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A special "Thank You" goes out to the following persons who contributed so much to the contents of this web site:

Cecil Tarkenton, William Tarkenton, Stanley Tarkenton, Stewart Tarkenton, Terry Tarkenton, Martha Tarkenton, Hugh Tarkenton, Jean Tarkington-Schmidt, Nancy Reeves, Dr. Phil McCracken, Margie Phelps, Bill Harper, Melanie Armstrong, Margaret Webster, Marion Freeman, Betty Pledger, Marilyn Thompson, Deb Shillo, Tyler Wooley, Virginia Haire, Edna Prather, Sharleen Rhinock, Audrey Hilton, Matthew Norman, Sarah Armistead, Judy Strickland, Shelba Jones.

My intent is to make information available that will help researchers and hopefully gain their input to finally arrive at the historical facts.

Our Ancestors (Aldridge, Anderson, Davis, Langley, Overton, Rice, Tarkenton, Thomas, and Walker) came from North Carolina.

You will notice I have listed Tarkington and Tarkinton as Tarkenton for sake of indexing.

I have documented as far back as: Morgan Thomas born about 1790, Mitchell Overton born about 1810, Thomas Langley born 1771, Joseph Tarkenton born about 1768, William Aldridge born 1704, Stephen Rice born 1794, Albert Anderson born 1813, Henry Davis born 1827 and John Walker born 1728.

I hope you find the information interesting and useful. If you know of something that would be helpful, please contact me.


Revised 07/27/2005