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1921 Stark Family Association Yearbook


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1) Y-DNA evidence has clearly revealed the Descendants of Aaron Stark are not related to the descendants of the other Stark Families mentioned in this article. It is quite possible Aaron's ancestor was not Scottish, but of English or German Descent.

2) Questionable? No source information. Needs more research.

1) Interesting but not proven. Y-DNA results suggest the possibility Richard had a brother, but no evidence has been found to confirm.

2) Also interesting for the Y-DNA results suggests the possibility Richard could have been an Uncle of James Stark of Stafford Co., VA. or closely related in some other way. As above, no evidence or source evidence available.




1) This list of children for John (?) Stark is  questionable and seem to not be supported by the evidence, especially as they relate to Archibald Stark. It is quite possible James Stark, b. 1695 could have been the son of a man named John Stark, although evidence has not been found at this time. DNA evidence suggests tested descendants of Archibald and James are related. However, the genetic distance of these descendants suggests the common ancestor may have lived three to five generations earlier and Archibald and James most likely were not brothers.

2) Harris & Jorgenson questioned this relationship. They reported no association was found between the Starks and Thorntons either in Ireland or in the early years in America.  They questioned whether the name Thornton is correct.

1) See page 19 comment.

2) Dr. Richard Stark may have been an Uncle of James, but it is doubtful he was an Uncle of Archibald. They were more likely to have been distant cousins. 

3) More likely to be true for Richard and James but not likely for Archibald; that is, cousins, but not first cousins.




1) Reasonable conclusions. 









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