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Information kindly extracted by Nigel Tilbury

SFK = Suffolk

- Thomas TAILBY
  m. Susan ABLETT 22 February 1825 Holton St. Mary, Suffolk
From the IGI, siblings of Thomas TAILBY (above)
Father: Thomas TAILBY, Mother: Elizabeth (BENNEWORTH)
- Charlotte TAILBY bapt. 24 May 1801 Raydon SFK
  m. Robert GARDINER (of Dedham ESS) in Raydon SFK 7 April 1818 (recorded as TALEBY)
- Thomas TAILBY bapt. 9 March 1803 Raydon SFK
- Harriet TAILBY bapt. 18 August 1805 Raydon SFK
- Mary TAILBY bapt. 6 November 1808 Raydon SFK
- John TAILBY bapt. 18 August 1811 Raydon SFK
- Sarah TILBY bapt. 15 May 1814 Raydon SFK

If anyone has a connection to Harriet, Mary, John or Sarah I would love to hear from them as they seem to have completely disappeared. I have found no records after their christenings - Nigel.

Extract from the 1851 Census Index for the Samford Registration District of Suffolk

Parish of Higham
NA (PRO) Reference: HO 107/1798 Folio 169

 TILEBYSusan41East Bergholt
 TILEBYCharles15Stratford St Mary
 TILEBYMary Ann10Boxford
 TILEBYHenry 8Higham
 TILEBYSusan 6Higham
 TILEBYGeorge 2Higham

Tilburys in the 1891 Census for the Samford Registration District of Suffolk

 Hintlesham & Chattish, RG12-1464-212-424
 97, Raydon Road
 TILBURY Frederick, Head (married) age 24 b. SFK, Raydon (Ag. Lab.)
 TILBURY Emma, Wife (married) age 21 b. SFK, Hadleigh
 Raydon, RG12-1464-212-5-5
 36, Upper Street
 TILBURY William, Head (married) age 58 b. SFK, Higham (Ag. Lab.)
 TILBURY Emily, Wife (married) age 54 b. SFK, Layham
 Raydon, RG12-1464-212-5-9
 66, Rectory House
 TILBURY Emily (single) age 16 b. SFK, Raydon (Gen Dom. Servant)
 Dennis Coyle, Rector of Raydon, Head of household
 Raydon, RG12-1464-212-5-12
 86, Lower Street
 TILBURY Charles, Head (married) age 36 b. SFK, Stratford St Mary (Ag. Lab.)
 TILBURY Harriet, Wife (married) age 32 b. SFK, Hadleigh
 TILBURY George, Son (single) age 12 b. SFK, Raydon (Scholar)
 - TILBURY Charles, Son (single) age 10 b. SFK, Raydon (Scholar)
 Raydon, RG12-1464-212-5-14
 101, Cottages by Fox Inn
 TILBURY Auther, Head (married) age 29 b. SFK, Raydon (Dom. Servant)
 TILBURY Ellen, Wife (married) age 30 b. SFK, Raydon
 - TILBURY Henelena Kate, Daur age 4 b. SFK, Raydon (i)
 - TILBURY Auther Thomas, Son age 3 b. SFK, Raydon
 - TILBURY Eva Eunice, Daur age 2 b. SFK, Raydon (ii)
 - TILBURY Lenard Wesley, Son age 7m b. SFK, Raydon
 ( i) b: 3rd Qtr 1886 Samford 4a 775
 (ii) b: 4th Qtr 1888 Samford 4a 756
 Stratford St Mary, RG12-1464-212-9-5
 40, In the Bow
 TILBURY Ada, Daur age 7 b. SFK, Stratford St Mary (Scholar) (iii)
 James Scowen (Agricultural Labourer)
 (iii) b: 3rd Qtr 1883 Samford 4a 6
 Stratford St Mary, RG12-1464-212-9-6
 46, Upper Street
 TILBURY Walter, Head (married) age 27 b. SFK, Stratford St Mary (Gen. Lab.)
 TILBURY Annie, Wife (married) age 25 b. SFK, Denham
 - TILBURY Laura, Daur age 4 b. SFK, Stratford St Mary
 - TILBURY Alice, Daur age 2 b. SFK, Stratford St Mary (iv)
 (iv) b: 3rd Qtr 1888 Samford 4a 750
 Stratford St Mary, RG12-1464-212-9-7
 53, Upper Street
 TILBURY Eliza, Head (widow) age 57 b. SFK, Higham
 - TILBURY Alfred, Son (single) age 24 b. SFK, Stratford St Mary (Gen. Lab.)


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