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The family in this chart included the tacksmen of Achnahaird for the century from at least the 1740 Rental list of Coigach, through the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, till the start of the rent disputes between Lady Stafford, Landlord of Coigach, and her tenants in 1852, a period of tenant resistance that became known as "the Coigach Insurrection" and figures prominantly in all books on the Highland Clearances. Today there are traced descendants in Canada, Australia, and the United States, with other lines in Scotland and New Zealand still being researched.

Corry ("Corrie" in some records) was the farm bordering the farm, later village, of Ullapool to the east. A family took its designation as "Mackenzie of Corry" as they occupied the farm for several generations.

Upper Lochbroom from Shore Road at Ullapool,
Corry is the peninsula on the left

The Mackenzie of Corry family is noted in the two major 19th sources on Mackenzie genealogy, Alexander Mackenzie's "History of the Mackenzies"(1), and "The Findon Tables"(2). Both sources only trace descendancy of the family for a few generations in the early 17th century. They show John I of Corrie as the sixth child of Murdoch Mackenzie, I of Fairburn. He is noted as married to a daughter of Donald Clark, with three sons and four daughters. His heir, Roderick "Rorie" Mackenzie, II of Corry, is noted as second husband of Agnes, a daughter of John Mackenzie, III of Fairburn, presumably his first cousin, once removed. Other than those, there are only mentions of the Corry family; in Sheet 6 of the Findon Tables two brothers are noted as married to Corry daughters.

The Scottish historian, Malcolm Bangor-Jones(3) from his researches shows the first clear ancestor of the family as George, presumably born in the mid or late 17thcentury, most likely a son or grandson of Rorie, II of Corry. Sources he notes include;

From those various notes a possible but not certain genealogy of the early generations of the Corry family would be;

The father - son relationships above are speculative, possibly some were uncle - nephew or even brother relationships, future research might confirm or provide corrections.

The last named person above, "Alexander Mackenzie of Corry", looks certain to be the person of that name and title born around 1707, who became Tacksman of Achnahaird.

The last tenant at Achnahaird identified before Alexander of Corry was John Mackenzie, II of Ardloch, who moved from there in 1726 to Ledbeg in neighbouring Assynt Parish where he received mortgage of more than ten farms from the Mackenzie of Assynt family.(4)

A brother of John II of Ardloch was "James Mackenzie of Keppoch" (sometimes styled as "of Achindrean", as he held that farm from 1721 to 1730). James stayed in Lochbroom where he had interests in many farms, and was listed in 1735 as involved in cattle dealing with Alexander Mackenzie of Corry as partner.(5) James' son Roderick was later tacksman of Achiltibuie and was hailed along with George Mackenzie, son of Alexander of Corry, by the third Earl of Cromartie as "Cousin".(6) No early and clear relationship between the two families have been documented, though a few generations later there were intermarriages.

Regardless of those speculations on early genealogy, the clearly documented history of the Mackenzie of Achnahaird family firmly begins with Alexander Mackenzie of Corry, tacksman of the Forest of Coigach from about 1725 till 1745, of Achnahaird since at least the 1740 rental, sometime Coigach Factor for the Earl of Comarty, and later an exiled Jacobite officer from the Earl's Jacobite Regiment in the 1745 Rebellion.

Alexander Mackenzie of Corry, born about 1707,(7) was for a time Factor of Coigach, tacksman of the Forest of Coigach from about 1725 to 1745, of Achnahaird, (including the village of Reiff) from at least the 1740 rental, Jacobite exiled in 1747, the 1755 judicial rental of Coigach refers to him as "deceased".(8)

As well as being the Factor for the Earl and having a farm at Corry near Ullapool, Alexander was tacksman of the Forest of Coigach and the farm of Achnahaird, a large area in the north-west of Coigach. Tacksmen collected rents from their neighbours, demanded traditional service in their own fields, and led their subtenants as warrior clansmen into battle. Often tacksmen were relatives of the landlord, many of the other Coigach tacksmen of that period were distant cousins of Cromartie.(9)

In the 1745 Rebellion George Mackenzie, third Earl of Cromartie, along with his son John, Lord MacLeod, raised a Regiment from among their tenants, many of whom lived at Coigach in Lochbroom. Alexander as Cromartie's Factor for Coigach became Lieutenant. The Regiment was captured in a skirmish near Dunrobin Castle the day before the Battle of Culloden. Alexander was sentenced to death 22 January 1747, but reprieved 12 February and "Transported" into exile 31 March along with 139 other Jacobites aboard the ship "Frere" to Barbados.(7) 127 survived the trip, to be sold into indentured labour, it is not yet known if Alexander lived, or had any later history at Barbados.

photo courtesy of Albert Amgar, see his blog at;

Alexander had at least three sons and a daughter, his son George notes in a 1756 Petition in regards to himself (NAS E746/113/5) that he is a young man newly married, with the burden of two orphaned brothers and a sister, with only twenty milk cows to support them.

Only one child of Alexander identified so far;

  1. (1) George Mackenzie, he had children from at least 1752, and father born about 1707, so I'd guess his own birth year as sometime 1725-1730. He followed his father as tacksman of Achnahaird, including the village of Reiff, and died 1792 (his son Roderick noted April 1792 as "Tenant & possessor in Achnahaird eldest lawful son of deceased George Mackenzie Tacksman of Achnahaird.".(10)

    He was much disliked by his subtenants and figures prominantly at the end of Chapter Three of Donald MacKay's book, "Scotland Farewell, the People of the Hector" (11). That book says George was said to have kept the best land at Achnahaird for himself, 54 acres of grain backed by 14 of fine pasture on the brae, while confining the 20 familys at Reiff to 36 acres of arable and 12 of pasture for the whole community! The book lists complaints against him saying he doubled rents, imposed fines for no cause, evicted sub-tenants, and as well required the subtenants to till his land, cut his grain, procure his fuel, repair his dykes, for little or no recompence.

    The book also says in his own defence George stated in a letter dated 30 March 1756;

    "Altho' a cottar or sub-tenant work one day in the month or week for his master, he very probably sits idle and basks himself in the sun for the greatest part of his time, half starved for want of victuals which the master always gives him in plenty when at his work."

    After the 1745 Rebellion George remained loyal to his banished landlord and cousin, the Earl of Cromartie, and was one of several Coigach tenants who tried to raise funds for the Earl while he was impoverished in house arrest in England.(6)

    Only five of George's children have been clearly identified so far;

    1. (1-1) Roderick Mackenzie, as he had children from 1785 or 1786 it is likely he was born 1763 or earlier. He had a younger brother (John) apprenticed in 1768, likely aged 14 or older (born 1754 or earlier), so on balance I'd guess his own birth year as 1752 or earlier, he died 15 March, 1845 at Achnahaird.

      Roderick was tenant (possibly the Tacksman?) at Achmore in Assynt Parish (spelled in some records as "Auchmore", "Auchiemore", or "Achimore") until his father died in 1792, then he returned to Achnahaird and became Tacksman himself. His son Alexander's death registration says as well as being "Farmer", Roderick was "J.P."; a Justice of the Peace(12). Roderick married Catherine Scobie from Achmore, had salmon fishing business in common with his brother-in-law, Captain John Scobie, and was a creditor in the 1816 bankruptcy of another, Captain James Scobie. Catherine's parents had been Captain Kenneth Scobie of Achmore and his wife Margaret MacKay daughter of Robert MacKay, Tutor of Farr.(13)

      Roderick became tacksman of Achnahaird in 1792 (on death of his father George), took over Inverpolly as well in 1810, and was joint Tenant of Achnahaird with his son George from 1833 till 1848.(14) Presumably Roderick died 1848, though he has not yet been identified in the 1841 census.

      Roderick and Catherine had several children, including;

      1. (1-1-1) Alexander Mackenzie, born 1785 or 1786 in Assynt Parish, presumably at Achmore, where he said his father Roderick was tenant till death of Roderick's father George in 1795. Alexander lived at Achnahaird from then till 17 or 18 years of age, then moved to Inverpolly (his father took tack of Inverpolly in 1810). Alexander is listed in the 1826 Militia list (transcription below) as tacksman of Inverpolly.

        In the 1841 census he was at the Household of his sister Janet at Gruinard, see Gruinard 41-3. In 1851 he was unmarried with his brother Murdoch at Achnahaird 51-61, occupation listed as "Pauper (was a Sheep Farmer)". Alexander was living unmarried with three of his Widowed siblings in the 1861 census at Ullapool 61-101, and died there 6 November 1864(15).

        In preparation for a court case between the Government and the Landlady of Coigach in the early 1860s regarding salmon fishing rights Alexander's testimony was taken detailing some family relationships, but primarly regarding the salmon fishing concerns of his father and grandfather on the river Garve near Achnahaird. In that testimony he described his career; "I have been a sheep and a corn farmer all my life".(13i)

      2. (1-1-2) Janet "Jessie" Scobie Mackenzie, born about 1791 in Assynt Parish, died 25 May, 1877 at Ullapool, "aged 86". The Lochbroom Parish Register records the marriage 14 March 1827 of "Simon McKenzie Muckle Greenyard to Jessie McKenzie Achnahaird". The 1826 Militia list (transcription below), shows Simon to have been tacksman of "Greenyard", the mainland farm opposite the Isle of Gruinard. Simon died 12 November 1840 aged 55, his stone at Laide Burial Ground refers to him as "late taxman Muckle Greenyard",(16) his will notes he was also Tacksman of Achinivie in Lochbroom, he had a "full brother" Donald at Sand of Udrigle in neighbouring Gairloch Parish, a brother William (half-brother?) also at Sand, sisters Isabella and Margaret at Mellan Udrigle, a sister Jannet at Sand of Udrigle, and a sister "Widow Elizabeth Macleod alias MacIver" residing at Mellon Charles.

        In the 1841 census Janet is Head of Household at Gruinard 41-3, "Living on Independant Means". By time of the 1851 census she was Widowed, living at Ullapool 51-51 with her Widowed brother Donald. In the 1861 census Jessie is with three of her siblings, two also widowed, one unmarried, at Ullapool 61-101. In 1871 she is at Ullapool 71-21 with two of her siblings. Cannot see her in the 1881 census, likely she died before then.

        The 1841 census has a tickmark following three names after Janet, indicating the end of a family group, so I assume they are her children. The ages, 20-24, 20-24, and 23, seem a decade too old given the marriage date of Jessie and Simon, so possibly there was either a mistranscription at some point, or the children were from an earlier marriage of Simon;

        1. (1-1-2-1) Issabella Mackenzie, born about 1818.
        2. (1-1-2-2) Simon Mackenzie, born 1819-1821. There is a family in the 1851 and 1861 census at Leckmelm with a Simon Mackenzie who might be this person, but that requires more research.
        3. (1-1-2-3) Alexander Mackenzie, born 1819-1821.

      3. (1-1-3) William Mackenzie, born about 1792 in Assynt Parish, his brother Donald listed the place of birth in William's death registration as "Laing" (modern spelling "Lyne"), a farm on the Ledbeg river, though his brother Alexander said the family was at Achmore in Assynt till death of their grandfather in 1795.

        William died 28 February 1855 at Dornie(17). Informant of the death, his brother Donald, said William was then 68 so born 1786 or 87, born at Assynt, placename indistinct, but looks to be "Laing", lived his first five years at Assynt, the rest in Coigach. The registration also names his wife as Elizabeth MacGregor, names their four children and gives their ages, confirming the census and OPR data.

        Testimony in the Coigach Salmon Case(13) notes William Mackenzie at Inverpolly had lease of the salmon fishing on the Polly river from 1814 for three or four years. In the 1821 Militia List(??) he is noted as resident at Inverpolly, above 30 years of age, "Local Militia Offr"

        In the 1841 census William was tacksman of Badentarbat at Badentarbat 41-1. The Factor removed William and all his sub-tenants in 1842 for persistant rent arrears, an action that can be considered as part of the Highland Clearances, in that the thirteen crofting families were replaced by a southern shepherd.(18) In the 1851 census at Dornie 51-48 William is Crofter of 1 & 3/4 acres, and his wife Elizabeth is shown as born at Invercuddan, Perth, other records list the place as "Innerhadden", and other spelling variations, a place of half a dozen households in Fortingall Parish, Perth.

        William's wife, Elizabeth, was one of two MacGregor sisters from Innerhadden who married Mackenzies at Coigach; her sister Susan married Murdoch Mackenzie, a Merchant at Ullapool with descent shown in the file at altimack.htm

        Elizabeth, as "Betty", was christened 18 May 1788 at "Innerhadden, Fortingall Parish, PerthShire" to parents Duncan MacGregor (a descendant of the "McGregor of Roro" family) and Margaret Stewart (of the "Stewart of Crossmount" family). The MacGregor ancestry of Elizabeth and her sister Susan is documented at least 17 generations, and I think their Stewart grandfather, a veteran of the Battle of Cullodden, was probably closely related to the Stewart soldiers who fled with their families as refugees to Coigach following the battle, Elizabeth and Susan through the censuses were constantly connected with Coigach Stewarts. I have been gathering info on the sisters in a separate file at; macgregor.htm

        From the 1841 and '51 census, christenings in the Lochbroom Parish Register(19), and William's death registration his children included;

        1. (1-1-3-1) Catherine Scobie Mackenzie, christened 4 October, 1823, father then resident at Inverpollie (the 1881 census names her birthplace as "Strathpollie" which includes Inverpolly), unmarried in the 1851 census at Dornie. Clearly named for her paternal grandmother. In the 1861, '71, '81 and '91 censuses she was unmarried, at the home of her sister Sussana at Torbreck in Assynt, her occupation in 1861 noted as "Fund-holder".
        2. (1-1-3-2) Margaret Ann Mackenzie, born 1824-5, 15-19 years old with family at Badentarbat in the 1841 census.
        3. (1-1-3-3) Susanna Grace Mackenzie, christened December 1826, father then resident at Badentarbat, died 1901 sometime after the census that year. The Lochbroom Parish Register records a marriage 1 April, 1846 of Susanna Grace Mackenzie with residence listed as "Isle of Ristol" to Kenneth Mckenzie of "Torbreck, Parish of Assynt". The Mormon's index of "Old Parochial Registers", OPR, also includes the marriage as registered 15 March, 1846 at Assynt (it was common for a marriage to be registered in both bride and groom's parishes).

          Kenneth was christened 4 February, 1814 to John MacKenzie and Elizabeth "Betsy" Scobie, and his 90 year old Widowed father John was with them in the 1851 census. Death of Kenneth was registered as 27 December, 1892 at Torbreck, Assynt (Registration District that year "Stoer" rather than Assynt), aged 78 years, son of John Mackenzie and Betsy, Maiden Surname Scobie, Informant was his son William. It looks certain a sister of Kenneth, Margaret christened 11 August, 1802, married Susanna's uncle Donald (brother of her father William, below at 1-1-6), their son George was with Kenneth at Torbreck in 1841.

          Malcolm Bangor-Jones notes Kenneth's father John had earlier been Tacksman of Inverkirkaig, following his own father, another Kenneth, in that position. That earlier Kenneth Mackenzie was himself a younger son of John, II of Ardloch, and so on death of their cousin John Mackenzie of Lochinver 5 January, 1882 Kenneth could have made claim for the dormant Mackenzie of Tarbat honours, including several Baronetcies, his then humble economic position kept him from doing so.

          Susanna and Kenneth settled at Torbreck in Assynt, the 1851 and 1861 censuses, as well as the IGI, show four children born there;(20)

          1. (1-1-3-3-1) Walter Mackenzie, born about 1849 in Assynt Parish. Not seen after the 1871 census, and not found in Scottish indexes of marriage or death, possibly he enlisted or emigrated.
          2. (1-1-3-3-2) Kenneth Mackenzie, born January 1851 in Assynt Parish, his death registered as 6 December, 1885 at Torbreck, Assynt (Registration District that year "Stoer" rather than Assynt), aged 34 years, single, confirms parents names, brother William the Informant.
          3. (1-1-3-3-3) William Angus Mackenzie, born 18 January, 1856, died single 15 April, 1917 at Torbreck, Informant not a family member. He was Informant of the deaths of both his brother Kenneth in 1885, and their father Kenneth in 1892. Assuming his older brother Walter had died without issue then on death of their father William would have been entitled to the dormant Tarbat honours, and on his own death that right would have passed to Louis Rodrigue Alexandre Mackenzie in Canada, see him in the Mackenzie of Achiltibuie chart at (2-1-4-3-2-1-2-6-5-1).
          4. (1-1-3-3-4) Elizabeth Margaret "Betsy" Mackenzie, born 11 April, 1859, unmarried with her parents though to the 1891 census.

        4. (1-1-3-4) Duncan John McGregor Mackenzie, christened 9 February, 1829, father then resident at Badentarbat, with note as "Tacksman".

      4. (1-1-4) Murdoch Mackenzie, born about 1795 in Lochbroom Parish, presumably at Achnahaird, where his father was Tacksman since death of his grandfather in 1795. In a letter written by his father Roderick Mackenzie Murdoch is mentioned as having gone to America(21), I think he later returned, and is in the 1851 census unmarried with his brother Alexander at Achnahaird 51-61, his occupation listed as "Fish Curer". He seems to have been a great traveller, as in 1853 he emigrates aboard the Sir Allan McNab to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) with Susan, Widow of his brother George (below), and Susan's children; see McNab 524. Murdo took on role of schoolmaster aboard ship, sharing the £10 gratuity with Hector Munro. On arrival, rather than being hired out like most of the other emigrants, Murdo "travelled to Launceston on his own account".
      5. (1-1-5) Hughina Mackenzie, born about 1797, the 1861 census has her birthplace as Ullapool, though I suspect she was likely born at Achnahaird, where her father was Tacksman since death of her grandfather in 1795. Notice of her death was published 23 December, 1881 in the Inverness Advertiser as happening the 16th of that month, she was described as "Widow of Donald Cameron, Minister of Laggan". The Lochbroom Parish Register includes the marriage 24 May, 1824 of "The Revd. Mr Donald Cameron Glengarry Breamare, to Miss Hughina McKenzie Achnahaird".

        Hughina's husband Donald Cameron had been Minister at Laggan from 1832 till his death 19 April 1846 (in the fifty-fourth year of his age). A stern man Donald disapproved of his parishoners attending shinty matches or coming to church in their kilts!(22)

        The 1861 and 1871 censuses have Hughina as Widowed, living with three of her siblings at Ullapool, her "Rank, Profession, or Occupation" listed as "Minister's Widow". The 1881 census has her still at Ullapool, living with an unmarried 19 year old grand-daughter Catherine Cameron, a dressmaker born in the East Indies, presumably a daughter of son Murdoch, Angus, or John, below.
        Hughina and Donald had six children;(23)

        1. (1-1-5-1) Murdoch Cameron, born 21 July, 1826.
        2. (1-1-5-2) Angus Cameron, born 22 May, 1828.
        3. (1-1-5-3) John Munro Cameron, born 5 April, 1830.
        4. (1-1-5-4) Catherine Cameron, born 14 May, 1832.
        5. (1-1-5-5) Elizabeth Gordon Cameron, born 14th February, 1836.
        6. (1-1-5-6) Christina Cameron, born 16 February, 1838.

      6. (1-1-6) Donald Mackenzie, born about 1801 in Lochbroom (1861 census says at Ullapool), died 3 June, 1871 at Ullapool, mentioned in a letter by his father as Tenant at Achnahaird in 1825(21). The Parish Register records the marriage 19 January, 1825 of "Donald McKenzie of Achnahaird to Miss Margaret McKenzie Torrbreck Assynt", the marriage also recorded the next day in the Assynt Parish Register (it was not uncommon for marriages to be registered in both bride and groom's Parishes). I think Margaret died shortly after, and was well respected in that 16 November, 1828 three children to various families at Achnahaird were christened "Margaret McKenzie" (middle names were very unusual in the Parish Register). Margaret was christened 11 August, 1802 at Torbreck to parents John Mackenzie and Betsy Maiden Surname Scobie, her brother Kenneth married Donald's neice, Susanna Grace Mackenzie, see above at 1-1-3-3),

        Malcolm Bangor-Jones has found an 1837 mention of “Mr Donald Mckenzie late achannahard but now residing at Ceannachilish Ullapool”, he also notes of Margaret "almost certainly a daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie, late of Inverkirkaig, of the family of Mackenzie of Ardloch". Donald is listed as a Widowed "Retired Farmer" with his Widowed sister Janet in the 1851 census at Ullapool, and again there with three of his siblings in 1861, and two of them in 1871.

        There is a possibility Donald had an illegitamate son at an earlier age; the same letter mentions "Mr Maciver the sheep master", who is in the 1841 census at Ristol 41-1, his nephew there Murdo McKenzie is I think shown in a christening 30 July, 1816; "Dond McKenzie Ullapool, Murdo, a bastard". Though the father is listed as resident at Ullapool, the other three christenings that day were to fathers resident at Coigach, so possibly Donald Mackenzie above was the father of Murdo, if so a youthfull indiscretion as he would have been only about 15 years old. Murdo had a difficult life, and was committed in 1856 to the Prison of Dingwall as a "Dangerous Lunatic", see the file at lunatic.htm

        Donald Mackenzie and Margaret Mackenzie had at least two sons;

        1. (1-1-6-1) Alexander Mackenzie, christened 2 October, 1825 at "Kamschoille" (modern spelling "Cammuscoille", a hamlet of a few houses on the west side of Achnahaird).
        2. (1-1-6-2) George Mackenzie, christened 21 June, 1827 at Achnahaird. Pretty certain he is in the 1841 census at Torbreck in Assynt, but cannot see him there in the 1851 census.

      7. (1-1-7) George Mackenzie, born 1802-6, was joint Tenant with his father Roderick of Achnahaird from 1833 till 1848, then sole tenant from 1848, and died May 1850.(24) His Widow, Susan Mackenzie born at Tain about 1817, was Tacksman with her four young children in the 1851 census but replaced in 1852.

        The book "Cromartie: Highland Life 1650-1914"(25) details events that would have affected the family following the death of George. The Estate Factor, Andrew Scott, first tried to rent Achnahaird to a southern sheep farmer at a much increased rate, but that agreement fell through as neither side wanted to undergo the effort of evicting the existing tenants. A new Tacksman was found in George MacLeod from neighbouring Assynt Parish, who rented at the old rate, with agreement not to evict the subtenants, as long as their rents were paid, and they "conducted themselves in an orderly peaceable manner".

        Punctual and peaceable rent payers they were not! In 1852 the Achnahaird tenants refused to pay their rent, leading to a threat from Scott;

        "Foolish Men! Do you imagine you can remain in your allotments and not pay rent? Whoever so counsels you is your enemy not your friend. Take my advice and settle with Mr Macleod. If you do not you will repent, when you will be driven forth of the Estate, and no one will receive you from the Character you will have made for yourselves. At least the Marchioness will not."

        Susan with her husband's brother Murdo (above) and children emigrated to Tasmania aboard the Sir Allan McNab in October the following year, passage for the fifteen Coigach families assisted by the Marquess of Stafford(26). It would be interesting to know if Susan had a hand in the "Coigach Insurrection" of 1852/3, when women of the community repeatedly defeated the Factor and officers, making bonfires of eviction notices, and sent the embarrased Sherrif and officers almost stripped naked in an open boat in February back to Ullapool!

        Clearly a strong character, Susan was appointed Matron on the voyage to Tasmania, and assisted in the hiring off of the unmarried women upon arrival. See the notes at McNab 524, Achnahaird 51-58, and Achnahaird 41-11.

        A descendant of George and Susan in Tasmania, Margaret Muirhead Cameron(27) sent the following information on the children;

        1. (1-1-7-1) Kenneth Scobie Mackenzie, born about 1836, moved to New Zealand. The middle name comes an 1850 notice of sale under sequestration of Achnahaird, noting Kenneth as eldest son and heir of his late father.
        2. (1-1-7-2) Margaret "Maggy" Mackenzie, born 21 May, 1838, married James Muirhead from Stirling, at Mona Vale Ross Tasmania in 1862 and had a family of six daughters and three sons, including the grandfather of Margaret Muirhead Cameron in Tasmania. Still collecting info on this branch, but the oldest child was;

          1. (1-1-7-2-1) Susan Taylor Muirhead.

        3. (1-1-7-3) Roderick Mackenzie, born about 1841, moved to New Zealand.
        4. (1-1-7-4) Catherine Mackenzie, born 1844, married James Duncan.

      8. (1-1-8) John Mackenzie, birth year or date not yet known, but his placement in Militia lists (transcription below), suggests he was the youngest son of Roderick Mackenzie and Catherine Scobie. An article in the 2 April, 1830 edition of the Inverness Journal mentions him as "son of Roderick MacKenzie, farmer, Achnahaird", and says he was drowned in Lochbroom on the 19 March, 1830 when a sudden squall overturned the boat of him and his companion. Likely he was the John Mackenzie whose marriage was recorded in the Parish Register 26 March, 1817 to Anne McLeod, both resident at Achnahaird.

    2. (1-2) John Mackenzie, November 1768 his father signed an obligation to repay the cost of his apprenticeship as a weaver if he did not return to work in Coigach. Apprenticeships most often began in early teens, so John was probably born sometime 1752-1754.(28)

      There was a Weaver at Altandhu in the early 19th century named John Mackenzie, possibly a son of this John?

    3. (1-3) Alexander Mackenzie, noted by Malcolm Bangor-Jones as in 1778 in Lord MacLeod's Regiment; "Ensign Alexr MacKenzie, son of George MacKenzie of Corry". My guess of his birth year is about 1758.

    4. (1-4) Anne Mackenzie, "a gifted poetess", and second wife of Captain John Mackenzie, the sixth Laird of Ballone (an estate in Lochbroom). John was born 1732 or 1738 at Ballone. To clear his mounting debts Captain John sold the estates in 1773 and became tacksman farmer of various places, including Isle Ristol from 1805 to 1813, he died 1829 at Big Dornie in Coigach and was buried there at Badenscallie as a storm prevented his body being sent back to Ballone.(29) My guess of Anne's birth year, based on ages of children and grandchildren, is about 1760.

      Captain John with his first wife, Margaret Mackenzie, had four children (including his son and heir, John, and another son, Hector, who was assasinated shortly after emigrating to New Brunswick in 1841)

      Anne and Captain John had the following children together:

      1. (1-4-1) George Mackenzie, married Margaret Fraser. George is listed in "History of the Mackenzies" and "Mackenzies of Ballone" as emigrating to Cape Breton, and married to Miss Fraser at St. Anne's there, with issue who are not identified.
      2. (1-4-2) Alexander Mackenzie. "History of the Mackenzies" and "Mackenzies of Ballone" have been the primary sources for data on Captain John, Ann Mackenzie and their descendants. Recently a descendant of Alexander, Diantha States, has come forward with more data.(30). Following up on Diantha and the other two sources led to the "Société d’histoire de Drummondville"(31), who have supplied further details from local birth-marriage-death (BMD) registers;

        Alexander was born about 1800, and died May 1848 in Drummondville Quebec, buried 28 May, 1848. Name of his first wife or partner is not recorded, but he had his first son with her;

        1. (1-4-2-1) John F. Mackenzie, born 14 August, 1829 at Richmond Quebec, died 1886 in South Dakota. Married Lucinda Bothwell, the father of Lucinda was described as a first cousin of Alexander's second wife, Sarah Duncan.
          John F. and Lucinda had at least four children;

          1. (1-4-2-1-1) Jessie Maria Mackenzie, born 24 January, 1869 at Grantham, baptized 3 February, 1869, died 22 April, 1871 at Acton Vale, and buried 23 April, 1871.
          2. (1-4-2-1-2) Charles Malcolm Mackenzie, born 10 March, 1870, baptized 28 July, 1870 (places not noted).
          3. (1-4-2-1-3) James Gordon Mackenzie, born 15 May, 1873, christened 27 June, 1873, with the family in the 1881 census.
          4. (1-4-2-1-4) Archibald John Mackenzie, born 3 April, 1879 at Acton Vale, baptized 12 August, 1879 as "John Archibald McKenzie". He was a grandfather of Diantha States.

        Alexander married 26 February, 1838 to Sarah Duncan of Grantham (born in Ireland), Diantha says the church record stated Alexander was a bachelor and came from "St.Francis du Lac.", presumably the "St.Francois" on the St. Lawrence River where he entered into business along with his cousin, Roderick Mackenzie (Roderick was a Mackenzie of Tighnafaolin, the first wife of Alexander's father, Margaret, was also of that family). He then (after marriage to Sarah?) bought a farm in the Township of Wickham.

        Children of Alexander and Sarah;

        1. (1-4-2-2) James Henry Mackenzie, born 18 February, 1839, christened 5 March, 1839, a solicitor at Lapeer, Michigan, USA. James married first 24 July, 1867 to Georgina Hunter, of Gardiner, Maine, who died the following year.
          Their son;

          1. (1-4-2-2-1) Harvard Hunter Mackenzie, born 8 July, 1868 at Acton Vale, christened 27 August, 1868, died 17 November, 1870. The Drummondville Historical Society records his forename as "Howard".

          James married secondly in 1875 to Amanda Hart (born about 1854 in Michigan) and had four more children;

          1. (1-4-2-2-2) Harison Hart Mackenzie, born about 1876 in Michigan according to the 1880 census.
          2. (1-4-2-2-3) Emily Sarah Mackenzie, born about 1878 in Michigan according to the 1880 census, married her cousin Norman Bothwell MacKenzie, the son of Norman Mackenzie and Sarah Jane Bothwell (see below at 1-4-2-5-3).
            Their five sons;

            1. (1-4-2-2-3-1) James Mackenzie.
            2. (1-4-2-2-3-2) Maxwell Mackenzie.
            3. (1-4-2-2-3-3) Alistair Mackenzie.
            4. (1-4-2-2-3-4) Dunlap Mackenzie.
            5. (1-4-2-2-3-5) Alan Mackenzie.

          3. (1-4-2-2-4) Elsie N. Mackenzie, born 1893 in Ohio.
          4. (1-4-2-2-5) Dorothy M. Mackenzie, born 1893 in Ohio.

        2. (1-4-2-3) Roderick Munroe Mackenzie, see Note 32 for sources regarding Roderick and his brother Norman's family. Roderick was recorded in family records as born 4 July, 1840 at Wickham, Drummond County, Quebec, however the Drummondville Historical Society records the birth of "Frederick Munro McKenzie" 1 July, 1840 at Wickham, and christening 9 August, 1840. Likely one of the two sources has a mistranscription of date, though possibly the different names represent a name change shortly after birth.

          Roderick was living in 1920 when he wrote a letter addressed from "Cawston Postoffice, B.C." to his nephew, Archibald John Mackenzie (above), He died suddenly the following year, 20 April, 1920 of pneumonia. Roderick married 2 April, 1867 to Anne "Annie" Jane Elliott (born 4 November, 1845 in Durham Township, Drummond County to John Elliott and Jane Bothwell). The information on Roderick, his wife and children, comes from a genealogy website focussed on the Bothwell family, I have not checked there yet but expect the Bothwell-Elliott parents of the wife of Roderick's brother Norman were relatives of Anne.
          Roderick and Anne's children;

          1. (1-4-2-3-1) William Alexander Mackenzie, born 27 May, 1868 at Wickham, Drummond County, Quebec, christened 27 August, 1868, died 18 August, 1878 at Wickham West, and buried 20 August, 1878.
          2. (1-4-2-3-2) Emilia Duncan Mackenzie, born 5 March, 1870 at Wickham West, christened 28 July, 1870, died 27 December, 1878 at Wickham West, and buried 30 December, 1870.
          3. (1-4-2-3-3) Jane Mackenzie, born, christened, and died 26 March, 1872 at Wickham West, buried at Acton Vale 28 March, 1872.
          4. (1-4-2-3-4) Edgar Munroe Mackenzie, one source says born 6 March, 1876 at Wickham West, but the Drummonville Historical society records say born 5 September, 1874, christened 28 December, 1874, and died 6 March, 1876, with burial 8 March, 1876.
          5. (1-4-2-3-5) Campbell Elliot Mackenzie, born 11 January, 1878 at Wickham West, christened 27 February, 1878.

        3. (1-4-2-4) Andrew Duncan Mackenzie, born 5 July, 1842 at Wickham, Drummond County, Quebec, christened 23 August, 1842, living in 1879 when "History of the Mackenzies" was written.
        4. (1-4-2-5) Norman Ambrose William Mackenzie, born 26 December, 1844 at Wickham, Drummond County, Quebec, christened 31 January, 1845 at Drummondville, Drummond County, married 27 May, 1868 at Acton Vale, Quebec, to Sara Jane Bothwell (born 1845 to James Bothwell and Jane Elliott, died 1918), Sarahs residence noted as "Bothwell Hill". He died 18 August, 1901 at Medura Township, Simcoe County, Ontario, and was buried nearby at Foote's Bay Cemetery.
          Norman and Sara had their first five children at West Wickham, then moved to Ontario.
          Their children;

          1. (1-4-2-5-1) Georgina Hunter Mackenzie, born 20 April, 1869 at West Wickham, Quebec, christened 5 October, 1869 at Acton Vale, Quebec, died 1946, the Drummondville Historical Society records her forename as "Georgiana".
          2. (1-4-2-5-2) Louis Wurtele Mackenzie, recorded in family documents as born 2 November, 1871 at West Wickham, Quebec, however the Drummondville Historical Society has him listed as born 1 December, 1871, christened 8 March, 1872, at Wickham, the 1901 amd 1911 censuses also have him born in December. He died 11 December, 1954 at Bracebridge, Ontario, married to Florence Katrina Rowesome (born 18 June, 1879 at Vermont, died 20 April, 1962 at Bracebridge). In the 1911 census the family was living in North Toronto.
            Their three children;

            1. (1-4-2-5-2-1) Elizabeth B. Mackenzie, born July 1905, married to Howard Reid.
            2. (1-4-2-5-2-2) William A. Mackenzie, born February, 1907, married to Jean Webb.
              Their four children;

              1. (1-4-2-5-2-2-1) Patricia Mackenzie.
              2. (1-4-2-5-2-2-2) Sandra Mackenzie.
              3. (1-4-2-5-2-2-3) David Mackenzie.
              4. (1-4-2-5-2-2-4) Bonnie Lou Mackenzie.

            3. (1-4-2-5-2-3) Katherine I. Mackenzie, born June, 1910, married Kenneth Beers, with two children;

              1. (1-4-2-5-2-3-1) Katherine Heather Beers.
              2. (1-4-2-5-2-3-2) William Beers.

          3. (1-4-2-5-3) Norman Bothwell Mackenzie, born 12 April, 1878 at West Wickham, Quebec, christened 13 July, 1878, died 6 February, 1931 at Trail, B.C. Married to Emily McKenzie (living, details excluded), they with their five children are above at 1-4-2-2-3
          4. (1-4-2-5-4) Florence Mary Mackenzie, born 2 April, 1880 at West Wickham, Quebec, christened 24 June, 1880, married 28 September, 1912 at Stanley Brae, Muskoka, Ontario, to Robert Joseph Larose (born 1881 at Dayton, Ohio to William H. Larose and Caroline Tascher).

            There is a newsy letter 19 January, 1915 from Florence to a former Reverend of Stanley Brae, Calvin McQuesten, transcribed by the Whitehern Museum archives at

            That letter includes a note added at the top;

            "Bob's chickens are proving their worth with a dozen and more eggs a day. We are living in luxury on them, some of his surplus Roosters and the meat that runs in the woods."

            Florence and Robert's children;

            1. (1-4-2-5-4-1) (son, living, details excluded) LaRose, born July 1914, married Joyce Thompson.
              Their three children;

              1. (1-4-2-5-4-1-1) Robert Andrew LaRose.
              2. (1-4-2-5-4-1-2) Karen Jean LaRose.
              3. (1-4-2-5-4-1-3) James Alexander LaRose.

            2. (1-4-2-5-4-2) Robert John LaRose, married Jean Tulline.
              Their children;

              1. (1-4-2-5-4-2-1) Robert Alexander LaRose.
              2. (1-4-2-5-4-2-2) Marilyn Jean LaRose.
              3. (1-4-2-5-4-2-3) Ronald John LaRose.
              4. (1-4-2-5-4-2-4) Susan Adeline LaRose.

            3. (1-4-2-5-4-3) Sam LaRose, died 1960.
            4. (1-4-2-5-4-4) Eugene Tascher LaRose, married Amorelle Trimble.
              Their children;

              1. (1-4-2-5-4-4-1) Richard LaRose.
              2. (1-4-2-5-4-4-2) Kathleen LaRose.
              3. (1-4-2-5-4-4-3) Nancy LaRose.

          5. (1-4-2-5-5) Alice Maude Mackenzie, born 11 December, 1881 at West Wickham, Quebec, christened 30 December, 1881 at Acton Vale, Quebec, died 9 May, 1913 at Foote's Bay Ontario and buried there.
          6. (1-4-2-5-6) Alister Munro Mackenzie, born 1883 at Burlington, Ontario, died 30 March, 1916 as a Private in the 19th Battallion of the Central Ontario Regiment of the Canadian Infantry at Belgium in WW1, buried at Ridge Wood Military Cemetery in Belgium.(33)
          7. (1-4-2-5-7) Almeda Mackenzie, born 1885 in Ontario.

        5. (1-4-2-6) Alexander Stronach Mackenzie, born 4 December, 1846, baptized 15 January, 1847, living in 1879 when "History of the Mackenzies" was written.
        6. (1-4-2-7) Henry Mackenzie, born 25 November, 1848, baptized 18 January 1849, living in 1879 when "History of the Mackenzies" was written.

      3. (1-4-3) Anne Mackenzie. Anne married William Mackenzie from Dornie in Coigach, "Mackenzies of Ballone" notes they had children, I hope to eventually trace the family through Coigach records.
      4. (1-4-4) Margaret Mackenzie. Margaret married Alexander Macrae, Tacksman, Strathglass, with issue not identified.
      5. (1-4-5) Georgina Mackenzie. Georgina married 20 April, 1820 to Kenneth MacLennan, his residence listed then as "Lead Udrigel Gerloch" (Gairloch Parish borders Lochbroom to the south), hers as at Dornie. Diane MacKenzie(29) lists Kenneth as born 1793 at Mellon Charles in Gairloch to Duncan MacLennan and Margaret MacLennan.

        "Mackenzies of Ballone" only identifies a son Donald, however, Diane records three sons of Georgina and Kenneth;

        1. (1-4-5-1) Murdoch MacLennan, born 1826 at Aultbea, Inverness, Scotland, died 1914 at Bogallan, Knockbain Parish, Black Isle of Easter Ross.
          Diane notes; "Winner at the Northern Meeting in Inverness in 1862. Bagpipes used on this occasion, given to him by John Ban MacKenzie, are held by a family descendant to this day and bear a plate with the inscription: By the Northern Meeting to Murdoch MacLennan, Piper to the Munlochy Rifle Corps for best performance of the Great Highland Bagpipe. Sept. 1862. AKA The Munlochy Piper."
        2. (1-4-5-2) Alexander MacLennan, born 1827 at Mellon Charles, Gairloch Parish, Scotland.
        3. (1-4-5-3) Donald MacLennan, married first to Christina Monk, with five children;

          1. (1-4-5-3-1) Alexander MacLennan, married without issue, died 1902.
          2. (1-4-5-3-2) Christina MacLennan, died without surviving issue.
          3. (1-4-5-3-3) Anne MacLennan, died without surviving issue.
          4. (1-4-5-3-4) Christy MacLennan, died without surviving issue.
          5. (1-4-5-3-5) Georgina MacLennan, married James Ferguson at Pittsburg, Ohio, USA, with issue not identified

          Donald married secondly to Catherine Ferguson.
          Their three children;

          1. (1-4-5-3-6) John George MacLennan, died young.
          2. (1-4-5-3-7) Kenneth MacLennan, died young.
          3. (1-4-5-3-8) Rachel MacLennan, married Alexander Macphail.
            Their eight children;

            1. (1-4-5-3-8-1) Alexander MacPhail, married with one son and three daughters.
            2. (1-4-5-3-8-2) Donald MacPhail.
            3. (1-4-5-3-8-3) Angus John MacPhail, married with a son and a daughter.
            4. (1-4-5-3-8-4) Alasdair MacPhail.
            5. (1-4-5-3-8-5) Angus MacPhail, married with a son and a daughter.
            6. (1-4-5-3-8-6) Murdoch Tolmie Mackenzie MacPhail.
            7. (1-4-5-3-8-7) Catherine MacPhail, married James MacIntyre with one son and two daughters.
            8. (1-4-5-3-8-8) Margaret MacPhail.

            The last three children; Murdoch Tolmie Mackenzie, Catherine, and Margaret, were triplets.

      6. (1-4-6) Johannah "Hannah" Mackenzie was born 1795 in Lochbroom, Rossshire, Scotland (presumably at Dornie). She died 1884 in Mount Florence, Coxheath, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Hannah married "Big William the Pioneer" MacDonald on 6 February, 1815, both resident then at Dornie in Coigach, Ross, Scotland. William was born about 1772, some records say at Letters in Lochbroom, he died 27 March, 1870 in Mount Florence, Coxheath, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. (William had an illegitamate daughter Ann christened 29 July, 1812 at Dornie, Ann's death registration in 1894 confirms her father and names her mother as Mary McLeod, see Ann in the 1881 census at Reiff 81-20)

        Gail Crawford in Toronto (CONTACT INFO), is a descendant of Hannah and William. She says from 1825 to 1836 they were at Polbain, then they went to "Croigerry Farm" on Lewis till 1837, when they emigrated to Cape Breton aboard a ship Captained by William's cousin, Hector Mckenzie.

        A Half sister of Hannah, Christian (through the first wife of Hannah's father), also emigrated to Cape Breton, her descendants today include the husband of Roberta Fraser ( Roberta says once at Cape Breton Hannah, Big William and family moved from Boularderie to Middle River, then to Cape North, then to Sydney (Coxheath).

        Hannah and Big William had the following children:

        1. (1-4-6-1) Margaret MacDonald was christened 18 January, 1816 at Dornie in Coigach, died 9 September, 1870 at Cape North, Victoria, Nova Scotia.
          Margaret married first to Neil MacLeod with no surviving issue.
          Margaret married second to Murdoch MacGregor of Cape North, Cape Breton.
          Daughter of Margaret and Murdoch;

          1. (1-4-6-1-1) Catherine MacGregor, married Alexander Fraser.
            Their son;

            1. (1-4-6-1-1-1) Rev. John Philip C. Fraser, of Nova Scotia.

        2. (1-4-6-2) Kenneth MacDonald, christened 19 May, 1816 at Dornie in Coigach, probably died young, as the only mention of him is of his christening in the OPR.
        3. (1-4-6-3) Edward Hay MacDonald, christened 16 March, 1818 at Dornie in Coigach. Probably named to honour the then landlord of Coigach, Edward Hay-Mackenzie. He died without issue and is buried in the Man-of-War Cemetery on the Island of Boularderie.
        4. (1-4-6-4) Alexanderina MacDonald, christened 31 July, 1820 at Dornie in Coigach. She died 1920 aged 100 at Mount Florence, Coxheath, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Alexanderina married Henry MacKinnon of Coxheath, Sydney River (born about 1822 in Nova Scotia).
          Their children;

          1. (1-4-6-4-1) Daniel MacKinnon, born about 1846 in Nova Scotia, unmarried with his family in the 1881 census. Married in Washington USA with issue. "Mackenzies of Ballone" does not specify whether Washington State, or Washington, District of Columbia.
          2. (1-4-6-4-2) Alexander MacKinnon.
          3. (1-4-6-4-3) Peter MacKinnon, married in Washington USA with issue. "Mackenzies of Ballone" does not specify whether Washington State, or Washington, District of Columbia.
          4. (1-4-6-4-4) William MacKinnon, born about 1855 in Nova Scotia, unmarried with his family in the 1881 census. Married in Duleith, Cape Breton, with issue.
          5. (1-4-6-4-5) May MacKinnon, married in Cape Breton, with issue.
          6. (1-4-6-4-6) Johannah MacKinnon, born about 1859 in Nova Scotia, with her family in the 1881 census. Unmarried, when "Mackenzies of Ballone" was written in 1941 she was living at Mount Florence.
          7. (1-4-6-4-7) Edward MacKinnon, born about 1862 in Nova Scotia, unmarried with his family in the 1881 census. Married, died without issue.

        5. (1-4-6-5) Georgina MacDonald was born 2 September, 1822 at Dornie in Coigach and was christened 20 October, 1822 there (same day at Dornie Donald McLean christened his son George!). She died 19 September, 1919 in South Side Baddeck (or "Big Baddeck"), Victoria County, Nova Scotia, and was buried in Baddeck Forks, Victoria County, Nova Scotia.

          Georgina married Alexander MacKay, son of Angus MacKay and Sarah Finlayson, on 11 August, 1842 in St Ann, Nova Scotia. Alexander was born 24 April, 1819 in Lochcarron, RossShire, Scotland. He died 17 April, 1890 in South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia, and was buried in Baddeck Forks, Victoria County, Nova Scotia.
          They had the following children:

          further detail on this descent not yet edited in from

          1. (1-4-6-5-1) Margaret Sarah MacKay was born 26 July, 1843 in South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia. She died 1 February, 1917. Margaret married 9 June, 1870 in Nova Scotia to Alexander MacRae. They are there in the 1881 census twenty Households away from her parents.
            Their children;

            1. (1-4-6-5-1-1) Donald MacRae, born about 1871 in Nova Scotia.
            2. (1-4-6-5-1-2) Georgina MacRae, born about 1875 in Nova Scotia.
            3. (1-4-6-5-1-3) Sarah MacRae, born about 1877 in Nova Scotia.
            4. (1-4-6-5-1-4) Lexina MacRae, born about 1879 in Nova Scotia.

          2. (1-4-6-5-2) Murdoch Edward MacKay, born 5 January, 1845 at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia, he died 29 July, 1929. Murdoch married 24 February, 1869 in Nova Scotia to Catherine MacKay (born about 1850 in Nova Scotia). They settled at Ashfield Township, Huron County, Ontario, with four children in the 1881 census;

            1. (1-4-6-5-2-1) Georgina MacKay, born about 1870 in Ontario. The 1881 census mistakedly transcribes her forename as "Gerge Jena"!
            2. (1-4-6-5-2-2) Martha A. MacKay, born about 1872 in Ontario.
            3. (1-4-6-5-2-3) Alexander J. MacKay, born about 1875 in Ontario.
            4. (1-4-6-5-2-4) Sarah Jane MacKay, born about 1880 in Ontario.

          3. (1-4-6-5-3) Duncan Angus MacKay, born 5 April, 1847 (1848?) at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia. He died 28 December, 1901 (1900?) in South Side Baddeck while working on construction of the Baddeck Forks bridge, and was buried in Baddeck Forks Cemetery.

            Duncan married 25 December, 1884 at North East Margaree N.S., Inverness County, Nova Scotia to Mary Catherine Tingley, (born 31 October, 1860 at North East Margaree to Joseph Tingley and Florence Carmichael). Mary was a school teacher. After Duncan's death Mary married 24 September, 1914 at South Side Baddeck to Angus MacInnis, they had no children together, and it was a second marriage for both. Mary died 24 August 1915 at Baddeck Forks, Victoria County, Nova Scotia and was buried in Baddeck Forks Cemetery. Cause of Mary's death was brain hemorrhage due to fright! A man was charged with manslaughter.(34)

            Duncan and Mary had the following children:

            1. (1-4-6-5-3-1) George Wilbert MacKay was born 3 December, 1886 at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia. He died 9 December, 1979 in Massachusetts, USA (in 1978 he was mentionned as at "Green Grove Nursing Home, North Reading, MA"). George married 19 June, 1912 at Boston to Nellie May Sullivan (a daughter of Michael Sullivan and Nellie McCarthy, she was born 1 September, 1892 at East Boston, died 13 June, 1962 at Lawrence MA). They had no children.
            2. (1-4-6-5-3-2) unnamed male MacKay was born and died 3 May, 1888 at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia. He was buried at Baddeck Forks, Victoria County, Nova Scotia.
            3. (1-4-6-5-3-3) Linda Maude MacKay was born 2 May, 1892 in South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia. She died 1989 at Truro, Colchester County, Nova Scotia. Linda married 31 December, 1914 at South Side Baddeck to Daniel MacInnis (son of Angus MacInnis and Catherine MacRae, he was born 5 March, 1888 at Baddeck).
              They had the following children:

              1. (1-4-6-5-3-3-1) Donald Maxwell MacInnis, born 22 October, 1916 at Truro, Nova Scotia, listed as still living there. He married first to Dora Allen, later divorced.
                Their children;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-3-1-1) Kevin Page MacInnis.
                2. (1-4-6-5-3-3-1-2) Kathy MacInnis.

                Donald married second, 29 April 1953 at Medford, Massachusetts to Ellen Adelaide Tupper.

              2. (1-4-6-5-3-3-2) George Frederick MacInnis, born 4 August, 1918 at Truro Nova Scotia, a control engineer with New Brunswick International Paper Company, lives at Dalhousie New Brunswick, married 31 July, 1953 at Dalhousie to Helen Jean Sansom of Dalhousie, a teacher (born 25 September, 1921 at Eel River Crossing, New Brunswick to Howard Sansom and Olive Margreta Henderson).
                Their adopted children;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-3-2-1) Dana Clarke MacInnis, born 6 February, 1959.
                2. (1-4-6-5-3-3-2-2) Catherine Ann MacInnis, born 19 June, 1961.
                3. (1-4-6-5-3-3-2-3) Jane Elizabeth MacInnis, born 9 May, 1964.

              3. (1-4-6-5-3-3-3) Marion Blanche MacInnis, born 9 February, 1920 at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia, married 30 June, 1948 at Truro, Nova Scotia to Clarence James Lantz of Chester Basin, Nova Scotia, furniture store owner, (son of Freeman Lantz and Grace Eldrige, born 12 April, 1915 at Chester Basin).
                Their children;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-3-3-1) Bruce MacKay Lantz, born 23 November, 1951.
                2. (1-4-6-5-3-3-3-2) Catherine Irene Lantz, born 17 April, 1961.

              4. (1-4-6-5-3-3-4) Paul Elwood MacInnis, born 3 October, 1930, lives at Penticton, B.C. where he is retired from the Canadian National Railway. Paul married 31 December, 1952 at Glace Bay, Nova Scotia to Phyllis Donalda MacLellan (born 31 August, 1932 at Glace Bay, daughter of Donald Roderick MacLellan and Annie McLellan.
                Children of Paul and Phyllis;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-3-4-1) Cameron David MacInnis, born 11 December, 1953.
                2. (1-4-6-5-3-3-4-2) Lynda Anne MacInnis, born 29 March, 1955.
                3. (1-4-6-5-3-3-4-3) unnamed daughter MacInnis, stillborn 23 March, 1960 at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

              5. (1-4-6-5-3-3-5) Olive Kathryn MacInnis, lived at Winnipeg, Manitoba, born 16 June, 1932 at Truro, Nova Scotia, died 12 September, 1977 at Winnipeg. Olive married 29 August, 1959 at Winnipeg to Nestor Holod (born 12 January, 1933, lives at Winnipeg).
                Children of Olive and Nestor;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-3-5-1) Daryl Robert Holod, born 7 May, 1964 at Winnipeg.
                2. (1-4-6-5-3-3-5-2) Heather Lynne Holod, born 24 May, 1966.

            4. (1-4-6-5-3-4) Elsie May MacKay was born 1 February, 1895 in South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia. She lived at North Reading, Masschusetts, died at home 20 September, 1977 and was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Massachusetts.
              Elsie married first 29 August, 1914 at Inverness, Nova Scotia to John Edward Mutch (born 7 May, 1896 at Ludlow, Massachusetts, to David A. Mutch and Jessie MacLean. He died 29 August, 1972 at Stoneham, Massachusetts).
              Children of Elsie and John;

              1. (1-4-6-5-3-4-1) Alfreda Eileen Mutch, born 27 August, 1916 at Harmony, Nova Scotia, lives at North Reading, Massachusetts. Alfreda married in 1936 to Warren Kenneth Taylor. Warren died 3 December, 1998, his obituary gave some details on their four children and mentions he was also survived by ten grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.(35)
                Alfreda and Warren's children;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-4-1-1) Warren Kenneth Jr. Taylor, living at Raymond, New Hampshire, in 1998.
                2. (1-4-6-5-3-4-1-2) David Edward Sr. Taylor, living at Haverhill, Massachusetts, in 1998. His father's obituary refers to David as "Senior", implying there is a son with the same name;

                  1. (1-4-6-5-3-4-1-2-1) David Edward Jr. Taylor.

                3. (1-4-6-5-3-4-1-3) William Robert Taylor, living at Scopalis, Greece, in 1998.
                4. (1-4-6-5-3-4-1-4) Gail Eileen Taylor, living at Wesley Chapel, Florida, in 1998.

              2. (1-4-6-5-3-4-2) George Robert Mutch, born 23 September, 1918 at South Side Baddeck, Nova Scotia, married first to Josephine Whitely.
                Their children;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-4-2-1) Carol Ann Mutch
                2. (1-4-6-5-3-4-2-2) George Robert Jr. Mutch
                3. (1-4-6-5-3-4-2-3) Scott Duncan Mutch

                George and Josephine divorced, he then married Marjorie Conrad and had a fourth child;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-4-2-4) John Edward Mutch

              3. (1-4-6-5-3-4-3) Duncan David Mutch, born 7 April, 1920 at South Side Baddeck, Nova Scotia, married Gertrude Dillon.
                Their children;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-4-3-1) Linda Elaine Mutch
                2. (1-4-6-5-3-4-3-2) Susan Mary Mutch
                3. (1-4-6-5-3-4-3-3) Barbara Ellen Mutch

              4. (1-4-6-5-3-4-4) Mary Evangeline Mutch, born 17 June, 1921 at Ainslie Point, Nova Scotia, married Mark Davidson.
              5. (1-4-6-5-3-4-5) Jessie Ione Mutch, born 31 October, 1922 at Inverness, Nova Scotia, married Thomas Hill Wilson.
                Their children;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-4-5-1) Mary Lou Wilson
                2. (1-4-6-5-3-4-5-2) Thomas Hill Jr. Wilson
                3. (1-4-6-5-3-4-5-3) Edward Havner Wilson
                4. (1-4-6-5-3-4-5-4) Elsie May Wilson
                5. (1-4-6-5-3-4-5-5) Cheryl Bates Wilson

              6. (1-4-6-5-3-4-6) Elsie Florence Mutch, born 25 October, 1925 at Everett, Massachusetts, married Rev. Charles Brown.
                Their children;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-4-6-1) Robert Bruce Brown, born December 1947, died January 1948.
                2. (1-4-6-5-3-4-6-2) Joyce Elaine Brown.
                3. (1-4-6-5-3-4-6-3) Donald Brown, died in infancy.
                4. (1-4-6-5-3-4-6-4) Susan Louise Brown.

              7. (1-4-6-5-3-4-7) Irene Pearle Mutch, born 23 October, 1930 at Medford, Massachusetts, married first to Chester Wickens.
                Irene married secondly to Charles Freeman.
                Children of Irene and Charles;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-4-7-1) John Edward Freeman.
                2. (1-4-6-5-3-4-7-2) Gary Alan Freeman.
                3. (1-4-6-5-3-4-7-3) David Wayne Freeman.
                4. (1-4-6-5-3-4-7-4) Cheryl Lee Freeman.
                5. (1-4-6-5-3-4-7-5) Susan Lynn Freeman.
                6. (1-4-6-5-3-4-7-6) Heide Linda Freeman.

              Elsie May married second, 6 July, 1974 at Massachusetts to Arthur F. McGonagle, who now lives at Andover, Massachusetts.

            5. (1-4-6-5-3-5) Olive Pearl MacKay, born 24 June, 1899 in South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia. She died July 1994 in Fredericton, York County, New Brunswick and was buried in Saint John West, Saint John County, New Brunswick. Olive married 18 February, 1920 at Truro, Colchester County, N.S. to Frederick William Barnett, son of John Barnett and Alice Maud Dixon. Frederick was born 7 May, 1900 in Pollyhurst (New Jerusalem), Queens County, New Brunswick. He died 23 October, 1981 in Oromocto, Sunbury County, New Brunswick and was buried in Saint John, Saint John County, New Brunswick. Frederick was a gardener and later a cleaner for ten years with National Defence, then farmed for forty years at New Jurusalem.
              They had two children:

              1. (1-4-6-5-3-5-1) Malcolm Frederick Barnett, a sign painter, was born 8 January, 1921 at Saint John, New Brunswick. He died 20 April, 1982 at Oromocto, Sunbury County, New Brunswick and was buried 24 April, 1982 in Waterville, Sunbury County. Malcolm married Cleadie Beatrice Keating, daughter of Norman Stanley Keating and Cleadie Gertrude Banks.
                Their children;

                1. (1-4-6-5-3-5-1-1) Michael Shane Barnett, living, details excluded.
                2. (1-4-6-5-3-5-1-2) Vaughn Llewellyn Barnett, living, details excluded.
                3. (1-4-6-5-3-5-1-3) Marina Marie Barnett, living, details excluded.
                4. (1-4-6-5-3-5-1-4) Lilias Ruth Barnett, living, details excluded.

              2. (1-4-6-5-3-5-2) Francis Llewellyn Barnett Phd, born 15 October, 1924 at St.John, New Brunswick.

          4. (1-4-6-5-4) Hannah Jane MacKay, born 3 April, 1849 at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia. Hannah married 11 August, 1870 in Nova Scotia to William MacKay.
          5. (1-4-6-5-5) Catherine Georgina MacKay, born 8 July, 1851 at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia, she died 2 May, 1919. Catherine married 19 April, 1881 in Nova Scotia to Niel Nicholson.
          6. (1-4-6-5-6) Edward Donald MacKay, born 7 December, 1853 at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia, he died 2 November, 1935. Edward married 23 May, 1889 in Nova Scotia to Jessie Amelia Fraser.
          7. (1-4-6-5-7) Angus John MacKay, born 19 February, 1856 at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia. He died 26 March, 1927. Angus married first to Charlotte MacDonald. Angus married second to Isabel Arnold.
          8. (1-4-6-5-8) William Alexander MacKay, born 29 July, 1858 at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia. He died 13 July, 1905.
          9. (1-4-6-5-9) George Henry MacKay, born 6 April, 1860 at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia, died 1924. George married Mina Reid.
          10. (1-4-6-5-10) Sarah Isabella MacKay, born 2 September, 1862 at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia, died 25 August, 1934. Sarah married 22 June, 1890 in Nova Scotia to Daniel Ferguson MacLean.
          11. (1-4-6-5-11) Alexanderina MacKay, born 4 April, 1865 at South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia, died 22 August, 1949. Alexanderina married 22 June, 1897 in Nova Scotia to James Hartigan from Baddeck.(36)
            They had two children;

            1. (1-4-6-5-11-1) Edward Hartigan, was a car dealer in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, married twice but no children.
            2. (1-4-6-5-11-2) Isadora Hartigan, died of pneumonia as a young girl "and left her mother heartbroken".

          12. (1-4-6-5-12) Georgina MacKay was born 25 January, 1868 in South Side Baddeck, Victoria County, Nova Scotia. She died 7 December, 1962. Georgina married 27 December, 1893 in Nova Scotia to Charles Ross.
          13. (1-4-6-5-13) Christina MacKay, listed in "Mackenzies of Ballone", uncertain where she appears in the birth order.

        6. (1-4-6-6) Murdoch MacDonald, christened 2 October, 1825 at Polbain. He died unmarried 1 March, 1908 at Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
        7. (1-4-6-7) Johanna Mary MacDonald, christened 22 June, 1828 at "Poulbain Coigach", died 1918 at Sidney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Johanna married Malcolm MacPherson at Cape Breton.
          Their children;

          1. (1-4-6-7-1) John MacPherson, married with issue.
          2. (1-4-6-7-2) William MacPherson, married with no issue.
          3. (1-4-6-7-3) Donald MacPherson, married with issue.
          4. (1-4-6-7-4) Edward MacPherson, married with issue.
          5. (1-4-6-7-5) Henry MacPherson, no issue.
          6. (1-4-6-7-6) Christina MacPherson, married W. Richardson.
            Their children;

            1. (1-4-6-7-6-1) Claud Richardson.
            2. (1-4-6-7-6-2) Gladys Richardson.
            3. (1-4-6-7-6-3) Gerald Richardson.
            4. (1-4-6-7-6-4) Elma Richardson.

          7. (1-4-6-7-7) Jane MacPherson.
          8. (1-4-6-7-8) Murray MacPherson, married with no issue.

        8. (1-4-6-8) John MacDonald "of Mount Florence, Cape Breton", christened 3 April, 1831 at "Poulbain" (Polbain, Coigach), died 23 February, 1889 at St.Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. His occupation had been as a merchant in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.(37)
          John married first to Florence Jane MacKinnon without surviving issue.
          John married second 23 August, 1865 to Ann Murray (born 16 October, 1840 at Elmfield, Pictou County, Nova Scotia, died 22 November, 1915 at Victoria, B.C., Canada, her parents were John Murray and Christina MacLeod).
          Their children;

          1. (1-4-6-8-1) William John MacDonald, born 12 May, 1867 at Cow Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He was a merchant at Sydney, Cape Breton, he married 28 June, 1904 to Florence Ingram or "Ingraham" (died 18 February, 1923). "Mackenzies of Ballone" lists Florences surname as "Ingram", the Clark database has it as "Ingraham"
            Their children;

            1. (1-4-6-8-1-1) William Ingram (or "Ingraham", see note with parents) MacDonald, born 6 June, 1905, was unmarried.
            2. (1-4-6-8-1-2) Mary Florence MacDonald, born 6 June, 1905 (twin of William), was unmarried.
            3. (1-4-6-8-1-3) John Robert MacDonald, born 17 April, 1907 at Dominion, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, was unmarried.
            4. (1-4-6-8-1-4) Gordon Seaforth MacDonald, born 20 March, 1911 at Cape Breton, was unmarried.

          2. (1-4-6-8-2) Edward Murray MacDonald, born 4 August, 1869, a medical doctor at Sydney, Cape Breton, he married 3 October, 1906 to Mary Agnes MacLennan of Cape Breton ("Mackenzies of Ballone" notes her as "sister of Dr Samuel John MacLennan").
            Children of Edward and Mary;

            1. (1-4-6-8-2-1) Helen Archibald MacDonald, born 3 April, 1908, was unmarried.
            2. (1-4-6-8-2-2) Lilias Mackenzie MacDonald, born 29 September, 1911 at Sydney, Cape Breton, married 2 November, 1935 at Bristol, England to Thomas Winton Toward, E.E. "Mackenzies of Ballone" lists her forename as "Lilias", the Clark database has it as "Lilian"
              Their son;

              1. (1-4-6-8-2-2-1) Thomas Winton Toward, born August 1936 at Newcastle-on-Tyne, England.

            3. (1-4-6-8-2-3) Robert Murray MacDonald, born 31 August, 1913, a medical doctor at Edinburgh when "Mackenzies of Ballone" was written in 1941. He was noted then as at the Royal Infirmary, Leicester. He married after 1941, his Widow died late 2007.
              They had at least two children;

              1. (1-4-6-8-2-3-1) Carol MacDonald, married (?) Hazelden, has done much genealogy research, with her sister she has family photos and correspondance exchanged with their cousin Hector Hugh Mackenzie, who published the book "Mackenzies of Ballone" in 1941.
              2. (1-4-6-8-2-3-2) Sharon MacDonald,

          3. (1-4-6-8-3) Robert John MacDonald, born 5 July, 1871 at Sydney River, Nova Scotia, a merchant at Sydney, Nova Scotia, died 1 November, 1899 at Lorway Mines, Cape Breton. Married September 1895 to Catherine McLean.
            Their daughter;

            1. (1-4-6-8-3-1) Florence MacDonald, died as an infant.

          4. (1-4-6-8-4) Henry MacDonald, born 1 January, 1880 at Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia, died 3 August, 1908 at Sydney without issue. He was a merchant at Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.
          5. (1-4-6-8-5) John Murray MacDonald, born 17 February, 1881 at Lorway Mines, Cape Breton, married February 1910 to Minnie Dowling, without issue. In 1941 he was a merchant.
          6. (1-4-6-8-6) Jennie Florence MacDonald, ("Mackenzies of Ballone" lists her forename as only "Jean"), born 2 July, 1882, married 11 July, 1906 at Victoria B.C. to James Arthur Armstrong, a principal at Sydney High School, Nova Scotia.
            Their children;

            1. (1-4-6-8-6-1) Margaret Florence Armstrong, born 23 April, 1907.
            2. (1-4-6-8-6-2) Kathleen Murray "Catherine" Armstrong, born 26 November, 1913.
            3. (1-4-6-8-6-3) John Johnstone Armstrong, born 11 November, 1918.

        9. (1-4-6-9) Ann MacDonald born 1836 at Croigarry, Lewis, she died 2 July, 1929. Ann married Roderick Mackenzie, a merchant at "Sugar Loaf", who died less than a year after the wedding.

    5. (1-5) Murdoch MacKenzie, the only mention of this fellow is in the 1798 Militia List, my guess of his birth year is 1762 based on being the youngest sibling.

A few excerpts from the Lochbroom Militia lists

The 1798, and 1825 through 1827 Lochroom Militia lists have been transcribed and and are slowly being annotated onto my website, the following entries look to be relavent to this family;

The 1798 Lochbroom Militia list includes five of the ten listees at Achnahaird as MacKenzies;

The 1825 Lochbroom Militia list includes;

The 1826 Lochbroom Militia list includes;

The 1827 Lochbroom Militia list includes;


  1. Project Gutenberg is a volunteer attempt to digitize all of the world's books. One they have done is "History Of the Mackenzies", by Alexander Mackenzie;

    Alexander tried in the 1870s to trace the descent of all the various branches of the MacKenzie family, the version online is of the 1894 edition. It is usefull to some extent for this chart, especially where it concerns descendants of the MacKenzies of Ballone, but its info must be double checked; there are errors in it where his information contradicts the Parish Register. Though of course even the Parish Clerks made errors as well!

  2. The "Findon Tables" are a series of thirteen large genealogy charts published in 1879 by Major James Dixon MacKenzie of Findon. He credited a large part of the research to his brother Lewis Mark Mackenzie who died before completing the charts. They attempted to show all the lines of descent in the Mackenzie family from earliest time till their day. A massive work, and a great tool for modern genealogists, though containing some errors that with time have become apparant, and in typical Victorian sexist methodology do not show families in birth order, but with males first, followed by females.

    The Mormons have microfilmed the charts, however each chart is broken into many different frames, making it difficult to browse and study. More recently, Clan MacKenzie has reproduced them full size, and makes them available at a fair price. See their page describing the charts and giving ordering information at;

  3. Malcolm Bangor-Jones in an email 9 March 2005 to the SutherlandShire listserve on wrote;

    "There was no close relationship between the Mackenzies of Ardloch and Corry. The Ardloch Mackenzies were closely related to the Earls of Cromartie. They left Achnahaird in the 1720s to take up a wadset on the estate of Assynt."

  4. The 1996 booklet "Historic Assynt" by Malcolm Bangor-Jones ( includes the following paragraph where discussing Ledbeg House (my notes in square brackets);

    "The house at Ledbeg is probably the oldest inhabited house in Assynt. It was built in about 1740 by Alexander Mackenzie of Ardloch who belonged to a branch of the Mackenzies of Cromartie."

    [ that would be Alexander, III of Ardloch ]

    "John Mackenzie of Ardloch, had received a mortgage of more than 10 farms in Assynt from the Mackenzies of Assynt in 1726 and moved to Ledbeg from Achnahaird in Coigach."

    [ that would be John, II of Ardloch ]

  5. Malcolm Bangor-Jones also contributed the chapter "MacKenzies Families of the Barony of Lochbroom" to the book "Peoples & Settlement in North-West Ross" (see footnote 14 below), the info on James MacKenzie "of Achindrean" having dealings with Alexander MacKenzie of Corry comes from Malcolm's section on "The MacKenzies of Keppoch and Kildonan" on page 107.

  6. The Earl of Cromarty while in exile following the 1745 Rebellion wrote a letter of thanks to "Roderic MacKenzie of Akilibuy" and "George MacKenzie of Coigach", see transcription and notes in the file at cromartie.htm

  7. Ann Urquhart of the Ullapool Museum (CONTACT INFO) has sent me an extract of the book "The Prisoners of the '45" (ULM ref:2002-469). The book was published by "Scottish Historical Society" at Edinburgh in 1929 in three volumes, the extract is subtitled "Cromarty's Regiment", though it is noted to also include "a few members of Glengarry's Regiment who were identified as being from the parish of Lochbroom". The extract provides the details on the Earl of Cromartie, his son, Lord MacLeod, and their Coigach Factor, Alexander MacKenzie of Corry, in the chart above. The 1707 birth year for Alexander Mackenzie of Corry is from the info in "Prisoners of the '45".

  8. I have not seen a copy of the 1755 Judicial Rental of the Barony of Coigach myself, but it is referenced by several sources as "E 746/70/77 et seq" (Scottish Records Office number). Note #4 on pages 386 and 387 of the book "Peoples and Settlement in North-West Ross" (see footnote 14 below) in the chapter by the book's editor, John R. Baldwin titled "At the back of the great rock: Crofting and Settlement in Coigach, Lochbroom" discusses testimony regarding early 18th rental of the Forest of Coigach recorded in the Judicial Rental. The note includes the following quote by Alexander Mackenzie of Ardmair who said the Earl of Cromartie about 1725 was in Coigach setting tacks and offered to set the Forest at about £100 Scots yearly;

    "2 gentlemen of the Country, the dec. Alex MacKenzie of Corrie and Aulay McAulay of Auchindrein in odium of each other did raise the same by roup to £31 sterling yearly which was continued to be paid until the year 1745 by Alex McKenzie who was the highest offerer."

  9. Malcolm Bangor-Jones as well as authoring "Historic Assynt" and contributing a chapter to "Peoples & Settlement in North-West Ross" (see footnote 14 below) has also through email and "snail-mail" shared more details on the early history of this family.

    Malcolm has photocopied for me the 1825-7 Militia Lists for Lochbroom, which I excerpt from above where they mention this family. In the collaborative nature of genealogy as a hobby, Alan McKenzie (, editor of the Clan MacKenzie Canada newsletter and Canadian Lieutenant of the copyright holder, the Earl of Cromartie, obtained permission for me to transcribe and annotate them.

    As well as correspondance with Malcolm, I have been in contact with descendants of Coigach Tacksmen who have been struggling to untangle the relationships, notably Joan MacKenzie ( and Sigfrid Tremblay (

  10. Email from Malcolm Bangor-Jones.

  11. "Scotland Farewell, the people of the Hector"
       Author    : Donald Macay
       Published : 1) McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Toronto 1980,
                   2) Natural Heritage/Natural History, Toronto, 1996
       Notes     : The Hector left Lochbroom in 1773 with 189 passengers bound for
                   Nova Scotia; the first large scale emigration to there. Though 
                   not a primary source itsself, especially in Chapter 3 it references 
                   other sources that refer to this Mackenzie family.

  12. Civil Registration of the death of Alexander MacKenzie as 6 November 1864, General Register Office for Scotland ("GROS") Data 075/01/0046 (46th death registered that year in Parish of Lochbroom, excluding District of Coigach). His occupation listed as "Farmer (single)", died at Ullapool aged 80 years, parents as "Roderick McKenzie J.P." and Catharine (maiden surname Scobie), both then deceased, Informant was a neighbour, William Davidson.

  13. Details on the Achnahaird connection to the Assynt Scobies and the background of the Scobie family comes from two sources;

    1. Am Baile has a great website at, they have been digitizing many early Scottish documents there, including a dispute in the 1860s between the government and Ann Hay-Mackenzie, Duchess of Sutherland, landlady of Coigach regarding salmon fishing rights. Fascinating reading! Among the people whose testimony was recorded in preparation for a trial was Alexander MacKenzie, son of Roderick MacKenzie, Tacksman of Achnahaird. As well as giving details useful to the chart above, his words give insight into the lifes lived. Alexander there describes the salmon fishing interests of his father at Achnahaird, and mentions his uncle "Captain Scobie" was involved in that business (earlier testimony, by another Alexander MacKenzie, gives forename of Captain Scobie as "John").

    2. Judy Meibush, (, has been collecting (and sharing) info on the Scobies of Assynt, all of whom seem to descend from Reverand William Scobie, Minister at Assynt from 1728 to 1760. See especially her website, "Scobies of Sutherland" at

      Judy has provided the background on Catherine Scobie who married Roderick MacKenzie. She says Catherine's parents were probably Captain Kenneth Scobie of Achmore and his wife Margaret MacKay, daughter of Robert MacKay Tutor of Farr, a good fit, as Roderick himself was tenant and possibly Tacksman of Achmore till at least 1795. She thinks Roderick's brother-in-law "Captain Scobie" who had salmon fishing business in common was most likely Captain William Scobie of Ardvar. The 1811-12 Sutherland rentals show Captain William to have had extensive salmon interests in Assynt, with half rights to Inver Culaig, and Inverkirkaig. A brother of that William, Captain James Scobie, listed among the creditors in his 1816 bankruputcy "Roderick MacKenzie, Farmer at Achnahaird".

      A brother of Captain Kenneth, Major John Scobie (no Corporals in this family!) was an ancestor of Judy.

  14. "Peoples and Settlement in North West Ross"
       Editor    : John R. Baldwin
       Published : Edinburgh, 1994, by Scottish Society for Northern Studies
       ISBN/ISSN : 0950599484
       Notes     :

  15. Details on the life and death of Alexander Mackenzie come from the census returns, and his death registration.

  16. Details from the inscription on the Flat Stone in Laide Burial Ground commemorating Simon Mackenzie come from a booklet on West Highland cemetery inscriptions by Alastair G Beattie and Margaret H Beattie, published 1987 and reprinted 1997 with minor corrections by the Scottish Genealogy Society, ISBN 0 901061 30 1. The stone at Laide Burial Ground refers to Simon as "late taxman Muckle Greenyard". The booklet says there is an adjacent stone recording the death 28 June 1964 of Jessie Catherine Mackenzie, and her father William Mackenzie in 1913, likely a grand-daughter and son of Simon.

  17. Donald MacLeod in New Zealand (CONTACT INFO), has many Coigach and Assynt ancestors. He has transcribed some information from the death registration of William Mackenzie;

    "my photocopy is not clear, it looks as if the book had been damp at one time or it could just be a bad filming."

    1855 Lochbroom 33.
    MacKenzie, William (Tenant) 68 years
    Born; (L/S)ain(z/y/g)e Parish of Assynt, 63 years in Coigeach
    Died; 28 Feb 1855, 3h AM., Dorney, Influenza, 4 weeks
    Burial Place; Burial Ground of Badinscally
    Informant; Donald McKenzie, Brother
    Parents; Roderick McKenzie Taxman of Achnahaird (Deceased) and
    Catharine McKenzie, Maiden Name Scobie (Deceased)
    Married to; Elizabeth McKenzie, Maiden Name MacGregor
    1 Catharine, 30
    2 Margaret Ann, 28
    3 Susana, 26
    4 Duncan, 24 

    The spelling of the birth place is not clear, Donald searched through other Assynt records and reports;

    "I was reading through the 1st Statistical Account of Assynt (1794) and found this just before the section titled 'Circumference, length and breadth of Assint Parish'. 'The way thence leads... through the farms of Inch-nadaff, Stronchruby, and Laing,...' The last name fits for where William MacKenzie was born. The minister who wrote this used phonetic spelling for Gaelic words (see first page of the account). I think Laing equals Lyne in later maps."

  18. Some details on William and his tenancy at Badentarbat are given in a 1997 broadsheet by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland titled "Achiltibuie The Archaeology of a Crofting Landscape", ISBN 1358-3441

  19. The Lochbroom Parish Register ("Old Parish Register", or "OPR") was partially transcribed and indexed by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latterday Saints ("the Mormons"), that index being searchable on line as part of their International Genealogy Index ("IGI") at

    The IGI Batch number for christenings in the Lochbroom OPR is C110752, marriages as M110752, Source Call No: 0990656, I have photocopies of the pages with all the events mentionned in this chart as many details were not included in the index. The combination of the Mormon's online index and the photocopies makes a powerful research tool.

  20. The IGI Batch number for details extracted from Civil Registration of births in Assynt from 1855 to 1867 is C110441, film call number 6035516. Some listings in this chart have been checked against photocopies of actual Register pages to confirm and extract other details, other listings still need to be checked.

  21. Margaret Cameron (see below at Note 27) has supplied a copy of a letter was sent to her from the Ullapool Museum, it was written by Roderick Mackenzie from Achnahaird to Leckmelm May 30th 1825, and looks then to have been forwarded then 1st June to Dingwall, where the recipient, George Mackenzie, was at court.


    Click thumbnails to see full size images

    A transcription (with some uncertainty) reads;

    Dear Sir

                  Please know that it was
    quite a mistake of Mr Hay ver the ??????
    matter to have named my son Geo.
    from Achd for he had not the smallest
    concern there. When I left that place
    I made it over to John & when he
    went to America he sold his stock
    to Don who is now & since the tenant.
    Perhaps when I could spare Geo. he
    would pas sometime at Strathpollie
    & Achd and I will thank you
    for stating this to the Court &
    till then I remain yours
    Rodk. Mackenzie

    The letter seems to refer to some legal action against the Mackenzies in 1825. Though the family continued as Tacksmen at Achnahaird till 1851 it looks like they suffered quite a finanacial setback in consequence to the court action, their tack being placed under "Sequestration for Rents", a Scottish form of bankruptcy. The following notice was placed in the Inverness Advertiser, edition of 12 May 1826;

    By Warrants of the Sherriff of Ross.

    THERE will be Sold, by Public Roup, on the LANDS of INVERPOLLIE, ACHNAHAIRD, and others, in Coigach, Parish of Lochbroom, on Tuesday the 23d day of May current, in virtue of Warrants of the Sherriff of Ross, the extensive STOCK of SHEEP, CATTLE, and HORSES on these Lands, and now under Sequestration for Rents. Drovers, or persons Stocking their Farms, will find it their interest to attend this Sale, as the Stock is of a superior description.

    Dingwall, 10th May, 1826.

  22. Notes on Donald Cameron's career at Laggan given in the file titled "SKETCHES OF THE PROTESTANT MINISTERS OF BADENOCH SINCE THE REFORMATION." at

    Donald Cameron was a descendant of the McGregor of Roro family, see Interesting that Elizabeth McGregor, wife of Hughina's brother William, was also descended from that family! I have not yet calculated the cousin relationship.

    Some details on Donald Cameron are given in a property listing of the former Manse, "Mullach na Beinne", meaning “Top of the Hill”, built in 1842. It notes he was reputed to be of “most combative disposition” and his stone is in the graveyard along with a number of other local ministers. See

    In 1839 there was a nurse to the family at Laggan, Margaret Gowan, with descendants traced to the present day in Canada, see

  23. Details on the children of Hughina Mackenzie and Donald Cameron come from the Fasti ecclesiæ scoticanæ, see

  24. Details of the years of Tenancy and death of George Mackenzie from the note for Figure 14.70, page 379, in the book "Peoples and Settlement of North-West Ross" (SOURCE). The death date there of 1852 disagrees with a notice Malcolm Bangor-Jones has found;

    "Sequestration of Achnahaird lately occupied by George Mackenzie died May 1850. Eldest son and heir Kenneth Scobie Mackenzie. Sale Nov 1850"

  25. The book, "Cromartie, Highland Life 1650-1914" by Eric Richards and Monica Clough (Cromartie) is based on a massive in depth study of the Cromartie Estate papers. See Chapter 17, "Rebellion at Coigach".

  26. Hugh Campbell, the Tasmanian historian, has provided an article on the Coigach emigration through "the Highlands and Islands Emigration Society", the passenger list, and the hiring list at Tasmania; see corn.htm, mcnab.htm, and hire.htm

  27. Margaret (Muirhead) Cameron in Tasmania (CONTACT INFO) is descended from Margaret McKenzie, a daughter of Susan the matron on the Sir Allan McNab, see Mcnab 524.

    Margaret visited Ullapool with her daughter in 1987 with a clue she found written in an 1813 English Reader passed down in the family, where several people had addresses listed as Achnahaird.

    Notes in that reader include;

    • John Mckenzie Leckmelm 182-
    • Murdock Mackensie * Achnahaird March12 1822
    • James Veitch
    • Alex Mackenzie
    • Murdock Mackensie * Inverniess May 26 1811----
    • Donald Mackensie
    • Miss Margaret Ann Mackensie Achnahaird

    In the same mature hand writing a couple of place names "Langwell" and "Tain" are also written, but the writing is fading.

    The info on Susan's descendants in Australia and New Zealand in the chart above comes from Margaret's research.

  28. NAS02023 E746-91-2-00001

  29. The information on the marriage and children of Ann Mackenzie comes from several sources;

    1. Diane MacKenzie has for years done great research on MacKenzie and MacLennan families, she has a must-see website at

      The note of Ann as "Poetess" and data in the chart where it shows descent from Ann's daughter Georgina Mackenzie comes from Diane's research (some of which clearly based on sources such as "The Mackenzies of Ballone").

    2. Cleadie B. Barnett, (email at, has a homepage at;

      Cleadie writes there;

      "This is the ancestry of my late husband Malcolm, and the records are being placed on line to assist others with a similar ancestry. However, I am only researching the New Brunswick names, and from time to time there may be updates added to these, but not to those from Nova Scotia."

      That page provides much of the detail on descendants of this family that emigrated to Nova Scotia.

      The same information has been submitted to Ancestral File with the following data;

                  Submitter(s):  MALCOLM F. BARNETT
                                 R.R. #3 OROMOCTO, NB 
                                 CANADA E2V 2G3
                     Microfilm:  1394242
                    Submission:  AF83-054961 

      "Ancestral File is a collection of genealogical information taken from Pedigree Charts and Family Group Records submitted to the Family History Department since 1978. The information has not been verified against any official records. Since the information in Ancestral File is contributed, it is the responsibility of those who use the file to verify its accuracy."

    3. See details on "History Of The Mackenzies" above in footnote 1.

    4. Details of christenings and marriages at Dornie and Polbain are from the Lochbroom OPR, see footnote 18 above.

    5. In 1941 Hector Hugh MacKenzie wrote "The Mackenzies of Ballone", correcting some errors, adding a few others, and listing many more descendants of the Ballone family than had been listed in the earlier "History of the Mackenzies". The obvious errors are where he took christening dates in the Lochbroom OPR to be birth dates, and I think he perpetuated an error in accepting the writing of the tombstone of Lieutenant Daniel Mackenzie of Achiltibuie as dead in 1785 at 19 years of age, even though other records show him as Tacksman at Achiltibuie from 1762. (an error likely based on mis-transcription of his faded tombstone. "49" or "79" seem more likely than "19".)

  30. Joan MacKenzie forwarded to the Clan-MacKenzie listserve on Rootsweb the following email dated 25 February 2002 from Diantha States (;

    "I have been at a brick wall with the McKenzie line. The information I have is that my great-grandfather John F. McKenzie was born in Quebec (family record says Richmond) Aug 14, 1829. He died in 1886 in South Dakota. From some census and church records I have determined that his father was Alexander, (born around 1800) died May 1848 in Drummondville. From another source (word of mouth), I am led to believe that Alexander was also born in Canada. This is undocumented. Alexander was married in 1838 to Sarah Duncan and had 5 more sons Roderick, Andew, Norman, Alexander, and Henry. In the church record it stated he was a bachelor and came from St.Francis du Lac. I know nothing more about Alexander."

  31. Société d’histoire de Drummondville, in Drummondville has a large and growing archives of material related to the area, kindly they have provided excerpts from their transcriptions of local registers where MacKenzies are mentionned. Their website is at

  32. The website "Bothwell Family History and Surname Resource Center" ( has a massive database, including the descendants of Roderick Munroe MacKenzie and his wife Anne Jane Elliott, and Roderick's brother Norman Ambrose William MacKenzie, husband of Sara Jane Bothwell, information in this chart on the descendents of those couples comes mainly from that website.

  33. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has a database on their webpage at that confirms Alister's parents, and gives his age, birthplace, unit, and burial place.

  34. Harold Frye has a great website with a massive database at Tingley Descendants. He credits source of his information as "The Tingley Family Revised", a record of the descendants of Samuel Tingley who came to the American colonies from England in the 1600's, an ongoing project started by his mother, a ten volume effort so far through eleven generations. The database on his webpage is an index to all individuals in the first nine volumes who had married, Harold has kindly extracted and emailed me all the info in the books on individuals also in this chart.

  35. Details on Alfreda's husband, children, and grandchildren come from an obituary published 12 December 1998 in the online edition of the Eagle-Tribune newspaper of North Andover, MA. See

  36. The information on Alexanderina MacKay, James Hartigan, and their children, comes from an exchange of emails between Mary Matheson and Mary MacDougall on the Hartigan Family Genealogy Forum in 2001, see;

  37. Details on John MacDonald and his descendants come from the massive database on the website of Richard A. Clark II and his wife Julie Ross Clark titled The Clark Family Reunion. Julie says "the Scots belong to me!". All individuals in the database are listed as "married" or "unmarried", I suspect as more data surfaces some of those listed as "unmarried" will be found to have marriages that were not known when the database was constructed.

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