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Stark Family Y-DNA Project Newsletter, Vol. 2012; Report 4
Prepared by Clovis LaFleur; July 13, 2012

This newsletter will discuss Project activities from June 23 to July 13 in the year 2012. Project Membership is presently 88. We have 84 members who have been tested over 12 markers; 76 tested over 25 Markers; 67 over 37 markers; and 17 over 67 markers. A total of 6 have been Deep-Clade tested. Presently , we have 11 Groups with several of these having subgroups. We're hoping to add members from Europe for comparisons and would like to see more members join who descend from: Dr. Richard Starke of York Co., VA (Group 2a); Archibald Stark of New Hampshire (Group 2b);  the Fort Ann, Washington County, New York Families (Group 9); and the Georgia Families (Group 6). Also it would be interesting to see more members with known German (Group 8) and Canadian ancestry join. Following are Links to Titles in this Newsletter.


Project Business & Correspondence


Interesting Developments


Y-DNA Results

Project Business & Correspondence


Glasgow Scotland Visit

Robert Starke, a Group 2a descendant of Dr. Richard Starke, visited Scotland in Early June. He did some research on his Starke family at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. The Librarian assisted him and located a microfiche entitled: "Index to Christenings in Glasgow." Robert hand copied every entry (about 100) prior to 1700, looking for anyone pertaining to Dr. Richard Starke (who arrived in VA in 1690). It is possible these records are digitized, but the Librarian did not know. Robert did not find any records pertaining to Dr. Richard Starke, but lots of other related names to the surname Starke. Robert's conclusion was Dr. Richard Starke did not live in the Glasgow region, at least was not recorded in this Index over the time period the records were searched. You can see Robert's lineage and contact info by clicking HERE.


Group 6c: Descendants of Abner Stark of Georgia

#241988 recently ordered a 37 marker kit and provided a lineage to his earliest known ancestor. While awaiting his results, Group 6c was temporarily created for placement of the lineage of #241988. 37 Marker Results posted 06/29/2012 revealed he is a genetic match to members of Group 2, descendants of the Scottish Killermont Stark Families. Therefore, Group 6c has been discontinued and #241988 has been placed in Group 2d. Click HERE for a more detailed explanation.

Interesting Developments


Group 2e: Genetic Matches to Subgroups 2A, 2B, & 2C with Kelly Surname

This Group was created when N6868 joined the project. His surname was Kelly and his 67 Marker results had a 66/67 match ratio when compared to the H67 Modal Haplotype for Group 2. #171929 (G2c) is a descendant of James Stark [1695-1754] and is a perfect 67/67 match ratio to the H67 Modal Haplotype. Mr. Kelley reported his earliest known ancestor was William S. Kelley, born in Ireland in 1738 and died in 1824.  There is a low probability of 94.86% he shares a common ancestor with #171929 within 8 generations and a high probability of 99.99% he shares a common ancestor with #171929 within 20 generations. It is possible N6868 and #171929 share a common ancestor who lived before surnames were fully established (between the years 1200 and 1500); or there was a surname change from Stark to Kelly after a Stark family moved from Scotland to Ireland (about 1620 to 1720). No genealogy has been been available.

July 3, 2012, the 67 markers results for another member with the surname Kelly were completed. Mr. Kelly2 (#226545) reports his earliest known ancestor was William Stark Kelly, born in 1739 and died in 1824. #226545 reported William's place of birth as unknown. When compared to N6868, #226545 had a match ratio of 66/67. When #226545 was compared to the H67 Modal Haplotype of Group 2, he had a perfect 67/67 match ratio. When compared to #171929, a descendant of James Stark [1695-1754], there is a low probability of 98.96% he shares a common ancestor with #171929 within 8 generations and a high probability of 100.00% he shares a common ancestor with #171929 within 20 generations. Therefore, if they have an common ancestor, he may have lived between 7 and 19 generations earlier.

N6868 and #226545 appear, genetically, to most likely be descendants of William Stark Kelly, whom they could share as a common ancestor. It would also seem they a common ancestor with Members of Group 2c, descendants of James Stark, this common ancestor most likely living prior to the generation of James Stark and, perhaps, within genealogical time. If prior to genealogical time, then the common ancestor most likely lived between the year 1200AD to, perhaps, the year 1400AD. If the middle name of the ancestor of #226545 was indeed Stark, then there must be some connection between this Kelly paternal branch and the Scotland Stark families of Killermont. More genealogy is needed to better understand the genetic connection of this Kelly surname to the Stark surname. Click HERE to compare their 67 marker results to other members of Group 2.


Group 2d: Descendants of James Stark [1695-1754] of Stafford Co., VA / Genealogy Incomplete

In the previous Newsletter, #241988, a descendant of Charles Troup Stark ordered a kit. From his genealogy, he was temporarily placed in Group 6, descendants of Old Georgia Stark families not related to other Groups in the project. The 37 marker results for #241988 became available for analysis 6/29/2012. These results revealed #241988 is genetically a match to members of Group 2, descendants of the Scottish Killermont Stark families. This would be the first Georgia family, to date, that has been genetically linked to one of the earlier Stark Families, most like James Stark [1695-1754] of Stafford County, Virginia. Based on this result, Group 6c has been discontinued and #241988 has been placed in Group 2d, primarily because the genealogy is incomplete at this time.

#241988 has well documented genealogical documentation indicating Charles Troup Stark [1854-1933] was born in Georgia. Researchers of this family have found circumstantial evidence Charles may have been a son of William Stark who married Rachel Jenkins November 7, 1847, in Carroll County, Georgia. They were reported living in nearby Cobb County in the 1850 census. Additional genealogical research implies William was the son of Abner Stark and spouse, Alsey (Unknown) Stark.  The following two records report they lived in Habersham County and Carroll County.


Source Citation: 1830 US Census; Census Place: Habersham, Georgia; Page: 58; NARA Series: M19; Roll Number: 18; Family History Film: 0007038.
Name: Abner Hark [Abner Stark]
Free White Persons - Males - Under 5: 2 / 30 thru 39: 1
Free White Persons - Females - Under 5: 2 / 5 thru 9: 2 / 30 thru 39: 1

Source: Carroll County Georgia Church New Hope Primitive Baptist (1829-1867)
MAR. 25, 1832: ABNER STARK and his wife AILSEY STARK Received By Letter from Providence in Habersham Co., dated Dec. 10, 1831.
JUNE 22, 1833: ABNER STARK and WIFE Dismissed By Letter



Recently, the project found a descendant of Thomas H. Stark, a probable son of Abner Stark, who was genetically tested by Ancestry. com. Over the FTDNA markers that could be compared, this descendant of Thomas (Labeled by the project as #A-Private) had a 31/32 match ratio to #241988, genetically suggesting they may share Abner Stark as a common ancestor. That Thomas and William were brothers is further genealogically confirmed by a Carroll County marriage record reporting Thomas H. Stark married Sarah Ann Jenkins April 30, 1848 in Carroll County. Both William and Thomas, brothers who most likely married sisters, are recorded in the nearby Cobb County 1850 census. As will be reported under Y-DNA Results, another descendant of Charles Troup Stark, #245962, has ordered a 37 marker kit.  #245962 and #241988 are descendants of two different sons of Charles.

The descendants of Charles Troup Stark continue their genealogical research based on these suggested genetic connections. Click HERE to see there detailed lineage. Click HERE to see their Genetic results. 



Y-DNA Results June 23, 2012 to July  13, 2012


#241988 (Roger Allen Stark, 37 Marker Results)

Test results over all 37 markers were available 06/29/2012. Based on the genealogy he submitted, Group 6c, descendants of Abner Stark, was temporarily created due to the connection to Georgia. His results revealed #241988 has genetic connection to members of Group 2, Descendants of the Scottish Killermont Stark Families. He is most likely a descendant of James Stark [1695-1754] of Stafford County, Virginia (Group 6c). While the descendants of Charles Troup Stark research the genealogical connection to Members of Group 2, #241988 will be placed in Group 6d, Genetic matches to Members of Group 6c, Genealogy Incomplete. Click HERE to see his Genetic Results. Click HERE to see his detailed Genealogical lineage.


#245962 (Donald Raymond Stark; New Member Joined 06/17/2012)

FTDNA estimates the Y-DNA37 Kit results for #245962  will be available for review 08/10/2012. He is also a descendant of Charles Troup Stark from a different son than the lineage of #241988.  Click HERE to see his detailed lineage in Group 2d.


#226545 (William Milner Kelly, Jr; 61-67 Marker Results)

His complete 67 marker results were available 07/03/2012. When compared over 67 markers to N6868, another project member with the surname Kelly in Group 2d, there was a genetic distance of 1. For a more detailed analysis of his results relative to N6868 and Members of the project with the surname Stark, click HERE.




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