna Mathilda Roggenbuck b. 7/26/1878 Floetenstein born to
                                        Rosalie Roggenbuck (single woman)
Anna Elizabeth Lietz b. 2/26/1880 Rural Floetenstein  born to: Karl August
        Lietz b.2/15/1840 Steinforth Germany (son of Adam Lietz and Marianna
        Lapinska)  and Anna Theresa Roggenbuck* b. 9/29/1837 Floetenstein
        (daughter of Franz Roggenbuck and Anna Elizabeth Leo) *Karl and Anna
        Lietz were married 2/24/1879 in Rural Floetenstein.*(Their record of marriage
          notes that Anna Theresa (at the time of this marriage) was the "widow Meyer" maiden name
Anna Komischke b.9/14/1878 Floetenstein born to Franz Komischke & Maria
Helene Roggenbuck b. 8/5/1880 Rural Floetenstein and
Johann Jacob Roggenbuck b. 7/26/1881 Rural Floetenstein
         Both are children of Johann Roggenbuck & Susanna Loeper
Johann Paul Roggenbuck b. 1/25/1880 in Lanken
Joseph Bernhard Roggenbuck b. 2/24/1881 in Lanken
Antonie Marie Roggenbuck b. 4/19/1878 in Lanken
        These three children born to August Roggenbuck and Agnes Lietz
Rosalie Anna Roggenbuck b. 9/25/1878 in Floetenstein, born to:
        Johann Roggenbuck and Agathe Trojahn
Michel August Mutz b. 9/29/1878 Floetenstein to :
        Franz Mutz & Caroline Roggenbuck
Anna Therese Hinz b. 12/4/1878 in Lanken to Simon Hinz & Therese Roggenbuck
Marie Antonie Roggenbuck b. 1/12/1879 Floetenstein born to:
         Hermann Roggenbuck and Maria Roggenbuck
Anna Therese Roggenbuck b. 2/9/1879 Floetenstein born to Johann
         Roggenbuck and Caroline Wehner
Paul Roggenbuck b. 1/24/1879 Floetenstein born to Johann Roggenbuck and
        Lucilie Lück
Antonie Roggenbuck b. 3/5/1879 Floetenstein born to Peter Roggenbuck
         and Therese Spors
Antonie Franziska Kanthak b. 9/12/1881 in Lanken born to:
         Joseph Kanthak and Maria Roggenbuck
Albert Thiede b. 6/8/1879 Floetenstein born to Michel Thiede and
         Mathilda Roggenbuck
Theodor Albert Roggenbuck b. 7/23/1879 Floetenstein born to:
         Joseph Roggenbuck II and Maria Schnase
Johann Roggenbuck b. 9/8/1879 in the outskirts of Hammer  born to Franz
         Roggenbuck and Anna Weiher
Albert Eduard Roggenbuck b. 10/1/1880 Floetenstein
Franz Albert Roggenbuck b. 10/2/1879
         both sons of Albert Roggenbuck and Rosalie Roggenbuck
Antonie Dorothea Roggenbuck b. 2/7/1880 Floetenstein born to:
         Franz Roggenbuck (b.3/9/1854 to Mathias Roggenbuck & Caroline
         Speckman) and Therese Hackert (b.7/30/1859 to Franz Hackert
         and Caroline Pillatske)
Anna Therese Roggenbuck b. 12/28/1880 in Lanken
Peter Andreas Roggenbuck b. 9/15/1878 in Lanken
         both children born to Franz Roggenbuck & Regine Kanthak
Agnes Elisabeth Roggenbuck b. 10/29/1879 Floetenstein born to:
         Joseph Roggenbuck and Caroline Kanthak
Albert Roggenbuck b. 9/20/1879 Floentenstein born to:
         Michel Roggenbuck and Susanne Spors
Franz Paul Roggenbuck b. 9/14/1879 to Martin Roggenbuck
         and Mathilda Neubauer
Ida Franziska Schulz b. 12/19/1879 Floetenstein to Adam Schulz
         and Anna Roggenbuck
Martha Roggenbuck b. 7/27/1858 Floetenstein
         married Bernhard Ferdinand Becker 2/26/1884 in Hammer
Johann Roggenbuck b. 6/7/1854 Floetenstein
         married Anna Rosalie  Spors 11/24/1879 (daughter of Johann Gottlieb
         Spors and Catharina Roggenbuck)
          Martha and Johann (above) children of Franz Roggenbuck & Anna Lietz
Veronica Regine Roggenbuck b. 10/31/1879 in Boelzig
Albert August Roggenbuck b. 11/7/1881 in Boelzig
         both children of August Roggenbuck and Maria Meyer
Agnes Maria Roggenbuck b. 9/1883  d.12/23/1883 Floetenstein child
         of Johann Roggenbuck and Anna Spors
Anna Franziska Roggenbuck b.8/27/1880 Floetenstein to Peter Roggenbuck
         and Therese Spors
Marie Roggenbuck b. 11/27/1880 to Johann Roggenbuck & Cecilie (nee Lück)
Anna Roggenbuck   b. 11/27/1880 to Johann Roggenbuck & Cecilie (nee Lück)
Anna Therese b. 12/28/1880 to Franz Roggenbuck & Regine (nee Kanthak)
         child born in Lanken
Antonie Apollonia Paetz b. 11/19/1880 to Michel Paetz and
         and his wife Maria (nee Roggenbuck)
Franz Herman Fritz b. 10/10/1880 to Johann Fritz & Maria (nee Roggenbuck)
Herrmann Bernhard Hinz b. 10/14/1880 to Simon Hinz and
         Therese (nee Roggenbuck)
Hedwig Maria Ursula Roggenbuck b. 10/21/1880 to Johann Roggenbuck
         and wife Adelheide (nee Klemp)
Helene Roggenbuck b. 8/5/1880 to Johann Roggenbuck &  wife
         Susanna (nee Loeper)
Anna Franziska Roggenbuck b. 8/27/1880 to Peter Roggenbuck and wife
         Therese (nee Spors)
Maria Magdalena Komischke  b. 7/7.1880 to Franz Komischke IV and wife
         Maria (nee Roggenbuck)
Antonie Elisabeth Stremlau b. 7/12/1880 to Joseph Stremlau of Lanken
         and his wife Regine (nee Roggenbuck)
Agnes Therese Roggenbuck b. 7/10/1880 to Peter Roggenbuck and wife
         Agnes (nee Schmelter)
Mathias Roggenbuck b. 2/18/1880 to Andreas Roggenbuck and Anna Rosa
         (nee Roggenbuck)
Anna Elisabeth Roggenbuck b. 3/29/1880 to Johann Roggenbuck and wife
         Maria (nee Mansolf)
Johann Albert Zuther b. 1/4/1881 to Michael Zuther and wife
         Therese (nee Roggenbuck)
Marie Magdalene Zuther b. 2/2/1881 to Albert Zuther and wife
         Caroline (nee Roggenbuck)
Albert Chasimier Roggenbuck b. 2/20/1881 to Johann Roggenbuck and wife
         Anna (nee Spors)
Joseph Bernhard Roggenbuck b. 2/24/1881 to August Roggenbuck and wife
         Agnes (nee Lietz)
Johann Peter Klemp b. 6/22/1881 to Johann Klemp and Catharina
         (nee Roggenbuck)
Peter Trojahn b. 6/28/1881 to Joseph T rojahn and wife
         Rosalie (nee Roggenbuck)
Bertha Margaretha Buchholz b. 7/16/1881 to Martin Buchholz and wife
         Bertha (nee Roggenbuck)
Johann Jacob Roggenbuck b. 7/26/1881 to Johann Roggenbuck and wife
         Susanne (nee Loeper)
Johann Albert Mix b. 8/11/1881 to Franz Mix and Bertha (nee Roggenbuck)
Antonie Franziska Kanthak b. 9/12/1881 to Joseph Kanthak and wife
         Maria (nee Roggenbuck)
Albert Otto Roggenbuck b. 10/9/1881 to Hermann Roggenbuck and wife
         Maria  (nee Roggenbuck)
Antonie Agatha Roggenbuck b. 8/19/1881 to Mathias Roggenbuck and wife
         Clara (nee Hahn)
Albert August Roggenbuck b. 11/7/1881 to August Roggenbuck and wife
         Maria (nee Meyer) residents of Boelzig
Maria Cäcilie Prill b. 11/6/1881 to Daniel Prill and Maria (nee Roggenbuck)
Bernhard Roggenbuck b. 11/14/1881 to Maria Roggenbuck (unmarried)
Elizabeth Mutz b. 11/15/1881 to Franz Mutz and Caroline (nee Roggenbuck)
Antonie Catharina Roggenbuck b. 11/24/1881 to Albert Roggenbuck and wife
         Rosalie (nee Roggenbuck)
Martha Thiede b. 12/14/1881 to Michel Thiede and Mathilde (nee Roggenbuck)

Joseph Meyer b. 1/11/1859 in Schulzenwalde (son of Peter Meyer & Eva
         Roggenbuck) married Sousanne Kanthak b. 4/3/1843 in Lanken (daughter
         of Joseph Kanthak and Anna Mansolf) The couple was married 1/22/1884

Peter Roggenbuck b. 11/23/1851 Floetenstein (son of Martin Roggenbuck and
         Eva Rosine Dorau) married Cücilia Catherina Olschewski daughter of
          Adalbert Olschewski and Josephina Rymow. The couple married 8/21/1882
Johann Klemp b. 1/10/1852 Floetenstein (son of Franz Klemp & Anna Kiedrowsky)
         married Catharina Agatha Roggenbuck b. 9/2/1857 Floetenstein (daughter
         of Martin Roggenbuck and Catharina Prock) The couple married 1/28/1879
Johann Albert Roggenbuck b. 12/21/1845 (son of Franz Roggenbuck deceased
         and his wife Susanna (maiden name Bork) who had remarried to Christof
         Lietz) Johann married Rosalia Roggenbuck b. 1/6/1857 daughter of the
         mailman Mathias Roggenbuck and his wife Caroline Speckmann
Johann Roggenbuck b. 6/22/1851 at Eickfier, now residing at Floetenstein (son
         of Michael Roggenbuck who died in Eickfier) and his wife Anna Rosa
         Bonin. Johann married: Maria Therese Mansolf b. 3/2/1857 in Floetenstein
         to Johann Mansolf (deceased) and his wife Susanna (nee Strei) but is now
         remarried to Andreas Schülke. Johann and Maria were married 2/18/1879
Karl August Lietz b. 2/15/1840 at Steinforth now living at Floetenstein (son of
         Adam Lietz who died in Steinforth and his wife Marianna (nee Lipinska)
         now remarried to Joachim Burow.  Karl married: "The laborer's widow"
         Anna Therese Meyer (nee Roggenbuck) b. 9/29/1837 at Floetenstein.
         Daughter of Franz Roggenbuck and Elisabeth Leo. Karl and Anna were
         married 2/24/1879
Franz Roggenbuck b. 3/9/1854 Floetenstein (son of postman Mathias Roggenbuck
         and Caroline Speckman) married Therese Hackert b. 7/30/1859 daughter
         of Franz Hackert and Caroline Pillatske.
         Franz and Therese married  5/12/1879
Johann Roggenbuck b. 7/7/1854 (son of Fanz Roggenbuck & Anna (nee Lietz)
         married Anna Rosalia Spors daughter of Johann Gottlieb Spors and
         Catharina (nee Roggenbuck) Johann and Anna married 11/24/1879
Erdmann Thom b. 6/13/1850 in Penkuhl son of Johann Thom and wife
         Susanne (nee Roggenbuck) married Anna Mathilda Mix b. 3/28/1859 in
         Lanken. Daughter of Michel Mix and wife Susanne (nee Kanthak) both of
         Lanken. Erdmann and Anna were married on 1/31/1881
Johann Proch b. 12/13/1856 son of Mathias Proch and wife Rosa
         (nee Roggenbuck) married Anna Susanne Schulz b. 12/23/1852 at
         Eisenhammer daughter of Johann Schulz and Gertrude (nee Pillatske)
         Johann and Anna were married 2/20/1881
Martin Anton Kanthak b. 3/3/1848 at Penkuhl son of Johann Kanthak and wife
         Gertrude (maiden name not listed). Martin married: Mathilde Antonie
         Roggenbuck b. 3/28/1859 daughter of Joseph Roggenbuck and wife
         Maria (nee Spors). Martin and Mathilde married 9/13/1881
Peter Roggenbuck b. 11/23/1851 to Martin Roggenbuck and Eva (nee Dorau)
         married Cücilia Catharina Olschewski b. 11/20/1857 at Oberchotzen
         daughter of Adalbert Olschewski and Josephina (nee Rymow). Peter and
         Cücilia were married 8/21/1882
Erdmann Michael Wollschläger b. 12/25/1857 at Penkuhl son of Johann
         Wollschläger and Caroline (nee Wollschläger). Erdmann married
         Susanne Regine Roggenbuck b. 1/2/1860 daughter of Peter Roggenbuck
         (deceased) and wife Susanne (nee Flemming) Erdmann and Susanne
         married 2/7/1882
Johann Proch b. 12/13/1856 son of Mathias Proch and wife
         Rosa (nee  Roggenbuck) married: Josephine Spitschak Von Brzczinski
         b.10/6/1861 at Russia-Poland  daughter of August Spitschak Von
         Brzczinski and wife Anna (nee Skibba) (both her parents died in Russia)
         Johann and Josephine were married 2/4/1884
Joseph Meyer b. 1/11/1859 at Schulzenwalde son of Peter Meyer and wife
         Eva (nee Roggenbuck) who is still living in Schulzenwalde. Joseph married
         a widow: Susanne (nee Kanthak) b. 4/3/1843 at Lanken daughter of
         Joseph Kanthak and Anna (nee Mansolf). Joseph and Susanne married
Bernhard Ferdinand Becker b. 6/14/1848 at Boelzig to Carl Becker and wife
         Eleonore (nee Hahn). Bernhard married Martha Roggenbuck b. 7//27/1858
         daughter of Franz Roggenbuck  and Anna (nee Lietz). Bernhard and Martha
         were married 2/26/1884
Adam Schulz b. 12/7/1851 son of Adam Schulz deceased and  his wife
         Susanne (nee Roggenbuck). Adam married Anna Therese Pillatzke
         b. 1/26/1863 daughter of Franz Pillatzki and wife maria (nee Klug)
         Adam and Anna were married 5/12/1884

Franz Albert Roggenbuck died 10 weeks old on 12/12/1879 Floetenstein
         son of Johann Albert Roggenbuck and Rosalia Roggenbuck
Anna Spors (nee Roggenbuck) age 63 born in Darsen died 12/22/1879
         in Floetenstein. Wife of Franz Spors and daughter of  Martin
Albert Roggenbuck age 12 born in Hammer, died 10/2/1879 son of
         Johann Roggenbuck and Caroline Roggenbuck (nee Wehner)
Peter Roggenbuck agd 50 died 4/3/1879 husband of Susanna (nee Flemming)
         son of Michael Roggenbuck deceased
Wilhelmine Trojahn (nee Roggenbuck) age 41 died 7/29/1879 wife of
         Franz Trojahn and daughter of Martin Roggenbuck and Eva (nee Dorau)
Antonie Therese Roggenbuck age 3 months died 1/9/1879. The daughter
         of August Roggenbuck and his deceased wife Caroline (nee Rudnick)
Maria Veronica Roggenbuck (nee Lengpiel) age 25 died 1/16/1879 daughter
         of Johann Lengpiel of Stegers. Wife of Johann Roggenbuck.
Johann Pandetzki agd 56 resident of Lanken (born in Eickfier) last married
         to the deceased Anna (nee Roggenbuck) who died at Jacobsdorf. Johann
         died 3/9/1879 at Lanken
Johann Paul Roggenbuck age 4 weeks born in Lanken died in Lanken 2/19/1880
         son of August Roggenbuck and wife Agnes (nee Lietz)
Carl Hackert age 66 resident of Floetenstein born at Pulverhühle died on
         4/9/1880 married to deceased Susanne (nee Komischke). Son of
         Christian Hackert and Eva (nee Roggenbuck)
Anna Bottke (nee Roggenbuck) age 74 widow resident of Boelzig died 7/8/1880
Helene Roggenbuck age 4 hours died 8/5/1880 daughter of Johann
         Roggenbuck and wife Susanne (nee Loeper)
Albert Eduard Roggenbuck age 3 months died 12/31/1880 son of Albert
         Roggenbuck and wife Rosalie (nee Roggenbuck)
Franz Albert Roggenbuck  9 months died 12/19/1883 son of Mathias
         Roggenbuck and wife Clara (nee Hahn)
Agnes Maria Roggenbuck age 3 months died 12/23/1883 daughter of
         Johann Roggenbuck and Anna (nee Spors)
Johannes Roggenbuck age 12 died 12/25/1883 son of Johann Roggenbuck III
         and wife Adelheide (nee Klemp)
Un-named son who died at birth  12/31/1883 to Andreas Roggenbuck and wife
         Anna Rosa (nee Roggenbuck)

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