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Lochbroom Militia Lists


The 1825 Militia list has the heading; "Militia list made pursuant to the directions of sundry Acts for raising a Militia Force in Scotland". That heading explains the reason for creation of the three lists these files are based on.

The militia lists were kept since the 1820s in the estate papers of the major landowner of Lochbroom Parish, the Earl of Cromartie, along with a massive amount of other historical records, and are now lodged with the National Archives of Scotland (N.A.S.) as bundle GD 305/2/557. The lists remain in copyright till 31 December 2039 to the Earl of Cromartie.

Alan McKenzie (, the Earl's Lieutenant in Canada and editor of the Clan MacKenzie Canada newsletter (the Earl is Chief of Clan MacKenzie), has contacted the Earl and received permission and encouragement to reproduce the list in database form on the internet, these files.

A historian in Scotland, Malcolm Bangor-Jones (, has gone into the Archives and provided the photocopy these lists are based on.

The lists were supposed to record every male in the Parish from 16 to 60, but clearly from other records there are people missing.

Surnames in the lists used the form "Mc", rather than "Mac", however under the letter "c" was a double dot, a common contraction at that time indicating a dropped vowell or syllable, so for these files "Mac" is used.

Likewise "Roderick" is often "Rodk", and "Donald" is "Dond", with double dots under the last letter. In cases of such common contraction I have expanded the names.

Reasons for exemption included supporting three or more children, unfortunately for genealogists all with such an exemption were simply recorded as "3 Children".

Many of the people in the lists show up in other records, such as the Parish Register or the censuses, and so the following links are first simply to transcriptions of the lists, to allow easier viewing of how listees were listed with their neighbours, and second to files where full notation and links to other files are edited in.

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