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Transcribed by Robyn Coghlan (Tilbury descendant in Australia)

Robyn Coghlan's work will be greatly appreciated by all 'readers' of our Magazine

Every effort has been made to ensure transcription accuracy, particularly the Volume and Page numbers.
However, those wishing to obtain certificates are strongly advised to
check the details for themselves before ordering.

In the VOLUME & PAGE COLUMNS, numbers which cannot be transcribed with certainty are marked with ? and probable values given alongside.

"Mar"  :  March quarter  =  January + February + March  1st qtr or 1Q
"Jun"  :  June quarter  =  April + May + June  2nd qtr or 2Q
"Sep"  :  September quarter  =  July + August + September  3rd qtr or 3Q
"Dec"  :  December quarter  =  October + November + December  4th qtr or 4Q

LAST UPDATED 23rd September 2006

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Year  Qtr Surname  Given Name(s)    Reg. Dist.       Vol.  Page  Cty. Spouse
1837  Sep TILBERY  Joseph           Manchester       20    277   LAN  CROKER, Mary Ann 17 July, Cathedral
          TILBURY  George           Chelsea           3    190   LND  JARRETT, Mary Jane 30 July, St James, Paddington
                   Henry            Sheffield        22    347   YKS
                   Henry Callingham Lambeth           4    195   SRY  LAKER, Ann 14 August, St Mark, Kennington
                   Levi             Wycombe           6    489   BKM  BECKETT, Charlotte
                   William Henry    Chelsea           3    160   LND  SINCLAIR, Sarah Amelia
          TILBY    George           Bath             11     15   SOM
                   James            Frome            10    493   SOM
                   Sarah            St Pancras        1    335   LND
                   Susanna          Newport          26    104   MON
1837  Dec TILBURY  Esau             Uxbridge          3    246   MDX  CROUCH, (Jane) Ann
                   Henry            Farnham           4     95   SRY  COLE, Mary Ann 11 October, Frensham
                   John             Wycombe           6    691   BKM  COX, Sarah 5 November
                   Maria            Lambeth           4    282   SRY
          TILBY    Ann              St Pancras        1    301   LND
1838  Mar TILBURY  Amelia           Portsea Is        7    149   HAM  MANBRIDGE, James 11 March, Portsea 
                   Jeannetta        Marylebone        1    145   LND  TUCKER, Robert 30 March, All Souls, St Marylebone
1838  Jun TILBREY  James            St Geo.Han.Sq     1     34   LND
                   Thomas           Farnham           4     89   SRY  WILLIS, Jane 16 April, Frensham
          TILBURY  Charles          Southampton       7    207   HAM
                   Mary             Winchester &c     7    271   HAM
                   Sarah Elizabeth  Marylebone        1    243   LND
                   William          Farnham           4     86   SRY  HAMMOND, Mary Ann
1838  Sep TILBURY  Amelia           St Pancras        1    288   LND  MAUXWELL, Ralph
                   Eliza            Brighton          7    311   SSX  STAPELEY, John 6 August, St Nicholas, Brighton
                   Mary             Wycombe           6    499   BKM  HALL, John 24 August, Hughenden
1838  Dec TILBURY  Eleanor          Marylebone        1    232   LND  HOPKINS, William
                   Elizabeth        Stockbridge       7    301   HAM  BAVERSTOCK, Robert
                   Hannah           Winchester &c     7    325   HAM
          TILBY    Frances          Wantage           6   47(5?) BRK
                   Jane             St James          1     96   LND  LEROY, Francois
                   Thomas Martin    Strand            1    329   LND
1839  Mar TILBURY  James            Winchester &c     7    313   HAM
                   James            St Geo.Han.Sq     1     2    LND
                   William          Wycombe           6    471   BKM  DIDCOCK, Ann 3 March, High Wycombe
1839  Jun TILBURY  Maria            Amersham          6    405   BKM  ABBOTT, William 15 April, Great Missenden
1839  Sep TILBURY  William          Wycombe           6    603   BKM  [GUNN, Eliza 14 July 1837 (civ. reg. 1839)]
1839  Dec TILBURY  Henry            Andover           7     67   HAM  CHILD, Sarah
1839  Dec TILBURY  William					      LUTTMAN, Elizabeth 2 November
1840  Mar TILBURY  Charles          Southampton       7    211   HAM  ROBINSON, Eliza
                   Elizabeth        Wycombe           6    527   BKM  PRIOR, William 5 January
                   George           Lambeth           4    185   SRY
1840  Jun TILBURY  Elizabeth        Newton Abbot     10    235   DEV
                   George           Medway            5    388   KEN
                   Harriet          Andover           7    52A   HAM  COLE, William
                   William          Wycombe           6    617   BKM
                   William          Kensington        3    253   LND  GAIGER, Sarah
          TILBY    John Foster      Dartford          5    139   KEN
1840  Sep TILBERY  George           Alverstoke        7     38   HAM  RAYMOND, Caroline 2 August, Alverstoke
          TILBURY  Clara            Islington         3    155   LND
                   Edmund           Marylebone        1    190   LND
                   Frederick HerbertWycombe           6    611   BKM  FOX, Ellen (bpt. BRIDGEWATER) 4 August, W. Wycombe
                   Mary             Cookham           6    228A  BRK  GOODY, Amos (GOODEY)
                   Thomas           Watford           6    796   HRT
                   William          St James Westmin  1    115   LND  COCKBURN, Elizabeth
          TILBY    Anne             Marylebone        1    197   LND
1840  Dec TILBURY  Ann              Uxbridge          3    299   MDX
                   Joseph           Woburn            6    219   BED  BEEN, Harriet 12 October, Woburn, Bedford
                   Margaretta       Droxford          7    146   HAM  NUTLEY, William 12 December, Bishops Waltham
1841  Mar TILBURY  Esther           St Pancras        1    213   LND  MONTAGUE, George 21 January, Old Church, St Pancras
                   Margaret         Wycombe           6    487   BKM  THOMPSON, Thomas
          TILBY    George           Leicester        15     89   LEI
1841  Jun TILBURY  Frances          Amersham          6    455   BKM  FRANKLIN, Francis
                   Harriet          Droxford          7    121   HAM  HOARE, William 18 June, Bishops Waltham
                   Thomas           Farnham           4    103   SRY  DOBSON, Mary Ann 19 May, Frensham
          TILBY    Caroline         Canterbury        5    129   KEN
                   Charlotte        Canterbury        5    129   KEN
1841  Sep TILBURY  James            St Geo.Han.Sq     1     15   LND
                   James            Southampton       7    216K  HAM
1841  Dec Nil civ. reg.?
1841  Dec TILBURY  Eliza				              WALLER, William 29 November, Frensham
1842  Mar TILBURY  Hannah           Winchester etc    7    283   HAM
                   Henry            Droxford          7     99   HAM  EARWAKER, Eliza 29 January
                   Martha           Winchester etc    7    273   HAM  TOWLER, William 7 March, St Maurice, Winchester
          TILBY    Henry Ilden      Islington         3    137   LND
1842  Jun TILBURY  George           Chelsea           3     32   LND  PEARCE, Eliza 31 May, Chelsea
          TILBY    James            Hungerford        6    262   BRK
                   John             Faversham         5    233   KEN  UNDERDOWN, Mary Ann
                   Sarah            Lewisham          5    323   KEN
1842  Sep TILBEY   William          Uxbridge          3    301   MDX
          TILBURY  Timothy          Farnham           4    113   SRY  HAMMOND, Charlotte
          TILBY    William          W Ashford         5     21   KEN
1842  Dec TILBE    Alice            Hollinghbourne    5    377   KEN
          TILBURY  Charlotte        Wycombe           6    747   BKM  married each other: Charlotte & William
                   Henry            Wycombe           6    744   BKM  WOOSTER, Elizabeth
                   John             Wycombe           6    763   BKM
                   William          Wycombe           6    747   BKM  married each other: William & Charlotte
1843  Mar TILBURY  William Henry    Kingston          4    151   SRY
1843  Jun TILBURY  Caroline         Portsea Is        7    176   HAM  LAWRENCE, John 9 April, St Marys, Portsea
1843  Sep TILBURY  Alexander        Chelmsford       12     78   ESS  YAXLEY, Ann
                   Susannah         Winchester etc    7    297   HAM  NUTLEY, John 16 July, St Maurice, Winchester
          TILKE    Charlotte        Exeter           10    122   DEV
1843  Dec TILBURY  Eliza            Catherington      7    155   HAM  OAKSHOT, Thomas 2 December
                   Frances          Winchester etc    7    397   HAM
                   James            Sth Stoneham      7    343   HAM  MOODY, Charlotte
                   Jane             Lewisham          5    443   KEN
                   John             Wycombe           6    747   BKM  WINGROVE, Anne 13 December St Botolph's, Bradenham
                   Richard          Kensington        3    228   LND
                   Thomas           Farnham           4    125   SRY  WARNER, Maria 28 October, Farnham
                   Thomas           Southampton       7    332G  HAM
          TILKE    Elizabeth        Frome            10    585   SOM
1844  Mar TILBURY  John             Southampton       7    234   HAM
1844  Jun TILBURY  Ann              Wandsworth        4    508   SRY  PHILLIPS, Joseph 5 June, Holy Trinity, Clapham
                   Elizabeth        Shoreditch        2    354   LND  LACEY, Joseph
		   Jane             Portsmouth		              JONES, William 24 April, St. Thomas, Portsmouth
                   Jane             Portsea Is        7    240   HAM  MASON, James
          TILBY    Eliza            Langport         10    721   SOM
                   Joseph           Malling           5    385   KEN  WEEKS, Margaret
                   Sarah            Malling           5    385   KEN  HODGES, Thomas Edwin
1844  Sep TILBEE   John             St Jas Westr      1    107   LND
          TILBURY  Henry            Windsor           6    422   BRK  STREET, Grace
                   Richard          Lymington         8    296   HAM  BROWNING, Jane
1844  Dec TILBURY  Elizabeth        Chelmsford       12    103   ESS  KING, Job
                   George           Wycombe           6    782   BKM  KEENE, Hester 3 November, Lane End
                   Robert           Wycombe           6    809   BKM  HANCOCK, Martha (remarried BAKER)
          TILBY    James Francis    Chelsea           3     25   LND
          TILKE    Sarah            Newington         4    422   SRY
1845  Mar TILBURY  Louisa           Shoreditch        2    359   LND
                   Sophia           Amersham          6    383   BKM  NASH, William 10 March, Great Missenden
                   Sophia Gurney    Amersham          6    383   BKM  STADHAM, Daniel 1 March, Great Missenden
1845  Jun TILBURY  Charles          Marylebone        1    264   LND
                   William          Droxford          7    116   HAM  WOODHATCH, Mary Ann 15 June, Bishops Waltham
          TILBY    Annette Louisa   Wirral           19    283   CHS
1845  Sep TILBURY  Charles          Amersham          6    405   BKM  FRITH, Letitia 22 September, Great Missenden
                   John             Portsea Is        7    197   HAM  COTTON, Caroline 7 July, St Marys, Portsea
                   Maria            Droxford          7    113   HAM  DAYSH, James 9 September, Bishops Waltham
                   Rebecca          Wycombe           6    569   BKM  FRYER, Henry
                   William          Amersham          6    397   BKM
          TILBY    Elizabeth        Amersham          6    400   BKM
1845  Dec TILBERY  Jane             Stockbridge       7    379   HAM
          TILBEY   James            Edmonton          3     98   MDX
          TILBURY  George           Basingstoke       7    145   HAM  FULLER, Lucy (b. North Waltham)
                   Henry            Wycombe           6    783   BKM  COLLIER, Mary
                   James            Wycombe           6    811   BKM
          TILBY    James            Edmonton          3     98   MDX
1846  Mar TILBURY  Maria            Midhurst          7    545   SSX
                   Thomas           Guildford         4    137   SRY
          TILBY    George           Cranbrook         5     99   KEN
                   Harriet          Greenwich         5    280   KEN
1846  Jun TILBEY   Sophia           Leicester        15    146   LEI
          TILBURY  John             Wycombe           6    594   BKM  PLUMRIDGE, Mary 13 April, Hughenden
                   John             Wycombe           6    599   BKM  SOANES, Amelia (m1) 30 June
                   Sophia           Marylebone        1    190   LND  NICHOLS, Richard 18 April, All Souls, St Marylebone
                   William          Farnham           4    139   SRY  HAMMOND, Mary Ann 18 April, Frensham
          TILBY    Caroline         Westhampnett      7    789   SSX
1846  Sep TILBURY  Anne             Chelmsford       12     41   ESS  SUCKLING, Frederic
                   George           Marylebone        1    211   LND
                   George           St Geo.Han.Sq     1     52   LND  COCKMAN, Fanny Elizabeth
                   Thomas           Wycombe           6    615   BKM  WEST, Ann
          TILBY    John             Wandsworth        4    568   SRY
1846  Dec TILBERRY James            Catherington      7    131   HAM  SMITH, Harriet
          TILBUREY Elizabeth        Wycombe           6    831   BKM
          TILBURY  Elizabeth        Wycombe           6    831   BKM
                   William          Catherington      7    134   HAM  OAKSHOT, Jane
                   William          Farnham           4    141   SRY
	  TILBURY  William					 HAM  CHANDLER, Maria 18 October, Bramshot
1847  Mar TILBURY  Martha Ann       Shoreditch        2    319   LND  PALSER, John Norris 3 March, St John Baptist
                   Thomas           Wycombe           6    531   BKM
          TILBY    Elizabeth        Cranbrook         5    105   KEN
1847  Jun TILBURY  Charity          Droxford          7    121   HAM  SINGLETON, Levi 6 May, Bishops Waltham
                   Frank            St.Geo.Han.Sq     1     20   LND
1847  Sep TILBURY  Charlotte        Alverstoke        7     42   HAM  WORLEY, Henry
          TILBY    Ann Eliza        Medway            5    455   KEN
                   Thomas           Hendon            3    181   MDX  MAYNE, Alice
                   William          St George S       4    473   SRY
          TILLBURY Charlotte        Alverstoke        7     42   HAM
1847  Dec TILBURY  George           Wycombe           6    809   BKM  CARR, Sarah
                   James            Wycombe           6    787   BKM  BULLOCK, Levina
                   Joseph           Amersham          6    561   BKM  LAWRENCE, Elizabeth 28 October, Penn
          TILBY    Edward           Newington         4    ???   SRY
1848  Mar TILBURY  Charles          Bermondsey        4     15   SRY
                   Mary Ann         Andover           7     61   HAM  COLE, Robert
                   Thomas           Wells            10    777   SOM
1848  Jun TILBURY  Catherine        Amersham          6    413   BKM  RANDALL, George (Joseph) 1 June, Penn
                   James            Wycombe           6    563   BKM  FREE, Edith 28 May, Hughenden
                   John             Chelsea           3     41   LND
                   Mary Ann         Manchester       20    592   LAN
1848  Sep TILBURY  Ellen            Hendon            3    205   MDX  GIBB, James
                   George           Kensington        3    342   LND  WALKER, Louisa, July, St Marys, Paddington
                   Joseph           Wycombe           6    639   BKM  COLLINS, Lucy
                   Stephen          Truro             9    355   CON
                   Zoar             Wycombe           6    623   BKM
          TILBY    William          Lewisham          5    363   KEN
1848  Dec TILBE    Thomas           Canterbury        5    117   KEN
          TILBURY  Emma             Shoreditch        2    440   LND  GRITTON, William
                   John             St Geo.Han.Sq     1     11   LND
                   Thomas           Wycombe           6    807   BKM  SILVEY, Ann 30 October, Great Marlow
1849  Mar TILBURY  Harriett         Hambledon         4    187   SRY  BILLINGHURST, James 23 January, Milford
          TILBY    Frances          Maidstone         5    336   KEN
          TILB(Y)??James            St Pancras        1    289   LND
1849  Jun TILBURY  John             Kingston          4    251   SRY  START, Susan 27 May, Kingston U. Thames
		   John		    Kingston	      4    258	 SRY  CARN, Susan (FreeBMD)
                   Joseph           Amersham          6    443   BKM    
          TILBY    John             Rotherhithe       4    489   LND
1849  Sep TILBURY  Ann              Havent            7    157   HAM  HENDIE, James 26 August, St Faith, Havant
                   James            Windsor           6    405   BKM  MILLS, Julia
                   James            Wycombe           6    639   BKM
                   Sarah            Stepney           2    487   LND  SALE, Thomas Jacob 24 July, St Dunstan [GALE]
          TILBY    James            St Pancras        1    354   LND  FOLLOWS, Jane
1849  Dec TILBY    James            N.Aylesford       5    559   KEN  CROWHURST, Elizabeth
1850  Mar TILBURY  Ann Penton       Andover           7     55   HAM  SCAMMEL William at Chilbolton
                   Harriett         Wycombe           6    527   BKM  ABBOTT, John
          TILBY    Maria            Leicester        15    142   LEI
1850  Jun TILBERRY Rebecca          Catherington      7    119   HAM  SARRANT, James
          TILBURY  Joseph           Maldon           12    231   ESS  GOZZETT, Matilda
                   William Wright   Amersham          6    467   BKM  NASH, Ann 2 April, Great Missenden
1850  Sep TILBURY  James            Portsea           7    241   HAM
                   Marianne         Malling           5    399   KEN  MILLER, William 21 July, East Malling [WILLER]
                   Mary Ann         Malling           5    399   KEN
                   Thomas           Wycombe           6    659   BKM  RAYNOR (RAYNER), Rosanna (Rosehannah)
          TILBY    Henry Ilden      London            2    142   LND  CHENERY, Marian
1850  Dec TILBURY  George Edward    Kensington        3    373   LND
                   John             Guildford         4    199   SRY  BATTEN, Hannah
                   Mary Ann         Farnham           4    161   SRY  WOODGER, Richard 4 December, Frensham
1851  Mar Nil
1851  Jun TILBERY  John             Thame            16    180   OXF
          TILBURY  Charles          E. London         2    239   LND  HODGSON, Emma
                   Harriet          Marylebone        1    238   LND  WYATT, John Finch
                   James            Kensington        3    361   LND
          TILBY    Augustus         Croydon           4     99   SRY
                   Louisa Matilda   Maidstone         5    405   KEN
1851  Sep TILBURY  William          Newington         4    490   SRY
          TILBY    Elizabeth        Medway            5    989   KEN
                   Mary             Windsor           6    418   BKM
1851  Dec TILBURY  Eleanor          Hastings          7    648   SSX  CHURCHER, William 25 December, Hastings
                   Frederick        Henley           16    181   OXF
                   George           S. Stoneham       7    361   HAM  MAY, Harriette 19 October, Botley
                   Jane             Wycombe           6    758   BKM  COGDELL, George 30 November, Hughenden
                   Richard          Wycombe           6    771   BKM  DEVENING, Eliza 18 October, Monks Risborough
                   William Edward   Hastings          7    632   BKM
          TILBY    Frederick        Henley           3a    181   OXF
1852  Mar TILBE    Henry            Stepney          2a    705   LND
          TILBERRY William          St Giles         1b    414   LND
          TILBURY  John             St Pancras       1b     15   LND  GODWIN Ann (nee MESSUM) 11 January, Old Church
          TILBURY  Ann Charlotte    Uxbridge         3a     25   MDX  WINTER Richard
                   Mary             Wycombe          3a    418   BKM
                   Mary Ann         Amersham         3a    343   BKM  DIXON, John 19 February, Latimer
1852  Jun TILBURY  Sarah            Andover          2c    275   HAM  MUNDY Eli in Chilbolton
                   Sarah            Derby            7b    592   DBY  FLOWER, John 9 May, St Alkmund
                   William          Catherington     2c    171   HAM  ROPERS, Eliza
          TILBY    James            Amersham         3a    381   BKM
                   Louisa           W. Ashford       2a    631   KEN  COOK, Robert
1852  Sep TILBURRY Elizabeth        Wandsworth       1d    679   SRY  DODGE, George 19 September, All Saints
          TILBURY  John             Portsea          2b    585   HAM  MARTIN, Louisa Susannah 2 August, St Marys
                   Obed             Amersham         3a    429   BKM  NORTH, Susan
1852  Dec TILBURY  Joseph           Winchester       2c    164   HAM
                   Sarah            Winchester       2c    163   HAM
                   Charles          Maidstone        2a    683   KEN
                   Eliza            Stepney          1c    1090  LND  REID, Thomas
          TILBY    Margaret         Greenwich        1d   (1)?50 KEN
                   Susannah         Faversham        2a    1028  KEN
1853  Mar TILBURY  Anna             Shoreditch       1c    429   LND
                   Charlotte        Basingstoke      2c    233   HAM
                   Samuel           St Pancras       1b     4    LND  HAZELDINE Hannah
          TILBY    Nanny            Hendon           3a    103   MDX
          TILLBEY  Mary             Southampton      2c     51   HAM
1853  Jun TILBEY   Emma Elizabeth   Maidstone        2a    641   KEN
          TILBURY  Henry            Mutford          4a    987   SFK  COOPER, Elizabeth
                   Matilda          Westminster      1a    443   LND
1853  Sep TILBURY  Ann              Lambeth          1d    439   SRY
                   Ann              Windsor          2c  (51??)2 BKM
                   Jane             Southampton      2c     37   HAM  VOKES, Richard 19 July, St Marys
                   William          Portsea          2b    570   HAM  BOOKER/JAMES, Caroline 3 July, St Marys
          TILBY    John             Wycombe          3a    531   BKM
1853  Dec TILBURY  Ann              St Martin        1a    541   LND  ADAMS, Richard 18 December, St Martin/Fields, W'minster
                   Eliza            St Geo.Han.Sq    1a    304   LND
                   Sarah            Cookham          2c    841   BRK
                   Stephen          Reading          2c    768   BRK  BARNES, Ann
                   William          Cricklade        5a     41   WIL
          TILBY    George           Newington        1d   2(6?)3 SRY
                   Thomas           Samford          4a   (?)33  SFK  CHISNALL Eliza 13 November, Highham
1854  Mar TILBURY  Ann              Derby            7b    505   DBY  BATES, James 10 January, All Saints
                   William Henry    Amersham         3a    375   BKM
1854  Jun TILBURY  Daniel           Droxford         2c    185   HAM  BARLAND, Hannah
                   David            Petersfield      2c    207   HAM  HALL, Sarah
                   George Hayward   St Pancras       1b    216   LND  WRIGHT Emily Marie Agnes
                   Mary Ann         Lambeth          1d    473   SRY
1854  Sep TILBURY  Ann              Amersham         3a    437   BKM  BARNARD, William 7 September, Penn
                   Cornelius        Wycombe          3a    488   BKM  LEE, Mary 23 September, Hughenden
                   Ellen            Portsea          2b    586   HAM
                   William          Watford          3a    381   HRT
                   William Thomas   Southampton      2c     33   HAM
1854  Dec TILBURY  Eliza            Wycombe          3a    557   BKM  PLUMRIDGE, Thomas
                   Elizabeth        Hemel H          3a    444   BRK
                   Jane             Wokingham        2c    721   BRK
          TILBY    Esther           St Geo Sk        1d    128   SRY
1855  Mar TILBY    Frances          Shoreditch       1c    226   LND
1855  Jun TILBURY  William          Amersham         3a    406   BKM  WARE, Lydia
                   William Robert   Shoreditch       1c    290   LND
	  SILBURY  James (TILBURY)  St Geo H Square  1a    269   LND  BALLARD, Charlotte (James' m2)
          TILBY    Emily            Maidstone        2a    593   KEN
1855  Sep TILBE    John Hawtry      Newington        1d    ???   SRY
          TILBURY  Hannah           Reading          2c    531?  BRK
                   James            Wycombe          3a    ??9   BKM  LEE, Elizabeth 26 August, Hughenden
                   John             Brentford        3a     87   MDX  TRAMPLING, Bethia 2 September, Isleworth
                   Thomas           Eton             3a   (5?)2  BKM  LITTLEBOY, Martha 28 July, Upton Cum Chalvey
          TILBY    Mary Ann         Brentford        3a     ??   MDX  KING, William
1855  Dec TILBURY  Arthur           Guildford        2a     79   SRY  DOWNES, Eliza 9 December
                   Frederick        Wycombe          3a    561   BKM  SAUNDERS, Ann Elizabeth 23 December, Hughenden
                   James            Wycombe          3a    590   BKM  BUSBY, Sarah Hannah
                   Jane             Wycombe          3a    567   BKM  TRENDALL, Thomas 25 December, Lane End
                   John             Truro            5c    272   CON
                   Joseph           Clerkenwell      1b    677   LND    
                   Louisa           Windsor          2c    884   BKM
                   Lydia            Wycombe          3a    589   BKM  ABRAM, George
          TILBY    Charles          St James         1a    605   LND  FARROW, Maria
1856  Mar TILBEY   Edward           Maidstone        2a    487   KEN
          TILBURY  Ann              Reading          2c    496   BRK
                   Walter           St Geo Sk        1d    130   SRY
1856  Jun TILBURY  Henry            Alverstoke       2b    668   HAM  STEWART, Hester 13 April, Alverstoke
                   James            Wycombe          3a    470   BKM
                   John             Chorlton         8c    557   LAN  RANDELL, Mary (second wife)
                   Mary Ann         Reading          2c    578   BRK  STACY, James 8 July, St Giles
                   William          St Giles         1b    472   LND
1856  Sep TILBEE   George           W. Ashford       2a    750   KEN
          TILBURY  Sarah            Kensington       1a     63   LND
                   Sophia           Cookham          2c    601   BRK
                   William          Pancras          1b    155   LND  BATH/LEECH, Harriett Lewis 18 September, Old Church
          TILBY    James            St Geo East      1c    817   LND
1856  Dec TILBURY  Betsey           Portsea          2b    730   HAM  SEARLE, William 21 December, All Saints (Kelsey)
                   Charles          Portsea          2b    671   HAM  DELICATE, Jane 4 November, St Marys
                   Charles          Isle of Wight    2b    897   HAM  MURSELL, Ellen Susannah, St John, Northwood
                   Joseph           Shoreditch       1c    417   LND  HUTCHINSON, Frances 8 November, St John Baptist
                   Louisa           Marylebone       1a    672   LND
          TILBY    Samuel           Greenwich        1d    751   KEN
1857  Mar TILBURY  Ann              E. London        1c     7    LND
                   Charlotte        Hambledon        2a    107   KEN  LILLYWHITE, William 12 February, Elstead
                   Henry            Amersham         3a    343   BKM
                   Sarah            Winchester       2c    143   HAM
          TILBY    Mary             Faversham        2a    677   KEN
1857  Jun TILBARRY Robert           Kensington       1a    102   LND
          TILBURY  Alfred           Amersham         3a    445   BKM
                   John             Richmond S       2a    309   SRY  QUADLING, Ann 28 April, St Mary Magdalen
          TILBY    Sarah Freeman    Bermondsey       1d     92   SRY
1857  Sep TILBE    Jane             Canterbury       2a    816   KEN
          TILBURY  Elizabeth        Wycombe          3a    565   BKM
          TILBY    Ann              St George S      1d    153   SRY
1857  Dec TILBURY  Charles Richard  Kensington       1a     93   LND  FRAZER, Margaret 7 October, St John Evangelist, Notting Hill
                   Edward           Ashton           8d    723   LAN  FOSTER / PARKEN, Margaret, St. Michael, Mottram in Longdendale
                   George Matthew   Southampton      2c     65   HAM
          TILBY    James            Bethnal Green    1c    576   LND
1858  Mar TILBARY  James            Andover          2c    239   HAM
          TILBURY  Caroline         Uxbridge         3a     15   MDX  WILKS, Joshua
                   Charles          Droxford         2c    142   HAM  SMITH, Anna Maria 27 February, Bishops Waltham
                   Charlotte        Portsea          2b    451   HAM
                   James            Uxbridge         3a     29   MDX
                   James            Andover          2c    239   HAM  FIFIELD, Mary Ann 12 January, St Marys Chilbolton
          TILBURYS Caroline         Uxbridge         3a     15   MDX
1858  Jun TILBERY  Robert           Samford          4a    861   SFK  CUNDY, Emma 16 April, Higham
1858  Sep TILBEE   Stephen          W. Ashford       2a    775   KEN
          TILBERY  Charles          Wandsworth       1d    643   SRY  DEVENPORT, Eliza (b. Lambeth, d/o Eliza)
          TILBURY  Elizabeth        Portsea          2b    558   HAM  FORCE, Henry
                   Marie Charlotte  Marylebone       1a    697   LND  KEY, William Simpson 3 September, All Souls
                   Marion Louisa    Bradford Yk      9b     9    YRK
                   Rachel           Wycombe          3a    591   BKM  WATKINS, Edmund
                   William          Marylebone       1a    852   LND
          TILBY    James Francis    Kensington       1a    123   LND
1858  Dec TILBERY  Charles          Samford          4a    1313  SFK  DURRANT, Harriet 24 December, Higham
          TILBURY  Esther Ann       Portsea          2b    680   HAM  VOLLER, John 18 December, St Marys
                   Julia            Portsea          2b    667   HAM  VOGELSANG, Samuel 29 November, St Marys
                   Sarah            Amersham         3a    517   BKM  WEEDON, William 28 October, Penn
                   Susannah Eliza AnPoplar           1c    1151  LND
                   William          Winchester       2c    171   HAM
          TILBY    John             Wycombe          3a    572a  BKM  SAUNDERS, Anna
1859  Mar TILBURY  Charles          Kingston         2a    268   SRY
                   Frederick        Wycombe          3a    415   BKM  WEST, Hannah 7 February, Hughenden
                   Mary             Wycombe          3a    444   BKM
                   Sophia           Shoreditch       1c    388   LND  ATTWOOD, John Roger 7 March, St John Baptist
                   Sophia Anne      Strand           1b    519   LND
          TILBY    Jane             Dartford         2a    313   KEN  EDGELL/ENGELL, Thomas
1859  Jun TILBURY  Elizabeth Ann    Andover          2c    317   HAM  POTTICARY, George
                   Robert Walter    Marylebone       1a    821   LND
                   William Saunders Wycombe          3a    503   BKM  TWITCHER, Charlotte
1859  Sep TILBURY  Catherine        Ashton           8d    622   LAN  DUTTON, David 3 July, St Michael, Ashton U. Lyne
                   George           Hackney          1b    424   LND
                   George John      Westhampnett     2b    449   SSX  (LETHGEN=IGI error) LITHGOW Ann (Frensham)
                   John             Amersham         3a    443   BKM  JAMES, Mary Ann
                   William          Southampton      2c     82   HAM
1859  Dec TILBEY   Esther Ruth      Maidstone        2a    745   KEN
          TILBURY  Charles          Wycombe          3a    603   BKM  COLES, Louisa Jane 10 October, Lane End
                   Jane             Basingstoke      2c    367   HAM
                   John             Wycombe          3a    591   BKM
                   John William     Bethnal Green    1c    759   LND  CLARK, Mary Ann
                   Maria Callingham Wandsworth       1d    725   SRY  CATHRICK, Charles Jonathan
                   William          Preston          8e    679   LAN  ASHCROFT, Alice 17 October, St John
          TILBY    George           Holborn          1b    731   LND
1860  Mar TILBURY  Emilie           Portsea          2b    466   HAM  HOARE, John
1860  Jun TILBEE   Elizabeth        Downham          4b    581   ESS
          TILBIE   John             W. Ashford       2a    765   KEN
          TILBURY  Eliza Isabella   Brighton         2b    279   SSX  BRYAN Edward Langdon 19 May, St Nicholas
                   Louisa           Wycombe          3a    496   BKM  HAWES, Amos 29 April, Hughenden
          TILBY    Hughes           Malling          2a    557   KEN
                   Robert           Pancras          1b     12   LND
1860  Sep TILBURY  Ann              Midhurst         2b    501   SSX  TRIBE, Henry
                   Clara            Marylebone       1a    916   LND
                   Eliza            Hambledon        2a    153   SRY  PIERCE, John
                   John             Clerkenwell      1b    817   LND
                   Kate             Hackney          1b    557   LND
          TILBY    James            Christchurch     2b    803   HAM
1860  Dec TILBEE   Ann              W. Ashford       2a    915   KEN
          TILBURY  Ann              St James         1a    583   LND  WEBB, George
	  TULBURY  Lucy (TILBURY)   Basingstoke			      (nee FULLER) widow of George TILBURY
1861  Mar TILBURY  Joseph           St Martin        1a    429   LND  JAMES, Mary 21 January, St Martin/Fields, W'minster
          TILBY    John             Maidstone        2a    535   KEN
1861  Jun TILBEY   Rebekah          Wycombe          3a    475   BKM
          TILBURY  James            Wycombe          3a    518   BKM  FOLLEY (FOLEY) Eliza
          TILBY    Rebekah          Wycombe          3a    475   BKM  NORRIS, William
1861  Sep TILBURY  Edward           Ashton           8d    840   LAN  MITCHELL, Ann, St Paul, Stayley
                   George Francis   Chelsea          1a    297   LND  SALTER, Elizabeth Amelia 31 July, St Luke
                   Mary             Eton             3a    475   BKM  HEARN, Thomas 15 September, Hitcham
                   William (m2)     Wycombe          3a    513   BKM  EASDEN, Louisa 3 August, Lane End
          TILBY    Joseph           Henley           3a    689   SSX
1861  Dec TILBERY  Mary Ann         Portsea          2b    708   HAM  PRITCHETT, Thomas 9 December, St Marys
          TILBURY  Ann              Farnham          2a    121   HAM  DOPSON, John 13 November
                   Anne             Farnham          2a    121   HAM
1862  Mar TILBURY  Charlotte        S. Stoneham      2c     66   HAM  HOARE, Robert
                   Henry            Chelsea          1a    250   LND  VOUSDEN Martha 22 January, St Lukes 
                   Lydia            Amersham         3a    389   BKM
          TILBY    Francis          Wantage          2c    407   BRK
1862  Jun TILBURY  Elizabeth MariannMarylebone       1a    860   LND
          TILBY    Elizabeth        Wycombe          3a    507   BKM  BELLINGER, William
1862  Sep TILBURY  Frederick        Kingston         2a    314   SRY
                   Harry            Lewisham         1d    1091  KEN
                   Sarah            Alverstoke       2b    721   HAM  TAYLOR, Thomas
          TILBURY  Emma Henrietta   Birkenhead       8a    555   CHS
1862  Dec TILBURY  Amelia           Marylebone       1a    859   LND
                   Charles          St James         1a    721   LND  WHITE, Mary Ann 26 December, St James, W'minster
                   James            Portsea          2b    823   HAM
                   John             Petersfield      2c    241   HAM  LUFF, Caroline
                   Mary             Midhurst         2b    641   SSX  ELLIOTT, William 25 October, Treyford With Didling
                   Thomas           Uxbridge         3a     63   MDX
1863  Mar TILBURY  Caroline         Amersham         3a    390   BKM  COPESTAKE, Thomas 17 February 1863, Penn
                   Elizabeth        St James         1a    563   LND  DALY, John Martinet
                   Harriett         Westminster      1a    440   LND
                   John Christian   Pancras          1b     40   LND  THOMPSON, Eliza Hodges 3 January, Old Church
                   Mary Ann         Eton             3a    419   BKM
1863  Jun TILBE    William Spencer  Canterbury       2a    955   KEN
          TILBURY  Daniel           Alverstoke       2b    799   HAM  HENDY, Sophia
                   Jane             Portsea          2b    670   HAM  MASON, James 19 April, St Marys
                   Mary Ann(e)      Droxford         2c    191   HAM  McWILLIAMS, Arthur 11 May, Bishops Waltham
1863  Sep TILBURY  Ann              S. Stoneham      2c     77   HAM  KNIGHT, William 11 July, Botley
                   Ann              Wycombe          3a    604   BKM
                   John             Wycombe          3a    559   BKM  FOUNTAIN, Elizabeth 21 July, Hughenden
                   Martha           Kensington       1a    294   LND
                   Mary Ann         Wycombe          3a    564   BKM  COLES, Thomas 23 August, Lane End
1863  Dec TILBURY  Emile            Kensington       1a     94   LND  TISDALL, Sydney Mac Brier
                   Emily            Alverstoke       2b    885   HAM  GREGG, George
          TILBY    Edward William   Newington        1d    260   SRY
                   William          Hollingbourne    2a    899   KEN
1864  Mar TILBEE   George           Hollingbourne    2a    637   KEN
          TILBURY  Augusta          Strand           1b    618   LND  CONNELLAN, William
                   Francis          Wycombe          3a    486   BKM  MEALING, Eliza
                   James            Wycombe          3a    471   BKM
1864  Jun TILBURY  William          Weymouth         5a    541   DOR
                   William          Greenwich        1d    914   KEN
                   William          Winchester       2c    163   HAM  PAICE, Eliza
          TILBY    Charles Edwin    Birkenhead       8a    502   CHS
1864  Sep TILBURY  Alfred           Amersham         3a    509   BKM  WEST, Emily (Emeley) 24 September
                   Elizabeth        Medway           2a    584   KEN
                   Emma             Amersham         3a    503   BKM
                   Joseph Henry     St Geo.Han.Sq    1a    564   LND  CHURCH, Emma 11 September, Pimlico
1864  Dec TILBE    Emma Norton      Canterbury       2a    1161  KEN
          TILBURY  Ann              Catherington     2c    235   HAM  LATTER/JACOBS, William
                   Clara            Farnham          2a    141   SRY
                   Ellen            Chelsea          1a    327   LND
                   Levi             Andover          2c    391   HAM  PENTON Ann 24 December, Upper Clatford
                   Robert Walter    St Luke          1b    1031  LND
                   William          Catherington     2c    235   HAM  CARPENTER, Jane
          TILBY    James            Hackney          1b    577   LND
1865  Mar TILBURY  Eliza            Amersham         3a    419   BKM  WHEELER, Robert 26 January, Penn
                   Elizabeth        Winchester       2c    127   HAM
                   Henry            Islington        1b    270   LND
                   Jane             Uxbridge         3a     27   MDX  COLE William
                   Sarah Ann Penton Andover          2c    285   HAM
1865  Jun Nil
1865  Sep TILBURY  Ann Jane         Marylebone       1a    924   LND  VINALL, Frederick John
                   Ann Jane         Pancras          1b    314   LND  VINALL, Frederick John 7 September, All Souls
                   Benjamin         Pancras          1b    266   LND
                   Harriet(t)       Chelsea          1a    414   LND  [SUTTON Charles 17 August St Lukes]
                   Hepzibah CollinghLambeth          1d    403   SRY
                   Jane             Amersham         3a    579   BKM  GROOM, William (m2, nee BRISTOW)
                   John             Uxbridge         3a     22   MDX  CROWDER Ellen Frances
1865  Dec TILBEE   William          W. Ashford       2a    1101  KEN
          TILBURY  Augustine        Pancras          1b    196   LND  HARLEY, Elizabeth
                   Joseph           Amersham         3a    635   BKM  SALTER Sarah
1866  Mar TILBURY  Henry            Droxford         2c    161   HAM  MEATON, Sarah Ann 13 January, Bishops Waltham
                   Sarah            Kensington       1a     75   LND  PHILLIPS, Henry Edwards
1866  Jun TILBURY  Matilda          I.Wight          2b    897   HAM  GODFREY, James A., Holy Trinity, Ryde
1866  Sep TILBURY  James            Edmonton         3a    227   MDX  PURKIS Sophia
                   John             Wycombe          3a    639   BKM  BIRCH, Ellen
1866  Dec TILBURY  Ann              Farnham          2a    146   SRY  WHEELER, William 26 December
                   Eliza A.         Kensington       1a     73   LND
                   Sarah A.         Wycombe          3a    710   BKM  BOREHAM, James
1867  Mar TILBURY  Ann              Catherington     2c    153   HAM  NOBLE, David
                   Charles          St.Geo.Han.Sq    1a    406   LND  REYNOLDS, Sarah Frances
                   David            Winchester       2c    138   HAM
                   Henry            St.Martin        1a    645   LND  ATTWATER, Rosa Jane
                   Sarah            Wycombe          3a    490   BKM  HEBURN, Charles 16 February, Prestwood
                   Sarah Ellen      Guildford        2a     74   SRY  BILLETT, James 3 March, Stoke next Guildford
1867  Jun TILBURY  Eliza            Wycombe          3a    636   BKM  PRICE, William
                   Isabella         Kensington       1a     51   LND
                   James Alexander  Bethnal Green    1c    794   LND  STOKES Mary Ann
                   John             Wellington, Som  5c    495   SOM  LLOYNS, Elizabeth 20 April, West Buckland
                   John             Strand           1b    802   LND
                   Phoebe           Pancras          1b     75   LND  MOLENAAR, Johannes
                   William          Marylebone       1a    1010  LND  ASTON, Marsha Elizabeth Perrin 25 June, St Thomas
1867  Sep TILBURY  Eliza            Ashton           8d    833   LAN  MARSH, William, New St George, Stalybridge 
                   James            Wokingham        2c    678   BRK  WHEATLEY, Jane Elizabeth
                   John						      BIRCH, Ellen 9 August, High Wycombe
                   Matilda          Wycombe          3a    661   BKM  WEST, William 21 September, High Wycombe
                   William Wix      Kensington       1a     29   LND  WOODRUFF Jane
1867  Dec TILBURY  Caroline         Wycombe          3a    727   BKM  WARD, George 25 December, Lane End
                   Emma Sarah       Barnet           3a    211   MDX  CHIDWICK, Robert 1 October, Monken Hadley
                   George Thomas    Barnet           3a    211   MDX  MARDALL, Jane 1 October, Monken Hadley
                   James            Cookham          2c    857   BRK  [SHARP Sarah? widow in 1881]
                   Joseph           Lewisham         1d    1158  KEN  [LONGLEY, Mary]
                   Ruth             Birmingham       6d    289   WAR  SCRIBBANS, Thomas Charles
                   Thomas           Catherington     2c    223   HAM  MONEY, Charlotte
                   Thomas           Droxford         2c    197   HAM  SIMS, Sarah 21 December, Bishops Waltham
1868  Mar TILBURY  Amelia Sarah     Chelsea          1a    343   LND
                   Frederick        Wycombe          3a    477   BKM  YOUNG, Elizabeth Harvey 5 January
                   Sarah Ann        Chelsea          1a    300   LND  WEBB, Yorick
                   Thomas           Pancras          1b    189   LND
                   William          Lambeth          1d    370   SRY  CAKE, Catherine Sarah
1868  Jun TILBURY  Andrew           Marylebone       1a    810   LND  DEMETRIUS, Jane 14 May, All Souls
                   Edward           S. Stoneham      2c    115   HAM  FAULKNER, Esther
                   William          Cosford          4a    617   SFK  SMITH Emily 2 June, Layham
                   William Thomas   Wycombe          3a    649   BKM  JORDAN, Jane
1868  Sep TILBURY  Arthur BridgwaterWycombe          3a    630   BKM  HAKES, Susannah
                   Ellen            Chelsea          1a    430   LND  MATTHEWS, George William 11 August, St Luke
                   Frances [?]      Wycombe          3a    649   BKM
                   Freeman          Wycombe          3a    649   BKM  WALTERS, Emma
                   Jane Elizabeth   Kensington       1a    182   LND  ANNETT, Alfred Lewis
                   Martha           Wycombe          3a    621   BKM  FAULKNER, William 23 July, Lane End
                   Robert           Shoreditch       1c    419   LND  OSGATHORP, Emma Caroline 7 September, St Leonards
                   William Henry    Manchester       8d    363   LAN  LITTLEMORE, Frances 30 August, Cathedral
1868  Dec TILBURY  Henry            Marylebone       1a    850   LND  HOLLINGSWORTH Ann
                   James            Oxford           3a    997   OXF  BURCHELL, Emma Cambray
                   John             Wisbeach         3b    1361  CAM  LEWIN, Susanna
1869  Mar TILBURY  Edward Thomas    Amersham         3a    443   BKM  LACEY, Sarah 10 January, Gt Missenden
                   Mary Ellen       Wycombe          3a    503   BKM  CARTER, John 25 February, West Wycombe
1869  Jun TILBURY  Hannah           Petersfield      2c    201   HAM
                   Margaret         Kingston         2a    413   SRY  CLARK, William
                   William (age 22) Hambledon        2a    165   SRY  PULLEN, Lucy (age: 20) 16 May, Elstead
1869  Sep TILBURY  Eliza Ann        Barnet           3a    185   SRY  MASTERS, William 19 August, Monken Hadley
                   James            Wandsworth       1d    669   SRY
                   John             Chorlton         8c    730   LAN
                   William          Greenwich        1d    938   KEN  NASH, Mary Ann, St Paul, Deptford
1869  Dec TILBURY  Charlotte        Petersfield      2c    277   HAM
                   George           N.Witchford      3b    1315  CAM  SHEPPERSON, Sarah 20 October, Doddington
                   John Callingham  Wandsworth       1d    807   SRY
                   Mary Ann         Winchester       2c    173   HAM
                   Mary Louisa P    Andover          2c    435   HAM  JUDD George
1870  Mar TILBURY  Elizabeth        Wycombe          3a    519   BKM  PEEDLE, George
                   Emily            Wycombe          3a    516   BKM  HARDING, Robert
                   George           Kensington       1a    283   LND  LIDGARD nee COOK, Elizabeth
                   Thomas           Kingston         2a    309   SRY  MARSH, Mary Ann 29 January, Surbiton
                   William          Petersfield      2c    183   HAM  STEVENS, Maria, by Banns, 15 January
1870  Jun TILBURY  Ann              Winchester       2c    181   HAM  BROOKS, Henry (Ann remarried Henry PAICE)
                   Charlotte        Manchester       8d    727   LAN  TOOTELL, Matthias
                   Eliza            Wycombe          3a    610   BKM
                   Henry            Kingston         2a    413   SRY  [ALLEN, Elizabeth] b. Kempton, Bedford
                   Theresa Ellen    Manchester       8d    706   LAN
1870  Sep TILBURY  Harriet          Portsea          2b    702   HAM
1870  Dec TILBURY  Alfred           Eton             3a    615   BKM  BOND, Maria
                   George           Amersham         3a    583   BKM  SMITH, Emily 30 October, Beaconsfield
                   Henry            Yeovil           5c    787   SOM  BUCKLAND, Anna
                   Jane             Wycombe          3a    715   BKM  DARVILL (DARWELL), George Ebenezer
                   Rebecca          St.Giles         1b    773   LND
1871  Mar TILBURY  Amos             Eton             3a    481   BKM  SCALES, Elizabeth Eliza (from Bures, SFK) 
                   Anna             Andover          2c    263   HAM  CAKE, William James Read
                   Fanny            Uxbridge         3a     23   MDX  LUCK, James Alexander
                   Julia Ann        Ashton           8d    702   LAN  SHORT, John (double wedding)
                   Louisa           Kensington       1a     98   MDX
                   Rebecca          Wycombe          3a    521   BKM  FOX, William Bridgewater
                   Richard          Westhampnett     2b    411   SSX  TAPNER, Ann
                   Sarah            Ashton           8d    702   LAN  MALCOLM, Andrew (double wedding)
1871  Jun TILBURY  Anne             Epsom            2a     9    SRY
                   Harriett         Holborn          1b    916   LND
                   James Albert     Chelsea          1a    385   LND  LLEWELLYN (LLEWHELLYN), Mary Harriet (b. c1854 Haddington)
                   Mary Ann         Holborn          1b    1614  LND
                   Richard          London C.        1c     75   LND  JARVIS, Ann
                   Selina           W. Ashford       2a    947   KEN  RELF, George (double wedding: Harriet RELF)
1871  Sep TILBURY  Alexander        Bethnal Green    1c    748   LND  CROWSON, Sarah
                   Jane             Portsea          2b    676   HAM  GERARD (GIRARD), Daniel 26 July, St Marys
                   John             Portsea          2b    710   HAM  REEVES, Sarah 20 September, St Marys
                   Margaret         Oldham           8d    1095  LAN  WARD, Charles H., Holy Trinity, Shaw
                   William James    Wycombe          3a    687   BKM  PHILLIPS, Caroline
1871  Dec TILBURY  Caroline         St.Geo.Han.Sq    1a    686   LND
                   Clara            Droxford         2c    219   HAM  MACALPINE, William
                   John (m2)        Wycombe          3a    800   BKM  NEWTON, Mary
                   Mary Ann         Wycombe          3a    745   BKM  DENNIS, Jabez 14 October, Holy Trinity Hazelmere
                   William          Wycombe          3a    798   BKM
1872  Mar TILBURY  Alice Maude      Southampton      2c     4    HAM
                   John             Alderbury        5a    237   WIL  JUDD Anna
                   John             Bethnal Green    1c    418   LND
                   Matilda          Uxbridge         3a     26   MDX  COCKMAN, Charles R.
1872  Jun TILBURY  Mary Ann         Westhampnett     2b    551   SSX
                   Thomas           Hendon           3a    164   BKM  HILLIER, Louisa Emma
                   William          Manchester       8d    641   LAN
                   William Henry    Amersham         3a    551   BKM
1872  Sep TILBURY  Arthur Robert    Bromley          2a    517   KEN  MUMFORD, Sarah
                   Frederick        Hambledon        2a    177   SRY  BONNER, Harriett 10 August, Chiddingfold
                   George William   Chelsea          1a    485   LND  DILLON, Lucy Jane
                   Georgiana ElizabeLondon C.        1c     70   LND  SKULL, Charles E. [Bucks' families]
                   John             Edmonton         3a    293   MDX
                   Richard          Kensington       1a    206   LND  LONG, Sarah Stocks
1872  Dec TILBURY  Caroline ElizabetWycombe          3a    729   BKM
                   Edward           Amersham         3a    687   BKM  BATES, Ann 28 October, Penn 
                   Mary Elizabeth   Peterbro'        3b    555   CAM  PHEASANT, Joseph
                   Sarah            St.Saviour       1d     39   SRY  COPPARD, Stephen
                   Sarah            Wycombe          3a    735   BKM
                   Walter           Southampton      2c     76   HAM  SOUTH, Emily Sophia
                   William          Oldham           8d    1122  LAN  ALDCROFT, Mary Elizabeth, St. Margaret, Hollinwood
1873  Mar TILBURY  Benjamin         Amersham         3a    435   BKM  HALSEY, Charlotte
                   David            Bridgend         11a   643   GLA  PARSLOW, Sophia Louisa
                   June [Jane]      Manchester       8d    453   LAN  GRATREX, James 1 January, St John's 
                   John             Brentford        3a     48   MDX  WHITE, Mary
                   Rachel           Wycombe          3a    515   BKM  COOPER, William
1873  Jun TILBURY  Caroline Letitia Westminster      1a    775   LND  ROWE, Henry John Thomas 13 April, St Anne Soho
                   Charles          Wycombe          3a    693   BKM  HARRIS, Jane 5 April
                   Charlotte Ann    S. Stoneham      2c    109   HAM  SHARP, James
                   Edward           Kensington       1a    389   LND
                   Flora            Kensington       1a    390   LND  PINNER, Robert
                   George           Henley           3a    839   OXF
                   Jane             Droxford         2c    187   HAM  SHILLEY, Henry 7 June, Bishops Waltham
                   Joseph Lawrence  Manchester       8d    623   LAN
                   William H'ry(m2) Holborn          1b    948   LND  SAINSBURY, Elizabeth
1873  Sep TILBURY  Charles Robert   Richmond S       2a    476   SRY  FOSTER Eliza 27 September, St John
                   George (m1)      Wellington, Som  5c    481   SOM  LLOYNS, Anne
                   Lydia Eliza H.   Westminster      1a    796   LND  HENDERSON, Alexander
                   William          Droxford         2c    216   HAM  DUFFIN, Ann 23 August, Bishops Waltham
1873  Dec TILBURY  Eliza            Wycombe          3a    741   BKM  NOTTINGHAM, Reuben
                   Eliza            Petersfield      2c    291   HAM  GAMBLEN (GAMBLIN), George William 23 December, by Banns
                   Elizabeth        Henley           3a    985   OXF
                   Emma             Uxbridge         3a     31   MDX
                   Henry            Portsea          2b    799   HAM  HOBBS, Ann Sarah 25 October, St Marys
                   James            Whitchurch, H    2c    442   HAM
                   James            Chelsea          1a    502   LND  CHAMBERLAIN, Sarah
                   Mary             Andover          2c    463   HAM  STEPHENS Robert B.
                   Sarah            Strand           1b    914   LND  MEAD, Richard Wiggins 23 October, St Martin/Fields, W'minster
                   Sarah Maria      Holborn          1b    1050  LND
1874  Mar TILBURY  Robert           Kensington       1a     94   LND
1874  Jun TILBURY  Alfred           Wycombe          3a    638   BKM  DEAN, Susannah 6 June, Holy Trinity Hazelmere
                   John             Whitechapel      1c    779   LND
                   Rose             Wycombe          3a    679   BKM  MUNDAY, Thomas 4 May, West Wycombe
                   Stephen          Manchester       8d    648   LAN
1874  Sep TILBURY  Annie Elizabeth  Aylesbury        3a    759   BKM
                   Augustus William Marylebone       1a    1113  LND  PITHER Georgina
                   Clara            Portsea          2b    760   HAM
                   Elizabeth JustinaKensington       1a     34   LND  PURVIS, Henry Hopkins
                   Emma             Thetford         4b    641   NFK
                   Florence         Pancras          1b    125   LND
                   Joseph           Bromley          2a    522   KEN  TREVERS, Annie
                   Martha Elizabeth Marylebone       1a    1018  LND
          TILBY    Frederick        Marylebone       1a    1007  LND
1874  Dec TILBURY  Alfred John      Droxford         2c    253   HAM  COPP, Selina Louisa
                   Arthur Robert(m2)Bromley          2a    521   KEN  CRAKER, Emily
                   Eliza            Southampton      2c     46   HAM  TURNER, Charles
                   Elizabeth        Uxbridge         3a     31   MDX
                   Henry Thomas     Pancras          1b    233   LND
1875  Mar TILBURY  Charles          Wycombe          3a    544   BKM  HAWES, Ellen 20 March, Great Marlow
1875  Jun TILBURY  Caroline         S. Stoneham      2c    118   HAM
                   Henry            Bethnal Green    1c    532   LND  MEGARVIE, Jane 17 May
                   James            Fulham           1a    342   LND  PEARMAN, Matilda [James from Bucks]
                   Susan Elizabeth  Highworth        5a     27   WIL
                   Thomas           Kensington       1a     60   LND
                   Thomas           Dartford         2a    570   KEN  PETTMAN, Sarah Ann
                   William          Portsea          2b    654   HAM
1875  Sep TILBURY  Ann              S. Stoneham      2c     92   HAM  JOHNSON, Edwin 23 August, Shirley By S'mpton
                   Annie            London C.        1c    142   LND  LEE, Thomas
                   Emma             Wycombe          3a    635   BKM  PEARCE, Thomas
                   James            Portsea          2b    751   HAM
                   Rebecca          Uxbridge         3a     36   MDX
                   William          Wycombe          3a    661   BKM  BALL, Mary Ann
1875  Dec TILBURY  Ellen Batten     Camberwell       1d    1129  SRY  CRAPNELL, James John
                   Francis          Andover          2c    467   HAM  COLE Nancy
                   James            Dover            2a    1647  KEN
                   John William     W.Ham            4a     61   ESS  KENTFIELD, Emily
                   Robert           Wycombe          3a    809   BKM  ROLLS, Elizabeth
                   Sarah Ann        Amersham         3a    732   BKM  HEARN, Samuel
                   Stephen          Wokingham        2c    899   BRK
                   Thomas           Portsea          2b    944   HAM
                   William          Bethnal Green    1c    849   LND  HOLT, Selina
1876  Mar TILBURY  Alice Matilda    Pancras          1b     10   LND  STANBOROUGH, Henry Charles
                   Ellen (m2)       Wycombe          3a    557   BKM  BRIDEN, Frederick 22 January, High Wycombe
                   Emma             Brentford        3a     66   MDX  BIGNELL, William [widow of Benjamin TILBURY d. 1874]
                   Freeman          Wycombe          3a    565   BKM  WHEELER, Ruth
                   George           Winchester       2c    125   HAM
                   Joe              Whitchurch, H    2c    289   HAM  ROBERTS, Elizabeth
                   John             Marylebone       1a    360   LND  HOSKINGS, Matilda
                   Martha Marie     Greenwich        1d    872   KEN
          TILBY    Henry            Croydon          2a    306   SRY
1876  Jun TILBURY  Charles          Winchester       2c    161   HAM
                   Daniel           Hambledon        2a    173   SRY  HEDGER, Mary
                   Elizabeth        Kensington       1a    127   LND  ARNOLD, Alfred
                   Mary Ann         Portsea          2b    682   HAM
                   Thirza           Wycombe          3a    687   BKM  COLLINS, Abel
1876  Sep TILBURY  Ann Emma         Pancras          1b     17   LND  STANBOROUGH, William Trix
                   Frederick        Wycombe          3a    677   BKM
                   Louisa Harriett  W.Ham            4a     56   ESS  FLETCHER, William
                   Robert           Pancras          1b    155   LND  CRAMB, Dorothy
                   William Robert   Lambeth          1d    534   SRY  HICKMAN, Alice Sarah
1876  Dec TILBURY  Esau             Wycombe          3a    755   BKM  BRISTOW, Eliza
                   Henry William    Plomesgate       4a    1513  SFK  PODD, Margaret
                   Jane             St.Saviour       2d    279   LND  CARDY Charles
                   Sabina Jane      Droxford         2c    241   HAM
                   William          Wycombe          3a    809   BKM  PAGE, Mary Ann
                   William          Woolwich         1d    1523  KEN
1877  Mar TILBURY  Sarah Jane       Bethnal Green    1c    497   LND  DOWSETT, William
1877  Jun TILBURY  Dora             Wycombe          3a    669   BKM  AVERY, Benjamin
                   Robert           St.Saviour       1d     4    SRY
1877  Sep TILBURY  Annie            Peterbro'        3b    369   NTH  TEBBUTT, John Betts
                   Caroline Mary    Wycombe          3a    674   BKM  HACKSHAW, George Christopher
                   Emily            Kensington       1a    101   LND
                   John             St.Geo.Han.Sq    1a    637   KEN  WOOD, Jane
                   Louisa (m2widow) W.Ham            4a     61   ESS  McNALLY, William Francis
                   Sarah            Marylebone       1a    1114  LND  MURRELL, William Charles
                   Selina           Midhurst         2b    657   SSX  CARTER, Herbert Wallace
          TILBY    George Frederick Kensington       1a    368   LND
1877  Dec TILBURY  Clara            Westhampnett     2b    730   SSX  BOWLES, John
                   Emma             W.Ham            4a     76   ESS
                   John             Oldham           8d    920   LAN  TAYLOR, Sarah, St. Margaret, Hollinwood
                   Mary Jane        Eastry           2a    1577  KEN
                   Walter George    Guildford        2a    123   SRY  MILLARD, Esther
1878  Mar TILBURY  Isabella Sarah   Kensington       1a     55   LND
          TILBY    Mary Ann         Marylebone       1a    751   LND
1878  Jun TILBURY  David            Hartley W.       2c    304   HAM
                   Jane Mary        Darlington       10a    36   DUR
          TILBY    Charles John     Bromley          2a    531   KEN
1878  Sep TILBURY  Percy Augustus   Sheffield        9c    482   YKS
          TILBY    Alfred James     St.Saviour       1d    156   SRY
1878  Dec TILBEY   Elizabeth        Pancras          1b    143   LND
          TILBURY  Caroline         Farnham          2a    192   SRY
                   George           Alton            2c    352   HAM
                   John             Banbury          3a    1379  OXF
                   John Henry       Portsea          2b    836   HAM
                   Joseph           Holborn          1b    1040  LND
                   Rosanni          Wycombe          3a    823   BKM  AYRES, John
1879  Mar TILBURY  Charlotte Ann    Reading          2c    492   BRK  KEATS, George
          TILBY    Charles          Chelsea          1a    419   LND
                   William          Wycombe          3a    545   BKM
1879  Jun TILBURY  Ann              Wycombe          3a    702   BKM
                   Hannah           Greenwich        1d    1187  KEN  SHARP, James Robert 14 April, All Saints, Deptford
                   Jane             Croydon          2a    322   SRY
                   Jim              Windsor          2c    769   BRK  POYNTER, Emily Mary
                   Mary Ann         Marylebone       1a    1031  LND  THOMAS, Richard Crofts
                   Thomas           Hendon           3a    198   MDX  THOROGOOD, Eliza
1879  Sep TILBURY  Elizabeth        Highworth        5a     37   WIL
                   Elizabeth        Petersfield      2c    247   HAM  ADAMS, Thomas Adam
                   Frances ElizabethHastings         2b     35   SSX
                   Harry            Holborn          1b    1151  LND  REV[E]NELL Rebecca Sophia (Rebecca) Lic. (FreeBMD: 1b/1155)
                   John             Ringwood         2b    1040  HAM
                   Thomas (m2)      Andover          2c    870   HAM  RETFORD, Harriet
          TILBY    Thomas Martin    London C.        1c     79   LND
                   Walter           Holborn          1b    1109  LND
1879  Dec TILBURY  Alice            Eton             3a    737   BKM
                   Harriet          Winchester       2c    189   HAM
                   Jane Elizabeth   Farnham          2a    189   SRY    
                   Lydia            Amersham         3a    724   BKM  WRIGHT, William
                   Marie Louisa     Winchester       2c    189   HAM
                   Thomas           Kensington       1a     25   LND
1880  Mar TILBURY  Catherine        Wycombe          3a    605   BKM
                   David            Wycombe          3a    613   BKM  PORTER, Selina Jane
                   Eliza Jane       Portsea          2b    617   HAM  TAYLOR, William
                   James            Guildford        2a    101   SRY  WELLER, Jane
                   John Joseph      Manchester       8d    311   LAN  MCILLATTON, Catherine (Kate)
                   Julia            Dunmow           4c    569   ESS  HICKFORD, George
1880  Jun TILBURY  Boas             Wycombe          3a    700   BKM  WARD, Elizabeth
                   James Henry      Portsea          2b    655   HAM
                   Levina Jane      Wycombe          3a    722   HAM  BUNCE, Henry
                   Mary Jane        Woolwich         1d    1293  KEN
1880  Sep TILBURY  Charles          Southampton      2c     19   HAM
                   Fanny Frances    Hackney          1b    749   LND  FRANKLIN, John Thomas
                   Harriet          Wycombe          3a    771   BKM
                   James            Wycombe          3a    745   BKM  SILAMS, Susan
                   James            Fulham           1a    477   LND  SOPER, Fanny
                   Robert           Fulham           1a    456   LND  RUTHERFORD, Lydia
                   Sarah            Kensington       1a    242   LND  BANCE, Charles Lewis
                   William          Highworth        5a     37   WIL
          TILBY    Elizabeth        H.Hempstead      3a    634   HRT  NORMAN, George
                   Henry            Wycombe          3a    767   BKM
1880  Dec TILBURY  Caroline         Amersham         3a    721   BKM  TAYLOR, Charles
                   Eliza            Amersham         3a    715   BKM  BIRKLEY, Henry Newman
                   James            Winchester       2c    203   HAM
                   Sarah Ann        S. Stoneham      2c    105   HAM  BARNES, Joseph
                   Thomas           Wycombe          3a    776   HAM
1881  Mar TILBURY  Emma Fanny       Fulham           1a    336   LND  WALDEN, Frederick Walter
                   James            Cardiff          11a   308   WLS
                   Sarah Elizabeth  Petersfield      2c    189   HAM  MUNDAY, William 17 March, by Banns
1881  Jun TILBERY  Charles James    Lambeth          1d    515   SRY  ROGERS, Martha
          TILBURY  Albert           Catherington     2c    219   HAM  SPENCER, Kate
                   Alice Mary       W.Ham            4a     97   ESS
                   Clara            Islington        1b    485   LND
                   Elizabeth        Wycombe          3a    753   BKM
                   Emma             Steyning         2b    471   SSX
                   James Samuel     Medway           2a    796   KEN
          TILBY    Samuel           Chelsea          1a    585   LND
1881  Sep TILBURY  Daniel           Guildford        2a     90   SRY  ROGERS Martha
                   Emily            Uxbridge         3a     58   MDX
                   Fred             Greenwich        1d    1384  KEN  ROBERTSON, Bessie Eliza
                   George (m2)      Cardiff          11a   416   WLS  THOMAS, Maria
                   John             Kingsclere       2c    391   HAM  HARRIS, Mary Ann
                   Martha           Eton             3a`   733   BKM
                   Rebekah Sarah    Droxford         2c    223   HAM  DOLLERY, Henry
                   Thomas           Portsea          2b    966   HAM
1881  Dec TILBURY  Amos             St Saviour       1d    121   SRY
                   Arthur           Droxford         2c    217   HAM  COPP, Faith
                   George (m2)      Lambeth          1d    659   SRY  DEAN Sarah Ann
                   George           Alresford        2c    303   HAM  KENT, (Sarah) Susannah Ann (Annie)
                   George Joseph    Uxbridge         3a     69   MDX  BREADMAN, Olive
                   Harriet ElizabethPancras          1b    235   LND  HEMSLEY, Franklyn
                   Henry James      Lambeth          1d    734   SRY
                   John             Kensington       1a    156   LND
                   Rhoda            Wycombe          3a    875   BKM
                   Sarah            Amersham         3a    781   BKM
1882  Mar TILBURY  Emma             S. Stoneham      2c     61   HAM
                   Mark             Hambledon        2a    139   SRY
                   William James    Westbourne       2b    529   SSX  LOCKYER (LOCKYEAR), Catherine Esther 
1882  Jun TILBURY  Annie Belton     Petersfield      2c    221   HAM  MOSS Caleb
                   Henry Abel       Wycombe          3a    803   BKM
                   William          Marylebone       1a    1035  LND  BEER Clara
                   William James    Droxford         2c    203   HAM
1882  Sep TILBURY  Harriet          Portsea          2b    876   HAM
                   Levi             Croydon          2a    313   SRY
1882  Dec TILBURY  Alfred Henry     Lancaster        8c    1103  LAN
                   Amos             Wycombe          3a    846   BKM  WHY, Sarah Ann
                   Eliza            Wycombe          3a    839   BKM
                   Elizabeth Sophia Pancras          1b     6    LND
                   George           Portsea          2b    875   HAM
                   George           Camberwell       1d    1273  SRY
                   William          Cookham          2c    855   BRK  BREAKSPEAR, Sarah Ann
1883  Mar TILBURY  Clara            Windsor          2c    662   BRK  RANCE, William
                   Mary Ann M       St Saviour       1d     9    SRY
                   Samuel           Portsea          2b    638   HAM
1883  Jun TILBURY  Caroline         Kensington       1a    235   LND  MITCHENER, Frank
                   Mary Elizabeth   Eton             3a    678   BKM  ALLEN, Edwin 9 June, Upton Cum Chalvey
                   Sarah            Oldham           8d    791   LAN  WOLFENDEN, William, St. Mary
                   Sarah Ann J      St Olave         1d    318   SRY
                   Stephen          Chorlton         8c    1075  LAN
                   Walter           Hambledon        2a    17*   SRY  WORSFOLD, Elizabeth
          TILBY    Alice            Woolwich         1d    1215  KEN
                   James            Marylebone       1a    928   LND
                   Robert BroadfieldPancras          1b    138   LND
1883  Sep TILBURY  Eliza            Wycombe          3a    833   BKM  LINE, Thomas Henry
                   Emily Jane       Droxford         2c    239   HAM
                   Frederick        Wycombe          3a    835   BKM  GRAY, Emily
                   Mary Ann         Marylebone       1a    1174  LND
                   Rose             Fulham           1a    547   LND
                   Sarah            Edmonton         3a    315   MDX
1883  Dec TILBURY  Caroline         Amersham         3a    809   BKM
                   Charles          Henley           3a    1108  OXF
                   Charlotte        St Saviour       1d     68   SRY
                   Clara Jane       Brentford        3a    135   MDX  NASH, George
                   Elizabeth        Chorlton         8c    1183  LAN  WILDING, William Thomas
                   Ellen Rodwell    Winchester       2c    215   HAM
                   George           Headington       3a    1183  OXF
                   Harriett         Winchester       2c    170   HAM
                   James            Wycombe          3a`   886   BKM
                   Louisa           Wycombe          3a    887   BKM
                   Maria Belton     Portsea          2b    951   HAM
                   Sarah Ann        I.Wight          2b    1085  HAM  MOORMAN, George E., St John, Oakfield
                   Tryphena         Henley           3a    1121  OXF
                   William          Wycombe          3a    876   BKM
1884  Mar TILBURY  David            Chelsea          1a    429   LND
                   George Lawrence  Thanet           2a    1136  KEN  HOPKINS, Charlotte
                   Mary Ann         Fulham           1a    318   LND
                   Robert           Kensington       1a    108   LND  WENBORN, Sarah
1884  Jun TILBURY  Annie            Wandsworth       1d    844   SRY
                   Eliza            Kensington       1a    276   LND
                   George           Wycombe          3a    792   BKM  SWAILES, Selina
                   Kate Elizabeth   Wycombe          3c    825   BKM  PERRIEN, William
                   Sarah            Tunbridge        2a    1003  KEN
                   Sophia           W.Ham            4a     27   ESS
                   Thomas Henry     Wycombe          3a    814   BKM  GODDARD, Clara Jane
1884  Sep TILBURY  Amelia           Kensington       1a    18*   LND
                   Edward           Kensington       1a     72   LND  CROFT, Clara
                   Ellen            Catherington     2c    231   HAM  KEVEN, James H.
                   George           Kensington       1a    105   LND  HURREN, Mary
                   Mary Ann Sophia  Fulham           1a    448   LND  MATTHEWS, George William (bro/law, widower)
1884  Dec TILBURY  Ellen            Truro            5c    278   CON  ALLEN, Frederick William
                   Francis Robert   Camberwell       1d    1223  SRY
                   George           Wycombe          3a    869   BKM  BURNHAM, Mary Ann
                   James Henry      Camberwell       1d    1292  SRY
1885  Mar TILBURY  Annie            Wycombe          3a    620   BKM
1885  Jun TILBURY  Arthur           Wycombe          3a    75*   BKM  SAUNDERS, Mary Ann 
                   Frank Yaxley     Shoreditch       1c    282   LND  JOYCE, Ester Rebecca
                   John             H.Hempstead      3a    653   HRT
                   William (m2)     St Saviour       1d    353   SRY  WINTER, Sarah Ann E.
          TILBY    Frederick        Chelsea          1a    559   LND
                   John             Eton             3a    724   BKM
                   William Henry    Chorlton         8c    1106  LAN
1885  Sep TILBURY  Alfred           I.Wight          2b    932   HAM  BRIND, Mary (Reg. Off., or Noncon./RC)
                   Alice            Amersham         3a    761   BKM
                   Eliza Jane       Lambeth          1d    679   SRY
                   Ellen (age 34)   Wycombe          3a    840   BKM  BROWN, William (m2) age 44
                   Mary Ann         W.Ham            4a     23   ESS
                   Robert Rose      St Saviour       1d     59   SRY
                   Walter George    Portsea          2b    766   HAM
          TILBY    Emily Mary       Uxbridge         3a     47   MDX
1885  Dec TILBURY  Alfred           Winchester       2c    253   HAM
                   Arthur           Samford          4a    1377  SFK  KEEBLE, Ellen 17 October, Raydon
                   Edith Jane       Winchester       2c    215   HAM
                   Ellen            Alverstoke       2b    957   HAM
                   Emma Jane (m2)   Portsea          2b    816   HAM  HARDING, John [widow, JamesT d. Haverfordwest]
                   Frank            Guildford        2a    127   SRY
                   Lucy Mary        Droxford         2c    255   HAM
1886  Mar TILBURY  Alice            Catherington     2c    190   HAM
                   Charles Arthur S.Lambeth          1d    46*   SRY
                   George           Catherington     2c    189   HAM
                   Harry            Portsea          2b    628   HAM  FORD, Catherine
                   James            Catherington     2c    191   HAM
                   Sarah            Hendon           3a    188   MDX
          TILBY    Ann Mary         Marylebone       1a    963   LND
1886  Jun TILBURY  Edwin Alfred     Holborn          1b    1063  LND
1886  Sep TILBURY  Arthur           St Saviour       1d     46   SRY  ELKINS, Charlotte (see Guestbook)
                   Harry            Wycombe          3a    875   BKM  LOVEDAY, Ellen
                   Richard          Petersfield      2c    243   HAM
                   William          Guildford        2a    123   SRY  MARTIN, Frances Harriet
1886  Dec TILBURY  Alice            Kingston         2a    544   SRY
                   Charles Francis  Battle           2b    139   SSX  WESTBROOK, Sarah Ann
                   Charles William  I.Wight          2b    1123  HAM  NORRIS, Ann (Annie) Amelia, St John, Northwood, Cowes
                   Henry William P. Croydon          2a    440   SRY  BAKER, Annie
                   Lillian          Kensington       1a    352   LND
                   Margaret Edith   Droxford         2c    232   HAM  RUDD, George William
          TILBY    Caroline         Wandsworth       1d    945   SRY
                   Catherine        Wandsworth       1d    945?  SRY
1887  Mar TILBURY  Helen Elizabeth  Marylebone       1a    781   LND
                   Thomas           Kensington       1a    295   LND
                   William          Alverstoke       2b    718   HAM  JOUSSE, Ernestine Luce
          TILBY    Thomas Samuel    Pancras          1b    103   LND
1887  Jun TILBURY  Charles          St Saviour       1d    364   SRY
                   Eliza Rodhia     Liverpool        8b    137   LAN  MARTINDALE, John S., Our Lady & St Nicholas & St Anne 
                   Emily            Brighton         2b    336   SSX
                   Emily            Camberwell       1d    1251  SRY
                   Richard          Uxbridge         3a     61   MDX
                   Thomas           Andover          2c    378   HAM
                   William Edward   St Saviour       1d     51   SRY
                   William Henry    Chelsea          1a    565   LND  CONDON, Catherine Annie
                   Zettie Agnes L.  W.Derby          8b    796   LAN  LEWIS, Arthur F., Register Office
          TILBY    Benjamin         Medway           2a    873   KEN
1887  Sep TILBURY  Ellen            Portsea          2b    859   HAM
                   Harry Bertie     Hampstead        1a    1310  LND
                   Jane             Shoreditch       1c    174   LND
                   Kate Emily       Guildford        2a     99   SRY  STEADMAN, William
                   Walter           Wycombe          3a    395   BKM  ROSE, Fanny
                   William FrederickEdmonton         3a    412   MDX
1887  Dec TILBURY  Adolphus Charles Alverstoke       2b    1009  HAM
          TILBY    Herbert Augustus Portsea          2b    953   HAM
1888  Mar TILBUREY Frederick Henry  Lambeth          1d    406   SRY  DOUGLASS, Jessie Mary A.
          TILBURY  Louisa Maria     Marylebone       1a    764   LND
                   Margaret Fanny   Winchester       2c    160   HAM
                   Sarah            Cookham          2c    539   BRK
          TILBY    Alice Jane       Pancras          1b    110   LND
1888  Jun TILBURY  Annie            Wycombe          3a    791   BKM  MITCHELL, James
                   Frances          Alverstoke       2b    914   HAM
                   Harry Walter     Lambeth          1d    683   SRY  SANDERS, Augusta Elizabeth
                   William Dennis   Chelsea          1a    592   LND  WEEDON, Rosetta
                   William Thomas   Wandsworth       1d    932   SRY 
          TILBY    Mary             Marylebone       1a    1913  LND
                   Mary             Reading          2c    649   BRK
                   William          Uxbridge         3a     40   MDX
1888  Sep TILBURY  Albert           Guildford        2a     91   SRY
                   Catherine Louisa St Saviour       1d     79   SRY
                   Catherine MatildaPortsea          2b    775   HAM
                   Eliza Martha M.  St Saviour       1d    146   SRY
                   Jane             Catherington     2c    233   HAM  WINDEBANK, George
                   Rebecca          Catherington     2c    234   HAM
          TILBY    Frances Sarah    Hungerford       2c    428   BRK
1888  Dec TILBURY  Frederick        Samford          4a    1444  SFK  RATCLIFF, Emma 16 December, Hintlesham
                   John Southey     Highworth        5a     30   WIL  CHIVERS, Letitia
                   Louis Edward     Winchester       2c    301   HAM  BELL, Mary Jane
                   Mary Ann         Wycombe          3a    899   BKM
1889  Mar TILBURY  Ada Minnie       Camberwell       1d    815   SRY
                   David            Catherington     2c    177   HAM  BENNETT, Annie
                   Jane             Winchester       2c    133   HAM
                   John             Portsea          2b    730   HAM
                   William James    W.Ham            4a    141   ESS  BARKWAY, Julia
1889  Jun TILBURY  Albert           Hastings         2b     71   SSX
                   Ellen            S. Stoneham      2c     87   HAM
                   Kate             Winchester       2c    201   HAM
1889  Sep TILBY    Ernest Albert    Kingston         2a    591   SRY
1889  Dec TILBURY  Agnes            Samford          4a    1473  SFK  KEEBLE, George 26 October, Raydon
                   Ellen            Portsea          2b    9*1   HAM
                   Frank (Francis)  Wycombe          3a    979   BKM  BOWLER, Edith Ann(ie)
                   George           Fulham           1a    552   LND  SMITH, Annie Maria
          TILBY    Joseph           Chelsea          1a    698   LND
1890  Mar TILBURY  Charles          Kensington       1a    157   LND
                   Eliza Lizzie     Wycombe          3a    647   BKM
                   Ruth Belton      Petersfield      2c    181   HAM  COTTON, Henry Bickford
1890  Jun TILBURY  Annie Elizabeth  St Saviour       1d     86   SRY
                   James            H.Hempstead      3a    813   HRT
                   Sarah Ann        Westhampnett     2b    733   SSX
1890  Sep TILBURY  Alfred           Wycombe          3a    948   BKM  TAYLOR, Annie 20 September
                   Annie Ada        Kensington       1a    332   LND
                   Ellen Jane       Kingston         2a    590   SRY
                   Francis          Brentford        3a    194   MDX
                   Mary             Chorlton         8c    1353  LAN
                   Samuel           Cookham          2c    701   BRK
                   Thomas           Hartley W.       2c    205   HAM
                   Walter           Guildford        2a    105   SRY
                   William James    Hackney          1b    801   LND  VARNEY, Harriett
          TILBY    Emily Alice      Marylebone       1a    1177  LND    
                   George           Barton I.        8c    911   LAN
1890  Dec TILBURY  Arthur Daniel    Plomesgate       4a    1747  SFK  SMYTH, Selina
                   Esther           Ipswich          4a    1629  SFK  DONALD Ernest Edward
                   Rosina           Alverstoke       2b    1033  HAM
          TILBY    Frederick WilliamMarylebone       1a    1051  LND
                   Minnie Elizabeth Maidstone        2a    1239  KEN
1891  Mar TILBURY  James            Ware             3a    470   HRT
                   William (m1)     Wycombe          3a    819   BKM  MAZEY, Mary Ann
1891  Jun TILBURY  Susan            Lambeth          1d    647   SRY
                   Thomas StanislausChorlton         8c    1224  LAN  GRIFFITHS, Sara Emma 16 May, Manchester
1891  Sep TILBURY  Annie Eliza      Wycombe          3a    977   BKM  BETT, Thomas
                   Flora Emily      Wycombe          3a    388   BKM  KING, James
                   George           Westbourne       2a    711   SSX
                   Henry            Portsea          2b    820   HAM
                   Robert John      St Saviour       1d    315   SRY
                   William James    Farnham          2a    181   SRY  HARRIS, Annie
1891  Dec TILBURY  Annie            Colchester       4a    855   ESS
                   Frederick Arthur Edmonton         3a    600   MDX
                   George           Westhampnett     2b    793   SSX  BRIDGER, Mary
                   Joseph           Eton             3a    1025  BKM
                   William Henry    Chertsey         2a     84   SRY  ARNOLD, Eliza
1892  Mar TILBURY  Arthur Thomas    Bethnal Green    1c    246   LND  WILLIAMS, Ella Gertrude
                   Charles Edwin    Bath             5c    936   GLS
                   Eliza Balton     Petersfield      2c    213   HAM
                   Ernest           Holborn          1b    839   LND
                   Esther           Eton             3a    649   BKM
                   Herbert James    Barnet           3a    261   MDX
                   Kate             Kensington       1a    205   LND
1892  Jun TILBURY  Elizabeth Leyns  Pontypridd       11a   737   GLA
                   John             Wycombe          3a    993   BKM
                   Mariette Annie   Uxbridge         3a     44   MDX  WEATHERLY Herbert
                   May              Wycombe          3a    951   BKM  HEARNE, Frank
          TILBY    Joseph           Reading          2c    754   BER
1892  Sep TILBURY  Adelaide Frances Wandsworth       1d    1047  SRY
                   Charles Francis  Hastings         2b     53   SSX
                   Emily            St.Geo.Han.Sq    1a    994   LND
                   Levi             Burnley          8c    353   LAN
                   Louisa           Henley           3a    1231  OXF
          TILBY    Frances Ruth     Mile End         1c    649   LND
1892  Dec TILBERY  Alice Dora       Plomesgate       4a    1815  SFK  READING, Arthur Vernon
          TILBURY  Annie Elizabeth  W.Ham            4a    222   ESS
                   Caroline         Brentford        3a    177   MDX
                   Daniel           Easthampstead    2c    953a  BRK  HALE, Fanny Elizabeth
                   Eldred           Wycombe          3a    1067  BKM  FLOYD, Mary Ann
                   Herbert          Droxford         2c    235   HAM
                   Hester Amelia    Alverstoke       2b    1139  HAM
                   Mary Ann M.      Amersham         3a    99?   BKM
                   Robert James     Islington        1b    715   LND  HAWKINS, Emma Maria
                   Sidney           Holborn          1b    1312  LND  LUCINI, Alice Rosebella
                   William          Wycombe          3a    1083  BKM
1893  Mar TILBERY  James            Penzance         5c    369   CON  [Was he 'one of ours'?]
          TILBURY  Frances Ellen    St.Saviour       1d    151   SRY  FANE, Frederick William
                   John             Pontypridd       11a   592   GLA
1893  Jun TILBURY  Emily            Hendon           3a    320   MDX
                   James            Alverstoke       2b    1048  HAM
                   Kate Marion      Truro            5c    239   CON
                   Mary Rachel      Wycombe          3a    1007  BKM
                   Sarah            Wycombe          3a    1019  BKM
          TILBY    Norah            Ashton           8d    762   LAN
1893  Sep TILBURY  Annie Eliza      Marylebone       1a    1198  LND
                   Emily            Fulham           1a    544   LND  TRIGG, Daniel Abraham
                   Mary Jane        Reading          2c    719   BRK
                   Sarah Ann        Cookham          2c    774   BRK
                   Sarah Ann        St.Saviour       1d    322   SRY
                   Sophy Cake       Dorchester       5a    641   DOR  FOOT James
1893  Dec TILBURY  Charles          Bethnal Green    1c    457   LND  RADLEY, Elizabeth
                   Frederick Thomas Portsea          2b    994   HAM
                   Hannah           Wycombe          3a    1027  HAM
                   Louisa           Chelmsford       4a    656   ESS
                   Mary Ann         Pontypridd       11a   729   GLA
                   Walter Henry J.E.Uxbridge         3a     69   MDX  GREENING, Emily (Emma) Harriet
1894  Mar TILBURY  Alice            Winchester       2c    179   HAM
                   Edith Emily      Hackney          1b    703   LND
                   Francis William  W.Ham            4a    206   ESS  WILKINSON, Georgina [FrancisT m1 Sarah DENNIS nee URRY]
                   Mary             Birmingham       6d    221   WAR
                   Rosetta          Barnet           3a    321   MDX
          TILBY    Mary Nina        Islington        1b    300   LND
1894  Jun TILBURY  Alice Jane M.    Uxbridge         3a     39   MDX  AYLWARD, George James
                   Ann Eliza        St.Saviour       1d     35   SRY
                   Elizabeth        Barnet           3a    356   MDX
                   Florence Jane    Pancras          1b    111   LND  SACK, Arthur
                   Frederick WilliamSt.Saviour       1d    172   SRY
                   Louisa Elizabeth Cookham          2c    725   BRK
                   Mabel Martha     Portsea          2b    911   HAM  SIMMONS, George
                   Mary Ann         Chelsea          1a    600   LND  KENINGALE, William Robert
                   Rhoda            Epsom            2a     15   SRY  POULTON, Walter Henry 14 May
1894  Sep TILBURY  Alexander Ralph  Wycombe          3a    1138  BKM  ALLAM, Annie Laura
                   Amelia Kate      Holborn          1b    1273  LND
                   Annie Clara      Brighton         2b    365   SSX
                   Clara Louisa     Headington       3a    1418  OXF  PRITCHARD, Thomas Joseph (double wedding)
                   Edward John      Windsor          2c    828   BRK  GREEN, Charlotte
                   Eleanor Alice    Headington       3a    1405  OXF
                   Gertrude         Brighton         2b    365   SSX
                   James Richard    Headington       3a    1418  OXF  COULING, Louisa Florence A. (double wedding)
                   Jane             St.Saviour       1d     76   SRY
                   John             Uxbridge         3a     47   MDX  MORCOM, Ellen
                   John William     Brentford        3a    161   MDX
                   Katharine FrancesSt.Saviour       1d    103   SRY
                   Minnie           St.Olave         1d    492   SRY
                   Owen             Henley           3a    1313  OXF
                   Sophia Matilda   Wycombe          3a    1137  BKM  REEVES, Albert Ernest
1894  Dec TILBURY  Emily            St.Saviour       1d     8    SRY
                   Mary Sarah       Whitchurch, H    2c    463   HAM  BAXTER, John 24 November, Overton
                   Thomas           Westbourne       2b    857   SSX
          TILBY    Herbert Fenton   Greenwich        1d    1688  KEN
                   Kate             Bromley          2a    738   KEN
1895  Mar TILBURY  Albert Henry     Brentford        3a    725   MDX  PERRY, Ada Cecilia
          TILBY    Charles Nias     Fulham           1a    385   LND
1895  Jun TILBURY  Alice            Uxbridge         3a     77   MDX
                   Emmeline         Catherington     2c    289   HAM  RICHARDSON, Henry 3 June
                   Florence Julia   Leicester        7a    370   LEI
                   Maria            Droxford         2c    263   HAM
                   Sarah Ann        Droxford         2c    263   HAM
          TILBY    James            Camberwell       1d    1338  SRY
1895  Sep TILBE    Charles          Hendon           3a    282   MDX
          TILBURY  Ada Florence(m1) Droxford         2c    255   HAM  SWARFIELD, Edward Frank
                   Annie Selina     Windsor          2c    895   BKM
                   Charles FrederickGuildford        2a    129   SRY
                   Ellen Eleanor    Ipswich          4a    1427  SFK  CATCHPOLE Frederick James
                   Mary Ursula      Morpeth          10b   550   NML
                   Valentine James  Marylebone       1a    1163  LND  BOULTON, Druscilla Emily
1895  Dec TILBUREY Henry            Staines          3a     31   MDX
          TILBURY  Albert           Portsea          2b    251   HAM
                   Annie Rebecca    W.Ham            4a    215   ESS
                   Elizabeth Ann    W.Ham            4a    200   ESS
                   Florence         St.Giles         1b    1124  LND
                   Gertrude Sophia  Wycombe          3a    1116  BKM  PEARCE, Benjamin
                   John Henry S.    Lambeth          1d    9?2   SRY
1896  Mar TILBURY  Annie Elizabeth  Lambeth          1d    535   SRY
                   Elizabeth        Droxford         2c    193   HAM
                   Elizabeth        Winchester       2c    190   HAM
                   Fred             St.Geo.Han.Sq    1c    698   LND
1896  Jun TILBUREY James            Wrexham          11b   497   DEN  REYNOLDS, Sarah (double wedding)
          TILBURY  Ada Ann          Wycombe          3a    1167  BKM
                   Alice Mary       Barnet           3a    433   MDX
                   Annie            Portsea          2b    991   HAM
                   Elizabeth        Eton             3a    1095  BKM
                   Henry John       Kingston         2a    663   SRY
                   Lila Emily       Lambeth          1d    803   SRY
                   Mary Ann D.      Brentford        3a    200   MDX
                   Sarah Ann        Wrexham          11b   497   DEN  WHITTAKER, Alfred (double wedding)
                   William Percy    St.Saviour       1d    394   SRY
          TILBY    Ethel Mary       Headington       3a    1458  OXF
1896  Sep TILBE    Charles William  Chelsea          1a    837   LND
                   Ivy Francis      Blean            2a    1589  KEN
          TILBEY   Joseph           Windsor          2c    876a  BRK
          TILBURY  Alice            Kensington       1a    273   LND
                   Arthur           Brighton         2b    415   SSX
                   Elizabeth        Kensington       1a    231   LND
                   William Henry    Wycombe          3a    1211  BKM  CARTER, Caroline
          TILBY    Charles          Richmond, S.     2a    812   SRY
1896  Dec TILBURY  Alfred           Staines          3a     37   MDX
                   Alfred Thomas H. Pancras          1b    291   LND
                   Alice            W.Ham            4a    265   ESS  CONNELLY, Neil
                   Amelia Jane      Bethnal Green    1c    143   LND
                   Annie            Westbourne       2b    889   SSX
                   Annie            Droxford         2c    276   HAM
                   Edward Purkis    Croydon          2a    572   SRY  RAYMENT, Bertha
                   Elizabeth Eliza  Pancras          1b    120   LND
                   Kate Christian   Lambeth          1d    957   SRY
                   William Thomas   Andover          2c    466   HAM  BLACKMORE, Leah
          TILBY    James Trower     London C.        1c     29   LND
1897  Mar TILBEE   Harry            Camberwell       1d    933   SRY
          TILBURY  Annie            Chelmsford       4a    462   ESS
                   Arthur           Basingstoke      2c    313   HAM
                   Charles          W.Ham            4a    223   ESS  CRUSH, Sarah Anna
                   Harriet Louise   Barnet           3a    297   MDX
                   Henry            Truro            5c    191   CON  COLLINGS, Jessie
                   William (m2)     Darlington       10a    43   DUR  MOSES, (Jennie) (Jane Ann)
          TILBY    Emma             St Olave         1d    291   SRY
1897  Jun TILBURY  Annie            Hampstead        1a    1385  LND
                   Jack (John)      Wycombe          3a    1253  BKM  FREE, Mary Elizabeth
		   Joseph	    Henley	     3a    1415	      AUSTIN, Sarah (double wedding: William AUSTIN)
                   William Henry    Westhampnett     2b    773   SSX  HUGHES, Anna
1897  Sep TILBE    Herbert          S. Stoneham      2c    149   HAM
          TILBEE   James Robert     W. Ashford       2a    1485  KEN
          TILBEY   Ernest           W.Ham            4a     23   ESS
          TILBURY  Annie            Fulham           1a    617   LND
                   Annie Sophia     Maidenhead       2c    843   BRK
                   Charles          Marylebone       1a    1447  LND
                   Elizabeth Mary   Uxbridge         3a     88   MDX
                   Frederick        Horsham          2b    647   SSX
                   Harry            W.Derby          8b    521   LAN  BENNETT, Ada Anfield, St Simon & St Jude (Liverpool)
                   James            Christchurch     2b    1314  HAM
                   Lilly Harriett   Whitchurch, H    2c    457   HAM  ROSE, George 31 July, Overton
                   Sarah            Fulham           1a    601   LND
                   Woodruff         Uxbridge         3a     51   MDX  FULFORD, Frances Ellen
1897  Dec TILBE    John Thomas      Islington        1b    415   LND
          TILBURY  Albert Ernest    Croydon          2a    431   SRY  ALDER, Bertha Beatrice
                   Bessie           Alverstoke       2b    1182  HAM
                   Henry Pike       Bethnal Green    1c    371   LND  WAKEFIELD, Elizabeth Ada
                   Herbert William  Brighton         2b    480   SSX
                   John             Marylebone       1a    1239  LND
                   Joseph           Woolwich         1d    2183  KEN
                   Mary Elizabeth   Salford          8d    162   LAN
                   Minnie           Kensington       1a    394   LND  THATCHER, Norman
                   Sarah            Winchester       2c    237   HAM
1898  Mar TILBURY  Annie Eliza      Kettering        3b    218   NTH
                   Bessie Maria     Portsea          2b    674   HAM  CHAMBERLAIN, Henry Edward
                   Horace George    Guildford        2a    108   SRY  SNOOK, May
                   James            Aylesbury        3a    891   BKM  BRADSHAW, Elizabeth
                   Mary Zillah      Camberwell       1d    871   SRY
1898  Jun TILBURY  Amy              Wycombe          3a    1265  BKM
                   Edward George    Bethnal Green    1c    449   LND  GIBBONS, Ellen 27 June, Parish Church
                   Florence         Bethnal Green    1c    392   LND  PREOU, Thomas Henry
                   James William    Uxbridge         3a     61   MDX
                   Louisa Emma      Brighton         2b    460   SSX  OCKENDEN, Charles Tut(t)e
                   Reginald George CWandsworth       1d    1357  SRY
                   Selina Nellie    Portsea          2b    914   HAM
1898  Sep TILBEE   Archie Ethelbert Blean            2a    1669  KEN
          TILBURY  Charles          Wycombe          3a    1319  BKM  BECKETT, Nellie
                   David            Wandsworth       1d    1043  SRY  JEFFS, Sarah Ann
                   Elizabeth Ann    Barnet           3a    513   MDX
                   Eva Mary         Wandsworth       1d    1118  SRY
                   Frank Alfred     Edmonton         3a    756   MDX
                   Georgina         Fulham           1a    583   LND
          TILBY    Frank            Altrincham       8a    299   CHE
                   William James    Fulham           1a    477   LND
1898  Dec TILBEY   Geroge Turner    Islington        1b    389   LND
          TILBURY  Alfred           Brentford        3a    191   MDX  BAILEY, Priscilla Madge
                   Alice Sarah      Ch.Stretton      6a    1150  SAL
                   Eliza Ellen      Maidenhead       2c    970   BRK
                   Ellen Eliza      Maidenhead       2c    970   BRK
                   George           Brentford        3a    286   MDX
                   John Henry       Portsea          2b    1230  HAM
                   William Henry    Manchester       8d    345   LAN
          TILBY    Elizabeth        Chelsea          1a    763   LND
                   James            Bradfield        2c    830   BRK
1899  Mar TILBURY  Roland           Andover          2c    287   HAM  ALEXANDER, Henrietta Ann
1899               William Percy    Thanet           2a    1287  KEN
          TILBY    Rebecca          Camberwell       1d    899   SRY
                   William          Birmingham       6d     39   WAR
1899  Jun TILBURY  Agnes Kentfield  Poplar           1c    935   LND
                   Charles Robert   Wareham          5a    665   DOR  FARWELL, Mary
                   Elizabeth Ann    Portsea          2b    986   HAM
                   Ellen            Wycombe          3a    1385  BKM
                   Harry Louie      Mile End         1c    706   LND
                   William George   Kingston         2a    799   SRY
1899  Sep TILBURY  Emma Elizabeth   Chelsea          1a    848   LND  LEWIS, Jack (John)
                   John             Greenwich        1d    1981  KEN
                   Mary             Wokingham        2c    833   BRK
                   Phinehas Seth    Wycombe          3a    1525  BKM
                   Rhoda            Uxbridge         3a     65   MDX
                   Thomas Richard   Kettering        3b    448   NTH
                   William          Devonport        5b    689   DEV  LEACH, Emily
                   William          Uxbridge         3a    102   MDX  COCKMAN, Maria Louisa
                   William James    Alverstoke       2b    1182  HAM
1899  Dec TILBE    Grace Bell       Maidstone        2a    1671  KEN
          TILBEY   Elizabeth Emma   E.Ashford        2a    1819  KEN
          TILBRY   William          Barnet           3a    533   MDX
          TILBURY  Ada Jane         Alverstoke       2b    1180  HAM
                   Alfred Edgar     Staines          3a     17   MDX  WHITE, Maude Esther
                   Amelia           Hendon           3a    428   MDX
                   Emma Jane (m1)   Pontypridd       11a   840   GLA  THOMAS, Zachariah
                   Ernest James     S. Stoneham      2c    183   HAM
                   Frederick Walter Midhurst         2b    863   SSX  STEVENS, Sarah Jane
                   Herman Squire    Lambeth          1d    704   SRY
                   Isabelle Blanche Portsea          2b    1009  HAM
                   John             Brentford        3a    199   MDX  DUNN, Louisa
                   Julia            Basingstoke      2c    437   HAM
                   Thomas           Leicester        7a    527   LEI
1900  Mar TILBURY  Charles Percival Hendon           3a    247   MDX  BOTTOM, Lydia
                   Edmund Charles   Edmonton         3a    444   MDX
                   Harry William    Newmarket        3b    706   CAM
                   John Henry       Islington        1b    437   LND
                   Lillie Emily     Lambeth          1d    495   SRY
                   Mabel Annie      Billericay       4a    474   ESS
                   Tom Penton       Winchester       2c    173   HAM  PALMER, Kate 25 January, Kings Worthy
                   William          Hereford         6a    701   HEF
1900  Jun TILBE    Harriett Rebecca Thanet           2a    1998  KEN
          TILBEE   William John     E.Ashford        2a    1691  KEN
          TILBURY  Arthur           Strand           1b    1125  LND  FISK, Alice Frances
                   Harry            Royston          3a    931   HRT  PACK, Maude Elizabeth 16 April, Ashwell
                   Herbert          Wycombe          3a    1311  BKM  GOMME, Sarah Ann
                   Leonard Sutton   Edmonton         3a    648   MDX
1900  Sep TILBURY  Ada Jane         St.Saviour       1d     21   SRY
                   Daniel           Droxford         2c    261   HAM
                   Emma             Chelsea          1a    842   LND
                   George           Staines          3a     33   MDX
                   Victoria         Havant           2b    877   HAM
          TILBY    Frederick CharlesCroydon          2a    558   SRY
1900  Dec TILBERY  Elsie Norah      Plomesgate       4a    2055  SFK
          TILBURY  Arthur           Samford          4a    1851  SFK  EMENY Ellen (nee WHITE) 12 November, Reg. Off.
                   Arthur           Alton            2c    378   HAM
                   Charles FrederickGreenwich        1d    1751  KEN
                   Elizabeth        Fulham           1a    499   LND
                   Kate             Wycombe          3a    1313  BKM  HILLSDON, Arthur
                   Miriam Susan R.  Winchester       2c    225   HAM
                   Robert Thomas    Pancras          1b     59   LND  ADKINS, Clara
                   William Charles  S. Stoneham      2c    101   HAM

1902  Sep TILBURY  Herbert          Brentford        3a    316   MDX  TILLYER, Martha Louisa (see Guestbook)

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