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Robert Tilbury from Penn
Mortlake (Sheen), Barnes, Kensington, Farnborough (UK)

Mauve checkered flowers; cultivar: white flowers

Mortlake, Surrey 4 March 1843

"... Fritillaria Meleagris: In the "Naturalists' Almanack" for 1743, it is said that "this very beautiful and local plant flowers profusely in some meadows at Mortlake". This species, called by the country folk "snake's head," used to flower in a meadow at Mortlake, Surrey, known from that circumstance as "the Snake's-head Meadow," but of late years it has become very scarce, if not altogether eradicated by the ruthless hands of the village children, by whom the early showy plant was coveted as an ornament to their May garlands. The meadow is at the Thames side, beyond the brewhouses, and about midway between the village and Kew bridge. On visiting the spot at the proper time, during several seasons within the last five years, I was not able to obtain more than a single speciment. I am not aware of any other recorded station for the Fritillary in the immediate environs of the metropolis."

(Written by Edward Edwards of Bexley Heath, Kent; published in "The Phytologist: A Popular Botanical Miscellany" edited by George Luxford, Edward Newman; Google Books Online.)

Charles I

"... extended the tapestry manufacture at Mortlake, Surrey, established by James the First, for which Rubens furnished some exquisite designs. These tapestries, which adorned Hampton Court and other palatial residences of Charles, were, with the king's superb collection of pictures, taken away by the orders of Cromwell, but afterwards purchased by Cardinal Mazarin, the Archduke of Austria, and the Spanish ambassador."

(From "Footsteps to History" by Louisa Anthony, 1853; Google Books Online.)


Sources: Parish register transcripts, other researchers
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The Family of Robert Tilbury
Wycombe, Mortlake, Penn, Fulham

Robert TILBURY, son of John TILBURY & Penelope [WRIGHT]
m. Martha HANCOCK 4Q 1844 (Wycombe 6/809)

Robert Tilbury, Police Constable

1851: lvg. Mortlake, Surrey
Robert TILBURY b. c.1824 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Martha TILBURY b. c.1826 Penn, Buckinghamshire
- Isabella TILBURY b. c.1845 Penn, Buckinghamshire
- Maryann TILBURY b. c.1850 Mortlake, Surrey [4Q 1849 (Richmond Sy 4/420)]
- Harriett TILBURY b. c.1851 Mortlake, Surrey


Robert TILBURY d. 1856-61.
A Robert TILBURY d. 3Q 1856 (Amersham 3a/221)
The death of an Ann TILBURY was registered under the same reference

John TILBURY (apparently son of Robert & Martha) was b. 4Q 1856 (Amersham 3a/321)
The birth of an Ann TILBURY was registered under the same reference.


Robert's Widow & Children

1861 Census index

reg. dist. Kensington
Martha [HANCOCK]TILBURY age 36
- John TILBURY age 4 (Son)
Joby FLYMAN age 14

reg. dist. Kensington
- Isabella TILBURY age 16 (Servant)
Chas. E. ELEMENTS age 53
Mary M. ELEMENTS age 39
- Chas. ELEMENTS age 19

reg. dist. Amersham
- Harriet TILBURY age 11 b. Mortlake, Surrey (Niece)
John PERKINS age 76
William PERKINS age 41 [possibly of Roman Farm, Penn]
Mary [HANCOCK]PERKINS age 39 [sister to Harriet's mother Martha)

lvg. Loudwater, High Wycombe, Buckingham
William W. TILBURY*, Head age 29 b. High Wycombe, BKM (Ginger Beer Manufacturer)
Ann TILBURY, Wife age 29 b. Great Marlow, BKM
- William TILBURY, Nephew age 6 b. Barnes, SRY
* William Wright TILBURY from the Penn line

Martha (Harriett and William) TILBURY

m.(2) Henry BAKER 3Q 1863 (Kensington 1a/294)

1871: lvg. Hammersmith, London
Henry BAKER b. c.1831 Ash, Surrey (Head)
Martha BAKER b. c.1826 Penn, Buckinghamshire (Wife)
Sarah BAKER b. c.1791 ___, Surrey (Mother)
- Harriett TILBURY b. c.1843 ___, Surrey (Stepdaughter, Daughter of Martha)
- William TILBURY b. c.1855 ___, Surrey (Stepson, son of Martha)

There seems to be no further mention of son John after 1861; he may have died.

1881: lvg. 16 Angel Cottages, London, Middlesex
Henry BAKER, Head age 50 b. Ash, Surrey (Bricklayer)
Martha BAKER, Wife age 55 b. Penn, Buckingham
Elizth. WILLIAMS, Visitor (U) age 25 b. Castlemartin, Pembroke, Wales (Housemaid)

1891: lvg. Old Borough, Buckinghamshire
Martha BAKER b. c.1826 Penn, Buckinghamshire (Sister-in-law)
Mary PERKINS b. c.1822 Penn, Buckinghamshire (Sister-in-law)
Sophia HANCOCK b. c.1826 ___, Buckinghamshire (Head)
- Thomas HANCOCK b. c.1852 ___, Buckinghamshire (Son)
- Fanny HANCOCK b. c.1855 ___, Buckinghamshire (Daughter)

1881: lvg. 39 Denmark St, Wycombe, Buckingham
Stephen HANCOCK, Head age 53 b. Penn, Buckingham (Wheelwright Employing 3 Men 1 Boy)
Sophia HANCOCK, Wife age 54 b. Shabbington, Buckingham
- Thomas HANCOCK, Son (U) age 29 b. Penn, Buckingham (Wheelwright)
- Fanny HANCOCK, Daur (U) age 26 b. Penn, Buckingham (Dressmaker)

Isabella TILBURY

Isabella TILBURY
m. [Walter HILLMAN] 1Q 1867 (Kensington 1a/51)

1871: lvg. Holborn district, London
Walter HILLMAN age 30
Isabella HILLMAN age 26
- Arthur J. HILLMAN age 2
- Ada S. HILLMAN age 0
Joseph SALTER age 49


1871: lvg. Barnes, Surrey
Mary A TILBURY b. c.1850 Mortlake, Surrey (Servant)
John PEPPER b. c.1822 ___, Lincolnshire (Head)
Mary M.[or A.] PEPPER b. c.1827 ___, Essex (Wife)
- Mabel PEPPER b. c.1867 St Giles, Middlesex (Daughter)
- Minnie PEPPER b. c.1860 St Giles, Middlesex (Daughter)
Albert R. SMITH b. c.1842 ___, Essex (Brother-in-law)
Ann Z. HARTZELL[or J. HAZELL] b. c.1843 ___, Middlesex (Servant)
Julia MINIKUS[or MINIHAN] b. c.1858 ___, Berkshire (Servant)

m. George Miller LEWIS 2Q 1871 (Holborn 1b/1014)

1881: lvg. 1 Clarence St, Scarborough, York
Geo. M. LEWIS, Head age 34 b. Plaistow, Essex (Cellarman)
Mary A. LEWIS, Wife age 31 b. Mortlake, Surrey
- Annie LEWIS, Daur age 8 b. Hollingwood, Lancashire (Scholar)
- Alice M. LEWIS, Daur age 4 b. Bracknell, Berkshire
- Ada R. LEWIS, Daur age 7 mths b. Scarboro, York
Mary A. HYDE, Lodger (Widow) age 39 b. Scarboro, York (Seamstress)
- Mary A. HYDE, Lodger age 13 b. Leeds, York (Scholar)
- Janet HYDE, Lodger age 12 b. Leeds, York (Scholar)

1891: lvg. Farnborough*, Hampshire (reg. dist. Harley Wintney)
George M. LEWIS b. c.1848 Plaistow, Essex (Head, spouse of Mary A.)
Mary A. LEWIS b. c.1851 Mortlake, Surrey (Wife of George M.)
- Alice M. LEWIS b. c.1877 Berkshire (Daughter)
- Ada R. LEWIS b. c.1881 Yorkshire (Daughter)
- Alfred I. LEWIS b. c.1883 Yorkshire (Son)
- Eleanor M. LEWIS b. c.1886 Hampshire (Daughter)

* William Wright TILBURY and wife Ann (with whom Mary's brother William lived for a while after their father Robert died) lived in Farnborough (Penn line); George seems to have joined in their manufactory.

Annie Isabel LEWIS
m. Percival Lewis BEAGLEY 4Q 1895 (Hartley W. 2c/395)

Alice Mary LEWIS
m. Edward Albert BLUNDELL 3Q 1897 (Hartley Wintney 2c/392)

1901: lvg. Farnborough, Hampshire
George LEWIS age 54 b. Plaistow, Essex (Mineral Water Maker)
Mary A. LEWIS age 51 b. East Sheen, Surrey
- Alfred LEWIS age 18 b. Scarborough, Yorkshire (Carpenters Apprentice)
- Eleanor LEWIS age 15 b. Farnborough, Hants

1901: lvg. Farnborough, Hampshire
- Annie J.[I.] BEAGLEY age 28 b. Manchester Laics[Lancs]
  Percy L. BEAGLEY age 32 b. Badebot Lea Surrey (General Labourer)
possible children:
   - Florence A. BEAGLEY age 4 b. Farnborough Hants
   - Percival G. BEAGLEY age 3 b. Farnborough Hants
   - Daisy A. BEAGLEY age 0 b. Farnborough Hants

1901: lvg. Farnborough, Hampshire
  Edward BLUNDELL age 27 b. Hastings, Sussex (Plasterer)
- Alice BLUNDELL age 24 b. Bracknel Berks
   - Edward BLUNDELL age 1 b. Deptford, London

1901: lvg. Horsell, Surrey
- Ada R. LEWIS age 20 b. Scarborough Yorkshire (Parlourmaid Domestic)

Harriet(t) TILBURY

Harriett TILBURY
m. [William MILNE] 2Q 1871 (Holborn 1b/916)

1891: lvg. Lambeth reg. dist., London
William MILNE b. c.1849 ___, Scotland (Head, spouse of Harriet)
Harriet MILNE b. c.1851 Richmond, Surrey, (Wife of William)
- Robert W. MILNE b. c.1878 Norwood, Surrey (Son)
- Alick Mc Robert MILNE b. c.1885 Norwood, Surrey (Son)

1901: lvg. Lewisham, London
William MILNE age 53 b. Scotland Huntly (Pensioned Police Constable)
Harriet MILNE age 50 b. Surrey Sheen
- Robert W. MILNE age 23 b. Surrey Up Norwood (Clerk Insurance)
- Charles S. MILNE age 9 b. Surrey Up Norwood

Robert William MILNE b. 1Q 1878 (Camberwell 1d/744)
Alick McRobert MILNE b. 2Q 1884 (Camberwell 1d/792)
Charles Stephen MILNE b. 1Q 1892 (Lambeth 1d/576)

William Tilbury

William TILBURY (b. 4Q 1854 Barnes, Surrey; Richmond S. 2a/175)
m. Mary Elizabeth ALDCROFT St. Margaret, Hollinwood, Lancashire 4Q 1872

1881: lvg. 7 Edmund St, Oldham, Lancashire
William TILBURY, Head age 26 b. Barnes, Surrey (Colliery Weighing Clerk)
Mary E. TILBURY, Wife age 30 b. Salford, Lancashire (Dressmaker)
Ralph ALDCROFT, Father Law (Widower) age 61 b. Hale Green, Cheshire (Hay Cutter)

1891: lvg. ___, Lancashire (reg. dist. Prestwich)
William TILBURY b. c.1855 Barnes, Surrey (Head, spouse of Mary E.)
Mary E. TILBURY b. c.1851 Salford, Lancashire (Wife, spouse of William)
Ralph ALDEROFT[ALDCROFT] b. c.1820 Hale, Cheshire (Father-in-law)

Ralph ALDCROFT d. 2Q 1896 age 76 (Oldham 8d/459)

Mary Elizabeth TILBURY d. 4Q 1896 age 46 (Manchester 8d/161)

William seems to have gone to the Lewisham area of Kent after his wife's death; perhaps to join George TILBURY (son of Frank) and family, from the Penn line?

William TILBURY d. 1Q 1900 age 45 (Lewisham 1d/882)