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The following is a list of soldiers names that are found on a monument
 in the Lakeview Cemetery, Windom, Cottonwood County, Minnesota.

The Cottonwood Historical Society calls this the "Old Soldiers Monument". It was
dedicated in 1911. They also tell me that the soldiers who are buried around this monument,
weren't, necessarily, originally from Windom, but made the Windom area
their home after the Civil War.

Soldiers Name Company & Regiment Date of Death
Edward Savage Co. B. 28th Wisconsin Inf. 1/4/1910
Joe Clark Co. L.U.S. Engineers 1/20/1910
A.J. Hall Co. D. 184th N.Y. Inf. 5/3/1906
Henry Trautfether Co. E. 1st Minnesota Cav. 7/31/1911
Thos. R. Lloyd Co. G. 22nd Iowa Inf. 3/23/1888
Thos. S. Brown Co. B. 5th California Inf. 8/14/1911
C.A. Green Co. A. 13th Wisconsin Inf. 11/10/1910
Fabor* Richmond
(*or Tabor)
Co. B. 3rd Wisconsin Inf. 3/22/1913
Warren Hunt Co. G. 3rd Minnesota Inf. 12/7/1902
Danial Nolan U.S. Navy 4/21/1898
Lt. Abner Hubbell Co. C. 3rd Wisconsin Inf. 2/1876
A.G. Hall Co. F. 9th Minnesota Inf. No date shown
Joseph McMurtry Co. F. 16th Wisconsin Inf. 7/6/1894
D.A. Day Co. A. 32nd Wisconsin Inf. 7/12/1919
J.A. DeWolf 184th New York Inf. 2/12/1872
Orlando Mattison 16th Iowa Inf. 4/16/1873
John B. Purrington Co. F. 34th Iowa Inf. 12/13/1900
John Hamilton Co. B. 86 Iowa Inf. & 77 2/1/1920
H.A. Cone 1st Conn. Heavy Artillery 8/14/1902
S.M. Espey Co. F. 1st Ohio Light Artillery 1/15/1889
H.M. Clark Co. H. 46 Wisconsin 11/9/1915
Danial F. Rogers Co. K. 2nd Minnesota Cav. 2/2/186
D. C. Ashley 13th U.S. Inf. 11/12/1889
J. S. Neal Co. D. 10th Illinois Cav. 8/18/1891
Martin Bates Co. D. 11th N. Y. Inf. 1/10/1906
Cor. Mead Co. A. 48th Wisconsin Inf. 2/26/1922
Charles Croft Co. C. 25th Wisconsin Inf. 6/11/1901
J. O. Burton Co. D 29th Indiana Inf. 1/19/1909
F. M. Smith Co. G. 46th Indiana Inf. 10/20/1906
Chas. Gillmore Bracketts Battalion Minn. Cav. 1/2/1900
W. B. Fry Co. D 95th Illinois Inf. 5/12/1902
Allen Gardner Co. E. 24th Maine Inf. 9/6/1887
John H. Tilford Surgeon 79th Indiana Inf. 9/6/1899
J. W. Cogley Co. A. 3rd Minn. Inf. 7/23/1916
Harvey F. Billings Co. A 16th Wisconsin Inf. 5/24/1909
J. A. Billings Co. A. 2nd Minn. Cav. 4/17/1901
Montgomery Milford Co. L. 2nd Minn. Cav. 4/17/1901
J. W. Root Cap. Co. B. 12th Wisc. Inf. 12/4/1888
J. F. Austin 2nd Lt. 8th Illinois Cavalry &
Cap. Co. M. 17th Illinois Cavalry
F. Parso Co. I. 21st Wisconsin Inf. 11/20/1900
H. M. Goss Co. G. 3rd Minnesota Inf. 12/8/1915
S. N. Phelps Co. H. 6th Minnesota Inf. 12/12/1909
Layfayett Fuller Co. E. 4th Wisconsin Inf. 3/30/1910
Jas. W. Hayes Co. C. 10th Minnesota Inf. 4/10/1902
W. A. Potter Co. A. 82nd Ohio Inf. 11/27/1919
Thos. Potter Co. I 33rd Mass. Inf. 7/1/1897
Louis Anderson
(age 81)
Co. E. 5th Wisconsin Inf. 1/18/1921
Hiram Trowbridge 13th Wisconsin Light Artillery 6/18/1908
D. J. Martin Co. K. 42nd Illinois Inf. 10/7/1898
John Reisdorph Co. D. 88th Illinois Inf. 2/11/1911
Neils Larson U. S. Navy, Gunboat Seneca 7/1/1916
Andrew Tobiason Co. D. 15th Wisconsin Inf. 5/29/1908
A. J. Frost Co. F. 18th Wisconsin Inf. 1/5/1911
Freeman Trowbridge Co. H. 4th Wisconsin Cavalry 4/19/1902
C. F. Warren Co. G. 48th Wisconsin Inf. 4/18/1895
Tuffel Tibbedeaux Co. A. 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry 3/8/1908
Peter Schmidt Co. A. Brackett Batt. Cavalry &
Co. F. 5th Iowa Cavalry
Hughes M. Gravaley Co. I. 1st Reg. U. S. Inf. 4/20/1913
S. S. Gillam Co. A. 48 Reg. Wisconsin Inf. 1.9.1917
Addison W. Maxwell 6 Battery Light Artillery 7/14/1920
J. B. Burbank 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry 10/3/1917
Ole Anton Co. E. 42nd Wisconsin Inf. 10/2/1917
Wm. Skellie Co. I. 21st Illinois Inf. 9/16/1920
Scott Mead Co. A. 28th Wisconsin Inf. 8/22/1919
Lt. W. W. Barlow Co. D. 22nd Wisconsin Inf. 8/4/1924
Joe Bailey 12th N J Independent Battery 8/3/1924
J. A. Brown Co. B. 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry 3/5/1925
William Dumcliff
(age 81)
Co. C. 10th New York Inf. 3/13/1925
W. C. Banks not listed 5/29/1922

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