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Elizabeth BLOSSOM
(Ca 1638-1689)


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Nathaniel FITZRANDOLPH 4092

  • Born: 11 Nov 1703, Princeton, Mercer Co., New Jersey, USA 4092

  General Notes:

Nathaniel Fitz Randolph Book of Record[s]
This above mentioned Nathaniel Fitz Randolph is the first
That ever was born at that place now called Prince Town in [New Jersey]
America-he was the youngest son of Benjamin Fitz Randolph and [-?-] (both manuscripts are damaged here)
Was the youngest son of Edward Fitz Randolph-the said Edward [came]
from Notinghamshire in old England to New England when he was a lad
with his parents sometime about the year 1630 and lived at Barnstable.
Said Edward marryed a wife there her maiden name was Blosom (Her parents)
Fled from old England in a time of persecution about the year 1620 they [put]
Into Holland and She was born in Holland and came imediately into New [England]
with her parents-The said Edward, children he had by said wife [is as follows]
Nathaniel born 1647-Hanah born 1649-Mary born 1651-John born 1653
Joseph born 1656-Thomas born 1659-Hope born 1661-Benjamin born 1663.
This record of Edward Fitz Randolph's children is kept at Barnstable New [England]
This above said Edward Fitz Randolph moved from New England to Piscataway
In New Jersey about the year 1668 with all said children excepting Hanah and Mary.
Said Hanah and Mary being maryed staid at said Barnstable-said Edward
[(EFR: and wife--at Piscataway about two miles from New Brunswick)]

Having at the first page said something of said Edward Fitz Randolph
I only add concerning him that he lived untill he was about eighty years old-
And his wife untill she was ninety three years old.--I now go on to say something
About the children of said Edward-mentioned at the first page-now Hanah and Mary
Being maryed in Barnstable in New England-came not with him to Piscataway.
Their families are of the names of Hinkley-Tayler and they are very numerous there-
His other children that came to Piscataway-all marryed and are very numerous-
Their Tribes are those about and in Piscataway Woodbridge and almost throughout
New Jersey-and Several other provinces in America-I only add concerning the
Children of said Edward-That several of them lived to be near ninety years old
But one with another untill about eighty years old - - - - -
I now go on to treat only about the said Benjamin Fitz Randolph, son of said-
Edward Fitz Randolph, he was the youngest child-he was born in New England
In the year 1663 and came to Piscataway in New Jersey about the year 1668-
Was marryed to Sarah Denis in the year 1689. Said wife Sarah departed this life
November the 22nd day: 1732: was buryed at Prince Town-said Benjamin marryed
Again to Margeret Robison May the 14th 1733: said Benjamin departed this life
October the 5th day: 1746: being 83 years and six months old-was buryed at said Prince Town by his first wife Sarah- - - - - - -

I now go on to speak of the children of my said father Benjamin Fitz Randolph
Mentioned in the first and second pages and they are as follows VIZ-
The 1st · Sarah-born at Piscataway April the 14th 1691-She departed this life at 2 weeks old
The 2nd · Grace born at Piscataway January the 25th 1692/3: She departed this life at 12 years old
And was buryed at Prince Town by her mother - - - -
The 3rd · Ruth-born at Piscataway April the 8th 1695
The 4th · Hope-born at Piscataway February the 12th 1696/7: Departed this life in August 1741
The 5th · Benjamin-born at Prince Town April24, 1699. Departed this life January 1753
The 6th · Isaac-born at Princetown April the 10th 1701: Departed this life May the 13th 1750
The 7th · Nathaniel born at Princetown November 11th 1703
The 8th · Grace the 2nd born at Princetown October the 5th 1706
The 9th · Elizabeth born at Princetown December 31-1708: Departhe this life October 4th 1759 on Thursday
The children which said Benjamin had by his second wife Margret as follows
The 1st · Mary born at Princetown April the 4th 1734
The 2nd · Margeret born at Princetown November 7 1736
The aforesaid Margeret 2nd wife to said Benjamin Departed this life 1747

I now proceed to speak of the children of said Benjamin Fitz Randolph
Who are mentioned at the 3rd page and they with their families may be found
At the pages as follows VIZ-

Ruth Fitz Randolph-at page the 5th
Hope Fitz Randolph- at page the 7th
Benjamin Fitz Randolph-at page the 9th
Isaac Fitz Randolph-at page the 11th
Nathaniel Fitz Randolph-at page the 13th
Grace Fitz Randolph at page the 15th
Elizabeth Fitz Randolph at page the 17

Ruth Fitz Randolph born April the 8th 1695
Was maryed to Edward Harrison of Grigs-Town on February 6th 1711/12
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st Sarah Harrison born at Grigs-Town March the 15th 1712/13 (p. 50 continuation)
The 2nd Elizabeth Harrison born at Grigs Town May the 7th 1715 (p. 51 continuation)
The above said Edward Harrison Departed this life November 30th 1715
- - - - -
The above said Ruth marryed again to John Snowden October 4th 1720 (*)
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st Benjamin Snowden born at Philadelpia-August 6th-1721: Departed this life July 19th 1748 (EFR-a pious man)
The 2nd Jedediah Snowden born at Philadelpia-September 21-1724 (**)
The 3rd Isaac Snowden-born at Philadelpia- April the 14th-1732 (***)

(EFR-The 4th Rachael born at Philadelphia January 22 1734/5 and
departed this life the 8th of May 1737 being
two years, three months & sixteen days old
The above Ruth Snowden wife of John Snowden
departed this life September 25, 1780 being Eighty
five years, five months & Eight Days old. N.S.
She was buried at Maidenhead September 27th 1780.
For John Snowden Vide page 32)

*(see page44 and 52-53 for Evan Fitz Randolph's continuation of this line in his transcription)
**(see 41 for Evan Fitz Randolph's continuation of this line in his transcription)
***(see page 42 for Nathaniel's continuation of this grandchild)

Blank page

Hope Fitz Randolph born February the 12th-1696/7
Was maryed to Henry Davis November 27-1718
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st Henry Davis born at Concord (EFR shows Cranberry) Nov 10th 1719: Departed this life
The 2nd Nathan Davis born at Prince Town March 4th-1722/3
The 3rd John Davis born at Mapletown May the 24th-1725: Departed this life
The 4th Isaac Davis born at Mapletown August the 6th-1727
The 5th Elizabeth Davis born at Mapletown July the 22nd 1729
The 6th Sarah Davis born at Mapletown February 15th 1731/2
The 7th Benjamin Davis born at Mapletown April the 3rd 1734: Departed this life

Blank page

Benjamin Fitz Randolph Jr. born at Prince Town April 24th 1699
Was maryed to Elisabeth Pridmore March the 13th 1727/8-
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st Sarah Fitz Randolph born at Princetown November 22nd 1728
The 2nd Ann Fitz Randolph born at Princetown August 15th 1730 (EFR: 1731): Departed this life February [?5th](EFR: 15th) [173?] (EFR: 1731/2)
The 3rd Mary Fitz Randolph born at Cape Fear Dec 29 1732

(The birthdate for Ann Fitz Randolph is definitely 1730 in Nathaniel's ms, but in Evan's transcription it is 1731.)

Blank page

Isaac Fitz Randolph born at Prince Town April the 10th 1701-
Was maryed to Rebekah Seabrook November 28 1728
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st James born October 1st 1730
The 2nd Huldah born March the 31st 1732
The 3rd Daniel born August 11th 1733
The 4th Rhoda born March the 7th 1734/5
The 5th Rebekah born July 14th 1736
The 6th Benjamin born January the 30th 1737/8
The 7th Stephen born July the 13th 1739: Departed this life June the 5th 1763
The 8th Ruth born May the 20th 1741
The 9th born (this line was written as shown---no name no date)

The above said Rebekah Isaac's wife Departed this life March the 25th 1744-
The above said Isaac marryed again to Hanah Lee widdow February 17-1745/6
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st Mary born November 21st 1746
The 2nd Isaac born June 25th 1748
The above said Isaac the father departed this life May the 13th 1750-

(EFR: Isaac Fitz Randolph Junior died October 14, 1804 Sunday
morning at 12 oclock.)

Blank page except for:

is wone of
the m-----

(the handwriting on this page does not appear to be Nathaniel's, though of an old type script)

Nathaniel Fitz Randolph born at Prince Town November 11 1703
Was marryed to Rebekah Mershon October 20th 1729 She was born March 10 [17??] (EFR: 1701/2)
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st Eunice born at Prince Town on Tuesday November the 10th 1730 at one o clock afternoon
The above said Eunice departed this life in Carolina March 28th 1759-
The 2nd Sarah born in Kent County Maryland on Wednesday at 10 C at night April 26 1732
The above said Sarah departed this life at Prince Town April 3rd 1759
The 3rd Ann born at Prince town on Tuesday at 3 in the morning May the 7-1734
The 4th Ruth born on Sunday at 8 C in the morning January the 4th 1735/6-
The 5th Job born at Prince Town at 11 C on Sunday morning November 6-1737
The above said Job dyed of the Smallpox at Prince Town April 11-1760-
The 6th Abigail born at Princetown on Thursday at 10 C in the Evening October 18-1739
The 7th Samuel born at Prince Town on Satterday 1 C afternoon May the 2nd 1741
The 8 Rachel

(continuation of Nathaniel's family on the next page)
The 8th Rachel born at Prince Town on Monday at 8 C in the Evening January 31st 1742/3
The 9th Hanah born at Prince Town January 20 1744/5: Departed this life October 7th 1746
The 10th Hanah the 2nd born at PrinceTown on Monday 12 at night January the 5th 1746/7
The 11th John born at Princetown on Tuesday 2 C afternoon April the 4th 1749-
The 12th Rebekah born at Princetown on Saterday 4 C in the morning January 19th 1750/1-
The 13th Nathaniel Born at Prince Town on Thursday half an hour after six
of the Clock in the Evening in fair weather May the 24th 1753: New Stile
The said Nathaniel Departed this life September the 16th 1757 on Fryday-
The 14th Elisabeth born near Prince Town in my brick house on Tuesday
night about midnight February the 15th 1757: New Stile

The above said Elisabeth Departed this life September 6th 1757--

Grace Fitz Randolph born at Prince Town Oct 5, 1706
Was marryed to Stephen Johnes June the 26-1728
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st Samuel Johnes born at Maidenhead January 18-1729/30: Deceased August 29th: 1736
The 2nd Benjamin Johnes born October 15th-1731: Departed this life August 28th-1736
The 3rd Sarah Johnes born at Maidenhead March the 10th 1733/4-- (see page 59)
The 4th Stephen Johnes Jr born at Maidenhead on Munday 6 C in the morning January 16, 17[??] (EFR: 1737/8) (see page 60)

(EFR ms adds the following:
The 5th Esther born November 26th 1740, died September 28th 1776 (see page 61)
The 6th Daniel born October 5th 1743 (see page 62)
The 7th David born July 7th 1746 (see page 62-64)
The 8th Hannah born September 5th 1748, died August 3 1785 (see page 63)

Said as above Stephen Johnes died
June 18th 1785, aged 85 years 11 months
and 18 days old as also his said Wife
Grace 26th February 1786, Aged 80 years
7 months & 7 days old
and Stephen Johnes was born July 31st 1700 Came to Jersey from Long Island in 1725.)

Blank page

Elisabeth Fitz Randolph born at Prince Town December 31st 1708
Was marryed to Ephraim Maning March the 11th 1730/31-
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st Isaac born March the 18th-1732/3: Departed this life December 8th 1736-
(EFR added: September 6 Daniel Manning was born 1745-)
The 2nd Sarah born at Prince Town December 4-1735: on Thursday at 10 C in the forenoon-

Blank page

John Randolph his hand
and pen

William Jacson Randolph

(these are not the same handwriting as Nathaniel's)

Eunice Fitz Randolph, Daughter of Nathaniel and Rebekah-
Fitz Randolph; was born at Princetown November 10th 1730-
Said Eunice marryed to Gershom Hunt September 4, 1751-
Said Gershom & Eunice moved to North Carolina in June 1752
The issue of said Gershom & Eunice are as follows-VIZ
The 1st Sarah born September 24th 1752 at the Atkin River North Carolina
The above said Sarah Departed this life August 1758 in Carolina
The 2nd Charity born August 8th 1755 at the Atkin River-North Carolina
The 3rd Hanah born at Atkin River February 24th 1759 in the morning

The above said Eunice Hunt Departed this life March 28th 1759-

Blank page

Sarah Fitz Randolph-Daughter of Nathaniel and Rebekah
Fitz Randolph-born at Sasafax (EFR spelling: Sasafrace) River Kent County in
Maryland April 26 1732-
Said Sarah was marryed to Thomas Norris August 1753
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st James Norris born at Prince Town: October 14th 1754 -
-on Munday four of the Clock afternoon
The 2nd Aaron Norris born at Prince Town: July 13th 1756 on Wednesday half an
-hour after Six of the Clock in the morning.
The 3rd Sarah Norris born at Prince Town on Munday at 5 C in the morning March 26th 1759
Said Sarah was a twin The Eldest of them, the other was a Daughter also and said youngest was never named but Departed this life April the 6th 1759 being 11 Days old-

Sarah Norris the wife of Thomas Norris Departed this Life April the 3rd 1759: 5 C morning
Being 26 years & 11 months old-Allowing for the Stile-

Blank page

Ann Fitz Randolph-Daughter of Nathaniel & Rebekah
Fitz Randolph born at Prince Town May 7th 1734-
Said Ann was marryed to Paul Fitz Randolph March 16-1757
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st A Daughter born February 28-1758 Departed this life at about 2 hours old
The 2nd Nathaniel born at Plainfield Essex County: March the 15th 1759
The 3rd Icabud, born at Cross-road Brunswick Corporation July the 29-1760 about sunriseing
On Tuesday-
The 4th Rebekah born in South Brunswick February 26-1762
The 5th Sarah born in South Brunswick on Thursday April 26 1763 at one of the Clock in the morning-
The 6th Frances born in South Brunswick on Sunday 6 C in the evening August 17 1765-(Nathaniel crossed out Sept 8th here and inserted August 17)
The 7th Job born in South Brunswick on Tuesday 11 C at night October 21-1766-
The 8th Ezekiel born in Piscataway on Thursday August 11th-1768 at one oclock afternoon
Ezekiel Randolph Deceased

The 9th Paul born March 8, 1770 at Atkin River in North Carolina
The 10th Joseph born North Carolina September 11-1771
The 11th Ann born North Carolina August 19 1773 December 10th 1773-(Nathaniel crossed out the first date)
The 12th John born in Virginia December 30, 1775-Deceased
The 13th A son not named, Deceased: born at Harriser ferry Lancaster County: Pensylvania

Ruth Fitz Randolph Daughter of Nathaniel & Rebekah Fitz Randolph was born
At Prince Town on Sunday 8 C in the morning January the 4th 1735/6
The above said Ruth marryed to Christopher Skillman February 4-1761
Their issue are as followeth VIZ-
The 1st Mary Skillman born on Satterday January 22nd-1763 at Borden Town in New Jersey-
The 2nd Isaac Skillman born on Tuseday Evening July 24th-1764 at South Brunswick in New Jersey
The 3rd Achsa Skillman born at Prince Town May the 10th 1766
The 4th Rebekah Skillman born at Alexandria October 11th-1767
The 5th Abigail Skillman born at Alexandria February 16th-1770 at 11 C at night
The 6th Sarah Skillman born February 25-1772 in Louden County Virignia
The 7th Permele Skillman, born in Louden-County Virginia in December 1773-
Permele Skillman Departed this Life at about Eighteen Days old

Blank page

Abigail Fitz Randolph Daughter of Nathaniel & Rebekah Fitz Randolph was
Born at Prince Town on Thursday 10 C in the evening October 18 1739
Said Abigail marryed to Thomas Skillman
Their issue as follows VIZ-
The 1st Isaac Skillman born near Grigs Town on Wednesday 11 C morning April 8th 1761
The 2nd Rebekah born near Rocky Hill on Tuesday December 7 1762 at 10 C forenoon
The 3rd Magdelana Skillman born at Frankford August 30l, 1764 four oclock morning on Thursday.

Blank page

Samuel Fitz Randolph Son of Nathaniel & Rebekah Fitz Randolph, born
at Prince Town, on Saterday 1 C afternoon May 2nd 1741-
Said Samuel marryed to Amey Edwards March 6th 1762 Pr the Reverend Mr. Stillman
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st Joseph born in South Brunswick on Saterday 1 C in the morning March 26-1763-
The 2nd Hanah born in South Brunswick on Munday: 4 C afternoon April 15, 1765
The 3rd Samuel born in South Brunswick on Sunday morning 1/2 after 5 C September 27, 1767
The 4th Mary She was born August 2nd 1770 at the Atkin River in North Carolina
The 5th Daniel Randolph born December 16th-1772 in Roan County North Carolina
Said Daniel Randolph died March 23, 1773 With fits as tis said, in Carolina

Blank page

Rachel Fitz Randolph Daughter of Nathaniel & Rebekah Fitz Randolph born
At Prince Town on Munday at 8 in the evening January 31, 1742/3-Said Rachel was marryed
Unto Thomas Wetherill March the 18th-1764 By the Reverend Mr. Isaac Eaton
Their issue as follows-
The 1st Sarah Wetherill born on Tuesday 4 C in the morning January the 8th-1765-
Said Sarah Departed this life on Satterday 3 C afternoon January 26th 1765 being 18 days, 11 hours old
The 2nd Abigail Wetherill born at Cross Roads on Thursday about midnight January 30th 1766-
The 3rd George Wetherill, born at Cross Roads May 25th 1769 at one oclock morning
George Wetherill Departed this Life on Tuesday April 17-1781
The 4th Rebekah Wetherill born at Cross Roads February 25th 1771: About one oclock morning
The 5th Catherine: Ann the 1st born (no other notation)
The 6th Ann the Second: born December 10th-1778
The 7th Sarah born: 11 at night on Saterday January 18th-1783

Blank page

Hanah Fitz Randolph (the 2nd) The Daughter of Nathaniel & Rebekah Fitz Randolph
Born at Prince Town on Munday 12 oclock at night January 5the-1746/7
Said Hanah was marryed unto William Langburn December the 30th-1770 by
The Reverend Mr. Thomas Smith Pastor of the Church in Cranberry-
Their issue are as follows-
(no 1st listed but 2nd looks to be twins)
The 2nd Nathaniel & Stephen born November 9,-1771 on Satterday morning: Nathaniel Died December 3, 1771
The 3rd John Langburn born March 15th-1773 at 1oclock Munday morning Clear Weather: Amboy
The 4th William Langburn Jr born in South Amboy December 26: 1775 half after 11 C morning (Nathaniel crossed out this entire line)
The 4th William Langburn Jr born on Saterday half after 11 C fornoon June 10-1775-
The 5th Rebekah born June 13th 1777 on Fryday
The 6th Elisabeth born May 22 1779 on Saterday 6 oclock afternoon

The 7th Anne Pangburn Born on Thursday September 8th 1781 6 oclock in evening
The 8th Lines Pangburn born south Amboy September 3rd 1783
The 9th Abigail born, Dd February 2, 1786 (born & deceased?)
The 10th Samuel Pangburn, born Westmoreland County State Pennsylvania, March 20th 1788
The 11 James Pangburn born Westmoreland County State Pennsylvania April 2 1790

(EFR: his transcription did not include above children #8-#11)

(Faint scribbles-not Nathaniel's hand-on the rest of the page)
Robt S. Drake Aug. 28th Princeton Farmer Co
Served in War of 1861
In the Round Head Regt. Comp. T and was
Honerably Dischared in 1865
Jesrd S. Treda….

John Fitz Randolph, Son of Nathaniel & Rebekah Fit Randolph, born at
Prince Town on Saterday Tuesday 2 C afternoon April the 4th 1749: old stile-
Said John was marryed unto Elisabeth Vance Daughter of Wm & Mary Vance,
on Thursday February the 9th: 1775-by the Reverend Mr. Thomas Smith, Pastor Cranberry Church
Their issued as Follows-
The 1st Vance Fitz Randolph born December 26th 1775 half after 11 C morning in South Amboy
The 2nd Rebekah Born September the 15th-1778 In South Amboy
The 3rd Sarah Born September 17th 1780 on Munday 1 o Clock after noon in South Amboy
The 4th Job born at 3 oClock Saterday morning March 8th-1783 died April 29,1842 (inserted death date different handwriting from Nathaniel)
The 5 A Daughter not named born January 1st 1786 south Amboy Died three weeks old
The 6 A Daughter not named born July 16th 1687 Westmoreland,Pennsylvania: Died 2 days old
The 7 Samuel Randolph born 14 October 1788, County Westmoreland, State Pennsylvania
Said Samuel departed this life 4 June 1793

Elizabeth Vance born December 1757
In South Amboy New Jersey

8 Elsabeth born October 11th 1791 Westmoreland
9 Nathaniel born 6 July 1794 Alleganie County, Pennsylvania
10 A Son not named born 3rd November 1796 at Elizabeth Town
Said son died suddenly after being born
11 Nansy born March 7th 1798 , Elisabeth Town, Pennsylvania

(EFR transcription did not contain children #5-11)

Rebekah Fitz Randolph-Daughter of Nathaniel & Rebekah Fitz Randolph
Born at Prince Town on Saterday 4oclock morning January 19th-1750/1
Said Rebekah was marryed unto James Perrine March 24th-1771-by
The Reverend Mr. Thomas Smith Pastor of the Church at Cranberry Town
Their issue are as follows VIZ-
The 1st Samuel Perrine, born, about Sun Riseing February 17th : 1772: in Monmouth County
The 2nd Hanah Perine, born, on Wednesday: 5 C July 21st :1773 in South Brunswick
The 3rd Rebekah Perrine: born on Tuesday 9 C Evening June 13th-1775 in South Brunswick
The 4th & 5th Catherine & Rachel, Twins, born October 19th-1776: About Noon: South Brunswick
The 6th Ann Perrine Born December 3rd: 1778
The 7th Abigail: born September 4, 1780

The 8th Born (no other notations)

2 Blank pages

(EFR transcription inserts Jedidiah Snowden at this point; it is as follows:
Jedidiah Snowden, Son of John & Ruth Snowden was born at Philadelphia September 21 1724. Said Jedidiah Snowden was married to Mary Bell January 18, 1753-She was born July 13th 1736-
Their issue are as follows, Viz
1. Benjamin-born November 24th 1753-died September 15, 1754.
2. Isaac born September 30th 1755-died August 15th, 1756.
3. William-born September 4th 1757-died July 6, 1758.
4. Lettice-born June 4, 1759-died August 30, 1774
5. Sarah-born August 22, 1760
6. William the 2nd born August 27, 1763-died September 27, 1763.
8th. Jedidiah-born November 25th 1764-died July 22, 1786

Mary Snowden Wife of said Jedidiah Snowden died May 1, 1765-Aged 28 years 9 months 18 days
Jedidiah Snowden Married the Second time to Ann English of Edenburgh March 9 1770

Sarah Snowden Daughter of Jedidiah & Mary Snowden was born Augsut 27th 1763 & Married to Henry of Philadelphia. Their issue one as follows Viz
1. Lettice Henry born November 1788
2. Charlton Henry born)

Isaac Snowden (EFR added: Son of John & Ruth Snowden) Born at Philadelphia April the 14th-1732-
Said Isaac Snowden maryed to Mary Parker March the 8th-1759
Their Issue are as follows-
The 1st Benjamin Snowden born at Philadelphia on Sunday night 30 minutes past 11 C February 3rd 1760
The 2nd Mary Snowden born at Philadelphia-May 25th 1761 She Departed this Life June 5th 1761 at 10 days old

The above said Mary the Wife of Isaac Snowden Departed this Life May the 29th 1761 She died
of a pluricy the 4th Day after her Delivery: Aged 34 years: 8 months and 21 Days

Isaac Snowden marryed the 2nd time to Mary McCall, Widdow of Samuel McCall merchant,
March the 17th 1763: he in his 31 and she in her 28th year

The 3rd Isaac Snowden Jr born Febuary 6th-1764 40 minuts after 2oClock afternoon
The 4th Gilbert Tennant Snowden born April 25th 1766: 30 minuts after 12 oClock morning-
The 5th Samuel Finley Snowden born November 6, 1767: 40 minuts after 6 oClock in the Evening-
The 6th Nathaniel Snowden, born January 17th-1770: 30 minuts after 12 oClock in the morning on Wedsday

(EFR added the following children:
7. Charles Jeffrey Smith Snowden born February 1, 1772 about 10 mines past 6 in the morning
8. Mary Snowden born July 24-1774 about 10 minutes past 1 o clock in the morning. She departed this life April 1775 aged nine months & days.
9. William Tennant Snowden born August 24, 1776 half after 3.)

Martha Brown, born at Philadelphia
Said Martha Brown, marryed to
Their issue as follows-

(nothing further on this page)

Ruth Fitz Randolph born at Piscatua: April 8th 1695 was marryed-
To Edward Harrison: February 7th: 1711/12-She was marred again-
To John Snowden: October 4-1720: She Departed this Life September 25
1780: being 85 years, 5 months & 8 Days old: Allowing for the Stile
She was buryed at Prince Town Maidenhead September 27th-1780

blank page

Extracts from minutes [(EFR: placed here this 28th of December)]
175[8] By Nathaniel Fitz Randolph in the 56th year of his age-
Prince Town, first named at the Raising of the first house built there by
James Leonard: Anno Dom. 1724--
Whitehead Leonard, the first Child born at Prince Town 1725) (I assume Evan FR may have seen the actual copy of Nathaniel's ms and was able to read this page better than I; the microfilm copy was badly damaged here.)

Of The College at Prince Town-
When it was reported that a Charter was granted by Hamilton
Deputy Governor for a college to be errected some where in New Jersey
Twelve trustees appointed-I was the first man that proposed to set [subscriptions]
on foot for said Town-also I was the first man that drew a subscription [for]
that purpose, also the first that rode to obtain subscriptions, [also wrote]
twenty papers for that purpose And helped to spread them and did
obtain about five hundred pounds subscribed under said first Charter
[Also] After a second Charter was granted by Gov. Jonathan Belcher
A College in New Jersey & about twenty five trustees appointed. The old subscription
was all dropped. And I wrote about fifteen subscriptions more,

Spread said subscriptions in which about seventeen hundred Pounds was obtained.
I also gave four acres and a half of land to set the college on, and twenty
Pounds, besides time and expenses for several years together, but whereas, I did
sign but three acres in the subscription-so I took a receipt of some of
the Trustees, only for the three acres of land to answer the subscription-
And altho the consideration mentioned in the deed I gave the Trustees for said
College land-is one hundred & fifty Pounds- I never did receive one peny of it that
was only to confirm title-(signed) Nathaniel Fitz Randolph- - -

January 25th 1753-Gave a deed to the Trustees for 4 1/2 acres of land for the College.
July 29, 1754 Joseph Morrow set a man first to begin to dig the College Cellor
September 17 1754 Then the first Corner-stone of New Jersey College was laid in the
Northwesterly Corner of the Cellor: by Thomas Leonard Senior Esqr., John Stockton Esqr,
John Hornor Esqr, Mr. William Worth the Mason that built the stone and brick work
Of said College, my self and many others VIZ-
[(EFR; November 1755.)] The roof of said College was raised by Mr. Robert Smith the Carpenter
[That] Built the timberwork of the College. Nathaniel Fitz Randolph

1756 Aaron Barr President: Preached the first sermon and began [(EFR: the first school)]
In Prince Town College-Said Barr Departed this life September 24 1757

An estimate of the number of souls, in the following Provinces, made in Congress in September…..
1. New Hampshire: one hundred & Fifty Thousand---------------------- 150000
2. Massachusetts: four hundred Thousand--------------------------------- 400000
3. Rhode Island: fifty nine thousand, six hundred & seventy eight------ 59678
4. Connecticut: one hundred & ninety two thousand---------------------- 192000
5. New York: Two hundred and fifty Thousand---------------------------- 250000
6. New Jersey: one hundred & thirty thousand---------------------------- 130000
7. Pennsylvania: & Lower Counties: three hundred & fifty thousand--- 350000
8. Maryland: Three hundred & Twenty thousand-------------------------- 320000
9. Virginia: Six hundred, & fifty thousand--------------------------------- 650000
10. North-Carolina: Three hundred Thousand------------------------------ 300000
11. South-Carolina: Two hundred, & Twenty five Thousand------------- 225000
Total 3,026,678
Entered here September 20th 1775-Pr Nathaniel Randolph: in his 72 year

(EFR: The above and foregoing is extracted from the original now in the hand of one of Nathaniel Fitz
Randolph's sons by
Isaac Snowden
of Philadelphia)

Everything from this point on is a transcription of Evan Fitz Randolph's pages that go beyond his transcription of Nathaniel Fitz Randolph's Book of Records. Pages 1-29 were a transcription of Nathaniel's Book of Records; page 45-48 were EFR's transcription of the previous account of the building of Princeton University; neither of these is repeated here. There are places where the handwriting appears different from Evan's.

Sarah Harrison, daughter of Edward and Ruth Harrison born at Griggstown March 15 1712/13. Said Sarah Harrison married Isaac Brown, merchant of Philadelphia. Their issue are as follows:
1. Martha Chalkney Brown born in Philadelphia

Martha Chalkney Brown, daughter of Isaac and Sarah Brown married Thaley Craddock, merchant of London. The had several children, went to the Island of Granada, there they both died, with Sarah Brown [?] Martha; Mother
Said Martha Craddock had left a son and daughter living-the daughter married a French man and their son named Thaley went with a Friend of his Father to Quebeck and was living last account from him.

Elisabeth Harrison daughtger of Edward and Ruth Harrison born at Griggstown May 17th 1715-Said Elisabeth married Samuel Holt [sailer?] of Philadelphia, their are both Dead & had no issue.

John Snowden and Mary Taylor took each in marriage the 10th of November 1709 in the 24th year of his age and in the 19th year of her age.
Their issue are as follows, Viz,
1. James Snowden was born 18th March 1710/11 dead
2. Rebekah Snowden was born 3rd of February 1712/13 & departed this life 27 April 1749.
3. Mary Snowden born Ocotber 30th 1715.
4. Ann Snowden born July 16 1717 & departed this life 20th day of the same month.
5. John Snowden born September 15th 1718. Dead

Mary Snowden wife of John Snowden departed this life 27 January 1719/20 being 28 years & 27 days old & was buried the last day of the month having been married 10 years 2 months & 27 days.

John Snowden & Ruth Harrison took each other in Marriage 4th October 1720 as was mentioned page 7 (of EFR manuscript) which see-
John Snowden departed this life the 22 Day of March 1751 at night being 65 years old.

Gilbert Tennent Snowden was born at Philadelphia April 25th 1766 & was baptized by the Rev. Mr. James Lyon Sr.
Gilbert Tennent Snowden was marrie dto Ruth Lolt of Princeton by the Rev. Doctor, John Witherspoon president of the New Jersey College.
Their issue are as follows Viz-
1st Isaac Snowden born in Sumerset County, Eastern Shore, Maryland
2nd Mary Snowden born in Philadelphia in the same room her Farther & Grandfarther were born. 1790- -

Isaac Brearley Son of James Brearley and Esther Johnes was married to Sarah Bellerjeau at Trenton by the Rev. James F. Armstrong April the 30 1794.
Their children are as follows-
1 Eliza born March 31st 1795
2 Johnes born December 17th 1796
3 Achsah born January 15th (or possibly 5th-1 from above 17 drops down to next line?) 1799
4 Jane born February 2 1802
5 Frances Born September 15 1803

James L. Clarke son of I[srael or Isaac?] & Susan was born March 6, 1788.
Stephen I. Clarke son of I[srael or Isaac?] & Susan was born January 12, 1790.

blank page

See page-41-
Stephen Brearley Son of James Brearley & Ester Johnes was Married to Mary Marshall in Washington Northumberland County-by the Rev. John B. Patison
In the year 1802-July 22nd
Their issue are as follows-
1. You[fame?] Harrison Brearley
Was [born] 5 of October 1803
Departed this life October 5, 1804

38 See page-41-
Capt. John Brearley Son of James Brearley
and Esther his wife Married to Matilda Baker
the third Day of January 1805-

Sarah Johnes Daughter of Stephan & Grace Johnes, born at Maidenhead March 10th 1733/4
Said Sarah Johnes was married unto Noah Hunt
Their issue are as follows Viz
1st Hannah Hunt Born October 13th 1752
2nd Stephen Hunt Born June the 9th 1754
3rd Achsah Hunt Born January the 26th 1756 (see page 65)

Sarah Hunt wife of Noah & daughter of Stephen & Grace Johnes departed this life the fifteenth day of September 1818 aged 85 years six months & five days her funeral sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Rice from the fourth chapter of Hebrews & ninth verse----

Stephen Hunt son of Noah and Sarah departed this life Monday August 15th 1825 aged 71 years

Hannah Smith Daughter of Noah & Sarah Hunt-departed this life at the house of her son in law Samuel Brearly in Trenton July 23rd 1830 in the 78th year of her age-

Achsah Vankirk Daughter of Sarah & Noah Hunt departed this life at the house of her son in law Peter S. Schenck near Pennington.

Stephen Johnes Son of Stephen & Grace Johnes was born at Maidenhead on Monday 16th January 1737/8 in the morning-Said Stephen Johnes Junior was married with Margeret Hunt February 28th 1765.
Their issue are as Follows; Viz
1st Stephen Junior Born November 21st 1765, Died January 5th 1827
2nd Susannah-August 31st 1767. died April 13th 1791
3rd Sarah-December 29th 1769. died 12th September 1774.

Margarat Johnes wife of Stephen Johnes was born 27 Auguest 1749
died 14 January 1782. her funeral sermon was preached by the Rev. Elihu Spencer from John 14c=28 verse

Said Stephen Johnes married again to Catharine Van Mater 7th October 1783 And said Catherine Died March 25th 1803-
Stephen Johnes Son of Stephen & Margaret Johnes was married December 31st 1793 to Lydia Williamson aged 23 years & 7 months.

Stephen Johnes Son of Stephen & Grace Johnes departed this life December 30th 1805. His funeral sermon at his request was preachedby the Rev. Mr. James Armstrong assisted by Mr. Woodhull Isai[?] 55th Chap. 6th 7th verses

(note the change of spelling Brearley to Brayley on the following entries)
Esther Johnes Daughter of Stephen & Grace Johnes was born at Maidenhead November 26th 1740.
Said Esther Johnes was married to James Brayley January the 30th - 1759
Their issue are as follows Viz
1st Samuel Brayley born January 21st 1761.
2nd Isaac born June 21st 1763.
3rd James born December 22 1765.
4th John born February 13th 1768
5th George born June 11th 1770
(inserted) 6th Esther born September 1 1772
7th Stephen born December 1 1775

Said Esther Brayley wife of James Brayley Died September 28th 1776--

Said James Brayley married again the second time to Penelopy Cook February 23rd 1777
Their issue are as follows Viz
1st Sarah Born February the 8th 1778
2nd William Born September 5th 1779
3rd Jonathan Born September 8th 1780

Daniel Johnes Son of Stephan & Grace Johnes was born October 5th 1743 at Maidenhead
Said Daniel Johnes married Alice Runyon 24 June 1773. Their issue are as follows Viz
1 & 2 twins dead born
3rd Hetty Johnes born October 10th 1775
4 Stephan born December 8 1777
5 Hannah Johnes born January 28 1780

Said Alice Johnes Wife of Daniel Johnes died September 2[3] 1781-Said Daniel Johnes married again to Lucy Titus Widow 27 March 1785
Their issue
1st Daniel Johnes born October 27th 1786 died 22 March 1787
2 Sussanah Johnes born January 11, 1788
3 Samuel Johnes born August 22, 1790

Daniel Johnes Departed this life July 15th 1823 was buried at Cranberry.

David Johnes Son of Stephan Johnes and Grace Johnes was born at Maidenhead July 7th 1746. Said David Johnes married to Deborah Phillips
Their issue on the following page Viz

1. Hetty Johnes was Born September the 1st 1771
2 Mary Johnes was Born August 30th 1773 died 13th April 1831
3 Stephen Johnes was Born October 31 1775
4 William Johnes was Born March 31 1778
5 Sarah Johnes was Born September the 8th 1780
6 Fanny Johnes was Born October 9th 1782, Died April 30th 1831
7 Peggy Johnes was Born September 13 1784
8 Samuel Johnes was Born April the 1st 1786
9 Charles Johnes was Born February the 7 1788
10 David Johnes was Born May 31 1789
11 Deborah was Born April 13 1792

Hannah Johnes Daughter of Stephan & Grace Johnes was born at Maidenhead September 5, 1748.
Said Hannah Johnes was married to Nathaniel Hunt
Their issue as follows Viz
1 Randolph Hunt born 22 September 1770 David Johnes Children Departed
2 Theodosha born 25 August 1773 this life-
3 Loran born 2 October 1775 1 Stephen Johnes October 31, 1776
4 Wilson Johnes born 25 September 1780 2 Samuell Johnes July 22: 1786

Said Hannah Hunt wife of Nathaniel Hunt died August 3 1785. Said Nathaniel married the second time to Kesiah Lott widow 25 March 1788

The above Randolph Hunt died at Cranberry April 11 1835

Omitted on the other side
Number 12 Keziah Johnes Daughter of David & Deborah Johnes was born August 8th 1793 & Departed this life September 8th 1793

Deborah Johnes Wife of David Johnes Departed this life November 20th 1795 Aged 42 years & 6 months

Hetty Johnes Daughter of David & Deborah Johnes was born September 1 1771 in the Township of Amwell Hunterdon County in New Jersey-and was married to Robert Stevenson April 6th 1796
Their issue is a follows Viz
Deborah Stevenson Born March 3th-1797
Caroline Stevenson Born July 18th 1798
Mary Frances Stevenson Born April 6th 1800

Mary Johnes Daughter of David & Deborah Johnes was married to John Lambert January 31-1798
Their issue are as follows
1st Betsey Lambert born (no dates recorded on any of these)
2nd Eliza Lambert
3rd Deborah Lambert

The last two pages of the Evan Fitz Randolph copy are typewritten (page number below refers to EFR ms page number) and are as follows:

Continued from page 39 (this is very recent hand).

Achsah Hunt married Josiah Van Kirk. Their only child Sarah married Peter Stuphen Schenck. Sarah died August 23d, 1880, aged 92 years. They had five children.

1st. John Van Kirk born May 18th 1808.
2nd Jane Eliza born Dec. 25th 1809.
3rd Achsah Louisa born Dec. 3d 1812
4th Mary Craven born Jan. 25th 1817 (see next page)
5th Noah Hunt born June 20, 1825.

John V. Schenck married and went west.
Jane E. " " George Wickham Coryell of
Lambertville. Her second husband Charles Steadman
of Princeton New Jersey. She had one child
Virginia Coryell born Dec. 20th 1838.
Virginia Coryell married Rev. James McDougall of
Long Island. They had seven children.
1st George Coryell b. Feb. 27 1862 who died aged six months
2nd Anna Schenck born April 19th 1863.
3rd Julia July 21st 1864.
4th Kenneth April 23d 1867.
5th James Nov. 18th 1869
6th Samuel Small Oct. 13th 1875 who died aged six months
7th Hugh Jan. 21st 1877.

Achsah Louisa married Dr. Henry P. Welling.
They had one child Edward Livingston b. Aug. 24th 1835.

(At bottom of the page handwritten):
Evidently not from Lloyd Fitz Randolph copy

Mary Craven married Dr. Geo. White. They had four children, Louisa, Kate Olden, George, Robert.

Noah Hunt Schenck married Miss Anna Pendleton of Cincinnati.
They had twelve children.
1st Susan Bowler
2d Nathalie
3d Nathaniel Pendleton
4th Spotswood Dandridge
5th Rudolph S. born - who died in infancy.
6th Grace Fitz Randolph
7th Ida Sutphen
8th Ernest Wharton
9th John Bard
10th Eliot Pendleton
11th Dorsey Noah Hunt
12th Anna Pendleton.

(At bottom of the page handwritten):
Evidently not from Lloyd Fitz Randolph copy

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