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1860 Census Records

Boone, Illinois

Flora Township 14
J. COUGHFIN (COFFIN) 41/NY living with the HOUGHTALING Family.
Flora Township 48
William COFFIN 28/NY
Maria RYDER 25/NY/widow (Maria SAGER md. Sam RYDER 2 Sep 1857)
A. D. RYDER  1/m/IL
Emmeret  2/f/IL
Fred BRUM  26/m/Germany
Flora Township 51
Miles COFFIN 35/NY
Sarah 30/NY (Miles COFFIN and Sarah ROBINSON md. 6 Nov 1859)
Flora Township 106
S. J. 32/wife/NY
Emeline 3/IL
William COFFIN  22/Ire.
Belvidere Township1130
William COFFIN 27/Ire
Eliza 20 Ire
W. J. 2/m/IL
Joseph 1/m/IL
Ellen ELMONSON 60/Ire (Ellen ALVERSON)
596/ Belvidere
Julia Ann AINSWORTH  48/widow/NY (David M. SWAIN 23 Jan 1868)
Mary C.  22/PA
Emily  17/PA (md. George W. COFFIN)
George 16/PA
Julia Ann 13/IA 
S. E. 10/f/IA
Champaign, Illinois
938/908/ COFFIN Family
Elizabeth 36/OH
Adiline 16/IN
Lwellen 13/m/IN
Thomas 10/NC
Charles 8/IN
Flora 5/IN (md. Reed RICE)
Marthe PECK 28/CT/School Teacher
944/914 COFFIN Family
George 25/IN
Sally 22/PA
Alice 1/IL
William COLFFINS 12/IN
Henery HESLER 25/Farm Laborer/Saxony
John J. HESS 27/Farm Laborer/ Wuttemburg
1045/1015 COLE Family
Franklin 35/NY
Cornelia 29/NY
Mary 8/Mich
William 5/Mich
Frank 2/Mich
Martha WILLSON 17/Domestic/Wisc
David COLE 33/Farm Laborer/NY
John MARSHALL 22/Farm Loabrer/NY
William BOYD 20/Farm Laborer/IN
Wellington COFFIN 35/Farmer/NY
1961/19912  COFFEEN Family
Michal D. 47/NY
Helen M. 29/IN (Helen M. LYONS)
Benjimin 15/IL
Mary 13/IL
Ellen 5/IL
William 8/IL
Ida 4/IL
Dolly 2/IL
Donna GASTON 70/NY
Sarah LYONS 58/SC
Sarah CUSICK 19/OH/Domestic
Patrick JUDD 22/Canada/Farm Laborer
2346/2275  RILEY Family
Garrett 47/OH/Baptist Preacher
Bethria 48/KY
Mirinda 16/m/IL
Garrett 8/IL
Rossilla 12/OH
Martin A. COFFIN  25/IL/Rancher
2503/2433  COFFIN Family
Mary  46/Ireland
Robert  22/Ireland
Philip  21/Ireland
Delia  14/NY
Hiram  12/NY
Sarah  9/NY
Coles, Illinois
220/29/1516/Charleston Township/  COFFIN Family
Oliver  20/m/IN/Gardner
Nancy C.  21/f/KY
Jesse M.  8months/m/IL
9/7/70/East Oakland Township  COFFIN Family
F. R. 31/m/KY/Dry Goods Merchant 50,70, 80,
Helen  24/f/IL (Helen BURR)
Carl  5/m/IL
Alice  2/f/IL (Alice M. to Elbert E. HOWELL)
Delia  5 months/f/IL
The remaining are from the BURSON Family:
J. W. 55/f/NY/Domestic
Caroline  18/f/IL
Mary  15/f/IL
John W. 15/m/IL

105/18/729/ BURR Family
L. C. 29/m/IL
Rebecca  19/f/IL
Leulla  1/f/IL

DeKalb, Illinois
MOORE Family
Emory  52/m/MA
Phebe  38/f/NY (Phebe Ann COFFIN)
Jonathan F.  20/m/IL (Elizabeth FOTHERGILL)
Marcellus  10/m/IL
William P.  6/m/IL
Julia  5/f/IL
Gideon  10months/IL
Gideon  91/m/MA
Clarissa 48/f/MA
Hiram E.  40/NY
Mary A.  24/NY (Althean Mary Decker)
Jerome A.  5/IL
Ora E.  3/m/IL
Sally COFFIN  67/VT/nurse living with the William A. Collier family.  (Hiram's mother, wife of William COFFIN)

DuPage, Illinois

1074/1121  Winfield Township  GRANT Family
John R.  40/NY
Betsy P.  42/Vermont
Frances  10/f/IL
Edward COFFIN 20/m/NY/Lab. (Edward B. to Olivia E. BRANCH
Susan BARTHOLOMEW  13/f/IL/Dom.
280/300/Naperville Township/  BRANCH Family
Hiram 58/m/Vermont
Mary A.  52/f/Vermont
Royal  23/f/IL
Olivia  14/f/IL  (Olivia E. md. Edward B. COFFIN)
2234/2288  York Township  FULLER Family
David 35/NY
Cath'ne  27/Bavaria (Catherine BOLANDER 7 Apr 1852)
Angelina  6/f/IL  (md. George W. COFFIN)
Chas. 4/m/IL
2204/2254  York Township  DAVIS Family
Chas.  29/NY
Emeline  22/NY (md. Meryo C. COFFIN)
Margt.  3/f/IL
1730/1753  Milton Township  ACKERMAN Family
Alonzo 22/m/IL
Mary 20/f/Germany  (Mary COFFIN)
Mary  7months/IL
Kane, Illinois
88/639 SPEAR Family
G. A. 27/m/MA
(Seland) 29/f/OH
Henry H. 6/m/IL
Frank H. 4/m/IN
Jane R. 21/f/IL
Wm. W. BAXTER 44/m/MA
Amelia COFFIN 16/f/IN
336/2487  COFFIN Family
Henry  31/m/ME
Lizzie 27/f/
George 9/m/IL
Frank 2/m/IL
Alice MARTIN  15/f/PA
662/4413  COFFIN Family
William  35/ME
Mary  32/IL (Mary Elizabeth LOCKWOOD)
Lockwood  12/m/IL
William  10/m/IL
Mary E.  5/f/IL
Chs. 2/m/IL
Kankakee, Illinois
1402/1341  Sumner Township  COFFIN Family
Thompkins 35/farmer/NY
Jane L.  35/wife/NY
Adelia  11/NY
Sibell J.  9/NY
Benjamin  7/NY
Abraham  3/IL
2232/2141  Rockville Township  WARD Family
Caleb D.  29/Farmer/NY
Ann M.  30 NY
Jas. M. COFFIN 50 farmer MA
Emily COFFIN  39/f/MA
Ann COFFIN 17/NY (Ann Joy md. Luke T. DICKERSON)
Albert MEYERS  19/Laborer/Germany
Kendall, Illinois
1919/ Oswego/COFFIN Family
Frederick  43/NY
Maria (RHINES) 40/NY
Alice M.  20/NY md. John VAN DORSTON
Eliza  16/NY md. Charles A. DAVIS
William H.  10/NY md. Henrietta CLARK
Charles Henry  4/NY (5-11-1856)

1954/Oswego, Kendall, IL/DAVIS Family:
Ezekiel, S.  35/PA
Almira  32/PA 
Didama 12/f/PA md. Edwin A. CARPENTER 12 Dec 1870
Charles 11/m/IL md. Lizzie A. COFFIN 22 Dec 1864
Harriet 9/IL
Ezekiel, Jr.  7/m/IL md. Bessie COOPER  25 Oct 1876
Henry  5/m/IL  md Josephine HATHAWAY  24 Dec 1872
Jane 1/f/IL

Montgomery, Illinois

1392/1415 COFFIN Family
Gustavus F.  40/NY
Delia  34/NY
Clotilda  10/NY
Mary  5/NY
Fred'k  1/IL
James WOOD 22/UN
Fred A. GAGE  16/NY
Elizabeth BOOKER  17/IL
Civilian PHELPS  26/NY

Morgan, Illinois

170/165  COFFIN Family
Charles  54/MA
Anna  39/NY (Anna L. POND1848)
Mary  22/IL (md. Elias C. CALL
Sarah  20/IL 
Susan  16/IL (md. John RAHN)
Hannah  14/IL
Ann  11/IL
Harriet  8/IL
Charles  5/IL
Jerome  3/IL
John ADAMS  40/laborer/Gr.
Geo. HOFFMAN  19/laborer/Ir
Theodore Cristeben  18/laborer/Gr
Ogle, Illinois
Buffalo Township 
Warrin COFFIN 25/m/NY living with the E. J. SANBORNE family.
2326/2225  Buffalo Township  COFFIN Family
John 49/NY
Clarissa 49/f/NY
Warrin  27/m/NY
Clark  25/m/NY
John  22/m/NY
Almira  16/f/NY
Hiriam  14/m/NY
Timothy  11/m/NY
Electa  8/f/NY (Electra C. COFFIN md James W. Strock)
Mary  7/m/NY
681/2354/2252  Buffalo Township  MASON Family has:
Edward COFFIN 34/m/NY
689/3422/2319  Buffalo Township has Mary COFFIN 32/f/NY living with the Edward HELM family.
690/2430/2327 Buffalo Township has Augusta COFFIN living with the SARTWOOD Family.
2437/2335  Buffalo Township has Ella COFFIN 8/NY living with the Henry HILL Family
2444/2342 Buffalo has Hepsy COFFIN 4/f/NY living with the T. P. GARDNER family.
2453/2351 Buffalo has John COFFIN 2/m/NY living with the John J. THOMPSON family.
707/2545/2450 Buffalo shows this COFFIN Family:
Edward  34/m/NY
Mary J.  32/f/VT
Augusta  12/f/NY
Ella  8/f/NY  (Ella md. Amos A. JOHNSON)
Hepsa  4/f/IL
John  2/m/IL
These children and their parents were each were also numbered with other families in the county.
3103/3003  Bookville Township has this LOCKWOOD Family:
William  30/NY
Clarenda  25/NY
Alice  3/f/IL
Anna L.  1/f/IL
Lewis COFFIN  25/m/NY 
Sarah A. COFFIN  23/f/NY (Sarah WOODRUFF)
3900/3790  CLEVELAND Family:
John K.  39/m/VT
Antonette  36/f/VT
John C.  10/m/VT
Kate A.  1/f/IL
John H. COFFIN 23/m/NY
Clarke S. COFFIN 25/m/NY

Piatt, Illinois

232/Goosecreek   COFFIN Family:
Geo.  35/m/IN (George COFFEEN to Mary NASELROD)
     Mary  18/f/IN
     Sadora  11/f/IA
233/Goosecreek  COFFIN Family: 
Nancy  65/f/NC
     John  25/m/TN
     Zanley A.  17/f/IN

Peleg Coffin Relations

419/Sangamon  COFFIN Family:
Peleg  46/m/NY
     R. A.  38/f/NY (Roxy A. WRIGHT)
     James B. 20/m/OH (James Burten md. Nancy S. ARGO, Isalina BENNETT)
     Nancy J.  15/f/OH (Nancy J. md George W. HINSHAW)
     G. W.  12/m/OH (George)
     E.  6/f/IL (Emerilie/Emma) 
     F. M.  2/m/IL (Frances Marion md Cynthia H. HUGHES)
also with them:
   Truman WRIGHT  75/m/MA
420/Sangamon  WRIGHT Family:
     Frederick  38/m/NY
     Rachel  39/f/OH
     Elnora  10/f/IL (md Albert Trueblood)
     William  8/m/IL
     Mary J.  2/f/IL
     Frederick A.  9 months/M/IL
418/Sangamon  HANNAH Family:
     Hugh V.  59/m/VA
     Rebecca  54/f/VA
     T. H.  20/m/OH
     Hugh V.  17/m/OH
417/Sangamon  ARGO Family:
     John 67/m/PA 
     Solomon  29/m/OH  (md. Mary J. SKILLING)
     Hannah  29/f/OH  (md. Hiram STOFLER)
     Alexander  23/m/OH  (md. Amanda Jane VanGRUNDY)
     Eveline  21/f/IL  (md. Christian McCLOUGHEN)
    Nancy  18/f/IL  (md. James B. COFFIN)
415/Sangamon STOTLER 
     Hiram 23/m/OH  (md. Hannah ARGO)
     John HOOVER 27/m/OH

Nelson G. Coffin Relations

  614/Monticello: H. G. COFFIN  39/m/NC He was living with  the Samuel HALTEMAN/HATTEMAN family.  H. G. is really Nelson G. COFFIN and is the father of Eugene COFFIN.
704/Monticello  JOHNSON Family
    J. C.  40/m/RI
     R. A. M.  40/f/RI
     H. J.  18/f/IN
     T.  16/f/IL
     F.  13/m/IL
     W.  11/m/IL
     J.  11/f/IL
     G.  5/m/IL
     M. A.  1/f/IL
     G. T. 32/m/RI
also with them:
E. COFFIN  6/m/IN (Eugene, son of Nelson G. COFFIN and Phebe Johnson) 

Berkley Coffin Relations

897/Bement  COFFIN
B.  40/m/NC (Berkley)
    Elizabeth  24/f/IN (md. Elesbury QUICK 1865)
Wm.  18/m/IN (William D. md. Mary HOLTZ)
Berkley  8/m/IN (md. Margaret MAGUIRE, . Almina GESSNER)
Willie  3/m/IN
Perry  1/m/IL 
     Samuels Z.  26/m/KY
917/Bement/ Quick Family
Smith  42/m/NY
Mahala  37/f/OH
Isaiah  20/m/IN (md. Frances PICKENS)
Ellsbery  18/m/IN (md. Mrs. Elizabeth COFFIN)
Charlotte  14/f/IN 
Isabelle  11/f/IN  (md. George W. POOLE)
Mary E.  8/f/IN  (Mary Eliza md. John ELLARS)
Frances  5/f/IL

Jasper 3/m/IL (Jasper Newton md. Eliza MONTAG)
Sangamon, Illinois
Springfield pg 133
C. I. COFFIN 40/f/NY living with the Edward B. PEASE family.

Vermilion, Illinois

2546/2564  Pilot Township   COFFIN Family
Huddings  31/OH (given name unclear)
Catharine  28/OH
Nancy  8/OH
Sarah A. 5/OH
John  3/OH
Drussilla  1/OH


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