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Coaly Orchard


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FEB 2, 2004, GROUNDHOG DAY ! It snowed today, covered all the ground with beautiful flakes.....but did not last, a little soft rain melted everything by noon! Glad I can stay in until NOON! Now we know why people talk about the weather so much! It is always changing! Unlike Arizona 72 degrees today! Ha! Jeanette

OCT 1, 2003 at the COALY ORCHARD
The weather is perfect, the grass is green for one last time before winter, mornings are cool with lots of moisture in the air! The Sunrises and Sunsets are fantastic! Thermostat is set on OFF! Delbert has planted some wheat on both sides of the house! How do you pray for "cold enough to kill some bugs! warm enough to keep the trees alive!" ? Guess you just let go and let GOD! He's done right by us so far! Jeanette

WELCOME to The Home Place of Delbert and Jeanette Coaly,
9 miles north, 1/2 mile west of Hwy 30 from Hollis, Harmon, Oklahoma.

It is beautiful in the "Country"! We have miles and miles of open fields, cows grazing lazily, birds and rabbits rustling around!
Yes, we have had some high winds, hail etc! But remember we have a basement 16 x 30 to hide out in! We have had a visitor from Arizona, he was welcomed into OKLAHOMA by the "Storm Chasers" and encountered a hugh HAIL STORM! But, he raced for cover and we enjoyed the still afterwards! It was fun to have news of our friends in ARIZONA!

Also, I took a new part-time job as curator at the Harmon County Historical Museum, Hollis, OK! Home of the Blackeyed Pea Festival
I love it!
History everwhere!!!

May 14, 2003 Traveled 50 miles to the Quartz Mountain Lodge today and had a guided tour of the facilities! Over 100 rooms, it is a wonderful facility, equal to anything of its size I have seen in California or Arizona! It has an outdoor pavillion, reminds me of California's Hollywood Bowl, an indoor 700 seat symphony hall, sister to one in Jackson Hole Wyoming! A dance studio can be used for Proms and banquet rooms for large groups can be turned into a huge dance floor. The entire lodge is a display of ART and beauty! And of cours the view if the LAKE ALTUS/LUGERT ! It is right in our own backyard! I was impressed! Jeanette

Our trees of PERRIN.... UNDERWOOD.... REYNOLDS....POLK are planted
and growing! BLACK.... TAYLOR.. PATTON....JONES are looking good!
Pick from the COALY..
they have deep roots!
SPECIAL THANK YOU'S for ROWLAND INFORMATION........ SUBMITTED BY JEAN BEALS WHITENECK with input from Judy Sander, Maradyn E Olyer, Ellen Sneed, Leesa Whitterstrom, Charles E Ross, Elmer Rowland and Sammie Simpson....without their hours of genealogy research this family would not be a well documented for our ancestors. They have obtained photos, wills, marriage certificates and other valuable pieces of ROWLAND history. We are grateful for their input!

"SHANNON KOON...PERSONAL BEST".......Feb 11-Feb 13 2005 Freescale Marathon

Total runners: 4961 (Females: 1929 / Males: 3029)

....SHANNON KOON....has completed the 26 mile Austin Marathon!
Daughter of Cyndi Green, Granddaughter of Joyce Coaly Jackson,
Great Granddaughter of James Elbert and Opal Coaly!

Freescale Marathon...AUSTIN MARATHON...26 miles
The course began in northwest Austin, Texas and ended at Auditorium Shores
WOMEN Age 25 - 29 107th of 361
Shannon Koon Tulsa OK age 25 Bib #2641
Final Time 4:21:50
Placed 2,195 Overall
This is not Shannon's first or last outstanding accomplishment!
She is a graduate of Sequoyah High School, Claremore, OK and the University of Tulsa
and has a challenging job that includes travel,documentary filming of events!
A little powerhouse! Go Shannon!!
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Feb 2005 Austin Marathon

A story about Will Patton (in Hodgepodge photo above) that you might enjoy. He told the story that he was riding the train. A man came along, seated himself across from Will and tried to strike up a conversation. The man stammered rather badly. Will said, "I just pretended that I was mute. If I had tried to answer that man with my stammer,he would have thought I was mocking and no telling what would have happened!" Submitted by Ann Moorhouse Gibbs,the great granddaughter of John Erwin Patton and Mary Elizabeth Johnson

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