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Mcleod County, Minnesota

St. Johns United Church of Christ Cemetery
(Near Biscay, Minnesota McLeod County)
*Note this is not the same as St. Johns Lutheran Cemetery
(originally indexed by Martin Johnson Belvidere, Illinois)
Ewald, Bertha 1857-1937
Eward, John 1846-1931
Ewald, Edward A. 8/7/1894-10/10/1918 (killed in action WWII Meuse Argone France)
Ewald, Minnie 5/29/1853-6/28/1900 (wife of Hans)
Ewald, Hans 2/7/1844-4/3/1940
Ewald, Marie 12/30/1856-12/30/1933
Ewald Maria F. 2/28/1819-9/27/1898 (maiden name Karsten)
Ewald, Peter 1/13/1812- 6/27/1883
Ewald, Peter 10/24/1839-1/21/1927
Beutling, Friedericka 1828-9/12/1894 (b.Rumshagen, Mecklenburg, Schwerin)
Beutling, Carl F.B. 3/27/1825-7/12/1881 (b. Rumshagen, Mecklenburg, Schwerin)
Holtz, Johann d. 9/7/1871 age 79   (b.Mecklenburg Straletz)
Peters, Johann D. 10/14/1832-9/29/1890
Peters, Eliza 1/27/1842-4/6/1916
Peters, Peter J. 1824-1879
Peters, Anna M. 1832-1906
Mielke, Johann b. 5/29/1818-4/8/1885
                        b. in Forsyth Kries Berent (note says: Forsyth=Fosshutte)
    Notes on grave stone: Regier Ungsbezirk Danzig West Pruessen (=South of
  Old Danzig city on the Baltic Sea. Name previously spelled Mylcke in German
  Church records.
Mielke, Caroline F. 9/11/1831-2/17/1915 (Note says see biography in 1888-1979 History of
  McLeod County Minnesota books. Note: Another Mielke family buried in the
  Cemetery at Young America in Carver County, Minnesota also wrote their
  Birthplaces on the cemetery stones. Maiden name ITT (note: may be Ittrich?)
Pape, D.J.C.H. 2/23/1845-6/9/1896 (b.Roksbuettel, Hanover  d. Scranton, Pa.)
Schmildt, Christian 3/15/1826-6/4/1899 (b.Preussen Pommern)
_______, Wilhelmine C. (Ladewig) 3/14/1834 age 46y 11 m
Pahlman, Caroline M. 9/6/1847-10/21/1931
Reimers, Katherine 10/16/1842-4/13/1907
Reimers, John 1/4/1841-2/3/1894  Civil War Veteran
Reimers, Robert (son) 6/14/1871-2/18/1904
Thompson, Catherine  10/15/1812-7/27/1881  (b. Germany)
Thompson, John B.  11/14/1804-8/8/1886 (husband)
Busson, James P. 2/28/1818-9/3/1899
Busson, Elena 8/26/1815-3/26/1883 (wife)
Busson, Louis 11/1/1859-45/14/1895 (son)
_____, Cascilie, M.M. 9/18/1860-2/3/1896 (wife)
Paulsen, Ferdinand 9/23/1824-2/19/1900
Paulsen, Johanna 9/28/1828-6/17/1898 (wife)
Paulsen, Emil A. 10/10/1854-8/26/1884
Karstens, Claus 6/25/1826-4/20/1890 (b.Busenwort Holstein)
Fridrita, Wilhelmine Gottlieb 11/11/1824-2/23/1890 (maiden name Rrunert or Preunert?)
  Note: Also may be Wilhelmine wife of Gottlieb?
Buck, Carl Henry 1902-1923 (son of Rev. C. Buck)
Broderius, Margretha 3/16/1842-2/4/1906
Broderius, George 2/17/1830-9/15/1900
Janke, Caroline 7/4/1831-6/14/1905
Janke, Wilhelm F.E. 5/9/1824-9/8/1897 (husband)
Heintz, Father 1826-1911 Mother 1834-1918
Heintz, Lydia 1863-1881
Hein, Jacob 1870-1934
Block, Caroline 8/30/1828-3/20/1868
Block, Philip 2/28/1827-1/20/1884
Block, Wilhelmine 10/9/1829-5/1/1908
Meier, John P. 11/26/1835-5/28/1898
Windhow, Fred 1832-1894
Windhow, Anna M. 1821-1898 (wife)
Karstens, Maria D. 1829-1880
Karstens, John 1832-1869
Johnson, Jacob 2/18/1806-11/14/1883
  b.Kronprinzenkoog, Marne, South Dithmarschen County, Holstein, Germany
  Previously a Danish Dutchy state. His son, WM Johnson's biography is in
  The 1888-1979 McLeod County history books Name was previously Jannssen
  And Johannssen.
Braack(en), Louise 11/27/1831-2/25/1892
Braack(en), Emily 4/2/1849-6/28/1909 (wife)
Braack(en), Stephen 11/21/1839-7/25/1910

This church cemetery was originally organized under the name of the first Lutheran Church and Society of Glendale, Minnesota.  Glendale is now Hassan Valley Township.  The church records for the church - St. Johns United Church of Christ, were at a traveling pastors house (in his closet). The pastors name was David Martens and he lived in a house next to the Evangelical United Church of Christ in Lester Prarie, Minnesota.

Biscay Cemetery
Biscay, McLeod County, Minnesota
Compiled by Minnesota Society of Genealogical Records Committee in the 1930's
Muller, Maria 4/3/1852-12/3/1882
Mill, John and Wilhelmina (husband and wife) no dates
Rickmann, Johann 4/9/1818-6/3/1898
Rickmann, Lydia 11/19/1891-6/25/1892
Muller, Emily 3/17/1842-2/5/1925
Dreger, Carl 12/14/1839-12/30/1896
Ulrich, Johann 8/8/1896 age 79 y 1m
Hintz, Royal A. 9/29/1892-11/25/1892
Luthens, Heinrich 1825-1887
Luthens, Caroline 12/22/1820-9/8/1896
Malchow, Carl 3/9/1873-5/9/1893
Huftz, C. 1862-1894
Hagen, Carl 7/13/1834-9/7/1911
Hagen, Lizetta 1/29/1891-10/19/1918
Hagen, George 2/22/1897-9/21/1918 World War Veteran
Ulrich, Maria 1/4/1894
Malchow, ritz 3/23/1840-5/2/1895
Tashe, Alvin 9/14/1910-11/13/1910
Gerlin, John 3/18/1850-2/2/1914
Ulrich, John 8/8/1896

Old Lake Marion Cemetery
Collins Township, McLeod County, Minnesota
Originally indexed by Louis and Robert Finnell
Wilson, Our Baby  (son of L.W. & M.E. Wilson) 1876
Rogers, Ensing d. 4/8/1879  age 84
Bartlett, Herbert E. (son of H.R. & C.E.) d. 8/13/1880 age 1
Newcomb, Claud E. (son of J.B. & K.E.) d. 7/4/1879 age 3y 4m
Jones, Claude d. 8/27/1880 age 5 m 17d
Jones, Robbie d. 8/27/1880 age 5m 18d (both children of A.J. & M.P. Jones)
Dean, George H. (son of W.H. & M.) d. 5/1/1874 age 1month
Padden, Simeon d. 8/24/1880 age 59
Jennison, Alonzo H. d. 11/25/1881 age 55y 3m
Larson, Rasmus 11/24/1850-9/28/1884
Newcomb, Everett E.      d.3/4/1869  age 1 (son of J.R. & K.E. Newcomb)
H.G. (Footstone)
Lord, Herbert C. 12/18/1861 (?) - 5/25/?? (stone badly worn) (son of L. & J.G. Lord)
Bancroft, Ernest A.   d. 2/2/1882 age 11 (son of M.F. & F.M. Bancroft)
Holiston, Andrew 8/17/1858-11/4/1863 (son of J. & M. Holiston)
Farrar, Margaret (wife of J.I. Farrar) d. 2/28/1886 age 44
Farrar, Jos. (Co. I  47 Ill. Inf. Civil War)
Coffin, Jennett  d. 6/11/1877 age 7
Graham, Hollard  d. _______ age 38 y 6 m 19d
Graham, Sarah d. 5/1/1873 age 73y 10d

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