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 Nobles County, Minnesota
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Sunrise Cemetery
Little Rock Township, Nobles County, Minnesota
Indexed by A. Finnel 1976
Densmore, Mrs. (wife of F.E. Densmore) d. 11/4/1878 age 26y 1m 27d
Premo, Charles L. (son of C.& M. Premo) d. 5/24/1876 age 9y 10m 24 d
In A. Goff's Nobels County History, 1959, pages 24-25, the following are also listed as
Those who are believed to have been buried here:
Jankins, Nancy 10/12/1875-3/2/1881
Jenkins, Nettie 9/23/1877-1/18/1882  (both daughters of Wes Jenkins)
Richards, Mabel (daughter of William Richards  b.1886-d.1886
Jenkins, Ownie (son of William Jenkins)
Jackson, Al  (no dates)
Note: Several burials were moved to Little Rock, Iowa. S mall cemetery never identified with any church and no burials here since 1900.

I've been told that this cemetery is actually in Jackson County, Minneosta, however, the index that
I got this from was done in the 1930's and it lists it as Nobles County, so I'm going to post this cemetery on
both county pages.

Loon Lake Cemetery
Nobles County, Minnesota
Christensen, Caroline  d. 1926  age 91
Brooks, Tomas 11/11/1819-1890
Peters, S.   Pioneer of 1862
Uptagrafft, Lucy A. d. 6/3/1877  age 23 (wife of G. Uptagrafft)
Uptagrafft, Infant  b.& d. 5/24/1877
Tenwilegar, John  d. 9/8/1905 age 101 y 7m 18d
Philes, James C. Co.I 94 Minn. Regt. Civil War d. 1/12/1898
Wait, Issac  Co. I  1st Minn. Cavalry, Civil War
Wait, Euphemia (wife of Issac)  d. 4/1880 age 50
Wait, Abbie Jane (daughter of Isaac and Euphemia)  d. 2/15/1876 age 14
Chandler, John 1845-1908
Allen, Luther S. 1870-1908

Kinbrae Cemetery
Graham Lake Township, Nobles County, Minnesota
Indexed by A. Finnell 1979
Burgeson, Johanna 1878-1924
Burgeson, Bernard 1872-1937
Burgeson, Henry 1843-1922
Burgeson, Anna 1812-1901
Burgeson, Harry 1875-1942
Harding, Gertrude 3/3/1874-4/17/1900
Harding, Emery 12/4/1867-2/8/1933
Adams, Emma 1892-1954
Adams, Frank 1890-1978
Swan, Anna M. 3/14/1849-1/7/1941
Swan, Irwin S.  (Co. A 47 IA Inf.)
Swan, Harriet E. 8/1/1871-11/28/1903
Kliffgard, Arne A. 1816-1903
Kliffgard, Arne A. 1850-1925
Kliffgard, Andrew A. 1847-1929 (Father)
Kliffgard, Marit 1847-1935 (Mother)
Kliffgard, Anton Isaac 1878-1939
Kliffgard, Baby 1916
_______, Sophia 1882-1972
Buchvalt, mary 4/22/1845-8/20/1920
Buchvalt, William 10/14/1900-8/17/1935
Buchvalt, Tersa (Mother)  10/7/1860-7/17/1939
Buchvalt, Joseph (Father) 9/18/1856-3/6/1916
Buchvalt, Anna C. (2nd Lt. Army WWI) 3/6/1891-2/2/????
Buchvalt, Joseph 4/3/1888-9/25/1959
Buchvalt, Frank 1/6/1886-10/10/1949
Williams, Hugo O. 1896- 19??
Williams, Josephine B. 1890-1972
Van Der Wege, Martin P. 1866-1972
Van Der Wege, Cornelius 1865-1931
Van Der Wege, Willilam C. 1863-1929
Van Der Wege, John 1877-1925
Van Der Wege, Willilam 1832-6/23/1910
Swan, Christena 5/7/1820-10/27/1891
Swan, Homer D. 1/18/1850-6/4/1882
Muck, Emma 1/5/1855-10/30/1881
Muck, Stephen 10/9/1822-7/18/1897
Richards, Gertrude 3/5/1884-3/7/1903
Jones, Alice richards (wife of Ernest B. Jones) 9/7/1878-1/24/1902
Williams, Donald E.  b. & d. 4/30/1935
Finstuen, Herman (son) 5/27/1882-8/28/1960
Finstuen, Inger Sophia (Daughter)  9/17/1874-6/14/1953
Finstuen, Anne (Mother) 10/6/1842-12/16/1926
Finstuen, Hans H. (Father)  11/30/1843-10/12/1917
Jones, Burtie Lee Roy (infant son of Mr. & Mrs. B.Jones) d. 10/2/1897 age 6m 12 d
Jones, Burgess 1846-1926
Jones, Jennie 1870-1946
Holmes, Henry (Husband) 1846-1928
Holmes, Agnes (Wife) 1855-1930
Voss, Mamie 1879-1969
Voss, Tom B. 1885-1978
Larkin, E. (Mother) 1812-1898
Larkin, P. (Father) 1819-1910
Bearenfeld, Effie Delphena 1861-1954
Bigger, Henry (son) 1/20/1814-11/4/1865
Bigger, Arthur (son) 3/18/1916-4/22/1937
Bigger, Herbert (son) 6/5/1902-4/25/1957
Bigger, Herman (Father) 10/24/1874-3/9/1958
Bigger, Ida (Mother) 12/15/1875-4/14/1958
Anderson, Albert A. 1883-1960
Anderson, Nora P. 1896- 1963
Nelson, Nels S. 1874-1940
Pizley, Marion B. 1851-1938
Ayres, Kate Ellen 1852-1874
Smith, Elizabeth B. 1823-1905
Smith, Nathaniel H. 1821-1899
Olson, Nellie (wife of Anton)  1874-1957
Olson, Anton 1871-1905
Olson, Marion E. 6/22/1902-9/6/1910
McLeod, Blanch 1900-
McLeod, C.J.  3/1913
McLeod, L.C. 1902-1903
McLeod, L.G. 1902-1903
McLeod, Lydia I. (Mother) 1873-1956
McLeod, Elizabeth 1904-1922
Richards, John Irvin (Father) 1857-1933
Richards, Mary (Mother) 1858-1927
Richards, Eliza (Daughter) 1881-1903
Hanson, Laura Richards (Mother)  2/25/1897-11/11/1949
Johnson, Edna 9/17/1865-1/18/1929
Heldin, Solomon 4/7/1853-4/14/1913
Johnson, Betsy 3/15/1862-5/18/1900
Fredrickson, Peter J. 12/7/1854-6/4/1922
Fredrickson, Metilda 8/27/1855-8/5/1930
Fredrickson, Robt. J. 4/10/1805-7/10/1898
Hart, George Leslie 10/25/1875-3/9/1930
Wilcox, Louisa 5/11/1818-7/19/1904
Schreiber, Louis 2/10/1879-2/8/1852
Schreiber, Raymond 7/24/1899-10/1/1899
Schreiber, Rudolph 9/5/1869-3/17/1923
Schreiber, Otto 1872-1943
Schreiber, Herman J. 9/10/1867-11/2/1925
Schreiber, John 1830-1922
Schreiber, Minnie (wife of J.F.) 2/16/1837-2/6/1908
Schmalz, Jno.  (Co. A 11 Minn. Inf.)
Brewer, Leomie (Mother) 1876-
Brewer, Augustus (Father) 1870-1944
Thompson, Neil M. 8/12/1893-2/24/1951
Thompson, Lena A. 9/27/1900-
Wolf, John C. 1917-1970
Wolf, Dorothy M. 1920-
Nelson, Carl N. 1863-1932
Nelson, Arabellan 1867-1958
Andress, Edith P. 1878-1961
Andress, Chester L. 1917-1968
Nelson, Julius C. 1865-1891
Nelson, Clarence R. 1884-1884
Nelson, Anton (Father) 1832-1912
Nelson, Andrena (Mother) 1838-1893
Walker, Wealthy Ann 1840-1929
Williams, Mary E. 1875-1970
Williams, Roscoe O. 1870-1914
Thompson, Chris J. (Father) 1892-1944
Thompson, Elsie (Mother) 1897-1969
Thompson, Kenneth (Son) 1915-1952
Pederson, Sine (Mother) 1866-1933
Denton, Charles 1879-1936
Denton, Mary E. 1877-1940
Holland, Helena R. 9/21/1854-2/12/1913
Holland, Benjamin F. 9/1/1850-10/8/1933
Knudson, Bernard 1909-1969
Knudson, Bertha 1905-
Bruner, Ida (Mother) 1872-1913
Bruner, Edwin (Father) 1875-1963
Haack, Herman P. (Father) 1886-1933
Wilson, Frank 1877-1955
Wilson, Truman M. 1/16/1917-5/8/1971
Chandler, Grover C. 1882-1937
Mead, Carrol C. 1908-1938
Mead, Roy (Father) 1874-1942
Mead, Mabel V. (Mother) 1879-1935
Lacy, Baby Daughter of O.B. & C.D. Lacy) 2/24/1895-2/26/1895
Wolf, Sandra (d. of John and Dorothy) born and died 7/13/????
Kahle, Eddie F. 1/30/1897-1/13/1953
Kahle, John (Father) 2/17/1864-12/21/1939
Kahle, Bennie W. 1898-1932
Kahle, Minnie 3/13/1869-3/20/1919
McMaster, S.H. 1840-1925
McMaster, Edna M. (his wife)  1837-1921
Nelson, Chrissie Stewart 1854-1922
Hart, Bridget 1851-1916
Hart, John 1837-1923
Hart, John 1872-1963
Paulson, Paul G. 1886-1934 (Father)
Paulson, Bernice (Daughter) 1918
Wilson, Francis P. 1/8/1854-2/27/1918
King, May (Daughter) 1904
King, Pearl (Mother) 1879-1949
King, August C. (Father) 1881-1968

Seward Cemetery
Seward Township, Nobles County, Minnesota
Indexed by the D.A.R.
Myers, William G. (Father) 1862-1929
Myers, Minnie T. (Mother) 1866-1935
Myers, Minnie Lora (Wife of W.G.) d. 9/18/1890 age 23y 2m 29d
Horton, George A. (son of G.W. & S.J.) d. 12/9/1884 age 6y 7m 22d
Horton, George A. (footstone)
Scutt, Katie d. 8/16/1877 age 4y 2d
Scutt, Anna d. 11/20/1880 age 9m 7d  (both children of G.B. & C. Scutt)
Scutt, Lizzie (wife of B.G.) d. 11/9/1872 age 24y 3 m 13d
Fish, Earnest J.    d.4/1/1881  age 6m 5d
Fish, Earl L.  d. 12/13/1891 age 2y 9m 25d
Fish, Earnest J. (son of  J.J. &  ?)   dates??? (stone broken an badlyworn)
Gage, Geo. Edward (son of J.E. & Nellie M.) d. 10/21/1883 age 6m.
Zimmormann, Rufus (son of P. & L.) d. 7/9/1891 age 2y 5m 15d
Wheeler, Rebecca (wife of Amos H.) 7/5/1828-7/5/1894
Hesselroth, Lawrence H. (son of E.W. & C.) d. 10/18/1888 age 12
Hesselroth, Erland W. 5/28/1834-2/2/1913
Young, Infant daughter of B.F. & C.E.  d. 6/9/1882 age 3d
Snyder, George (son of A.G. & M.M.) d. 8/5/1880 age 1y 6m  19d
Snyder, Harriet Nellie 1827-1904
Snyder, Mish'l    (Co. G   29 Ind. Inf.)
Fox, Minnie E. (daughter of S.H. & I.M.) d. 4/20/1877  age 2m
Lambert, Robie (son of J.D.) 2/4/1883 age 8w
Parshall, William G. (son of J. & C.B.) 4/8/1882 age 3
Parshall, Jonas A. (son of J. & C.B.) d. 5/10/1880 age 3y 10m
Hill, Horace   (Co. G  15 Wisc Inf)
Walling, Pearly E. d. 5/10/1880 age 2y 9 m 6d
Walling, Ralph D.   d.3/7/1873  age 2y 21d   Children of J.E. & E. Walling
P.G.  (footstone)
Dean, May 1873-1888
Dean, Minnie S. (d. of G.S. & J.A.) d 12/5/1887 age 22
Dean, May L.     ( d. of G.S. & J.A.) d. 1/16/1888 age 14
Dean, Geo. S.    (Co. E   65 Ill. Inf.)
Booth, Hannah J. 4/1/1845-2/5/1903
Booth, Henry  12/2/1815-12/26/1882
Booth, Wm. H.   (Co. K 47th Ill. Inf.)
Vail, Lewis B.   d. 6/6/1898  age 40y 5m 18d
Vail, Bertie John (son of J.P. & M.J.)  12/9/1878-12/??/??
Vail, Saphrona H.  wife of John P.  d. 10/10/1873  age 39 y 7m 25d
Vail, John P. 5/26/1833-7/30/1911
Vail, Jay G.  d. 3/30/1884  age 22y 5m 23d
Vail, Bertie John d. 12/16/1878 age 7d
Vail, M. Jennie  wife of John P.   b. 3/4/1884
Vail, Herbert John (son of John P. & M. Jennie) 12/9/1878-12/16/1878
Linderman, Olive M. wife of Luther G.   d. 3/27/1891 age 79 y 9m 14d
Linderman, North, Gertie Viola (d. of H.W. & C.E.)
d. 2/15/1888  age 12y 8m 1d
Base stone with top missing (?)
Shanks, Jane d. 11/14/1904
Shanks, William d 5/3/1917
Shanks, Jane   d. 11/14/1904 age 56
Suthers, John E.  6/29/1849-9/27/1897
Suthers, Willard (son) 1905-1920
Suthers, Lottie (Mother) 1884-1918
Suthers, Lester (son) 1903-1920
S.M.T.  (footstone)
Vail, Julia M.  8/10/1806-8/28/1881
Booth, Minnie M.  (wife of G.C.) 4/10/1866-12/26/1908
Booth, Hannah J. 4/1/1845-2/5/1903
Booth, William H. 7/22/1843-2/20/1916
Booth, Henry N. 12/2/1815-12/26/1882


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