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The Abney Park Cemetery Company opened its first venture - Abney Park - in May 1840, later adding Chingford Mount (1883), Greenford Park and Hendon Park (1899).

Abney Park was unusual at the time in that it was expressly a place for Non-Conformists (i.e. persons who rejected the ceremonial and liturgy of the Church of England, instead worshipping in Methodist, Baptist, Congregationalists, Wesleyan and other chapels; the Quakers and Salvationists are similar groups), many of whom lived in the area.

Abney Park Cemetery in London

b. c.1792John TILBURY09-12-185866 yrs022047a-C04-1S09
b. c.1795Harriet TILBURY05-03-187277 yrs049781-D03-2S05
b. c.1832Joseph TILBURY24-07-187139 yrs048378-B03-2S04
b. c.1838Joseph TILBURY28-03-186830 yrs041136-E02-2S01
b. c.1864Joseph John TILBURY28-09-186703 yrs040136-E02-2S01
b. c.1871Charles TILBURY30-12-192756 yrs147173-C04-7S12
b. c.1881Amy Florence TILBURY14-12-190726 yrs113229-L08-5S08
b. c.1885Henry Ernest TILBURY18-10-195772 yrs184148-M07-8S13
b. c.1887Frederick Arthur TILBURY25-07-196982 yrs193091-D02-8S17
b. c.1888Catherine Matilda TILBURY23-09-194860 yrs174916-D02-8S08
b. c.1899Lilian Maud TILBURY29-12-192021 yrs135047-O07-7S03
b. 5?1903Ina Florence TILBURY29-11-190518 mths110098-L06-5S05
b. c.1908Irene Winifred TILBURY10-11-192517 yrs143207-C03-7S10

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