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A Photograph Album Spanning 130 Years

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This page last updated on 3 September 2000

The photographs are roughly in order by date. 


mohouse.jpg (92770 bytes)

Mohney home, built in 1824, by Johannes (John) Mohney in Redbank Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania.. It was later known as the Brinker Homestead because it became the home of John's daughter, Sarah Mohney and her husband, Jacob Brinker, Jr..

This is, of course a recent (1970's) photo.  The house has since been razed.


Wisconsin farm.jpg (56184 bytes)

The Wisconsin farm of David Avery Moore and birthplace of Edith Marsten Foss

 Time of photograph is about 1885.

On the fence, front to back:

The wife and child of Frank Moore (names unknown)

Georgia Sweet Moore, wife of John Moore, with son, Will

Standing beside the horse and wagon, Frank Moore

In front of the home, from left to right:

John Moore and his son, Russell

Mary Elizabeth Snow Moore

David Avery Moore

Sadie Moore Robertson



alonzokennedy.jpg (34279 bytes)

John Alonzo Kennedy, 1870


fredcrane.jpg (42044 bytes)

Fred J. Crane, about 1872


orinwlamb.jpg (138939 bytes)

Orin Wheeler Lamb, 1873



whfoss1875.jpg (93430 bytes)

  William Henry Foss, 1875


elizbethmohneyshick.jpg (28273 bytes)

Elizabeth Mohney

circa 1875

image courtesy of Clarence R. Shirey


jacobshick.jpg (22769 bytes)

Jacob Shick

circa 1875

image courtesy of Clarence R. Shirey


mohneyclan.jpg (292394 bytes)

Seated in the foreground, David Mohney and his wife, Elizabeth Emhoff.

Standing in the doorway, William Bigler Mohney and his wife, Mary Magdaline MacLaughlin.

About 1880.



annbutlerfoss.jpg (119469 bytes)

Ann Elizabeth Butler, center, about 1880.  

orinwheelerlamb.jpg (30114 bytes)

Orin Wheeler Lamb about 1895.

evalamb1895.jpg (207244 bytes)

Eva Lucille Lamb



olivegilbertlamb.jpg (118286 bytes)

Olive Elena Gilbert at age 48 in 1898.


wedding 1899.jpg (36214 bytes)

John Alonzo Kennedy, jr. and Eva Lucille Lamb

Wedding photograph

10 October 1899


MaryMagdeline.jpg (40681 bytes)

Mary Magdaline MacLaughlin about 1900.


doralamb.jpg (65475 bytes)

Dora Lamb

About 1905


baseball1905.jpg (119231 bytes)

Baseball in Oakland, Kansas, about 1905.  

Edith Marsten Foss and William Burr Mohney.


WilliamBurrMohney.jpg (106684 bytes)

William Burr Mohney, seated, and friend, Al Young.

About 1910.



wedding 1911.jpg (265555 bytes)

Edith Marsten Foss and William Burr Mohney.

Wedding photograph, 1911.



hirammohney.jpg (44096 bytes)

Hiram Mohney and Winnifred May Kearney in 1913


wedding1913.jpg (88916 bytes)

Stella Stefanowicz and Frank Garbarczyk

Wedding photograph, 1913


grandmotherfoss.jpg (52684 bytes)

Mary Edna Foss and Robert Burr Mohney in 1914.

MargaretandMother.jpg (94559 bytes)

Margurite Catherine Larkin and her daughter, Margaret Evelyn Lamb in 1914.

Polish Kin.jpg (58312 bytes)

Antoni Garbarczyk


Photograph sent to his brother, Frank Garbarczyk,  from Poland


earlybeefcake.jpg (81466 bytes)

John Garbarczyk, left, and two friends about 1933.

grandparents.jpg (62645 bytes)

Orin Wheeler Lamb and Hattie Leachman Sullinger



wedding1936.jpg (46747 bytes)

  Robert Burr Mohney and Margaret Evelyn Lamb. 

25 December 1938

 Best man, far left, Harvey Shoulton, maid of honor, Helene Mohney.


charlieceil.jpg (41035 bytes)

Charles Harold Schneck and Cecilia Garbarczyk


Edith & children.jpg (67466 bytes)

Edith Helene Mohney, William Merrill Mohney, and Edith Foss Mohney

about 1940


mesauntuncle.jpg (32101 bytes)

Florence Irene Knight and William Merrill Mohney with niece, Martha Eve Mohney, 1942.


schneckpicnic42.jpg (395943 bytes)

Standing row:  unknown, unknown, unknown, Leah Bennett Windsor, Unknown, Maude Bennett Cooknell, Elizabeth Beech Bennett, Bertha Bennett Schneck, Unknown, Elsie Bennett Naylor

Center:  Edward Windsor, unknown

Kneeling foreground: Unknown, Charles Harold Schneck, Jr., Viola Windsor, unknown child, unknown young boy, June Windsor (baby), Cecilia Garbarczyk Schneck, Richard Charles Schneck (with baseball glove), unknown boy, Marge Windsor, Harry Windsor (Viola's husband), Albert Naylor (Elsie's husband), Charles Harold Schneck, Sr.

Photo taken at the Cooknell Farm in Ewing Township, 1942


AlexandEleanor.jpg (43683 bytes)

Alexander Garbarczyk and Eleanor Nierer about 1943.

ceilandhelen.jpg (58904 bytes)


Helen Garbarczyk, left, Cecilia Garbarczyk, right.

About 1943.


Virgepaulinefreind.jpg (52087 bytes)


Virge Garbarczyk, left, Pauline Garbarczyk, right, and friend, Helen Brock in the center.

Photo about 1943.


virgeandjoerauthwed.jpg (50630 bytes)

Virge Garbarczyk and Joseph Rauth


walter.jpg (39015 bytes)


Walter Garbarczyk about 1944.



virgeandjoerauth.jpg (53323 bytes)

Virge Garbarczyk and Joseph Rauth about 1945.


Goheen Mohney wedding.jpg (88430 bytes)

Edith Helene Mohney and Leo Carl Goheen

29 August 1949


alwinniesmithinez.jpg (76991 bytes)

From left to right:

 Inez Sullinger Scholten, Albert S. Smith, and Winnefred Sullinger Smith

About 1950


merrillsfamily.jpg (335394 bytes)

William Merrill Mohney's Family

from left to right:

William Merrill Mohney, Jr., Richard Duane Mohney, Florence Irene Mohney, Karen Lee Mohney, William Merrill Mohney

About 1960


family.jpg (73679 bytes)

  Robert Burr Mohney and Maurice Meadows, 1961.

Their children:  Jennifer Ann Mohney, front left; Melinda Mohney, center front; James William Mohney, center rear.

Martha Eve Mohney and Robert Burr Mohney, Jr., from prior marriage, at left and right rear.


richardmartha.jpg (33501 bytes)

Richard Schneck and Martha Eve Mohney

8 May 1965


Bobnwilma.jpg (279392 bytes)

Robert Burr Mohney and Wilma Brown Seay

about 1970



charlenewedding.jpg (12744 bytes)

Edward Harcar, Charlene Schneck, and Charles Harold Schneck

6 May 1972


clintmarygoheenmay2276.jpg (167614 bytes)

Clinton Carl Goheen and Mary Lee Blatcher

22 May 1976


RBCarolCherie.jpg (64323 bytes)

Carol Ann Ford, Robert Burr Mohney, Jr., Cherie Mohney

About 1979


JanetandCharlieSchneck.jpg (115561 bytes)

Charles Harold Schneck and Janet Schneck Hutton

22 June 1986



SixGarbarczyks.jpg (99616 bytes)


from left to right:

Walter, Virge, Alex, Helen, John, and Pauline.

About 1990.


karenmarvintoni.jpg (73914 bytes)

Toni Merrill Dunlap, Marvin Dunlap, and Karen Mohney

About 1990


mindyswedding.jpg (138190 bytes)

Melinda Mohney and Raife Van Brook Carroll

13 August 1994

from left to right:

Robert Burr Mohney, Wilma Seay Mohney, Raife Van Brook Carroll, Melinda Mohney,  and Melinda's daughters from prior marriage,

 Catherine Elyse Franks and Heidi Kirsten Franks 



crissiemichaelnoble.jpg (104858 bytes)

Michael Anthony Noble and Christine Lynn Harcar

27 April 1996


huffmarch297.jpg (230781 bytes)

Jennifer Helene Goheen and Kenneth Edwin Huff

22 March 1997


Danielamygoheen13sep97.jpg (190013 bytes)

Daniel John Goheen and Amy Sue Aerni

13 September 1997


goheenfamily.jpg (82592 bytes)

Clinton Carl Goheen Family


Top, from left to right:  Mary Blatcher Goheen, Rebecca Goheen, Clinton Carl Goheen

Middle, left to right:  Shannon Goheen, Daniel Goheen, Courtney Cooper, Kenneth Huff

Bottom, left to right (adults):  Debbie Keearns, Amy Aerni Goheen, Jennifer Goheen Huff

bottom, left to right (children):  Michael Goheen, Ian Goheen, Jason Goheen


williamgarbarczyk.jpg (94694 bytes)

William Garbarczyk and Annette Hill

15 July 2000

from left to right:  Michelle Garbarczyk, Anna (a family friend), Annette Hill, William Garbarczyk, Eric Garbarczyk, and Johnny (a family friend).




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