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New Series ... Rural and Regional Essay Series
No. Title Price Qty. Total
1 Amato, Joseph A. and Anthony, Minnesota, Real and Imagined: A View from the Countryside., SSLRH, 2001. $5.00    
2 Amato, Joseph A., Pipestone and the Red Rock: Inventing Peoples and Towns., SSLRH, 2002. $5.00    
3 Anfinson, Scott, Prairie, Lakes, and People: The Archaeology of Southwestern Minnesota., SSLRH, 1999. $5.00    
4 Bronars Cafaro, Kris, Cloudy-Sky Waters: An Annotated Bibliography of the Minnesota River., SSLRH, 2004. $8.95    
5 Isern, Thomas D., The Cultures of Agriculture of the North American Plains., SSLRH, 1999. $5.00    
6 Stull, Donald D., On the Cutting Edge: Changes in Midwestern Meatpacking Communities. SSLRH, 1998. $5.00    
7 Woolworth, Alan, The Genesis and Construction of the Winona and St. Peter Railroad, 1858-1873. SSLRH, 2000. $5.00    
8 Wright, David E., The Farm Chemurgic: Changes in Agricultural Entrepreneurship Between the Two Worlds Wars. SSLRH, 1998. $5.00    
Historical Essays On Rural Life
9 Abbott, Randy Jr., The Automobile Comes to Southwest Minnesota. SSLRH. $4.00    
10 Broesder, Mary Kay, The Sounds of a Developing Prairie Town: Marshall, Minnesota, 1872-1918. SSLRH. $4.00    
11 DeBruyckere, Donata, You Can Never Say We Didn't Try: The National Farmers Organization in Lyon Country, Minnesota, 1962-1988. SSLRH. $4.00    
12 Jacob, Craig Donald, Death, Disease and Deliverance: Chippewa County in the Late Nineteenth Century. SSLRH $4.00    
13 Kolhei, Tim, From Dusty Trails to Rusty Rails: The Rise and Fall of Hanley Falls, Minnesota. SSLRH. $4.00    
14 Liebl, Janet, Ties That Bind: The Orphan Train Story in Minnesota. SSLRH. $4.00    
15 Lovoll, Odd S., Norwegians on the Land. SSLRH. $4.00    
16 Mancall, Peter, Rivers and the Making of a Nation. SSLRH. $4.00    
17 McCausland, Thomas, Rally of Resolve: The Home Front in Lyon County, Minnesota. SSLRH. $4.00    
18 Mintz, Sidney W., Crops and Human Culture. SSLRH $4.00    
19 Ostlie, Evelyn, Taming Death: An Early Immigrant Church and Its Burial Customs in Western Minnesota. SSLRH. $4.00    
20 Radzilowski, John, One Community, One Church, Two Towns: The Poles of Southwestern Minnesota, 1882-1905. SSLRH. $4.00    
21 Rothstein, Morton, Writing American Agricultural History. SSLRH. $4.00    
22 Schoone-Jongen, Robert, Patriotic Pressures, WW I: The Dutch Experience in Southwestern Minnesota During World War I. SSLRH. $4.00    
23 Simons, Douglas L., A Town's Thirst. SSLRH. $4.00    
24 Spencer, Tom, Black Thursday: The Tracy Tornado, June 13, 1968. SSLRH. $4.00    
25 Swierenga, Robert, The Dutch Transplanting in the Upper Middle West. SSLRH. $4.00    
26 Timmerman, Janet, Draining the Great Oasis: Claiming New Agricultural Land in Murray County, 1910-1915. SSLRH. $4.00    
27 VanMeveren, Paul, In Search of the 1920's Farm Depression: A Study of Rock Lake Township, Lyon County, Minnesota. SSLRH. $4.00    
Other Publications Available
28 Amato, Joseph, and Radzilowski, John, Community of Strangers: Change, Turnover, Turbulence and the Transformation of a Midwestern Country Town. Crossings Press, 1999. $11.95    
29 Amato, Joseph, Servants of the Land: God, Family and Farm, The Trinity of Belgian Economic Folkways in Southwestern Minnesota. SSLRH (third edition, 1994). $8.95    
30 Amato, Joseph, When Father and Son Conspire: A Study of a Minnesota Farm Murder. Crossings Press. $12.00    
31 Amato, Joseph, and Pichaske, David, Southwest Minnesota: The Land and the People. Crossings Press, 2000. $10.00    
32 Amato, Joseph, and Timmerman, Janet, Editors, At The Headwaters: The 1993 Flood in Southwestern Minnesota. SSLRH (second edition, 1996). $9.00    
33 "Ghent, USA." A 50-minute video documentary. SSLRH, 1992. DVD or VHS. $20.00    
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