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Lac Qui Parle County, Minnesota
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Guddal Cemeteries
Located in Mansfield Township, Lac Qui Parle Co., Minnesota
Inger Guddal  1849—1922
Sylvia E. Lee  1912—1913
Barbro Mickelson 1881—1913
Isaac Guddal  1839—1922
Isabel Henningson  1912—1915
Riverside Cemetery
Riverside Township, Lac Qui Parle Co., Minnesota
Nels Lund
Nels Liren
Oste Liren
Inga Elseth
Ness, girl
Albert M. Lund died 1875
Ida Lund died 1878
Two infants
Guldina Bjornson
Mrs. Siover Ahre
Andrew Mohler
Ole Moe
Florida Lutheran Church
Freeland Township, Lac Qui Parle Co., Minnesota
(*While the record says this cemetery is in Freeland Township, I've been told by someone who
recently visited the cemetery, that it is actually in Camp Release Township (5 miles west of Montevideo)
and is being tended to by the local Lutheran Church.)
Anders Haugen 1866—1887
Christine Bjornstad  1859—1889
Lilly  1906
Hans Tharkenson 1807—1886
Rangvol Nygard 1890—1891
Johan Bjornstad 1871—1881
Anne Haakensen  1849—1887
Roy  1908
Anne Thorsen 1818—1880
James Hooper 1891—1891
Sommerfield Family Cemetery
Camp Release Township, Lac Qui Parle Co., Minnesota
Sommerfeld, Henriatta  4/2/1843—11/20/1884
Sommerfeld, Christopher  4/7/1848—9/17/1912
Sommerfeld, Martha  3/14/1873—3/28/1873
German American Cemetery Association
Camp Release Township, Lac Qui Parle Co., Minnesota
Bornkamp, Karoline    geb.10/20/1832—gest.12/10/1910
Bornkamp, Wilhelm    geb.12/18/1830—gest.1/25/1899
Krach, Friedrich geb.12/17/1886—Alter 60 jahr 2m 22t
Krach, Maria 12/17/1907—Alter 85 jar  9m 5t
Theidy, Mary 11/10/1919—Alter 87 j 3m
Theidy, Johann C. geb.Okt 10, 1830—gest. Juli 3, 1907
Schultz, Friedrich 10/18/1818—5/24/1899
Otto, John 2/2/1815—9/9/1918  (this and the above name are on the same stone)
Schultz, Christ (father) 3/22/1848—10/12/1930
Schultz, Dorothea (mother) 9/25/1852—5/5/1928
Schultz, Albert  1/30/1892  85 yrs 9 m 22d
Schultz, Mary 2/14/1884  age 81
Haack, Carl F. 10/5/1840—4/10/1915
Haack, Friedrike M. 8/22/1844—4/7/1893
Schultz, Luella 10/10/1901—10/12/1901
Foster, Morris 7/21/1867—6/28/1925
Montz, Herold Dvid 4/24/1913—5/6/1913
Montz, Elson Lee 2/27/1882—6/26/1916
Wanke, Julius  7/31/1842—7/8/1910
Zemple, Helena B. 11/7/1862—11/3/1932 (mother)
Zemple, Gottlieb D. 9/15/1852—9/3/1931 (father)
Zemple, Daniel 1829—1907 (father)

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