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There is some early genealogy of this family starting page 107 in Northern notes & queries, Volumes 1-4

Generations leading to the start of Ross of Aldie from the charts opposite page 140 of Northern notes & queries, Volumes 1-4 (numbers in brackets from that chart)

  1. Malcolm, Earl of Ross (1)

    1. Ferquhard Ross (2)

      1. William Ross (3)

        1. William Ross (4)

          1. Hugh Ross (5)

            1. Hugh Ross (8)

              1. William Ross (9)

                1. Walter Ross (10)

                  1. Hugh Ross (11)

                    1. John Ross (12)

                      1. Alexander Ross (13)

                        1. David Ross (14)

                          1. Walter Ross (15)

                            1. Alexander Ross (Legitimated son of Walter) (i)

                              1. John Ross (iii)

                                1. John Ross, I of Aldie (liii) (Top of the chart that follows)

  1. (1) John Ross, I of Aldie, died 17 July, 1654, "SUMTYME PROVEST of TAINE" (M.I.)

    Malcolm Ferguson notes: "John Ferguson, Merchant in Tain (of Balblair) had a daughter Bessie who married John Ros (sic) Burgess in Tain (of Aldie) in 1628. I had found that in the Sasine Records 1606-1660."

    He had Sasine of Aldie from 1628, the farm close to Tain was held by his descendants for 224 years at least until 1852.

    1. (1-1) John Ross, II of Aldie, died sometime before 1700. He married Margaret Ross (daughter of William Ross, himself "son to deceased William Ross, bailie of Tain"(Scottish Antiquary)), and in 1656 was declared heir to his father, in 1657 he was admitted as a Burgess of Tain, as eldest son of his father. Other documents mention him in 1660 and 1661.

      1. (1-1-1) William Ross, III of Aldie, died sometime after he signed an Entail of Aldie, 26 July, 1723.

        That Entail allowed George Mackenzie of the Langwell family (grandson of his daughter Sibilla) to claim Aldie in 1819, and change his surname to "Mackenzie Ross", it is noted in The Scottish Antiquary as;

        Particular Register of Sasines, Inverness, vol. viii. fol. 216.
        Entail of Aldie, under Great Seal, in favour of
        • Simon Ross of Rosehill, son of William Ross of Aldie ; [(1-1-1-3) below]
        • of David Ross, son of William ; [(1-1-1-4) below]
        • of William, son of Hugh Ross of Brealangwell and Elizabeth his wife ; [Elizabeth at (1-1-1-6) below]
        • whom failing, to the other heirs-male of William and Elizabeth Ross ;
        • whom failing, to William, son of John Sutherland of Little Torboll, and the heirs-male of his body ; [Wm Sutherland husband of Ann at (1-1-1-8) below]
        • to the heirs-male of Sibilla Ross, eldest daughter ; [(1-1-1-5) below]
        • whom all failing, to the heirs and assignees whomsoever of the said William Ross of the lands and mill of Aldie.
        Dated at Edinburgh, 26th July 1723.

        In 1682 William had sasine of Aldie, and is mentioned in 1691, in 1700 he was declared heir of his grandfather, John Ross, I of Aldie. He married Sibbila MacKenzie, daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie of Coul, 1st Baronet.
        Their children;

        1. (1-1-1-1) John Ross, died unmarried during the life of his father, "vit. pat." In 1719 a John Ross, younger of Aldie was noted.
        2. (1-1-1-2) Thomas Ross, died unmarried.
        3. (1-1-1-3) Simon Ross of Rosehill, IV of Aldie, died 1750. He married Jane Munro, second daughter of George Munro of Newmore. In 1763 Jane's older sister, Mary Munro of Newmore or "of Culrain" (wife of Gustavus Munro of Culrain), in an entail notes William Ross of Aldie as son of her sister Jane. The entail executed on Mary's death the next year entails her estate to;

          (1) her heirs male, whom failing [she had no sons]
          (2) William Ross of Aldie, son of her sister Jane, [first child named below]
          (3) heirs of her sister Ann, who married Macculloch of Glastullich,
          (4) Robt. Gray, son to deceast George Gray of Skibo by Issobel, her other sister,
          (5) heirs female of each in turn

          Simon and Jane's sons;

          1. (1-1-1-3-1) William Ross, V of Aldie, inherited Aldie on death of his father about 1751. Inherited Newmore 1764 by a 1747 entail made by his uncle Lieut-Colonel John Munro (The brother of his mother Jane Munro and Jane's older sister Mary), and the 1763 entail of his aunt Mary Munro of Newmore and Culrain. William then changed his surname to "Ross Munro". He died 9 December, 1803 without issue, when David Ross, III of Inverchastley, Lord Ankerville, next inherited Newmore (born 1727 to David Ross of Inverchassley, a Law Lord from 1776, died 16 August, 1805, noted in 1786 in "the Great Clan Ross" as holding Aldie). William Ross Munro of Aldie married Margaret, daughter of William Grant of Balnaspardan, Morayshire, "a pious woman." Besides Newmore, William possessed the estates of Balintraid and Balnaga. He is described as " a foolish man," and endless stories regarding his eccentricities are still current in his native parish. He died in 1802, without issue, and was succeeded by his cousin, Charles Ross, advocate, second son of Lord Ankerville (cousins through the Munro of Culrain family.

            See descent of Charles Ross in "History of the Monros of Fowlis"

          2. (1-1-1-3-2) George Ross, died unmarried before 1764
          3. (1-1-1-3-3) Duncan Ross, died unmarried December 1764. When his older brother William inherited Newmore Duncan made claim February 1764 for Aldie as William had given up the surname of Ross to take that Munro estate, but dieng December same year the claim was continued by their cousin, John Middleton Ross, son of their uncle, David Ross. Assuming the justice of his claim, he would have been "VI of Aldie". His wife noted in the trial as Anne Munro.
          4. (1-1-1-3-4) David Ross, “David Ross son of Simon Ross of Aldie deceased” 1751-2 noted as a youth, having uncle another David Ross.
          5. (1-1-1-3-5) Robert Ross, Ensign in Col. Amherst’s Regiment, died unmarried post 1759.

        4. (1-1-1-4) David Ross, had will 1756, proved 1759, was a Doctor at London and Bristol, married Rebecca Middleton, daughter of Dr. John Middleton.
          Their son;

          1. (1-1-1-4-1) John Middleton Ross, died young, made claim for the Aldie estate in 1764 following the death of his cousin Duncan, above. Assuming the justice of his claim, he would have been "VII of Aldie". Presumably had no children to inherit.

        5. (1-1-1-5) Sibilla Ross, noted as eldest daughter in the 1723 Entail of Aldie. The 1748 Judicial Rental of Coigach, NAS E746/1, has Kenneth Mackenzie of Langwell noting his wadset was "Lodged it in the hands of Simon Ross of Aldie, his brother-in-law", my assumption is this Sibilla was wife of Kenneth, as Kenneth's grandson in 1819 assumed the surname Ross, and claimed Aldie by right of Entail. The entail went before Sibilla to her younger sister Elizabeth, possibly because Elizabeth had married another Ross, however an even younger sister, Ann, was also in the entail above Sibilla, though she had married a Sutherland. It is likely Sibilla died young, after birth of at least her son Simon, and that Kenneth remarried to Isobel Mackenzie, daughter of James MK of Keppoch and Kildonan, it is unclear how many of the other five children of Kenneth are from his second wife.

          1. (1-1-1-5-1) Captain Simon Mackenzie, married before 1768 (likely 1767, the year the contract is dated) to Isobel Mackenzie, daughter of George Mackenzie, second of Allangrange, and Margaret Bayne who was herself heiress of the Bayne of Tulloch family. Simon was a Captain of the Fourth Regiment, till he retired as a half pay officer and took up farming at Langwell, he seems to have become the major Mackenzie farmer at Langwell during his father's lifetime, and it is not yet clear if he predeceased his father, regardless, position as head of the Langwell Mackenzie family looks to have passed to his brother Thomas.

            Simon died 1775-6 while his two children were young, they did not follow at Langwell, likely their widowed mother settled elsewhere. Though noted by many genealogists as first of the Mackenzie Ross of Aldie family, Malcolm Bangor-Jones study of property dealings show Simon remained at Langwell, his son George though was tenant of Aldie in 1819 at death of the Hugh Ross of Gladfield and Aldie, and from that date looks to have had the double surname "Mackenzie Ross", a court case in the 1850s notes George had been "heir of entail" of Aldie.

            1. (1-1-1-5-1-1) George Mackenzie-Ross, born 1772, died 27 May, 1850 at Aldie and buried at Tain. He seemed to have lived in the early 1800s in Easter Ross, and was noted as resident tenant of the farm of Aldie in 1819 in the will of Hugh Ross of the old Ross of Aldie family, surname then as "Mackenzie". From 1820 he was referred to as "George Mackenzie Ross of Aldie", a court case in the 1850s notes he had been "heir of entail" of Aldie, some of his descendants kept the double surname, others reverted to simply "Mackenzie".

              George married first to Lilias Mackenzie, a daughter of Captain Alexander Mackenzie of Scatwell. (The following 15 children noted from his three wifes are all noted males first, so likely the birth order might be wrong).
              Their two children;

              1. (1-1-1-5-1-1-1) (son) Mackenzie, died young, I am guessing he died pre 1820 when his father assumed the double surname, "Mackenzie Ross".
              2. (1-1-1-5-1-1-2) (daughter) Mackenzie, died young, I am guessing she died pre 1820 when her father assumed the double surname, "Mackenzie Ross".

              George Mackenzie-Ross married secondly to Catharine Balfour (born 8 April, 1779 as "Katherine" to Rev. George Balfour of Tarbat in Easter Ross and Barbara Rose, died 8 June, 1821 at Tain in Easter Ross).
              Their eight children;

              1. (1-1-1-5-1-1-3) Simon Mackenzie-Ross, born 22 August, 1807 at Tarbat, Ross And Cromarty, Scotland, married Helen Munro-Mackenzie (a daughter of Murdo Munro-Mackenzie of Ardross, seventh of Dundonnel and Christina Ross) but died 5 November, 1852 at Edinburgh without issue. He succeeded to the estate before 8 March, 1852. Not certain, but he was likely last of the family to hold Aldie. He is noted on his father's stone at Tain, the writing unclear seems to have his death at "Aberdeen Gardens near Edinburgh", date quite unclear.
              2. (1-1-1-5-1-1-4) George Balfour Mackenzie-Ross, born 28 May, 1809 at Tarbat By Fearn, Ross And Cromarty, noted by Findon as "in Berbice", that place in Dutch Guiana was for a period governed by the British. He married 18 March, 1862 at St. Patrick's Church, Berbice to Catherine Elizabeth Douglas (daughter of the then late Sholto Douglas, Esq., of the colony of Berbice, she died as a widow June 1898 at St Duthus Place, Tain).
                They had at least one child, 1869 at Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland. (see altimack.htm)
              3. (1-1-1-5-1-1-5) Jane Balfour Mackenzie-Ross, born 1815, noted by Findon as "in India". Her marriage is noted as 26 November, 1839 at Bombay, India, to the Rev. Frederick James Spring, A.M., assistant chaplain of the Bombay establishment. Frederick was born 1814 at St Martins In Field, Middlesex, England, and died 26 November, 1881. In the 1881 census they are at Lowestoft, Suffolk, England with daughter Madeline, Frederick noted as "Vicar Of Corton Suffolk And Oxford".
                They had at least four children in India (see altimack.htm)
              4. (1-1-1-5-1-1-6) John Mackenzie-Ross, noted in the I.G.I. as born 16 January, 1818 at Tarbat By Fearn, Ross And Cromarty, but that birth year conflicts with the next son, either one probably has birth year mistranscribed. He died 27 October, 1823 at Tain.
              5. (1-1-1-5-1-1-7) William Chisholm Mackenzie-Ross, noted in the I.G.I. as born 6 May, 1818 at Tarbat By Fearn, Ross And Cromarty, but that birth year conflicts with the previous son, either one probably has birth year mistranscribed. Noted by Findon as "in Glasgow".
              6. (1-1-1-5-1-1-8) Isabella Balfour Mackenzie-Ross, married 29 October, 1841 at Edinburgh to Thomas Stuart, a Merchant from Belize in central America.
              7. (1-1-1-5-1-1-9) Lilias Mackenzie-Ross, died 1829.
              8. (1-1-1-5-1-1-10) Barbara Rose Mackenzie-Ross, clearly named to honour her maternal grandmother.

              George Mackenzie-Ross married thirdly 18 July, 1822 at Tain to Susan Agnes Eleanora Dunlop, (born 30 May, 1796 to John Dunlop of Markham, who was himself a son of Dunlop of Dunlop, she died December 1873 at Glen Kenikola, Otago, N.Z. "the residence of her son, Captain F. A. W. Mackenzie")
              Their five children;

              1. (1-1-1-5-1-1-11) Francis Andrew Wallace Mackenzie-Ross, born 12 or 13 October, 1824 at Tarral, Tarbat, Ross and Cromarty, died 5 December, 1892 at his home, "Glenkenich Station", at Tapanui, New Zealand. At least by time of arrival in New Zealand he seems to have reverted the family surname to simply "Mackenzie". From 1844 he served in East India Company regiment, rising from Ensign to Captain, a rank he continued to use as a honorific the rest of his life. After India he was a short time at Australia, where he married his first cousin (through their mothers), Catherine Flora Dundas Robertson (born 9 April, 1830 at Ahmednuggur, Poonah, India, to Henry Dundas Robertson and Jemima Vans Dunlop, died 15 September, 1902 at Picton, N.Z.), then in 1856 moved on to Wellington in N.Z.

                The Captain as well as being a pioneer of Otago was a politician, serving at times on the Clutha County Council, the House of Representatives, and the Provincial Council of Otago.
                He and Catherine had ten children (see altimack.htm)

              2. (1-1-1-5-1-1-12) John Robert Henry Mackenzie-Ross, born 13 April, 1826 at Tarbat By Fearn, Ross And Cromarty, died unmarried, though noted as no known children, he was involved in a 1901 court case in N.Z. with on his side "Ernest Denison Mackenzie", who is noted above as a first cousin that married one of John Robert's nieces.
              3. (1-1-1-5-1-1-13) Rachel Keith Mackenzie-Ross, born 20 August, 1831 at Logie-Easter, Ross And Cromarty died 18 August, 1898 at Wellington, N.Z. In the 1841 census at Tain as "Rachel McKenzie". She married firstly 11 April 1855, at Hopkins River, Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia to Robert Stuart ("Stewart" in some records) with two children and five grandchildren noted (see altimack.htm)

                Widowed, Rachel Keith Mackenzie-Ross married secondly 7 February, 1889 at Wellington, to Alfred Jackson, of Wellington, New Zealand. Alfred was born in Nottinghamshire, and died at their family home at Welligton 22 July, 1901, he had been a bank manager most of his life. They had two daughters (see altimack.htm)

              4. (1-1-1-5-1-1-14) Anthony Mackenzie-Ross, died 1831.
              5. (1-1-1-5-1-1-15) Anthony Mackenzie-Ross born 17 July, 1834 at "Logie" (likely the Parish of Logie Easter), died 29 April, 1882, at Wollongoon, N.Z., married 1865 in Victoria, Australia to Grace Beveridge Murdoch (born 24 April, 1846 at Richmond, Tasmania to James Beveridge Murdoch and Frances D'bruton Or De Bruton Robertson, died 6 August, 1919 at Camperdown). In the 1841 census at Tain as "Anthony McKenzie", he and his family are noted on their stones at Mortlake, Victoria, Australia with surname as "MacKenzie".
                They had children eight chidren and grandchildren traced in Australia.

            2. (1-1-1-5-1-2) Margaret Mackenzie, married Lieutenant McIntosh, Findon notes there was issue, but does not name them.

          2. (1-1-1-5-2) Thomas Mackenzie, IV of Langwell, born 1743, died 13 February, 1825 at Langwell. His wife was Catherine Robertson, thought to be daughter of Alexander Robertson of Polchorrie in Lochbroom, her mother Margaret MacAulay thought to be a daughter of the Tacksman Aulay MacAulay (had Achindrean by Langwell) and Marjory MacKintosh (sister of two Chiefs of her Clan, ancestry traced back at least sixteen generations).

            Previous genealogists and historians had charted Thomas as "III of Langwell", his descent has been well researched by his descendants, with nine children and descendants scattered through many countries. (see altimack.htm)

          3. (1-1-1-5-3) Kenneth Mackenzie, a baker at Tain, married, issue if any not charted.
          4. (1-1-1-5-4) Murdoch Mackenzie, married a granddaughter of Mackenzie of Fisherfield.
          5. (1-1-1-5-5) (daughter) Mackenzie, married (?) Munro at Ullapool.
          6. (1-1-1-5-6) (daughter) Mackenzie, married (?) MacLeod.

        6. (1-1-1-6) Elizabeth Ross, married 1725 as second wife to Hugh Ross, I of Braelangwell, (younger son of William Ross, 5th of Invercharron), the estate of Aldie eventually settled on the sons of this marriage, as per the 1723 entail, which put her and her heirs before her older sister, Sibilla.
          Children of Elizabeth and Hugh;

          1. (1-1-1-6-1) William Ross, born 1725. Given the wording with his mother Elizabeth, "the estate of Aldie eventually settled on the sons of this marriage" William must have been "VII of Aldie", and seeing his nephew Hugh was later "of Aldie" presumably William had no children to inherit.
          2. (1-1-1-6-2) Simon Ross of Gladfield, before 1758 “son of Hugh, commonly called of Braelangwell”, married 1766 to Anne Munro (daughter of William Munro, III of Achany). Given the wording with his mother Elizabeth, "the estate of Aldie eventually settled on the sons of this marriage" Simon must have followed his brother William as "VIII of Aldie".

            1. (1-1-1-6-2-1) Sheila or Sibella Ross, died 13 September, 1816, wife of Mr George Ross, Deputy Collector of Customs, Ullapool (death notice of George 24 June, 1831).

              1. (1-1-1-6-2-1-1) Mary Bailie Ross, noted in 1819 will of her uncle, Hugh Ross of Gladfield and Aldie

            2. (1-1-1-6-2-2) Hugh Ross of Gladfield and Aldie, presumably IX of Aldie, died 15 April, 1819 at Gladfield, married 5 April, 1794 to Mary Baillie without issue. Hugh Ross of Gladfield noted in a 1819 document as husband of “Mrs Mary Baillie or Ross”, Hugh predeceased Mary. From his 1819 will he does not appear to have had any children.

              At death of Hugh in 1819 the estate went to his Widow and trustees, a "Roup" or sale by them was held 13 and 14 April, 1821, followed by a Disposition from them that transferred the estate 4, 22, and 23 June to John Grant, Esq. of FirStall (sp?). Grant then 17 May, 1828 disposes the property to "John Gray Ross Esquire of Gladfield"

              The last will and testament of "Mary Ross, alias Baillie, Relict of Hugh Ross Esquire of Aldie" was registered 9 February, 1838.

            3. (1-1-1-6-2-3) John Gray Ross, Esq. of Gladfield, born about 1774 (67 years old in 1841 census at Inverness, another source suggests born 1792), noted in 1828 and 1832 as of Gladfield, noted as of Strathgarve in 1836 and 1840

              various newspaper reports, 1841 census, etc note;

              • 1785 Barbara Bethune born
              • 1792 J.G. Ross born
              • 1817, 7 June Lieut.-Col. J.G. Ross married Barbara Bethune
              • 1818 John Bethune Ross born
              • 1823 Barbara Ross born to J.G. & Barbara
              • 1828, pre 3 Oct, daughter born to J.G & Barbara
              • 1848, 8 January Barbara, wife of J.G., dies
              • The four identified children of J.G & Barbara were;

                1. John Bethune Ross (above noted born 1818)
                2. Helen Ritchie Ross
                3. Barbara Matthew Ross (above noted born 1823)
                4. Elizabeth Christina Ross
                5. Allan Ritchie Ross (born 1822-1826 according to 1841 census)

              • "Col. Ross, once of Gladfield, afterwards of Strathgarve"

            4. (1-1-1-6-2-4) Georgina Ross, died 18 August, 1814, married 6 January, 1806 as first wife to Rev. John MacDonald (born 1779, died 16 April, 1849).
              Their children;

              1. (1-1-1-6-2-4-1) John Ross, born 16 February, 1807, died 1837, missionary of the Church of Scotland in India
              2. (1-1-1-6-2-4-2) Simon Ross, born 23 September, 1808, died abroad
              3. (1-1-1-6-2-4-3) Margaret Henderson Ross, born 12 August, 1810, married Rev. Duncan Campbell, the Minister of Kiltearn.

            5. (1-1-1-6-2-5) Isabella Ross, noted in the 1819 will of her brother, Hugh Ross of Gladfield, as married to a Mr Crombie (surname might be mistranscribed).
            6. (1-1-1-6-2-6 to 11) 5 other daughters, marriages starting 1780

        7. (1-1-1-7) Alexander Ross, noted as "Sheriff-Clerk of Ross" in his 1739 marriage to Margaret Monro.
        8. (1-1-1-8) Ann Ross, noted as third daughter of William Ross of Aldie, married John Sutherland of Little Torboll

      2. (1-1-2) John Ross, a 1717 sasine notes John as “brother to William Ross, now of Aldie”

    2. (1-2) Andrew Ross, noted in a 1654 sasine as then a student at Tain.Northern notes & queries, Volumes 1-4

David Ross, Lord Ankerville (born 1727, died 16 August, 1805), Judge. Son of David Ross of Inverchasley.

Anne Ross is the daughter of David Ross of Inverchasley, Lord Ankerville. She married John Haldane, 2nd of 
Aberuthven, son of David Haldane, 1st of Aberuthven and Mary Graham.

Elizabeth M. Ross died 15 April, 1818 at Edinburgh, "daughter of the late Lord Ankerville"

ROSS, Margaret Ankerville, of Calcutta, eldest daughter of the late David Ross, of Calcutta, 
eldest son of Lord Ankerville. 

ROSS, Margaret Ankerville, of Calcutta, eldest daughter of the late David Ross, of Calcutta, 
eldest son of Lord Ankerville, married 27th February 1826 to SHONE, Thomas Akers, Lieutenant, 
Royal Artillery. 

Eric, seventh Lord Reay, was, in 1806, elected one of the representative Scots peers. He died, 
unmarried, July 8, 1847, and was succeeded, as eighth Lord Reay, by his brother, Alexander, 
barrack-master at Malta, born in 1775. He married in 1809, Marion, daughter of Colonel Goll, 
military secretary to Warren Hastings, and relict of David Ross, Esq of Calcutta, eldest son 
of the Scottish judge Lord Ankerville

Lord Ankerville, whose marriage contract bears date 7th August 1755, it 

"A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain ... By Bernard Burke"
contains descent of Ross of Invercharron

David Ross, Lord Ankerville, married Margaret, daughter of Cochrane of Revalrig

Mary-Ann Ross, daughter of David Ross, I of Invercassley, married Charles Munro of Culrain, 
her brother was David Ross, Lord Ankerville.

CHARLES Ross, advocate, second son of Lord Ankerville, succeeded to the estate of

David Ross, third of Invercassley, then known as Lord Ankerville,

ROSS, Marian, spinster, 2nd daughter of the late David Ross, of Calcutta, married 27th November 
1828 to ROBERTS, John Cranmer, bachelor, Captain, Army, and ADC to Major-General Hon.Fredeick 
C.Ponsonby, the Lieutenant-Governor of Malta, 3rd son of John Cranmer Roberts Esq., of Callimount, 
Kildare, Ireland, and Glassonbury House, Kensington, London.

Lady Aldie,(a Widow?) noted in a 1757 invoice as at Balnagal, daughter of a John Ross, Merchant at Tain

1761 Mary Munro, Lady Aldie

Bracker, Frederick John Henry (1798? - 1870) Biographical Entry ... 
In 1843 Bracker married Grace, daughter of Neil Ross of Gladfield, at St John's Church of
England, Brisbane. He was naturalized in June 1850

People > Births
Ross, Mrs MacKenzie, of Aldie, parish of Tain, Ross-shire, son
Inverness Journal Friday, October 15, 1824

George MacKenzie Ross, Esq., of Aldie, noted 1820, 1823, 1824

New Statistical Account of Scotland for Tain 1837 has George Mackenzie Ross of Aldie 
then resident in the Parish

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