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St Peter's Catholic Cemetery
Rome, Oneida County, NY 1837-1882

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St Peter's Church was established and started keeping records in 1837. Most of the early parishioners were of Irish descent.
The records below are from St Peter's Old Cemetery, with sections numbered from 1-15. This is still an active cemetery. The records are currently available from 1837 to 1882.

The following (approximately 600) records have been constructed by several tombstone readings and extensive cross-checking against church records. Early Veterans records available at Jervis Library were also referenced.

There were 13 years of records found in an old book from 1837-1850 kept by Reverend William Beecham. Some of these people were definitely buried at St Peter's but it is not known if all of them were. Those records are included in this listing, most of them, without cemetery locations.

Columns listed for BURIALS are Surname, Given Name, Age at Death, Date of Death, Parents or Relative, Section/Lot Number and Comments (such as place of origin or veterans information if available).

Abbreviations in parenthesis are w=wife, h=husband, p=parent, s=son, d=daughter.

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