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The Descendants of Simon Mestayer of Dublin & London
- Ireland : England -


The following records are in the Huguenot Library at University College, London.
Since no distinction is made, I take as a hypothesis that they refer to only one Simon Mestayer.

1737: Baptismal certificate of Simon MESTAYER, St. Peter's French Church, Dublin.

1753: Apprenticeship indenture and bond for Charles and Jane MESTAYER's son Simon, to Francis OZIER of Dublin, silk-weaver.

1753-1762: Accounts by Lewis MONGRAND, executor to Will of Charles MESTAYER.

1766-1777: Agreements, bond, accounts, referring to partnerships for clouding (variegating) silk, between,
- S. MESTAYER and Peter SAGNIER; and
- S. MESTAYER, Peter BEAU and Stephen GUIGNON (1769-1770).

Apprenticeship indentures for Simon MESTAYER's son Lewis,
- 1791: to Thomas REYNER of Southwark, mercer, and
- 1793: to George BEVERIDGE of Kirkcaldy, Scotland, mariner.

1796: Apprenticeship bond for Simon MESTAYER's son Richard, to William PRICE, optical instrument maker.

1803: List of testamentary dispositions of Simon MESTAYER's wife Ann.

Letter to S. MESTAYER from his brother-in-law Gabriel BERANGER of Dublin, on the history of the MESTAYER family - originally of Saintonge - and enclosures.

1753-1803: UCL Special Collections, additional papers relating to Simon MESTAYER
(21 items, ref. GB1141, H/J/57/1)

Update: 13 December 2014

This colour = possibility, probability

   m. Jane ____
- Simon MESTAYER of the City of Dublin, Ireland: Chr. 1737 St Peters Dublin; father Charles from Saintonge, France (see below), mother Jane
   m. Mary Ann MORIN 19 July 1772 Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney, London
- Louis MESTAYER b. 14 April, Chr. 10 May, 1773 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
   (Family Search gives Louis' mother as Marianne MORIN)
- Lewis MESTAYER*, Lieut. Col., Engineer, late of Bengal (Hon. East-India Company)
   m. Mary BRISCOE 6 September 1786 (father: Mr. BRISCOE, Apothecary of Walthamstow)
Order of birth of this generation unknown (September 2011)
- Simon(d) MESTAYER (possibly the same Simon who married MORIN)
   m. Anne FARGUES (FOUARGUE) 20 April 1778 Christchurch, Spitalfields; b. 1752 (father Pierre, mother Jeanne LIRON)
- Jean [John] Henry MESTAYER b. 11 May 1779 Canterbury, Kent; Chr. 3 June 1779 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
- Richard Francis MESTAYER b. 18 October 1781 Canterbury, Kent; Chr. 21 November 1781 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
   m. Anne BOUQUET
- Richard MESTAYER b. 7 July, Chr. 28 October, 1814 St Leonards, Shoreditch, London; d. July 1841
   m.(1) Eliza MULLENS b. London, Middlesex
- Richard Liron MESTAYER b. c.1844 London, Middlesex
   m. Katherine Emily KESTEVEN 3Q 1878 (Islington 1b/374) dd>- Eliza MESTAYER
   m.(2) Amelia BUDDEN
- James MESTAYER b. 13 November 1815, Chr. 30 January 1817 St Leonards, Shoreditch, London [d. 1818?]
- Mary Ann MESTAYER b. 7 Chr. 30, May 1817 St Leonards, Shoreditch, London [d. 1818?]
- [?Harriet MESTAYER b. January 1819; d. 1819?]
- Lewis MESTAYER b. 19 October, Chr. 9 November, 1825 Pentonville, London [d. 1828?]
- Jacques [James] Liron Mestayer b. 26 December 1783 Canterbury, Kent; Chr. 11 February 1784 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London; d. August 1839
- Elizabeth MESTAYER
   m. Gabriel BERANGER (both of the City of Dublin, Ireland)
- John MESTAYER [of Ireland]
   m. Mary HINDE (Dublin)
   The Mestayer Family of Dublin, Ireland

* Lewis MESTAYER seems to be the only one of his family to have maintained close links with the Irish branch, for as much as I'm able to discover to date. (December 2011).


Mary Ann MESTAYER of Moffat St d. age 9 mths, bu. 17 February 1818 Bunhill Fields
James MESTAYER of Moffatt St d. age 2 yrs 5 mths, bu. 7 April 1818 Bunhill Fields (Vault Op)

Harriet MESTAYER of Lower Rd, Islington, d. age 3 mths, bu. 10 March 1819 Bunhill Fields (Vault Op)

Lewis MESTAYER of St John's Rd, d. age 2 yrs 10 mths, bu. 8 September 1828 Bunhill Fields (Vault Opened)

James S[L]iron MESTAYER of Hermitage Place, St John Street, d. age 55, bu. 30 August 1839 Bunhill Fields (Vault Opened)
Richard Francis MESTAYER of Hermitage Place, St John Street, d. age 60, bu. 22 July 1841 Bunhill Fields (Vault Opened)

1 January 1782: Simon MESTAYER, gent, Fetter lane, London
(Sun Fire Insurance Policy Register, 1777-1786)

6 October 1802: Insured: Lewis MESTAYER, 77 St.Johns Street, West Smithfield, gent
(Sun Fire; Guildhall Library: MS 11936/423/738116)

Simon Mestayer

The MESTAYERs were Huguenots, and several references to members of this family occur in contemporary magazines; and in books.

"... following the massacre on St. Bartholomew's Day in 1572 many Huguenots came as refugees to settle in England, mainly to London and to Canterbury where they founded their church (now in the Black Prince's Chantry) in the Crypt of Canterbury Cathedral."
The French Hospital in Rochester, Kent

Together with the two marriages (1772, 1778), I have found references to Simon MESTAYER as coming directly from the province of Saintonge, France; or from Westminster, London; or from the French province of Languedoc via Dublin, Ireland; but insufficient evidence for a firm hypothesis as to whether there were two or more contemporary Simon MESTAYERs in London. However, further research on Simon MESTAYER baptised in Dublin might be helpful (September 2011) - Caroline.

The Quiet Conquest: the Huguenots 1685-1985 by Tessa Violet Murdoch, Museum of London, 1985
"Bond & Partnership Agreement of Simon MESTAYER
Bond for £100 given by John RUNN of Wilkes street in the parish of Christ Church, Spitalfields, Baker, and Vallerien PASCAL of Crispin street, Christ Church, Spitalfields, to Simon MESTAYER of St. Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, Weaver, dated [21st?] December 1760."
"Partnership Agreement between Simon MESTAYER, Peter BEAN and Stephen GUIGON 'To carry on the trade art and mystery of clouding silks for twenty one years.' "
"The MESTAYER family came from Saintonge, but Simon MESTAYER is probably the Simon MESTAYER baptised in St Peter's French Church, Dublin."

La Saintonge is the old name of a province of France, divided in 1790 into Charente and Charente-Maritime.

In Lewis MESTAYER's Will (see link below) he mentions cousins of his father and mother ([BONIQUÉ], PRIOLIAN) living in Ireland, also his godfather and wife, whose name was probably MONGRAND (difficult to decipher). In the archives of what was La Saintonge, are the following citations, which may be fortuitous, or may effectively relate to Simon MESTAYER's family:

Inventaire sommaire des Archives départementales antérieures à 1790 : Charente-Inférieure, Série B (art. 1829 à 2661): Jurisdictions secondaires relevant des Présidiaux de La Rochelle et de Saintes
Archives départementales de la Charente-Maritime, Louis Marie Meschinet de Richemond (E. Martin), 1906
pg. 78
- Joachim de JAUCOURT contre Jean MESNARD et Anne MONGRAND et MESTAYER, son mari ... [Anne MONGRAND and her husband MESTAYER]
- Hector de SAINT-GEORGE contre Elie MESTAYER ...
pg. 63
Le 17 juillet 1681, Me Dominique DROUHARD comme procureur de Henry JOUBERT, ... Louis MESTAYER, Charles MONGRAND, Joachim DUSSAULD, Denis CHAILLOU, Gabriel NAUDOU, maître chirurgien, etc. ...
Notes and Queries: Vol. 155
pg. 319
"... present writer, have revealed no record of M. FARGUES. Perhaps Hoxton historians can tell us more concerning him and his Academy, where entrance fees to the various courses were so skilfully added as extras to the modest initial charges! - Henry CURTIS"
pg. 354
"... stands godfather on 28 Nov., 1708. Later, in 1780, in London - Threadneedle Street - there is a family of Simon MESTAYER (prob. METTAYER) and Anne FARGUES, 1780.
It would seem as if the Threadneedle Street entries relate to some descendant of this Westminster family removing to London, and the sponsorship of the schoolmaster may ..."
Records of the Huguenot Society of London:
c. Aug. 1, 1807 (L: Aug. 10). B/A "a Monsr. MERZEAU". d. Feb. 22, 1810.
LA: July 1, 1807 "L'Humble Requête de Simeon MESTAYER, Teneur de Livres au susdit Hopital, Natif de Dublin, agé de Soixante et dix ans, Membre de l'Eglise de Londres pour plus de 40 ans, fils de feu [blank] MESTAYER, refugié de Languedoc pour Cause de Religion - representant que votre humble Suppliant a malheureusement pour lui la vüe tres mauvaise et la memoire se perfide, quil est incapable de Continuer sa situation: son cas est par la tres Triste et digne de Compation et n'ayant d'autre recours l'oblige a venire ... vous prier ... de l'admettre dans le dit Hopital ... [below] Messieurs, Je signe cette requête & vous recommende le Suppliant - parceque ce brave homme me le demande, & que je ne puis le lui [___]".
"The Humble Request of Simeon MESTAYER, Keeper of the Books of the above-mentioned Hospital, born in Dublin, seventy years of age, Member of the London Church for more than 40 years, son of [blank] MESTAYER deceased, a refugee from the Languedoc for Reasons of Religion - representing that your humble Petitioner has unfortunately for him very poor sight and a memory so perfidious*, that he is incapable of Continuing his employment: his case is for that very Sad and merits Compassion and having no other recourse he is obliged to come ... to beg you ... to admit him into the said Hospital ... [below] Gentlemen, I sign this request and recommend the Petitioner to you - because this good man has asked it of me, and I may not [____] him."
* "se perfide" in the original: I can find no verb "se perfider" and have translated "si perfide" (Caroline, September 2011).
The Huguenot Settlements in Ireland by Grace Lawless Lee (Heritage Books), 2009
"... Of the many other French refugees who settled in Dublin or passed through it ... MESTAYER ... [were connected] with [the cemetery) of Peter Street."

Stationers' Company Apprentices
- Richard Francis MESTAYER; Simon [father]; Fetter Lane; G; 5 April 1796; 7 June 1803; 7[yrs.]; £20 by his father.
- James Liron MESTAYER; Simon [father]; Fetter Lane; G; 5 June 1798; [until: no date]; 7[yrs.]; £20 charity by the Treasurer of the Society of Saintonge, being the gift of Margaret Mary DELAIGLE.

"The Charitable Society of Saintonge and Angoumois, which is still in existence, was founded in 1701"
Records in the Huguenot Archives

I find it remarkable that Simon MESTAYER had to ask a charitable organisation to finance James Liron's apprenticeship; Simon's brother Lewis - d. 1791 - bequeathed annuities in trust for the education of brother Simon's children (see below).

Simon : Richard Francis Mestayer

Freemasons joining the Grand Lodge of England:
1787 included John BUNN, John BARNES (probably the Africa merchant), William DUNBAR
1788 Ald. Sir Watkin LEWIS, MP, City of London
1789 William ADAM MP
1790 Peter MESTAYER (sic) who later sent a few convict ships to Sydney
1794 Robert GILL
1804 Richard Francis MESTAYER
1805 Benjamin PLUMMER
1807 James MESTAYER
1819 Thomas LEMPRIERE
1833 John DUNBAR
1846 from when a startling number of aldermen who were later Lords Mayor of London were senior Masons

December 1813, a meeting of the two Grand Lodges* of Masons was held at the Crown and Anchor Tavern in the Strand, London. The Articles of Union were laid before these Lodges, and were unanimously ratified and confirmed. The Lodge of Reconciliation was then constituted; the Grand Masters, respectively, having nominated the Brethren to form the same.
* Old Institutions of England and Constitution of England

R. F. MESTAYER, of the Lodge N° 1 (Old Institutions) was amongst those named for this task.
The Articles of Union, and the Celebrations

1814 - The London Review and Literary Journal for December,
This day being the feast of St. John the Evangelist, the solennity was observed by the United Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons, according to custom, at their Hall in Great Queen-street, where their Royal Highnesses the Duke of Sussex, Grand Master, the Duke of Kent, Past Grand Master, the Past Deputy Grand Masters, Provincial Grand Masters, Grand Wardens, Grand Stewards, Masters and Wardens of Lodges, assembled at high noon, in their respective Regalia, which are very superb. After ceremonies which cannot be described, the following Grand Officers were proclaimed for the year ensuing:-
His Royal Highness the duke of Sussex was installed Grand Master
The Right Hon. Lord DUNDAS, proclaimed Deputy Grand Master
Isaac LINDO, Esq. Senior Grand Warden
The Hon. Archibald MacDONALD, Junior Grand Warden
John DENT, Esq. Grand Teasurer
The Reverend Lucius COGLAN, D.D.           )    Grand
The Reverend George Adam BROWN, A.M.) Chaplains
William MEYRICK, Esq. Grand Registrar
W. H. WHITE, Esq.          ) Joint Grand
Edwards HARPER, Esq. )   Secretary
Humphrey DONALDSON, Esq. Grand Sword Bearer
Sir George NAYLER, Grand Director of the Ceremonies
John SOANE, Esq. R.A. Grand Superintendant of the Works
William SHADBOLT, Esq. Master of the Grand Stewards Lodge, Grand Senior Deacon
R. F. MESTAYER, Esq. Grand Junior Deacon
Samuel WESLEY, Esq. Grand Organist
Mr. Benjamin ALDHOUSE, Grand Usher
Mr. W. V. SALMON, Grand Tyler

Guildhall Library, Records of Sun Fire
1819 - Insured: Richard Francis MESTAYER, 7 Suffolk Place, Lower Road, Islington, gent.

1841: Hermitage Place, St James Clerkenwell, Finsbury, Middlesex [next to the Clown Tavern]
Richard MESTAYER age 55 b. (1786) Middlesex (Ind) [Richard Francis]
- Richard MESTAYER age 25 b. (1816) Middlesex (Clerk)
Mary MESTAYER* age 50 b. (1791) Middlesex
Peter BOUQUET age 70 b. (1771) Middlesex (Ind)
Charlotte SEAMAN age 35 b. (1806) Middlesex (F.S.)
Ann MILLER age 20 b. (1821) Middlesex (F.S.)
Deborah MILLER age 14 b. (1827) Middlesex (F.S.)

* Unable to find Mary MESTAYER subsequently, or to identify her (September 2011).

The Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 16 - Obituary
1841, July 16. Aged 60, Mr. Richard F. MESTAYER, late of the Bank of England. He was formerly a printer, and in the establishment of Messrs. NICHOLS and Son.

Richard Francis MESTAYER d. 3Q 1841 (Clerkenwell 3/34)

Richard Francis MESTAYER of Hermitage Place, St John Street, d. age 60, bu. 22 July 1841 Bunhill Fields (Vault Opened)

THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me Richard Francis MESTAYER of the Bank of England Gentleman

I give and bequeath unto my Servant Charlotte SEAMAN in case she shall be living with me at the time of my decease a legacy or sum of nineteen guineas for her own use and benefit and subject theret

I give devise and bequeath all my household furniture plate linen china and all my Stock in the public ffunds moneys and securities and all other my Estate and Effects whatsoever which I may be possessed of interested in or entitled to at the time of my decease unto my Exexutrix and Executor hereinafter named upon trust to permit and suffer my Wife Ann MESTAYER to have the use and enjoyment and receive and take the rents interest dividends and annual proceeds thereof during her life for her own use & benefit and from

and after her decease I give devise and bequeath all my said Estate and Effects and every part thereof unto my son Richard MESTAYER for his own absolute use and benefit

And I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my said Wife Ann MESTAYER and my said son Richard MESTAYER Executrix and Executor of this my Will & hereby revokin all former and other Wills and Codicils by me heretofore made I declare this only to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and on this fourth day of May one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine. R. F. MESTAYER (SS) Signed sealed published & declared by the above named Testator Richard Ffrancis MESTAYER as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us, P. BOUQUET 62 St John Street Road - Richd. Hervé GIRAUD 7 Furnivals Inn ./. R. F. MESTAYER____

Resigned resealed republished and redeclared by the said Testator Richard Ffrancis MESTAYER as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses this twenty first day of October one thousand eight hundred & thirty nine. - Ricd. Hervé GIRAUD 7 Furnivals Inn [Not.] Fredk. James JORDAN of the same place his Clerk

PROVED at London 4th August 1841 before the Worshipful John DAUBENY Dr of Laws and Surrogate by the oath of Richard MESTAYER the son one of the Executors to whom admon was granted having been first sworn only to administr. power reserved of making the life Grant to Anne MESTAYER widow the Relict & the other Exeuctor when she shall apply for the same.

1851: 17, Upper Islington Terrace, Islington, Finsbury, Middlesex
Peter BOUQUET, Head (Widower) age 87 b. (1764) Spitalfields, Middlesex (Retired Bank Cl)
- Ann MESLAYER {MESTAYER*], Daughter (Widow) age 63 b. (1788) Stepney, Middlesex (Fund Holder & Annuitant)
Charlotte M. SEAMAN, Servant (Unm) age 48 b. (1803) Brentwood, Essex (Ho Servt)
Elizabeth SEAMAN, Servant age 14 b. (1837) Colchester, Essex (Ho Servt)

* Anne [BOUQUET], widow of Richard Francis

Ann [BOUQUET] MESTAYER d. 1Q 1859 (Islington 1b/188)

Although according to her father Peter's Will, Anne inherited the BOUQUET family vault in Bunhil Fields Cemetery, I have not found her burial (September 2011).

Simon : Richard Francis : Richard Mestayer

m. Eliza MULLENS 3Q 1842 (E London 2/203)

Richard [Liron] MESTAYER b. 3Q 1843 (Clerkenwell 3/81)

1851: 68, St John Street Road, Saint James Clerkenwell, Finsbury
Richard MESTAYER, Head age 36 b. (1815) London, Middlesex (Bankers Clerk)
Eliza MESTAYER, Wife age 28 b. (1823) London, Middlesex
- Richard MESTAYER, Son age 7 b. (1844) London, Middlesex
Harriet NOBLE, Servant (Unm) age 30 b. (1821) London, Middlesex (Domestic Servant)
Rachael HENDERSON, Servant (Unm) age 18 b. (1833) Tottenham, Middlesex (Domestic Servant)

Eliza MESTAYER b. 3Q 1851 (Clerkenwell 3/104)

The India Office and Burma Office List (Great Britain. India Office), 1852
List of Proprietors of East-India Stock Entitled to Vote at the General Election, 14th April, 1852
"One thousand pounds Stock entitles the Proprietor to one vote; two thousand qualifies for a Director; three thousand entitles to two votes; six thousand to three votes; and ten thousand to four votes."
"1, MESTAYER, R. esq., Charing-cross"
East-India Register and Army List (Great Britain; India Office), 1855
List of Proprietors of East-India Stock, 31st March, 1854
"1, MESTAYER, R. esq., Charing-cross"

Eliza [MULLENS] MESTAYER d. 3Q 1857 (Islington 1b/134)

1861: 13, Manor Road, St Marys, Finsbury, London, Middlesex
Richard MESTAYER, Head (Widower) age 46 b. (1815) St Lukes, Middlesex (Bankers Clerk)
Charlotte M. SEAMAN, Servant (Unm) age 59 b. (1802) Brentwood, Essex (House Keeper)
Eliza WELLS, Servant (Unm) age 21 b. (1840) Highgate, Middlesex (Housemaid)
Emma WELLS, Servant (Unm) age 16 b. (1845) Highgate, Middlesex (Cook)

Unable to find son Richard Liron MESTAYER in 1861: since he reappears as a Civil Engineer, it is probable that he was in a boarding school / college.

1861: Tower Terrace, Opposite The..., Springfield, Essex
George WILKIESON, Head age 43 b. (1818) (Independent Minister)
Ann Martha WILKIESON, Wife age 44 b. (1817) London, Middlesex
- Rebecca WILKIESON, Daughter age 19 b. (1842) Jamaica, Kingston
- Ellen WILKIESON, Daughter age 12 b. (1849) London, Middlesex (Scholar)
- Howard WILKIESON, Son age 11 b. (1850) Enfield, Middlesex (Scholar)
Eliza MESTAYER, Niece age 9 b. (1852) London, Middlesex (Scholar)
Eliza NATALY, Servant (Unm) age 19 b. (1842) ..., Essex (Housemaid)
Hannah A. FOLDING, Servant age 18 b. (1843) Banham, Essex (Cook)

Unable to find George WILKIESON's marriage - wife Ann Martha may have been Eliza MULLENS' sister?

m. Amelia BUDDEN 2Q 1862 (Islington 1b/414)
The Budden Family of Canterbury, Kent

Rosalie Beatrice MESTAYER b. 2Q 1869 (Islington 1b/292)

1871: Buckland Crescent, St John Hampstead, London, Middlesex
Richard MESTAYER, Head age 56 b. (1815) Islington, Middlesex (Clerk to Bankers)
Amelia MESTAYER, Wife age 47 b. (1824) Canterbury, Kent
- Eliza MESTAYER, Daughter age 19 b. (1852) Clerkenwell, Middlesex
- Rosalie B. MESTAYER, Daughter age 2 b. (1869) Islington, Middlesex
Alice JOHNSON, Servant age 28 b. (1843) Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire (Gen Serv Domestic)
Selina HOGG, Servant age 25 b. (1846) ___stock, Buckinghamshire (Gen Serv Domestic)
Amelia HEATHER, Servant age 18 b. (1853) Hitchin, Hertfordshire (Gen Serv Domestic)

1871: Rupert Rd, Islington, Finsbury, London, Middlesex
Charlotte Mary SEAMAN, Lodger age 68 b. (1803) Brentwood, Essex (Annuitant)

m. Henry John LESLIE 3Q 1876 (Hampstead 1a/1215)

Douglas Mestayer LESLIE b. 1Q 1878 (Hampstead 1a/656)

Charlotte Mary SEAMAN d. 2Q 1878 age 76 (Hendon 3a/81)

1881: 7, Buckland Crest, Hampstead, Middlesex [MESTAYER]
Richard MASLAYER, Head age 66 b. (1815) London Islington, Middlesex (Bankers Clerk)
Amelia MASLAYER, Wife age 57 b. (1824) Canterbury, Kent
- Rosalie B. MASLAYER, Daughter age 12 b. (1869) London Upper Holloway, London, Middlesex
Emma WOOLASTON, Sister In Law (Widow) age 52 b. (1829) Canterbury, Kent (No Occup) [Emma BUDDEN?]
- Emma E WOOLASTON, Niece (Single) age 31 b. (1850) Mirzapore, East Indies (No Occup)
Sarah HAILS, Servant (Single) age 33 b. (1848) Catworth, Huntingdonshire (Dom Serv)
Sophia HALL, Servant (Single) age 25 b. (1856) Heckfold Heath, Hampshire (Dom Serv)

1881: 42 Bolton Rd, London, Middlesex
Henry J. LESLIE, Head age 27 b. (1854) Stepney, Middlesex (Accountant F.C.A.)
Eliza LESLIE, Wife age 29 b. (1852) Clerkenwell, Middlesex
- Douglas M. LESLIE, Son age 3 b. (1878) Hampstead, Middlesex
Edith M. LESLIE, Sister age 19 b. (1862) Winchester, Hampshire
Annie S. SISLEY, Serv age 20 b. (1861) Clerkenwell, Middlesex (Cook, Domc Serv)
Hannah LEWIS, Serv age 23 b. (1858) Clerkenwell, Middlesex (Nurse)

Richard MESTAYER d. 3Q 1883 age 69 (Hastings 2b/20)

Great Western Railway Shareholders:
Richard MESTAYER d. 20 August 1883 Belsize Park, Middlesex
(Vol. 37 Fo. 27/119)

Dulcie Melville LESLIE b. 4Q 1883 (Hampstead 1a/627)

1891: 16, Kemplay Road, Hampstead, London
Amelia MESTAYER Head (Widow) age 67 b. (1824) Canterbury, Kent (Living On Own Means)
- Roselie B. MESTAYER, Daughter (Single) age 22 b. (1869) Upper Holloway, London (Living On Own Means)
Emma WOLLASTON, Sister (Widow) age 62 b. (1829) Canterbury, Kent (Living On Own Means)
Rebecca DURRAN, Servant (Single) age 23 b. (1868) Maidford, Northamptonshire (Cook, Domestic Servant)

1891: 51 & 53, Earls Court Square, Kensington, London
Eliza LESLIE, Niece Married F 39 b. (1852) London Living On Own Means - with:
William J. KEMPSTER, Head age 55 b. (1836) Bath, Somersetshire Housekeeper
Anne M. KEMPSTER, Wife age 53 b. (1838) London
Annie M. KEMPSTER, Daughter (Single) age 31 b. (1860) Bath, Somersetshire
Kate KEMPSTER, Daughter (Single) age 29 b. (1862) Bath, Somersetshire
Frances A. KEMPSTER, Daughter (Single) age 24 b. (1867) Bath, Somersetshire
Alice M. VINCENT age 21 b. Shropshire, Annie E. COALES age 22 b. Worcestershire, Mary A. STILL age 19 b. Staffordshire
John STEELE age 71 b. Cumberland, Gertrude STEELE age 50 1841 b. Norfolk, John C. GIBBON age 59 1832 b. Mexico B. S., Isabel C. GIBBON age 28 1863 b. Mexico B. S., Alfonso G. ABELLO age 26 1865 b. Mexico, Ada V. PILCHER age 27 1864 b. London, Henrica S. CARTER age 70 1821 b. London, Harriet M. GREEN age 59 1832 b. London

1891: 37 & 38, Stanbon House School, Montpelier Crescent, Brighton, Sussex
Douglas LESLIE age 13 b. (1878) London - Scholar in the school of:
Chas. Geo. BURLEIGH, Head age 56 b. (1835) Middlesex, London (Schoolmaster)
Isabella BURLEIGH, Wife age 64 b. (1827) Manchester
- Cecillia BURLEIGH, Daughter (Single) age 25 b. (1866) Brighton, Sussex (Music Teacher)
- Ada BURLEIGH, Daughter (Single) age 24 b. (1867) Brighton, Sussex (Assistant In House)
- Charles BURLEIGH, Son (Single) age 22 b. (1869) Brighton, Sussex (Drawing Teacher School)
- Julia BURLEIGH, Daughter (Single) age 21 b. (1870) Brighton, Sussex
Arthur REAMER, Partner (Single) age 50 b. (1841) Middlesex, London (Schoolmaster)
+ 20 other boy Scholars (age 11-17, including 4 sets of brothers)
Mary BAILEY age 32 b. (Oxford (Wardrobe Woman), Ellen RATTEN age 20 b. Sussex (Cook), Susannah COLLINS age 18 b. Sussex (Housemaid), Harriet LAW age 22 b. Sussex (Housemaid), Annie LASHMORE age 20 b. Sussex (Housemaid), Annie HIDER age 20 b. Sussex (Housemaid), Benjamin TOMPSETT age 16 b. Sussex (Footman)

1891: Main Street, Pavenham, Bedfordshire
Dulcie M. LESLIE, Boarder age 7 b. (1884) Bromley, Kent - with:
Emma GLOVER, Head (Widow) age 47 b. (1844) Pavenham, Bedfordshire (Living On Own Means)
- Clara E. GLOVER, Daughter age 20 b. (1871) Pavenham, Bedfordshire
- Arthur E. V. GLOVER, Son age 15 b. (1876) Pavenham, Bedfordshire (Scholar)

Rosalie Beatrice MESTAYER
m. Frederick William BABER 3Q 1894 (Hampstead 1a/1423)

Amelia MESTAYER d. 2Q 1899 age 75 (Bristol 6a/31)

1901: 16, Marlboro Road, Chiswick, Middlesex
Eliza LESLIE, Niece (Single) age 49 b. (1852) London (Living On Own Means) [Douglas' mother???]
Douglas M. LESLIE, Nephew (Single) age 23 b. (1878) London (Bank Clerk) - with:
W. J. KEMPSTER, Head age 66 b. (1835) Bath, Somersetshire (Living On Own Means)
Anne KEMPSTER, Wife age 64 b. (1837) London (Living On Own Means)
- Kate KEMPSTER, Daughter (Single) age 39 b. (1862) Bath, Somersetshire (Living On Own Means)

1901: The Knoll, Main Street, Pavenham, Bedfordshire
Mary E. GLOVER, Head (Single) age 35 b. (1866) Pavenham, Bedfordshire (School Teacher)
Dalsie M. LESLIE, Boarder (Single) age 17 b. (1884) Hampstead, London

1901: 40, Henleaze Gardens, Westbury Upon Trym, Gloucestershire
Frederick W. BABER, Head age 40 b. (1861) Yatton, Somersetshire (Chartered Accountant)
Rosalie B. BABER, Wife age 32 b. (1869) Holloway, London
- Sybil M. BABER, Daughter age 5 b. (1896) Bristol
- William B. BABER, Son age 3 b. (1898) Bristol
- Beatrice E. BABER, Daughter age 1 b. (1900) Westbury on Trym, Gloucestershire
Lilian M. WHITTINGHAM, Governess (Single) age 22 b. (1879) London (Governess, Domestic)
Bertha E. ROBBINS, Servant (Single) age 23 b. (1878) Cleve, Somersetshire (Cook, Domestic)
Eveline PENNY, Servant (Single) age 15 b. (1886) Bath, Somersetshire (Nurse, Domestic)

1911: 16, Marlborough Road, Gunnersbury W [London], Middlesex (House, 9 rooms)
Eliza LESLIE, Niece (Widow) (2 children b. alive, lvg.) age 59 b. (1852) Middlesex, Islington - with:
William John KEMPSTER, Head age 76 b. (1835) Bath (Retired Boarding House Keeper)
Annie Matilda KEMPSTER, Wife Married 52 yrs., 4 children b. alive, 3 lvg.) age 74 b. (1837) Middlesex, Stepney
Kate KEMPSTER, Daughter (Single) age 47 b. (1864) Bath
Henry PONTER, Visitor (Married) age 67 b. (1844) Bath (Solicitor)

1911: The Knoll, Main Street, Pavenham, Bedfordshire
Dulsie M. LESLIE, Boarder (Single) age 26 b. (1885) Middlesex N N (Independent Means) - with:
Emma GLOVER, Head (Widow) age 67 b. (1844) Beds Pavenham (Private Means)
- Mary E. GLOVER, Daughter (Single) age 44 b. (1867) Beds Pavenham (House Keeper Domestic)
- - Arthur W. GLOVER, Grandson age 7 b. (1904) Transvaal S A
- - Charles A. GLOVER, Grandson age 5 b. (1906) Transvaal S A
- - Hugh R. GLOVER, Grandson age 3 b. (1908) Transvaal S A
- - Mary Augusta GLOVER, Granddaughter age 2 b. (1909) Transvaal S A

1911: 40 Henleaze Gardens, Westbury-On-Trym, Bristol, Gloucestershire (21 rooms)
Frederick William BABER, Head age 50 b. (1861) Cleer Somerset (Chartered Accountant, Employer)
Rosalie Beatrice BABER, Wife Married 16 yrs., 4 children b. alive, lvg.) age 42 b. (1869) Holloway, London
- Sybil Mestayer BABER, Daughter age 15 b. (1896) Redland Bristol (School)
- Beatrice Espérance BABER, Daughter age 11 b. (1900) Redland Bristol (School)
- Donald Mestayer BABER, Son age 9 b. (1902) Westbury on Trym Bristol (School)
Edith NASH, Servant (Single) age 29 b. (1882) Wilcot Wells (Cook Domestic)
Florence Leah MELBOURNE, Servant (Single) age 18 b. (1893) Midcombe Norton Somt (Housemaid)

Douglas M. LESLIE
m. Ethelwyn A. GLANVILLE 4Q 1912 (Hampstead 1a/1477)

Richard C. G. LESLIE b. 3Q 1915 (mother GLANVILLE) (Hendon 3a8683)

Ethelwyn A. LESLIE d. 3Q 1922 age 43 (Hendon 3a/291)

Eliza. LESLIE d. 4Q 1923 age 72 (Brentford 3a/207)

Dulcie M. LESLIE d. 3Q 1923 age 40 (Eton 3a/768)

Beatrice E. BABER
m. Montague A. ROBINSON 2Q 1928 (Bristol 6a/207)

Frederick W. BABER d. 4Q 1930 age 69 (Bristol 6a/10)

Rosalie B. BABER d. 1Q 1935 age 65 (Bristol 6a/3)

Donald M. BABER
m. Frances R. HODDINOTT 2Q 1936 (Bristol 6a/187)

Richard C. G. LESLIE
m. Catharine ALVAREZ 2Q 1939 (Hendon 3a/1847)

Douglas M. LESLIE
m. Mildred M. BOSHIER 3Q 1939 (Hendon 3a/2862)

Douglas M. LESLIE d. 2Q 1949 age 71 (Hendon 5e/434)

Simon : Richard Francis : Richard Mestayer : Richard Liron MESTAYER

1871: Legh Place, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire
Richard L. MESTAYER, Lodger age 29 b. (1842) London (Civil Engineer) - with:
James Thomas CARR, Head age 43 b. (1828) [Lancaster Town], Lancashire (Railway Agent)
Ellen CARR, Wife age 39 b. (1832) York, Yorkshire

The Medical Times and Gazette: vol. 2
1878 - On July 80, at St. John's Church, Upper Holloway, Richard Liron MESTEYER, of Manchester, to Katherine Emily, eldest daughter of W. B. KESTEVEN, MD, of Holloway.

Richard Liron MESTAYER
m. Katherine Emily KESTEVEN 3Q 1878 (Islington 1b/374)

Marjorie Katharine MESTAYER b. 4Q 1879 (Chorlton 8c/762)

Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers
1880 - R. L. MESTAYER, elected Associate Member

1881: 3, Seedley Mt, Pendleton, Lancashire
Richard L. MESTAYER, Head age 37 b. (1844) London, Middlesex (Civil Engineer)
Katherine E. MESTAYER, Wife age 37 b. (1844) London, Middlesex
- Margorie K. MESTAYER, Daughter age 1 b. (1880) Manchester, Lancashire
Jane GALLAGHER, Servant (Single) age 30 b. (1851) Salford, Lancashire (Domes Serv)

The Northern Microscopist and Microscopical News
1882 - while the senior members are promised among others, demonstrations by the following gentlemen:- Preparation and section cutting of vegetable tissues, Mr. R. L. MESTAYER ...
The Building News and Engineering Journal: vol. 44
1883 - Mr. Richard Liron MESTAYER, who has acted as deputy borough engineer of Salford during the past 31 years, was presented on Friday, at the town hall, with a silver tea service and an illuminated address by his fellow employes, on the occasion of his departure to South Australia, as professional adviser to the colonial government. The chair was occupied by the Mayor of Salford, and the presentation was made by Mr. A. JACOB, the Borough Engineer.
The British Architect, vol. 19
1883 - R. L. MESTAYER, late deputy borough engineer of Salford, has been appointed hydraulic engineer to the South Australian Government.
Pugh's Queensland Almanac
1885 - Hydraulic Engineer - R. L. MESTAYER
The Australian Handbook (incorporating New Zealand, Fiji, and New Guinea)
1888 - Waterworks: Hydraulic Engineer, R. L. MESTAYER. £900
Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)
1889 - Members: ... Richard Liron MESTAYER ...

R. L. MESTAYER was a subscriber to the Egypt Exploration Society; on pg. 43 of an Annual Report appears:
"Josiah MULLENS, Esq. (Hon. Secretary for Australia). From August 1st, 1890, to July 31st, 1891."
Richard Liron MESTAYER's mother was Eliza MULLENS

Minutes of Proceedings: vol. 113, Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain),
1893 - The Author acted as Resident Engineer from the commencement of the works in 1886 and presents this account with the permission of Mr. R. L. MESTAYER, M. Inst. CE, late Hydraulic Engineer to the South Australian Government ...
National Register of Archives and Manuscripts in New Zealand, Alexander Turnbull Library, 1977
MS Papers 2074: Wellington City Corporation records kept by Richard Liron MESTAYER, while serving as Resident Drainage Engineer, 1888-1895.
Evening Post
1897 - St John Ambulance Association, annual meeting: presentation of medallions, certificates and awards
... Certificates. - First exmaniation in "first aid" (women) ... Marjorie MESTAYER ...
Online article at "Papers Past" N.Z.

Reports by Richard Liron MESTAYER on the Sewerage and Drainage of the Cities of:
1898 - Dunedin
1904 - Auckland
1908 - Gisborne

Daughter Marjorie shared her father's interest in molluscs:

1919 - June 30: Report on the Progress and Condition of the U.S. National Museum
Mr. R. L. MESTAYER and Miss Marjorie MESTAYER, of Wellington, New Zealand, donated a number of New Zealand mollusks, including paratypes of 5 new species, and 4 slides of foraminifera, including 1,241 specimens dredged by H.M.S. Hinemoa and containing many forms new to science. Dr. Joseph A. CUSHMAN has made the latter material the basis of a monographic report now going through the press.
Recent Foraminifera from off New Zealand by Joseph A. CUSHMAN, Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus., vol. 56
1919 - Some time ago a collection of Foraminifera from dredgings taken off the Poor Knights Islands was sent to the National Museum, Washington, by R. L. MESTAYER, Wellington. It has proved an interesting collection, containing six new species ...
New Zealand Geological Survey Paleontological Bulletin: Issues 8-13
1921 - A collection of mounted specimens of foraminifera from Dr. J. Allan THOMSON, partly identified by the late Mr. R. L. MESTAYER (21st June, 1918).
Royal Microscopical Society (Great Britain)
1922 - The deaths reported above were those of ... Mr. R. L. MESTAYER. Elected 1884.

In the National Library of New Zealand - Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa:

Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 1868-1961
1926 - 22 September: Notes on New Zealand Mollusca, No. 4, by Marjorie K. MESTAYER, Dominion Museum, Wellington, N.Z.
Read before Wellington Philosophical Society
Received by the editor (Transactions and Proceedings), 13 March, issued separately, 15 August, 1929
Online article
1928 - 28 November: Tertiary Molluscan Fauna of Chatton, Southland by J. Marwick, M.A., D.Sc. (Abstract read, by permission of the Director of the N.Z. Geological Survey before the Wellington Philosophical Society)
... The Dominion Museum specimens were prepared by Miss M. MESTAYER with great care, and thus were preserved many fragile specimens which would otherwise have been lost.
Online article
1928 - 4 December, pt. 4: A Note on Sigapatella Terraenovae Peile, a new Montfortula by Marjorie K. MESTAYER, Dominion Museum, Wellington, N.Z.
Read before the Wellington Philosophical Society, 27th June, 1928
Online article with illustrations

American Museum of Natural History - Research Library
MESTAYER, Marjorie K.: November 1928 - January 1929
Index card

1930 - 29 May, issued separately: Notes on New Zealand Mollusca. No. 5, by Marjorie K. MESTAYER
Online article with illustrations

Extract from the obituary of Richard K. DELL:

Malacological Society of Australasia, 2003
... After the war [WW2], Dick ... was offered a job as 'conchologist' at the Dominion Museum, replacing Marjorie MESTAYER. ... He inherited a relatively small, chaotic, quaintly stored collection of a mere 5000 registered lots, mostly dating from Colonial Museum times. ...
Online article
National Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa Tongarewa - Online Collections
MESTAYER Marjorie: d. 7 September 1955 Wellington, N.Z.


Many other online references to publications by Marjorie MESTAYER

Illustrations of 59 items contributed by the Mestayers to the Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa Tongarewa

Simon : Jacques (James) Liron MESTAYER

James S[L]iron MESTAYER of Hermitage Place, St John Street, d. age 55, bu. 30 August 1839 Bunhill Fields (Vault Opened)

THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me James Liron MESTAYER of the Bank of England Gentleman

give and bequeath unto my nephew Richard MESTAYER all my East India Stock.

I give to my brother Richard Francis MESTAYER all the Government Stock funds and securities which I may be possessed of or interested in at my decease for his own absolute use and benefit but in case of his decease in my lifetime then I direct that the dividends and annual proceeds of the said stocks funds and securities shall be paid by my Executors herein after named unto Anne MESTAYER wife of the said Richard Francis MESTAYER during her life and from and after her decease I give and bequeath the capital of the said stocks funds and securities unto my said nephew Richard MESTAYER for his own absolute use and benefit

I give and bequeath unto Charlotte SEAMAN servant of my said Brother a legacy or sum of nineteen guineas for her own use and benefit and

I give devise and bequeath all the rest Residue and remainder of my Estate and Effects of what nature or kindsoever which I may be possessed of interested in or entitled to at the time of my decease unto my said Brother Richard Francis MESTAYER and my said nephew Richard MESTAYER equally to be divided between them share and share alike as [tenants in common] with benefit of survivorship between them in case either of them should die in my lifetime and in case of the decease of both of them in my lifetime

then I give devise and bequeath the said residue of my Estate and Effects and all other my property whatsoever unto the said Ann MESTAYER wife of my said brother Richard Francis MESTAYER for her own absolute use and benefit and

I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my said Brother Richard Francis MESTAYER and my said nephew Richard MESTAYER Executors of this my Will and hereby revoking all former and other Wills and Codicils by me at any time heretofore made I declare this duly to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fourth day of May one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine____J. L. MESTAYER(SS)____Signed sealed published and declared by the above named testator James Liron MESTAYER as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us____P. BOUQUET 62 St. John Street Road____Richd Hervé GIRAUD 7 Fernivals Inn.

APPEARED PERSONALLY Peter BOUQUET of No. 62 Saint John Street Road Clerkenwell in the County of Middlesex Gentleman and made oath that he is one of the attesting witnesses of the execution of the last Will and Testament of James Liron MESTAYER late of the said place and of the Bank of England Gentleman deceased which is [___?] hereunto annexed and bears date the fourth day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine and referring thereto and particularly to the names "P BOUQUET" and Richd Hervé GIRAUD" appearing subscribed thereto he further made oath that he and the said Richard Hervé GIRAUD attested and subscribed the said Will in the presence of the said deceased and of aoth other by respectively signing their names (to wit) the names appearing subscribed thereto as aforesaid on the same day and occasion on which the said Will was executed by the said deceased. P. BOUQUET ________ On the 4th day of Septr. 1839 the said Peter BOUQUET was duly sworn to the truth of this Affidavit - Before me John DAUBENY Sur. Prost. R. S. WINSTANLEY Not. Pub.

PROVED at London 5th Septr. 1839 before the Worshipful John DAUBENY Doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the oaths of Richard Ffrancis MESTAYER the brother and having been first sworn duly to adminr.

Lewis Mestayer

Lewis may have been born/baptised, in Ireland (Dublin), but no proof to date (3 October 2011). After an interrupted career as Engineer with the Honourable East India Company, having made his fortune Lewis returned to England to marry, but there were no children of the marriage. Lewis bequeathed annuities to many members of his family; for several, with the intention that their children should receive a good education.

Brief Notes of Lewis' Career

Fort William-India House Correspondence: Vol. 6 (National Archives of India, Bengal, East India Company), 1960
pg. 484
"Mr. Lewis MESTAYER - Lieutenant. Dismissed on 27 November 1770. Restored on 8 January 1777."
History of the Rise and Progress of the Bengal Army by Arthur Broome
"The Corps of Engineers had been fixed by an order of the 22nd October 1764, at the following establishment:-
One Chief Engineer to rank as Captain.
Two Sub-Directors to rank as Captain Lieutenants.
Four Sub-Engineers to rank as Lieutenants.
Six Practitioner engineers to rank as Ensigns.
Captain Fleming MARTIN had been sent out by the court of Directors as Chief Engineer, when he was at once employed on the buildings of Fort William, and to increas his emoluments received, as already mentioned, the command and allowances of a Company of Artillery.
A.D. 1765 August - At this period the Corps appears to have been composed as follows:-
Captain Fleming MARTIN, Chief Engineer
Captain Lewis DU GLOSS, Director
Captain-Lieut. Anthony POLIER, Sub-Director
Captain-Lieut. John ADAMS, ditto
Lieutenant James RENNELL, Sub-Engineer
John CAMERON, ditto
John FORTNAM, ditto
Lewis MESTAYER, ditto
Ensign James HAILES, Practitioner Engineer
Charles LACKHAM, ditto
Charles COLLINS, ditto
3 Practitioner Engineers wanting to complete."
Reports from Committees of the House of Commons
74. "Lieutenant MESTAYER has been so grossly deficient in superintending the Works at Burrampore, and so unfaithful in his report relative to the Timbers bought of Mr. WILLIAMSON, that for those Instances of his misconduct we should deem him worthy of Dismission: But as we observe also, that his Obstinacy, in having refused to give Information, on Oath, of such frauds as might be within his Knowledge, was a further Aggravation of such his Misconduct, we can on no account permit his Stay in our service; we therefore direct that he be dismissed; and that his Bond, given for the Amount of the Share he had in the Dustores, be paid, or proper Security taken for Payment thereof, before he be permitted to leave India."
Fort William-India House Correspondence: Vol. 6 (National Archives of India, Bengal, East India Company), 1960
pg. 343
"We give permission also to Mr. Lewis MESTAYER to proceed home and he was utterly incapable of discharging the bond he had entered into. ..."
The North-British Intelligencer, Wednesday, January 1, 1777
"On Tuesday was held a quarterly general court at the East India House, for the purpose of ... the consideration of the resolution of the directors, concerning the restoration of Mess. PLAYDELL and MESTAYER ..."
"The case of MESTAYER and PLAYDELL was also agreed to, and a day appointed for the ballot."
Fort William-India House Correspondence (National Archives of India, Bengal, East India Company), 1981
"Mr. Charles Stafford PLAYDELL, late one of the Council at your Presidency, and Mr. Lewis MESTAYER, late of your Corps of Engineers, being restored to our Service by a Vote of the General Court, agreeable to the Act of Parliament ... we further direct that Mr. MESTAYER do take his Rank as Captain of Engineers next to and immediately after Major RENNELL."
Bengal: Past and Present: Volume 48, Part 2 (Calcutta Historical Society), 1934
[after his return]
"... In Witness whereof the said Robert LINDSAY hath hereunto set his hand and seal and Henry WATSON and the said Cudbert THORNHILL of Calcutta aforesaid Esquires for the said Thomas FORBES have set their hands and seals by Virtue of a Letter of Attorney to them made by the said Thomas FORBES jointly with Lewis MESTAYER Esquire, who is now absent from Calcutta dated the third day of March in the year of Christ one thousand seven hundred ..."
"depute Henry Watson Cudbert THORNHILL and Lewis MESTAYER of Calcutta in the Kingdom of Bengal in the East Indies ..."

The Cost of Coffimbazar, 1767-68
A detailed account of Lewis's fault, dismissal; return journey and employment

Confusion as to the date of Lewis' marriage

Vicar-General Marriage Licence Allegations 1694-1850
License Date:  31 August 1786
Bride Surname: BRISCOE
Groom Surname: MESTAYER

The Gentleman's Magazine, 1786 - Marriages of Considerable Persons
September 5 - at Walthamstow, Lieut. Col. MESTAYER, late of Bengal, to Miss Mary BRISCOE, eldest dau. of Mr. B. apothecary, of W[althamstow].
The Town and Country Magazine, 1786
Marriages: September 8. Lieutenant colonel MESTAYER, late of Bengal, to Miss Mary BRISCOE, of Walthamstow

From Boyd's Index:
1786 Mary BRISCO & Lewis MESTAIER, Walthamstow, Essex

From the IGI:
Louis MESTAYER m. Mary Ann BRISCOE 5 August 1786 Walthamstow, Essex

The month cited in the IGI (and elsewhere) is August, with the same date of 5th. The - contemporary - "Gentleman's" and "Town and Country" magazines give the marriage for September (although they vary as to the date). The marriage licence was dated 31st August: therefore, according not only to contemporary sources, but also church records, the marriage did not take place before the end of August. Even Walthamstow records cite "5th August"; they also give Louis MESTAYER's parish:

Walthamstow Marriages
Middlesex: Westminster St. Clement Daines
MESTAYER, Louis - 1786 (No. 1110); (m. Ann Mary BRISCOE 5 August 1786)
Survey of London: vol. 21 J. R. Howard Roberts and Walter H. Godfrey (editors)
No. 90 Gower Street: 1790–1791, Colonel Lewis MESTAYER
The European Magazine and London Review
1791 - Obituary
October 29. Lewis MESTAYER, esq. late Lieut. Col. and Chief Engineer in the East India Company's service.

Lewis MESTAYER bu. 1791 Walthamstow churchyard, Essex

The Environs of London by Daniel Lysons, 1811
Walthamstow Church ... In the churchyard, among others, are the tombs of ... Lewis MESTAYER Esq., Lieut. Col. and chief engineer for the East India Company at Bengal, 1791.

1791: Will of Lewis Mestayer
Late Lieutenant Colonel and Chief Engineer in the Service of the Honorable East India Company in the Kingdom of Bengal
Gower Street near Bedford Square, Middlesex
source: DocumentsOnline, The National Archives, PROB 11/1950s

Lewis' wife, Mary (Briscoe) Mestayer

Familiar Letters on a Variety of Subjects. Addressed to a Friend by the Rev. Edward BARRY, 1794
Author of Theological, Philosophical, and Moral Essays, &c. &c. &c. l2mo. pp. 170. 5s. (pub. Payne).

—— o ——

"To Mrs. MARY MESTAYER, of Prospect-hill, in the COUNTY of BERKS.
My very dear Madam,
BESIDES exposing myself to the conscious charge of plagiarism in such of these letters as may be found worthy of any particular notice, I should incur the severest of all reproaches, if, for your friendly attention to my happiness and welfare, the injunctions of gratitude and affection did not better inspire me thus to confess myself as highly indebted for those more favorable distinctions, to your truly wellinformed and elegant mind: honored as I have been, and not less edified by your society and confidence, while such a circumstance has not failed to sting the pride of envious minds, it hath lifted me up at the same time above their reach, and secured to me the congratulations of good ones.
To the purity of your heart - to the firmness of your understanding, prosperity hath added her blessing, and rewarded you with a liberal fortune; but with you it is disciplined so, as to be your servants not your master.
To enjoy the real advantages of the country, you have lately withdrawn yourself from the capital, and though the circles of fashion have reason to regret your absence, yet they may receive suitable amends for it, by emulating your resources and wisely - adopting your ideas of happiness.
The village poor, more fortunately poor, where you reside, may, in the report of your domestic excellencies, be taught, in a very pleasing manner, the great and profitable duties of humility, contentment, and industry; with most fervent prayers to heaven, for its choicest blessings on you, as well here, as hereafter, Allow me, My very dear Madam, With sincere and unalterable affection,
To subscribe myself,
Your truly grateful and faithful servant,
EDWARD BARRY. Reading, Jan. 12, 1794."

—— o ——

East-India House, 10th November, 1825
"A List of the Names of the Members of the United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East-Indies who appear, by the Company's Books, qualified to Vote at the General Election, 12th April 1826" (published London, 1825)
... Mrs. Mary MESTAYER, Widow, St. Mary's, Reading

—— o ——


I MARY MESTAYER of Mount Pleasant in the Parish of St. Giles Reading
being in sound mind and body do make this my last Will in the following manner

I give and bequeath to my Nephews Richard Ffrancis MESTAYER and to James Liron MESTAYER all my India Stock to be equally divided between them

I give and bequeath to my Niece Mary Jervis BULLEY all my Bank stock for her sole use during her life and which stock at her death to go to her Brother Robert Mestayer BRISCOE during her life and at his death to go to Richard MESTAYER Son to the before mentioned Richard Ffrancis MESTAYER for ever

I give and bequeath to my own maid Harriot BUSHUEL if she is living with me at the time of my death four hundred pounds sterling

I give to my footman John GRIFFITH if he is living with me at the time of my death fifty pounds sterling

I give to each of my servants a years wages and mourning

I give to the before named Mary Jervis BULLEY all my plate what household ffurniture is mine my Carriages Trinkets &c. ____ Mary MESTAYER ____

This is my last Will and Testament dated the twentieth day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty - Signed published and declared by the above named Mary MESTAYER the Testatrix as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in her presence at her request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses William BELL Mount Pleasant Reading Berks ____ John BIGGS Solr. Reading

In the margin:
Admon (with Will) of Goods [as] administered passed May 1856

ON the 9th Ffebruary 1837 Admon / with the will annexed / of the Goods Chattels & [Greets] of Mary MESTAYER late of Mount Pleasant in the Parish of Saint Giles Reading in the County of Berks Widow deceased was granted to Mary Jervis BULLEY Wife of John Blagrave BULLEY / the lawful heir and one of the next of Kin of the said deceased having been first sworn / by Commission / duly to administer - No Executor or Residuary Legatee.__


Regr. 10161 - 10 Feb. 1837 - HANES Jn.

No. 152587 No I/.A - fol. 1433 - Sworn under £16000 - died 19 Jan. 1837

Mary MESTAYER of Gower Street Bedford Square Widow died possessed of £2875 Bank Stock - 20% - £5980

And by her Will dated 20 October 1830 attested by two witnesses did not therein appoint any Executor or Residuary Legatee whereupon Letters of Administration with the said will annexed where granted at Doctors Commons 9 February 1837 to Mary Jervis BULLEY (Wife of John Blagrave BULLEY) the Niece and one of the next of Kin (therein described late of Mount Plesant in the parish of Saint Giles Reading in the County of Berks Widow).
Identfd as per dln Bl 456

In the Will are the following words
"I give and Bequeath to my Niece Mary Jervis BULLEY all my Bank Stock for her sole use during her life and which Stock at her death to go to her Brother Robert Mestayer BRISCOE during his life and at his death to go to Richard MESTAYER son of the before mentioned Richard Frances MESTAYER for ever."

No. 9453
Mary Jervis BULLEY wife of John Blagrave BULLEY the Administratrix with the Will Annexed is dec'd, died 15 April 1856 as appears by Letters of Administration with the Will Annexed de bonis non of Mary MESTAYER granted at Doctors Commons 10 May 1856 to Richard MESTAYER the son (of 49 Charing Cross) and the acting Executor of the Will of Richard Francis MESTAYER dec'd whilst being the nephew and one of the next of Kin.

Robert Mestayer BRISCOE the nephew also and only other next of Kin of the said deceased is also dec'd.
Sworn under £7000
Regd. 14 May 1856 [J. SMITH]

Blagrave - Bouquet - Briscoe - Bulley - Jervis - Mestayer

Are cited above, Mrs Mary MESTAYER's

- niece: Mary Jervis BULLEY
The Gentleman's Magazine, 1793 - Marriages of Considerable Persons
September 26 - At Netherseal, co. Leicester, Charles BRISCOE, esq. of Walthamstow, to Miss Mary JERVIS, 2d dau. of Philip J. esq. of Netherseal.

Charles BRISCOE + Mary
- Mary Jervis BRISCOE b. 17 September, Chr 16 December, 1794 St Mary's Walthamstow, Essex

The History, Description and Antiquities of the Prebendal Church of St Lawrence by Frederick George Lee, 1883
Marriages - family of BULLEY, from the Registers of St Lawrence, Reading
1824. Feb. 24. John Blagrave BULLEY to Mary Jervis BRISCOE
- nephew: Robert Mestayer BRISCOE
The extract of the Will above, affirms that Robert was the brother of Mary Jervis
Parliamentary Papers, Vol. 43 (G.B.)
17 November 1834
R. Mestayer BRISCOE confined for debt (£259 4s.) in Whitecross Street Prison
(Total number of Debtors in custody, on the 4th June 1836 [including R. M. BRISCOE]: 370 - Samuel BARRETT, Keeper)

Robert Mestayer BRISCOE d. 3Q 1839 (Strand 1/289)

Robert Mestayer BRISCOE, 4 T... London St Paul's Covent Garden Burials Pt A, rec. 93; 1813-1853

- nephew: Richard Francis MESTAYER

Husband of Anne BOUQUET: Richard MESTAYER was their son

Burials in Walthamstow Churchyard, Essex

William BRISCOE, 1777
Lewis MESTAYER, Esq. Lieut. Col. and chief engineer for the East India Company at Bengal, 1791
Mary, wife of Robert BRISCOE, 1794

Jervis Briscoe - Blagrave Bulley

History of the Royal Berkshire Militia by Emma Elizabeth Thoyts, 1897
BULLEY, John Blagrave: born: September 25th, 1805 - baptised March 5th, 1806
- Ensign July 11th, 1825 - Lieutenant March 24th, 1828 - Captain May 16th, 1831 - resigned August, 1852
- Married February 24th, 1824, to Mary Jervis BRISCOE (she died, April 15th, 1864); they had no children
- He died September 25th 1864
History of the Royal Berkshire Militia
The British Gazetteer by Benjamin Clarke, 1852
Holly Mount is the seat of John Blagrave BULLEY, Esq.
The London Gazette 24 December 1852
New Forest, Hampshire
ABSTRACT of the Claims to Rights of Common and other Rights over the New Forest, which have been delivered to the Verderers of the said Forest, pursuant to the Act of the 14th and 15th Victoria, chapter 76, and duly registered by Mr.
WILLIAM STEAD, of Romsey, Hants, Clerk of the said Verderers.
This Abstract is published pursuant to the 17th section of the said Act, and printed copies may be obtained by any persons claiming any of the aforesaid rights, on application to the said Clerk of the Verderers, on payment of the sum fixed by the said Act, viz.: One Shilling for each copy.
The original Registers of Claims may be inspected by any person, on application to the said Clerk of the Verderers, at his Office, in Romsey; to the Keeper of the Land Revenue Records and Inrolments, in London; or to the Clerk of the Peace for the County of Southampton; on payment of the sum of One Shilling for each inspection: and certified Copies or Extracts of the said Registers may be obtained by any person, on application to either of the parties last aforesaid, on payment of any sum not exceeding the rate of Fourpence per folio of seventy-two words.
No. of Claim, Claimant & Abode, Agent; Land or Tenements in respect of which he Claims, Quantity (A R P)
No. 902 - John Blagrave BULLEY of Lyndhurst, agent Charles E. SMITH of Lydhurst; claims for Holly Mount and land, with house and premises at Pike's-hill, Lyndhurst: 5 acres

The Subject-matter of the Claim
detail of pasture, shooting, turf and peat

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