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Harry, son of John (coach maker), grandson of John (gig maker & jobmaster)


Information collected by AlanT, JohnB, DeirdreT, 'Caroline' & others; online listings
Updated 17th August 2011

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Harry Tilbury b. 2Q 1843 (Marylebone 1/173)
(father John Tilbury, mother Anne)


Adelaide Road, Kingston, Surrey (parish of St Mark Surbiton)
Jessy BURFORD, Head (Unm) age 43 b. (1808) Lambeth (Governess)
Elizabeth LEDE, (Unm) age 17 b. (1834) Pres [near] Paris (French Governess)
Harry TILBURY age 8 b. (1843)
Frederick MATTAM age 13 b. (1838) St Georges, London
Charles MATTAM age 10 b. (1841) St Georges, London
Benjn CARMICHAL age 12 b. (1839) Newcastle, Northumberland
Robt. E. STOVIN age 10 b. (1841) Wandsworth Rd
Walter AUSTIN age 11 b. (1840) St Margarets, London
John S. AUSTIN age 9 b. (1842) St Margarets, London
Frederick MASON age 10 b. (1841) Wimbledon
Leonard MASON age 9 b. (1842) Kingston
Francis LUKEY age 9 b. (1842) Dulwich
John TEESDALE age 8 b. (1843)
Frederick BIGG age 8 b. (1843)
Alfred James POOLE age 9 b. (1842) Camberwell
William W. BOREIN age 7 b. (1844)
Archibald LOWE age 8 b. (1843)
House Servants:
Maria RICHARDSON age 17 b. (1834) Not Known
Grace PHALAN age 15 b. (1836) Not Known


Dukes Head Public House, Reeves Mews, St Georges, London, Middlesex
John TILBURY, Head age 57 b. (1804) St Georges, Middlesex (Jobmaster) [previously coach maker]
Anne TILBURY, Wife age 57 b. (1804) Walworth, Surrey
- John TILBURY, Son age 23 b. (1838) Marylebone, Middlesex (Wine Merchant)
- Harry TILBURY, Son age 18 b. (1843) Marylebone, Middlesex (Wine Merchant)
- Charles TILBURY, Son age 16 b. (1845) Marylebone, Middlesex (Grocer)
Caroline CHILD, Servant (Unm) age 25 b. (1836) Marylebone, Middlesex (House Servant)

m. Rosetta Georgiana FAULKNER 1Q 1862 (Lewisham 1d/1091)

Harry Bertie TILBURY Chr. 18 December 1863 Holy Trinity Paddington, London
Parents: Harry & Rosetta Georgina TILBURY - (source: IGI)

John C. TILBURY b. 3Q 1866 (Cheltenham 6a/378)
John Christian TILBURY, male age 6 mths, son of Harry TILBURY (Merchants Clerk), d. of dentition, hydrocephalis, on 5 March 1867; declaration signed by Harry TILBURY, present at the death at Valentine Road, in the sub-district of South Hackney; death registered on 6 March 1867 (Hackney 1b/348)
(source: JohnB)

Florence Julia TILBURY b. 3Q 1868 (Pancras 1b/14)


53, Upper Tamworth Street, Stretford, Lancashire
Henry TILBURY, Head age 26 b. (1845) Middlesex (Perfumer)
Rosella TILBURY, Wife age 26 b. (1845) Middlesex
- Harry B. TILBURY, Son age 7 b. (1864) Middlesex
- Julia F. TILBURY, Daughter age 2 b. (1869) Middlesex
- Ada A. TILBURY, Daughter age 3 mths b. (1871) Belgium
Mary E. GRIMSHAW, Servant age 10 b. (1861)

The following children are known to be Rosetta&Harry's:

Jessie Burfield TILBURY b. 2Q 1873 (Hampstead 1a/586)
Kate Christian TILBURY b. 1Q 1876 (Steyning 2b/280)

Thomas TILBURY b. 1Q 1877 (Brighton 2b/214)
Chr. 9 February 1877 St Peter Brighton, Sussex
Parents: Harry & Rosetta Georgina TILBURY - (information courtesy of Alan T.)

Leonard Abraham TILBURY b. 3Q 1879 (father Harry TILBURY of Starch Green); d. 3Q 1880 age 0; (Fulham 1a /218 /123)

Lillie Emily TILBURY b. 3Q 1880 (Fulham 1a/235)


Douglas Hotel, Grainger St West, Newcastle On Tyne St John, Northumberland
Harry TILBURY, Married, age 38 b. (1843) London, Middlesex (Commercial Traveller); Visitor at the hotel of:
John GIBSON, Head age 61 b. (1820) Durham City, Durham (Hotel Proprieator)
Margaret GIBSON, Wife age 54 b. (1827) Northumberland, Northumberland
John Thos. GIBSON, Son (Single) age 27 b. (1854) St Castle ?, Northumberland (Manager, Hotel Keeper)

15 Commercial Travellers, 1 Tailor, 1 Mechanical Engineer (E&M), 1 House Painter, 1 Merchant, 1 Publisher
Domestic servants:
Housekeeper, Barmaid
Hotel servants:
1 Commercial Traveller, 3 Waiters, 3 Boots
Other servants:
5 Housemaids, 1 Waiting Maid, 1 Still Room Maid, 1 Kitchenmaid, 1 Vegetable Maid, 2 Scullery Maids

119, 5th Avenue, London, Middlesex
Rosette Georgina TILBURY, Head married age 37 b. (1843) Chelsea, Middlesex
- Bertie H. TILBURY, Son age 19 b. (1862) Paddington, Middlesex (Cabman)
- Flora J. TILBURY, Daughter age 12 b. (1869) Camden Town, Middlesex [Florence Julia]
- Anna TILBURY, Daughter age 11 b. (1870) Brussels (British Subject) [Ada]
- Jessie TILBURY, Daughter age 7 b. (1874) Hampstead, Middlesex
- John H. TILBURY, Son age 6 b. (1875) Brentwood, Essex [John Henry Squire]
- Kate C. TILBURY, Daughter age 5 b. (1876) Brighton, Sussex [Kate Christian]
- Thomas TILBURY, Son age 4 b. (1877) Brighton, Sussex
- Lillie C. TILBURY, Daughter age 8mths b. (1880) Hammersmith, Middlesex [Lillie Emily]

Frank Felix W[orth] TILBURY b. 1Q 1883 (Hendon 3a/200)

1883, Harry Tilbury, Society Dress Designer of Continental Renown

In the Old Bailey trial notes relating to Harry and daughter Florence Julia (link below), a list of family members is given at that date, 1884: "the family consisted of Bertie, Ann, Jessie, Cress, John, Thomas, Frank Samuel, and the baby, besides Florence - the eldest was the boy, twenty-one, and them came Florence, not sixteen". Was the baby Samuel Lawrence (Laurence) T b. 2Q 1884 d. 1885? Frank's full name was as above, so that the Samuel referred to may have been the same as the baby, born at the beginning of May.

Zeffie Ruth Marie TILBURY b. 20 August 1887 at 1 Station road, Kensal Green (Hendon district, Willesden sub-district); father Harry TILBURY (Druggist, master), mother Rosetta Georgina formerly FAULKNER; informant mother of 1 Station road, birth registered on 3 October 1887 (Hendon 3a/159)
Zeffie Ruth M. TILBURY d. 3Q 1890 age 3 (Hendon 3a/105)
(source: JohnB)

Harry Bertie TILBURY
m. 3Q 1887 [Eliza Mary HAMILTON] (Hampstead 1a/1310)

Dorothy Olivia TILBURY b. 2Q 1889 (Prestwich 8d/398)


Harry Bertie TILBURY [b. 1Q] reg. 2Q 1891 (Hendon 3a/184)

Harry & Rose appear twice in the 1891 census: at Nightingale Road are the daughters + 7-year-old Frank; and at Avenue Mews are the sons:

30, Nightingale Road, Willesden, Middlesex
Harry TILBURY, Head age 48 b. (1843) London (Commercial Traveller)
Rose TILBURY, Wife age 47 b. (1844) London
- Jessie TILBURY, Daughter age 18 b. (1873) London
- Cissy TILBURY, Daughter age 14 b. (1877) London [Kate Christian?]
- Lilly TILBURY, Daughter age 12 b. (1879) London
- Frank TILBURY, Son age 7 b. (1884) London [Frank Felix Worth]
Mary HARRISON, Servant age 19 b. (1872) London (General Servant)

6, Avenue Mews, Willesden, Middlesex
Henry TILBURY, Head age 47 b. (1844) Pinner, Middlesex (Veterinarys Traveller)
Rose Wife TILBURY, Wife age 47 b. (1844) Willesden, Middlesex
- John TILBURY, Son age 16 b. (1875) Willesden, Middlesex (Veterinarys Groom)
- Thomas TILBURY, Son age 14 b. (1877) Brighton, Sussex
Emma STACEY, Boarder (Mar) age 44 b. (1847) Wiltshire (Monthly Nurse)
- Sidney STACEY, Boarder age 14 b. (1877) Willesden, Middlesex

164, High Street, Willesden, Middlesex
Bertie TILBURY, Head age 26 b. (1865) Westbourne Park, London (Commercial Traveller)
Eliza TILBURY, Wife age 24 b. (1867) Stourbridge, Staffordshire
- Dorothy TILBURY, Daughter age 2 b. (1889) Manchester
- Harry B. TILBURY, Son age 1 mth b. (1891) Willesden, Middlesex
Florence CRONER, Servant age 15 b. (1876) Kentish Town, London (General Servant)

51, Christow Street, Leicester, Leicestershire
Arthur C. ANDREWS, Head age 26 b. (1865) St Mary, Leicestershire (Railway Porter)
Florence ANDREWS, Wife age 21 b. (1870) France, British Subject (Dressmaker)
- Gertrude* ANDREWS, Daughter age 1 b. (1890) Harrow, Middlesex

* A guess, based on the name and reg. area (despite "Harrow" above):
- Gertrude Florence ANDREWS b. 4Q 1889 (Marylebone 1a/592)

Harry Tilbury, daughter Florence Julia, & The Old Bailey

Florence Julia TILBURY
m. Arthur Charles ANDREWS 2Q 1895 (Leicester 7a/370)

m. Clarissa Smith SIDDLE [OSBORNE] 4Q 1895 (Lambeth 1d/982)

From The Proceedings of The Old Bailey online
Sexual Offences: bigamy; 18th May 1896
No. 445. Clarissa Smith OSBORN (alias Clarissa TILBURY ) pleaded GUILTY to marrying John Henry Squire TILBURY during the lifetime of her husband.
Verdict: Three Days' Imprisonment.

Hate, Love, Bigamy & The Old Bailey

Harry Bertie TILBURY b. 2Q 1891 (Hendon 3a/184)
Marjorie May TILBURY b. 3Q 1892 (Steyning 2b/271)

Harry Cecil ANDREWS b. 1Q 1894 (Leicester 7a/279)

Montague Graham TILBURY b. 4Q 1894 (Steyning 2b/285)

Elizabeth Emily TILBURY b. 4Q 1896 (Lambeth 1d/450)

Kate Christian TILBURY
m. William Richard RISDON 4Q 1896 (Lambeth 1d/957)

Ellaline Irene TILBURY b. 1Q 1898 (Lambeth 1d/455)

Florence Ellen REDFERN b. 4Q 1898 (Leicester 7a/223)

Frederick William TILBURY b. 4Q 1898 Westminster [probably Marylebone 1a/495]

m. Ellen REDFERN 4Q 1899 (Leicester 7a/527)

Herman Squire TILBURY
m. Alice Minnie STARLING 4Q 1899 (Lambeth 1d/704)

The above would appear to be John Squire TILBURY - although I have no proof of that. Herman TILBURY was given in the list of next-of-kin (Army enlistment, see below) as the elder brother of Frank Felix TILBURY.

1891: 74, St Peters Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Eliza STARLING, Head (Widow) age 51 b. (1840) Norwich, Suffolk
- Ernest STARLING, Son (Single) age 23 b. (1868) Norwich, Suffolk (Traveller)
- Charles STARLING, Son (Single) age 21 b. (1870) Norwich, Suffolk (Hair Dresser)
- Minnie STARLING, Daughter (Single) age 19 b. (1872) Norwich, Suffolk

Lillie Emily TILBURY
m. William Frederick Q[uint] HAYMAN 1Q 1900 (Lambeth 1d/495)

Violet Gladys TILBURY b. 3Q 1900 (Wandsworth 1d/680)

From this point on it is difficult to identify all of Harry & Rosetta's children, their families - since they use
names other than their own ... and I have not managed to find all of them, yet (Caroline, August 2011).


72, Oak House, Bedford Place, Southampton All Saints, Southampton, Hampshire
Harry TILBURY, Head age 56 b. (1845) Marylebone, London (Commercial Traveller Vet Druggist)
Rose TILBURY, Wife age 56 b. (1845) N K

According to the list of births (above), the 1891 & 1911 censuses, below is Harry Bertie's family, from which he is absent. I can find neither an Elizabeth COLEY b. c.1864 Staffordshire, nor an Eliza HAMILTON.

23, Osborne Villas, Hove, Sussex
Elizabeth COLEY*, Wife (Married) age 37 b. (1864) Kinvers, Worcestershire
- Dorothy COLEY, Daughter age 12 b. (1889) Manchester (Scholar)
- Harry COLEY, Son age 10 b. (1891) (Scholar) Harlesdon, London
- Marjorie COLEY, Daughter age 9 b. (1892) Brighton, Sussex (Scholar)
- Montague COLEY, Son age 7 b. (1894) Brighton, Sussex (Scholar)
- Lizzie COLEY, Daughter age 4 b. (1897) South Lambeth, London
- Elliene COLEY, Daughter age 3 b. (1898) South Lambeth, London
- Violet COLEY, Daughter age 1 b. (1900) South Lambeth, London

* Elizabeth TILBURY, Bertie Harry's wife (& family)
No trace of Bertie

51, Christow Street, Leicester, Leicestershire
Arthur C. ANDREWS, Head (Married) age 36 b. (1865) Leicester, Leicestershire (Rubber Down Shoe Trade)
- Gertrude ANDREWS, Daughter age 11 b. (1890) Walworth, London
- Harry ANDREWS, Son age 8 b. (1893) Leicester, Leicestershire
- Dorothy ANDREWS, Daughter age 6 b. (1895) Leicester, Leicestershire

Cricks Retreat, Glen Magna, Great Glenn, Leicestershire
Martha ANDREWS, Head (Widow) age 67 b. (1834) Leicester, Leicestershire (None)
Flora* ANDREWS, Daughter (Married) age 31 b. (1870) London (Machinist)
- - Harry ANDREWS, Visitor age 10 b. (1891) Leicester, Leicestershire
- Eliza TAYLOR, Visitor (Single) age 43 b. (1858) Leicester, Leicestershire (Machinist)

* Most probably Florence [TILBURY]: here the d/pob is 1870 London, status "Married" - while Flora ANDREWS, Martha's daughter, was b. 1866 Leicestershire and had married Samuel HANSON in 1889. Also Arthur C. & Florence had a son Harry: but not necessarily this one since the dob is different. However, FreeBMD lists no Harry ANDREWS reg. Leicester before 1894 - and Martha's only other son, Oliver, seems to have had no children.

Arthur Andrews' mother Martha & Family

Ada Ann(ie) TILBURY not found 1891-1911 (at August 2011)

55, Burns Road, Willesden, Middlesex
Albert E. HARE, Head (Married) age 35 b. (1866) Cravenhurst, Bedfordshire (Carpenter & Joiner)
Jessie HARE*, Wife (Married) age 27 b. (1874) Brighton, Sussex
- Rosina M. HARE, Daughter age 8 b. (1893) Harlesden, Middlesex
- Henry E. HARE, Son age 5 b. (1896) Harlesden, Middlesex
- Ethel HARE, Daughter age 4 b. (1897) Harlesden, Middlesex
- Hubert B. HARE, Son age 9 mths b. (1900) Harlesden, Middlesex

* Jessie Burfield TILBURY - no marriage to HARE visible

John Henry Squire TILBURY not found; his "wife" and child:

72, Grosvenor Road, St Margaret & St John The Evangelist Westminster, London
Clarissa TILBURY* age 23 b. (1878) St Marys Blandford, Dorset
- Frederick TILBURY age 2 b. (1898) Westminster, London - with:
Samuel PAGE, Head age 77 b. (1824) Westminster, London (Cab Driver)
Clarissa PAGE**, Wife age 54 b. (1847) St Marys Blandford, Dorsetshire (Upholstress)

Herman Squire TILBURY (aka John Henry Squire?) and family not found

*  Clarissa [SIDDLE] [OSBORNE]
** Clarissa TILBURY's mother, (HUNT, m. SIDDLE, m. GUY, m. PAGE)
Clarissa SIDDLE m. William John GUY 2Q 1887 (Blandford 5a/488)
Clarissa GUY m. Samuel PAGE 3Q 1895 (Paddington 1a/80)

25, Ashmole Place, Lambeth, London
William R. RISDON age 25 b. (1876) Harefield, Middlesex (Cab Driver, Groom)
Kate C. RISDON age 25 b. (1876) Hendon, Middlesex
- Emily M. RISDON age 3 b. (1898) Lambeth, London
- Henry J. RISDON age 1 b. (1899) Lambeth, London
- William F. RISDON age 5 mths b. (1900) Lambeth, London

5 Gilray Square, Chelsea (St. Luke), London
Charles T. REDFERN*, Head age 25 b. (1876) England (Horse Keeper Bus-Yard, Worker)
Sarah E. REDFERN, Wife age 24 b. (1877) England
- Florence E. REDFERN, Daughter age 2 b. (1899) Leicester
- Thomas H.** REDFERN, Son age 3 mths b. (1901) Leicester
Thomas NICHOLS, Boarder (Single) age 32 b. (1869) Scotland (Horse-Keeper Bus-Yard, Worker)

*  Thomas TILBURY b. Brighton
** Thomas Harry TILBURY b. 1Q 1901 (Leicester 7a/275)

35, Tenison Street, Lambeth, London
William HAYMAN, Head age 22 b. (1879) St James Westminster, London (Police Con[s]table)
Lillie HAYMAN, Wife age 21 b. (1880) St James Westminster, London
- William HAYMAN, Son age 1 b. (1900) St James Westminster, London
Gladys HARE, Niece age 6 b. (1895) Clapham, Surrey

The Risdon & Hayman Families

There are two sets of attestion documents, both apparently for Frank Felix TILBURY:

(1) February 1901, age 17, enlisted in the militia, the Kings Royal Rifles, and gave his address as - that of the HAYMANs - 35 Tennison Street, "Parish of Waterloo near the Town of London in the County of Surrey, resident at the same place in the last twelvemonth"; he worked as a Waiter for Spiers & Ponds at Victoria Station, London,
(2) amongst the WW1 "burned documents": March 1901, age 18 yrs 2 mths, enlisted in the Army, the Kings Royal Rifles, address indecipherable, occupation Waiter.

Apart from age, there are some differences in his description, place of birth, between the two documents - but there would appear to only ever have been one Frank Felix TILBURY.

Private Frank Felix Tilbury, Militiaman, King's Royal Rifles

Frank Felix Tilbury, Private Soldier, King's Royal Rifles

Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire (Institution)
Frank TILBURY, Single, age 18 b. (1883) Cricklewood, Wiltshire (Private Soldier Kings Royal Rifles)
Census declaration (of the night of Sunday March 31st) signed by H. MENDS, Colonel Commanding Rifle Depot

Frank Felix TILBURY
m. Rose HOWARD 3Q 1905 (Camberwell 1d/1469)

In 1911 Frank TILBURY describes himself as "Single". The two other people listed for the same marriage reference, did marry each other according to the 1911 census, checked against birth registrations. In 1912 Frank was killed, but of the family only sister Jessie testified at the Old Bailey trial - Frank was lodging with her; no mention of Frank's wife. No trace of Rose [HOWARD] TILBURY to date (August 2011).

Jessie Mabel B. TILBURY
m. George COLEY 3Q 1907 (Lambeth 1d/899)

m. James W. BALE 3Q 1910 (Leicester 7a/634)

Violet Zeffie TILBURY b. 2Q, d. 4Q 1910 (Steyning 2b /244, /176)

Gertrude F. ANDREWS
m. William S. LUNN 4Q 1910 (Leicester 7a/498)


21, Osborne Villa, Hove, Sussex ([8 crossed out] 6 rooms)
Harry TILBURY, Head (Married 48 yrs. 10 children b. alive 8 lvg.) age 68 b. (1843) Marylebone (Commercial Traveller)
- Frank TILBURY, Visitor (Single) age 28 b. (1883) Cricklewood ([Army] Reservist)
Alice Maud COLLETT, Servant (Widow) age 48 b. (1863) Brighton (House Keeper Dom)

The Death of Frank Felix Worth Tilbury & The Old Bailey Trial for his Manslaughter

21, Montreal Road, Brighton, Sussex (2 rooms) [Lodgers]
Rosetta TILBURY, Head (Married 47 yrs. 17 children b. alive 9 lvg.*) age 67 b. (1844) Thistle Grove, Chelsea (None)
- - Gladys HORE [HARE], Grandchild age 16 b. (1895) Clapham (Waitress Tea Rooms, Worker)

Above, Rosetta states that 9 of her children are living: therefore John Henry Squire TILBURY should have been one of those 9 children, but he seems invisible after the birth of (son) Frederick William TILBURY (who was conceived and born after the trial of "wife" Clarissa for her bigamous marriage). Since Frederick was subsequently listed amongst Clarissa's JILLARD children, and later gave himself the name of FILBARY (a mis-reading of his birth certificate?), it would seem probable that Frederick had no further contact with either his father or the TILBURY family? No death registration pre-1911 apparent for a John TILBURY of the right age. (See 1943 below.)

"Melrose" 28, Westbourne Gardens, Hove, Sussex (8 rooms)
Elizabeth TILBURY*, Head (Married 23 yrs., 7 children b. alive, 6 lvg.) age 40 b. (1871) Kimber, Staff
- Dorothy TILBURY, Daughter age 21 b. (1890) Manchester (At Home)
- Harry TILBURY, Son age 20 b. (1891) London (Chemists Assistant)
- Marjorie TILBURY, Daughter age b. 18 (1893) Brighton (At Home)
- Montague TILBURY, Son age 16 b. (1895) Brighton
- Lizzie TILBURY, Daughter age 14 b. (1897) London (School)
- Lena TILBURY, Daughter age 13 b. (1898) London (School)
Mavis HARE, Niece age 6 b. (1905) London
Alfred KING, (Boarder) (Single) age 20 b. (1891) London (Horse Dealer)
Besham MAY, (Boarder) (Single) age 22 b. (1889) London (Groom Domestic, At Home)
Maud WARE, Servant age 14 b. (1897) London (Maid Genl Servant, At Home)

No trace of husband Bertie Harry TILBURY (at August 2011)

132, Curzon Street, Leicester, Leicestershire (5 rooms)
Florrance ANDREUS, Wife (Married 22 yrs., 4 children b. alive, 3 lvg.) age 41 b. (1870) Harrow, Middlesex
- Harry* ANDREUS, Son age 17 b. (1894) Leicester, Leicestershire (Canvaser Sewing Machine, Worker)
- Dorothy** ANDREUS, Daughter age 15 b. (1896) Leicester, Leicestershire (Hosiery Blouse Hand, Worker)
- Jessie ANDREUS, Daughter age 4 b. (1907)
Alice** LUNN, Visitor age 17 b. (1894) Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Hosiery Blouse Hand, Worker)

Employer's name crossed out on census form:
*  "Manager Singer Co."
** "N. Caraby [or Crosby] Sons"
No trace of Arthur ANDREWS

248, Tudor Road, Leicester (6 rooms)
William LUNN, Head age 25 b. (1886) Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Manager, Boot Warehouse, Worker)
Gertrude [ANDREWS] LUNN, Wife (Married under 1 yr.) age 21 b. (1890) London City (Dress Maker)

44, South Island Place, Brixton, London (10 rooms)
George COLEY, Head age 32 b. (1879) Kinver, Staffordshire (Chaffeur, Motor Car Co., Worker)
Jessie COLEY, Wife (Married 5 yrs., 2 children b. alive, lvg.) age 34 b. (1877) Kensing___, London
- Zeffie COLEY, Daughter age 3 b. (1908) Kensing___, London
- Leslie COLEY, Son age 8 mths b. (1910) Kensing___, London
Rosina* HARE, Boarder age 18 b. (1893) (Music Hall Artist, Worker) Harlesden, London
Ethel* HARE, age 14 b. (1897) Harlesden, London
Gracie* HARE, age 9 b. (1902) Harlesden, London
Winnie* HARE, age 7 b. (1904) Brighton, Sussex
Frederick HERBERT, Boarder Single age 25 b. (1886) London S E (Printer, Worker)
Walter MACNAB, Boarder (Married) age 26 b. (1885) Glasgow (Music Hall Artist, Worker)
Evelyn MACNAB, Boarder (Married 1 yr. 1 child b. alive, lvg.) age 20 b. (1891) Folkestone
- Evelyn Christina [or Christian] MACNAB, Boarder age 6 mths b. (1911) Folkestone
Ethel EDWARDS, Boarder (Spinster) age 28 b. (1883) Folkestone (Music Hall Artist, Worker)

* Jessie TILBURY's children by Albert Edward HARE, her previous "husband".

18, Burns Road, Harlesden, N. W., Middlesex
Albert Edward HARE, Boarder *(Single) age 45 b. (1866) Gravenhurst, Beds (Commercial Traveller)
- Henry Edward HARE, Boarder age 17 b. (1894) Hailsham, Middx (Commercial Traveller) - with:
Walter John ROBERTS, Head age 42 b. (1869) Cairo, Egypt (Railway Engine Driver)
Caroline ROBERTS, Wife (Married 16 years) age 45 b. (1866) Plymouth, Devon
- Dorothy ROBERTS, Mabel Daughter age 15 b. (1896) Willesden, Middx (Packer And Sorter)
- Lionel Frederick ROBERTS, Son age 5 b. (1906) Willisden, Middx
Emma Jane PARLINGTON, Sister In Law (Single) age 38 b. (1873) Portsmouth, Hampshire (Forewoman)
- Frank Perry PARLINGTON, Son age 10 b. (1901) Battersea, Surry

* Albert Edward HARE, here with his and Jessie TILBURY's (m. COLEY) son Henry Edward, states that he is "Single" - according to FreeBMD listings, a correct statement.

1911: 42 Carrance Road, Brixton SW (4 rooms)
Herman J. TILBURY, Head age 37 b. (1874) Ealing (Chauffeur)
Alice M. TILBURY, Wife age 39 b. (1872) Norwich
- Victor H. TILBURY, Son age 10 b. (1901) Brixton Rd
Eliza STARLING, Mother In Law (Widow) age 77 b. (1834) Norwich

46, Epple Road, Fulham, S. W. London (3 rooms)
William JILLARD, Head age 30 b. (1881) London, Middlesex (House Painter, Worker)
Clarissa JILLARD*, Wife (Married 13 yrs., 3 children b. alive, 3 lvg.) age 32 b. (1879) Blandford, Dorset
- Frederick JILLARD**, Son age 12 b. (1899) London, Westminster (School) [TILBURY]
- William JILLARD, Son age 8 b. (1903) London, Paddington [William Arthur H.]
- John JILLARD, Son age 5 b. (1906) London, Marylebone [John Isaac W.]
Clarissa PAGE, Boarder (Married 15 yrs., 6 children b. alive, 2 lvg.) age 68 b. (1843) Blandford, Dorset (Seamstress, Worker)

** Frederick TILBURY, son of Clarissa & John Henry Squire TILBURY (?)

37, South Island Place, Brixton, S. W. London (5 rooms)
William RISDON, Head age 36 b. (1875) Harefield, Middx (Motor Cab Driver, Worker)
Kate RISDON, Wife (Married 15 yrs., 10 children b. alive, 7 lvg.*) age 35 b. (1876) Brighton, Sussex
- May RISDON, Daughter age 14 b. (1897) London, St Lambeth (School)
- John RISDON, Son age 11 b. (1900) London, Clapham (School)
- Kate RISDON, Daughter age 9 b. (1902) London, Clapham (School)
- Florence RISDON, Daughter age 7 b. (1904) London, Clapham
- Eva RISDON, Daughter age 6 b. (1905) London, Clapham
- Albert RISDON, Son age 3 b. (1908) London, Camberwell
- Frank RISDON, Son age 1 b. (1910) London, Brixton

* With William & Kate in 1901, children Emily, Henry, William; from FreeBMD:
William Frank RISDON d. 3Q 1901 age 0 (Lambeth 1d/234); no death registrations visible for Emily or Henry (at August 2011)

92, Westbourne Street, Hove, Sussex (2 rooms)
Charles Thomas TILBURY, Head age 33 b. (1878) Brighton (Cab Driver)
Share [Sarah] Ellen TILBURY, Wife (Married 12 yrs., 2 children b. alive, lvg.) age 35 b. (1876) Leicester, Leicestershire
- Flornis [Florence] Ellen TILBURY, Daughter age 12 b. (1899) Leicester, Leicestershire (School)
- Thomas Harry TILBURY, Son age 10 b. (1901) Leicester, Leicestershire (School)

46, Corrance Road, Brixton, S.W. London (6 rooms)
Williams Frederick Quint HAYMAN, Head age 32 b. (1879) London, Westminster (Police Sergeant, employed by Government)
Lily Emily HAYMAN, Wife (Married 11 yrs., 5 children b. alive, 4 lvg.) age 31 b. (1880) London, Shepherds Bush
- William Frederick Samuel Harry HAYMAN, Son age 11 b. (1900) London, Westminster (School)
- Doris Rosetta HAYMAN, Daughter age 9 b. (1902) London, Lambeth
- Lily Ellaline HAYMAN, Daughter age 7 b. (1904) London, Lambeth
- Edith Annie HAYMAN, Daughter age 3 b. (1908) London, Holborn


John A. A. LUNN (mother ANDREWS) b. 4Q 1912 (Leicester 7a/501)


Dorothy H. ANDREWS
m. John G. SMITH 1Q 1914 (Leicester 7a/266)

Harry Bertie TILBURY (Father: Harry Bertie TILBURY)
m. Myra Frances Augusta KINCHANT 4Q 1914 (Lambeth 1d/570); b. 23 December 1893


- Arthur BALE b. 4Q 1916 (Leicester 7a/403)

- Myra I. TILBURY b. 1Q 1916 (Steyning 2b/436)


Rosetta G. TILBURY d. 2Q 1917 age 73 (Steyning 2b/382)

Montague Graham TILBURY b. 17 August 1894 Brighton, Sussex (occupation Traveller) joined the Royal Navy:

Seaman's Service No: F31468
Engagement: 21 June 1917 - Hostilities; Age [should be 23, but looks like 76]
Height 5 ft. 10 in., Chest 36 ¼ in., Hair black, Eyes brown, Complexion dark

Ship, &c., served in, List, No., Rating; Service From, To; If Discharched whither and for what cause
President II
      (Palace), 14/15, 32304, AC2,; 21 June 17 - 22 June 17; DL 168/86 Gre__; Character, 31/12/17: VG; Ability: Sat - RP10152/18
      (Pulham), 14/15, 32304, AC 2; 23 June 17 - 18 Sep 17
      (Admiralty), 14/15, 32304, AC 2; 19 Sep 17
      (Admiralty), 14/15, 32304, AM II; 17 Nov 17 - 2 Dec 17
(Lee on Solent), 14/15, 32304, AM II; 3 Dec 17 - 31 Mar 18; Rel F; Character: VG; Ability: Sat


Doc. ADM/188/622 (The National Archives, Kew, UK)


Montague G. TILBURY
m. Doris J. L. MORE 2Q 1918 (Steyning 2b/581)
mother MORE;
- Edward M. G. H. TILBURY b. 2Q 1919 (Islington 1b/382)
- Doris J. M. TILBURY b. 1Q 1921 (Steyning 2b/439)


Clarissa S. OSBORNE
m. William J. JILLARD 3Q 1919 (Fulham 1a/1029)


- Barbara U. N. TILBURY b. 3Q 1920 (Steyning 2b/528)


Harry TILBURY d. 3Q 1925 age 83 (Steyning 2b/291)


- Gloria V. TILBURY b. 1Q 1926 (Steyning 2b/386)


Clarissa [HUNT] [SIDDLE] [GUY] PAGE d. 1Q 1927 age 85 (Wandsworth 1d/770)

The Siddle Family

Victor H. TILBURY d. 2Q 1927 age 27 (Epsom 2a/32)

Doris Janet Louise TILBURY v. Montague Graham TILBURY; Court file no. 4429, The National Archives, Kew


Florence J. ANDREWS d. 1Q 1937 age 68 (Leicester 7a/402)


John H. TILBURY d. 3Q 1943 age 68 [b. c.1875] (Hove 2b/300) Sussex - was this John Henry Squire / Herman Squire, TILBURY?


Harry B. TILBURY d. 1968 age 77 (3Q, Brighton 5h/43) Sussex


Myra Augusta F. TILBURY d. January 1985 (Hove 18/1396:185) Sussex

Tilbury : Jillard : Filbary


William J. JILLARD d. 1Q 1950 age 68 (Surrey Northern 5g/374)

Clarissa JILLARD d. 1Q 1962 age 87 (Surrey North Western 5g/898)


FreeBMD, findmypast: no births

FreeBMD, findmypast 1796-2005; 2 marriages:

- Frederick FILBARY m. Annie CAMERON 3Q 1933 (Kensington 1a/429)

- Frederick W. FILBARY or JILLARD m. Eva A. SMITH or COOPER 2Q 1950 (Paddington 5d/349)
- Eva A. COOPER or SMITH m. Frederick W. TILBURY, or FILBARY, or JILLARD 2Q 1950 (Paddington 5d/349)

findmypast deaths 1796-2006:
- Frederick W. FILBARY d. 2Q 1962 age 63 (Paddington 5d/204)

No further trace of Eva A. TILBURY / FILBARY / JILLARD (at August 2011)

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