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1840 Census Index – Massachusetts

“Cobb and Cobbs”



NAME               TOWNSHIP      COUNTY


William C. Cabb         Eastham           Barnstable

Frederick Cobb          Barnstable        Barnstable

Joseph Cobb             Barnstable        Barnstable

William Cobb            Barnstable        Barnstable

John Cobb               Barnstable        Barnstable

Lewis Cobb              Barnstable        Barnstable

Asa Cobb                Barnstable        Barnstable

Betsey Cobb             Barnstable        Barnstable

Betsey Cobb Jr          Barnstable        Barnstable

Enoch T. Cobb           Barnstable        Barnstable

Susan Cobb              Barnstable        Barnstable

Charles Cobb            Barnstable        Barnstable

David Cobb              Barnstable        Barnstable

Henry Cobb              Barnstable        Barnstable

Betsey Cobb #3          Barnstable        Barnstable 

Bartlett Cobb           Barnstable        Barnstable

Davis Cobb              Barnstable        Barnstable

James Cobb              Barnstable        Barnstable

Elijah Cobb             Brewster          Barnstable

Baina Y. Cobb           Brewster          Barnstable

Elisha Cobb             Eastham           Barnstable

Sactto Cobb             Eastham           Barnstable

Warren Cobb             Harwich           Barnstable

Charles Cobb            Provincetown      Barnstable

Asahel Cobb             Sandwich          Barnstable

Ellison Cobb            Sandwich          Barnstable

Freeman Cobb            Truro             Barnstable

Andrew Cobb             Truro             Barnstable

Collins Cobb            Truro             Barnstable

Joseph Cobb             Truro             Barnstable

Richard Cobb II         Truro             Barnstable

Daniel C. Cobb          Truro             Barnstable

Freeman Cobb Jr         Truro             Barnstable

John Cobb               Truro             Barnstable

Joseph Cobb             Truro             Barnstable

Medford Cobb Jr         Truro             Barnstable

Richard Cobb            Truro             Barnstable

Richard Cobb Jr         Truro             Barnstable

Thomas Cobb             Truro             Barnstable

Thomas Cobb             Wellfleet         Barnstable


Rebbecca Cob            Becket            Berkshire

David Cobb              Adams             Berkshire

Ashel Cobb              Lee               Berkshire

Rakel Cobb              Lee               Berkshire

Hiram Cobb              W. Stockbridge    Berkshire


Marstin Cobb            Dighton           Bristol

Samuel Cobb             Dighton           Bristol

William Cobb            Dighton           Bristol

Albert Cobb             Fall River        Bristol

Alanson Cobb            Fall River        Bristol

Almira Cobb             Fall River        Bristol

Daniel Cobb             Fall River        Bristol

Daniel Cobb Jr          Mansfield         Bristol

Hiram Cobb              Mansfield         Bristol

Willard Cobb            Mansfield         Bristol

Stilman Cobb            Mansfield         Bristol

Luther Cobb             Mansfield         Bristol

Catherine Cobb          Mansfield         Bristol

Daniel Cobb             Mansfield         Bristol

Ruel Cobb               Mansfield         Bristol

Anna Cobb               Mansfield         Bristol

Jarvis Cobb             Mansfield         Bristol

David Cobb              Mansfield         Bristol

Deborah Cobb            Mansfield         Bristol

Samuel C. Cobb          Mansfield         Bristol

Allen Cobb              Mansfield         Bristol

Jason Cobb              Mansfield         Bristol

Rachel Cobb             Mansfield         Bristol

Solmon Cobb             Mansfield         Bristol

William S. Cobb         New Bedford       Bristol

Prentis Cobb            New Bedford       Bristol

Cephas Cobb             New Bedford       Bristol

Daneil S. Cobb          New Bedford       Bristol

Nathaniel P. Cobb       New Bedford       Bristol

Daniel S. Cobb          Norton            Bristol

Harren Cobb             Norton            Bristol

Elinues Cobb            Pawtucket         Bristol

Hesszibeth Cobb         Pawtucket         Bristol

Rufus Cobb              Taunton           Bristol

Abigail Cobb            Taunton           Bristol

Marcus Cobb             Taunton           Bristol

Ebenezer Cobb           Taunton           Bristol

Abner Cobb              Taunton           Bristol

Benjamin F. Cobb        Taunton           Bristol

Charles Cobb            Taunton           Bristol

Howard Cobb             Taunton           Bristol


John C. Copp            Danvers           Essex

Alfred Copp             Saugus            Essex

James M. Copp           Saugus            Essex

Wittiam Copp            Saugus            Essex

Henry Cobb              Lynn              Essex

Lucy Cobb               Lynn              Essex

John B. Cobb            Lynn              Essex

Isaac B. Cobb           Lynn              Essex


Nathaniel Cobb          Buckland          Franklin

Benjamin Cobb           Deerfield         Franklin

Hannah Cobb             Deerfield         Franklin

Daniel Cobb             Montague          Franklin

Rebecca Cobb            Orange            Franklin

Henry A. Cobb           Orange            Franklin

Charles C. Cobb         Warwick           Franklin

William Cobb            Warwick           Franklin


Anson Z. Cobb           Springfield       Hampden

Jacob B. Cobb           Tolland           Hampden

Luna Cobb               Westfield         Hampden


Amos Cobb               Cummington        Hampshire

Austin Cobb             Cummington        Hampshire

John Cobb               Northampton       Hampshire

Mrs. D. Cobb            Ware              Hampshire


Charles Cobb            Charlestown       Middlesex

William Cobb            Charlestown       Middlesex

Elias H. Cobb           Groton            Middlesex

Charles P. Cobb         Holliston         Middlesex

Rufus J. Cobb           Holliston         Middlesex

Silas G. Cobb           Holliston         Middlesex

Emery Cobb              Natick            Middlesex

Nathan Cobb             Natick            Middlesex

Leander P. Cobb         Newton            Middlesex

Sylvanius Cobb          Waltham           Middlesex


George Cobb             Nantucket         Nantucket

William Cobb            Nantucket         Nantucket

Frederick W. Cobb       Nantucket         Nantucket

William Cobb Jr         Nantucket         Nantucket

Willia Cobb III         Nantucket         Nantucket


Jabez Cobb              Canton            Norfolk

Jonathan H. Cobb        Dedham            Norfolk

Daniel Cobb             Dedham            Norfolk

Harrison Cobb           Foxborough        Norfolk

James Cobb              Foxborough        Norfolk

Lemuel Cobb             Needham           Norfolk

Charles Cobb            Randolph          Norfolk

William Cobb            Roxbury           Norfolk

B. Cobb                 Roxbury           Norfolk

Jonathan Cobb           Sharon            Norfolk

John S. Cobb            Weymouth          Norfolk

Naaman Cobb             Weymouth          Norfolk

Elijah Cobb             Wrentham          Norfolk

Elijah Cobb Jr          Wrentham          Norfolk

Jeremiah D. Cobb        Wrentham          Norfolk

William Cobb            Wrentham          Norfolk

Hermon Cobb             Wrentham          Norfolk

Lewis Cobb              Wrentham          Norfolk

Alfred Cobb             Wrentham          Norfolk

Joseph Cobb             Wrentham          Norfolk

James M. Cobb           Wrentham          Norfolk


Luther Cobb             Abington          Plymouth

Edward Cobb             Abington          Plymouth

Austin Cobb             Abington          Plymouth

Jacob Cobb              Abington          Plymouth

Andrew B. Cobb          Bridgewater       Plymouth

George Cobb             Carver            Plymouth

Benjamin Cobb           Carver            Plymouth

Eben Cobb               Carver            Plymouth

Marston Cobb            Carver            Plymouth

Charles Cobb            Carver            Plymouth

Mercy B. Cobb           Carver            Plymouth

Thomas Cobb             Carver            Plymouth

Thomas Cobb Jr          Carver            Plymouth

Nathan Cobb             Carver            Plymouth

Nehemiah Cobb           Carver            Plymouth

Timothy Cobb            Carver            Plymouth

Nehemiah Cobb #2        Carver            Plymouth

Franklin Cobb           E. Bridgewater    Plymouth

Elvira Cobb             Halifax           Plymouth

Betsey Cobb             Hanson            Plymouth

Betsey Cobb #2          Hanson            Plymouth

Michael Cobb            Hingham           Plymouth

Elisha D. Cobb          Hingham           Plymouth

Joseph Cobb             Hull              Plymouth

Henry Cobb              Kingston          Plymouth

Josiah Cobb             Kingston          Plymouth

Levi Cobb Jr            Middleborough     Plymouth

Daniel Cobb             Middleborough     Plymouth

Lewis Cobb Jr           Middleborough     Plymouth

Artimas C. Cobb         Middleborough     Plymouth

Jabez Cobb              Middleborough     Plymouth

Jonathan Cobb           Middleborough     Plymouth

Albert Cobb             Middleborough     Plymouth

Deliverance Cobb        Middleborough     Plymouth

Levi Cobb               Middleborough     Plymouth

Lewis Cobb              Middleborough     Plymouth

Zebedee Cobb            Middleborough     Plymouth

John Cobb               Middleborough     Plymouth

Crocker Cobb            Middleborough     Plymouth

Otis Cobb               Middleborough     Plymouth

David Cobb              N. Bridgewater    Plymouth

Tyler Cobb              N. Bridgewater    Plymouth

Nelson Cobb             N. Bridgewater    Plymouth

Joseph Cobb             Pembroke          Plymouth

Thomas Cobb Jr          Plymouth          Plymouth

Thomas Cobb             Plymouth          Plymouth

John K. Cobb            Plymouth          Plymouth

William Cobb            Plymouth          Plymouth

George Cobb             Plymouth          Plymouth

Franklin B. Cobb        Plymouth          Plymouth

Susan Cobb              Plympton          Plymouth

Lemuel Cobb             Plympton          Plymouth

Lemuel Cobb Jr          Plympton          Plymouth

Leander Cobb            Rochester         Plymouth

Oliver Cobb             Rochester         Plymouth

Josiah Cobb Jr          Rochester         Plymouth

Isiah Cobb              Rochester         Plymouth

Jared Cobb              Rochester         Plymouth


William Copp            Boston, Ward 10   Suffolk

John G. Copp            Boston, Ward 3    Suffolk

Joshua Copp             Boston, Ward 3    Suffolk

George W. Capp          Boston, Ward 5    Suffolk

Elijah Cabb             Boston, Ward 5    Suffolk

Benjamin Copp           Boston, Ward 6    Suffolk

John Kupp               Boston, Ward 7    Suffolk

C. Cobb                 Boston, Ward 10   Suffolk

D. Cobb                 Boston, Ward 10   Suffolk

Robert Cobb             Boston, Ward 11   Suffolk

Edward Cobb             Boston, Ward 2    Suffolk

Baxter Cobb             Boston, Ward 6    Suffolk

Matthew Cobb            Boston, Ward 8    Suffolk


William Copp            Oxford            Worcester

Salem Cobb              Boylston          Worcester

Rowland Cobb            Grafton           Worcester

Miles Cobb              Hardwick          Worcester

Sally Cobb              Hardwick          Worcester

Jonathan Cobb           Hardwick          Worcester

Charles Cobb            Lancaster         Worcester

D.C. Cobb               Mendon            Worcester

Elias Cobb              Mendon            Worcester

Elmer Cobb              Milford           Worcester

Pevez Cobb              New Braintree     Worcester

Lewis Cobb              Sutton            Worcester

Thacher D. Cobb         Westborough       Worcester

Joseph Cobb             Winchendon        Worcester                  

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