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"My Mother Nancy and Her Oldhams"Compiled by Jessye Ann Welch High
From 1750 North Carolina Odian, Odam, Odem, Oldham , the family of Grandmother Mary Oldham Coaly, wife of William Henry Coaly thru Ruth Coaly Parker 1925.
Library of Congress 1976-1986, CS71.0443 1978, 929'.2'0973--dc19, 80-106962

"Southwest Oklahoma Keys" 1982
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 82-062691
Includes Mary Oldham Coalys brother Linzy Oldham and the sister of James Elbert Coaly
Martha "Mattie" Coaly Harris and family of son Wilsy Harris, Glenn and Wayne and kids.

"The Foster Family" by Dr. Billy Glen Foster 1990
Library of Congress Catalog Number 90-085821 ISBN: 0-9626069
From before AD 837, our Clark, Foster line came over on Ship Safety in 1635. Jeanette Perrin Coaly's line of Perrin was on that same Ship.

"The Pruett Family of Reed, Oklahoma" by Haskell Pruett,Ph.D 1975
Many connections, on both Coaly and Perrin lines!

Patton from 1740's "A Family History by Una Good Hooten 1987
Family History Library Catalog Copyright 1987, Mar 1997 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Patton Family Recipes" a taste of Southern Cooking with the Patton genealogy thrown in!

"Panhandle Tidbits" by Carl and Dr Jon Williamson, 1995
see Cow Calling Contest in Miami, Roberts, Texas

"Hide Town 100 Years In Wheeler County and Panhandle of Texas"
compiled by Mrs Sallie B. Harris, Wheeler, Texas 1968
Includes Bill Perrin, Assistant Deputy Tax Assessor, 1939. Early history of first settlers in the Panhandle where Jeanette was born. Number of residents in Moore and Dallam County, Texas, 1880 -0-; Gray County, Texas, 56; Wheeler, County, Texas; 512; Collingsworth County, Texas, 6; Childress County, Texas, 25.

"Some Talk About A Copper Mine" a History of Bagdad, Arizona, by Robert C Bogart
Copyright 1990 Library of Congress Catalog Number 90-063391 ISBN Number 0-942078-17-9

"Years of Home Town Cooking" by the Fabulous Cooks of Bagdad, Arizona
Noticeable lack of entries by Jeanette Perrin Coaly

"Cyprus Bagdad Copper" Solid Waste Handling Guidebook 2/12/98, includes Maps

"Songs of the Church" compiled by Alton H. Howard Copyright 1971 Stolen from the Church of Christ in Bagdad, Arizona 1995 by Rita Jeans Nelson Appleton.

"Cherokee Proud" A Guide for Tracing and Honoring Your Cherokee Ancestors by Tony Mack McClure, Ph.D. We Must Never Forget the Trail of Tears

"Cherokee Roots" Vol I, Eastern Cherokee Rolls and Vol II Western Cherokee Rolls
by Bob Blankenship

"Seasons of the Heart" A Celebration of Love Between Mothers and Daughters by Ginny Hobson and Sherry Morris a gift from my "Best Friend", Sylvia Mortensen May 1998

"Thoughts on Being A Mother" by Helen Exley 1998

"Life's Little Instruction Book" Vol l and Vol II, observations and reminders on how to live a happy and rewarding life. by H Jackson Brown, Jr. 1991 and 1993

"Spirits in the Sky" Clssic Aircraft of world War II by Martin Bowman with Photographer Patrick Bunce 1991

"Roy Black 1895-1927 WW I and Lowell A Black 1923-1944 WWII", Bronze Star Medal of Honor awarded posthumously, compiled by Jimmie Black, San Angelo, Texas. Two Generations, photos, letters and documents of two men who gave their lives serving our country in the Armed Forces of two wars.

"First Arkansas Union Infantry" shows Marcus Black son of George Washington Black. Marcus is a brother of Rigdon, Jeanettes Gr- Grandfather. lst Inf was UNION.also Bedford Underwood, father of Alice Underwood Perrin, Jeanettes Gr-Grandparents.

And probably the most important today, " The Dummies Books" I have Windows, Quicken and Dos.

And it never leaves the side of the computer "Websters Dictionary" a small one inscribed "To Donnie, You really made it! I wish you the best in the future, whatever you choose to do." signed S Fleck 1986. And Teacher...Fleck, you would be proud!!

"Bell County, Texas" Volume I of Central Texas Histories and Biographies 1893, reprint 1987

"A Route 66 Calendar"

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