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Where did Samuel come from?

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Bloudy Newse from the North,
The Ranting Adamites Declaration


... "concerning the King of Scotland, with their new League, Covenant, and Protestation; their denying the great God of Heaven, and burning his sacred word and Bible; the name of a new God by them chosen, and his Speech and promise unto them; their new Law and grand Court; their Arraignment and Tryal, and a Copy of the several Articles and Indictment; with the several sentences to be inflicted upon divers offenders, together with their names. Also, a bloudy Plot discovered, concerning their Resolution to murther all those that will not turn Ranters; put in execution at York, to the astonishment and admiration of the Reader, that shall diligently peruse this insuing Subject, never before heard of."

Published according to order.
LONDON, Printed by J. C., 1650

Samuel Butler's 'Hudibras' at line 1329:

"... that Ranter said,
Who, arguing with me, broke my head,
And tore a handful of my beard;"

From the notes to the 1859 edition (H. G. Bohn) page 131 (Canto III):

"The Ranters were a vile sect, that denied all the doctrines of religion, natural and revealed, and believed sin and vice to be 'the whole duty of man'. They held, says Alexander ROSS, that God, Devil, Angels, Heaven, and Hell, were fictions; that Moses, John the Baptist, and Christ, were impostors, and that preaching was but public lying. With one of these the knight [Hudibras] had entered into a dispute, and at last came to blows. WHITELOCKE says that the soldiers in the parliament army were frequently punished for being Ranters."


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