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Alexander Fisher McQuarrie
Update: 7 February 2011

Family Mythology
A soldier of The Black Watch, who, as a member of Queen Victoria's personal bodyguard, was invited
to take wine with her as an acknowledgement of his devotion to her person and his duty:
was this Alexander McQuarrie? (CMTilbury, January 2011)


Details from the Army record, held at The National Archives, Kew, UK, and now available online at

- Extract from the Attestation on Discharge -

Her Majesty's 73rd Reg. Of Foot, whereof Lieut. General B. O. JONES is Colonel.
Aldershot 16th December 1863.

PROCEEDINGS OF A REGIMENTAL BOARD, held this day, in conformity to the Articles of War, for the purpose of verifying and recording the Services, Conduct, Character, and cause of Discharge of No. 1339, Serjeant Alex.dr Fisher McQuarrie.

THE BOARD having examined and compared the Rejgimental Records, the Soldier's Book, and such other Documents as appeared to them to be necessary, report that after making every deduction required by Her Majesty's Regulations, the Service up to this day, which he is entitled to reckon, amounts to 20 years, 356 days, as shown by the detailed Statement on the 2nd page; during which period he served abroad 15 year 8 months, viz.:
      at South America, 8 months;
      at Cape of Good Hope, 11 years 7 months;
      at East Indies 3 years 5 months;
and further, that his DISCHARGE is proposed in consequence of being attached as a Supernumerary Serj't of 73rd Regt. as a loan to the Roy.'l Montmonmouthshire [sic] Militia, its being his own request to be discharged, having completed 21 service. Free to pension.

With regard to the CHARACTER and CONDUCT of No. 1339 Serj't. Alex.dr F. Mc. Quarrie, the Board have to report that upon reference to the Defaulter's Book, and by the Parole testimony that has been given, it appears that they have been good.
He was when promoted in possession of two Good Conduct Badges and could had he not been promoted since been ____ in possession of six Good Conduct Badges. He is in possession of the Kaffir war and Indian Mutiny Medal.
He has been three times tried by Court Martial.

No. 1339 Serj.t. Alex.dr. F. Mc. Quarrie being asked to what date he has been paid, answered that his Account is balanced up to the latest period required by the Regulations; and being further asked whether he has any claim on the Regiment for Arrears of PAY, ALLOWANCES, or CLOTHING, answered, that he has received all just demands, from his entry into the Service up to the 16th Dec. 1863 and in confirmation therefore, affixes his signature hereto.

Signature of A. F. McQUARRY Sergt.
Since there is no mark "X" this is probably Alexander's signature: compare to the signature on the 1901 census

THE BOARD have ascertained that No. 1339 Serj.t. Alex.dr. F. Mc. Quarrie's Soldier's Book is correctly balanced, and signed by the Officer Commanding his Company, and they declare, that they have impartially inquired into, and faithfully reported upon, all the matters brought before them, in accordance with the Regulations and Instructions issued by Her Majesty's Orders.

Detailed Statement of the Services of No. 1339 Serjt. Alexdr. Fisher Mc.Quarrie

Regiment: 73rd
- Rank: Private, 15 January 1840 - 9 July 1841
- Deserted 10 July 1841, rejoined 9 March 1842: Forfeited, by Conviction of Desertion, his time served
- Imprisoned 10 March 1842 - 22 April 1842
- Rank: Private, 23 April 1842 - 28 November 1843
- Promoted to Corporal: 29 November 1843 - 11 June 1845
- Imprisoned: 12 June 1845 - 28 June 1845
- Reduced to Private: 29 June 1845 - 26 November 1846
- Promoted to Corporal: 27 November 1846 - 10 September 1848
- Imprisoned: 11 September 1848 - 20 September 1848
- Reduced to Private: 21 September 1848 - 28 February 1853
- Promoted to Corporal: 1 March 1853 - 30 April 1854
- Promoted to Serjeant: 1 May 1854 - 30 September 1862

Transferred to Royal Monmouth Militia, rank Serjeant (442 days half only allowance per N.O.C. N 492 of 14 June 1853): 1 October 1862 - 16 December 1863

Granted G.C. Pay @ 1d. 11 July 1847 [ie an additional 1 penny a day]
Deprived of same 11 September 1848
Restored same 22 September 1849
Granted same at 2d. 28 May 1862

Further service from the 17 December 1863 to the 5th January 1884, when finally discharged
Service allowed to reckon to the day of final discharge: 21 yrs 11 days

Serjeant Alexander Fisher McQuarrie's discharge papers, signature of commanding officer, 73rd Regiment of Foot, the Black Watch

The Discharge of the above-named man is approved by The Field Marshal Commanding-in-Chief, Horse Guards, 5th January 1864.

No. 1339 Seg't. A. F. McQuarrie referred to in the preceding pages, by Trade a Labourer was born in the Parish of Barndreg near the Town of Glasgow in the County of Lanark and attested for the 73rd Reg. at Glasgow in the County of Lanark on the 15th January 1840 at the age of 16 years.

His final description, &c., when discharged from the Service, at Aldershot this 16th day of December 1868:
Age, 39 years
Height 5 Feet 9½ Inches,
Complextion Fresh, Eyes Grey, Hair Brown, Trade Labourer.
Marks or Scars upon the face, or other parts of the body -.
Intended Place of Residence: Monmouth.

N72A5A. Inc.[reased]d to 32d [32 pence/day] for 19 years service as Serjt. on Permt. Staff of 3 Bn. R. Irish Rifles Bd. 10.4.83 [over] 28.

H.74258. A50. & D.W. to Af. 7.6.83.
H.74754. D.W. returned.
                                          stamp of Royal Hospital Chelsea, Secretary's Office, 28 June 1888

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Emily Waterman, 2nd Wife of Alexander Fisher MacQuarrie