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The Tilbury ownership of the Manor of Tillingham in Essex, 1232 - 1337

From Research by John Tilbury of Nottingham

The manor of Tillingham
... lay in the south of the parish (of Childerditch), but also included detached parts in South Weald and Doddinghurst parishes, which lay north of Childerditch. It originally comprised I hide and 40 acres held in 1066 by Alwen, a free woman. In 1086 it was held of Swein of Essex by Osbern.
The tenancy-in-chief descended, like that of Theydon Mount, with the honor of Rayleigh. The Domesday tenant Osbern also held of Swein in West Tilbury, and Tillingham, stated in 1086 to be in Barstable hundred, was a member of West Tilbury manor until the mid 14th century. In 1377 it was said to be held in chief of the honor* of Rayleigh.
About I512 Tillingham was taxed as part of the 'hamlet of Childerditch' in the manor of West Horndon. At that period West Horndon manor, in Barstable hundred, was held by the FitzLewis family, which also owned land in West Tilbury.
The demesne tenancy was held at the beginning of the 13th centurv bv the Tillingham family. In 1197 William of Tillingham held 2 knights' fees of the honor of Rayleigh. He died in 1201 , and was apparently succeeded by his son Richard, who c. 1210 was holding 2 fees in Childerditch and West Tilbury. Richard was dead by 1211. Robert, his son and heir, may have been identical with Robert of Tilbury, who held the same 2 fees in 1232 or 1233. The Tillingham and Tilbury families were certainly related or closely associated.
The manor of Tillingham descended in the Tilbury family for over a century. Robert of Tilbury (d.1254) was succeedcd by Richard of Tilbury, who died by 1275, leaving a son Robert. Robert of Tilbury came of age in 1287 or 1288, but was dead by 1291, when his younger brother William succeeded to his lands.
William of Tilbury (d. 1303 or 1304) left John his son and heir (d. 1320), who, shortly before his death, settled West Tilbury and Tillingham in trust for his wife Joan, with remainder to their infant daughter Idony. Joan later married Sir William Vaughan and, with him, was still holding Tillingham in 1346. Idony died in 1332, leaving the remainder to her uncle William of Tilbury, who in 1337 sold it to Sir William Bawd and his wife Joan.

* Honor: A group of several manors held under one lord.

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