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Yellow Medicine County Cemeteries

Canby, Minnesota Cemeteries
St Paul's Cemetery - 114/45/04/SWSW
St Stephen's Cemetery - 114/45/10/SWNE
Clarkfield, Minnesota Cemeteries
Clarkfield Cemetery - 115/41/04/SENE
Granite Falls, Minnesota Cemeteries
Granite Falls City Cemetery
Hanley Falls, Minnesota Cemeteries
East Cemetery - 114/40/12/SWSE
St Leo, Minnesota Cemeteries
St Leo Cemetery - 114/43/05/NENW
Echo Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
German Cemetery - 113/38/03/NWSW
Public Cemetery - 113/38/03/NWSW
Fortier Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
Fortier Cemetery - 114/46/22/NENE
Hammer Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
Antelope Hills Christian Cemetery - 115/45/02/NWNE
Bethlehem Cemetery - 115/45/08/SWSW
St Peter's Cemetery - 115/45/32/SWSE
Minnesota Falls Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
Hillcrest Cemetery - 115/39/04/SESW
St Andrew's Cemetery - 115/39/05/SWSE
Union Cemetery - 115/39/15/SENW
Norman Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
Swenson Cemetery - 114/45/28/SESW
Trinity Cemetery - 114/45/20/SWSE
Normania Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
Bethlehem Cemetery - 114/41/11/NENE
St Lucas Cemetery - 114/41/28/SESW
Spring Creek Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery - 114/41/09/NENW
Oshkosh Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
Nicolai Cemetery - 115/44/20/NWNE
Sandnes Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
West Cemetery - 114/40/10/SWSE
Sioux Agency Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
Hillside Cemetery - 114/38/15/NENE
Rock Valley Cemetery - 114/38/09/NENE
Swede Prairie Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
Israel's Cemetery - 114/42/04/SENE
Swede Home Cemetery - 114/42/15/SWSW
Tyro Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
Fridhem Cemetery - 115/42/22/NENE
Zion Cemetery - 115/42/07/SWSE
Wergeland Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
Wergeland Cemetery - 114/44/22/SESW
Wood Lake Township, Minnesota Cemeteries
Lutheran Cemetery - 114/39/21/NENW
Methodist Cemetery - 114/39/23/NWSW


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Lyon County Museum Building
301 West Lyon Street
Marshall, MN  56258
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