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The Purpose of These Pages

These pages are meant to be a resource for anybody researching the Coffin families regardless of where or connected to anybody else.  They are not meant to be a collection of my personal family.  Please submit families, records and puzzles!  Anything on these pages can be linked back to the people interested in researching various and particular families.

Please feel free to use the information from these pages in your personal research, that is the purpose of this Resource Center.  Once again, I hope you will submit corrections you feel should be made, additional information, families of married Coffin daughters, Coffins not yet linked to this family, and everything else you would like to see added to aid in research. 

This was the very first genealogy line that I pursued so some of the work was done when I was a young 18 year old.  Unfortunatly, I suffered from the folly of youth and thought I would remember everything forever resulting in very poor notes.  Please forgive the error of my youth and hopefully with time, better notes can be obtained.

Coffin, Coffan, Coffen, Coffon, Coffyn, Coffins, Coffens, Cofin, Cofen, Cofon, Coffeen, Cofeen, Coffing, Cofing, Coffine, Cofine, Coffene, Cofene
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