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Alaska Native Residents of Cantwell 1946

Second Chief, Fanny  age 50  (full)  Mother
Second Chief, Tom    age  30 (full)  Son  born Valdez Creek
Second Chief, Frank born 1919  (full)Valdez Creek  Son
Second Chief, Jack  born ____  (full) Valdez Creek Son
Second Chief, Grace born ____ (full) Valdez Creek Daughter
Second Chief, Kitty  born ____  (full) Valdez Creek Daughter
Second Chief, Sterling born 2/8/1935  (full) Valdez Creek Daughter

Tyone, Blanche born 1902 Lake Susitna  (full) Mother
*Husband Pete died 1945
Tyone, Lucille born 6/2/1923 Valdez Creek (full) Daughter
Tyone, Olga born 4/19/1928 Valdez Creek (full) Daughter
Tyone, Valdez born 6/6/1930 Valdez Creek (full) Daughter
Tyone, Fred born 11/22/1933 Valdez Creek (full) Son
Tyone, Duffey born 11/18/1936 Valdez Creek (full) Son
Nichlie, Annie age: over 65  Grandmother

Peters, Jennie born 1884?  (full) Mother
Norton, Alice born 4/6/1914 (half) Daughter
Peter, Henry born 4/6/1911 (half) Son
Carlson, Bud born 3/24/1933 in Cantwell (¼) Granddaughter
Carlson, Erick born 3/15/1935 in Cantwell (¼) Grandson
Carlson, Irene born 3/5/1937 in Cantwell (¼) Granddaughter
McCafferty, Maggie born 11/23/1942 (¼) Granddaughter

Stickwan, Helen born 1918 (full) Valdez Creek  Sister
Stickwan, Marie born 1920 (full) Valdez Creek Sister
Stickwan, Yaddy born 1927 (full) Valdez Creek Sister
Stickwan, Oscar born 1928 (full) Valdez Creek Brother
Stickwan, Hans born 1929 (full) Valdez Creek Brother
Stickwan, May born 1931 (full) Valdez Creek Sister
Stickwan, Scottie born 1933 (full) Valdez Creek Brother
Stickwan, None born 1934 (full) Valdez Creek Brother
Hubbard, Charlie born 8/5/1941 (1/2) Valdez Creek (son of Helen)

Tansy, Jake born 1/2/1906 (1/2) Husband    (works for Alaska Railroad)
Tansy, Lilly born 6/12/1908 (full) Wife
Tansy, Jane born 6/10/1932 (3/4) Daughter
Tansy, Ray born 3/16/1934  (3/4) Son
Tansy, Alfred born 5/1/1936 (3/4) Son
Tansy, Louise born 7/20/1938 (3/4) Daughter
Tansy, Helga born 7/18/1941   (3/4) Daughter
Tansy, Ruby born 9/27/1943  (3/4) Daughter

Nicklie, Dan born 10/15/1899 Valdez Creek  (full) Husband
Nicklie, Taminy born 5/16/1908 Valdez Creek (1/2) Wife
Nicklie, Andrew born 6/5/1927 Valdez Creek (3/4) Son
Nicklie, Lingo born 11/27/1930 Valdez Creek (3/4) Son
Nicklie, Elsie born 12/20/1932 Cantwell (3/4) Daughter
Nicklie, Homer born 3/8/1934 Cantwell (3/4) Daughter
Nicklie, Tracy born 6/28/1936 Valdez Creek (3/4) Son
Nicklie, Archie born 9/17/1938 Valdez Creek (3/4) Son
Nicklie, Hal born 11/16/1941 Cantwell (3/4) Son
Nicklie, Elinor born 11/15/1943 Cantwell (3/4) Daughter

Nicklie, Oley born 10/1898 Valdez Creek (full) Husband
Nicklie, Renee born about 1904 Knik (full) Wife
Nicklie, Lee born 1/19/1933 Cantwell (full) Son
Nicklie, Haman born 8/6/1938 Valdez Creek (full) Son
Nicklie, Violet born 6/6/1939 Valdez Creek (full) Daughter
Nicklie, Davie born 8/12/1941 Valdez Creek (full) Son
Nicklie, Stoney  Phillip born 3/13/1945 Cantwell (full) Son