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Report 3: William Stark of Dullutur Genealogical Research



The Genetic Genealogy Report presented the lineage from William Stark of Dullutur to Archibald Stark of New Hampshire as reported in the publication; "The Family of General John Stark of New Hampshire, by Jane Elizabeth Stark Maney.[1] Because members of Group 2 have been proven to be genetically related  this publication provides the basis for the argument that all of the members of Group 2 are descendants of William of Dullutur. This discussion will provide source data and analysis provided by the Maney publication and that of Harris and Jorgensen [2] as probable proof of the lineage from William to Archibald.


William Stark of Dullutur

The Maney publication reports: 


"William3 Stark (John2, John1 Muirhead/Stark) was born abt. 1520, and died abt. 1571. He married A. Fleming 1539. The wife of William Stark of Dullutur, so called, was of the peerage. The Fleming family lived near Kilsyth. They had four children.


The Stark Family was closely associated with the Fleming family as well as other influential families of that area of Scotland. The Starks never married into Royalty, as indicated by their coat-of-arms. They probably were however, members of the "Landed Gentry."

Dullutur is located near the village of Cumbernauld, also clse to the forest of Muirhead, (1 to 1 1/2 miles).

William Stark of Dullutur was probably the son of the eldest son of John Muirhead/Stark, the man who saved the life of King James IV. The name of this eldest son has not been found in the records. John Muirhead/Stark, our direct ancestor, probably continued to live in the area of the Cumbernauld Forest.

Gazeteers state that Auchenstarry was a village located near Cumbernauld on the Forth and Clyde Canal, both hamlets very close to Dullutur.

William Stark of Dullutur married a daughter of the prominent Fleming and was probably given a life estate during her lifetime. This estate would have been returned to her estate upon his death. In 1598 there is recorded a letter of reversion to the Fleming family, given by John Stark, heir of William of Dullutur."[3]


The four children were: William Stark of Auchenstarry (the heir); John Stark of Auchenvole; Margaret Stark who married James Rankene; and Robert Stark writer of Edinburgh.

The H & J publication referenced three sources that most likely connect William Stark of Dullutur to the Fleming family and a son named John Stark.[4]


"Register of the Privey Council of Scotland"

1578. Complaint of Johnne Levingstoun of Doypace younger that by letters under his Majesty's signet he had been "constitute his Majesteis chalmerlane, factor and bailie of the lands of Enzie, Ouchtirmany, Thankertoun and Biggar" with some exceptions "and likewise keeper of the place and fortilice of Cummernauld" which formerly "pertinet to umquhile (late) Johnne, sometime Lord Fleming: but had come back into his Majesty's lands "through the process of orderly forfeiture led against the said Lord "yet" Fleming of Biggar, William Stark of Dullutur and other keepers of the said place and fortilice, will not render and deliver the same to the said Johnne Levingstoun." There had been summons to Fleming and Stark to render the same within 24 hours or appear before the Council and show cause to the contrary, and now "the said Johnne Levingstoun of Donypace compeirand personally and the said Fleming and William Stark not comperand letters are ordered to put them to the horn.


"The Scots Peerage" by Sir James Belfour Paul, Vol. VIII, 1911

William Fleming of Bord had on Jan. 3, 1502/03 a charter from John, Lord Fleming of the lands of Nether Auchenreoch in the barony of Auchtermony in Excambion for those of Mezean in the barony of Olivercastle. James Fleming of Bord, (great-great-grandson of William Fleming of Bord) had a precept of clare constat from Barbara, Lady Fleming, of the lands of Nether Auchenreoch Apr. 2, 1571. John Fleming of Bord gave sasaine on Oct. 12, 1574 to John Fleming of Ballach and had a letter of reversion from John Stark son of William Stark of the lands of Nether Auchenreoch on Nov. 3, 1576 and agina on Jan. 10, 1758/79. Agnes of Bord had a service Oct. 27, 1597 as daughter and heir of the deceased John Fleming of Bord, and a precept of clare constat from John, Lord Fleming, of the lands of Bord, Croy and others on Jan. 30, 1597/98, and with consent of John Lindsay, younger of Covington, her apparent husband resigned the said lands of Bord to John, Lord Fleming, on Feb. 1, 1597/98.


"Glasgow Protocols" Vol. XI, No. 3387, Apr. 1598

Agnes Fleming only daughter and heir of John Fleming of Bord and John Lindsay, Junior, of Covington, her future spouse, and George Houston of Park, John Stark of Auchenvole and Robert Fleming in Ballach, her curators. Produced a precept whereby John lord Fleming baron of the barony of Lenzie charged Thomas Somervell in Over Croy as bailie to give to the said Agnes as heir of her father sasine of the lands of Bord lying in the lordship and barony of Lenzie and shir of Dumbarton. Also of all and sundry lands of Nather Auchenreoch in the parish of Campsie and Shire of Stirling. Precept subscribed and sealed by Lord Fleming at his castle of Cumbernauld Jan. 30, 1597/98.



Jane Elizabeth Stark Maney, The Family of General John Stark (1728-1822) of New Hampshire, published by Higginson Book Company, 2002; 148 Washington Street, Post Office Box 778; Salem, Massachusetts 01970. Web Site:


Mary Kathyrn Harris & Mary Iva Jean Jorgensen, James Stark of Stafford County Virginia and his Descendants; self published 1985; Chapter 1 of Volume 1. Available from the New England Historic Genealogical Society, 101 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts; Daughters of the American Revolution Library, 1776 D Street NW, Washington, D. C. 20006.


Jane Elizabeth Stark Maney, The Family of General John Stark (1728-1822) of New Hampshire. Pages 3 & 4. Source of her note 3 on page 4: "Glasgow Protocals" Vol. XI, No. 3387, April 1598.


Harris & Jorgensen, Volume 1, Chapter 1, pages 8 & 9.





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H & J. provided several notes to the above that may clarify the meaning of the above entries.


"Note: ...William Stark of Dullutur had adult children by 1571 as shown by the marriage of his daughter Margaret in 1571/72 and the letter of reversion of his son John Stark in 1571."


"Note: ...A reversion was a reverting of the land to the feoffor or his heirs after the expiration of an estate for life or for years. The letter of reversion was from John Stark son of William Stark. The lands of Nether Auchenreoch, which in 1502-03 were in the hands of this branch of the Fleming family, were in the hands of the Stark family later in the 1500's. orlbably William Stark of Dullutur possessed the lands. The most likely way that he received the life estate in these lands or years in possession of these lands was through marriage. William Stark of Dullutur probably married a daughter of one of these Fleming families and was given a life estate in the lands of Nether Auchenreoch during her lifetime or during both their lifetimes. William Stark of Dullutur was probably dead, and his wife also in 1578, and thier son John Stark gave the letter of reversion to the Fleming family. Despite the fact that a sasine to John fleming of Bord is mentioned here, the Glasgow Protocols prove these lands descended to Agnes Fleming, daughter of John Fleming of Bord, who married John Lindsay of Covington."


"Note: ...This evidence indicates that William Stark of Dullutur was the same man as the William Stark, father of the John Stark who gave the letter of reversion for the lands of Nether Auchenreoch in 1576 and 1578. Further this John Stark was undoubtedly the same person as John Stark of Auchenvole as John Stark of Auchenvole appears in the 1598 record regarding the same land. John Stark of Auchevole married into the Fleming family also but a different branch of the Fleming family from the Flemings discussed here....


The Research of H & J combined with the research of Maney clearly provides documentation there was a William Stark of Dullutur who married a Fleming and had a son named John Stark of Auchevole. Did William of Dullutur have a son William Stark, Jr. of Auchenstarry?


William Stark, Jr. of Auchenstarry

The Maney publication reports:


"William Stark4 Jr. (William3 Stark, John2, John1 Muirhead/Stark) was born abt. 1542. He married Margaret Hamiltoune abt. 1570."


"In legal papers a "charter subscribed and sealed at Boghall, February 28, 1581/82," William Stark is one of the witnesses and is listed as, "William Stark, son and heir of William Stark of Dullutur."


The H & J publication confirms the Maney publication in Volume 1, Chapter 1, page 11


"Glasgow Protocols," Vol. VIII, No. 2382. Mar. 1, 1581/82.

Charter whereby John Fleming of Boghall Granted to the said John Lord Fleming.....Charter subscribed and sealed at Boghall Feb., 28, 1581/82 in presence of Archibald Hammiltoun, burgess of the burgh of Rewtherglen; William Stark, Junior, of Auchenstarry; ....Wit: William Stark, son and heir of William Stark of Dullutur...


The documented reference suggests William Stark of Dullutur had a son named William Stark, Junior of Auchenstarry who was his heir. William Stark, Junior of Auchenstarry had two sons, William Stark of Auchenstarry, and John Stark of Killermont.


John Stark of Killermont

The Maney publication reports:


"John Stark5 (William4, William3 Stark, John2, John1 Muirhead/Stark), b. Abt. 1575; d. Dec. 1632; m. Margaret Cunningham. [Publication note 6: Source was 'The Stark Family' by Howard Parker Moore.]


The H & J publication reports William Stark of Auchenstarry (son of William, Jr. of Auchenstarry) and his brother, John Stark, were mentioned in the "Index to Dumbarton Shire Sasine Records."


"July 1, 1618. Margaret Cunningham spouse of John Stark brother of William Stark of Auchenstarry. Bk 1, p. 58,59."


This record confirms John Stark married Margagret Cunningham and was the brother of William Stark of Auchenstarry, the heir and son of William Stark, Jr. of Auchenstarry. This John Stark purchased Killermont from John Cunningham in 1628 as reported in the H & J publication:


"The Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry," 1878

"Killermont. In 1628 John Cunningham sold Killermont to John Stark for 12,000 merks. It remained in the family of John Stark for some time. John Stark "the younger of Killermont" was among those who held conventicles and refused to conform to the Episcopal form of church government in 1685. Killermont estate had already been sold a year or two earlier to James Hunter of Muirhouse."


But was this John Stark who married Margaret Cunningham the same person who purchased Killermont? The following would seem to confirm the identity of the John Stark who purchased Killermont.


"Comissariot Records of Glasgow, Vol. 24"

"The Testament Dative and inventory of Umquhile (Late) John Stark of Killermont who died Mar. 1632. Margaret Cunningham his relicet and behalf of William Stark lawful son. Inventory of 126 pounds 13 shillings 4 pence. Debts were 127 pounds 6 shillings 8 pence. Debts exceed goods. Confirmed Nov. 1634 at Glasgow."


From the above sources we can conclude John Stark of Killermont who married Margaret Cunningham was the son of William Stark, Jr. of Auchenstarry.




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John Stark the younger of Killermont

The Maney publication reports:


"John6 Stark (John5, William4, William3 Stark, John2, John1 Muirhead/Stark) was born 1624 in, Linzie Parish? Scotland, and died 1683. He married Margaret Naper abt. 1655. She died 1672. He was called, 'John Stark, the younger.'"


The Maney publication on page 13 has these remarks: "This John Stark was the grandfather of Archibald Stark. He was first married to Margaret Naper or Napier, by whom he had two children, John Stark and William Stark. John was called 'the second lawful son.' Margaret Naper Stark died 1672-75." On page 13: "Following the death of his wife, Margaret Naper Stark, John Stark had a son called 'natural son.' [Illegitimate] His name was also John Stark, a practice not uncommon at that time. Provisions were made for his welfare. On July 26, 1675, John Stark married Isobel Weir. This marriage took place in Edinburgh. Isobel was a widow, formerly married to George Johnstone of Lockerbie, Dimfries-shire. By this second marriage to Isobel Weir, John Stark had at least four daughters, the fourth of who was Margaret."

This differs from the research of H & J. On page 15 of their publication they report John Stark of Killermont, the younger married Margaret Naper and had a son named John Stark of Killermont born in the 1640's who married Isabell Weir in 1674 in Edinburgh.

The Maney publication reported the following items from the "Index of Dumbarton Shire Sasine Records."


August 3, 1637 John Stark son of John Stark of Killermont. [Bk. 3, pg 57]

June 15, 1655 Margaret Naper spouse of John Stark of Killermont. [Bk. 3, pg 152]

Dec. 23, 1676. John Stark, son of John Stark of Killermont. [Bk. 1, pg 178, 180]

Jan. 15, 1681, John Stark (illegitimate) son of John Stark of Killermont, "Inquisitones Generales." [Bk. 1, pg 355]

July 20, 1652, John Stark heir of John Stark of Killermont, his father. [XXI, pg 59]


The Maney publication clearly identifies John Stark the younger of Killermont as the the son of John Stark of Killermont who married Margaret Cunningham. The first John Stark of Killermont was deceased by 1632 and the August 3, 1637 record clearly reports his son John Stark. However, note he is referred to as John Stark of Killermont in the June 15, 1655 record. This would have been after the death of his brother, William Stark of Killermont  heir of the first John Stark of Killermont. Upon William's death, John Stark the younger inherited Killermont.


John Stark III of Killermont

The Maney publication reports:


 "John7 Stark III (John6, John5, William4, William3 Stark, John2, John1 Muirhead/Stark) was born 1655 in Linzie Parish, Kirkintilloch, Scotland. He married Jean McCutcheon Oct. 18, 1683 in Bonhill Parish, Scotland.


This differs from the H & J publication. In Volume I, Chapter 1, page 15, they reported the following;


John6 Stark of Killermont, The Younger (John5 of Killermont, Wm4 Jr. of Auchenstarry, Wm3 of Dullutur)

Born: Ca 1610

Married: Margaret Naper

Died: after 1683


1. John7 Stark of Killermont born 1640's. Married Isabell Weir 1674 in Edinburgh. Died: Lived Hoddom Parish, Dumfries Shire.


H & J reports the son of John Stark, The Younger, married Isabell Weir. the Maney publication reports the son of John Stark, the younger, married Jean McCutcheon. Can this be resolved?

As quoted from the Maney publication in the above section about John Stark, the younger of Killermont, Isobel Weir was a widow when she married John the younger and most likely was not the wife of John Stark III of Killermont. They probably lived in Hoddom Parish after John the younger sold Killemont in 1683. Clearly, John Stark the younger of Killermont had a son named John as recorded above: "Dec. 1676. John Stark, son of John Stark of Killermont." If he did not marry Isabell Weir, then it is quite possible he did marry Jean McCutcheon. While the Maney publication has good documentation demonstrating Archibald Stark was a son of John Stark and Jean McCutcheon, the connection of this John Stark to John Stark, the younger of Killermont is more difficult to make.

One could argue John who married Jean McCutcheon could have been the illegitimate son, but if he was born after 1672 (after Margaret Naper died), he would have been too young to have married Jena McCutcheon in 1683. The document that seems to make a connection of John and Jean to John the younger would be the follwoing collected by researcher A. R. Bigwood:


RD2/93 fol. 585: Registered 17 April 1707. Written 4 May 1704. John Stark, second lawful son to John Stark of Killermont going forth of the kingdom of Scotland and appointing John Irving of Whithill as his factor.


Maney had this note on page 25: "The John Irving who was left in charge of John and Jean Stark's affairs was the third husband of Isobel Weir Stark, widow of John Stark's father (John the younger of Killermont), further proof of the close relationship." This would seem to confirm the identity of John Stark who married Jean McCutcheon as the son of John Stark the younger of Killermont. It is a well known fact that daughters of John and Jean were; Jean (baptized Nov. 20, 1687); Isabell (baptized Dec. 8, 1689); and Margaret (baptized Nov. 29, 1691). [Source: Maney publication quote from page 24 --- Baptisma-OPR Cardoss Dunbartonshire 494. From research of A. R. Bigwood.]

The names of these daughters would also suggest a connection to John Stark the younger of Killermont. His mother would have had the given name Margaret and his step-mother would have been Isabell.



From the above, the lineage from William Stark of Dullutur to John Stark III of Killermont who married Jean McCutcheon would seem to be documented. There is some weakness in this discussion that John Stark who married Jena McCutcheon was the son of John Stark the younger of Killermont, but the circumstantial evidence does suggest a connection. The Maney publication documents the connection of Archibald to John and Jean. Therefore, for the genetic genealogy report, this lineage will be used from William of Dullutur to #25347 --- a descendant of Archibald Stark that has been genetically tested and genealogically researched. 




Page 4



Hypothetical Male Lineage From William Stark of Dullutur

(Based on the Harris & Jorgensen and Maney Publications)



Conflict between Publications.


Reported by both Publications


Reported in H. & J. Publication

Gen 1

Gen 2 Gen 3 Gen 4 Gen 5 Gen 6


of Dullutur

1520 to 1571-1576


Unknown Fleming


William, Jr.

of Auchenstarry

1540's to ??


Margaret Hamiltoune

William III

of Auchenstarry

ca. 1570 to > 1618



William IV

of Auchenstarry

1590-1610 to < 1673


Jean Miller

William V (the elder)

of Auchenstarry

1620-1640 to ??



William VI (the younger)

of Auchenstarry

1640-1660 to ??


of Killermont

ca 1575 to 1632/33





of Killermont

1590-1610 to < 1668



------------- -----------------

John (the younger)

of Killermont

ca. 1610 to > 1683


Margaret Naper

John III

of Killermont

1640-1650 to ??


Isabell Weir (1674)

(Rep. by H & J)





Jean McCutheon


(Rpt by Mrs. Maney)



of Auchenvole

1550-1555 to 1610-1530


Marie Fleming


the younger

of Auchenvole


Margaret Jousie


of Auchenvole

----------------- ----------------


of Auchenvole

1590-1595 to 1665-1670


Elizabeth Hall


of Auchenvole

ca. 1615 to 1685-1693


Elizabeth Newlands

John (the younger)

of Auchenvole

ca. 1640 to ??


Anna Muirhead


of Auchenvole

christened 1684


Kirkintilloch Parish


of Auchenvole

1640-1660 to ??



of Auchenvole

1640-1660 to ??



of Gartsherrie

1590's-1600's to > 1683



Unknown Male

1620-1630 to ??


of Gartsherrie

1640-1660 to ??



in 1683

John (the younger)

of Gartsherrie

1680-1700 to ??


Christian Currie


Writer of Edinburgh

Early 1550's to ??


Writer of Edinburgh

bef. 1586 to bef. 1668


Margaret Douglas

(Aug. 14, 1606 in Edinburgh)

----------------- ----------------- -----------------




Page 5


Discussion of Early Permanent Stark Settlers in America

On pages 17 through 22 of the 1920 Stark Family Association Yearbook was an article by James R. Clark of Maunie, Illinois which could be of interest but lacks source documentation. This is presented to illustrate the theories circulated in 1920, much of which has been found to be inaccurate. However, there are several items worthy of further investigation. You will note that there are other early Stark families mentioned. The following presents the pages as published; with comments at the bottom of each page made by the transcriber, Clovis LaFleur.


Page 17

'"Shall we know each other there?"

Let us know each other here.







Considered herein in the order of the time of their settlement.

While the conclusions herein reached have been deduced from what seems to be reliable records and the "Coat of Arms" and its Motto "Fortiorum Fortia Facta," common to all, similar heir-looms, etc., etc. we cannot vouch for their absolute correctness in all particulars, but we believe them to be substantially correct.


"Woe to him whose daring hand profanes

The honored heir-looms of his ancestors." Moir.


First: Aaron Stark's arrival in America preceded the dates of the other permanent Stark settlers by some fifty-seven to eighty years. He was born in 1608. These dates place him in from two to three generations earlier than the other Stark emigrant settlers, which fact precludes any information or reference in his records concerning the others; and a like omission concerning him occurs in the records of


Page 18




the others. That they all had a common Scotch ancestor, however, is not questioned.*

Aaron Stark came to Connecticut as early or earlier than 1637, in which year he enlisted and served as a soldier in the Pequot Indian War under Capt. John Mason. Nothing definite as to whence he came or of the year of his arrival in America is known. It has been conjectured, however, that he may have been brought to America by Capt. Mason to whom he may have been bound for a term of years, a common form of apprenticeship in the years and centuries past.

Second: John Stark of Virginia, son or grandson of Thomas Stark and wife Sarah of London, England. He was a merchant of New Kent, Va., and on Oct. 28, 1684 patented 484 acres of land on the Matapony River, adjoining a large body of land belonging to his wife's people who were earlier settlers there. Her maiden name was Anne Wyatt. John Stark's father or grandfather as the case may have been, Thomas Stark, a marine merchant and trader, had previously invested in land in the vicinity but never settled there.**

John Stark's arrival in Virginia was prior to 1684. His relationship to the other emigrant Stark settlers is not now known; but the contiguity of settlement on the part of Dr. Richard Stark and family a few


* Y-DNA evidence has clearly revealed the Descendants of Aaron Stark are not related to the descendants of the other Stark Families mentioned in this article. It is quite possible Aaron's ancestor was not Scottish, but of English or German Descent.

** Questionable? No source information. Needs more research.



Page 19




years later is suggestive of some kinship between them.*

Third: Dr. Richard Stark of Virginia had been a merchant and a physician of Glasgow, Scotland, and a Surgeon of a Scotch regiment of soldiers. He was probably a brother of John (?) Stark who was likewise a merchant of Glasgow. The Doctor with his wife, Rebecca, and their five children, William, Mary, Catharine, Richard, Jr., and James, and another boy, James Stark**, all born in or near Glasgow, settled in York Co.. Virginia, about the year 1700. The Doctor died there about the year 1704. After his death, the name of the additional boy, James Stark, disappeared from the records of the Doctor's family, and of the locality. From the various happenings we conclude that the extra boy, James Stark in the Doctor's family, was a son of the Doctor's brother John (?) of Glasgow, who had bound him to the Doctor for a term of years, for his service, support and education and especially for the acquirement of a Doctor's profession under the Doctor's instruction. But the Doctor's death terminated the contract before its completion, when the boy at the age of nine or ten years was returned to his parents in Glasgow where he was educated along with his brothers in the University of that city.


* Interesting but not proven. Y-DNA results suggest the possibility Richard had a brother, but no evidence has been found to confirm.

** Also interesting for the Y-DNA results suggests the possibility Richard could have been an Uncle of James Stark of Stafford Co., VA. or closely related in some other way. As above, no evidence or source evidence available.

Page 20


Children of John(?) Stark (given name not fully determined) of Dumbarton and Glasgow, Scotland and later of Londonderry, Ireland:*

1. Archibald, b. 1693 6. Daniel, b. 1703
2. James, b. 1695 7. Samuel. b. 1705
3. John, b. 1697 8. Susanna, b. 1707
4. Richard, b. 1701 9. Silas, b. 1709
5. Louise, b. 1701

Fourth: Archibald Stark, son of John (?), born Oct. 1693, married Eleanor Nichols. a Scotch girl living at Londonderry, Ireland, about 1716. They came to America in 1720 and settled in N. H. in 1721. Their children were: Anna, Col. William, Gen. John, Lt. Samuel, Lt. Archibald Jr., Mary and Jean.

Fifth: John Stark, son of John (?) born 1697, married Elizabeth Nichols, sister of Eleanor Nichols-living at Londonderry, Ireland. They settled in New Hampshire at a later date than his brother, Archibald. Their children were Justin, Grace, Phoebe, Tryphena, Willard, Lewis, Martha and John Jr.

Sixth: James Stark, son of John (?), born about 1695, married Elizabeth Thornton of Londonderry, Ireland. She was of Welsh descent and presumably an elder sister of Mathew Thornton** who was born in 1714, and whose parents in 1717 settled in


* This list of children for John (?) Stark is  questionable and seem to not be supported by the evidence, especially as they relate to Archibald Stark. It is quite possible James Stark, b. 1695 could have been the son of a man named John Stark, although evidence has not been found at this time. DNA evidence suggests tested descendants of Archibald and James are related. However, the genetic distance of these descendants suggests the common ancestor may have lived three to five generations earlier and Archibald and James most likely were not brothers.

** Harris & Jorgenson questioned this relationship. They reported no association was found between the Starks and Thorntons either in Ireland or in the early years in America.  They questioned whether the name Thornton is correct.



Page 21


Massachusetts where he grew to manhood, and became Dr. Mathew Thornton; he settled at Londonderry, New Hampshire, where he began the practice of medicine, and ultimately was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence from New Hampshire.

James Stark and wife after their marriage are said to have first settled in his native city of Glasgow, Scotland, where eight children were born to them, when he and his family removed in 1730 to Stafford Co., Va., where seven more children were born to them. He is supposed to have been the additional boy, James Stark*, of the family of Dr. Richard Stark. Their children were John, James, Thomas, Jeremiah, William, Mary, Susannah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Jane, Ann, Benjamin, Donald, Isabel and Lydia.



First: That Dr. Richard Stark of York Co., Va. was an uncle of Archibald and John Stark of New Hampshire, and of James Stark of Stafford Co., Va.**

Second: That the children of each family were first cousins of the children of the other two families.***



Various conjectures concerning the relationship of the early emigrant Stark settlers in America have


* See page 19 comment.

** Dr. Richard Stark may have been an Uncle of James, but it is doubtful he was an Uncle of Archibald. They were more likely to have been distant cousins. 

*** More likely to be true for Richard and James but not likely for Archibald; that is, cousins, but not first cousins.


Page 22


been given the writer at different times by different persons. Among these suggestions were the following; That Dr. Richard Stark was the father of Archibald and John of New Hampshire.

This is confuted by the records of Archibald's brothers and sisters, three of whom were born after Dr. Richard Stark's death.*

It has also been suggested that the extra boy, James Stark, in the family of Dr. Richard Stark, was a younger brother of the Doctor. But the wide difference in their ages renders that conclusion improbable.*

Respectfully submitted,


Maunie, Ill.


* Reasonable conclusions. 


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