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Texas Flag

The Lone Star State
Capital City Austin
State Bird-Mockingbird
State Tree-Pecan
Statehood December 29, 1945


...The Panhandle of Texas...
A settlement was formed in the early 1870s on Sweetwater Creek
where buffalo hides were brought to be bled, dried
and picked up by freighters to be taken to Dodge City, Kansas,
about 170 miles north, then shipped by rail to eastern markets.
...By 1875 the buffalo did not roam further north than the Canadian River.
In one day 800 buffalo were killed at the site where the town of Canadian stands today!

The Panhandle 1880 included these counties..

...North Central Texas...
You will find our family TRACKS in the following North Central Texas Counties

And, North of TEXAS into OKLAHOMA Counties of

Other families came to THE TEXAS PANHANDLE by way of these OKLAHOMA Counties

Adventurous travelers... some went on to ARIZONA and CALIFORNIA... 1940 Ford P/U
some came back...some stayed,... forever!...

I loved writing this paragraph about the Tornado and enjoyed talking to my Mother
Lorene BLACK PERRIN about the details! Then the response from Walter WELCH
was just "iceing on the cake!"
Jeanette October 2001

see photos
Higgins, Lipscomb County Texas Tornado

April 9, 1947 8:00 P M
51 people killed
... Jas W "Bill" Perrin ....Each week Daddy would load up and drive Uncle Cecil's candy truck, Perrin Wholesale Candy and Tobacco, to Canadian and Higgins area, make his deliveries, spend the night and then drive back to Shamrock the next morning. On this night he got thru early and traveled on north a few miles to Follett, TX to spend the night! Mother didn't know he had driven on and had missed being in the tornado! When they heard the news in Shamrock about the damage to Higgins it was very alarming! Uncle Cecil PERRIN and Mother took off in the car, picked up her Dad, Wm Henegar BLACK in Wheeler, TX and raced on to Higgins, TX where they asked around about Daddy and saw all the tornado destruction! The hotel where he usually stayed was badly damaged! When they didn't find him, they drove on back home. There he was, at the store in Shamrock, loading his truck with candy for the next day! He was safe from the storm!

One of the most rewarding results of Genealogy and my connection to the WORLD through Rootsweb World Connect, are the E-Mails I receive from viewers! Posted here are several of these messages, edited with permission! It will give you and idea of why I love TEXAS and the people who lived there!jpc

From: Walter Welch, October 2001
Hi Jeanette, Just found this info on your "Rootsweb" page--Fletty Edwin was a brother to my grandmother--Sarah Margaret Mae Hedrick (married Green Washington Newton)--just wondered how they relate to you?? I have been checking out the "Coaly Orchard" pages as well, some of your folks come from the area near my old "Stomping Ground"!! I grew up about 20 miles So. East of Canadian, TX--attended Hi-School at Canadian, after I married a girl from Booker, lived in Perryton for a few years--came to Calif in '53--been here ever since!!
Also, I have been in contact by e-mail with a daughter of Fletty Charle (Ona Lee)--enclosed info below. Very nice lady, lives in Borger, just retired from teaching school, I believe.
I found a link from your page telling about the tornado in '47 (Glazier, Higgins, etc.)--I was in the evening service of the First Baptist church in Canadian when that all took place, a bunch of us kids drove up to check it out, but the Sheriff turned us back!!
Well, I have rambled enough, just wanted to touch bases with you---Walter. (Hope this makes sense!!)(see Walter's Genealogy I added Posted on OUR World Connect site! jpc)

From: Walter Welch, 2nd Message
Dear Jeanette,
How nice to hear from you so soon, and I enjoyed your long e-mail message!!! You have done an excellent job on your web-site, COALY ORCHARD. I love that scripture verse at the top!! I haven't checked out everything contained there, but I "Book Marked" it so I can return! Also loved the photo's--I saw a pretty young girl standing between her parents at Shamrock in 1951!!!
I figured you might know Ona Lee--you mentioned "Billy George Hodges--he & I went to Hi-school together, graduated the same year--I considered him one of my best friends--he was a "city boy", I was a "country hick" but that didn't seem to bother him!!! (It is a small world!!!)
Sorry about the lay-off from the copper mine, will that work a hard-ship on you guys--will your husband have to find another job??? I spotted Bagdad on the map--I had a Gr-uncle (Walter Crook Welch, b. 1858) who was a Company Doctor for a minning Co. in the Clarksdale area--that is the other side of Prescott from you guys, never have been able to find out much about him!!!
I would be happy for you to post any of my information that I have--not sure if you really want it--gets kinda' far removed from your lineage---a Brown married a Hedrick--another Hedrick married a Newton--a Newton married a Welch--see what I mean??? But let me know & I can print what ever you want from my Family Tree Maker & mail it & you can use what you want.
I love your "Texas" page--about the Panhandle--all the Buffalo's that were killed around Canadian--when I was a kid, we lived on a Farm/Ranch as I said before--20 miles So. East of Canadian, on the bank of the Washita river--we attended a country school until we were ready for Hi-School (walked 3 miles in the snow--up-hill both ways-Ha!!) Not really, but we did walk home lots of afternoons! And the pasture we walked through was "pock-marked" with many Buffalo Wallows--I guess many of them would use the same spot, until there was a deep depression!!! The house we lived in was on the site where the Stage Coach (from old Mobeetie, TX to Dodge City Kansas) went through our back yard in years gone by--they changed horses at this site, and there was a saloon there--we were always digging up old green beer bottles, & little brown whiskey jugs!! I found many old cartridges, empty as well as loaded--rifle & hand gun ammo!!! You could look up on the hill north of our house & see the old trail that the coach wheels would cut in the pasture--when the ruts would get too deep, they would move over & cut a trail right beside the old one!!!
Well, I hope I am not boring you with all this, I get started with day's gone by at times---Later, Walter
Never, will this be boring! I love it! Thanks Walter for your comments! jpc

Lovett Library
John Mead
City of Pampa
P O Box 342
Pampa, Texas 79066-2499

see Antioch Cemetery, Montague County, Texas for our
Texas Oldhams
and Nancy Coaly 1869

Other Texas Cemeteries: Boothill and Romero 'Ole Tascosa

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