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The John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella (Mead) Edlund Family
Information taken from online interviews  with
Gloryjean Fritzler-Wilson
George D. Hanson
Jim Fox interview with Diane Hugh-Evans
Jim Fox interview with Pearl Edlund-Oberg-Farr
U.S. Census records -- Immigration records --BLM Land Records --SSDI -- Herning Diaries

All photographs used on this page are courtesy of Gloryjean Fritzler-Wilson and George D. Hanson

John Fredolph "Fred" Edlund was born in Bräcke, Sweden on 1866 and immigrated to America at the age of 23 (Aunt Pearl says 21). I put a small red star next to his name on this immigration ledger. (Sorry about the poor quality of this photo, but I cleaned it up as well as I could).

J.F. Edlund age 23 departed from Liverpool, England and arrived in New York May 8, 1889 on a three masted-three funnel ship called the City of Paris.

The City of Paris (Inman Line) built 1888 (527' x 67')
Five years later, he married 16 year old Lillie Rosella Mead and settled in Verndale, Washington; they had twelve children. Fred's parents, Erik O. (born 1827 in Sweden) and Elizabeth (born 1838 in Sweden) came to America in 1895, settling in Verndale with their sons Edward, Olof Anton and "Fred" Edlund. Lillie was born (1878) in Mecklenburg, New York, to George and Frances Holly Mead.

In the spring of 1914, Fred decided it was time to move his family to Alaska. He and his daughter Rose (and her husband Herman Hugh) were the first ones, in the Edlund family, to arrive in Alaska. The steam ship journey brought them as far as Ship Creek (Anchorage would not exist for another year) where they took a scow across Cook Inlet to the small town of Knik. The town of Wasilla would not exist for another three years.

That first summer, Fred Edlund staked his homestead which was (by 2010 landmarks) off of Fairview Loop and Davis Road. He received Land Patent #854587 for his homestead in 1922.

The John F. Edlund homestead
(According to the Herning diaries, this home burned down on May 31, 1939)

The fall of 1914, after staking the homestead and building a tiny cabin, Fred went back to Washington for the winter; his daughter Rose and her husband stayed in Alaska and wintered in the town of Knik.

In the spring of 1915, Fred brought his wife and the rest of his children to live on the homestead in Alaska. Family legend has it, that the cabin was far too small for the large Edlund family and there were many hardships until a larger home was built later that year. In 1917, Fred's wife, Lillie, briefly went back to Washington to give birth to their youngest child, a daughter named Lily May.

            Born 3/12/1896 Washington    Died 3/18/1896 Washington
2. AMELEA "Malie" ELIZABETH EDLUND (married Hans Hugh )
            Born 7/29/1897 Washington
            Died  8/20/1915 Matanuska Valley      Amelea's Children: Hans ("Danny")  and Fredolph ("Dolphy")
3. ROSALIE FRANCES EDLUND (married Herman Hugh & Asa A. "Jack" Wilkinson & Elmer I Tucker)
            Born 12/23/1898 Washington
            Died 1970 Los Molinos, California    Rosalie's Children: Josephine ("Lila") and George
4. ARNOLD ANTON EDLUND (married Hulda Lothrop and Mary Marsh-Cornelius)
            Born 1/23/1901 Washington
            Died 9/3/1974 Port Angeles, Washington     Arnold's Children: Elsie and Maxine
5. EDA "Dee Dee" MYRTLE EDLUND (married Merle McCambridge and John D. Urban)
            Born 1/21/1903  Washington
            Died 4/8/1983 St. Petersburg, Florida   Dee Dee's Children: Margery, Merle and John D.
6. FLORENCE EVELIENA EDLUND (married August J. Strigga and Sharon Fleckenstein)
            Born 11/29/1904  Washington
            Died 1/1/1985  Wasilla, Alaska  Florence's Children: Lorraine, Shirley, Sharon ("Dan") & Joseph
7. GEORGE ERIC EDLUND (m. Olga Finn, Edith Davenport and Mae Byers)
            Born 10 /4/1906 Washington
            Died 7/3/1989 Wasilla, Alaska  George's Children: Alice  Step-children: Ruth, Marian, James and Harold
8. PEARL EDLUND (married Gilbert "Gib" Oberg and William Farr)
            Born 11/4/1908  Washington
            Pearl's Children: Gilbert Jr. and Joan
9. JOHN FREMONT "Monte" EDLUND (married Lillian "Virginia" Grantham)
            Born 4/29/1911  Washington
            Died 1/10/1963 San Francisco, California               No Children
10. HEDVIG MABEL "Vicky" EDLUND (married Gusta Neilssen and Carl Fritzler)
            Born 8/12/1913  Washington
            Died 11/29/1996 Wasilla, Alaska            Vicky's Children: Gloryjean and Carl
11. HILDA VERN EDLUND (married Harry Sears)
            Born 2/28/1915  Washington
            Died 11/7/2007  Kelso, Washington     Hilda's Children: Donald, Verna Mae and Rosella
12. LILY MAY EDLUND (married Ernest Ohlin)  (Ernest Ohlin 1913-2000)
            Born 2/25/1917   Washington
            Died 9/6/1986 Red Bluff, California     Lily's Children: Ruby, Vonnie, Audrey Selma, Lois, Janet and Ernest

The Edlund family was a musical family. Orville Herning called them the Edlund Orchestra and he often accompanied them with his flute. They played a variety of instruments (piano, guitar, mandolin, violin and accordion) for dances, special occasions and holidays.

Arnold, Fredolph Edlund  and Ed Fries
Barn Dance at Matanuska Junction (little girl in front row-white dress-is  Hedvig "Vicky" Edlund)

The Edlund Brothers
Edward, John Fredolph and Olof Anton Edlund

The two oldest Edlund daughters married two Hugh brothers. Amelea "Malie" Edlund married Hans Hugh and Rosalie "Rose" Edlund married Herman Hugh. According to their WWI draft registration cards, Hans Hugh was born 9/5/1891 in Basel, Switzerland. His brother Herman was born 2/ 14/1893, also in Basel, Switzerland. They were the sons of Gottfried  J. and Elizabeth Hugh who immigrated to America in 1911 and settled near the Edlunds, in Verndale, Washington.

Amelea  Edlund and her husband  Hans homesteaded  (by 2010 landmarks) near the intersection of the Parks Highway and Seward Meridian Road in Wasilla. Amelea's life was cut tragically short, when she died from an unknown illness during her first year in Alaska; she was only 19; she is buried on her parents' homestead.  Her husband and two young sons, Hans and Fredolph (who went by the nicknames of Danny and Dolphy) moved back to Washington after her death.

                             Amalea "Malie" Edlund-Hugh                                            Hans Hugh

People in this photograph have been identified by Diane Evans as:
Toddler on far left is either Vicky or Hilda Edlund. The bigger boy is Hans "Danny" Hugh. The little boy is
Fredolph "Dolphy" Hugh (sons of Hans and Amelea Edlund-Hugh) The man closest to the door is Hans Hugh.
The other man is not identified.

Amelea and Hans Hugh's vacant homestead was assumed by Oscar Anderson. Other well known Valley names, that subsequently owned that homestead, were Swaboda, Hurley and Fritzler.

The Edlunds daughter, Rosalie "Rose" Francis Edlund married Herman Hugh and they had two children, Josephine Mary and George H. Rosalie's second husband was Asa A. "Jack" Wilkinson. After Jack passed away, Rosalie married Elmer Tucker in 1961.

Rosalie's first child was Josephine Mary Hugh, born at Knik in 1914; their second child was  George H. Hugh born in Washington in 1920. Like many Edlunds, little Josephine went by a nickname for most of her life. In very early childhood, she went by the name of Lily Hugh. However, when her maternal grandmother gave birth to a baby girl in 1917 (named Lily May) Josephine's parents changed her nickname to Lila.

Josephine Mary "Lila" Hugh
Josephine (or Lila) Hugh married Virgil Hanson, the son of Samuel and Florence May (Watts) Hanson who came to Alaska in 1929 to teach school at the Alaska Peninsula village of Pilot Point. "Lila" and Virgil Hanson had four children: Alan Virgil born 1938; George Dennis born 1939; Rosemary Joan born 1942 and Carol Lynn born 1943.

Josephine "Lila" & Virgil Hanson about 1937 on 3rd Avenue Anchorage
Virgil worked for McGee Airways (which later became Alaska Airlines)

Josephine "Lila" Hugh-Hanson
This old log cabin was moved to accomodate the 4th & K Street Court house in Anchorage

Fred and Lillie Edlund's oldest son Arnold Anton and Canadian born wife Hulda Lothrop, had two daughters, Elsie and Maxine. Hulda was the daughter of Robert Bloomfield Lothrop  and Hulda Isabelle (Gustafson) Lothrop, and the step-daughter of Joseph Jussa (1920 US Census for Anchorage).

Arnold was also married to Mary Marsh-Cornelius, widow of Roy A. Cornelius. That made Arnold a step-father to Mary and Roy Cornelius' children: Frank R., Kathleen E., Ruthie M. and Eugene R. Cornelius.

Arnold Edlund was granted Land Patent #1043745 for 159 acres in the Matanuska Valley, in 1931.

Arnold Anton Edlund
Edith Edlund married Merle David McCambridge; they had two daughters, Margery in 1922 and Merle Corine in 1924. According to the 1910 US Census for Pennsauken, New Jersey, Merle was the son of David and Louisa McCambridge (of Canada) and had one brother named Charles. Merle's WWI draft card lists Merle's birth date and place as 6/7/1888 Omaha, Nebraska. It also says that Merle's right hand was partially crippled from a gunshot wound. He died of the flu in 1925, while working as a baggage handler for the railroad and is buried in the  Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery.

Edith married John D. Urban (at Anchorage) in 1926. John (born 1882 in Portage, Wisconsin) came to Anchorage in 1922; they had a son named John D. Urban Jr. in 1927.

The Edlunds daughter Florence, married (Russian born) August J. Strigga. They had two children, Lorraine and Shirley. In 1920, August J. Strigga was stationed at Matanuska Junction as a Private in the US Army Co. B, 21st Infantry. In 1929, he was granted a land patent #1030361 for Lot 4 Block 13 in the town of Anchorage.

Florence's second husband was Sharon Fleckenstein, son of Joseph Bernard and Marie Antionette Fleckenstein;. Sharon and Florence had two children, Sharon (nickname "Dan") and Joseph Fleckenstein. Sharon Fleckenstein's first wife was Maxine Crocker, daughter of a Wasilla rancher named Fred Crocker. Sharon and Maxine were the first people to have a wedding in the new town of Wasilla in 1924. Maxine drowned on July 4th, 1932 when their car went out of control, coming down Hatcher Pass road and landed in the Little Susitna River. Sharon married Florence Edlund Strigga six years later (1938).

Florence Edlund-Strigga-Fleckenstein and her father Fred Edlund taken in about 1950
George E. Edlund's first wife was Olga Finn who died in a car accident. His second wife, and mother of his daughter Alice, was Edith Davenport. His third wife was Mae___-Byers. George Edlund was granted Land Patent #1076065 for 150 acres in the Matanuska Valley in 1935.

Pearl Edlund and husband Gilbert "Gib" Oberg raised children: Gilbert Jr., Joannie and Gary Jr.

John Fremont "Monte" Edlund had no children.

When Hedvig "Vicky" Edlund was 17, she married Gusta Neilssen (born 1910), a young Swedish immigrant (came to USA 1928) who was the nephew of Oscar Anderson. Shortly after they were married, the two moved back to Sweden, where they lived for about 3 years. The marriage was short lived, and 20 year old "Vicky" came back to America on the S. S. Drottningholm, leaving Gothenburg, Sweden and arriving in New York on 1/4/1934.

Vicky Edlund-Neilssen married Carl Fritzler in 1936; they had two children, Gloryjean and Carl Mark Fritzler. Carl Sr. applied for and received Land Patent # 1110217 for 160 acres in 1941 and Land Patent #1172531 for 240 acres in the Matanuska Valley in 1957.

When Hilda Edlund and Harry Sears got married, Fred Edlund gave them a section of the original Edlund homestead which was (by 2010 landmarks) between Fairview Loop and Matanuska Road. Hilda and Harry had three children: Donald, Verna Mae and Rosella Sears.

Lily Edlund (the youngest) and husband Ernest Ohlin (nephew of Oscar Anderson) had six children: Ruby, Vonnie, Audrey Selma, Lois, Janet and Ernest Ohlin; baby Audrey Selma Ohlin born 2/22/1938 died 11/17/1940 and is buried in Anchorage.  

Johan Albert Bodin (Fred Edlund's maternal cousin) immigrated from Sweden on the S. S. Lusitania, arriving 8/17/1912, with his six year old son Swen R Bodin. Their immigration records list Morton, Washington as their final destination.  Eventually Albert and Swen came to Alaska and staked a homestead near the Edlunds. Since Albert was a single father, the Edlunds took care of young Swen when his father was away, which was often. Eventually, Albert Bodin left Alaska, leaving Swen permanently with the Edlunds. The deserted Bodin homestead was taken over by Olof Anton Edlund (brother of Fred Edlund).

Swen Bodin, Alton Edlund (son of Olof Anton Edlund) and Carl Fritzler
Building on the Fritzler homestead log house about 1939 or 1940

Oscar Anderson (not to be confused with the Oscar Anderson of Anchorage) immigrated from Sweden in 1909. By all accounts, Oscar Anderson was a kind and generous man. Gloryjean Fritzler wrote the following about him: "Oscar built his log gambrel roofed house on the hillside, which was below our house. When Oscar knew he was going to marry Lillie Mead-Edlund and get the girls as a bonus, he cleared some land to the east and moved his house there. That is where it sat in the following picture. Later Oscar built a 20' x 20' house just a bit to the west. My folks used the old log house for a barn until they got into the dairy business, then dad tore it down and built the milk house there. Dad built onto the little white house and later sold it to Ed and Dot Frandson."


One Edlund story tells how Oscar Anderson and Swen Bodin  went moose hunting together and Swen mistook Oscar for a moose and shot him. The injuries were severe enough that Oscar lost part of his arm and wore a metal hook the rest of his life, however, he never held Swen responsible, saying "it was just an accident". Oscar married Lillie Rosella (Mead) Edlund in 1930 after she divorced John Fredolph Edlund.

                                                        Lillie Rosella Mead-Edlund    about 35

Lillie Rosella Mead-Edlund-Anderson and her 2nd husband Oscar Anderson
Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson said:  One time before Oscar and gramma moved to Anchorage, he and Swen Bodin went moose hunting and Swen mistook Oscar
for a moose. I think the bullet him him in the back and arm.  His arm was off a couple inches below the elbow. He wore the same hook with a wide thick leather strap the rest of his life... but it never held him back. He never held it against Swen. He said it was just an accident, I guess Swen took it hard though.

Edlund Family 4th of July 1937. Lillie Edlund-Anderson is in the center holding a dog.
The little girl in front of her is a foster child who lived with Lillie and Oscar Anderson during the school year and she
would go back to her family in Tyonek during the summers. One summer, the little girl died in a fire while her
parents were at their fish camp. The family said that it was very hard on Oscar and Lillie because they loved the little girl like one of their own children.

Left to Right:
                  Asa Alonso "Jack" Wilkinson and wife Rosalie Francis Edlund-Hugh-Wilkinson
                   John D. "Jack" Urban and wife Eda "Dee Dee" Edlund-McCambridge-Urban
                      August Strigga and wife Florence Edlund
                       Carl Fritzler and wife Hedwig "Vicky" Edlund - Neilssen-Fritzler
                               Ernest Ohlin and wife Lily May Edlund-Ohlin
                       John Fremont  "Monte" Edlund and wife Lillian "Virginia" Grantham
                      Virgil Francis Hanson and wife Josephine Mary "Lila" Hugh-Hanson
                   Front Center is Lillie Rosella Mead-Edlund-Anderson (holding) Ruby Ohlin

Edlund Sisters 1983
Sitting: Lily Edlund-Ohlin, Hilda Edlund-Sears, Florence Edlund-Strigga-Fleckenstein
Standing: Hedvig "Vicky" Edlund-Neilssen-Fritzler, Pearl Edlund Oberg-Farr

Lillie Rosella (Mead) Edlund-Anderson's 90th Birthday in 1968
Standing behind Lillie and Oscar Anderson are Lillie's children:
Rose, Arnold, Florence, Pearl, Vicky, Hilda and Lily

Hilda Edlund, Lillie Rosella Edlund, Florence Edlund, Hulda Lothrop (Arnold Edlunds wife), Vicky Edlund

John Urban, Lorraine Strigga, Merle McCambridge, Margie McCambridge holding Ruby Ohlin,
Lila Hugh Hanson holding Vonnie Ohlin, and Shirley Strigga.

Fred Edlund, Florence Edlund-Strigga-Fleckenstein, Robert Lothrop, Sharon Fleckenstein,
Gloryjean Fritzler holding brother Carl "Mark" Fritzler, Monte Edlund, George Edlund.
Photo taken 1951 at the Fleckenstein's.

#1 Mabel Spybrook  (teacher)
 #2  as Pearl Edlund
 #3  as Monty Edlund
 #4  as Vicky Edlund
 #5  as Hilda Edlund
 #6  as Lily Edlund

Fairview School House 1926
Hilda Edlund, Vicky Edlund, Velma Soper, Bessie Rowe (teacher) and Lily Edlund

Fairview School 1929-1930
Written on the back of the photo: Clarence Watters, George Edlund, Monty Edlund,
Gu'sta Nilsson, Oscar Anderson, Vicky Edlund (dark dress in doorway). Laura Soper,
Kenneth Soper, Wanda Soper, Lily Edlund, Velma Soper, Hilda Edlund, Teacher Bessie Rowe,
Florence Watters.  NOTE: Gloryjean Fritzler Wilson says that the woman standing behind Oscar
Anderson and beside Vicky Edlund is "Gramma Lillie" Edlund.

Vicky Edlund Fritzler and daughter Gloryjean


Vicky Edlund-Fritzler on guitar and Pearl Edlund-Oberg on accordion
Vernie and Donny Sears standing at corner of house (taken about 1936 or 1937)

Walking to School (along the railroad tracks)
Lily Edlund, Wanda Soper, Vicky Edlund, Pearl Soper, Hilda Edlund, Velma Soper, Kenny Soper and Stewart Vail

Wasilla School Kids 
Do you know who these Wasilla school students are?

7.  Elizabeth "Pat" Snider
10.  Billy Tryck
11.  Marie Snider Betts
12   Charlie Tryck

I would like to congratulate Miss Malie Delgado who was recently crowned as
Miss Alaska 2014. She is the beautiful great great granddaughter of Fred and Lillie
Edlund; the great granddaughter of Carl and Vicky(Edlund) Fritzler;
the granddaughter of Gloryjean (Fritzler) Wilson and the daughter
of Vicky(Carson) Delgado.

Mali Delgado
Miss Alaska 2014
Fifth Generation Alaskan