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May 5, 2001
Jeanette's Memories
When I remember my Grandmother "MaMa Black", I think of her in a starched cotton shirt-waist dress that she sewed in the most fashionable colors, with matching earings and pin! I cannot recall one negative thing about her, she could play the piano by ear and pound out a great tune, mostly church songs from the Southern Baptist Church she attended regularly. She drove all the ladies around town, to pay their bills and socialize, in a little white ford falcon. I can still hear that motor roar! She had FAVORITES, she was partial to my sister Rita over her granddaughters Barbara and Mary near the same age! And also my brother James "Jimmy" over Barbara's daughter Carolyn, near the same age! I guess she thought they "needed it". She would only let her daughter Thelma help her shop for clothes,material, etc. They got along wonderfully! Best of friends! The TWINS, Iola and Viola always had dresses alike even in their latter years, even though they lived is two different states. And the highlight of MaMa Iola's year was planning her trip from Arizona to Texas each summer to see her PATTON family! I am sure my love of family and genealogy comes from her genes. She was so good to me! She and PaPa Black cared for my baby boys when I first went to work at the Valley National Bank in Tolleson, Maricopa County, Arizona. Without her I could not have worked for 34 years! She is in heaven today driving that little white car and taking care of Mrs. Sparkman, Mrs. Shelton, Mrs.McNabb and everyone else who "needs it"!

1. Margaret Iola PATTON: born on 10 Jul 1896 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas; died on 22 May 1974 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona. Married William Henigar BLACK. Iola has a TWIN sister Frances Viola Patton: born on 10 Jul 1896 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas; died on 22 May 1974, in Pampa, Gray, Texas. Marrried Joseph Preston MATTHEWS. They dressed alike in pink dresses for their 76th Birthday on July 10th, 1972! see Photo of the TWINS on Patton Photo page of Barbara Matthews.

2. William Henry PATTON: born on 15 Oct 1867 in Collin County, Texas; married on 15 Oct 1886; died on 12 Dec 1956 in Pampa, Gray, Texas
3. Lula Bell JONES: born on 20 Apr 1870 in Opelika, Lee, Alabama; died on 11 Nov 1944 in Pampa, Gray, Texas. They are the parents of 14 children. They are buried at Fairview Cemetery, Pampa, Gray, Texas.

see William Henry PATTON Family Page

4. William Thomas PATTON: born on 12 Mar 1823 in Bedford County, Tennessee; married on 17 Jan 1867 in College Mound, Kaufman, Texas; died on 15 May 1886 in College Mound, Kaufman, Texas
5. Margaret Mary LINDSEY: born on 20 Mar 1836 in Texas; died on 16 Jan 1927 in College Mound, Kaufman, Texas

6. John Charles JONES: born about 1840 in Georgia; married about 1860 in ,, Alabama.
7. Frances Carolina ADAMS: born about 1840 in Alabama. Parents of eight children.

8. Col James Erwin PATTON: born on 5 Apr 1799 in Buncombe County, North Carolina; married on 16 Oct 1817 in Williamson County, Tennessee; died on 8 Aug 1874 in Hillsboro, Hill, Texas.
9. Mary Catherine "Polly" COWSERT: born about 1800 in , Bedford, Tennessee; died on 11 Aug 1851. They are buried at Shiloh Cemetery, Red Oak, Ellis, Texas. see Photos on Patton Pages link below

10. Mr LINDSEY: born about 1810; married about 1830
11. Mrs. (LINDSEY): born about 1810

16. James Thomas PATTON: born on 20 Feb 1764 in , Rowan, North Carolina; married on 3 Aug 1784 in , York, South Carolina; died on 9 Aug 1827 in Wartrace, Bedford, Tennessee
17. Sarah CUNNINGHAM: born on 12 Dec 1765 in , Buncombe, North Carolina; died on 13 Aug 1825 in Wartrace, Bedford, Tennessee. They are buried at Couch Cemetery east of Wartrace, Bedford, Tennessee. See Cemetery Listing Link below

18. Andrew COWSERT: born about 1780; married about 1800
19. Jane CUNNINGHAM: born about 1780

32. Thomas PATTON: born in 1726; married in Mar 1752 in Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania; died on 29 Mar 1808 in Buncombe County, North Carolina
33. Margaret IRWIN: born about 1735 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania; died in 1790 in Azalea, Buncombe, North Carolina

34. Humphrey #1 CUNNINGHAM: born about 1732 in Pennsylvania; married; died on 10 Mar 1806
Rhoda SUMMERVILLE: born in Mar 1733 in Donegal, Northern Ireland; died in 1831 in Wartrace, Bedford, Tennessee. She is buried in the Couch Cemetery near Wartrace, Bedford, Tennessee.

**From here on I am studying the genealogy of the Pattons, I do not have documentation that I can firmly present. But before this generation I am quite sure of all the facts. If you see any errors, please let me know, I want to be accurate and to do that I need all your EYES. Jeanette**

64. Matthew Leander "old Matt" PATTON: born about 1720; married about 1740
65. Elizabeth ALEXANDER

66. James IRWIN: born in 1700 in ***Ireland; married in 1720 in ***Ireland; died in 1778 in Church Hill, Chester, Pennsylvania
67. Jane (IRWIN): born in 1700 in ***Ireland; died in 1781

68. John #1 CUNNINGHAM: born ab 1700; married; died about 1756 in Hanover, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

70. James S SUMMERVILLE: born about 1715 in ***Ireland; married about 1732 in ***Northern Ireland
71. Mary Margaret WARE SUMMERVILLE: born in 1715 in Donegal, Northern Ireland.

**This is the ancestor that the story is told of her coming to America on board ship in the mid 1700's with her husband and 7 children. One twin daughter Rhoda, had been left in Ireland with an aunt. The ships crew took all the passengers off the boat to land and then left them without provisions and never came back. Her husband and all of the children died as well as most of the other passengers. Indians found them and gave help to the surviving passengers. So, she sent for her only living child in Ireland, so Rhoda Sommerville came to America and married Humphry Cunningham. It was their daughter SARAH CUNNINGHAM PATTON that started our PATTON line by marrying James Thomas PATTON in 1784.

128. John PATTON: born about 1685; married about 1705; died in 1767 in ,, Pennsylvania
129. Matilda Ann WIDEMAN: born about 1685

136. William CUNNINGHAM: born about 1680 in ***Ireland; married; died about 1746 in Hanover, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Prepared by:
Jeanette Perrin Coaly
RR 2, Box 277
Hollis, Oklahoma 73550
580 688-2457


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