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I started it - let's keep it going


it includes, history, news, anecdotes, chat, etc.

I am John Tilbury.

(Well, I've changed a bit since then...)

I live in Nottingham U.K. Having retired, I've been able to devote some time to developing and administering this site. I aimed to:

  • provide a contact point for Tilburys Worldwide,
    (Guest Book and Links pages);
  • gather and disseminate genealogical data: we will never get a complete picture but the more 'snapshots' of our ancestors there are, the more the 'big picture' may emerge,
    (Genealogy and Census pages);
  • gather and disseminate historical data relating to the Tilbury name - references, quotations, anecdotes, etc. How did they live, what did they do, are there any common threads?
    (History and Did You Know pages);
  • conduct research into Tilbury demography - how (and why) are we spread throughout the World?
    (Demography page);
  • present some visual data: all contributions (preferably .jpg or .gif format) gratefully received,
    (Picture Gallery).


    The Guest Book:

    You DON'T have to be a Tilbury to sign the book!!!

    Fill in as much or as little as you wish. If you are a Tilbury it would help if you gave a few details and some indication as to whether you have any useful genealogy data, or you are looking for someone.

    If you know any other Tilburys please say so - but dont give their details without their permission!

    Remember that whatever you put in the Guest Book will be seen by people reading it.

    The Guest Book is for general messages, and to help you make contacts. (If you have a specific contribution to make, better use the 'E-mail the Mag.' facility, and it may be published on-site, with your permission.) The book will be purged regularly of any 'rubbish' - you always get a few nit-wits.

    The genealogy and Census pages:

    The census data is mostly from the UK 1881 census + 1851, 1891, for Samford, Suffolk; and 1891 for Hampshire; maybe we can gather census data from other countries too? All contributions are very welcome!

    The real aim of the genealogy pages is to include more Tilbury and other trees, even if only fragments. There is now an index page for the trees. So far 5 separate Tilbury trees from the USA have been linked together.

    The History and Did you know pages:

    General history of Tilbury - place, surname; Tilburys of historical interest, historical anecdotes, and THAT GIG!! It will be up-dated with anything appropriate, so do send contributions.

    Links page:

    Used to circulate links to other genealogy sites of interest (of which there are hundreds!). Tell us if you find another site particularly useful.

    The Demography page:

    Distribution of Tilburys in the UK; how about some contributions for other countries?

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