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Redwood County Cemeteries

The information on this page has been compiled by Janean McKay and Shawn Corder of the Redwood County Genealogical Society.
Kintire Township
Adsit Family Plot; 22-113N-37W, Destroyed
Belview Cemetery; 17-T113N-37W
Johnsonville Township
Johnsonville United Methodist Cemetery, 2-110N-38W
Johnsonville Township Cemetery, 10-110N-38W
Lamberton Township
Lamberton Cemetery; 24-T109N-37W
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery; 15-T109N-37W
Morgan Township
Morgan Cemetery; 27-T111N-34W
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery; 15-T111N-34W
St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery; 16-T111N-34W
New Avon Township
New Avon Town Cemetery; 8-T111N-36W
New Avon Salem Methodist Cemetery; 22-T111N-36W
North Hero Township
North Hero Cemetery; 8-T109N-38W
Paxton Township
Bishop Whipple Cemetery; 1-T109N-34W
Redwood Falls Township
Birney Flynn Grave; 109 W. 4th St., Redwood Falls, MN
Crestlawn Memorial Gardens; 24-T112N-36W
Dr. Hitchcock Grave;
Orange C. Martin Grave; 10-T112N-36W
Sheridan Township
St. Henry's Catholic Cemetery; 15-T112N-37W
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery; 5-T112N-37W
St. Mary's Cemetery; 30-T112N37W
St. Paul's Cemetery,; 29-T112N-37W
Sherman Township
Hon. J. W. Lynde Grave; 8-T112N-34W
Andrew Robertson Grave; 8-T112N-34W
Knupple Grave; 8-T112N-34W
Post-Newton Cemetery; 6-T112N-34W
Marcia Davis Grave; 7-T112N-34W
Springdale Township
Calvary Cemetery; 24-T109N-39W
Luther Cemetery; 4-T109N-39W
Swedish Cemetery; 8-T109N-39W
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery; 1-T109N-39W
Walnut Grove Cemetery; 25-T109N-39W
Sundown Township
O'Callaghan Family Plot; 18-T110N-35W
Kegel/Tonak Cemetery; 18-T110N-35W Destroyed
Sundown Lutheran Cemetery; 28-T110N-35W
Swedes Forest Township
Braaflast Grave; 26-T114N-37W
Holt Plot; 26-T114N-37W
Rock Dell Cemetery; 28-T114N-37W
Sandager Plot; 28-T114N-37W
Swedes Forest Cemetery; 29-T114N-37W
Swenson Plot; 35-T114N-37W
Three Lakes Township
Bethaney Lutheran Cemetery; 1-T111N-35W
Bethlehem Cemetery; 33-T111N-35W
St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, 33-T111N-35W
Matthew Wilson Plot; 20-T111N-35W
Robert Montgomery Plot; 20-T111N-35W
Underwood Township
Danish Cemetery, 34-T112N-39W
Vail Township
Bethaney Lutheran Cemetery; 24-T111N-37W
St. Anne's Cemetery; 25-T111N-37W
Jewish Burial Plot; 26-T111N-37W, Destroyed
Vesta Township
Vesta Cemetery; 10-T112N-38W
Holy Name Catholic Cemetery; 16-T112N-38W
Hustad Cemetery; 29-T112N-38W
Waterbury Township
Schwahn Family Plot; 3-T110N-37W
St. Matthew Lutheran Cemetery; 10-T110N-37W
Westline Township
Milroy Public Cemetery; 17-T111N-39W
Our Saviors Lutheran Cemetery; 9-T111N-39W
St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery; 20-T111N-39W
Willow Lake Township
St. Mathias Catholic Cemetery; 28-T110N-36W
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery; 10-T110N-36W
Christ Lutheran Cemetery; 18-T110N-36W
Missouri Evans Plot; 24-T110N-36W
Graves without a home:
Charles M. Pdratz: Jan. 9, 1867 - Oct 11, 1904
(Found on the back of a road grader)


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